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Results of the week. "Restrain Russia failed"

"Kuzkina mother" from the supreme

The announcement of the message to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation by President Vladimir Putin at first promised to make the evening (day) languid, however, when the main audience was already preparing to switch to something ethereally different (for example, watering glasses), an information storm broke out. The systems monitoring the ratings of the airs demonstrated a rapid growth of these very ratings at the very moment when Vladimir Putin’s demonstration of modern and promising Russian weapons began, some of which, as the president said, are able to overcome any air defense barriers and have already put on expert - combat duty.

“Nobody listened to us. Listen now. Russia's growing military power is a guarantee of peace on our planet. All that the West tried to prevent, did not work. Restrain Russia did not work ", - concluded the Russian president

Like in that movie: “I told you not to growl! ..”

In the United States, after Vladimir Putin’s speech, some began to squeak, that the American super-mega-hyper sound would be against the Russian hypersound, you just need to print first, then allocate another 100500 billion dollars to the Pentagon; others (for example, the State Department) said that Russia had created a “destabilizing weapon". It must be assumed that everything created by the United States was extremely stabilizing - to the extent that it was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Now it is clear why in the USA “through one” are the Nobel laureates of the Peace Prize. Well, it turns out they are stabilizers ...

Comments from our readers:

Let the cartoons .. But what interesting .... So interesting, sho someone overseas tower on the chase of the wedge ...

You have forgotten about the words of the King, that all the cartoons will be confirmed by the relevant Western agencies with our relevant experts! And this is a completely different история!)))) This is a cartoon documentary! Our western partners have learned very well and long ago that if Vladimir Vladimirovich already said something about something so seriously, then their hands became wet for good reason! )))) I think not only hands!

A part has already been drawn, but with slogans - "better road construction and construction" and "retirees and money rend".

Tanks in the city or ... in the garden

In Mariupol port, at least 2 or 3 tank companies made up of 20 - 30 T-64BV, “covered” with “Contact-1” dynamic protection, arrived. About two weeks ago, the railway tracks were tracking elements of the Buk-M1 troop-and-missile system (self-propelled 9А310М1 self-propelled guns and 9А39 launcher). But if this air defense system was unloaded in Mariupol in addition to the existing C-300PS to create an "air defense umbrella" (in case of response actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces on Operation United Forces against LDNR), then the platforms with T-64BB went to unload into Volnovakha.

These Ukrainian perturbations (let you down - I will take it back - let you down again) with weapons almost for 4, have, unfortunately, become commonplace. It is simply not worth being so naive as to assume that the owners of this Ukrainian government will leave Ukraine alone. Of course not. Well, not in the interests of these same masters at least some stabilization near the borders of Russia, but because provocations and warfare with someone else’s hands “to the last Ukrainian” will continue, despite all the statements about the “focus on the world.” They will say - and trample on "as pretty ones" before the next version of Ilovaisk or Debaltseve or before chewing a tie with His sweetness - the head (and not only from the word "chocolate").

Comments from our readers:

Hadji Murat
Hmm ... aggravations promise constantly, until all forecasts are wrong, but March 18 is getting closer ...

I have no doubt that the US State Department, with the help of its special services, the CIA, will throw any nation to the slaughter, as they have done more than once, and Ukrainians are no exception. They will be thrown into a meat grinder, and this meat grinder is called the Russian army. And America will only watch and rub hands on the side. If we do not work in advance, then it will be so, because logically, if the gun is removed, it should fire. Just how I do not know? Maybe finally recognize LDNR as independent republics and help them?

The main occupation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was the regrouping ... As in the Kama Sutra ... And so, and so ... But if ... It is not necessary ... Then all is useless ...

Mountain shooter
In the absence of anti-tank weapons with a sufficient density of 150 tanks, a serious fist. I hope the military LDNR are monitoring the state of the enemy grouping and are ready for such a "throw" ... Several ATGM batteries in the right places will greatly reduce the capabilities of the armored fist.

It is non-volatile, and what did you think?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine sent a protest note to Moscow because of the presidential election in Crimea on March 9th. This was praised on Twitter by the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Pavel Klimkin. He promised all those taking part in the elections in Crimea new sanctions and the lack of polling stations in Ukraine.

And this should happen: as soon as Ukraine made statements about the end of the LDNR in a few weeks, another attack of the wildest Russian aggression happened: Gazprom decided to fasten the valve during the March frosts. And non-volatile Ukraine, as Poroshenko announced the other day, switched to fuel oil and immediately began knocking a foot on the iron door of the EU to sell non-volatile Ukraine more gas, because ... it's cold. The Ukrainian Ministry of Education has circulated a document stating that all educational institutions, in order to save money, need to go home first, before 6, and then before March 12. Poroshenko spoke in person, stating that every Ukrainian will remain Ukrainian only if the heating radiators in his apartment or house are cold - in order to save. Otherwise, Moskal Moskal ... Itself, he says, has already lowered the temperature of hot water in the jacuzzi by half a degree - from a sense of solidarity.

Who else doubted energy non-square? Break down! Emphasis lying take ...

Comments from our readers:

In my opinion, Russia, as the successor of the USSR, should send a counter note about the illegality of everything that is happening in Ukraine, because of the illegality of its exit from the Union, up to the elimination of this misunderstanding.

Same lech
On 1, January 2018, the population in the Crimea has 2 350 452 permanent residents.
As I understand it, Klimkin gathered millions of people to plant in concentration camps, and destroy the recalcitrant with the help of the Nazi Bandera.

Madness ... he understands little what fate awaits him in the case of the implementation of this plan.
If he and his ilk decide on this, then a loop around his neck on a Russian birch will be guaranteed to him.

It’s not scary to star, saying, “Oh, how strong we are”, but it’s very difficult to try in reality. As stated many centuries ago, the Spartans of the Persian king "Come and take!" ... The king and his army ended badly.

That threat is not a threat

The main European allies of the United States in NATO completely ignore the "Russian tank threat"

NATO in the morning: Russia does not threaten NATO, we are conducting a dialogue on a number of issues.
NATO at lunch: Russia behaves aggressively, and therefore NATO was forced to move to the borders of the Russian Federation well in advance — how they felt ...
NATO in the evening: Russia threatens European security, but we are still ready to continue the dialogue.
NATO at night (Europe is falling asleep, the United States is waking up): Russia is the main threat, we are extending sanctions, we are doing everything to save the world, opening 820 and 821 military bases. Print more money.

Comments from our readers:

Andrey Ivanov
And why the Briton tanks? England is an island nation, and the fleet is more important to it than the armored component. In this case, with the development of precision weapons, the bet is placed in the West on a completely different system. In addition, in the event of a NATO military conflict with Russia, not tanks will speak, but a completely different weapon.

Jens Stoltenberg is generally a client of a psychiatric clinic. "Today" he says that Russia does not threaten anyone, "yesterday" he said that he threatened ... Such behavior is a dissociative identity disorder, a split personality, if in simple terms. And I have such a suspicion that the Western establishment has found some new form of such a disease, because they are contagious.

As I already wrote, the Americans did not win, they bought a victory. A purchased victory should be paid constantly! Did the US want to militarize Europe? Be kind enough to pay such. That will throw the United States into European rearmament a trillion or two, then there will be a result.

But you should not relax. Most likely, the West simply hopes to destroy us without massive military actions, for which there are considerable prerequisites. Our army is small, the civilian population is not trained even to the very basics, the quality and motivation of mobresurs are at a minimum that has not been seen in thousands of years. Simply put, the people are not able and willing to fight with anyone.

