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America freed from the Iranian yoke

Mr. Trump freed the United States from the Iranian yoke. It sounds a bit strange, but apparently, this is the way to interpret President Trump’s statement, saying that America will not be “hostage to nuclear blackmail”. Announcing the US withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal and the upcoming resumption of anti-Iran sanctions, Trump made a gift ... to Russia.

Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of the United States from the agreement on the nuclear program of the Islamic Republic of Iran. "I now announce," he quotes. Interfax- that the United States will withdraw from the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program. After a few moments, I will sign a presidential memorandum to begin the process of resuming the US sanctions related to the atom against the Iranian regime. ” This was said during a speech at the White House on Tuesday.

The president did not stop at words and immediately signed a memorandum.

Now Iran has the highest level of sanctions. All countries that would even think of helping Tehran in creating nuclear weapons. “America will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail,” Mr. Trump explained his position.

And backed up the statement "accurate evidence." According to him, Washington has evidence of Iran’s continued development of nuclear weapons, which is a violation of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan. “Today, we have accurate evidence that Iran’s promises were a lie,” the president said.

Accurate evidence is documents published by Israel. Trump said: “Last week, the Israeli government released intelligence documents ... that demonstrate historical the desire of the Iranian regime [to have] nuclear weapons. " According to the American leader, the nuclear deal "allowed Iran to maintain access to uranium and over time [would allow] to develop nuclear weapons."

Speaking at the White House, Mr. Trump called the nuclear deal "decaying and rotten." The deal, in his opinion, was unable to prevent the appearance of nuclear weapons in Tehran in the near future. Therefore, Trump promised to restore tough sanctions affecting Iran’s nuclear activities, notes "BBC".

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), in turn, reported that it is taking immediate steps to implement the decision of the US President. Businesses currently cooperating with Iran will receive from 90 to 180 days to terminate the relevant business relationship. At the end of this period, sanctions will be resumed.

The decision of the US President caused a stormy political protest in Iran.

The day after Trump's statement Iranian parliamentarians publicly burned American flag. Along with the flag lighters, they set fire to some more paper, allegedly a printout of a nuclear deal.

However, the Iranian authorities are quite careful.

President Hassan Rouhani announced on TV that gave instructions their diplomats to negotiate with France, Germany, Britain, Russia, China and evaluate the possibilities of maintaining a nuclear treaty.

“If by the end of these negotiations we come to the conclusion that what the people of Iran demanded is achievable, the nuclear agreement will remain in force, despite the wishes of the United States and the Zionist regime, as well as Trump’s rude words.”

However, in the event that the interests of Iran will not be respected, Rouhani promised to appeal to the people, and then report on the decisions.

In Russia, the decision of the President of the United States was commented by experts.

“Europe hopes to convince Trump to change the decision on Iran. But Trump will not cancel his decision, but will suggest that the Europeans change their own position, ”wrote Alexey Pushkov, chairman of the Federation Council’s information policy committee, author of the PostScript analytical program. "Twitter".

The United States acts as a provocateur, since Iran is given freedom of action, said Dmitry Novikov, deputy chairman of the Duma’s international affairs committee. “If the treaty is destroyed, then, of course, Iran will theoretically have freedom of action, including the possibility of developing nuclear weapons and implementing relevant programs. Therefore, the United States in this case serves as provocateurs ", - quotes him

At the state level Russia condemned the decision of the United States and stated that she will continue to abide by the earlier agreement. The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that the agreement fulfilled its functions, and its gap indicates the incapacity of the US administration. Donald Trump, in deciding to quit, pursued "narrow-minded" interests.

Not only Russia was against it. Great Britain, Germany and France also called on the parties to the agreement to continue to implement it.

Such a cautious reaction of European states confused the United States.

Opinions of different "parties" about Trump's decision are collected and continue to be collected on the channel’s website. CNN. There are a lot of opinions and comments there, we will give only the main ones.

US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said that Britain, France and Germany support the US goals of the United States on a deal with Iran. At the same time, Mr. Mnuchin admitted that the United States "has somewhat different views on how to achieve this." According to him, the president has clearly expressed his attitude towards the former nuclear deal, and now there is “hard work” with American allies.

What kind of "hard work", he did not specify. However, it is clear, we note that the allies this time with the United States do not agree in principle.

In the United States, too, there is real chaos over the abolition of the nuclear deal and the continuation of the policy of sanctions.

Former Vice President Joe Biden said that exiting the deal is a “big mistake.” Its result will be the "isolation of the United States." Almost all the major powers turn away from the United States.

“This will weaken our authority and global leadership, which will allow Iran to gain international sympathy, while not doing anything to reduce its [Iran] harmful activities in the Middle East,” Mr. Biden said.

