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Results of the week. How to stop worrying and start raringing Russia

Strategic hole

3 in May, the company Stratfor has published a note under the saying "What Defense Cuts Mean for Russia's Military" - "What the budget cuts mean for the Russian army." Stratfor specialists studied the available data from various sources, including the results of research from respected organizations, and determined their opinion on current events. In addition, they tried to predict the development of the situation in the foreseeable future.

Results of the week. How to stop worrying and start raringing Russia

The Russian budget is an extremely interesting thing. The Ministry of Finance says that in the current year a fivefold increase in super-profits is expected due to increased oil prices, and at the same time the phrase “no money” becomes a real motto for the government. It is in a fire order to kick out a dozen stadiums under ofigigard billion dollars so that FIFA will be glad - they can. But to fulfill budget commitments in the same military or social sphere is much more difficult. Or maybe send a new model government for an internship in a single country, where they have no idea what oil and gas revenues are - let the Cabinet acquire the skills and how to improve economic life without selling hydrocarbons.

Or a hole in the military budget - a strategic object? And from there at any time can fly ... a bird ...

Comments from our readers:

In all these calculations, one very important point is missing. Our entire budget for this year is planned for the price of oil within 50 dollars per barrel and the price per dollar in 62 rubles. Well, we already have a price for a dollar, in which one can see a big "merit" of our Central Bank, but the price for oil is clearly already striving for 80, that is, our budget now receives quite a lot of "extra rubles." Just from the "air". Of course, a very significant part of them will go to replenish the costs of the "elections" and all sorts of "decrees", especially the "May" ones. But, something can be directed at any moment to “plugging” any holes in the “defense budget”. So that is not so simple with our economy and budgets.

Regarding the report, all these beautiful charts and wordiness are needed to show the success of the sanctions: "painful sanctions from the United States and their Western allies" give effect, which means we’ll hold on a bit more, and the explosives will make concessions, and Russia will return to the level of "Upper Volta with rocket", and the next president of Russia will be Ksenia or Navalny, and long live liberalism in Russia ...

Dodon without Guidon

Moldavian President Igor Dodon said that his republic will never become the bridgehead of the North Atlantic Alliance, and there will be no NATO bases on its territory.

Hard for Dodon. He does not have his own prince Guidon, who could bring order to the country by his called-up magic forces - with his foot under the soft seat of all parliamentary "babarikh" with Romanian passports. Well, not to the Tiraspol "prince", in fact, apply. But why can't productive Moldovan patriotism (in the full sense of the word) start exactly in Transnistria? ..

And then Prime Minister Philip said that Moldova "will not" unite with Romania and in general "for dialogue with Russia." Vooooot like ... What used to hurt?

Comments from our readers:

The people, swallowing European integration, chose Dodon as president, believing that he would return to them the lost Russian market and a lot of jobs. The people of Moldova did not take into account only one smallness, namely that the republic is not presidential, but parliamentary, which fundamentally changes the case for the simple reason that the majority of those who already hold Romanian passports sit in parliament and make decisions in favor of passports. As a matter of fact, we, and indeed all lovers of "change", are a vivid example of the fact that the parliamentary option in most cases leads to the loss of the sovereignty of the state, since the required number of parliamentary votes can always be bought, if not for big money, then for very large money and in the interests of the Americans.

The President acts within the framework of the law, i.e. their small powers. To arrange fights on the streets with an approximate equality of forces in Moldova and the FULL support of the West for anti-Don forces, with NATO’s environment is unwise. Well, if we are talking about something completely important - sovereignty, war, etc.: then - yes. And so - it is just to be substituted for the Pashinyans.
And the task of Dodon today is to conduct an election campaign to the Parliament and win the elections. And this is the real power.
Dodon is the only pro-Russian president in Europe and Asia.
He is the only one among the presidents of the countries of Europe and Asia who will lead the column of the Immortal Regiment with the St. George ribbon and a portrait of his grandfathers. It costs a lot!

As for Dodon. He does everything right. He has to wait until the fall, when there will be parliamentary elections, where the socialists will take the majority, and then the president will have real power.

Loss of Su-30CM and Ka-52. Not all the names of the dead are named.

The information about the crash of the Ka-52 Russian helicopter in Syria has been confirmed. The helicopter crashed the day before in the eastern part of the Syrian Arab Republic. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Two losses aviation funds in Syria in a few days. And it would be fine only aircraft ... - iron ... - so also the crews. So what was the reason there - a bird in the engine, a malfunction in the control system or something else, it is important - so that an understanding comes of this: everyone is important to Russia! And the death of a person, a true professional in his field, is a great tragedy, from which it is time to draw real lessons, and not to reduce everything to another statement that this is, they say, war, and there is no way without losses. Wars are also different - and with an open visor now it is not at all a reason.

Comments from our readers:

Quote: Poll_0
“Something often began to fall, in Syria, flying vehicles. There is something to ponder. ”
TU-154 - 92 people
Su-24 - Human 2
MiG-29 - cost
Su-33 - cost
An-26 - 39 people
Su-30M - 2 person
Ka-52 - 2 people

Not often, but very often! It seems that completely relaxed ....

The war goes on, and there the loss is a routine, unfortunately. We have a long time to learn from the Americans to fight with the least losses, and it is better to even other people's hands, while awarding himself the victory. The Syrian military campaign is our first modern attempt at a similar war.

What is the reason for not calling the name of the second pilot Su-30CM?


Russian President Vladimir Putin sent congratulations on the 73 anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War to the leaders and peoples of the countries that were previously part of the Soviet Union as republics. Congratulations were not sent to the heads of the Baltic republics, as well as Ukraine and Georgia. Instead, the Russian president congratulated the Ukrainian and Georgian peoples, as he had done in previous years.

But Poroshenko, they say, was still on duty at the red phone all the day, “turntables” in the hope that Vladimir Vladimirovich would call. He even took out a certificate about the spouse's grandfather, prepared a half-liter, a faceted glass — all of a sudden one year before Rostov would have to wear his “flippers” ... But it was not lucky — the “aggressor” did not call. And pollitrovki was not enough. From the office quietly sounded "... with tears in his eyes ..." and loud "Vopli Vidoplyasova" - so that no one would guess ...

Comments from our readers:

Well, not congratulated and did not congratulate. It is like a fifth leg to a dog. Will survive

Retvizan 8
Red Army soldier Nadezhdin Nikolay ...
Bah, he fought on the side of the Soviet "occupational" army!
Poros, shame on you! Bandera ideals trampled!
Giving, for the sake of restoring justice, your spouse on the Gilyak ?!

Vladimir SHajkin
President Putin V.V., of course, was the first, but if I repeat that, I think it will not be superfluous, - I congratulate the peoples of the fraternal Soviet republics on our common Victory Day.

Friendship of Peoples? What is it? ..

The recent crises clearly showed only one thing: we really begin to be interested in what is happening with our neighbors only after they overthrow the pro-Russian government. This was the case even with Ukraine, one of the largest and, for many reasons, our most important neighbor.

Is there geopolitical friendship between states in the modern world? Is there any friendship at all in the conditions of the market that has swept everything and everyone? Tabachok - apart, all apart. It took a partner - put it off, otslyuniv, unfasten it ... I didn’t sleep it, I didn’t sleep it out, I didn’t unfasten it - the search for the one who does this will begin. Well, or not, so at least as an underscore demarche. All partners to each other ... Everyone strives to throw each other - stronger, more painful. Here it is, the friendship of the peoples of the sample "progressive" of the XXI century.

