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Results of the week. "Everything! Kina will not be! Electricity is over! ”

And again - about the sore point of Donbass

Two artillery batteries of the Ukrainian security forces were destroyed in the Donbass on Sunday in response to heavy shelling of Donetsk, the head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko told reporters.

Results of the week. "Everything! Kina will not be! Electricity is over! ”

How many artillery batteries were there destroyed by Alexander Zakharchenko, - the question is, of course, interesting. But nevertheless, the question of Donbass residents regarding the one who has enough determination to put an end to the fact of the existence of any tamers capable of shooting towards the long-suffering land of LDNR looks more interesting ...

Comments from our readers:

Destroyed two artillery APU? If only it was really true. Here in Yandex Zen messages about the defeat of the column Ukrovermaht second day hangs. Maybe this is it. Zakharchenko after the spring statements of faith, I somehow do not.

It remains only with sadness to state the facts. Someone is playing his party, and someone is paying for it with his life.

Activation will occur only before the election. And then, again, will begin to "worry".

And cheap oil, he also experienced

The rise in oil prices above forecasts gave rise to the American blogosphere to come up with headlines in the style of "Putin survived cheap oil." And some sarcastically add: "Putin survived, but our (American) shalers did not survive."

Cheap oil, you say, "survived" ... But is it only oil? Politically, Putin has experienced many things. Someone was going to put the steps, grabbing the lapels, threatened to send them to The Hague - in the dock. Where are all these footballers, lapels and mailers now? As the classic said: there are no others, but those are far away ... Separate "partners" pin their hopes on Trump. But he also let us down: he appeared in a red tie during a meeting with Putin in Vietnam - right on the Great October October 100 anniversary ... Donnie, well, who is so scorched? ..

Comments from our readers:

You "misunderstood", it also clearly states "Putin survived" .... About the "people" there is no question. The "people" are "naklast ...". I cannot stand Sobchak, but it is far from being so limited and brainless, as some here believe. In any case, some gentlemen from the mass media spoke about Ksyuh as a person who is not devoid of organizational talent and possesses "leadership" qualities. Well, about the "mind", in any case, despite her some odious statements to her enough mind (after stories with money in the apartment) do not climb into the political liberal tusovochny zmeyuchnik (learned a lesson quickly and correctly). Now she is a candidate for understandable reasons and is understandable with whose permission.

And you are the "people"? ... On you, "naklili"? ... :) Putin would have survived and the cost of oil is zero. He is president. His resource is inexhaustible.

Mountain shooter
And who said it would be easy? They took a part of their territory without blood - turning the strategic situation on the Black Sea over - that’s "annoyed" and the strip-eaves rushed at us. Everyone used what they could. And got the effect of the opposite desired. The same in Syria. In the EU, the cracks ran.

Still a race?

The head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation announced the creation in Russia of a full-fledged group of high-precision weaponsable to use missiles at a distance of 4 thousand kilometers. Valery Gerasimov: “Formed controls and special units that plan the use of high-precision long-range weapons and prepare flight missions for all types of home-launched cruise missiles.”

Some call it a fist to the teeth of the western adversary, others - drawing themselves into an arms race, and others - a cold war with hot consequences. In any case, the main thing is to commensurate their efforts and desires with the possibilities, so as not to fit into the funnel, which “big friends of Russia” so eager for us, who remember the consequences of the previous Cold War and the arms race, want to do.

Comments from our readers:

4 thousand km - this is the true range of the Iskander in case its sensors detect water under all the wheels. (In order not to violate the INF Treaty).

It's all great, but there are no real numbers (in the sense of a piece), hence the skepticism .... An increase in 12 and 30 since it is just great, but in pieces how much? For 12 pieces are indeed more 1 12 times, but these are 12 pieces! I’d just say the 100-200-1000 missiles are there and then everything is clear .... And it’s difficult to call missiles with conventional non-nuclear warheads .. How many missiles are needed to deactivate the plant / airfield / HF out of operation, even not the biggest? Consider the example of my Yekaterinburg, we have a factory UMEKON (this is not advertising, just it is not far) - a small factory of metal structures, takes about a quarter 2x2, how much do you need for it? 4-5 rockets? and in Yekaterinburg there are a dozen of such plants! And in the Sverdlovsk region? And in the country? And these are just plants! These missiles need THOUSANDS to be a real holding shield! Well, in the event of a war, we will level up the missile with Poland, and there are still a lot of countries in NATO .. ​​But there is still a missile defense (even if the Patriot can only be brought down in 10% of cases) ... Too in general this is all optimistic , the next URYa shout to a beautiful date as for me, rather like a shield except for events like 08.08.08, and then the brigade / division’s attack will not be answered by hammering into the Stone Age ...

Dog Breeder
You can, of course, going into details, discuss from one side or another this or that, but it is encouraging that Russia has not lost the momentum in improving its defense. But we do not know much. Someone will say that 4000 kilometers, this is not the defense of its borders, however, that our "partners" will know about the "long-term retaliation", and there is the defense of our borders.

I need a doctor

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic:
“Serbia respects the territorial integrity of Ukraine, which has been repeatedly proven, including during the OSCE chairmanship. But we are also aware of the participation of Ukrainian mercenaries in the crimes that the Croatian forces committed against the Serbian people in Croatia. Ukraine has not yet condemned these crimes. ”

Ukrainian-Maidan memory, she is selective, very selective. I remember, I do not remember here. The “Holodomor” Soviet “remembers”, and the construction of strategic economic facilities from DneproGES to automobile plants, which gave millions of jobs and billions in profits to the treasury - no. Lenin is being felled, and the fact that without Lenin, Ukraine on the world map has slightly surpassed the area (if it was at all), for example, Slovakia, was forgotten again ... A sort of maydanny amnesia, for the treatment of which, apparently, has not yet matured doctor.

Comments from our readers:

Ukraine systematically spoils relations with European countries, sticking out its importance and intransigence to the opinions of others (Poland, Hungary, Romania, now Serbia). The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is actively proving not only its inconsistency, but also deep incompetence. The sooner in Europe they understand who they are dealing with, the sooner, despite common goals (fussing against Russia), they will stop supporting this country.

And what, in the Ukrainian language there is such a word as "memory"? Comrades, the Serbs, you say Klimkin words that are completely incomprehensible to him!

evil partisan
For Serbia, I see, grabbed seriously. Apparently, ours want to show the mattress that in Europe, all is not lost and you can try to play against them. And I wish the Serbs to quickly determine their priorities. Either they go to NATO, or still remain free and are friends with Russia.

And what to break something?

In the Rada today all day was noisy and restless. But now it’s not even about who offered to break off diplomatic relations with Russia: “Dill”, “People’s Front” or “Petro Poroshenko’s Bloc”.