And by the way, how many of those “full-fledged tank divisions” do we have to drive these Skimitars with a pissing rag? But our “partners” have more and more light and high-speed armored vehicles capable of massively destroying the unarmed civilian population. What is it for?

The logic is simple, the tank today does not have the value that had in the Second World War. Alliance countries have the latest generation of anti-tank weapons capable of destroying any existing tank, as they say, “without noise and dust” - why waste money on this scrap metal? All the hype with Armaty "who are afraid of everything," tank biathlon, etc. - this is all window dressing and show off for internal use (one should be proud of something), for ala patriots - how cool we are.

The helicopter link turns a tank battalion into a pile of scrap metal, even worse for tanks are light-fast armored vehicles equipped with PTUurs and grenade launchers with the same Javelines, against which the tank is powerless. And the stories of the TV channel “Zvezda” which are cool, invulnerable, the best tanks in the world are nothing more than advertising and have nothing to do with life.

Vadim Kurbatov
Are you talking about Javelina and Tou? So Syria showed that the ATGM is also not a panacea against the tank, but the turntables will shoot down the air defense of the near range.

About new ships and hulls

Perhaps the most interesting projects currently are the modernization of the aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral fleet Soviet Union Kuznetsov "and heavy nuclear missile cruisers of the project 1144" Orlan ".

Results of the week. "Restrain Russia failed"

Of course, I would like for 10 the newest warships per month, a threefold increase in incomes of the population and full import independence, but so far everything does not grow together. Often and individually does not grow together either. However, it is the lot of the weak or excessively fattened by the famous cookies to make a dude about the fact that “bukfalnofsefopalo”. The bad thing is that there are enough of these "fattened" among the representatives of the leadership, so to speak, of the link. If you shout about patriotism from the stands, but at the same time declare hopes of lifting the sanctions, and keeping money in an Austrian bank or in the form of real estate in Spain - no new ships in new buildings will help.

Comments from our readers:

I don't know, I don't know. 3-5 years to repair and upgrade ... During this time, new ships are being built. Maybe the truth is much cheaper, and maybe not, given the renewals, the increase in estimates and already spent money. It is necessary to carefully analyze and precisely decide whether there is a sense of continuing this practice, or it is fundamentally flawed.
There is nothing worse than rework.

Who will analyze? we have all the analysis comes down to one answer - how much money can you steal from the budget to the left.

It hurts a sad modernization for such a number of years ... Of course, the Eagle is difficult to compare with anyone, but for example in China 12 or 14 destroyers + a pair of frigates are being built right away. Disappointing ratio. Yes, and amers destroyers stamped much faster.
It is clear that there are many reasons, and not just theft ... probably not only ...

Supersonic, hypersound. What's next?

In the Russian Federation, an unmanned shock complex of a large radius of action capable of developing a supersonic speed is being developed.

After the news that the supersonic weapon is on test-alert duty, the statements about the creation of a supersonic drone is not surprising. At this rate, before the real flight to the moon is not so far.

Well, at least dream ...

Comments from our readers:

Maybe first see a normal drone drone? He would be very useful in Syria, and in other places.

just exp
Well, Kalashnikov sort of promises (again promises) this year to pass.

In the comments, as usual - "dubbed enterprises", "promised and not done," "we can not have this," we have nothing "...

In court - on the pipe

The more often information arrives that another European company has expressed interest in participating in the Nord Stream - 2 project, the greater the number of “hamsters” announcing the threat of a literally “universal catastrophe” in the case of this project.

European environmentalists even sued Nord Stream 2. Sprat, they say, all the trouble - AstanAvITIS! .. Pipe, they say, how much in vain, infringe upon the freedom of mollusks and other inhabitants of the Baltic depths. Now, if used, they say, then there was a democratic pipe - well, at least the Norwegian one, then the sprat would dance with joy. And so - aggression, annexation of part of the Baltic bottom.

And why are the majority of "European" environmentalists Ukrainian and American names? ..

Comments from our readers:

Mountain shooter
If the 2 line is not built, Germany will have problems ... well, all of Europe. Who will win? Well, I don’t know ... I suppose they’ll build it. And the restrictions will be removed. Another cold winter ...

Use the fact that sprat does not know how to write in Russian! I propose to organize a society for the protection of the rights of Baltic sprats, and divide the grant! Just find in a mental hospital a translator from Kilkobaltiyskogo to Russian.

All these “hamsters” of the Baltic states can be asked a simple question: can even the United States at least the UAE and KSA in a short time increase the supply of liquefied gas to Europe with a sharp increase in cold weather, as Gazprom has done in recent days? Definitely not !!! This is directly related to the issue of real, and not far-fetched, EU security.

For C-500

Production of anti-aircraft missile systems (ZRS) C-500 and C-400 on the automobile chassis has already begun at the Nizhny Novgorod machine-building plant.

But what is it ... The "partners" did not have time to wake up from the blow of nuclear rocket engines on the head, like a new shock. Russia completely belted. Lined from head to toe with sanctions and waste products of the Unified State Examination, OGE and other “GE”, C-500 also produces. And ... although there are some C-500 ... Many knowledgeable people say that this is all inflatable - not only the SAMs themselves, but also factories and even workers and engineers. The pump, they say, Putin personally in the office stands to keep control of those who are blown away.

Comments from our readers:

The characteristics of the complex are such that the existing polygons do not allow testing it at the limit modes. And it does not allow to reveal and correct the thin moments.

And we started designing the C-600. The Chinese have taken a turn.

With already sharpened pencils for copying.

Concern VKO "Almaz-Antey" built two plants - in Kirov and Nizhny Novgorod.
Most of all this news pleases.

Like the Russians all were bombed. In the foreign press

The Western press has organized a whole campaign of accusing Russia of the bombing of Eastern Guta, which resulted in "mass casualties" among civilians.

Earlier, on February 22, Moscow rejected a draft resolution on the suspension of hostilities in the Eastern Guta area in the suburbs of Damascus. The resolution was introduced by Sweden and Kuwait with the support of the United States. And the very next day after the resolution was rejected, the Western media began to publish essays on the topic of Eastern Guta. Radio Liberty has released a material entitled: “Eastern Guta: the second Aleppo? Moscow vetoed the UN. ” Russia and Syria were accused of bombing Guta and 350 killing civilians.

In the race called “Who will blame Russia faster?”, Recalls the columnist Vladimir Lytkin, such famous “peace activists”, such as the Syrian Center for Monitoring Human Rights Observance (London), joined in. These “fighters” buried 500 civilians, including 120 children. Just as many people died "during the bombing of Eastern Guta."

Other media have issued such materials that already captures the spirit. For example, in the material IA "REX" the following heading came up: “Revenge for“ Wagner ”: Su-57 is crumbling Americans in Ghut PMCs. Su-57 equalized [an error in the original. “Auth.] With the land of Eastern Guta, along with the American soldiers“ who are not there ”- around 2000 GI from USPs, the US will remain in the land of Syria forever.”

It turns out that the Russians, along with the civilian population, also bombed the Americans!

It is unpleasant to read these free essays, but apparently you should: you should know what the information and strategic enemy thinks of you. If it is being conducted infoveyna, then it must go to victory. And the one who knows how the enemy is fighting comes to victory.