Comments from our readers:

Only business, nothing personal! (with)
The Russian state has no ideology, a rod and so that it is not forgotten, this fact is enshrined in the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the golden calf rules everything, and if he is full, that he should twitch to every foreign ministry and other budget eaters ...
It is simpler for our former brothers, they all sat down on the fad of nationalism, and many on Russophobia. They, unlike us, have at least something. In the current situation of affairs in the state, in the government, the situation in Russia is unenviable - if that, then the color of the nation, financial support and the best minds of society surrender the state for a bowl of soup and a warm place. Moreover, we have already passed it.

Victor N
Oh, and far from the topic of the article! And the question is very difficult. Will the Kazakh society master the creation of a mono-national state ?! So far this is very far. That is why achievement of the purpose is doubtful. And let them, but there are still many of us. Yes, and chaos in the immediate vicinity of the borders is extremely undesirable. What to do? Interpret that you need to live together (not separately) - I do not see an opportunity.

I myself come from Kazakhstan, although I left many, many years ago and I know something about the situation there now, it did not change and all these 20 years did not change as I left .. All the same nationalism, attempts to create a great nation out of nothing, at least heads ... As an example, every 2 banner on the road is a praise of Khan, oh, sorry, the president. But on the other hand, look at our foreign policy, I sometimes have the feeling that the leadership throws a cube every morning before doing something is so messy .. But at the same time, we will honestly treat our neighbors quite toughly, impose our opinion. Here, Kazakhstan (although it seems to me, we will replace him in fasting for Belarus or anyone else in the CIS) and tries to keep the “multi-vector approach” - and we want to build our own national state and it may hurt from Russia to fly ... We succeeded in one Balts crawl to the euro eytsam and frolic there, how they want, and they are encouraged for this ..

Why am I doing this? And besides, either equality with the neighbors is necessary (which is prevented by the desire to be a superpower) or push harder (and we cannot do this, for now we only want to be big and strong, and there are a lot of neighbors).

Is it built, but is it obsolete?

Good news for patriots and reason to think for smart people. The state tests of a large landing ship "Ivan Gren" have recently completed.

The time spent on the construction of warships today is such that, while the ship is being built, it already has time to become obsolete in a number of parameters. And there are a lot of reasons for this - and far from always we are talking about insufficient financing. Sometimes with financing everything is just fine. But with production capacity, resources, engineering and technically trained personnel, and even with working hands - well, not everything. Effective managers with yuStami dime a dozen, and go find an intelligent fitter from the new generation, not to mention the young and talented engineer ... But on the results of the USE every year - growth! ..

Comments from our readers:

Serge Gorely
69 rem. Factory. Kaliningrad. By July, the full reduction. Squares are prepared for sale. Hard workers - forest. Constructed more and need to be repaired. And to whom?

Next to Gren on amber, pies were sculpted by fairly modern frigates with a completely new rocket and electronic weapons, and this is a much more difficult task. The project was amended three times, repeatedly discontinued funding. The main thing that is missing is the efficiency, honesty and quickness of leading cadres at all levels. Let us recall how in the Great Patriotic War a third of the country was evacuated quickly and clearly; now it is hardly possible, precisely because of the state administration system. They used to ask from the head, and now from the deputies. Drink, walk, steal, you will have nothing, you are the power, even if it is small. That's just not necessary about Putin, it is not his task, there are competent authorities and conscious citizens for this, but the system does not work ...

In fact, BDK, like all landing ships around the world are built for the landing of troops. And to carry goods to Syria, including quite peaceful purposes - building materials, food, etc., is possible on ordinary courts. Unfortunately, all Turbo-ships of the type "Captain Smirnov" are safely lost. It would be very useful for the "Syrian express."

"Oligarch-1M" against "Dagger"

The leadership of the US Armed Forces is concerned about the entry of Russian MiG-31 with Dagger missiles on combat duty, US media reported. Earlier official statements about the new Russian weapons in the USA they sounded completely different.

Concerned about it, it may be worried. Yes, they just know perfectly well that their egg, in which that very Koschee needle is located, is protected reliably. So what, they say, if the Russians got a “hypersound” - yes, we are saying, we’ll take a couple of oligarchs right now - this hypersound will slow down and slow down ... A sort of modern American non-lethal weapons complex “Oligarch-1М” , alas, while fatally effective ... Although, what are we talking about? Oligarchs are long gone. Only honest businessmen remained. Hurray, comrades! .. Complex "Oligarch-1M" of Russia is not terrible! ..

Comments from our readers:

Andrey Yuryevich
They would beat Truman, and the states would be quiet. But no, the intestine is thin, the "partners are the same," the result ...- yes, they "put" everything on us ... and on our "cartoons" ... baby-talk. Knocked down a bunch of axes ... so what? and Trump told the whole world that they hadn’t hit anything and everything was on target ... and who do you think the world listened to? no .... no shoigu! ... Trump's! and why ? but because the next blow will be dissenting. This is how the right of the strong works, and sopleages, as a rule, ignore ... disgusting, but true. Alas. Here are the consequences of our vague and slippery policies, what's inside, what's outside. I do not care, I lived, but I am afraid of the children and grandchildren of that Motherland, as I knew both my father and my grandfather, ... not to be seen.

How much can you write such nonsense?
Based on your logic, why would the United States not sink a couple of our ships? And, apparently, we immediately respect them and quiet down? I think not.
And if not, the scheme proposed by you (and not only by you, by the way), does not work.

Andrey K
MiG-31 with "Dagger" is a worthy medicine for megalomania. The United States is generally concerned that we are not yet with stone axes. We need to strengthen our defense, and not to think about the concerns of mattresses.

T-14 "Armata". "How much to hang in grams?"

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation adjusted the number of purchases at this stage tanks “Armata”, “Interfax” reports with reference to an informed source, the previously announced figure of 100 ordered T-14 does not correspond to reality.

Fifty instead of a hundred. Is this about the “strategic hole in the budget”? Or they decided that less is better. I would like to believe that in the next news bulletin it did not turn out this way: the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation thought and decided that five T-14 are better than 50. Although here we must not forget that the declared value in the 100 "Armat" initially concerned the entire line of this armored vehicle, and not just the T-14 tanks. And is it important!

Comments from our readers:

For military testing is enough. So there were more important items of expenditure. For Syria, for example.

In the future, namely Almaty will be cheaper than T-90. Purely due to the volume of production.
After all, the Armata platform is not only a tank, but also infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, self-propelled artillery systems, an air defense system and much more. Only need to increase production. And with such volumes and maintenance of the repair will be cheaper, because all nodes will be unified.

Enough for the parade) No longer needed. With the PAK YES, there will also be enough 3-4 for the parade.

The problem is not in the volume of production and not in the price!
Uralvagonzavod currently has not enough production capacity for the serial production of the Armata tank and the Coalition self-propelled howitzer.
Uralvagonzavod will modernize its production facilities, this will take 2-3 of the year.

May decree. Not from the word "toil"?

Signed by the president of 7 in May of this year, some people already hurried to christen the epoch-making. There is allegedly inherent "superconcrete", accuracy and detail of the study. And also, what is even more surprising, some “experts” notice with slight gloating that now the government will have so much work that it will certainly turn into a purely technical body and will cease to be engaged in politics.

Strategic objectives set. Strategic prime appointed. In addition, the strategic head of the Accounting Chamber, by the name of Kudrin, also appeared. Mrs. Golikova is again shuffled in the deck of those who are not changed at the crossing, and therefore she is again in the government. The main intrigue of the “new government” remains - Vitaly Leontyevich “from May Hart” Mutko ... Without him, you know, no strategic task of Russia will be solved. They say they are already looking for 8 trillions to make life better, life has become more fun.