What is the gap? .. Do we really have full-format diplomatic relations? This is with a country in which the radicals are stroked over the head for turning over ambassadorial cars and filling the building of the embassy either with green bottles, petards and incendiary bottles. Ambassadors are long gone. Russians in Ukraine (well, with the exception of such as, for example, Mr. Sytin) are not even allowed to visit relatives, because everyone has long been recorded as spies ... What diplomatic relations are we talking about? Or it’s common practice to call diplomatic relations now undercover tricks of “approximate persons” ...

It was necessary to drive the Ukrainian Gaster from Russia a long time ago - let them go and earn money to their beloved Poland, Canada, the USA, the EU countries, or let them deal with those whom they put on their necks in Kiev. And they are working in Russia and whispering quietly in the corners about how soon they will be good in Ukraine, when the US and the EU will drive the Russians out of Donbass and everywhere will bring order ...

In order for the theory of the brotherly people to obtain the right to existence, 20 years must pass, and even more. Over the past 25 years, residents of Ukraine have been lucidly explained that all their troubles are historically from Russia. The 2-3 generation of absolutely zombie people, anti-Russian to the bone, has already grown, and many adults have already changed their views. Agitation and propaganda have done their job. Now only persistent, long-term, painstaking and at the same time careful work on counter-propaganda can bear fruit. Persuade uporotyh useless. Well, do not kill the same. Not. Only bring up the new generation of young Ukrainians. But how to do it in the current realities should have a headache for the country's leadership, the media, the Foreign Ministry and other structures. Forget about fraternal Ukraine - it is no longer there. The remaining normal people need to maximally facilitate and provide ample opportunities for obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation, social adaptation, up to payment of "lifting" or something like that. But just sit and scratch the crotch, as it is now impossible - we will lose those remaining.

I checked the vigilance of citizens in Kiev. Present in the tram conductor a crust of the FSB. I thought he would surrender me to the Security Service of Ukraine, and he whispered me three Bandera on the rear platform ...
Afghan saying: "Maybe you have a watch, but we have time." Here they reminded about Moses, who drove his people 40 for years in the desert, but for a long time, But if we recall that the USSR defeated the European armies, under the leadership of Hitler, in just 5 years, another anecdote is recalled:
Moses 40 years led the people through the desert, and so did not lead anywhere. Ivan Susanin for the 2 hours took the Poles where it was needed.

Since 2014, on the one hand, and on the other hand, there is a build-up of hostile relations. We are for Ukrainians svidomye as they are for us. It is better to think who benefits quarrel people. We are one people. The borders of the Union were virtual and suddenly everything collapsed. In an instant, Russians and Ukrainians became, but even in 90, no one kept boundaries. Look carefully at what is happening. First, the police in Russia, then after 2014 - in Ukraine. First, the National Guard under Ukraine, then in Russia. As if from one center run. I almost don’t watch TV, so I don’t know that Ukrainians hate us, but it’s worthwhile to turn on the 1 channel and a la uul, do them. It is clear that the artificial intensification of tension, so that ordinary people, far from politicians, hate each other, and politicians may not only earn political points on this. Lord, we were also deceived then at the end of 80-x-beginning 90-x. And you again jump on the same rake.

Oh, sports, where are you? ..

Talking about numerous doping scandals is already so annoying that they don’t cause much attention from the public. Someone from the townsfolk still doubts the medical support of professional athletes? Someone really thinks that an ordinary, without “feeding” person can show such serious results in high-performance sports? Or that recovering from all loads is possible as soon as possible?

And again, WADA received the command “atu!” They remembered that the Olympics would soon be coming — once, and that the March elections in the Russian Federation were two. So, they will be crap. Are Russians ready for this? Taking into account the fact that in professional circles from professional sports everything has been functioning in the Mutko format for a long time, we also have to prepare ourselves to watch the Norwegian “asthmatic” competitions with Canadian influenza supporters, eating handfuls of pills, certainly too much. ..

Comments from our readers:

Captain Pushkin
Here and revive the "Goodwill Games", only under new slogans.
IOC allows athletes of selected countries (USA, UK and others) to use illegal drugs? Fine! Then let it be an Olympiad for "patients" who cannot live without doping. And the IOC will be the IOC for the "dirty" and "sick."
For healthy athletes you need to establish the appropriate IOC and anti-doping agency for "clean" and "healthy" athletes. And start "pure Olympiad". And nothing that the first will be athletes 5-6 countries (and if the selection is not from sports federations, but directly, according to the results of the competition, a dozen two or three countries will be represented at a minimum. In the end, the dirty IOC will lose.

But with the Chinese, this will not work - the caliber is not the same ... It’s Mutko here and we will do our own business, then the athletes, and we will wake up and go further spat upon. For politics has become impotent in many matters. Or maybe the fact is that the sanctions still affect our top?

One thing is not clear, why these issues with the IOC, WADA, as well as with violations of diplomatic property and diplomatic workers are not addressed in the UN, why there is still no strict directive on these issues? Why the IOC does not incur colossal court costs and does not spend all its time at court hearings, and McLaren, so far with his laboratory assistants, not on the porch with an outstretched hand? It did not start yesterday, but at least from Canada. And Mutko continues to still eat sweet and sleep gently, and even receive awards for the successful collapse and destruction of sports in our country, something I already begin to doubt whether our government (except for a few people) and which country work. I generally keep quiet about the Duma, hundreds of parasites, each with their own pack, depicting vigorous activity and mouse fuss. The problems in the country are no longer as a month to solve issues of a circular movement and the fight against smoking, the most vital, and nothing that the country is robbed at an accelerated pace, that presidential decrees are sabotaged, the taiga is being cut down, the employers' lawlessness and the sale of the defense complex, etc. No, the most dangerous for the country is smoking at the entrance. Yes, and our oligarchs, rather than ours, could, instead of buying another villa or a yacht, take part in IOC and WADA with their own money, that is, that it is rotten through organizations.

About engines and desks

Full refusal of liquid ICBMs is not planned yet. As a replacement for the existing UR-100Н УТТХ and Р-36М / М2, a new PC-28 "Sarmat" is being created with a similar power plant. Thus, in the foreseeable future, liquid engines will be used only on heavy-class missiles, while other systems will be equipped with solid-fuel systems.

In fact, the main issue of the military industry is being solved right now. Are we (Russia) capable of creating rocket engines without participating in cooperatives with certain foreign comrades, who often turn out to be completely non-comrades to us, even if we take into account ordinary commodity-money relations? The answer to this question lies even in such an aspect as the system of modern education, where the concept of “in absentia”, “dual”, “remotely”, multiplied by “innovative” and “creatively”, is able to drink the latest blood from the domestic engineering school.