As for the mentioned Su-57, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told reporters that two Russian Su-57 successfully completed a two-day test program in Syria: “They really were there. Were not long, two days. During this time, completed the test program, including combat. I can say that the tests were successful. Planes returned home a week ago. ”

Comments from our readers:

SRC P-15
When Su-57 flew to Syria, the whole pro-Western press shouted about it, and moreover, it seemed to her that four planes had flown! And they flew away - everything is quiet, no one saw or heard anything: neither two planes, nor four. That is what Russian stealth aircraft means!

According to this press, they are still bombing everything there.

Why did the Americans, using the UN, after February 23, begin to zealously defend the militants of Damascus’s suburb of Eastern Guta?

Tatar 174
The double morality of the USA and their sixes, brought to monstrous deformity! They thus rushed to save the remnants of their gangsters. In this case, a very simple one is known and everything that is extremely accurate in expressing popular wisdom: from a sick head to a healthy one. When will this tower of lies collapse? ..

We, please, with pearl buttons

The Indian Defense Ministry sent an instruction to the Air Force to review the technical task for the purchase of 114 single-engine multi-role fighters, which had already been prepared for two years. According to Defense Weekly, "the revised assignment should include the possibility of acquiring also twin-engine fighters."

In fact, before it could begin, the Indian tender for the purchase of single-engine fighters should turn into a tender for the purchase of fighters in general. "

The competition "should be focused on the overall combat capabilities of the platform, and not on the demand for single or twin-engine fighters," a military source told the publication. According to him, it is planned to purchase only a limited number of ready-made aircraft, the rest will have to be produced in India.

In fact, only two participants actually got into the program on single-engine fighters: Lockheed Martin with the F-16 Block 70 fighter variant and the Swedish Saab AB with its multipurpose Gripen JAS-39E / F aircraft. Formally, the tender for the program was not announced, but both the alleged participants have already acted in partnership with private Indian manufacturers.

Official representatives of the Indian defense industry foresee that the new tender will be offered mainly those platforms that competed in the MMRCA program (closed in 2015 year). These include the Eurofighter Typhoon, Rafale, the Russian MiG-35, the Swedish Gripen JAS-39E / F and the American Lockheed Martin F-16IN and Boeing F / A-18E / F Super Hornet.

Comments from our readers:

Hindus now will reconsider a lot, because the “bad” analogue of FGFA Su-57 makes good weather for BV. Yes, with the MiG-35 can not be delayed, the sooner we put it into service, the faster he will win this ... tender.

This is no longer funny. India is so entangled in its cunning policy of arms procurement that she has kissed her tailbone several times.

Oh, these Indians ... "And give us a Russian fighter, hang American missiles on it and install a Chinese cannon ... And with mother-of-pearl buttons, please ... But in two or five years we will think of something else."

Air defense for enemies?

Since Russia began to export for the first time unparalleled C-300 / C-400 SAM systems in the world, there is a never-ending debate in the patriotic press about the justification of such transactions, writes columnist Yury Selivanov.

This wave of bewilderment reached its climax after the announcement of the supply of Turkey's C-400 complex, "the obvious enemy who shot down a Russian plane." About Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which also announced their intention to acquire Russian air defense systems, in this sense, you can not even speak.

The point here is this. In the future, more and more countries that are on the path of asserting national sovereignty and liberation from overly obtrusive US custody will follow the example of those who are acquiring air defense systems from Russia. And they will acquire weapons that significantly reduce the ability of the West to dictate their will to them by military means.

In this sense, the Russian air defense / missile defense systems are becoming the number one geopolitical weapon - a sort of Archimedean lever of world politics that can move the geopolitical earthly axis.

Comments from our readers:

Yeah. A couple of billion dollars to the detriment of their security still earn no sin. Oh well!

"... finding your own" keys to the sky. The presence of which in the hands of sovereign powers knocks out the most important trump card from the aggressive arsenal of Western hegemony - the invulnerability of American air power. "
As well as the invulnerability of Russian military air power! Why trade your military advantage with your potential opponents? As absolutely correctly noted in the article, the United States does not even do that with its allies! What is the benefit of pushing the Kremlin? After all, the Turks did not shoot an American plane and killed not the American ambassador ...

I think the author as a whole is right in speaking of the main motives for supplying our complexes to friends of the USA. At least, he at least tried to dig a little deeper than what lies on the surface. Only a few people abroad should be aware of our true intentions, and only few people need to know about Russia's strategic plans, and then only from the leadership of our country. Well, not crazy, after all, sitting in the Kremlin and the General Staff of Russia!

Secret shot

A group of US naval ships entered the Mediterranean. On the eve of the amphibious airborne group consisting of UDC (helicopter carrier) "Iwo Jima", the docking ship "New York", the landing ship "Oak Hill" and the supply vessel "Ulyam Maklin" passed the Strait of Gibraltar. This became known after the publication of relevant data by the international system for the identification of ships and warships AIS.

In total, over the 3 of thousands of marines are on board the US Navy ship group. According to the latest data, the ultimate goal of this ship group is the Persian Gulf area, the area of ​​responsibility of the American 5 fleet.

Recall that since last year, the American marines are actively preparing for war with the Russians. The US Marine Corps is seriously considering the prospect of an armed clash with Russia.

Lieutenant General Robert Hedelund (Lt. Gen. Robert Hedelund), Commander of the United States Marine Corps in North Carolina, notedthat the marines "must be prepared" to support efforts to counter the "war in Europe." In addition, Hedelund believes that the Marine Expeditionary Force must maintain mobility and be able to carry out crisis response missions. The general is proud of the "vast geography" of his units in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America. The mission of the Marines is changing "against the background of Russian aggression." The corps continues to prepare and deploy "for a number of missions." The general hinted: they say, if somewhere ("anywhere in the world") a shot is heard, "the marines want to be there."

What “shot” did the Marines hear in the Persian Gulf? It is kept secret.

Comments from our readers:

Go to Syria. Otvetka on the appearance in Syria Su-57! Here's how not to regret the absence of aircraft carriers in our fleet: now they would be very useful for us there!

Imagine that we have "Ulyanovsk". And what would he do? Stood near the coast of Syria? What for? There is a ground base. Would you go with a parallel course with this CG? What for? The Mediterranean puddle is already patrolled up and down by our submarines and swept through the “Gauges”.
There is nothing to do there aircraft carrier, not his job. Now, if I go to the Caribbean ...

Aaron Zawi
The Persian Gulf and Syria do not seem to be very close. And the US Navy, like other naval powers, has a habit of roaming the seas.

Error sits on error and chases error

American diplomat, former US ambassador to Kuwait and Libya, Deborah Jones, believes that the invasion of Iraq was the most important strategic mistake of the United States in the 21st century.

As the observer Yu. Podolyak assures, the invasion of Iraq was not the cause, but the consequence of an even more important mistake.

The Syrian war and the current frank rapprochement of the positions of Russia, Germany, China "became the turning point after which the Pax Americana project was finally buried, and it was time for the American elites to look for the reasons for their defeat." Deborah Jones believes that the main mistake was the invasion of Iraq. But after all, it itself became a consequence of earlier events. According to Podolyaki, "earlier, the American intelligence services blew up the twin towers in New York, after which the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq became inevitable." “But this action was only a consequence of the fact that the Europeans got out of hand, and they had to be taught a lesson. But this, as we understand it, was only a consequence ... ”- lists the endless chain of Podolia's mistakes. Before that, the Americans themselves "succumbed to the temptation and destroyed the scheme that allowed them to rule the world for 40 years." The fact is that the destruction of the USSR "included a causal chain of events, which the Americans were unable to break." This is what Podolia sees "the main cause of the current decline of American power."