Comments from our readers:

There will be a result, there will be a breathing from our side.
While breathing in the media, but speaking heads.

Such "edicts" - it's chatter about anything. And, considering that the old horses are harnessed to execute this “decree,” then you should not hope for anything. The old horse does not spoil the furrow, it lies in it. This is about GDP and its team. It is clear now why so grudinin was so desperate before the elections, who, next to any of Putin's “professionals,” is simply a beggar on the porch. Yeltsin even Lebed for the second place in the elections gave the state office and appointment, and Putin is simply greedy.

I am not against Medvedev, the system is depressing, not providing for execution for non-fulfillment of the state task.

Have you ever thought about why in a huge country with (yet) a huge population, there is no way for a normal (for the population of the country) alternative ???

Before normal people there is a huge wall, much stronger than Berlin ... And the name for it is the party-nomenclature wall, or, more precisely, the "clip" ... Try to punch through the wall with your forehead ...

Fifty fifty

Israel struck another missile attack on the territory of Syria. The strike was on the southern suburbs of Damascus. It is known that the victims of rocket attack were two people - civilians (a married couple). At least, such data are given by the Syrian state news agency SANA.

The 28 of the Israeli F-15 and F-16 airplanes that fired 60 missiles and even more 10 tactical missiles were launched from the ground; over half of them managed to shoot down, according to the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

On the night of May 10, we add, the Israeli military reported that Iranian forces launched about two dozen missiles from Syria on Israeli positions in the Golan Heights. In response, the Israeli Air Force launched missile strikes against targets in Syrian territory.

According to the newspaper Ha'aretz, as a result of Israeli attacks, there are casualties among the Syrians and Iranians. The strikes were carried out on rocket launchers that were involved in launches on Israeli positions, ammunition depots.

Comments from our readers:

Everything is as usual: "Assad does not give us life, he takes a piece of bread out of his mouth, so we bomb them peacefully, in order to defend ourselves" ???

Golan is Syria! And nefig Israel do there. Want to chop off a sly part of the long-suffering Syria? But it will not work. You are just Amer’s pawns in the big game, but you will become impudent, some will correct historical a mistake. Only then don’t cry in Uncle Sam’s vest. Will not help.

Here, under the guise of the Indians, the whole US was chopped off, but what are you talking about?))))

Will you clean the dirty boiler?

The US Navy aircraft carrier strike group consisting of 1 cruisers and 6 Aegis missile control destroyers led by the nuclear aircraft carrier CVN-75 USS "Harry Truman" arrived in the eastern Mediterranean Sea under the pretext of comprehensive support for Operation Operational Resolve military operation ("Unshakable determination").

This information, we note, confirms the final phase of stripping of the largest "left-bank boiler" IG (banned in Russia) announced at the beginning of May by the State Department. The indicated boiler extends 175 km - from the southern village of Mughaylat to the settlement of Mahfar Jarbiyah (along the Iraqi-Syrian border).

Comments from our readers:

The experience of previous military campaigns has shown that the effectiveness of air strikes without the support of ground forces is very low. So there will be a translation of "axes" for scrap ...

It's hard to disagree, but there is one "but." You have forgotten that the United States also has ground forces, these are Kurds from the SDF, these are the shortages of the IG, this is the Arab cloaca, sorry, coalition ...

Created in a quarter of a century after the collapse of the USSR, the unipolar dictates of the United States and, worst of all, the world is turned into an obedient flock, even Europe does not reread the clearly criminal actions of the United States. There is no one to speak and declare the United States a terrorist, the United States alone solemnly declares terrorists to anyone at whim. The redistribution of the multipolar world begins, and it can not pass without pain, even bloody. Growing China and the Russian Federation are returning multipolarity, we see this resistance due to the reaction of the US and NATO countries to the Russian Federation, accusations of everything and for the smallest artificial reasons ... Therefore, we must act collectively with possible allies (Iran, Turkey ...) and most importantly, with China.

Well, what multipolarity, what are you talking about? Polarity is the same everywhere - money. Another imperialist war for markets, in which the Fed will win.

Parted paths

Mr. Trump freed the United States from the Iranian yoke. It sounds a bit strange, but apparently, this is the way to interpret President Trump’s statement, saying that America will not be “hostage to nuclear blackmail”. Announcing the US withdrawal from a deal on the Iranian nuclear program and the upcoming resumption of anti-Iran sanctions, Trump stumbled upon allied resistance.

Britain, Germany and France called on the parties to the nuclear agreement to continue to implement it.

I had to speak to US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, one of the main figures in the sanctions policy. He said with some embarrassment that Great Britain, France and Germany, they say, support the US goals of the United States on a deal with Iran, but the US has "somewhat different views on how to achieve this." According to him, President Trump has clearly expressed his attitude towards the nuclear deal, and now there is “hard work” with American allies.

What kind of “hard work” is this, Mr. Mnuchin did not specify. It is clear that the allies this time with the United States do not agree in principle.

What threatens Iran with sanctions?

It is intended to prohibit the Iranian government from acquiring US dollars, to limit major deals for buying and selling rial, to limit Iran’s international trade in gold and precious metals, to ban supplies to Iran of graphite, aluminum, steel and software for the industry.

The sanctions will affect the automotive industry of Iran, the importation of Iranian carpets into the United States, agricultural products, activities related to the export and re-export of passenger planes to Iran. Other sanctions will hit Iranian ports, shipping and shipbuilding.

And, of course, the ban on trade in oil and oil products will return.

In essence, it is a blockade.

Comments from our readers:

I do not see anything stupid in the actions of the United States, because now:
- they will start to frighten the fictitious threat of bad Persians and to press on all the countries neighboring Iran, which breathe unevenly to it, so that they are even more armed in the light of "bad Iran." Consequently, American companies will again earn money on arms supplies to these countries;
- Oil trading speculators will start raising prices for future deals, and it is possible that the same American companies will try to occupy those markets where Iran was trading;
- the country's gold and currency assets, which are stored in the United States, especially from the Middle East, “refrain” from the desire to return them back to their homeland in the light of horror stories about a potential war with Iran;
- the opposition and the youth of Iran will again raise their voices, dissatisfied with the economic situation in the country, and, perhaps, will have another coup, modestly called the "color revolution" in the West, overthrowing the disagreeable US power in Iran.
And these are just some of the gingerbreads that the United States can get from breaking the treaty. And there are no minuses in relation to them while on the horizon. They trust in force, and force so far helps them in pursuing their own selfish interests.

Americans want to take the place of Iran in the world oil trade. In the US, oil industry rushing uphill. Trump is very understandable, if after all his decisions to see the desire to make money at any cost.

Ural resident
That will achieve just the opposite, that Iran will have to acquire nuclear weapons. And where is the gun, there it can shoot, given the chaos that prevails there, and with the same puppeteers ... By God, the States are the Empire of Evil.

The Frenchman took the American reeducation

Donald Trump must apologize for his inaccurate statements about the 13 November 2015 attacks in Paris, the French Economy Minister Bruno Le Mer reports to Tass.

Earlier, the US president, speaking to participants in the annual conference of the National Rifle Association, said that France’s strict arms control “deprived ordinary people of self-defense in the face of an increased terrorist threat.” Citing the Paris 2015 attacks of the year as an example, Trump suggested that “if the workers or clients had weapons ... then the terrorists would have fled or were shot, and that would have been a completely different story.”

