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Results of the week. Non-lethal losses

Non-lethal losses

It is difficult to comment on these tragedies that occurred at the beginning of the coming year. On the one hand, the increase in the number of flights, crew training, even on the basis of the theory of probability, increases the percentage of the risk of loss of pilots and airplanes. But one thing - the probability on paper, quite another - when all this happens in real conditions. The loss of aircraft, along with the loss of pilots - a real drama for the Russian Aerospace Force. We don’t even talk about families ...

To train a modern pilot, to create new airplanes - this is the time, these are investments, this is a whole strategy for the development of the military-industrial sector, the military training system. And when losses occur, and even connected with the "snow charge", then with the "cloudiness", I'm sorry, all this does not add optimism.

Someone will say: losses are typical for any air force in the world. This is yes, indisputable. But it is unlikely that you can console yourself. Here conclusions need to be made, to take into account the real mistakes made, in order not to repeat them in the future, to improve the system of training the flight personnel, including in terms of responding to emergency situations.

If all this is not done again, then the reports of non-combat losses, unfortunately, will not disappear from the information pages.

A separate question: how to do all this, if the total optimization literally hit all industries and areas in our country? The branch saved the ruble, the oligarchs withdrew a billion from the country - if this is optimization and effective management, let it be Baba Yaga, but we are against ...

Comments from our readers:

... "It was cloudy ..."
4 ++ generation aircraft ...
Earth down dead.

Aristarkh Lyudvigovich
Condolences to the relatives of the victims. Pilots are sorely lacking. Each dead is a big loss.

I don’t understand how in our time one can search so much, my father walks in the woods with a GPS tracker for mushrooms, somehow he finds the satellite instantly and sends him the coordinates that such a thing cannot be implemented? Rave

One is an accident, two is a coincidence, three is a pattern. It looks like an abscess abscess. We didn’t sing everything well, but there are problems and they are too serious to ignore them. Doed optimized everything in the world, the pilots do not know how to splash water, one precinct in the area with a small European country, and one fire engine in the same place, one guard on the 2 floor of the hostel. But ours these most, these most. Electricity and gasoline are too cheap - this is a global problem.

Solarium to the full ...

"You supply a solarium to Ukraine!" - "No, you are supplying a solarium to Ukraine!" - "Yes, but you supply more tanning salons to Ukraine than I do, because Ukrainian tanning beds are also used Tanks! "-" Yes, you yourself fill the Ukrainian tanks with your solarium, and I supply exclusively to the fraternal Ukrainian people! "

You listened to a brief retelling of a diplomatic conversation between representatives of the authorities of Russia and Belarus on the issue of energy supplies to the territory of Ukraine.

In general, everything is great, if only it does not go right up to the question of the true integration of Russia and Belarus.

As soon as it comes to at least a single currency, claims are immediately revealed to someone. One Belarusian shrimp does not like, other subsidies are not enough. So we live ... With one soul, one history, the desire to be together, but we live in different states at the same time ... And our authorities have no desire to meet us and make a truly luxurious gift in the form of a single and indivisible country - one for all. Apparently, the main generator of global sanctions has not yet been agreed upon ... But how will it take, and how will it introduce new sanctions against Deripaska ...

Comments from our readers:

Lukashenko, as the chosen Neo of the Matrix, famously dodges between raindrops and the bullets of sharp feather sharks.

Steering wheel
And what ... most likely Grygorych is telling the truth! Our hucksters themselves supply diesel and gasoline to Ukraine, as with the US, the war on TV, and during 2018, the trade turnover with the enemy increased by 18% ... hurray hurray.

Andrey Chistyakov
Old Man ... Tuck rents you. Get it right now. Yeah.

