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Results of the week. The whole world is a theater, and Ukraine is a circus

Neubienny. On all screens of the country

Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko is alive. This was announced by the head of the SBU Vasily Gritsak. And then the “resurrected” himself appeared in front of the cameras. Already the customer is arrested ...

This Maidan Hera ... So heroically lie in a puddle of diluted pig blood for the sake of exposing the bloody gebni! And what a revelation is now only in the reading book of outstanding special operations, so that future generations of “esbeushnikov” read and weep for joy with the professionalism of their predecessors, who managed to tune it up against Maidan Ukraine even its main agents live. Solid Five.

Comments from our readers:

Can anybody clearly explain to me, why the hell Russian special services organize the murder of Babchenko? Until yesterday, I didn’t know that there was any journalist Babchenko there ...

Look for those who benefit from it. RF is why?

Of course, only from Russia))) he hid his passport in Ukraine and did not show it to anyone))) In the internet there are no fresh photos of him) it was necessary to take an old one from a passport.

Alexander Romanov
A good idea is to fake Poroshenko’s murder and look at the public reaction, both in Russia and Ukraine.

Where did the toad jump?

According to Basurin, an attempt to approach the positions of the DPR troops took place during the week. At the same time, the Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group uncovered itself, striking against a minefield.

Somehow, this time right away, one of the best armies of the continent didn’t work. She got used to it - to jump into the gray zone, hang out, and then put up her positions at the front auction - who will give more. Now, the auction didn’t work well, because mines ... In addition, one of the best armies of the continent unsuccessfully entered the kebab in the forest belt under the Gorlovka - several barbecue players with barbecues were not counted as a result. But isn’t this somehow canceling peremog? ..

Comments from our readers:

As an option - to mine the “gray zone” more, did it right. It seems that the DPR is not going anywhere anymore, and it’s very unpleasant for the attackers and the DRGs to lay mines before their trenches.

A good one
The APU has a short memory, usually they don’t remember a good one, but here it is the opposite. They got used to shkodnichat with impunity, but in the chest to knock on a citizen with or without cause. They underestimate, and how could it be otherwise, if the defenders of Donbass are represented by imbeciles, marauders, homeless people in all media and from all the stands.

The commander of the Ukrainian air reconnaissance puts her results on Facebook!
Soon the spies will begin to announce their abandonment in the rear of the enemy in classmates.

Is armor strong?

Three artillery boats from the Caspian flotilla transferred to the Sea of ​​Azov. Boats made the transition from Astrakhan and arrived in Kerch on May 23, 2018. According to reports, the purpose of the transfer is to strengthen the protection of the Kerch Bridge and increase military pressure on Ukraine in the Sea of ​​Azov. The transferred artillery boats - two armored boats of project 1204 (code Bumblebee) and one boat of project 1400M (code "Vulture").

Results of the week. The whole world is a theater, and Ukraine is a circus

The rhetoric of the Ukrainian "partners" is such that, if you want - you do not want, strengthening the Kerch area along with the entire Azov water area is a matter necessary by definition. After all, provocations, especially after the “murder of Babchenko”, even the most uprooted, became the norm for the glorifiers of the glorious digging of the Black Sea.

Comments from our readers:

Andrey K
Now the Sumerians will scream about obstructing navigation.

Art whistle is resting, now we hear artistic howl. Western vocals will take part in the vocals.

Such a "little one" can squeeze his heels very well. ))) We have them on the day of the Navy shoot every time ... I thought I would go deaf. True, the question of seaworthiness in the storm season is how to be?

I really respect all the guests of the VO, but have mercy .... Let tears of emotion, looking at outdated (not for one generation) pelvis, throw caps in the upcoming ecstasy from the destruction of Ukraine’s Bumblebees in the fleet, and what about the Danube hint ...) this is very stupid. Just as it is stupid to “drag” into the Sea of ​​Azov more serious and (it is no secret) almost piece-like Buyans and their ilk. "Bumblebees" just plugged a hole. The problem as was-and remained. Our naval presence in the Sea of ​​Azov is very symbolic. Well, there was no such need. Although after clicking on the nose from Ukraine in stories with the island of Tuzla - it would be worth thinking early. Now the problem has become “full length” And it will not close it with mongoose with grachenki. And we have no project for the Sea of ​​Azov. But the “Gyurza” is a very suitable option for the Sea of ​​Azov. Based on this, it is necessary to think ... What can we oppose to Gurse and future surprises from the Sumerians.