“I find these statements outrageous and I think that they are unworthy of the president of the first power in the world, a state that is an ally and friend of France. I want the president of the United States to take his words back and express his regret, "said the French minister and stressed that France should" work with Donald Trump, with the president of the United States. " “To work is to be able to express to the President of the United States with all the directness of what we think,” explained Le Mayor.

It is clear that Mr. Trump should be taken for re-education. Mother Europe should teach the up-and-coming billionaire good manners, routing and etiquette of aristocrats. The French governess will dissuade Monsieur Trampier from the behavior of a cheeky gopnik, grinding into dust not only the norms of behavior adopted in a civilized society, but also the soup that is trying to eat with a fork.

Comments from our readers:

No matter how I read, I didn’t see anything offensive in Trump’s words. Apparently, inaccurate translation. This Gallic minister could not be so excited from scratch!

Trump simply tried to explain to tolerance what would be even worse, such as they have in Brooklyn. But he did not believe and was offended. It will be strange if Trump apologizes.

This is how, it turns out, you need to fight crime and terrorism: you need to hand out weapons to all the people. And what, there is an old lady of God dandelion, Gopnik is suitable, and she from a shopping bag instead of a purse with a pension gets a Browning. Beauty! All problems are solved! And we will eradicate terrorism in the bud. Brilliant ideas brilliant president.

Kim Jong Unu showed a bright capitalist future

Mr. Trump is full of optimism about the upcoming talks with the North Korean leader. “I think it will be a very big success. So far have not gone, never had such a relationship, “- cites CNN Trump's words. He noted that Kim Jong-un wants to return his country to the "real world".

According to the latest foreign media reports, a meeting between the US President and the North Korean leader is scheduled for June 12. It can be held on the territory of Singapore, in the suburban hotel "Shangri-La."

The choice of venue should say something to Kim Jong-un who lives in an isolated country. It is in this hotel that every year major military leaders from different states meet at the International Conference on Security Issues in the Asia-Pacific Region. This is a decent level for the North Korean leader, and at the same time enhanced security measures.

Recall that earlier, in April, Comrade Kim объявил about stopping nuclear and missile tests in the DPRK. These statements were made just before the meeting with Donald Trump.

Is there a Juche slogan on perestroika? About glasnost and democratization? And about the transition from developed socialism to the accelerated construction of capitalism according to plan Marshall Trump?

Comments from our readers:

Uncle lee
"... Washington will not fulfill any of its obligations." So from this you need to proceed in all negotiations with the United States!

“I think it will be a very big success. So far have not gone, never had such a relationship, “- cites CNN Trump's words. He noted that Kim Jong-un wants to return his country to the "real world".
... In which Donald Trump wants to become the president of the United States for one more term and in passing receive the Nobel Peace Prize, is it so honorable, and how is he worse than Obama?

The sanctions hit hard on North Korea, there is no place for nuclear forces, there is nothing.

How to stop worrying and start raringing Russia

US Special Representative for Donbass Kurt Volker openly stated that the main goal of the United States is the collapse of the Russian Federation (according to the scenario of the collapse of the Soviet Union). Volker made obvious comparisons, stating that the Crimea will not be part of Russia over time, as “they no longer belonged to the USSR in the Baltic republics”.

“They (Russians) will say some things, we will say others, but we will see what happens in the future. The Baltic countries were occupied by the Soviet Union for decades, and in the end everything changed. ”

As if wishing to support Mr. Walker, European experts have scribbled articles about the pro-Western future of Russia. The near future.

Just like the dying USSR, today's Russia is trying to find a way out of the socio-economic impasse, experts from the EU countries say. Putin in the West, these experts compare it with Khrushchev, then with Brezhnev, and wait for the “decrepit regime” to collapse. After that, Russia will instantly become a pro-Western country! It is only a matter of time. Analysts add: after February 1917 of the year and after August of 1991, the “third pro-Western turn” will finally take place in Russia.

Comments from our readers:

How they are rushing from their own ambitions! They think that if 30 years ago they had a ride, it will take a ride this time too.

The main thing is that there is no war in Russia. At least fifty years ... And then you will go far beyond the hill, and there the house is about five hundred years old. And it stands as new. And we have everything after the bombing ...

Both times, when Russia made “pro-Western” reversals, they were due to the fact that the previous government did not want to change and keep pace with the times.
For the first time, tsarist Russia completely stagnated industrially, as well as on the issue of ideology and political structure. In the beginning of the industrial era, the old models of the structure of power, morality, ideology and industrial development no longer respond to the demands of the time. Instead of recognizing this and starting intensive reforms in accordance with the era, the authorities simply conserved these problems and did not notice them. As a result, the point of no return was passed, and everything ended with a big explosion of the revolution.
The second time a very similar phenomenon occurred with the Soviet authorities. Having cheerfully started and continued, as a result, the power in the USSR degraded by the 80 years. The modern model of updating ideology and the turnover of managers was not developed. The same is the failure on the ideological front, the failure of morality, plus some problems in the economy (though not as deep as in Ingushetia).
Today we go the same way. Instead of working out at last a mechanism for changing the government with a normal system of counterbalances, the head of the country reelects himself and the prime minister once again. The society has long formed requests of a different plan than were in the 00-s. Yes, Putin at that time after Yeltsin was a blessing, brought some order, drove out the oligarchs, stopped the mess in Chechnya, etc. But it was then. Thanks to him for what was then. But now some other time. And the people are the same. If nothing changes according to the free will of the authorities, sooner or later a new “boom” will occur. These are laws of physics, you can't argue with them.

N-yes ... The West has not long to wait ... Before the elections, there was confidence that after the victory of the GDP (there was no doubt), there would be no radical changes in the government, and no change of course. Everything will continue, the rich will become richer, the poor poorer. Forbes Magazine will replenish the lists of Russian millionaires ... Bourgeois will always find a common language ... Of course, the GDP for the elections should be put "excellent." It was made so that the vote, except for him, was not for anyone. There is an old Soviet song, there are such words: “First think about the Motherland, and then about yourself.” Our so-called elite thinks more about itself ...

Bah! All familiar faces!

Vladimir Putin proposed Dmitry Medvedev as the head of government. Many Russians took this news with a fair amount of negativity. But even more questions from citizens appeared to the appointees of Medvedev himself. We are talking about candidates for vice-premier posts.

Judging by Medvedev’s statements, most of the vice-premiers will remain in the government - they will simply change seats. When Medvedev, at a meeting with his party colleagues, pronounced the name of Mutko as a candidate for the post of deputy chairman of the government in charge of the construction industry in Russia, then a laugh passed through the hall to the audience through the broadcast of the central TV channels ...

The signing by V. Putin of the decree appointing Medvedev as prime minister and the continuation by Moscow of the course of "stability" was the reason for the irony of foreign experts and journalists from the West and the East, from the USA to India. The castling in the Russian government is painfully amusing! Putin is strong in politics abroad, foreign analysts admit, but inside Russia he is a reflection of the oligarchic economy model, his strickenness inhibiting growth in the country.

What is capable of this old new team, which Putin gives the next May decrees? And how can “decrees” carry out modernization? Did Hewlett and Packard in the USA wait for someone’s decrees and the opening of some Skolkovo? Finally, how will those who have a favorite word, “stability”, that is, stagnation, upgrade?

It is unlikely that Medvedev and Putin will be enough for six years for the stated course of modernization and improvement of the situation in the country, in which poverty is growing rapidly (against the background of growing conditions of the oligarchs). The solution is obvious: the modernization process will need to be continued. As Putin’s supporters like to repeat, they don’t change horses at the crossing!