The Russian "glavnogovarivayuschy" another five years told that "to push their foreheads" the Russian and Ukrainian people is impossible, but they were skillfully pushed together, at least by the Ukrainians. But our people do not feel hatred for Ukrainians, but at the same time Russia in this story looks "like the village of кrak with a washed neck" under the cries of the age-old fraternity, and by introducing all sorts of formats, we have helped to grow quite a strong national-fascist government near our borders. . In total, Poroshenko achieved both visa-free, and church schism, and support from the west. The stories about the horrors of life in Ukraine in our media are exaggerated, everywhere housing construction has unfolded. And before the election, people are increasingly saying “High Bud Poroshenko”. And now it turns out that Russian tanks are in charge of Russian tanks, but this is already the idiocy of pragmatism - for it is impossible to trade with Mr. who has officially declared Russia an "aggressor." The same is coming with the Belarusians, and I regret immensely, for in my life I have met with any of them, all were decent people.

Chubais will not advise bad

He waved his left hand - saving vouchers fell on Russia, he waved his right hand - the inefficient Soviet energy system was divided into the end. And you and I, you see, are dissatisfied. Lenya Golubkov was pleased, because his wife still cannot demolish the privatization checks and shares, which you yourself know how successful, the company boots. In Rosnano, everyone is happy - breakthrough technologies are stamped once or twice. From silicone lips, uh, sorry, valleys - in the eyes dazzled. Outside the window, they only flash: a meadow, a field, a valley of silin, a forest, a landing, a valley of silicon ...

And we are all unhappy, ungrateful tribe. Yes, we do not just need to increase electricity tariffs, we also need to introduce a tax on electrical appliances for this. Opened the refrigerator - pay tax. But because there is nothing for the Russian citizen to fumble around in the refrigerator, it is necessary to work, to create, so to speak, a surplus for the government to carry out the May decrees. And in general, refrigerators need to be equipped with microchips so that the signal about opening can be sent to the Ministry of Economic Development directly to the duty officer’s desk. Let them know who eats in Russia ...

Chubais will not advise bad! We propose this slogan to be used as a social advertisement on federal TV.

Comments from our readers:

Underwater hunter
For these merits under Stalin, this whole team would have felled the forest, and Chubais definitely earned money on the tower.

In a famous video, he frankly confessed that he was destroying the country at that time in the government in order to finally take power from the communists. Think about these words! They did it consciously! And they did not care about the people, the main thing - the seizure of power.
And these same people, and others like them, scold the communists for "we will destroy the whole world of violence ..." And what are they better off? They are worse, because the Bolsheviks destroyed at first, but as promised, "... and then ...", they built a new and better world. Chubais is just destroyed.

This is called a creative tandem, when it is good for everyone: the authorities and Shred.

If I had thought and calmed down, otherwise all of his eccentricities continue to beat on the head


It turned out that up to 80% of attention (according to the calculations of the Center for Psychology and Parapsychology of the Higher School of Economics (Lower School of Economics), the yellow K-700 Kirovets, which transported the Okhotnik drone on a rigid hitch, diverted itself. those who came to weddings in Moscow and Novosibirsk were disoriented and were unable to obtain accurate visual data on the “Hunter” parameter. The specialists of the K-700 maneuvers on the runway and the bifurcation of branches during photo-zooming were considered highly effective. . Masking stvami Now the Federal Service for Control of curiosity level is looking for photographer - search solely for the purpose of awarding prizes in two categories "original genre" and "People's Choice Award."

Comments from our readers:

Yellow “Kirovets” gives color to the future aviation.

Same lech
Finally, we gave birth to our military-industrial complex of a drummer ... now the question is how long will it take for all the stages of development and testing ... when will it really appear in the troops?

"Buran" at one time raised into space, and he landed on his own, making two attempts at landing. The school has remained and it works, so that the “Hunter” will be brought to mind. Good luck to the sky!

If only "Hunter" did not remain a prototype .... as we often got. The development of unmanned aircraft is a very near future, and the United States is still ahead in this direction. Russia simply needs to accelerate in this direction if we don’t want to fall behind hopelessly.