Defense. Canvas, oil

The Ukrainian State Concern "Ukroboronprom" 24 of May 2018 of the year stated that the state-owned enterprise "A.A. Morozov Kharkiv Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering", which is part of the State Corporation "Ukroboronprom", is working on the creation of new-generation combat vehicles, which should be put into service Ukrainian army in 2020-ies. Designers and engineers of the KMDB are now focused on building the BMP-U, a new infantry fighting vehicle, which should replace the BMP-1 and BMP-2.

Brilliant Ukrainian decisions on military equipment are the norm of today. Substituting the “necessary” letter and passing it off as the latest development is what else. But there is a pencil superweapon from the series tank Tirex, the Ukrainian destroyer Armat. A separate conversation about the fact that “Armat” is still so much that it is only for parade defile, but the fact remains: some are thrown with hats, others with pencils.

Comments from our readers:

BMP-U? Wretchedness? Or humiliation?

And our "Kurgants-25", the figure - what's this? Twenty-five years of waiting or twenty-five ceremonial cars?

Yes, the dog with them ... Why stebate over a poor country trying to prove itself its own greatness? Elections there soon. There, whatever you create, the problem will remain the same. There is no one to fight, and will not. Ukrainians do not want to fight. Do not see the point. There are, of course, at the advanced division, sharpened by self-suggestion to repel the "quilted jackets" of the territory of Novorossia, but before the first serious losses. And this is not enough even for local success. As for the rest, fools are dying less and less for power, which they hate both themselves and their relatives, and in general, relatives either live or work in Russia.

PAK YES. Still a flying wing?

In the distant future, the first prototype aircraft created under the project “Perspective aviation long-range aviation complex ”(PAK DA). At the moment, this project is at the stage of design work and therefore most of the information about it is not yet subject to disclosure. However, from time to time, new reports and assessments appear in the domestic and foreign press. In recent months, the total amount of information available on PAK YES has increased markedly.

If you believe the information that leaks out on the PAK DA project, they decided, as they say, to sink for the flying wing. The main thing is that, ultimately, the project does not remain in the format of colorful drawings, but still got to the Russian Aerospace Council. And it didn’t just come, but became a new pivot of long-range aviation development.

Comments from our readers:

For a long time it was confirmed that:
- the concept of "flying wing" is a "dead end" / "stupid decision"
- stealth is not needed by anyone, they see radar without problems

However, practice shows that both statements are lies and / or hypocrisy - nothing else can explain the fact that the Russian Federation, albeit with a delay of 20-30 years, but goes the same way.

Personally, I am quite normal in a situation where I am “foolish” and I understand that I need to “copy” based on the experience of my neighbors. I see nothing wrong with that. The whole history of the countries is saturated with this. Physics is the same for everyone.
It annoys me when the howl in the spirit of the saucepan holders comes up, "fu-y, they have handicrafts, but ours ...", and then it turns out that these "handicrafts" are the future.

It seems you, dear something "misunderstood" .....
First of all, no one claimed "that the" flying wing "is a dead end road" !! (If you can provide SPECIFIC LINKS for specific materials - please "in the studio" !!).
Secondly, no one claimed that the “flying wing” was MORE noticeably than the machines of the “traditional orientation”.
Yes! They are less noticeable, although their radars EVERYTHING EQUALLY see (!). Just the detection range is reduced!
By the way, B-2 was criticized (and deservedly so!) For the accepted concept of application - it was originally intended to deliver free-falling thermonuclear bombs to the enemy’s territory (ie, must leak through the air defense system !!!!!). When the amers "reached", that "a fig won't come out," they began to adapt it to "Tomahawks" .... As a result, the topic "B-21" appeared ...

They began to laugh when the "pseudosteles" were shot down by Soviet antiquities ... (no offense to Soviet technology).

Cyborgs you are not cyborgs

Ukrainian soldiers continue to leave the ranks of their units directly on the front line. At the same time, some of them flee to the rear and try to hide from the Ukrainian justice, while others, realizing that they are unlikely to escape in the end, decide to go over to the side of the people's republics of Donbass.

The tendency speaks about the attitude of atoshnikas towards themselves and ordinary Ukrainian citizens towards athoshniki. The overwhelming majority of the population does not see their defenders dressed in camouflage. And then the anti-press adds the Poroshenko team (to the elections), declaring that among the “veterans of the ATO” there is literally no place for the number of “Kremlin agents” who, through one, “receive money from Putin’s fund”. And the foundation is apparently so secret that even Vladimir Putin himself is neither dreaming nor in spirit about his existence.
By the way, where is the famous cyborg boldness? ..