And after six years, foreign experts will laugh again, for the Russians will elect Medvedev as president.

Comments from our readers:

- Thanks to Medvedev and United Russia for our happy childhood!
- When you had a childhood, Medvedev and United Russia did not yet exist.
- Thanks for that!
PS And the construction will now come full "mutko."

To be or not to be
How difficult is that gallery, that they are again and again torn at its oars!

I agree. Something I do not understand: why do we live worse and worse? It seems that we have everything: oil, gas, and Putin is great. And the feeling is that the more Putin is done, the worse we live.

You want to be a strong politician without straining, surround yourself with mediocrities, and against them you will look like a superpolitician. Yes, and your mistakes can be blamed on them. Always need easily managed mediocrity.

Uncle lee
One thing pleases me: I will not live to see the presidency of Medvedev!

The expression from sometimes seemingly not stupid people: “We didn’t live well and don’t ...” finishes me more often.

Choose Putin four times - Medvedev as a gift! Y-yes ... At his inauguration, Putin said that the purpose of his life, as before, would be to serve the people. PS A list of these people will be regularly published in Forbes magazine.

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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 13 May 2018 05: 23
    in my head, for some reason, only the final theme of the “outcomes”, pain, disappointment, the lights go out at the end of the tunnel ... scary for the children and grandchildren, it’s not the war that scares, but its own government! hopelessness, what else can you say.
    1. Siberia 9444
      Siberia 9444 13 May 2018 06: 05
      And if you grate the bread with garlic and sprinkle with salt .. yes we know, we know Dmitry Anatolyevich laughing enemies among us hi
      1. Arberes
        Arberes 13 May 2018 12: 28
        Quote: Siberia 9444
        And if you grate the loaves of bread with garlic and sprinkle with salt

        This is the culinary delights! There is a low budget option. How is it sung in the song:

        -Give bread and pan.
        I'll make you a jail!
      2. dSK
        dSK 13 May 2018 14: 18
        Dmitry Anatolyevich
        not the fact that he will sit another 6 years. Kudrin is put under control of the expenditures of the “state” money of the government and the regions, and in 2011, Medvedev “personally” left it. And the former "assistant" to the president in 2008-2012, Dvorkovich found another job.
        1. The comment was deleted.
    2. 210ox
      210ox 13 May 2018 06: 11
      C'mon .. Let’s fold our legs .. Land in peace for our soldiers who died in Syria .. According to Dodon ... He will now have the pro-Romanians pull off the electorate .. For the construction of the fleet .. They built the BDK the way it was designed. This is not a claim to the factory workers .. But the analogues of Mistral need to be designed and built .. Yes, a lot of things .. As for how to ruin Russia ... Well, if you rely on money bags that do not have statehood, then why not ..
      Quote: Andrey Yurievich
      in my head, for some reason, only the final theme of the “outcomes”, pain, disappointment, the lights go out at the end of the tunnel ... scary for the children and grandchildren, it’s not the war that scares, but its own government! hopelessness, what else can you say.
    3. vovanpain
      vovanpain 13 May 2018 07: 23
      Lord, how tired of these cries are Yaroslavl, everyone in Yaroslavl should, preferably chewed and put in their mouths that Ukrainians love freebies nodding, they say they wanted to like in Europe, but it turned out like in the priests laughing It is necessary to look in the mirror more often by ourselves, at ourselves, who will feed you and your families? Putin with Medvedev, Zyuganov with Grudinin, Trump with Nitanyahu and Merkel? Don’t tell my cat, except for yourself, nobody needs you. NOBODY will put anything in your mouth and it’s not necessary to blame Socialism and the USSR, and the system is different, better and fair, but in the USSR you also knew it was necessary to work. And yes, in all countries of the world who survived the Maidan, color revolutions in the same way it all began
      Good news for cheers and reason to think for smart people

      That Oleg and Aleksey, too, began the division into urrs of patriots and smart people. laughing Yes, yes, I’m smart, and the rest get richer in thought. Only it may be time to understand that on this site the majority of patriots are real and they are not indifferent to the fate of our Motherland. Without any cheers and liberalsosov. Of course there are all sorts.
      Quote: Andrey Yurievich
      scared for children and grandchildren, not a war scares, but their own government! b

      It’s scary Andrei Yuryevich, I’m sitting here and I think freebies will wait or rely on their own strength, and not on the government or the folder with the mother. And yes, the war does not scare, scares CIVIL WAR. You can throw bricks, OBJECTIVE CRITICISM is only for the benefit of everyone, but NOT GARMENT. When criticizing, offer, not call each other.
      1. Volodin
        Volodin 13 May 2018 07: 40
        Quote: vovanpain
        That Oleg and Alexei also started the division into urr patriots and clever people. Yes, yes, I’m kind of smart, and the others are getting rich ...

        Vladimir, with all due respect attentive The reading will tell you that the quote you cited is from the article that was used as one of the topics for the results, and neither your humble servant nor Oleg Chuvakin, its authors (this phrase) are not. It seems there is a link ...
        1. vovanpain
          vovanpain 13 May 2018 08: 14
          Quote: Volodin
          Vladimir, with all due respect - an attentive reading will tell you that the quote you cited is from an article that was used as one of the topics for the results, and neither your humble servant nor Oleg Chuvakin are its authors (phrases of this). It seems that there is a link ...

          Alexey Good Morning hi I apologize, of course, if I myself didn’t speak fairly, it’s my fault, of course, “Itogi” is a weekly review of the news and events that you do with Oleg. It’s just that Alexei in the comments of comrades of users for a long time already this division into clever (which is like the opposition) and cheers of the patriots (who are for Putin) and a cry of the soul burst out. Regards, Alexey! hi
      2. BRDM2M
        BRDM2M 13 May 2018 12: 36
        And why then do people need such a state if it has nothing to do with it, why do people pay taxes, etc.
        1. Arberes
          Arberes 13 May 2018 13: 10
          Quote: BRDM2M
          And why then do people need such a state if it has nothing to do with it, why do people pay taxes, etc.

          Great answer, dear BRDM2M hi
          - The state is for the people, not the people for the state. I apologize for the hackneyed slogan, but you won’t say more precisely.
        2. your1970
          your1970 14 May 2018 10: 51
          Quote: BRDM2M
          And why then do people need such a state if it has nothing to do with it, why do people pay taxes, etc.
          - 62% of the budget is provided by customs duties, duties and excises ...
          Tax gives TOTAL about 20%. So do not "why people pay taxes and" - this money in the budget is less than 8% ....
          1. Pax tecum
            Pax tecum 15 May 2018 04: 39
            - 62% of the budget is provided by customs duties, duties and excises ...
            Tax gives EVERYTHING about 20%. So don’t need "why people pay taxes and" - this money in the budget is less than 8% ....

            So, excise duty is also a tax that we pay, it is only indirectly called. And, we (citizens) pay duties ...
            ... 62% of the budget comes from customs fees ...