It looks like an engine with a full-range deflectable thrust vector is very effective for an aircraft such as a flying wing and even more so without rudders and vertical stabilizers.

Blow by blow

This week there were reports that Israel launched missile strikes on the territory of Syria. About three dozen Israeli missiles were intercepted by Syrian air defense weapons, including the Pantsir air defense missile system. Syria said that four Syrian soldiers were killed in Israeli attacks.

The Israeli press, citing the IDF, reported that Iran’s warehouses were attacked weapons near Damascus airport, Iranian intelligence headquarters and training camp. In evidence in the media were published satellite images of Israeli missile targets.

As for the reaction of Russia, materials appeared in the media informing Moscow of the request to the Israeli authorities. Ostensibly, Moscow asked Tel Aviv not to attack the territory of the air port of the Syrian capital because of the high risk for civilian airplanes arriving in Damascus from other countries.

Comments from our readers:

Again, the Syrian calculation missed the attack of Israelis ... So falls the rating of Russian weapons because of the sloppiness of foreign calculations!

Watch a video - he fought back as best he could. But he was showered. The second is not clear. Maybe a rear position or service. SOC is up. That is, not quite asleep. At the very least, improved readiness worked.

There should be a single management system. Something like this!

And backed by "Iskander" to destroy the airfields of the aggressors, violating the sovereignty of another country. That's when their conscience somehow suddenly wakes up. They, like the "exceptional", arrogant until they get on the tinsel. And the "armor", it seems, shot out, and they have already been sentenced empty. It was a deliberate brazen operation. So, these aggressors should be treated specifically. Clearly run up the pill.

“We need freedom! No usurper! "

In Caracas, the authorities stopped an attempted insurgency organized by a military group. According to the press service of the Venezuelan army, the rebels surrendered and are under the control of the armed forces loyal to President Maduro. It is noted that the attempt of insurrection tried to organize a “limited group” of servicemen of the National Guard, who seized weapons and took several hostages.

Attempt to revolt occurred against the backdrop of economic and social crisis: inflation, impoverishment, protests. Venezuela is in a state of protracted crisis, out of which is not visible. Oil socialism collapsed, and the economic crisis turned into a political one. The comrade Maduro, who has come to a second term, is not recognized by the opposition as a legitimate president. On January 23, opposition forces organized a new wave of popular protests in major cities. In Caracas, tens of thousands of people took to the streets chanting “We need freedom! No usurper! "

The attitude to the “renewed” president in many neighboring countries is also negative: the twelve states of the Latin American region do not recognize the new presidential term of N. Maduro.

Nicholas Maduro was denied legitimacy not only by the majority of Latin American states, but also by the authorities of the United States, Canada, and the countries of the European Union.

Comments from our readers:

SS-18 Satan
Sorry, this guy does not have the charisma that the late Hugo Chávez had.

SRC P-15
"In addition, the 12 countries in the Latin American region have declared that the new presidential term Maduro is not recognized."
I would say directly: the United States does not recognize President Maduro.

The way it is. He is not from their deck. The United States wants, as in the USSR, to turn Latin America into its backyard.

Maduro is not so simple, again the CIA failed.

Psaki back in the office

Sobkor "IN" Efim Zabuldyzhny, who is accredited to the Pentagon and the State Department, received interesting information on the rocket theme. It became clear where the Americans got evidence about the violation of the provisions of the INF Treaty by the Russians.

Recall recently that Washington accused Moscow of violating the INF. The reason was the rocket 9М729, which, according to overseas rocket specialists, flies so far that it can fly around the globe, refueling along the way from the "sky tankers" (as the US called refueling aircraft). In this regard, the Russian invention is a great danger to the United States.

Blaming Moscow for violating the INF Treaty, Washington, however, could not explain where it came from such tremendous information. State Department representatives in every way evaded the answer to a direct question.