Comments from our readers:

For a long time, many would be taxing if it were not for the remaining relatives, to whom inappropriate actions would be applied.

The faster they throw off the ukrobanderovskiy clique from the leadership and from life, the more they will survive, and civilians will suffer less along with other damage.

It looks interesting - all defenders of the country are usually in balaclava!
Why fear "heroes", why hide their faces? Or maybe they are afraid of revenge and understand perfectly well that they are criminals.

Give gas and a billion!

In Europe, began to arrest the property of "Gazprom". Swiss bailiffs began to implement the decision of the Stockholm arbitration, according to which our gas giant has to pay 2,6 billion dollars to the Ukrainian Naftogaz.

The blue dream of Naftogaz, like the Ukrainian authorities of any era of independence, is a pipe with Russian gas to Europe, which can be used as a health resort, a breadbasket and a forge. Pipeline without gas in the interests of Kiev, of course, is not included. But the uproarness has reached such an incredible scale that they will continue to do everything so that the new pipe will go through anyone, but not through the territory of Ukraine.

So, I think, it will take several years and the Ukrainian Rumen Raden and / or Boyko Borisov will arrive in Sochi or Moscow and declare that the older and the big always have to forgive the younger and the youngest, and that it’s necessary to keep the gas pipe through Ukrainian lands. And Russia, as a good soul, will say: Well, brother, so be it.

Comments from our readers:

The black
In order not to lose in the European courts, it is necessary to top managers of large companies with state participation not to shove their own children and personally loyal lackeys, but to appoint competent economists and lawyers.

How to protect? To bomb Switzerland or Sweden? And if you look at who the shareholders of Nord Stream are, it turns out that there is entirely German business there. So in this case, Ukraine "stepped on a corn" to German business. Mom Merkel will tell Poroshenko “thank you very much” for this. It's only the beginning. So it was with the arrest of property at the suit of the shareholders of YUKOS. Ukraine confronted with European business. The consequences of such actions are not immediately apparent. But when they manifest, some will be very "painful."

The Armenian radio is asked what makes Yanukovych different from Poroshenko.

The radio responds:
“In his youth, Yanukovych took off his hat from a passer-by, and Poroshenko’s maturity, with half of the population of Ukraine, his pants.”

Is it possible that KamAZ and Urals will retire?

In 2018, the Russian Armed Forces will begin to receive new Tornado cars, Lieutenant-General Alexander Shevchenko, head of the Main Automobile and Armored Directorate of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, told on the radio Echo of Moscow.
Comments from our readers:

Of course, there is no change, but as a supplement, yes. For chasing armored trucks for transporting bags of buckwheat from a distant warehouse to the soldiers' canteen - neither is the aerobatics in the economy. Yes, and the Russian army without KamAZ and Uralov is practically the same thing as the Russian army without Kalash.

Comments from our readers:

Naturally, the "Tornado" and "Typhoon" are much more expensive, so the question arises "Otkel is such wealth (c)"

The cars are certainly good, but how well justified is the complete replacement of all trucks with armored versions.

Rather, it is necessary to fix right away that the KamAZ and Urals will not disappear, but simply become different. For Typhoon and Tornado - this is not the brand of car.

Su-57 beats F-35, then F-35 beats Su-57

The only thing that Lockheed Martin, together with the Norwegian Kongsberg Defense Systems, can oppose to our Su-57, is the final development and adaptation to the two “close” inside-body compartments of the Lightning tactical missile JSM with a range of more than 300 km developed on the base the well-known anti-ship NSM especially for the Norwegian Air Force.

If you read the analytics in the Western press, then it is such that today the F-35 utterly smashes the Su-57 squadron, and the American pilot is watching "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" on the screen of the multimedia helmet, and tomorrow Su-57 suddenly becomes so great, that neither the F-35, nor the F-22 and his socks are suitable.

Comments from our readers:

It’s too early to be proud of being "unfinished" without fighting victories But there is already something in it.

What do you all got to the penguin? Already figured out - the project is economic. Purely from a military point of view, it’s a universal workhorse, moderately subtle, not very fast, and not a failure at all. The only thing that didn’t work out for amers was to make it inexpensive (but this has already been said). It can not be compared with the F-22 and Su-57. This is not his class rivals initially.

Which of the fighters is more effective, only real air battles will prove.

Four dead

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation confirmed the information about the tragic incident in the Syrian Arab Republic. Killed four Russian soldiers.