            Oh, how!
            So there you go! Customs duty is a type of tax, a fee that must be paid without fail ...
            We also forgot to mention the sale of energy and natural resources "over the hill", and this is a public treasure, and although formally, it belongs to the people. And, even internal pricing is sometimes tied to external prices, for which, respectively, we are citizens and we overpay, bear, so to speak, a financial burden. And this is in addition to direct taxes, such as income ...
            1. your1970
              your1970 15 May 2018 10: 36
              well, if you don’t cut in pieces like you, then
              Quote: Pax tecum
              Oh, how!
              -will not be.
              62% gives FCS and fill this figure just
              Quote: your1970
              customs fees, duties and excises

              excises and duties that you pay - in the budget they occupy 0, ..%
              that is why I write that when citizens write-what the state contains on your taxes, then this is a little untrue (in our country!). In other countries - where there is a little bit tougher with taxes, there it is unlikely, but possible

              Z.Y. I am a customs officer with 13 years of experience, if .. lol
    4. Alena Frolovna
      Alena Frolovna 13 May 2018 10: 45
      Andrey Yuryevich
      scared for children and grandchildren, not war scares, but own government

      Do not be afraid of children and grandchildren, because they have their own destiny and life that you cannot change, but you have the right to help them live it correctly. It depends only on you with what moral rules they go through life.

      Our great-grandfathers, grandfathers, fathers always knew that all achievements are from honest work and decent behavior, therefore they worked hard and lived so as not to shame their surname, their kind, and defended their Fatherland, while relying on God's help.

      And about the government.

      These cockroach races on government paths annoy many, cause confusion, cause bewilderment, but it’s not up to you to decide who will ascend to the next crossbar of the government chicken coop and what the "planted" will cluck from the height of this crossbar.

      But the composition of local republican, urban, rural chicken coops depends directly on us.

      Of course, I idealize, in connection with which I remembered that Tyutchev wrote the motto for our bureaucracy: “Be silent, hide and Thai!» So they are silent, hiding and hiding, and melt, and lurk, so as not to displace and select this crossbar, and everything else that does not concern them, even if bygone to grow.

      But nothing lasts forever on earth ...
    5. siberalt
      siberalt 13 May 2018 10: 50
      How can one "untie the rupe from the dollar" if our whole Constitution is tied to his darling starting from the financial system? Is it either responsible for the bazaar or betray the Constitution, the integrity of which you yourself “guarantee” and protect in accordance with the same constitution? So, walk in a vicious circle, stepping on the same rake, or develop?belay
    6. akula
      akula 13 May 2018 15: 34
      Don’t be so upset. In history, everything is cyclical and there is nothing eternal in this world. Empires rise and fall. The USA will fall, possibly breaking its teeth against a world that is gnawing, and most likely will fall apart from the inside, corrupting itself to stupidity and ignorance. And ours the comicadze government will not last long, either we ourselves will finish what is better for us, or the Americans will slam, which is certainly worse. We just live in troubled times, but we haven’t been alone with our ancestors more than once, I think Russia as a state will survive due to its smart and courageous people. So there is always light at the end of the tunnel while Mother Earth revolves around the Sun.
  2. Vard
    Vard 13 May 2018 05: 55
    Unfortunately, we do not have a culture of publicity ... The government is not in the media. Explains the cause of a decision. I admit that it does everything right. But the people should know.
  3. evil partisan
    evil partisan 13 May 2018 06: 06
    Here is a wonderful video from D. Dzhangirov
    Everything about it: about trade wars, the Middle East, and how to divide Russia along the Urals wassat, and about what difficult times await the Baltic states. Very informative. Look, you will not regret it.
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid 13 May 2018 06: 54
      Quote: wicked partisan
      , and about how to divide Russia in the Urals wassat, and about .....

      When Shtanmeyer was beyond the Urals, he said that the Urals should enter the world arena, show independence .... Like, the Urals and the Russian Federation, these are different countries.
    2. ANCIENT
      ANCIENT 13 May 2018 06: 59
      Yeah, I’ll look, and I advise the Russian dividers to take the line after McCain! !!
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 13 May 2018 07: 05
        I'll look in the evening, or at night, when no one will interfere.
    ANCIENT 13 May 2018 07: 01
    As one dirty politician said today, “it never happened, and it started AGAIN!” Everything is always possible in Russia, that’s what makes us different from the whole world! !!
  5. izya top
    izya top 13 May 2018 07: 03
    prepared half a liter, faceted glass
    it will not be lost Yes

    V. Putin proposed Dmitry Medvedev to the post of head of government

    1. evil partisan
      evil partisan 13 May 2018 07: 32
      Hi Izya! drinks How is it in the bath? wink Take brooms with you?
      Yes. And do not touch Dimona! am He promised not to raise the retirement age! You don't care request you have a broken leg lol , but I know another 3-4 years of extra ones to grumble well, not smiling at all ... sad
      1. izya top
        izya top 13 May 2018 10: 25
        hi Shmulik.
        Quote: Angry Guerrilla
        And do not touch Dimona! He promised

        i can promise too request maybe I'll premiere at the premiere too?
        1. evil partisan
          evil partisan 13 May 2018 10: 28
          Quote: izya top
          maybe I'll premiere at the premiere too?

          So I do not doubt you, Izya! fellow
          The menu for you even has a candidacy for the post of 1st Deputy Prime Minister on freelance .... feel
        2. Lycan
          Lycan 13 May 2018 10: 43
          [/ Quote][/ Quote]
          ..and work out on societies. works
          ..or confession
          ..or just explanatory,
          ..or pay a monthly "retirement age tax".
          1. Stanislas
            Stanislas 13 May 2018 16: 06
            Quote: Lycan
            pay monthly retirement age tax
            Be sure to have a progressive tax, so that for the desire to live up to a hundred years on the go they gave on the scoreboard. smile
            1. Lycan
              Lycan 13 May 2018 20: 56
              Those. would equate to the desire to use a hard drug in the presence of law enforcement officials?
        3. Arberes
          Arberes 13 May 2018 12: 23
          Quote: izya top
          maybe I'll premiere at the premiere too?

          I am sure that many of those here on the site will warmly support you! I and the Evil Partisan will be in the forefront, but the hell on your coming to power - beer is free for union members! hi drinks
          1. evil partisan
            evil partisan 13 May 2018 12: 41
            Quote: Arberes
            when you come to power, beer is free for union members!

            Yes, take it higher, Colleague! hi Cognac Dagestan 13 years old. In! good Hi Poet!drinks
            Although... what Poets can be beer ... feel
            1. Arberes
              Arberes 13 May 2018 12: 54
              Quote: Angry Guerrilla
              Yes, take it higher, Colleague!

              I will soar in my dreams.
              Cognac is my muse - Dagestan!
              Stars in vain are not important to me,
              A three-star will go - ARMENIAN!

              Hello, Friend! drinks
              Give Izyu at the premiere!
  6. aszzz888
    aszzz888 13 May 2018 07: 17
    On the night of May 10, let’s add, the Israeli military reported that Iranian forces launched about two dozen rockets from Syrian territory at Israeli positions in the Golan Heights.
    And who now believes them - “the Israeli military informed”?! ... Where is the destruction, where are the tracks from the craters, in the worst case ?! It's time to put in place the presumptuous, angry and I’m going to put them on, those who are being hit ...
    1. dSK
      dSK 13 May 2018 13: 57
      Quote: aszzz888
      who now believes them

      Quite right, there was no shelling of the Golan Heights. Israel has long been preparing a strike on Syrian air defense and needed an excuse. In the Golan, they exploded a pair of explosion packets, maybe this was not. ISIS and other "alien hands" have been greatly shortened recently and Israel had to harness itself.
  7. kepmor
    kepmor 13 May 2018 07: 58
    The main result of the week is May 9th and the 10 millionth “immortal regiment” throughout the country !!!
    and all the rest is vanity ....
    Jews at their borders hammering the Persians-an agreement between Putin and Netanyahu ... not in vain, and in the parade, and in the column of the "regiment" side by side ....
    Prime Minister Dimon - quite expected ... as Kudrin chief accountant ...
    wisely on a construction site - it’s also reasonable ... Aglitsky mastered, obscene given from birth ... incompetence is more than blocked by the allegiance of the oligophren ...
    Well, all this “Yaroslavna’s crying with moans and snots” on the forum is fully explainable - after 40-50, she completely suffers complete disappointment in idols ...
    so don’t build yourself an idol and you won’t use it ...
    1. Arberes
      Arberes 13 May 2018 12: 19
      Quote: kepmor
      wisely on a construction site - it’s also reasonable ... Aglitsky mastered, obscene given from birth ... incompetence is more than blocked by the allegiance of the oligophren ...