Comments from our readers:

Cherry Nine
The main reason for the transition of Americans to the solid propellant rocket motor was the lack of the need for pre-launch preparation of such missiles (refueling with liquid oxygen). Currently, the problem of fueling rockets with LRE is partly solved by encapsulating the components of the fuel pair, but not everyone is happy with this solution. Too troublesome.

As for the other components of efficiency, a rocket on a solid propellant rocket motor is always heavier than a rocket of the same technical level on a liquid propellant rocket engine. For money, too, is not all clear. Of the space-based cosmic RNs currently being created, the state uses solid propellant solid propellants, while private ones do not, which raises doubts about their (solid propellant) cheapness.

The transition to solid-propellant solid-propellant technology by the Americans actually allowed the pre-start preparation to be reduced to extremely low levels. And I also agree with the questions of refueling modern missiles.
But the fact that a rocket with a solid propellant rocket motor is always heavier than a liquid rocket - I will allow you to disagree. It’s problematic to compare with the US, they don’t have a liquid for how many years, so you’ll have to compare it with domestic ones.
Still, if we compare roughly equal systems, the ratio is in favor of solid-fuel ones. Sometimes they are much easier, sometimes not much, but easier.
For comparison, two missiles:
P-14. Liquid with a drop weight in 1,5 tons and a range in 4500 km. And the first version of the RSD-10 "Pioneer". The range is 4500, the cast weight is approximately 1,5 tons. But the P-14 weighed 87, and the RSD-10 - 36 tons. You can object to me that these are rockets of different generations. Yes. but perform the same task and were in service at the same time
You can consider another pair. UR-10Н УТТХ and РТ-23УТТХ
Let the first one be half a ton, but harder. And carries its load at a distance of almost less than 500 km. If you bring them to the same parameter - this difference will affect even more
About co-production and LRE and solid propellant rocket engines. It’s probably not even impotence, but as you correctly wrote, banal lobbying. When the conversation about the “Sarmat” just started, I, frankly, thought that the rocket would be solid propellant. Moreover, the Perm plant can produce the steps required for a heavy rocket dimension. But alas. We stopped at the liquid. Of course, they have some advantages over solid propellant ones (in particular, on the specific impulse), but there are also disadvantages.

Looking for, but not finding?

The version, which is also voiced by some media, really deserves attention. This is a version of "asleep action movies." That is, about those who wanted to go to Syria and Iraq, but by virtue of the order from above stayed at home. For sabotage and other terrorist acts on the orders of the caliphate. As for these “dormice”, today the head of the special services not only in the Caucasus has a headache.

The problem of terrorism in the North Caucasus and in its individual republics is, in fact, the problem of local elites understanding how they relate to themselves with federal laws. Many people understand this, to put it mildly, in their own way. Taking into account the fact that it is impossible to make a sneeze in actual national republics without wishing not to be ill not only from the neighboring house, but also from the neighboring region, it is difficult to imagine that absolutely nothing was known about the bandit underground in the aforementioned elites. And if they are known, it means that it is foolish to run through the forests in search of the “rookery” of terrorists and their caches — you can and should look elsewhere. And they seem to be looking ... But only for some reason they do not always find ...

Comments from our readers:

Same lech
The Caucasus is already under the tight cap of the special services, but they alone will not solve the problem of terror ... This is a multidimensional problem ... where the influence of various factors focuses on one point.
This includes terrorists, and the work of the intelligence services of foreign states hostile to us, these are social factors, this is the mentality of the local population and officials, etc., etc.
It is difficult to say when the North Caucasus will be removed from the influence of terrorists; it's a long time.
As for the battle on DPS ... Local DPS, they can be said to be in the front line ... A shot in the back, an IED explosion, shelling can follow ... you won’t envy them ... But they have such work, they chose her.

"The first signal or not, but it is obvious that the North Caucasus needs to pay increased attention to our special services."
Yeah, there are all naughty nursing babies or migrant workers, not non-professionals, they are sitting and waiting for someone's hint!

If you had been to their villages, and saw their mentality, you would not have said so. They don't care about anyone. They respect only power. And they only care about saving their tapes. I read a summary of the deaths of Ingushetia’s Interior Ministry officers. So, since the time of the Ingush-Ossetian conflict, 400 people have died. This is on camera in the Ministry of Culture, in the center of Nazran, they are so kind. In the outback, they will not even talk to you if you are a stranger, especially Russian. I once fell so, and was unpleasantly surprised. But they do not support Wahhabism either. So it's not that simple. I mean that Ingushetia is no different from the rest of the republics of the Caucasus.

Military base in Cuba? And in Vietnam?

"Two key supporters of Vladimir Putin" put forward a proposal to restore the military base in Cuba. Such a move could lead to a new missile crisis, the Daily Mail newspaper writes. Article leads InoTV.

“Our base in Cuba is a naval and aviation in the complex, should be. This is a key moment, ”the publication cites the statement of the First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Defense Committee Franz Klintsevich. According to him, Moscow should "decisively respond to the deployment of US missile systems on the Russian border."

Later, the head of the same committee, Viktor Bondarev, repeated the call, adding that "Russia should consider rebuilding the Russian military base in Vietnam."

Meanwhile, according to experts, the deployment of the Russian military base in Cuba could aggravate relations with Washington and even lead to the second Caribbean crisis. This was stated by the deputy head of the international committee of the Federation Council, FSB general Vladimir Dzhabarov. He stressed that Russia must ensure its defense and security, and that the fleet of nuclear submarines, which it has, and the military bases that it has, "can easily cope with the sudden attack of the enemy."

Comments from our readers:

The black
This should be done immediately and in full. This will be a worthy answer, stop calling them to your conscience, they don’t have it!

SRC P-15
If this topic is heavily exaggerated in the media, then the base will be! For now, this is simply a survey of opinions and a hint of the United States.

So what she will give us, except for the minuses? All that we need, and so we will collect from space or through intelligence. Technologies are different now. And the creation is actually from scratch and the content plus the payment will fly into a large penny from our pocket. And the Cuban leadership did not forget to ask? Today they will give good, and tomorrow Raoul will die. Then what to do? Yes, and we have not so many ships that can sail to Cuba.
My opinion: first, put your own bases in order and the infrastructure to them, the fleet needs an ocean, not coastal ships. And only then wave the sticks.
The only bonus from all this is that you need to blow everywhere, that in five minutes, or maybe in six, the base will be, and not only in Cuba, but in Antarctica. With all the consequences, and in general America kirdyk. Let them go mad, beasts. But in reality you need to solve your urgent tasks. And especially in the governance of the country.