The reason, of course, is amazing. In addition, for conspiracy consisted on yeast dough. The true US mistake, we think, is quite different: in underestimating the strategic opponent - Russia. After the victory in the Cold War, Washington deigned to rest on its laurels, and began to think of Russia as a raw materials appendage of the West. This view was shared by many economists of Russia itself. Life, however, showed that it was too early to talk about a loss.

Comments from our readers:

I like the headlines and the cries of our correspondents, as well as the statements of the crowd of parasites, analysts, who have not yet been sanitized. Tomorrow Ukraine will fall apart, tomorrow, not right now, this power will be swept away, overseas partners are leaving, they don’t need it, they have problems, they have hysterics, they run, etc., and so on. For some reason, only us, our planes shoot down and our heroes die. “Partners” do not go anywhere, but on the contrary, they settle for a long time, on the sly, solving all the tasks set before them. It seems that the hysteria in our heads, everything, cheers, won, and what has become better? The fighting is in full swing, now in the capital, people are also dying, the "partners" are no longer embarrassed to bomb everything and everyone, they will soon take over our bases (they have already begun), with our complete inaction and sluggish nagging, and even an excuse for everything and all Complete indecision and inaction, the transfer of initiative to the enemy will lead to complete collapse and terrible tragedy. Again the fruits of our achievements will be enjoyed by others.

Error, of course, is not fatal, but the war against Iraq was indeed a mistake. For some reason, the author focuses on the end of 90-x - the beginning of 2000-x. But the first Gulf War was at the start of the 90's. The war with Iraq was indeed a mistake, because, by removing Iraq from the political scene, the United States left its neighbor, Iran, without a counterweight. And what the Iraqi was doing before is now forced to deal with the United States.

Well, here again, conspiracies, conspiracies, conspiracies ... Here the author wrote about the invasion of prosperous countries - which ones? Yugoslavia at the time of the NATO operation? Or Iraq? Maybe Afghanistan? Was everything good in Libya or Syria? No, no, I know! Somalia!

That is, if they are "dysfunctional" at someone's point of view, then you can invade?

The path among the ice

For ten months, 2017 passed through the Northern Sea Route to transit 28 ships. Approximately as many passes through the Suez Canal in 10 hours.

If you do not take into account the populism and loud statements of officials, the attractiveness of the Northern Sea Route (SMP) for foreign operators continues to decline, which affects the dynamics of transit freight traffic. In the period 2013-2014. the volume of transit traffic on the SMP decreased in 4 times (from 1,3 million to 300 thousand tons); over the next year, 2015, it has shrunk another 10 time. The 2016 year showed slightly better results (210 thous. Tons), which have since remained at the same level (194 thous. Tons over the 2017 year).

Low results are a consequence of obvious difficulties of a geographical, technical and legal nature. The shortest path is not the easiest. And not too short. The attractiveness of this route is small due to its adverse climatic conditions and the general remoteness from the areas of primary production and consumption.

However, the Northern Sea Route is necessary for Russia to meet its own transport needs. This is precisely indicated by the continuously growing internal freight turnover of the Northern Sea Route, whose figure at the end of 2017 reached 9,7 mln. Tons. Another 797 thousand tons of cargo was transported by river vessels (according to the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport).

Domestic shipments between the ports of the NSR water area exceed the transit value fifty times. The main and only reason for the revival on the route of the Northern Sea Route today is the ongoing projects in the field of raw materials production.

Comments from our readers:

I love our hulk's plans ... I never cease to be surprised at the "Unheard-of generosity" attraction, which is held that year due to the "generous financial support" of a large part of the population. How great it is! Sochi-2014 for $ - for Sochi residents? For brothers Rotenberg and Bilalovs? World Cup - for the team or for the fans? How great it is to spend at government expense many times more than making a profit. Oh, sorry! I forgot about the idea and moral satisfaction. SMP - for Russian icebreakers! Cosmodrome "Vostochny" - for Roscosmos! rubles - additional capitalization of banks! Chubais - Rosnano! Serdyukov with Vasilyeva - Rostec! The people eventually got a life expectancy in 72,4 of the year, an estimated increase in the retirement age, taxes, and a vegetable of the cabbage family in vegetable oil ... Thank you, dear (because you are dear to us) rulers!

But Esoteric on 100% rights: the Northern Sea Route is not needed and is not important, at least economically. Which of you was at sea in December and struggled with icing? On a small "fisherman" it can be done. With a merchant ship with a tonnage of 10000 tons, it is useless to do this.

There have been, have been and struggled with icing. We do not need the SMP. It is more profitable to carry cargo from Murmansk to Kamchatka via Suez. And the Arctic, with its 40% hydrocarbon reserves and the coast, where the horse has not yet rolled among its wealth, is not needed. Is that in the concession of TNCs or the Chinese pass. Here then we will live richly. It only miser pays twice. And we are generous.

The crew of the tanker 16 people, the cargo deck area of ​​the smallest tanker - 1,5-2 football fields. Plus tank necks, plus pipelines, plus a transitional bridge. I realized that you have been and fought. Goodbye.

GAF, and what kind of cargo goes from Murmansk to Kamchatka? Fish and seafood? So its here in abundance ... Vegetables and fruits from China ... There is nothing to carry from Murmansk ... And about 40% hydrocarbons and do not tell us: on the mainland, not everything was explored and exhausted ...

Esoteric wrote outright nonsense and, probably, is pleased with himself? I just do not understand one thing: why should I contemplate such revelations of the inflamed brain on the site? Maybe, first, before writing, some need to undergo medical examination and very carefully - from a psychiatrist?

Before going to sea, all undergo a medical examination. There is a psychiatrist there too. Here you go the most. Have you seen the sea?

Russia is a generous soul!

In February, 2018 Russia forgave Kyrgyzstan a debt of two hundred and forty million dollars. Millions in currency, apparently, to anything Russia. Officially, such a pardon is called the signing of a law on the settlement of Kyrgyzstan’s debt to Russia on previously granted loans. The law was signed by V. V. Putin.

Forgiving debts to foreign “partners” and “friends” has long become a political fashion in Russia. But why? Why is Moscow squandering people's money with such ease? Or no chance of getting something out of the debtor? So is it time to stop the very vicious practice of distributing money to anyone who asks? Is it time to stop arming on credit, build nuclear power plants on credit and so on?

If the Western states that provided loans to tsarist Russia, have shown centuries of patience and still got their money, then why not learn from these enterprising and patient gentlemen of Russia?

You can learn from "non-brotherly" capitalists and something else. Russia in finance for some reason traditionally puts the wrong horse. Maybe it is time to stop the practice of "generous soul" and learn to look at things realistically?

Or in the Kremlin, for example, they believe that Bangladesh is the richest country that will pay a loan for nuclear power plants without problems and make Russia rich in “preferences”? After all, Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in Asia, the population of this small country periodically goes hungry ...

Comments from our readers:[/ I]

[i] Semen1972

In my opinion, the answer is obvious. Credits are given for some concessions. Military bases, contracts or something else. It is unlikely that we give loans to Kyrgyzstan for profit.

Only Kyrgyzstan does not extend the contract with us :) "Thrown into the abyss" (from the "Caucasian Captive").

Why not forgive the Russians a mortgage in exchange for people's loyalty to the political course? Quite an acceptable exchange.