The outcome of Trump's decision will be the return of Iran "to the path to obtaining nuclear weapons." And a clear diplomatic exit will be impossible. There will be a threat of war with Iran.

Many US lawmakers are also unhappy with Trump’s decision.

Senator Mark Warner noted that Trump’s move drives a “wedge between us and our allies.” Senator Tim Kane thinks the same way.

Senator Bob Menendez: "This is a huge mistake ..."

Rep. Mike Turner: "Outside of the evidence that Iran is violating the agreement, a complete rejection of this deal is wrong."

Senator Bob Corker expressed disappointment that the White House was unable to reach an agreement with the American allies.

Former US President Barack Obama issued a statement in which he called on Trump to abandon the “erroneous” decision on the deal. “I believe that the decision to put JCPOA at risk without Iran’s violation of the deal is a serious mistake,” he wrote. Outside the agreement, the United States may end up facing the war in the Middle East.

Turkish President R. T. Erdogan said that as a result of the US refusal to bargain with Iran, new crises should be feared in the region. “We don’t need new crises in the region,” Ernogan told CNN, adding that Trump’s decision will affect not only the Middle East, but the whole world.

Erdogan also said that Trump had to abide by the agreement that the previous administration signed.

But Saudi Arabia Trump's decision is fully supported. The people of the kingdom said they “support and welcome” President Trump’s decision.

Well, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, meanwhile, said that he ordered the organization of the country's “atomic industry” to fully prepare for taking measures, if any, to launch “industrial enrichment without restrictions”.

It is curious that some regional foreign experts find the decision of the United States beneficial for Russia.

For example, Turkish expert in the world economy Taner Beksoy said "Free Press"that the decision of the United States can really be profitable for Moscow.

“... Of course, it was impossible to guarantee that the United States would most likely refuse the deal, but still the market reacted accordingly. The share of Iran is not so great, but tangible - in connection with this decision by the United States, the total supply could be reduced by two million barrels per day. In any case, it will cause a sharp rise in oil prices. The probability is high that the price will reach 95 — 100 dollars per barrel. It is obvious that large exporters, including Russia, can benefit from such a decision. Its economy is going through hard times due to a sharp decline in cooperation with Europe, the United States and other countries. At the same time, expenses are rising, if we consider the military operation in Syria, ambitious construction projects, and so on. ”

What can the world come to as a result of the unilateral decision of President Trump?

Let's try to highlight the main thing.

1. If the agreement is fully rejected by the United States and its European allies and “re-activates” powerful sanctions, Iran will indeed do what Mr. Rouhani fears: it will begin “industrial enrichment without restrictions”. In the future, all conditions will be created for the war, in which, in one way or another, the United States and Israel are likely to participate.

2. The one-sided withdrawal of the United States from the deal is a fact that demonstrates another failure of international law: the leading world power in the eyes of the whole world easily spits on its own international obligations. Speak, liberal democracy, desire for peace and partnership? Not at all like.

3. Cancellation of the agreement will bring some benefit to Russia: first, world oil prices may rise; secondly, Iran will have to move even closer to Russia. On the other hand, such a rapprochement is unlikely to be enjoyed by Israel, also a partner of Russia.

4. Trump's decision will adversely affect the business and revenues of many companies that began to work with Iran. For those who built their strategy on future cooperation, this is also bad news.

5. This is bad for Iran itself. President Rouhani was counting on attracting large foreign investments into the country and boosting the economy that had previously been squeezed by sanctions. Now neither rise nor investment he can not see.

6. In the worst scenario, a radical political line will triumph in Iran, and the Middle East will plunge into the abyss of a new war. At a minimum, this means an escalation of conflicts between Iran and regional states that are opposed to it. Especially Israel should be highlighted here, whose Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warmly welcomed Trump’s decision a few minutes after its announcement. The latter is not surprising: after all, it was Israeli documents that became the “evidence” for the White House. Thus, the new anti-Iranian front is in some way Netanyahu’s merit.

And the last. What threatens Iran with sanctions?

It is intended to prohibit the Iranian government from acquiring US dollars, to limit major deals for buying and selling rial, to limit Iran’s international trade in gold and precious metals, to ban supplies to Iran of graphite, aluminum, steel and software for the industry.

The sanctions will affect the automotive industry of Iran, the importation of Iranian carpets into the United States, agricultural products, activities related to the export and re-export of passenger planes to Iran. Other sanctions will hit Iranian ports, shipping and shipbuilding.

And, of course, the ban on trade in oil and oil products will return.