What space? What intelligence? What are the new technologies? Here the main question is to provide a lightning and quick response so that even our "partners" have no illusions.

Why not? Russia is always ready to help overseas partners in the fight against LIH (prohibited in Russia). For this, the base of the Russian Federation in Cuba is simply necessary.))

“To protect the Druze community”

International media continue to discuss the statement by the head of the press service of the main Israeli military that the Israeli army can get an order to cross the border with Syria. Recall, the IDF press secretary Ronen Manlis said that the Israeli leadership could take such a step "to protect the Druze community" living in the Golan Heights area.

Intentions confirmed at the level of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to the head of the Israeli Cabinet, the danger of terror is increasing with respect to the Druze community. This kind of danger to the Druze, the Israeli authorities see the activity of Hezbollah, which in Israel is considered a terrorist group.

Riyad Farid Hijab, a journalist from Syria, explains why Israel might need such statements. He finds the “cause”: “The reason lies in the absence of a peace treaty between Israel and Syria and financial matters. Countries are in a state of war since 1948. The situation is aggravated by a territorial dispute: in 1967, Israel occupied the Golan Heights in southern Syria, and then annexed these lands. The centuries-old inter-ethnic and inter-religious confrontation between Jews and Arabs plays its role. However, the current policy of the Israeli leadership, in our opinion, is explained much more simply. And the main role, as is often the case, is played by the financial question. Throughout the longstanding conflict in Syria, along the Jordanian border, cheap oil pillars entered the oil fields of Israel from the oil fields of the Deir-ez-Zor province. This cooperation was beneficial to almost all parties except the simple Syrian people. The terrorists were selling "black gold", getting for this weapon and ammunition, for the transit a good amount of money got to the Jordanians, and Israel acquired cheap natural resources. " According to Hijab, if the Israeli invasion takes place, it will lead to a new round of conflict throughout the Middle East.

Comments from our readers:

Yes, it seems the world will not be there soon.

Well, where are our opponents now - the users of "VO" from Israel, who constantly stated that a white and fluffy Israel never stole oil from Syria, but produced and sold oil only its ISRAEL, and that Israel has nothing to do with ISIS militants ?

The head of the Druze community of Israel asked to take the Druze village in Syria under protection, since a couple of days ago, An-Nusra (banned in the Russian Federation) 18 man slammed there, shelling the village from neighboring hills. Assad cannot protect them, and Israeli Druze, serving in the Jewish army for decades, have been asking for help from the state in protecting their fellow tribesmen. The troops, most likely, will not enter, the maximum will go down and lyuley will give An-Nusre. If Assad wants to avoid this, hi will send Tigers, Leopards there, or whoever is near him and take the village under his protection.

Do not forget who supports En-Nusru? They themselves create an excuse ... Not they, so the armed opposition ...

If you mean that An-Nusru supports Israel, then this is nonsense. It’s not interesting for Israel to enter into a foreign war in a Syrian territorial unit: it’s not rich and the soldiers are mostly conscripts, that is, children of voters.

Not intercepted!

“At the airport of the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, on the evening of Saturday, November 4, an explosion occurred. Reported by Al Jazeera. It is noted that the explosion thundered in one of the terminals of the international airport named after King Khalid in 35 km from Riyadh. According to unconfirmed data from local media, the explosion was the result of the interception of Saudi air defense missiles fired from Yemen ”(Al Jazeera).

An interesting consequence of the "interception", is not it?

Talk about a random puncture of the Saudi air defense system is not necessary. This was the third successful shelling of Saudi Arabia since September 2016, when Yemenis hit a military unit near the city of Taif with a ballistic missile. The fact is that earlier all Yemeni missiles were beating at a distance of 500 km, and the distance to the attacked Saudi military base from the launch point was at least 700 km. It became clear that the Yemeni rebels in service had a new type of ballistic missiles, notes Yu. Podolyak.

The veil of secrecy opened 6 on February 2017, when the Hussites struck another blow to Saudi Arabia (at the Mazahimi military base, located in 20 km west of Riyadh) and uploaded a video to the network.

The missile warhead (“bottleneck”) is not similar to the standard conical shape of the warhead of the previously used “Syrian” “Scuds”. It is obvious that a country torn apart for more than a decade by a civil war cannot produce such high-tech products. Someone obviously helped them. And there were only two such “helpers”: the DPRK and Iran. Most likely it was Iran.

Comments from our readers:

And another anti-advertising of American weapons, which, according to Trump, "intercepts missiles in the air, which speaks of high technologies that are inaccessible to other countries," which already smacks of the president’s hopeless stupidity. The Japanese managed to breed for grandmother for outdated air defense systems.

Not so long ago, Americans banged "axes" on the Syrian airbase in the province of Homs. Out of more than 50 "Tomahawks", 36 disappeared on the way, which is equal to one volley of our division ... This is not an advertisement, just reflections)))

And the Syrian air defense units are beating the Israeli air force in the tail and mane - is this an advertisement of the American technology? Not advertising, just thinking. There is no evidence that C-300 / 400 does not work under sterile conditions. I think this can end the conversation.

Just a man
Advertising they put what is needed. But the real public shows the capabilities of the American technology is almost zero. Back in the distant 93, at the IDEX-1993 armament exhibition in Abu Dhabi twice Hero of Socialist Labor, B. V. Bunkin, General Designer of the Almaz Scientific and Production Association, suggested that the US Air Defense delegation conduct competitive real firing and competition for the best air defense system. The Americans refused. Moreover, during the shooting of the C-300 complex, they interfered with their EW. Nevertheless, all air targets that went to the position of our C-300 division were hit by our 48H6E missiles. After the successes of the C-300 missile launches, the Americans generally refused to demonstrate the capabilities of their vaunted Patriot system. These are facts, not the drooling of "witnesses to the infallible superiority of Western military equipment."

What is a cobra eagle?

The Su-30CM fighter is a really good machine, but it is inferior in speed and combat load to the F-15E Strike Eagle. In addition, the Russian aircraft is not equipped with technology "stealth", writes the German newspaper Die Welt. Article leads InoTV.

“The loops of Nesterov, the cobras — this is what the Military Space Forces boast of,” the article says with a sneer.

Recall recently the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation published a video that demonstrates the capabilities of the Su-30CM fighter. This is “the newest and most modern version of the popular Su-30 multi-role fighter,” the newspaper explains.

“Spectacular shots” confirm that Russian fighters are indeed able to perform the most complex aerobatic maneuvers. “Such an air maneuver, like a cobra, is completely able to execute only a few military fighters,” the author notes.