Good country of Bangladesh. Population density - 1000 people per 1 square. km They produce only themselves. If there was a flood or a tsunami before, then there was always a specific culprit - Krishna. Unfortunately, we became friends with them (and the Chinese contacted them), telling them about the friendship of the peoples.
And let's give them C-400 aside for some horseradish! Both Sudan to the heap.

They themselves will die and others for themselves utyat

Putin’s Russia is dangerous because this country is a dying force. Its future looks bleak, Russia's dependence on the export of raw materials is growing, and the decrepit political system is not in a position to provide for mature changes. Putin provides supporters with payments that security and military officials receive, foreign experts say. However, this "stability" will not go far. The most terrible thing will happen when Russia collapses. The collapse of the Russian Federation will immediately create a threat of nuclear proliferation ...

In short, anything is possible, but ... God forbid!

Foreign experts no longer hide: they are not afraid of the kind of Russia that lives under Putin. They are scared of Russia after 2024, when Putin moves away from power. What a terrible scenario awaits "unlucky" Russia? And how will this affect the fate of the world?

Changes can affect not only the country, but also spread to the whole world. The collapse of the Russian Federation, which is foreshadowed by foreign analysts, will turn half the world into an arena of nuclear proliferation, and then confrontation. Hence the fear of overseas experts: a dying Russia must be more afraid than a living Russia.

In this case, maybe the West should help Russia to become stronger? Less will have to be afraid!

Comments from our readers:

I do not care about the United States, the West, its analysts! My homeland bothers me - Russia! In one, analysts are right: Putin is entangled in his power! The imperious elite completely broke away from the people, the ball is ruled by oligarchs who extort money from the population! Around nepotism and corruption, as well as the irresponsibility of power! In a word, mess !!! And God forbid, after this mess another Gorbachev will come again !!!

And if the United States break up? Then not only nuclear weapons will spread, but millions of citizens of this country will become terrorists. Knowing this, all countries are forced to help the United States. But maybe the devil is not so terrible as he is painted, and should a policy be pursued aimed at ... destroying the United States in the form in which they exist now? Then there will be something to talk about.

A feeling of complete insanity from the forecasts that are made by American experts who apparently do not know well the thoughts of their compatriots, for example, that the expert is the one who knows more and more about less and less. Have they been personally in Russia? Not. Do they know the real situation? Not. Do they have comprehensive statistics like in the USSR? No, they have it selectively, according to their methodology, on the basis of which then the assessment as a whole is given. Tomorrow, the dollar will collapse, the ruble will strengthen out of the blue, and we, without doing anything, will suddenly get an amazing result: it turns out that Russia's GDP has grown fantastically in one fell swoop. Anyway. But the problem of continuity in power is serious. Only it must be solved carefully, bringing to power only those who have proved that they have real management experience and positive results of their work. The current elections show with their own eyes how little the basis for solving this problem is. In his right mind and sober memory, one cannot imagine what benefit Yavlinsky, one of the authors of the 500 Days program, can bring in the role of president, who, during Soviet times, set aside such a period for reforming the economy, and now meeting with members of the garage cooperative and promising to help them, Zhirinovsky, who is ready to turn everything and everyone, and staking on shopkeepers, Sobchak, Titov, Grudinin and others absolutely unprepared to manage a huge country, Baburin is generally a respected person, but in essence is a warrior alone in the field. And this is the most serious problem that Putin V. needs to solve in the next 6 years.
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 4 March 2018 06: 55
    Good selection. Thank you authors and artists.
    Gazprom decided to tighten the valve during the March frosts. And non-volatile Ukraine, as Poroshenko announced the other day, switched to fuel oil and immediately began to knock on the iron door of the EU to sell more gas to non-volatile Ukraine, because ... it’s cold.

    And then it will not work again for Gazprom to pay unnecessary, because the geyrope and its ships with double and triple standards will easily condemn us again. And although the geyropeytsy freeze themselves and increased gas withdrawal, you can’t "sew" on politics. They will again go around Gazprom, and they will bill with large zeros.
    1. Hunter 2
      Hunter 2 4 March 2018 07: 02
      I agree! I want to add not only a good selection, but also a week - well, sooo interesting !!! Here and the GDP - with his speech, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - began to show teeth in Syria, well, and so without the brothers ??? They are freezing (non-brothers), Gazprom surprised !!!
      1. Alena Frolovna
        Alena Frolovna 4 March 2018 11: 29
        "Kuzkina mother" from the supreme

        And how not to respect, not to love Putin:
        silent, silent and suddenly - discharge - and the whole world is in shock ...
      2. Lelek
        Lelek 4 March 2018 14: 11
        Quote: Hunter 2
        ... Well, where so without the brothers ??? They are freezing (non-brothers)

        They’re freezing, but not the ones that arranged this hemorrhoids for the Ruins. They sit in warm offices, come up with all sorts of tales, “Wishlist” and jokes, and in between whisk a whisker and have a bite. Such is the difficult fate of Kiev "storytellers". Here is another opus of sufferers:
    2. dSK
      dSK 4 March 2018 07: 17
      In a word, everything is possible, but ... do not let God!
      Since 2014, every day in all orthodox churches of Russia read with the blessing of Patriarch Kirill read a prayer for peace in Ukraine. And we believe that Lord God will not leave unanswered "collective" the request of his faithful children. It’s already March, and he sent Grandfather Frost with his granddaughter and the beautiful Snow Maiden is “dancing” so that she has drifted snowdrifts, the wipers do not have time to clear. Gazprom cools down its "hot" heads, maybe Vladimir Vladimirovich will regret once again the fraternal people and will not let him freeze, but the elections will be calm. The Samara division of "peacekeepers" is not in vain training hard and in the event of a "surprise" in the Donbas, it will show what it is capable of.
      1. SRC P-15
        SRC P-15 4 March 2018 09: 08
        Putin secures his supporters with payments

        Putin now has 69% of supporters, according to VTsIOM. It turns out he pays them extra? And what about me? I am also his supporter, but for some reason the payments do not reach me, do our pro-Western liberals intercept my denyuzhka? Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, I ask you to understand and punish the guilty! laughing
        1. Varyag_0711
          Varyag_0711 4 March 2018 09: 46
          Sasha, good morning! hi They don’t pay me too ...! That's all I think, write a petition to the Kremlin about this, or wait for now? If you suddenly decide to write, ask me at the same time, it really hurts money. laughing
          1. SRC P-15
            SRC P-15 4 March 2018 10: 33
            Quote: Varyag_0711
            Sasha, good morning! They don’t pay me too ...! That's all I think, write a petition to the Kremlin about this, or wait for now? If you suddenly decide to write, ask me at the same time, it really hurts money.

            Good afternoon, Lesha! hi Here, here I have such plans for such money, such plans! It is useless to write to the Kremlin - they will send them to the liberals! Only to the president personally! But I’ll manage and write matters. laughing And I won’t forget about you: "two, three, not one!" yes drinks
        2. Vladivostok1969
          Vladivostok1969 4 March 2018 14: 08
          But you didn’t open a pre-election account. Therefore, money is past you. laughing
          1. SRC P-15
            SRC P-15 4 March 2018 14: 55
            Quote: Vladivostok1969
            But you didn’t open a pre-election account. Therefore, money is past you.