      I recalled the words of the classic on this occasion.
      "How weirdly shuffled the deck."
      The faces are the same - the positions are different. I ask myself involuntarily the following question: what came with a completely new frame a completely polar animal?
  8. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 13 May 2018 07: 59
    The unprofitable week. In terms of what did not give any ideas to bring the life of the people to the proper level. Joy to life, hope for the future was trampled not so much by the expected destination, but by support and a single "approval!" Muddy power, incomprehensible plans, concession and an agreement for the sake of profit at the expense of a simple citizen ... What next? Draw at least contours. Show the outline of your wise decisions. Dusty, like holey socks thrown into a closet, candidates ... The nasty, vile charisma of the deputy "silver carp" and "fat pots" .. Some kind of stupid calls, an unbridled desire to leave the mendicant people without a penny ...
    Russian citizens die in accidents, from unproven medical care, from singed alcohol-containing products, from drugs, from beating, from dog attacks, and they will be idle for days on end about sanctions, about Syria, about the USA ... And citizens live in Russia, not in Moscow, which has “absorbed” 10% of the total population, has swollen and spoils for itself, but outside the region ... Where there is neither a normally paid job, nor a vocation job, or even a job for which you can pay enough money to live on ... And at this time, people from Roscosmos with an annual income of 108 rubles, the one who hits rockets and incorrectly sets coordinates, look at them cheerfully and don’t “quack” eating a Beijing duck ...
    Enjoy your meal! Thank you for our happy childhood. " fellow
    1. Volodin
      Volodin 13 May 2018 08: 09
      Quote: ROSS 42
      Citizens of Russia are dying ... from beatings, from attacking dogs ... and they have been torturing them for days on sanctions

      Wait, wait, do not deprive the laurel wreath of the program “Let them talk”? .. There is just about dogs ...
    2. Golovan Jack
      Golovan Jack 13 May 2018 08: 18
      And someone here is just
      Quote: ROSS 42
      spoils for themselves

      Yes, so that the fragrance is heard for a couple of kilometers negative
    3. Vadim237
      Vadim237 13 May 2018 10: 57
      “Where there is neither a normally paid job, nor a vocation job, and even a job that pays money for which you can live in abundance ..” But this is not necessary - the job is full and well paid, but the problem is that it not all will pull.
  9. nikvic46
    nikvic46 13 May 2018 10: 30
    It has become difficult to write comments now, not for the reason that I am getting old. Now, each user expresses his opinion as a truth that does not require discussion. I write, precisely, in order to hear the opposite point of view.
    I'll start with the friendship of peoples. Is this a Soviet invention? Now there is no friendship between liberal elites and simple
    As for Trump’s attacks on Iran, this doesn’t remind anyone of anything. Trump’s main task is to push Russia away from his initiatives, which he considers peaceful. Russia has nothing to do with the DPRK and Korea. Soon, Trump will put forward a new deal. And angry Iran really does not need sanctions. Yes, and in Iran itself there is no unity that we would like. And again, Russia will remain on the sidelines. Well, these are all my old thoughts.
    1. evil partisan
      evil partisan 13 May 2018 11: 01
      Quote: nikvic46
      I'll start with the friendship of peoples. Is this a Soviet invention?

      Historical practice shows that yes. Yes The world was more complicated than the Communists imagined. Examples lately are just darkness. What Ukraine alone is worth ...
    2. Arberes
      Arberes 13 May 2018 12: 47
      Quote: nikvic46
      I'll start with the friendship of peoples. Is this a Soviet invention? Now there is no friendship between liberal elites and simple

      Was it like that before?

      Rapid stratification of society and inequality before the law. Here, in my opinion, are two factors that lead to embitterment and nihilism (in relation to power) of the broad masses of our population.
      On the other hand, a disarming argument can be made for me - 74% in support of our president, and I have nothing to object to.
      In Iran, I can answer you. My personal opinion: sanctions against this country will force Iran to deal with us even more is a matter of time and obstinacy of “Trump” we have chosen. An interesting subject, by the way: everyone got to enemies and partners, and even allies, i.e. vassals.
  10. Olgovich
    Olgovich 13 May 2018 12: 03
    But fulfilling budgetary obligations in the same military or social sphere is much more difficult.
    What kind of "all-encompassing" mood? request
    A FEW years ago it was announced that a reduction in the military budget and the State Defense Order was coming. And that factories engaged in state defense orders should prepare for this.
    Breakthroughs that required large expenditures were eliminated, planned work goes on, and money goes already to other areas. So there is no failure.
    As conceived, so did.
    Quote: Poll_0
    “Something often began to fall, in Syria, flying vehicles. There is something to ponder. ”
    TU-154 - 92 people

    Tu 154 is Sochi, not Syria.
    “They (Russians) will say some things, we will say others, but we will see what happens in the future. The Baltic countries were occupied by the Soviet Union for decades, and in the end everything changed. ”

    This amerskiy drok would still know that, unlike the Baltic states, Crimea NEVER sought from Russia, and ALWAYS - into it or was in it.
    V. Putin proposed Dmitry Medvedev to the post of head of government. Many Russians accepted this news with a fair amount of negativity. But even more questions from citizens appeared to the appointees of Medvedev himself.