The Russians have information about their rocket. For example, the head of the missile forces and artillery of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Matveyevsky, said the other day that the 9М729 rocket is a modernized version of the Iskander-M OTRK 9X728 rocket. The maximum firing range of it is only 480 kilometers, which corresponds to the provisions of the INF Treaty. A rocket does not have enough fuel to fly a great distance.

But now the source of American evidence of the miraculous rocket is known.

It turns out that the report for the State Department on the old friendship was Jen Psaki, who at one time was professionally able to find any evidence "in the office." She answered the most tricky question of the correspondent with all simplicity: “I need to look in the office.”

Now Jen, as reported by our sobkor, went further. Having practiced in the western technologies of NLP and having trained in the manipulation of the American consciousness, she wrote the following in the report:
Russians have a lot of things flying in the sky — sometimes spy satellites, sometimes airplanes, sometimes cartoons, then rockets. I looked at the different pictures on the Internet and came to a simple conclusion. There are two ways to increase the range of the rocket. First: attach a second gas tank to the rocket and pour in there more gasoline, kerosene, fill up with coal or what are these things flying on. Second, the tanker aircraft will rise to the rocket in the right place, the pilot will press the “pause” button on the console and refuel the stopped rocket. The Russians generally have a lot of different fuel, and therefore their missiles will fly as much as Putin wants.

Of course, stressed psaki, such weapons are advanced and extremely dangerous for the United States. In this regard, it is necessary to quickly exit from the INF and enter unilateral attack treatyshe thinks.

When asked by the correspondent, “Are you ready to accept a position in the State Department again?” Jen Psaki answered mysteriously: “When Trump blows up on the mountain.”

Comments from our readers:

What can I say ... That's how much money you fill the car, and so much will pass. Stay away, and everything will be OK.

The range in 480 km can be doubled if you spin down the BR. Another question is that the new Iskander will not be 2, but 4 PU. Then it is no longer “Macedonian”, since Alexander the Great had only two horns on his helmet, not 4.

This is yes, it inspires respect. Yes, I think so, precisely because of the amount of PU on the machine and all the fuss. And then on 53 cm extended.
Oh, here is another thought I have: most likely, they have made a tandem warhead, the first one is cumulative, so that the main warhead enters deeper, the high-explosive effect of such a decision will be much higher. And then there's the accuracy increased. It represents that all of their RFPs and missile defense launchers will be full kirdyk. Well it is, thinking out loud. It seems that the Americans were closely watching the tests of this rocket, now the satellite reconnaissance group allows you to see a lot. Or maybe agent intelligence, I also do not exclude.

Hole puncher
At the briefing, nothing special was shown, the container and the pictures. If a rocket that increased by half a meter and suddenly lost its range because of this, really does not violate the contract, then why not show it naturally, in section, replacing the secret equipment with a dummy?

The Japanese will check the Kremlin politicians on a polygraph

According to the secret Japanese press, information about the allegedly planned transfer of the “northern territories” by Russia to Japan reached the cabinet through a unique channel, which has no analogues in the world.

In January, 2019, in the framework of the revival policy, which he was advised to introduce, according to some rumors, M. S. Gorbachev, Japanese scientists who worked 24 hours a day and used sake moderately, made a major scientific discovery. It will undoubtedly bring Japan to the first place in the world in extrasensory and paranoid technologies (not to be confused with paranoid science).

According to Tokoso Tomimo, a professor at the University of Tokyo, he and his co-authors, by improving the sake drink and its tasting, achieved complete enlightenment and learned to instantly read the thoughts of their neighbors, as well as distant ones.

“The Russian comrade Peskov,” reminded Tokoso Tomimo, “believes that any reasoning about the transfer of the islands of Shikotan and Habomai to Japan are wishes, reasonings or thoughts aloud. You know, gentlemen, he blurted out. Possessing telepathic abilities now, we really hear Moscow thoughts, and every thought from there is “thought out loud” for us.