            How did I not open an election account? Khrushchev - one, Brezhnev - two, Andropov - three, Chernenko - four, Gorbachev - five, Yeltsin - six, Putin - seven, Medvedev - eight, Putin - nine ......... - I’ve been old for a long time I think. recourse
    3. vlad-ns
      vlad-ns 4 March 2018 13: 06
      You praise the GDP here ... Well, well ... here you are, his "Kuzkina mother":
      1. Mestny
        Mestny 4 March 2018 16: 30
        The headline with the words "Watch everyone!" approximately the same as the one with the title “Some teenager became a millionaire in a night”, and immediately gives out the target audience for such videos.
      2. Setrac
        Setrac 4 March 2018 20: 59
        Quote: vlad-ns
        You praise the GDP here ... Well, well ... here you are, his "Kuzkina mother":

        I don’t understand, are the elders so stupid or the author of the video?
  2. izya top
    izya top 4 March 2018 07: 10
    Himself, he says, has already lowered ... half a degree
    well, you’re an experienced alcoholic, you should know that it’s NOT possible to lower the degree request
    1. 210ox
      210ox 4 March 2018 08: 11
      I don’t want to comment on events. Zadolbali. Better about our country. Yes, Sevmorput is only for us. And the projects that thousands of ships go on it are empty. Nobody wants to take risks and go along the proton road. About the “collapse of Putin's Russia” ... Well, here is how lucky the freeloaders are. We should not forget about the collapse of the Soviet Union and carefully filter those who might be in power. By the way, now there is no guarantee that in six years there will be no new one marked.
      Quote: iza top
      Himself, he says, has already lowered ... half a degree
      well, you’re an experienced alcoholic, you should know that it’s NOT possible to lower the degree request
      1. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa 4 March 2018 10: 36
        Quote: 210ox
        About the "collapse of Putin's Russia" ... Well, here, how fortunate are the patrons.
        The KGB needs to be beaten more often by these dirty little hands, so as not to rummage where it should not! And then they created the Popular Front, and from it - neither to the hearing, nor the spirit! Huddled in a corner and waits for Lunolitsy to throw a thread of an idea. And in order to initiate the uprooting of ideological freaks himself - so dismiss it !!! There is no ideological core - there is no deed for the glory of the Fatherland.
        Quote: 210ox
        Do not forget about the collapse of the Soviet Union and carefully filter those who may be in power.

        GDP must be very concerned about the receiver. Otherwise, everything that he has done can go down the drain! But the Yankees are already working on 2024! So, “big changes are ahead”, and I would really like them to go towards the “people” and not to the oligarchs ... smile
      2. dSK
        dSK 5 March 2018 02: 54
        Quote: 210ox
        degree to lower ...

        "Ukraine had to pay four times more for gas due to the shutdown of gas supplies from Gazprom. "Gas these days in Europe was worth $ 1 thousand, that is four times more than under the contract with Gazprom, - said the chief commercial director of Naftogaz Yuri Vitrenko, adding that in the period the price of blue fuel reached $ 1325. He stated that the country and the company will incur huge losses. In Independence began the action fasten, motivating Ukrainians to limit gas consumption in the country in order to reduce consumption. (TV "Tsargrad" 00:23, 05.03.18/XNUMX/XNUMX.)
  3. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 4 March 2018 07: 15
    A good week stood out .. Putin showed the West "Kuzkin mother"! But we warned you, do not anger the Russian bear and tried to agree .. Well, get gentlemen! And Putin’s trump cards in his sleeve are still enough ..
    In the world immediately silence came after the "message" .. heh heh
    God bless Russia!
    1. Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 4 March 2018 15: 20
      Yesterday, by the way, the news appeared. Hockey player Kaprizov bought a car for his first coach. hi
  4. Esoteric
    Esoteric 4 March 2018 07: 21
    "Kuzkina mother" from the supreme

    They moderate the appetite of the Americans, otherwise you look at them, and they are like in the verse:
    He’s all Yes and Yes,
    Meanwhile, everything eats and eats.
    Turn away - he's Paul Rasei
    Swallow in one sitting!

    Now let the vegetable of the Cabbage family chew ... with butter ... lol ... palm ... laughing
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 4 March 2018 07: 29
      Esoteric Today, 07:21 ... They moderate the appetite of the Americans, otherwise you look at them, and they are like in the verse:

      Yes, L. Filatov, the Kingdom of Heaven is to him !, very accurately, in his "Tale ...." he noticed the bloodthirsty "nature" of zapadentsy and meager! good
  5. Herculesic
    Herculesic 4 March 2018 07: 32
    After Putin’s speech, all the speeches of competitors, which in reality are not competitors to him at all, became unnecessary and meaningless! Just wanting to portray the appearance of a struggle for the chair of the country's president. As they say, many want, but only one is given!
    1. Vitaly Anisimov
      Vitaly Anisimov 4 March 2018 08: 30
      Quote: Herkulesich
      After Putin’s speech, all the speeches of competitors, which in reality are not competitors to him at all, became unnecessary and meaningless!

      And even without Putin’s speech, everything was clear and it was ridiculous to look at all this debate ..

      Weapons, of course, are a necessary thing, but you should not forget about the economy .. The people still live poorly, especially in the provinces .. As if patience had not burst ..!
      1. Mordvin 3
        Mordvin 3 4 March 2018 08: 38
        Vital, and if Putin went to debate, it would be even funnier.
        1. Vitaly Anisimov
          Vitaly Anisimov 4 March 2018 09: 01
          Quote: mordvin xnumx
          Vital, and if Putin went to debate, it would be even funnier.

          He would simply be silent and smile slyly ..
          1. Mordvin 3
            Mordvin 3 4 March 2018 09: 08
            Why is he wearing a watch on his left hand? He's right-handed, sort of.
            1. Vitaly Anisimov
              Vitaly Anisimov 4 March 2018 09: 17
              Quote: mordvin xnumx
              Why is he wearing a watch on his left hand? He's right-handed, sort of.

              Putin wears a clock on the right, like ..
              I also wear right-handed on my left hand .. It’s just convenient when you hit your cheekbone with your right and watch how much dude will be in the cut for the left time (joke!))))
              1. Mordvin 3
                Mordvin 3 4 March 2018 09: 23
                Ugh, I wanted to say that on the right. Confused. This, by the way, is not my question, but his teacher. He also wears on the right, but he is left-handed.
            2. woron333444
              woron333444 4 March 2018 09: 28
              If right-handed, then the watch should be worn on the left hand. To be more intact.
        2. Boa kaa
          Boa kaa 4 March 2018 10: 47
          Quote: Mordvin 3
          if Putin went to debate, it would be even funnier.

          Well, you have humor, colleague .... eeeee Mordvin !!! laughing
          GDP does not go to the circus to represent one "actor" (Zhirinovsky), he has plenty of public affairs.
          And then, a single message to the Federal Assembly is enough to judge the scale of activity of the President of the country. For me it is quite convincing. And all the wishes of the parties are to be taken into account in future activities up to 2024. yes
        3. Vladivostok1969
          Vladivostok1969 4 March 2018 14: 24
          Well, yes. We all would have laughed! The only question is, over whom?
          1. dSK
            dSK 4 March 2018 18: 55
            Quote: Vladivostok1969
            Just a question, over whom?

            Personal Assistant to the Chairman of the Moscow City Duma Alexei Shaposhnikov Alan Dzutsev pushed and doused the presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak."This is for Zhirinovsky!" he shouted. This happened at the exit of the Petrovsky Travel Palace, where the event dedicated to Gorbachev’s birthday. Kommersant 04/03/18.
  6. izya top
    izya top 4 March 2018 07: 33
    why do most "European" ecologists have Ukrainian and American surnames? ..