In essence, it is a blockade.
The burning of the deputies IRI American flag

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  1. Vard
    Vard 10 May 2018 09: 57
    Say Zadornov ... they are stupid Americans ... but honestly I didn’t think so much ... By the way, Iran has recently risen very militarily ... So four hundred dollars worth of oil seems like a harsh reality ...
    1. Bo Yari
      Bo Yari 10 May 2018 10: 07
      yeah ... 400?
    2. credo
      credo 10 May 2018 12: 29
      Quote: Vard
      Say Zadornov ... they are stupid Americans ... but honestly I didn’t think so much ... By the way, Iran has recently risen very militarily ... So four hundred dollars worth of oil seems like a harsh reality ...

      I do not see anything stupid in the actions of the United States, because now:
      - they will begin to fear the fictitious threat of bad Persians and click on all the countries neighboring Iran that are breathing irregularly towards it, so that they will arm themselves even more in the light of "bad Iran." Consequently, US US companies will again earn on arms supplies to these countries;
      - oil speculators will start raising prices for future deals and it is possible that the same American companies will try to occupy the markets where Iran traded;
      - the country’s gold and currency assets that are stored in the USA, especially from the Middle East, will “refrain” from the desire to return them back to their homeland in the light of horror stories about a potential war with Iran;
      - the opposition and Iranian youth will once again raise their voices, dissatisfied with the economic situation in the country, and perhaps they will arrange another coup, modestly called the “color revolution” in the West, and overthrow the US objectionable government in Iran.
      And these are just some of the "gingerbread" that the United States can get from breaking the treaty. And the minuses in relation to them are not yet visible on the horizon. They rely on strength and strength while helping them in the solution of their selfish interests.
      1. Vard
        Vard 10 May 2018 13: 16
        Of the minuses ... The regime change in Saudi Arabia ... for example ...
        1. credo
          credo 10 May 2018 13: 43
          Quote: Vard
          Of the minuses ... The regime change in Saudi Arabia ... for example ...

          And by whom will this change be made - Iran or the USA?
          1. Vard
            Vard 10 May 2018 15: 42
            USA ... and here it may be ... Although Iran is more likely ...
        2. Grandfather Eugene
          Grandfather Eugene 11 May 2018 00: 09
          Quote: Vard
          Of the minuses ... Change of regime in Saudi Arabia ... for example.

          Rather, the regime change in Iran by the Saudis, with the support of the United States. So rather.
  2. Nikolai Petrov
    Nikolai Petrov 10 May 2018 10: 08
    I'm afraid to ask, when did the Persians occupy America?
    Is there really the truth according to comrade Zadornov (the Kingdom of Heaven)
  3. vlad007
    vlad007 10 May 2018 10: 12
    Americans want to take the place of Iran in the world oil trade. In the US, oil industry rushing uphill. Trump is very understandable, if after all his decisions to see the desire to make money at any cost.
  4. Ural resident
    Ural resident 10 May 2018 10: 13
    They will achieve just the opposite, that Iran will have to acquire nuclear weapons. And where is the gun - there it can shoot, given the chaos that prevails there, and with the same "puppeteers" ... By God, the states are the "Empire of Evil"
    1. credo
      credo 10 May 2018 15: 31
      Quote: A resident of the Urals
      They will achieve just the opposite, that Iran will have to acquire nuclear weapons. And where is the gun - there it can shoot, given the chaos that prevails there, and with the same "puppeteers" ... By God, the states are the "Empire of Evil"