Professor of the Lower School of Economics, Ivan Golozadov-Besshtany, believes that the Japanese, with their new brain technology, will go, more precisely, will go far. Shikotan and Habomai, he noted, are few. And not without reason, the results of the latest sociological polls showed: the majority of respondents are in favor of receiving all the islands of the South Kuriles.

“Argument,” said the expert, “can be the simplest argument: you, Russians, say one thing, and you think another.

According to the professor, the next step for Japanese diplomacy will be to offer Kremlin politicians a polygraph test. The Japanese will compare the test results with the telepathic data.

Comments from our readers:

And what did the Japanese hope that the islands would give them for signing some pieces of paper on a peace treaty? Naive. We lived without a contract and will live.

Some kind of island life has flowed over them, let Shoigu place something else, and a few times bang.

What is bad is that Japan has its own point of view on the results of the Second World War, but the fact that Russian government officials from the highest echelons of power still cannot clearly speak out about Japanese claims.
Russia, on the other hand, does not negotiate about the "return" of part of Karelia, Finland or Germany to the Kaliningrad region or Latvia from the Pytalovsky district of the Pskov region, and all attempts to this effect are stopped by one expression: "From a dead donkey's ears." But with respect to the southern part of the Kuril Islands, the position is completely different, and this is alarming. I do not know why Russia needs a peace treaty with Japan and a discussion of the issue of the transfer of the Kuril Islands to Japan. None of the top echelon officials has yet bothered to explain to the country's population the purpose of Russia's communication with Japan on this issue. But there is a strong opinion that we (the citizens of Russia) do not agree on something, and this lack of agreement will leave us sideways.
Even not being a resident of the Kuril Islands, I feel uncomfortable with the fact that in the domestic media the topic of transmitting part of the Kuril Islands to Japan is “sucked up” almost daily, and it seems that the citizens of Russia are preparing to surrender these islands to Japan.

Go back to earth. Lavrov clearly expressed: no islands. The peace treaty is only based on the results of the Second World War, which are clearly defined and recognized by all (including Japan). Or do you think the Russian foreign minister is not a “state official from the highest echelons of power”?

“Peskov called such reasoning“ eventual. ”
Interestingly, how does a blizzard differ from an eventual blizzard?

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  2. Koronik
    Koronik 27 January 2019 06: 14
    “Chubais will not advise bad things!” Neither add nor subtract. Yes, Vladimir Vladimirovich, Zyuganov probably has little time for reflection and decision-making.
    1. Ross xnumx
      Ross xnumx 27 January 2019 07: 05
      Quote: Koronik

      “Chubais will not advise anything bad!” Neither add nor subtract. Yes, Vladimir Vladimirovich, Zyuganov is probably right - there is not much time for reflection and decision-making.

      Only three commas and dashes, and the phrase became clearer without intonation in the voice ... laughing
  3. LMN
    LMN 27 January 2019 06: 28
    Nothing new.
    Live on drinks
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      Destiny 27 January 2019 06: 49
      Quote: LMN

      Nothing new.
      Live on

      Brevity is the soul of wit! laughingWe live, where to go! drinks
      1. LMN
        LMN 27 January 2019 06: 50
        Quote: Destiny
        Quote: LMN

        Nothing new.
        Live on

        Brevity is the soul of wit! laughingWe live, where to go! drinks

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  4. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 27 January 2019 06: 54
    I liked the fridge with the microchip. Let them know who is fattening in Russia. good
  5. aszzz888
    aszzz888 27 January 2019 07: 00
    Loss of aircraft, along with the loss of pilots - a real drama for the Russian Aerospace Forces. We don’t even talk about families ...

    ... and this is very bad, not in a Christian way ... after all, children, wives, mothers, fathers suffer in the end ...
    1. Volodin
      Volodin 27 January 2019 07: 55
      Quote: aszzz888
      and this is very bad, not according to Christian ... after all, children, wives, mothers, fathers suffer in the end ...