    1. Herculesic
      Herculesic 4 March 2018 08: 53
      Izzy good good lol good Dumb bodies and their dumb deeds lol
      1. Cat
        Cat 4 March 2018 09: 20
        Most importantly, the publishers withstood the colors of the Ukrainian flag on the cover! wassat
        1. izya top
          izya top 4 March 2018 10: 11
          Quote: Kotischa
          Most importantly, the publishers withstood the colors of the Ukrainian flag on the cover! wassat

    2. evil partisan
      evil partisan 4 March 2018 09: 51
      Quote: iza top
      why do most "European" ecologists have Ukrainian and American surnames? ..

      There is a typo in the title of the textbook: "The gas flow is MIMO stupid people." yes
      And so, Ukraine ran into a "virtual" reverse, which consisted in the fact that they took gas from a pipe that entered the territory of other countries literally several hundred meters, and then returned back. Here in 2009. there, yes, there was a real reverse when Russia stopped supplying gas to Ukraine in general and they deployed their gas transmission system from west to east and pumped gas from underground storage to the industrial Southeast.
      Hello rascal! drinks
      By the way. You can congratulate me, Izya. I have a small anniversary: ​​survived the 5th explosion on the gas pipeline. yes I didn’t survive the truth, but overslept, but still ...
      1. izya top
        izya top 4 March 2018 10: 07
        Congratulations drinks
        Quote: Angry Guerrilla
        I didn’t survive, but overslept

  7. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 4 March 2018 09: 31
    MOSCOW, Mar 3 - RIA News. Presidents of the United States and France Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed Vladimir Putin’s statement on nuclear weapons, voiced during the annual message to the Federal Assembly.
    Trump held separate negotiations with the leaders of France and Germany.
    "The leaders exchanged serious concern about the recent statements by Vladimir Putin on the development of nuclear weapons," the residence of the American president said.
    The White House noted that, according to the heads of state, Putin’s words "distract from a productive discussion of a wide range of issues between Russia and the West."
    RIA News
  8. Snail N9
    Snail N9 4 March 2018 09: 44
    So I went to the page and among all the "news" there I found only two! "news" related only to Russia, everything else is either purely "about abroad" or "about relations with abroad." In Russia, what, nothing is happening "inside the country"? Or is it just "not important"? Or on the inhabitants of the country, on how they live, on their problems and achievements a “bolt” by the Russian media, as well as the rulers, is just put, if only this does not apply to the introduction of new levies and taxes on their “toys”?
    1. evil partisan
      evil partisan 4 March 2018 10: 02
      Quote: Snail N9
      "laid a bolt" by the Russian media, as well as by the rulers
      And you crawl out from under the bolt, crawl out ... wink
      1. Snail N9
        Snail N9 4 March 2018 10: 12
        Crawl! Crawling, with all my might! Only bastards overlaid on all sides .... one road is "to the partisans", that is, to the polls and the Internet ... sad
        1. evil partisan
          evil partisan 4 March 2018 14: 53
          Quote: Snail N9
          Just overlaid bastards from all sides ...

          With one bolt and from all sides? what
          Nichehess bolt! belay
          Whoever hit such a bolt will not put! request
    2. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 4 March 2018 10: 57
      Quote: Snail N9
      In Russia, what, nothing is happening "inside the country"?

      Is it your humor that has become ... ENGLISH !?
      Just yesterday, in our Kaliningrad Region, GDP launched 2 TPP in industrial operation ... Held a meeting with the GNF and media representatives, before that - a message to the Federal Assembly ... And what about the meeting of our Olympians in the Kremlin?
      N E P O N I T N O why don't you see all this? request
      1. dSK
        dSK 4 March 2018 21: 54
        Ugra "uncorked" the largest in the world shale oil field. The explored reserves of black gold, which have been studied in the Bazhenov Formation over the past 50 years, are by volume over 100 billion tons.
        Each year it is planned to produce 10 million tons of oil. According to the chairman of the board PJSC Gazprom Neft Alexander Dyukov, despite the difficult oil recovery at this field, here the quality of black gold is almost perfect. "This is light and high-quality oil. If we talk about the cost of the economy, we applied domestic technologies, domestic equipment was used and domestic contractors worked"- he said 03/04/18 Vesti. Russia, unlike the United States, practically did not develop shale oil, it lacked "normal" and production is more expensive. According to geologists, shale oil reserves in Russia are simply giant largest on the planet.
        1. Snail N9
          Snail N9 5 March 2018 08: 15
          Arctic fox drinking water in Russia. Yes .... More and more I am affirming the veracity of the “Vision of John Chrysostom”, which mentions the signs of the “last days”, including the description of the fact that there will be water, but it will be like poison and you will not be able to drink it. ...
  9. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa 4 March 2018 10: 22
    I read this review with interest. I especially liked about Putin’s pump, for pumping those who decided to deflate! laughing
    But the authors of the review should have noticed a new trend: GDP is changing the leaky tires of the state power machine for new ones! He no longer pumps up those who are leaking - he changes them for new ones! yes
    1. Provocator
      Provocator 4 March 2018 18: 38
      gives old to new
      it would be better if he fulfilled his May decrees to begin with
      and so again blah blah blah
  10. German Titov
    German Titov 4 March 2018 10: 23
    That's all in Russia somehow not for real. "Arms" inflatable "(literally and figuratively). The population is completely sitting on a tincture of hawthorn. Athletes are all doping. Women are silicone, and the president is" Botox. " g.). Thanks to the authors for the article. soldier
  11. 23rus
    23rus 4 March 2018 10: 24
    Politics is a long-term business, and even more so, the politics of carrots and sticks that we conduct. They forgave someone the debt, someone blocked the ventel, someone just scared ... Good! laughing
  12. sabakina
    sabakina 4 March 2018 10: 37
    Like in that movie: “I told you not to growl! ..”

    Well, firstly, in the good old Soviet film "Detective".
  13. cats
    cats 4 March 2018 11: 38
    “Nobody listened to us. Listen now. Russia's growing military power is a guarantee of peace on our planet. All that the West tried to prevent, did not work. Restrain Russia did not work ", - concluded the Russian president
    It was necessary for Putin after the speech (to disappear) somewhere in the country, and not show up until the election.
    For a couple of weeks of silence, partners would jump into the windows .. lol
    1. volodya
      volodya 4 March 2018 15: 05
      Quote: Kotovsky
      It didn’t work to contain Russia, ”the Russian president summed up.

      But they tried it!
  14. Olgovich
    Olgovich 4 March 2018 12: 28
    I love our huge plans ... I never cease to be amazed at the "Unheard of generosity" attraction, which is spent that year at the expense of the "generous financial maintenance" of a large part of the population. How awesome it is! Sochi 2014 for $ - for Sochi residents? For the Rotenberg brothers and the Bilalovs? FIFA World Cup - for the team or for the fans? How great it is to spend several times more at a government expense than to make a profit. Ah, sorry! I forgot about the idea and moral satisfaction. NSR - for Russian icebreakers! The Vostochny Cosmodrome is for Roscosmos!

    What a smart friend! yes Just didn’t say, HOW should I do it? How is it right?request
    The people eventually got life expectancy of 72,4 years, presumably nretirement age increasetax

    You will have to raise the retirement age, because comrade gave birth to one or a maximum of two children.
  15. naidas
    naidas 4 March 2018 13: 24
    Weak Putin, let him try to live on a paycheck of 30t.r per month for four, paying 20t.r.
    1. evil partisan
      evil partisan 4 March 2018 14: 58
      Quote: naidas
      paying for the child's education 20t.r.

