General rules on the site


Due to the large influx of ukrotrolls on the site, we are introducing a two-step verification. 
Your first comment will be moderated and only after verification it will be published on the site. And you will get the opportunity to publish five comments per day, without moderation. 
When you write more than five comments, we check again and only after that you will be able to publish comments without restrictions, you will also be able to post articles and vote for the comments of other visitors.

General rules of conduct on the site:

To begin with, the site communicates hundreds of people of different religions and views, and all of them are full visitors of our site, so if we want this community of people to function, rules are necessary. We strongly recommend reading these rules, it will take you only five minutes, but it will save us and you time and help make the site more interesting and organized.

On our site, you must behave respectfully towards all site visitors. There is no need for insults and rudeness, this is always superfluous. If you have any complaints, please contact the Admins or Moderators (use private messages). Insult is considered one of the most serious violations in our country and is severely punished by the administration. Thank you in advance for your understanding and for your desire to make our site more polite and friendly.

The site is strictly prohibited:

a) Matt in any form (open and veiled, the well-known phrase of Lavrov "Morons, b ..." refers to the mate, some of the letters "on x ..." MATOM, swear words; insults and threats against your opponent. Rough form of speech ("ass", "shit", etc.) ("bitch" also refers to the mat, the exception - articles about dog breeding).

We will not decipher what you points there zapikali. Zapikali means mate!

After issuing a warning for the mat do not write to the moderator. Mat is prohibited in any form, and justification or "proof" of the correctness of the site administration are not considered. Learn to be polite.

b) Inciting national hatred. This also includes the use of such words and derivatives as: Khokhol, Khokhlyandiya, Zhid, UWB, Bulbash, Talaponets, Chock, Khachik, Azer, cross-eyed, Moskal, Raska (generally mentioning Russia and Russianness in a derogatory form) and other similar turns of unnatural speech ;

at) Flud comments that are not related to the subject of the article, the lack of content of the comment
Flood (from incorrectly pronounced English flood - flood, flooding) - messages in Internet forums and chats, which occupy large volumes and do not carry any useful information. Normal flood messaging - Sending a large number of similar messages. Flood spreads as a result of an excess of free time, and with the aim of trolling - for example, from the desire to annoy someone.

d) Have multiple accounts one visitor;

d) Insulting the religious beliefs and feelings of citizens, such as: the publication of anti-religious demotivators, sayings, poems, video and audio clips, etc .;

f) It is forbidden to add articles from third-party sites to comments, as this contradicts the purpose of the commenting function: comments on the site are intended solely for the readers to express their own opinions regarding the published articles. At the same time, reasonable quoting of materials from other sites is allowed within one comment with the obligatory reference to the source. For the insertion of whole articles from third-party resources in the comments (“comments with continuation”) - delete all user comments and reset the rating;

g)Trolling - provocation and incitement - that is, deliberate deception, slander, stirring up quarrels and strife, a call for unseemly actions.

h) Comments and messages consisting of a large number of graphic emoticons, their variations from punctuation marks, as well as other character sets that are not related to full-fledged language forms are prohibited. It is forbidden to highlight the entire text of a comment (message) by any means of attracting attention in the form of non-text processing - colored, bold, in italics or otherwise. It is forbidden to write all comments (messages) in CAPITAL LETTERS. 

i) Purposeful downvoting of all comments in a row by one user is prohibited. Both by one user and by a group of persons by prior agreement. Punishment - lowering the rating of the user (group) to 100%. In case of repeated violation of this paragraph, the administration reserves the right to restrict the visitor's right to rate the commenter.

j) It is forbidden to purposefully raise the user's rating by giving a positive rating to all comments, regardless of the article. Both by one user and by a group of persons by prior agreement. Punishment - lowering the rating of a user who has raised the rating by 100% and raised the rating to 100%. In case of repeated violation of this paragraph, the administration reserves the right to restrict the visitor's right to rate the commenter.

k) Use of derogatory language or nicknames in relation to Russia, its symbols and first persons.

For violations - warnings and ban:

4 warning - ban for two days;
7 warnings - ban on 10 days;
9 warnings - ban on 30 days;
10 warnings - an eternal ban.

For MAT:

1 warning for mate in the comments - ban for a week;
2 warning for mate in the comments - ban for two weeks;
3 warning for mate in the comments- ban forever.


The answer to a moderator or administrator in a rude manner after issuing a warning entails an eternal ban.

The term "ban" means that the site can be viewed, but you can not log into your account and leave comments.

A warning or a ban can be challenged by writing to the site administration if you think that the punishment has been applied unfairly. Even after deleting your comment from the site, it remains in the archive, and you can view it if you wish.
Let's respect each other and the site to which you and other readers come to chat and express their thoughts.

The site administration reserves the right to delete comments or part of comments if they do not meet these requirements without notice and explanation.

In case of violation by the User of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the Site Administration will be forced to exercise its right to transfer contact information, and any other information to interested parties on the basis of a request.

The Site Administration reserves the right to impose any restrictions on the use of the Site both as a whole and for individual users without giving any reason.

The Site Administration reserves the right to close, suspend, change the Site or part of it without prior notice to the User.

The Site Administration has the right to suspend the User's access to the Site to carry out the necessary scheduled preventive and repair work on technical resources.

Materials (articles) sent by readers may be rejected without giving reasons.

The site uses IP addresses, cookies and geolocation data of site users, the terms of use are contained in privacy policy.