The new Su-30MM is able to pick up the speed of Mach 2. The fighter’s combat load is about 8 tons, and the maximum flight range is 3 thousand km, the newspaper continues, “however, the new Russian combat jet airplane has a drawback: there are no masking elements”.

Comments from our readers:

Consoled themselves, otherwise it is terrible to live in this world. And they do not need a loop, and other figures. Well, fly on the irons, since the figures are not capable.

Since F-15 is so good, then at least once it would have won the Indians in a training battle, and even better would have agreed to a training battle with ours.
These same media have confused the Strike Eagle with the Silent Eagle. Well, experts that you take. And yes, with equal combat load F-15 compared with the Su-30 is useless.

Great American Bluff

The NATO guarantee is a myth. Klaus Wigrefe writes about this in an article for Spiegel Online.

There is no “automatic” commitment to defend another NATO state. This proves the secret document from the German archive.

On the first page in the upper right corner there is a note: "Submitted to the Federal Chancellor." There is also a date: June 11 1955. At that time, the head of the federal government was K. Adenauer.

It turns out that in the event of an attack on one of the NATO states, Washington is free to decide whether to “get involved” in the war or “do nothing”. All NATO members are “equal”, and therefore, in fact, it was not only about Germany, but also about all other partners in the alliance. It turns out that the Adenauer government "did not believe much" in the North Atlantic Treaty. That is why in the secret document, then hidden in the archives of the German Foreign Ministry, the lawyers listed everything that Washington agreed to.

Klaus Wigrefe writes with irony that the legal obligations of the United States turned out to be "very modest." At least, this conclusion was made by experts of Herr Adenauer.

It is necessary to visit European archives more often. This is where the documentary evidence will be obtained of the US loyalty to the “obligations” and “treaties”. What I want, then I roll back - this is the only principle that businessmen in Washington firmly adhere to. To sell weapons to Europe is one thing, but to stick up in a war with the Russians, about which American hawks howl, is quite another. Let the Germans and the Baltic with the Poles and fight against the Russians, if they so wish. For the freedom of Ukraine. Americans once again wash their hands.

Comments from our readers:

Erdogan has already checked the strength of the collective. Some Poles with Balts still believe in this garbage. I would not be surprised if in the case of a hot conflict the British, the French, are the first to sneak from NATO. The Germans, they will be hard. But the feeling of self-preservation and they will take the top. So lyuley otgrebut mostly Poles. And Balts with their war machine - this is a statistical error.

NATO without a real enemy is the essence of a scam for its members.

Why laugh? The United States may leave in the event of a Russian attack on any NATO country. But if the United States decides to hit the Russian Federation, then everyone will attack at once!
Do not forget that Russia does not attack anyone, and NATO is not an organization for protection. '' Exclusively '' for attack!

In general, the Americans clearly formulated their attitude to the alliance during the Second World War, where one of the principles stated that "we will help the side that is currently losing so that the opposing sides will bleed each other most strongly." And then to fall on a completely exhausted and exhausted loser and dictate terms to him. As happened with Germany.

Berlin headed for the Maidan in Warsaw

On Thursday, German Defense Minister Ursula von der Lyayen made an almost sensational statement. It became a sensation for Poland.

She said she wanted to “stand up for the countries of Eastern Europe” and called for support for the “healthy democratic resistance of the young generation in Poland.” According to the minister, youth support is a matter of the EU, which should not be in a hurry to “lay down arms”.

In Warsaw, of course, did not remain silent. Immediate rapid reaction followed.

According to the Deputy Minister of Defense of Poland, Michal Dvirchik, a statement by the head of the German Defense Ministry about the need to support democratic resistance of young people in Eastern European countries is unacceptable: “The words spoken are unacceptable. I can not imagine that some politician from the Polish government, in fact, intervened in the affairs of another country, calling for some social group or political party to fight with their own government. " Dvorchik also stated that “it is necessary to react to such situations”.

The reaction was broader than the verbal response in the press. Polish Defense Minister Anthony Matserevich instructed his subordinates to call the German military attache in Warsaw to discuss the situation. The intention of taking diplomatic steps was also announced by the Polish Foreign Ministry.

Apparently, both the military and diplomats of Warsaw are ready to prevent the upcoming color revolution in Poland, the course for which was "proclaimed" in Berlin.

Comments from our readers:

And what did the Poles think of themselves, joining the EU? That they will decide something and indicate to someone? Eastern European countries to the indicating platform as a gallery to the ground floor - 100 versts walk around the swamp!

Normal position! The most interesting thing in this context is that it is in Eastern European countries that they are perceived as a testing ground for political technologies! In this case, it is the Western countries that will decide what is bad and what is good in this case.
If you look from the side, Eastern Europe has hit the full, the West is still experimenting with regimes, with political views and rules of the game for the dolboyaszas who consider themselves to be equal!

When the gynecologist heads the MO, such incidents often occur.

Rather miscarriages.

Easy form of paranoia?

Indian Information Resource India Defense News reports that Russian experts intend to participate in the analysis of damage received by the submarine of the Indian Navy "Chakra". Recall that the submarine "Chakra" (the Russian name - "Nerpa") was transferred to India in leasing format in the 2012 year. During the next maneuvers during the transition to the naval base Vizag in southern India, the submarine warship was damaged. In particular, the submarine hydroacoustic station is damaged. In addition, it is reported about the possible damage to the covers of the torpedo compartments as a result of a "frontal" collision. India itself does not yet publish data on exactly what the submarine faced.

The Indian edition reports that planned repair actions are being delayed because Russia suspected the Indian side of violating the 10-year leasing agreement. It is noted that the violation could be that the Indian sailors allowed the American "partners" to conduct a study of the submarine.

In India itself, such suspicions on the part of the Russian Federation were called paranoia.

Comments from our readers:

voyaka uh
The third eye of the submarine opened (India!), And they thought that there was a collision. Now she is in constant nirvana, but does not want to swim.

Only it seems to me that the leasing of military equipment is some kind of nonsense ?!

Indian sailors seem to imitate their multi-armed god Shiva. True, the hands of them in this case, not just behind, but also below the back.

Unsuitable holiday

Putin is entangled in the revolution, foreign analysts say. Singing at the same time both tsarist Russia and the glorious Soviet past with his victories, the Russian president found himself in a ridiculous situation: he could not openly celebrate the centenary of the revolution, for he was afraid of popular uprisings.

If you believe foreign analysts and observers, then not only Putin, but Mr. Trump is confused in the past and has no idea how to move in the future. At least a shy step forward for both leaders is hindered by the past, in which, however, they feel so insecure that it affects the present when one holiday is replaced by another or democratic procedures are discarded through autocracy. The present of both is therefore not leading to a bright future. In Russia, there is a clear regression with tsarism and troubles with Soviet history because of the inconvenient Putin of the Russian revolution, while in the US they talk about Trump’s deadlock autocracy, which is detrimental to his own authority (and without that low). That is why this president is considered a "jerk" not only in the State Department, but also in the FBI.