      I think you just did not understand the essence of the phrase. "A real drama for the RF Aerospace Forces. We don't even talk about families ..." - that is, a drama for families in the first place. I didn't think I would have to explain it separately.
      1. aszzz888
        aszzz888 27 January 2019 12: 54
        Hello, Alexey! I understood the essence of the phrase, I just drew attention again ... I think this will not be superfluous. Regards, Sheriff.
  6. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 27 January 2019 07: 37
    A “good” week is nothing to say. Bitter news and disappointing facts did not give glory and power to the Russian Armed Forces. What is it? Weak preparation. Carelessness? Both taken together. And, as the authors absolutely correctly noted, these are not combat losses. One can only be surprised ...
    Some international tensions in Syria and Latin America showed not so much the failure of universal and unconditional Russian confidence in any and all, but the impossibility of a quick and adequate response to the circumstances. And it was surprising to some how the most ferocious predator of the Middle Russian strip actually became a complaisant trained Bear, who has his own weaknesses ...
    Flashed news about the harmful advice of Chubais, who - "waved his left hand -" rescuing "vouchers fell on Russia." He waved his right hand - the UES of Russia, built up by the years of Soviet power, rained down. He began to jump on the spot - billions of expenses fell with millions of returns in Rusnano. It remains only to clarify for everyone - what this, using the methods of the grotesque and buffoonery gaer, achieves his demonstration performances in the last, not very pleasant time for people. However, if we assume that it is in the year of the Pig in the country that there is some activity of the corresponding types ...
  7. Olgovich
    Olgovich 27 January 2019 08: 00
    Summary Overview:
    -Maduro, alas, will be demolished.
    -Israel strikes will continue.
    - Continue selling diesel fuel to Ukraine.
    -the real Union State Russia-Belarus is not expected.
    - "Hunter" will be, but not soon.
    -Kuril-will not give up, but sharing-stipulate. hi
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    2. Lamatinets
      Lamatinets 27 January 2019 10: 06
      Add - Chubais will not be imprisoned!
      1. Altona
        Altona 27 January 2019 11: 30
        -Marushka will rise in price!
        -Power will prohibit scolding yourself on the Internet!
  8. Korsar4
    Korsar4 27 January 2019 08: 49
    Where oil and poverty
    Fire. And your hands warm ...
    And this is whose trait -
    Trade what they can?
  9. Colonel
    Colonel 27 January 2019 09: 09
    This week, the 25th, was the birthday of Vladimir Vysotsky.
    And neither the church nor the tavern -
    Nothing is holy!
    No guys it's not like that
    All wrong guys!
  10. Kachesgm
    Kachesgm 27 January 2019 11: 35
    The YouTube video of the Tu-22m3 landing is laid out on YouTube - it landed quite rigidly and quickly, and when it touched the runway, it jumped up to tear off the bow with the cabin in the air. Horror ... Here they can really throw everything on the pilots, but there is no visibility on the ground either.
    1. Captain45
      Captain45 27 January 2019 13: 39
      Quote: KachesGM
      The YouTube video of the Tu-22m3 landing is laid out on YouTube - it landed quite rigidly and quickly, and when it touched the runway, it jumped up to tear off the bow with the cabin in the air. Horror ... Here they can really throw everything on the pilots, but there is no visibility on the ground either.

      This .... this ...... darkness ....., horror and no words. Just one question for those who might be on the topic of aircraft landings - is every aircraft landing being filmed for control? If not, then who are these people, what did they do near the runway when the plane landed, why did they shoot? Judging by the conversation, there is more than one person and somehow they are very calm about the accident. What's going on, where are the "specials"?
      1. mehan
        mehan 27 January 2019 22: 37
        So what? I, too, in the late eighties, watched the landing of the twenty-second on the belly. There was nothing to shoot, really. And getting nervous is just too late.
        Specialists drank vodka, who will let them fly?
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  13. Ryzhik
    Ryzhik 27 January 2019 14: 39
    But it’s unlikely that you can console yourself. Here it is necessary to draw conclusions, take into account the real mistakes made so as not to repeat them in the future, improve the system