The artillery battery of the Syrian army, which had several Russian military instructors, was attacked at night by mobile militant groups. Events developed in the province of Deir ez-Zor. Militants used pick-ups and opened fire on large-caliber infantry servicemen of the CAA and Russian Armed Forces weapons, mortars and grenade launchers.

Russian and Syrian soldiers took the fight. By fire artillery, the militants were repelled, but attempted a new attack. As a result of the battle, two Russians died on the spot, another five were injured of varying degrees of severity, mostly fragmentation. Militants also suffered losses - at least 43 killed.

"Military Review" together with the families and relatives of the victims mourns the heroes.

All Russian military personnel involved in heavy fighting, submitted to state awards.

Comments from our readers:

Comrade Kim
Rest in peace…

No wonder the United States entrenched themselves in Deir Ez-Zor, creating enclaves with the help of Kurds and redirecting ISIS (forbidden in Russia) to the right place ... The accuracy of the shelling allows us to conclude that the United States Army Fighters are pointing!

This allows us to conclude only about the krivorukost intelligence, protection of the object and the organization of defense. Let the militants at a distance of a mortar shot in an open field - this is a must to try.
By the way, as an example of a well-organized defense of the object, the attack of Wagner’s men and locals near Deir Ez-Zor against the Americans can be given. Intelligence, monitoring of the terrain, interception of radio communications and instant air support clearly showed how these attacks ended. Of the 40 US special forces, who were at the facility, there was no loss.

With appropriate training and equipment is possible. In this case, the miscalculation allowed the mobile group of militants to come so close to the battery and strike. I continue to argue that without technical support from third-party specialists there was no cost.

The shelling was from pickups and ptuur, do not suck from the finger. Protection from the local, at the sight of the approaching dust, the carts fled and left the boys with the howitzers alone.

Lavrenti Pavlovich
Eternal memory to the heroes. And boomers with their Western advisers must be ruthlessly punished, not taken prisoner.

Militants kill ... impossible!

The United States warned the Syrian government about the inadmissibility of hostilities against the militants in the south-west of the country. State Department spokesperson H. Nauert said that if the Syrian army launches an operation in the de-escalation zone, the United States will take "decisive, appropriate measures." Also, the State Department spokeswoman said that the United States remains committed to ensuring stability in the de-escalation zone, and the “Assad regime” with the support of Russia and Iran constantly violates the cease-fire and continues the conflict.

The warning from Mrs. Nauert is very curious. And indicative. The fact is that the Syrian army, with the assistance of the Russian videoconferencing, just finished freeing the militants from the suburbs of Damascus, captured by the "oppositionists" seven years ago, in 2011 year.

The State Department doesn’t like very much the rapid decrease in the area controlled by the armed “democratic opposition”. And it would be not bad if the Syrian army, and at the same time the Russians and the Iranians, stopped to liberate the territories from the bearded ones and listened to what the clever aunts and uncles from the USA say.

The transatlantic hegemon seems to teach: it is not the voices of reason that must be obeyed, but the voices of Washington.

Comments from our readers:

Hunter 2
Is there anyone who is not threatened by the US? Stupid little people ... Take care, please, and it will hurt much! Tired of these talking heads !!! Well, this is not at least radically ugly ...

Hmm ... No longer ashamed and not embarrassed, they designate to the whole world, on whose side the US is fighting.

To lie in the interests of MUH is her direct responsibility, for which she is paid money.

So what? Syrian authorities in their own country and have every right to destroy the bandits and the Americans, by the way, too, because in Syria they are engaged in ordinary banditry. And the State Department on this issue should just shut up. Not his business. Hour "X" is close. Soon they will have to get out of the house with a tail between their legs, as it was already in Vietnam.

Abdallah's error

The Russian Ministry of Defense sharply commented on the publication in the Lebanese and Israeli editions of information that the Su-34 Russian Aerospace Forces aircraft intercepted the Israeli F-16. Recall, initially this kind of information appeared on the Lebanese information portal AMN and several portals of Israel, and it was noted that there is no exact data whether it was the interception of the Su-34 of F-16 aircraft, "or vice versa."

The Russian defense department called this kind of publication "amateurish stupidity": "Information disseminated by one of the Israeli news resources, about the alleged "interception" by Russian Su-34s of two Israeli F-16s in Lebanese airspace - amateurish stupidity. " It was noted that, although the Su-34s have the functions of not only a bomber, but also a fighter, they are not used by the Russian Aerospace Forces to intercept any aircraft.