Comments from our readers:

Former member of the CPSU, lieutenant colonel of the KGB of the USSR V.V. Putin led the regime established after the counter-revolution. Here to explain any confused. This is Trump's clear: he is for traditional values.

The authorities use the rhetoric they need: both ours and yours. How far will this position lead her, will the elections show. And Putin is really confused, albeit not in revolutions, but in the current situation for sure!

Are we not proud of Svyatoslav, Suvorov, Brusilov or Zhukov? Why do we have to choose between them? This is our history, and we should be proud of our compatriots who have glorified our homeland regardless of the political system. The West has never understood Russia, it does not understand it even now, but our fellow citizens should be ashamed of accepting the views of our enemies.

There is no need to choose between historical figures who played a significant role in the glorification of our state. It is necessary now to choose a path that will lead again to exaltation. The goal to go, the ideology of the state - these are the main current issues. Our country always has individuals who can glorify their homeland and put their lives in order for the Motherland to become great. But who will proclaim this goal and lead the country in the right direction? We have no ideology, where are we going at all and what are we striving for? Independence? From what and whom? You must first call things with their names and designate ways and means of achievement. Our policy is twofold. Foreign analysts are right about that. It is necessary to decide: either Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Chubais are traitors, and they must be tried for the collapse and plundering of the country, or they are heroes and did everything right. If the first, then the logical after the trial of them will be the way to return all the loot to the state, nationalize the national wealth back. And if the second, then why the hell are they fooling us with imaginary patriotism, imaginary independence from the West, imaginary rising from its knees, imaginary gathering of Russian lands? Who, where, when what did you do to achieve this? Crimea returned? Now, for how many years will this justify the continuing rapid economic decline, the continued looting of the country? Yes, our people can overcome anything to make the country magnified. Only we need to know that everything is being done correctly and we tolerate for the sake of a better future for our descendants, and not for the sake of Mara Baghdasaryan to continue riding on the helicopter.

*"Everything! Kina will not be! Electricity is over! ”- a phrase from the movie“ Gentlemen of Fortune ”
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  1. Herculesic
    Herculesic 12 November 2017 08: 10
    And this week the great satirist Zadoronov left! crying soldier Earth rest in peace! !! soldier
    1. 79807420129
      79807420129 12 November 2017 08: 47
      Thanks to the authors for the selection, as always with a twinkle and witty, but there was also the anniversary of the Great October Revolution, no matter how anyone would relate to this, this is our story.
      Also eternal memory and the kingdom of heaven Mikhail Nikolaevich Zadornov.
      1. Jedi
        Jedi 12 November 2017 10: 18
        Hello, hello! hi drinks I join your words about the Great October Revolution and Mikhail Nikolaevich Zadornov.
        1. sergevonsohrn
          sergevonsohrn 12 November 2017 15: 05
          join too! Russia is great not only in open spaces, but also in its great people, the conscience of the people !!!
          1. astankard
            astankard 13 November 2017 13: 38
            And the Jubilee is the Great Historical Holiday (whatever), and Zadornov’s folk memory.
    2. Andrew3000
      Andrew3000 12 November 2017 14: 21
      In 1982, 35 years ago, Mikhail Zadornov was 35 years old. 35 years ago on 10 on November 1982 of the year Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev died ....... further without comment ........
  2. izya top
    izya top 12 November 2017 08: 20
    "Putin survived

  3. Cat
    Cat 12 November 2017 08: 21
    Thanks for the selection, pleased !!!
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 12 November 2017 08: 36
    ... as always, Alex and Oleg are on guard of the "Results ..."
    In any case, the main thing is to measure your efforts and desires with opportunities, so as not to please the funnelthat the "great friends of Russia" so want to arrange for us,

    ... I hope we have enough wisdom and experience not to get into the next arms race ... but we shouldn’t sit aside, everything should be comparable, or a little more ... recourse
  5. Barshchik-M
    Barshchik-M 12 November 2017 09: 02
    But Trump nevertheless made contact with Putin, he was not afraid! It’s better to be friends with Russians ... It’s useless to frighten us, let alone fight us!
    Every liberal sad ... hehe
    1. IL-18
      IL-18 12 November 2017 12: 06
      When it was 08.08.08. I strongly doubted that we won’t bother, but would answer. But it is one thing to order the troops to fight with Georgia. But the fact that genetically Russians are able to rest in any situation with any opponent was convinced by Donbass. It is sad that steadfastness is shown against our APU too, but they have many ethnic Russians, and Ukrainians are closer to us than it seems. But Slavyansk must be returned to the republics, it is a symbol of their resilience, it is like Sevastopol during the war years.
      1. Barshchik-M
        Barshchik-M 12 November 2017 12: 14
        Quote: IL-18
        But Slavyansk must be returned to the republics, it is a symbol of their resilience, it is like Sevastopol during the war years.

        I agree with you ... But the main task and the main Kiev to return! And everything else is trifles of a working order .. soldier
        1. 210ox
          210ox 12 November 2017 15: 19
          Vitaly. It's not in the cities, but in the people. Why do we need this “mother of Russian cities” with a population embittered towards us? We must fight for the minds, not the cities. Which, by the way, we don’t know ... Unfortunately ...
          Quote: Bathhouse attendant-M
          Quote: IL-18
          But Slavyansk must be returned to the republics, it is a symbol of their resilience, it is like Sevastopol during the war years.

          I agree with you ... But the main task and the main Kiev to return! And everything else is trifles of a working order .. soldier
          1. BEECH 1972
            BEECH 1972 13 November 2017 11: 14
            We must fight for the minds, and not for the city. Which by the way, we do not know how.

            They have already fought for the minds ... Here are just some base and disgusting personalities, I can’t call them peoples because it will be fundamentally wrong, takes such a struggle for the minds and numerous indulgences for the weakness of the “fighters” and for the recognition of their own indispensability or even exceptionalism . The only suggestion that will undoubtedly benefit all of them is that way where their maidan leaders are dragging ... Poverty, atrocities of nationalists and, as a prelude, a fiery broomstick that will sweep all shit out of these lands ...
            Remember the Soviet humanity and the struggle for the minds of captive Bandera ... They only hung or shot only the most odious executioners. Having served the deadlines, the rest of the herd returned home and the lion's share of what is happening now is their merit ... It’s just that such marginals must be ruthlessly eradicated and not tried to be corrected. That their adventures did not seem to someone feats, and their sad fate inspired only horror and disgust ...
    2. iouris
      iouris 12 November 2017 12: 56
      Quote: Bathhouse attendant-M
      But Trump nevertheless made contact with Putin, he was not afraid!