      Yes, they just achieve this, so that Iran starts production of nuclear weapons and the "mythical argument about Iran’s non-compliance with the treaty" for the United States and Israel will be even more convincing in relations with the EU, Russia, China or India.
      They will simply declare to their intractable partners that, you see, it was not in vain that you convinced that Iran was "bad", so let us crush it together with us completely. Q.E.D.
  5. Pacifist
    Pacifist 10 May 2018 10: 13
    There is a subtle nuance in all this with thick consequences. Before the conclusion of the agreement, we had the stupidity of joining the sanctions, after canceling these agreements and now we are not obliged to join them, like the others. What this threatens, and the fact that, given that we, too, have been recorded as "global enemies", we can, without regard to all these stupid American scum, cooperate with Iran as we see fit and without restrictions. And the blockade will not work, there are no people who want to run and join the sanctions.
    1. Vikxnumx
      Vikxnumx 10 May 2018 10: 41
      Well, of course. I don’t understand why anyone is dancing to this moronic Amer’s pipe. Adopt some laws, sanctions, etc. - this is their business, their jurisdiction. Why should India or China play giveaways?
  6. Vikxnumx
    Vikxnumx 10 May 2018 10: 32
    Another evidence that D. Trump is a protege of the Chabadniks, the Israeli lobby. And they twist them as they want. Eduard Hodos would be right, as I am convinced ... IF he were an independent politician, he would not behave in such an idiotic manner. Or, in Judiotic ..
    For such semi-schizophrenic and populist decisions, the influence of Zion is clearly felt ...
  7. Nbyf
    Nbyf 10 May 2018 11: 02
    Iran undermined so prices ?. Hard to believe. The United States just needs another mess, the most profitable option is to raise prices for some period and sell its stale weapons. Be that as it may, the fragile balance is upset. Idiots cannot sleep and don’t let others sleep, I don’t know if it’s good or bad when “the woman in the house is hysterical”.
  8. Bakht
    Bakht 10 May 2018 11: 32
    Oil prices are a complete joke. Especially when you read oil analysts. Such a type of "the number of drilling rigs in the United States increased by 4 units and reached 155. Therefore, oil prices have risen." But the fact that a couple of million barrels will leave the market does not affect prices in any way?
    The problem is not the number of rigs or the ban on trading in Iranian oil. One of the largest consumers of oil is China and it is switching to trading the yuan. That is, there is a huge amount of UNSECURED goods (oil) dollars. Iran wants to trade on the euro as well. Which also adds negativity to petrodollar. We look at the continuation of the detective called "the collapse of the NEFTedollar"
    1. Vikxnumx
      Vikxnumx 10 May 2018 12: 42
      But lately, the buck has been growing for some reason ..
      1. Bakht
        Bakht 10 May 2018 12: 53
        To the ruble? What about the euro and the pound?
  9. Bakht
    Bakht 10 May 2018 11: 41
    In connection with these events, I would like to ask a question to politicians. States unilaterally break international treaties.
    ABM Treaty - States decided to withdraw from it.
    Trans-Pacific Agreement - US Unilateral Exit
    Transatlantic Agreement - The states have not ratified it and Trump is not going to implement it
    Paris Climate Agreements - US Unilateral Exit
    The Iran agreement is a unilateral US exit.
    Trifles, such as the failure to comply with the Vienna Convention and the obligations to host the UN headquarters, may not even be considered.
    Does it make sense to negotiate with the States and sign any agreements with them?
    1. Vikxnumx
      Vikxnumx 10 May 2018 12: 44
      The question is rhetorical) Serious - certainly not worth it, unless some dummies that do not require any concessions from us ..
  10. Mestny
    Mestny 10 May 2018 13: 33
    A great example for those countries that are thinking of agreeing with the United States.
    An excellent illustration of what will happen to the state if it decides to abandon nuclear weapons.
  11. NF68
    NF68 10 May 2018 15: 22
    Now the Americans will present the burning of their flag as a real threat to themselves from Iran.
  12. akunin
    akunin 10 May 2018 15: 50
    Trump is a good man, he gave me a present on Victory Day. I drank for his health. Iran is not a friend or an ally to us, just some interests coincide. Turkey and Israel are straining now, the Saudis + the oil price is rising, which is good. ours behave correctly (not ours - not yours), then it will be possible to remove the cream from everything. I am for trump.
  13. Old26
    Old26 10 May 2018 21: 55
    Quote: Vard
    USA ... and here it may be ... Although Iran is more likely ...

    Yes, there will be no regime change in KSA. Especially with the help of Iran. War - yes, maybe, but not a peaceful change. Moreover, the Iranian armed forces are armed with much more obsolete equipment compared to that de Saudi Arabia. And given that Saudi Arabia funded the creation of Pakistani nuclear weapons - I won’t be surprised if any of Pakistan’s arsenals ends up in KSA

    Quote: Pacifist
    Before the conclusion of the agreement, we had stupidity to join the sanctions.

    So the sanctions were UN Security Council. And at that time it was not stupid. The process of creating opportunities to have nuclear weapons has been going on in Iran quite intensively and Russia was aware and aware that having a nuclear power, where everything is decided not by the president and parliament, but by the ayatollah is not the best option
  14. Grandfather Eugene
    Grandfather Eugene 11 May 2018 00: 15
    It’s clear that the United States is going to beat Iran by all means. And at some stage, Iran will break, and not break. They will send depleted Europe to die in the next crusade, along with other vassals from around the world.
  15. Soho
    Soho 11 May 2018 12: 06
    all your versions about nuclear weapons and politics are worthless for one reason - Trump is a businessman and does what any person who cares about profit would do. In the United States, a large-scale investment program in the field of hydrocarbon production was held 7-8 years ago. Namely, in its shale segment. Thanks to this, the USA has turned from the largest buyer in the world into the 3rd largest supplier of oil and gas in the world. But oil prices, which collapsed 4 years ago, practically buried the oil shale industry in the United States. And now, Trump is destabilizing the OPEC market to raise the stakes of his oil and gas companies again. Everything is simple. Even very simple