    What kind of system, excuse me, can we talk about when the Minister of Defense, the head of Roskosmos, etc., is appointed famous, in a way, people. Do you think the situation has somehow changed in 10 years? Phahaha. Some reader gave a list of closed flight schools. Oh, this system ... All hope is only on patriots its MOTHERLANDS. With their unconditional optimism, they will lead Mother Russia out of Egyptian slavery.
  14. awg75
    awg75 27 January 2019 16: 36
    it’s very strange for me personally to see such bawdy on a site I respect very much.
  15. mehan
    mehan 27 January 2019 22: 33
    Strained some kind of humor.
  16. Alex-333
    Alex-333 28 January 2019 20: 50
    The link of training at the level of PKK-KK is considered lost. There are no instructors of the appropriate level of training.
    A few comments on this. A lot of(((.

    1. The whole point (was) that no one gave the right to "follow the program" ... Nobody simply did it, because, as they say, it was not up to him ... The regiment had 33 pilots, ship commander, they barely had time to deal with them ... Therefore, then (1968) Pravak just "sat" in his place, nobody needed it, and nobody made any programs for him. All programs were intended for ship commanders. And when the space of the KK was vacated, then they began to study him (the candidate) and it never came to flying with a minimum of weather ... The place was vacated and very soon an order was issued for the regiment and the candidate became the commander of the ship with this order. It was then that they were engaged in it, made up a program for him and prepared according to this program.
    The program was right, but it was short - it ended with exercise 1006 (like this) "take off and landing from the right seat." I went through it quickly and then tried to insert it (fortunately, I filled in the flight sheets myself), Akhmerov smiled and often trusted ... There were no calls with a minimum in that program, probably because the 2nd class was not available to the Tu-16. Here on Tu-142 (95) Pravaki could get 2nd class ...

    2. On the Tu-22m2, the right one could get the 2nd class from his workplace.
    To do this, he had to perform a certain number of landings with a minimum of day from his workplace.
    I got the second grade three years later and got the right to participate in annual contests of pravaks giving the winners the right to be considered candidates for ship commanders (to go to study in Nikolaev to study on spacecraft).
    Apparently in the Pacific Fleet, this issue was approached more carefully and with a perspective. We, too, regardless of the vacancies of the spacecraft, three or four promising pravak prepared according to the program of the commander. As a result, with any force majeure, the new commander is ready!

    3. Do not confuse a simple float and pravak - the candidate. There was a plan for the LTP regiment (this is the law) and
    candidates fit in there on a separate line. Agreed plan in all instances
    and the Commander asserted it, so everything was official, including on the fly.
    4. A dispute about anything: in the south there was a Commander, in the Baltic, his own and therefore the orders were different.
    Again, the type of aircraft are different and the time was different.
    I personally interviewed a candidate for the post of commander (for example, with me)
    The commander also asked questions about the governing documents, orders and flight accidents in the Navy aviation. Apparently I just wanted to look at the person, listen to him and make up my mind. In the future, this was no longer the case and the candidate was heard at the methodical council of the regiment and that’s all, and the raid was allocated to him by taking away the planned (according to WMD) raid of the commanding staff of the regiment and squadron. You leave to yourself as a komeska what is supposed to confirm the class and that's enough, you get the rest as instructors. But this, of course, is all on paper, so that the LTP plan is approved at the top headquarters, and life has made adjustments to the actual situation.
    Then, by order of the regiment, the candidate was allowed to fly from the left seat and began to be taken out according to the program
    KBP, but the position and responsibilities of the state remained the same - Pravak. And from the left you fly and
    from the right, like Figaro, but then somehow canceled this matter, and if you started flying from the left, that's all.
    True, if there was an alarm - the candidate ran to his rightful place, the crews were 100% complete.
    5. The candidate was brought in such a way that by the time the regular cell was released, he
    had commander admissions and the more there were, the better. No restrictions were imposed
    and if the candidate was given over the LTP plan, then there was no penalty for this. I will say even more precisely: on the contrary.
    6. I have a 3/4 flight book covered with GRP, overflights, hauls and instructors, but to candidates
    I planned to the fullest, no one put any restrictions. Take it to a minimum d / n - well, it doesn’t work out - it’s not scary, it still has time. We looked at the small - thinks or not,
    hence the conclusions were drawn.