      Contact is not the right word. Trump bargained for something.
      1. Barshchik-M
        Barshchik-M 12 November 2017 13: 24
        Quote: iouris
        Quote: Bathhouse attendant-M
        But Trump nevertheless made contact with Putin, he was not afraid!

        Contact is not the right word. Trump bargained for something.

        Nothing concrete, in fact .. Well, if you bow before Russia, then maybe they will believe him and then .. hehe Dollars are pieces of paper for a long time!
  6. izya top
    izya top 12 November 2017 10: 00
    A torchlight procession dedicated to Lachplesis Day - the day in memory of the heroes who fell for the liberation of Latvia, was held in Riga on Saturday.
    Participants in the procession proceeded from the Brotherhood cemetery to the Freedom Monument, and then to Strelnieku Square (Strelkov). In their hands they held lit torches and flags of Latvia.
    The event was attended by people of different ages. The column was accompanied by police.
    At the end of the event, the procession participants launched a fire raft in the Daugava.
    According to police, about 400 people took part in the march. A larger torchlight procession is scheduled for November 18, when Latvia celebrates Independence Day.
  7. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 12 November 2017 10: 04
    Enough enough and with humor. Thank.
  8. astankard
    astankard 12 November 2017 10: 27
    Sobchak-leader? Who?
    There is a leader in every Madhouse - this is the Chief Physician, but not sick at all.
    1. IL-18
      IL-18 12 November 2017 12: 09
      “There are few true violent ones, and there are no leaders” (V. Vysotsky)
      1. astankard
        astankard 13 November 2017 13: 35
        If you look, we have more violent leaders than ordinary violent leaders.
  9. japs
    japs 12 November 2017 11: 11
    As always, all relevant issues are highlighted. Thank!
    For the Great October Revolution, sorry. So it is for Mikhail Zadornov.
    1. Barshchik-M
      Barshchik-M 12 November 2017 12: 21
      Quote: japs
      As always, all relevant issues are highlighted. Thank!
      For the Great October Revolution, sorry. So it is for Mikhail Zadornov.

      Russians have special genes, it is not for nothing that the West collects our biomaterial and tries to understand what is the phenomenon of the Russian soul?
      Hehe naive ..
      That is the essence of our Russian soul ... I give out a secret! hi
      1. sergevonsohrn
        sergevonsohrn 12 November 2017 14: 48
        a great example of the essence of the "mysterious Russian soul"! selfless and selfless service to the homeland and its people! ".... a native country would live, and there are no other worries!" ... that’s it! and never understand this to the Western goodwill with their mercantile thinking! they have in the armies-solid Landsknechty! and vv Putin perceives the history of his country with all its light and dark sides as a national heritage and heritage, and not as an instrument of political manipulation!
    2. BEECH 1972
      BEECH 1972 13 November 2017 11: 04
      Quote: japs
      As always, all relevant issues are highlighted. Thank!

      They are lit, but only how?!? They grabbed a thread from the world and try to weave from the torn ends, a full-fledged informational picture ... Just a disgusting and unprofessional review. Well, they would have taken some sort of separate topic, scrupulously analyzed and analyzed, and only then expressed their opinion as IMHO. But in most of the cases, they did not understand the topic much and simply turned everything upside down, made their "authoritative" judgments, presenting as comments the readers' comments as proofs. So the "authors of the novel" on the soap ...
  10. The comment was deleted.
    1. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 12 November 2017 12: 21
      Quote: Skywa1ker
      After the "crucified boy in Slavic" - do not believe neither Zakharchenko nor our media. By the way, I don’t believe Ukrainian as well - they’re no less. I believe that the event really happened if both sides recognized.

      "the crucified boy in Slavyansk" is only an element in the information war, of which there were many both on the one hand and on the other hand, but for some reason you only use the theme of the "boy" while ignoring the facts of the discovery of mass graves of civilians in LDNR in territories that were controlled by Kiev.
  11. VladGashek
    VladGashek 12 November 2017 12: 20
    As for the last thesis (assessment of the October Revolution), television documentary, art premieres (Trotsky), and television discussions showed the attitude of the ruling class and, apparently, the Most Important. There can be no misunderstandings and disputes.
  12. izya top
    izya top 12 November 2017 12: 43
    belay wassat
    A young Middle Eastern migrant misunderstood the concept of a contact zoo, having raped a little pony in Germany.
    It is reported by the German newspaper Berliner Morgenpost.

    The shameful incident occurred on Friday at about three in the afternoon in front of visitors to the zoo.
    “The nanny and my son were in Goertzliger park and they had to watch the Arab satisfy his lust with a pony,” said a German woman who wished to remain unknown to reporters.
    Visitors, according to the woman, shot the scene on video and immediately turned to the owners of the zoo, which according to the rules should ensure the safety of visitors, but before this concept primarily included the safety of people from animals. Now, in connection with the rapidly changing composition of the German nation, safety must be provided to animals.
    Park guards detained the man and handed him over to the police. The migrant received a period of house arrest and a ban on visiting the contact zoo.
  13. Mikhail Zubkov
    Mikhail Zubkov 12 November 2017 13: 03
    The diagnosis of the authors is overlooked. In Syria - not a word about the access of the SAA to the Iraqi and Jordanian borders - and this is VEKHA. Israel creeps into Syria not for the sake of the Druze, but to control the Syrian border with Lebanon, which is almost (or already?) Installed. ALL THESE BOUNDARIES ARE IMPORTANT TO RUSSIA, as well as the control of the most important Efrat River from Deir es Zora and Mayadin and downstream along both coasts. This is generally a de facto access to the Persian Gulf, with all the ensuing and flowing logistical consequences. And you about the Druze, the friends of Israel ... Weak authors! Across China, the DPRK, APEC - also not a word. This is a bummer ... With a long list of other important mistakes and omissions. Alas - not a review, but a small chatter.
  14. Esoteric
    Esoteric 12 November 2017 14: 09
    Another week passed, which didn’t add any positive emotions. Again these talking heads explaining how to do things for everyone to feel good, and cute smiling figures who say (for almost 20 years, and some more) that they know how to do well and do, as always.
    The worst loss is when a person leaves whose life was dedicated to one goal - to bring people joy. Mikhail Nikolayevich Zadornov passed away ... Eternal memory ...
  15. Savignon
    Savignon 12 November 2017 15: 57
    Nonsense. The sofa iksperds always think that Putin was confused, Stalin didn’t think it over, they are all stupid up there, I’m a janitor, when I dabble in my Lada in the evening, I can do everything better than Putin and Stalin combined.
    1. Vadim Sh.
      Vadim Sh. 12 November 2017 16: 49
      I fully support you, some experts in foreign and domestic politics and human souls.
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. Vadim Sh.
    Vadim Sh. 12 November 2017 16: 46
    I am sincerely sorry for Zadornov, his kingdom of heaven and eternal rest. sad
  18. TOR2
    TOR2 12 November 2017 19: 49
    The answer to this question lies even in such an aspect as the system of modern education, where the concept of "in absentia", "dual", "remotely", multiplied by "innovative" and "creative", are able to drink the last blood from the domestic engineering school.