      This is where is such a gifted child studying? Or is it, after all, not a child, but a young man who has reached the age of majority, and who can very well earn his own education on his own? In Yekaterinburg, a huge number of students earn their own education without parents. maybe even a large half of the total.
      1. Provocator
        Provocator 4 March 2018 15: 34
        And in kaluga, a huge number of working-age citizens cannot find work. The people are evil. They need to pay for the mortgage, for the car, for the child, fees to school and much more for that. And they will not be replaced by work and salaries with new missiles.
        1. Mestny
          Mestny 4 March 2018 16: 34
          Well, that is, they themselves, of their own free will, scored loans. bought a car. apartments - and it turned out that they cannot pay these same loans - and therefore they are angry with the authorities and Putin.
          I understood correctly?
          1. Provocator
            Provocator 4 March 2018 18: 32
            1. Forcing a loan is the policy of the current government.
            2. Job cuts are a direct policy of the current government.
            Or do people walk? Maybe not buying a house? Or do not give birth to children?
            And why do people need such power in general if it cannot provide normal conditions for the population?
            I understood correctly?
      2. Snail N9
        Snail N9 4 March 2018 16: 15
        This is where is such a gifted child studying?

        Maybe in a private school? If so, then there are much more prices. Here is the layout according to Peter:
        1. evil partisan
          evil partisan 4 March 2018 16: 21
          Quote: Snail N9
          Maybe in a private school?

          In private? well then let not cry. Normal schools have not been canceled. Yes. And if a child has a craving for knowledge, then he himself will learn a lot of things during out-of-school time.
      3. naidas
        naidas 4 March 2018 19: 44
        I’m happy for Yekaterinburg to see the capital of future effective managers. (Since 2013, ABB from Yekaterinburg has been full of young talents, people are fucking fucking in the reviews on the Internet).
        Yes, and I wish you to be treated by a doctor who himself earned his training, and studied during breaks from work.
    2. volodya
      volodya 4 March 2018 15: 09
      Quote: naidas
      Weak Putin, let him try to live on a paycheck of 30t.r per month for four, paying 20t.r.

      So go to Ukraine, there is a powerful president! And he has a good company!
      1. naidas
        naidas 4 March 2018 19: 46
        Well, go to your Ukraine, if your thoughts on this unfinished business and your company are good there, my family is important, not the president.
    3. brain city
      brain city 4 March 2018 18: 18
      T-s-s-s ... Man, it’s not customary to blame yourself here! Comment should be in the format "the king is good, this is the boyars blamed."
      This is the site of the so-called "nuclear electorate."
  16. To be or not to be
    To be or not to be 4 March 2018 13: 47
    “It failed to contain Russia”
    The storm that struck the northeastern United States broke a conifer - a Canadian tsugu, which was planted 227 years ago by the founder and first president of the country, George Washington. This is stated in a message on the page of the Washington Mount Vernon estate in Virginia on Facebook.
    Comment on the network: "Putin stop sending signs to the Americans)))" ""
    1. Cat
      Cat 4 March 2018 22: 35
      Did the storm break? Maybe again Russian hackers!
  17. midivan
    midivan 4 March 2018 15: 40
    Category Week results: ironic retelling and satirical analytics of the main world news over the past week
    Well, if so what I will also make my contribution smile
    How did German carnivals surprise us this year?
    The Rhineland Carnivals are held annually in Mainz, Cologne and Düsseldorf. The Germans are building magnificent mobile platforms, the purpose of which is to demonstrate freedom of speech and to look at events taking place in the world with humor. US President, Donald Trump became the hero of one of these platforms.
    request This is me, the Germans.
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 4 March 2018 17: 34
      Quote: midivan
      This is me, the Germans.

      Funny ... But, not realistic ...
      It’s time to start working on the economy, otherwise it’s very simple to find yourself in the place of Tramplin. yes
  18. The comment was deleted.
  19. privateer2000
    privateer2000 4 March 2018 16: 06
    A good selection, ATP to the author and especially to the designers (artist). I read and could not tear myself away. It was interesting. yeah ..... I look during this time people appreciated such a thing as -R O D I N A (Mother) .. our ... love your Motherland Vashuu !!!! .... finally your mother .... KS2000,)
  20. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 4 March 2018 17: 58
    "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine sent a note of protest to Moscow over the March 18 presidential election in Crimea. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin boasted about this on Twitter. He promised everyone participating in the elections in Crimea new sanctions"
    Well done, what else to say? I’m a principled reptile, I’ll go for a choice. And I will vote for Vladimir Vladimirovich. I won’t even hide from anyone.
    And the main event of the week is, again, a report above the voiced comrade! Which clearly explained what devices we have. But we will not tell you about them. By the way, the level of secrecy at our plant will also be raised similarly (checkpoints and other barrage measures are being put in place). So just to write how things are going on RTOs, I’ll probably tie it up.
  21. 981698
    981698 4 March 2018 19: 31
    Lies! Putin is the second Kim Jong-un! People live in poverty, Altai Territory is full of mandets! There is an achievement - at any time in the village you can buy alcohol and drugs. Who was he going to fight with? Personally, I vote for Grudinin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Petrol cutter
      Petrol cutter 4 March 2018 19: 47
      Good. Vote for Comrade Grudinin. What is the problem? I don’t see a problem ... Alcohol, drugs?! .. A grenade launcher shot helps a lot. Burn this place. And then the president? hi
  22. Streletskos
    Streletskos 4 March 2018 21: 46
    And what to restrain her
    Since the end of 91 years, external management
    Only entourage and disguise are different
  23. Bobxnumx
    Bobxnumx 5 March 2018 03: 58
    Glory to Russian weapons and its President for centuries!
  24. Petr petrov
    Petr petrov 5 March 2018 05: 42
    Another shame from Putin !!!
    I promise the next promise !!!!!
    I can’t insert the video how the money is distributed after the rally in the puddles!
  25. Petr petrov
    Petr petrov 5 March 2018 06: 04
    Puncture after puncture!
    Further worse ... !!!!!!
    PMC in Syria, cocaine, hand-drawn rockets, congratulations to the traitor humpback, paid rally !!!!!!!
    Power is not something that rots, it is already decomposing !!!!!
  26. myobius59
    myobius59 5 March 2018 19: 20
    Putintsy then all brutalized right. Previously, at least they entered into the discussion, now they are immediately ready to give any opponent in the face. Right anger from them and splashes in all directions. On all sites, and especially on this one. There are probably a lot of military men, both real and former. It is clear that their pension is three times the average Russian one, and GDP needs to be protected.
    And the policemen were completely overwhelmed. From all regions there are reports that for campaigning "Grudinin-for-the-President", the participants in these pickets and rallies are dispersed, detained and fined. And in most cases it’s illegal.
    And right all are written off with delight from the "Message" And what was said there that was.? If you remove all the water that the President poured, you get the following briefly.
    "Russians !!! We (that is, of course WE, not THEY) are in full ass. But to the very depths it is still far away. Keep Patience. It will be worse. But it will not be long. Because it will be MORE worse than just worse.
    Partners and foreign friends !! I showed you cartoons. but don’t be afraid there and don’t be upset, because you are our good partners and good friends. Therefore, everything will be fine. And take care of our money there. "
    That's all, if you translate his speech from a bureaucratic language to the usual one.
    For what reason delight then?