    7. I will say more, promising crew commanders underwent instructor training in our regiment.
    I flew as ordinary senior pilots, and passed the tests assigned to the instructors, and went to master the flights from the navigator (instructor) place. When I was appointed the flight commander, I was already an instructor in many ways.
    8. The squadron was retraining from Tu-22r to Su-24mr, it was straining with the instructors, they themselves had to master the Su-24m.
    Maybe that's why in the first year as a flight commander I immediately entrusted my flight pilots to take them to the Su-24 myself.
    Instructor tolerances have already been flown methodical flights and forward.
    He himself took all of his team members out and moved on according to the program.
    And if you hadn’t prepared in advance, you would have to wait until I myself was trained as an instructor.
    I don’t know with what documents such an initiative was defined, or was it our regimental initiative?
    But everything turned out wonderful. For 2 years, the squadron completely became a BG day and night.

    9 ..... the detachments were where they were in the ae ships.
    The Su-24m (Su-24mr) has a maximum take-off of 39 kg.
    Only 300 kg. not enough to be proudly called - SHIP.

    But the MiG-31 fighter, and the Su-24m bomber turned out to be heavier, and this is already a ship.
    And accordingly - the commander of the ship, the commander of the detachment.
    And the corresponding nishtyaki due to the commander of the ship, and the commander of the detachment.
    If the Su-24m com. crew senior pilot, position fork - Art. lieutenant / captain,
    then the commander of the ship has a captain’s position, and the salary is also higher.
    The Su-24m has a flight commander — a captain’s position, and the salary is ridiculous,
    and the squad leader on the MiG-31 has a major commander, and the salary is already substantial.

    I think these are 300 kg. we were not specifically given to gain up to 40 tons of weight.
    What is 300 kg.? Yes, it's about nothing. You are these 300 kg. you will not feel either take-off or landing.
    And if in the most common aircraft in the USSR Air Force add 300 kg., Then you have to recount the budget.
    Well, how many people will need to increase salaries, titles? !!!

    And so they introduced restrictions - 39 kg. and everyone smokes bamboo !!!!
    X to you, not the ship!

    10 ..... I understand the difference between these categories .., but in 1968 we came - 6 pravaks from Orenburg and we all 4 years (!) Sat motionless and were not candidates for the CC ... And therefore nobody prepared us in any way. And in our last, 4th year, a movement began in connection with the departure of a whole galaxy of commanders ... That's when they started to prepare us ... But they did not give us any minima in the right seat, because we were given the usual transport for the commander of the ship, the four of us took off from the left seat and then they began to prepare us as ordinary spacecraft .., from scratch ... Everything was fast .., within 2 weeks .., moreover, in the summer, when in Crimea there are no minimums. At the beginning of summer, I was a pravak, and in the middle of summer I was a commander ... There were no minimums, no courses in Nikolaev. In your Baltic, apparently, it was different ...
  17. Kawado
    Kawado 30 January 2019 15: 14
    Non-combat losses. It’s hard to comment on these tragedies.
    One is chance, two is coincidence, three is pattern. It looks like an abscess abscess. We were not sung well, but there are problems, and they are too serious to ignore.

    Human factor. Difficult weather conditions. Malfunction of equipment. Or one + another, or all at once ...
    There are problems and they will not go anywhere, unfortunately never.
    It's like with cars ...
    No matter how safe the car is, the accident will continue and people will die as long as the cars exist (in any case, driven by people).
    You can certainly reduce the risk ... only reduce, but not completely exclude (((