    The author clearly dumped everything in one pile. In general, the correspondence system of education, unlike the others listed, existed in the USSR if anyone forgot. The main criterion for admission (in addition to knowledge) was a recommendation from the place of work. For example, the team of creators of the lunar rover for the most part consisted of external students. And they coped with the tasks.
    But really the last blood from the engineering school is able to drink the paid-Kumov system. How can a leader be a person who has not worked in the industry for a day. And university diplomas, and the form of training is "full-time" and something is not clear.
    1. woron333444
      woron333444 12 November 2017 20: 51
      He studied in absentia, three times, and never took a recommendation from the factory. Entered only by the results of exams. He entered in 1978, 1981 and 1984. He entered all three times, and then threw it. Last time weaned all the way.
      1. TOR2
        TOR2 12 November 2017 22: 25
        The second higher course was naturally in absentia. I liked both forms of training. In the selection committees of some universities it was previously strongly recommended to bring a recommendation, there is a certain sense in this.
  19. Den nn
    Den nn 12 November 2017 20: 14
    That's so vyser! ! everything at once. They are also thanked (((after the new year in general, you’ll be like macaques in the menagerie.
  20. BEECH 1972
    BEECH 1972 13 November 2017 01: 24
    In any case, the main thing is to balance your efforts and desires with opportunities, so as not to fall into the funnel that the “great friends of Russia” want so much for us, remembering the consequences of the previous Cold War and the arms race.

    And what is wrong with the consequences of the previous Cold War and the arms race? If someone had a pronounced "mattress" color, he intensely destroyed them or their sources for almost 15 years. And some of the former brothers in the USSR lived for the whole 25 years and still live only due to the very consequences ...
    No need to be seven spans in the forehead, so as not to understand one simple truth. That all the economic stagnation both before the collapse of the USSR, and after its fall. It was only artificially provoked. Stagnation before the collapse of the USSR was caused by traitors from the communist clan, who already in the 1980s were more than 70% liberals. To make people first believe in the collapse of the USSR economy and in the impasse of further development. And also to recklessly believe in a Western fairy tale inflated by propagandists ... Which in fact turned out to be a completely unprofitable enterprise ... For the USSR and all the republics it cares for, in principle, had no debts. And even now, among the largest developed countries, Russia has the least debts ... Well, after 1991, the economies of all the former republics of the USSR, except perhaps Belarus, were controlled by obedient puppets. And they were controlled from across the ocean, by our "friends" under the mattress partners ... Well, how they were controlled and who was involved in this, everyone remembers who managed to survive in the 1990s, especially to survive in the outback ... fool hi
  21. BEECH 1972
    BEECH 1972 13 November 2017 01: 30
    Quote: BEECH 1972
    In any case, the main thing is to balance your efforts and desires with opportunities, so as not to fall into the funnel that the “great friends of Russia” want so much for us, remembering the consequences of the previous Cold War and the arms race.

    And what is wrong with the consequences of the previous Cold War and the arms race? If someone had a clearly pronounced “mattress” color, they themselves were intensely destroyed by themselves or their sources for nearly 15 years. And one of the ex-brothers in the USSR lived for the whole 25 years and still survives, only at the expense of the very “consequences” ...
    No need to be seven spans in the forehead, so as not to understand one simple truth. That all economic stagnation, both before the collapse of the USSR and after its collapse, was only artificially provoked. The stagnation before the collapse of the USSR was caused by traitors from the clan of communists, who already in the 1980s were more than 70% liberals. And they did this to make the people believe in the collapse of the USSR economy and in the impasse of further development. And so that everyone recklessly believed in a Western tale inflated by propagandists ... Which in fact turned out to be a puffed-through and unprofitable enterprise ... For the USSR and all the republics it cares for did not have any debts in principle. And even now, among the largest developed countries, Russia has the least debts ... Well, after 1991, the economies of all the former republics of the USSR, except perhaps Belarus, were controlled by obedient puppets. And they were controlled from across the ocean, by our "sub-mattress" "partners" - "friends" ... But how they were controlled and who was involved in this, everyone remembers who managed to survive in the 1990s, especially where to survive somewhere in the outback and away from the capitals ... fool hi
  22. BEECH 1972
    BEECH 1972 13 November 2017 02: 19
    When I just started talking about Sarmat, I honestly thought that the rocket would be solid fuel. Moreover, the Perm plant can produce the steps necessary for a heavy missile dimension. But alas. We stopped at the liquid. Of course, they have some advantages over solid fuel (in particular in terms of specific impulse), but there are also disadvantages.

    Yes, do not care about the difference in weight or some shortcomings. And while ballistic missiles with a heavy-class rocket engine were adopted, the country's civil and military leadership, along with representatives of the Strategic Missile Forces, were guided by completely different criteria. Namely, the shelf life of heavy mine-based missiles without any maintenance, or their regular removal to replace fuel cell cartridges. But rockets of the same class with solid-fuel engines have a very short shelf life, after which they are simply simply useless. Either the rocket does not start at all, or it starts but does not work properly ... And for the Strategic Missile Forces, the possibility of storing for a long time without regular maintenance or replacements, unmasking the positions of the points, was just the main determining factors ... And even despite the betrayal of many military ranks from the highest echelons of power, many nuclear clubs ready for inevitable retribution are still waiting in the wings. Not discovered and discovered, not touched and still formidable ...
  23. ihappy
    ihappy 13 November 2017 03: 32
    What for write comments of some strange people?
    The opinion of the cooks is not interesting. Maximum under the text in the form of comments.
    But in the text, why?
  24. Skywa1ker
    Skywa1ker 22 November 2017 19: 01
    Quote: Nyrobsky
    ignoring the facts of the discovery of mass graves of civilians in LDNR in territories that were controlled by Kiev.

    Dear, in conditions of inf war, the fact of the existence of which you acknowledge, even dubious topics with a boy are inflated. I would never believe that if there were such burials, this would not have been squealed from all the irons, accusing each other of genocide. Therefore, I'm sorry, not convinced.