    Recall that much MORE many Russians elected President Putin, who chose Medvedev. So they are "many", not some that Putin does not like.
  11. Maximys
    Maximys 13 May 2018 14: 46
    As expected, this week was more active in comparison with the previous one. Good in Russia on Victory Day, without excesses. We survive the rest.
  12. datur
    datur 13 May 2018 20: 30
  13. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 13 May 2018 21: 15
    For the state to be strong, the state must have a developing economy, namely, the real production of goods, and, given the endless intrigues of the "partners", independent from the outside. Foreign trade is like that, cherry on the cake, you can do without a cherry. For world crises follow one after another, which is logical and predictable: the world economy is a huge financial bubble that allows power to be made at the expense of the people. You can understand the West - its prosperity has always depended on the robbery of other countries. But the Russian Federation is a self-sufficient country, capable of feeding its population, warming, dressing, raising highly skilled specialists, creating new technologies. What about today? What is the export benefit for the country? There is an exchange of strategic goods that strengthen and develop countries that dream of destroying the Russian state, for numbers on a computer, not even paper. And how much% of GDP is advertising? This is not a product, nor a service, and even the promotion of new products is practically irrelevant. Advertising is a way to zombie the population, reduce mental abilities, waste time, inflate a financial bubble. But where is an efficient economy? A capitalist economy cannot be effective for the state; it is aimed at enriching individual individuals at the expense of the suffering of the majority of the population, who are considered to be subhuman. The socialist economy has remained in the past, which provided the country with technological progress and made it possible to solve problems that cannot be solved under capitalism. We had to take the best from the past, part with mistakes (the one who does nothing is not mistaken), and go forward. Instead, they spit on the past of a great country, made the country a colonial appendage, and now rejoice at the "successes", which are figures not on the paper of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, which are followed by a complete separation from reality. Over the past three years, prices have doubled, and pension indexation was 6%, salaries for state employees, I don’t know about doctors, and teachers have high salaries because of double burden, instead of 18 hours, more than 30 hours. . As for hired workers, the salary even decreased — the crisis (this does not apply to the highly skilled, but their minority is among the working people). . What happened under socialism? There was a stage when, due to well-functioning enterprises, inefficient subsidies were subsidized. It was wrong and harmful. Then there was self-financing, when the enterprise solved social problems at the expense of profit: it worked at such an enterprise, now the regional center in 5 years will not do as much as one efficient enterprise did for its team. Profits were not withdrawn into private pockets, the director received more than ordinary employees, but surcharges were provided by good results of the enterprise, production and the director’s bare salary worked poorly. I recall how the energy economy developed, from smoking pipes to a modern boiler house. By the way, neither the reconstruction and development of the thermal economy nor the cold winters from 30-40 ° C did not affect the payment of utility bills. The boiler house, which fell into private hands, fell into disrepair, despite high tariffs (this is our scandal with a 40% increase in tariffs that went to Putin), which was ahead of inflation (over the past 3 years + 21%), and we already paid 4 months of this year annual heating costs, and this is not the limit: tariffs are rising, there is already another pretext for a jump in tariffs.
    One point, the majority of low-income people prefer domestic goods, thereby stimulating demand and the development of production. High incomes are spent on prestigious imported goods, foreign real estate is acquired, accounts are opened in Western banks, i.e. they stimulate the development of the western economy. Can the government understand the benefits of strengthening the country's economy? Even obliged to engage in strengthening the economy. And even one member of the government understands this? If we consider that there are no drakes, then how can actions be qualified to the detriment of state interests?
    Before Medvedev’s appointment, Putin recalled that the CPSU had collapsed the USSR. This is the past, the question is different today, and the Medvedev’s government will not ruin the Russian Federation?
  14. vsoltan
    vsoltan 13 May 2018 21: 15
    Rarely boring and verbose analysis. Is it time to change the style a little?
  15. Aleksandro
    Aleksandro 13 May 2018 22: 27
    The article is too multifaceted, like the final news release, and not according to the results of the week, but according to the results of the year: here are the military budget, aviation, navy, Dodon, Nazarbayev, Volker, ParAschenko, Trump, and Kim, and Medvedev, and still hrn who knows. In any case, the "parash" in Rostov will not explode, like its predecessor. He is a suicide. He had long ago prepared for himself an alternate aerodrome across the ocean with all the amenities. The grandfather, whom someone called "khan" here, actually has a completely official title - "Elbasy", that is, "land owner", which he has ruled since 1986, gaining 99,9% of the vote in elections, our GDP resting. And the fact that all this time the banners praising the elbas in his land on every square meter, then what is bad? Now he is an 80-year-old sick old man whose health status is officially classified in accordance with the decision of his pocket parliament (sorry, maslikhat). He didn’t have much time, let grandfather at the end of his days rejoice, looking at his portraits. And let them remain there after him too, and if they do not stay, this will already be cause for our concern. I also left his estate for more than 20 years, but I still have relatives and friends there from whom I receive information. After the collapse of the USSR (and the day before), national radicals actively acted there, calling for the persecution of all "non-titular" (by their definition, "persons not belonging to an non-indigenous nation") from all leading posts, large and small (and then from the country ), urgently rename all Russian names (cities, villages, streets, rivers, etc.), demolish all the monuments to ethnically alien elements and erect monuments to new "heroes" (including real robbers), rewrite history so that it follows from the textbooks, that the statehood of the “indigenous nation” has existed for about five thousand years, and that was the story of a great power. which was deliberately distorted at first by the Russian colonialists, and then by the Communists. In that situation, the elbasy tried to appear as a "friend of Russia", and therefore the protector of all his subjects, regardless of ethnic origin. Unfortunately, this was just a game, but in fact, what? All the precepts of the national radicals were successfully fulfilled under the strict guidance of the elbasy: monuments were replaced, cities and streets were renamed, textbooks were rewritten, the share of the “indigenous nation” grew from 33% to almost 70%. It was simply not done as urgently as the radicals demanded, and without too much hype. Recently, the entire local press there burst with indignation: how did Solovyov dare to speak badly of us, reproach us for abstaining in the UN vote, for not recognizing the independence of Abkhazia and South. Ossetia, the annexation of the Crimea? Moreover, they themselves on the pages of the press, on TV screens and in the words of some politicians are full of nasty things flying to the Russians and Russia, but no one notices them. All this is about one of our "friend." Our other "friend", not called the "elbasy", but called the "old man" recently also often makes concessions to his radicals, but unlike the elbasy, he understands that he’s nothing good for Russia’s open betrayal and the transition to the West. promises; he will be praised first, then replaced, and then treated like Milosevic, if not Saddam. It is also not entirely clear with Armenia, although it would seem to her where to twitch? From everywhere it is clamped by its eternal "partners" like Turkey and Azerbaijan. Why is this all. Moreover, Sansanych (Alexander the Third) was right, who said that Russia has only two allies - its Army and Navy (VKS / VVS did not yet exist). These our “allies” play the role of allies solely for personal gain (someone is afraid of the West, someone is Islamic radicals, someone wants to get cheap hydrocarbons, someone benefits from duty-free trade, someone has a border of 8 thousand. km etc.), but there is no hope in pinning them, for they will throw us as soon as possible (if it will be more profitable or safer for them). I think you should not look for friends in the "post-Soviet space" - they simply are not there, it is hard to believe that those who ruined the Union and built a new statehood on Russophobic ideas can "see" and improve. Even those who, unlike the Balts, did not make sudden movements and loud statements, moved in the same way, only more quietly and accurately. It is necessary to look for friends and allies, but only in the "far abroad" - is there Asia, is Latin America. Well, in the post-Soviet space it is necessary to act toughly - to respond to each muck with muck in a square. And no freebies. And it’s high time to block the gas pipe going through the non-blocking one, and to recognize the Donbass and conclude a military alliance with it. This is for starters. Well, about Medvedev or United Russia ... Let us recall the decree of Peter, which stated that "the subordinate in front of the commander must look dashing and silly, so as not to show his knowledge of the matter and thereby not to embarrass the authorities." I totally agree. Against the background of stupid performers, it is easier for the leader to work and to maintain his authority. And any movements in the style of “swamp” or “Maidan” are water to the mill for our enemies, who are waiting for this only, bearing future plans that could have far more serious consequences for us than Medvedev’s prime minister ...
  16. Alexey Reds
    Alexey Reds 14 May 2018 06: 21
    Russia should not be destroyed, but strengthened. Vote for me!зарегистрируйте-меня-кан

  17. nikvic46
    nikvic46 14 May 2018 11: 19
    Quote: wicked partisan
    Quote: nikvic46
    I'll start with the friendship of peoples. Is this a Soviet invention?

    Historical practice shows that yes. Yes The world was more complicated than the Communists imagined. Examples lately are just darkness. What Ukraine alone is worth ...

    Now that the mercantile spirit of the former republics has reached its highest limit, friendship cannot be as between countries,
    and between people living in these countries.
    1. olimpiada15
      olimpiada15 14 May 2018 16: 15
      Under capitalism, friendship cannot be, capitalism is personal profit, at the expense of others, this excludes friendship.