The primary source of “information” about “interceptions” appears to be video frames on the Internet. They published a user Abdullah Samra. It is on them that Lebanese and Israeli resources based their publications. Abdullah claimed that a Russian Su-34 was seen over Lebanon, accompanying Israeli military aircraft (“or vice versa”). On the frame, however, there was only one plane! In the Israeli media, however, they suggested that (if the cadres are truly Lebanese), it could have been about “the exercises of the Russian Aerospace Force of the Russian Federation near the border of Syria and Lebanon”.

With this analytical approach, any aircraft in the sky can be the source of dozens of conspiracy hypotheses. Yes, with such a predilection not for long and see a UFO in the sky over Lebanon! Especially for Eastern experts, "VO" reports: aliens also help Russians.

And now a little bit of the most common truth: the Russian Su-34 does not perform tasks in Lebanese airspace.

Comments from our readers:

That the news, to put it mildly, extremely bad, was immediately clear. Front-line bombers of the Russian Federation intercept a light maneuverable fighter, and even in the sky of a foreign sovereign state. What is not clear is the number of comments from not the most stupid (as it seemed) people.

Though our MO responded! But everyone hoped so much that maybe even our vaunted F-35 in the sky of Lebanon drove the slippers !!! And here is such a bummer !!!

The Israeli media suggested (if the cadres are truly Lebanese) that it could have been a matter of "the exercises of the Russian Aerospace Forces near the border of Syria and Lebanon." Something is wrong with them. It is necessary blurted out: exercises in the district of hostilities!

Unclear liability

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands made a statement regarding the crash of the Malaysian "Boeing" in the sky over the Donbas in July 2014. After statements by the Minister of Transport of Malaysia that he considers the statements of the Dutch prosecutor’s office about Russia's fault to be unproven, the head of the Dutch Foreign Ministry, Stef Blok, said that the Netherlands did not rule out that ultimately the blame could be placed on the Ukrainian side. In particular, the speech came about the fact that official Kiev violated international norms, not taking care to close the airspace of the country during the hostilities on its territory. True, Blok noted that for the time being there are no sufficient grounds to assert that Ukraine’s responsibility is obvious.

This is what happens? There are grounds for pointing the finger at Russia (this is exactly what the Minister of Transport of Malaysia called this action), despite the lack of evidence, but the reasons for the investigation into the obvious facts of the guilt of Ukraine ... are not obvious?

On the other hand, the Netherlands, which previously declared Russia’s fault, will still have to answer questions about what actions it has not taken, and which, on the contrary, Ukraine took on that terrible day for civil aviation. Ukraine will have to answer: after all, it not only did not close the airspace, but also led the plane over the epicenter of the fighting. It is also known that after the catastrophe Kiev “hid” the Dnepropetrovsk dispatchers and has not yet disclosed the details of their talks with the crew members of the MH17 board.

Unclear responsibility, speak?

Comments from our readers:

The black
No brainer that the West does not need reliable results. All the statements of the Netherlands are made on the basis of political conjuncture, which once again proves the corruption and deceit of Western politicians ...

Sofa expert
This is how black boxes, dispatchers and negotiation records will be provided, then negotiations should be started, otherwise nothing ...

The Dutch “specialists” were too much involved in the blame for Russia. Four years of pouring from empty to empty, they themselves created a situation, as a result of which even in the West the number of those who doubt the objectivity of the investigation grows. Better late than never.

The army is, no weapons and ammunition

The German press publishes materials on the shortcomings of Ursula von der Lyayen as the Minister of Defense of Germany. It turns out that special commissions, including the Counting Commission of the Budget Committee of the Parliament, revealed facts of "fake" reports on military equipment put into service with the Bundeswehr. Many of the weapons systems that the ministry designated as “ready for action” were in fact not. For example, corvettes, officially classified as "combat-ready", or did not have weapons at the time of surrender to the troops, or these weapons did not respond to the declared functionality. Revealed not even ready-to-use guided missiles!

What are the suitable ships and submarines that are not equipped with weapons? What is the navy capable of if there are no missiles? And really such a fleet of "combat"? Questions rhetorical. Not good, Ursula! Doing postscript! But times are tough, the “Russian threat” is on the threshold!

Recall that this kind of problem in the German army voiced in the press is not the first time.

Last year, for example, it turned out that the German army in the most serious way exhausted stock of ammunition.

In 2015 was passed informationthat on the teachings the Germans are fighting instead of machine guns with cuttings from shovels (or, according to poorly verified rumors, from broomstick), imitating the sounds of shooting with their mouths. "Ta-ta-ta ... Ta-ta-ta!"

Comments from our readers:

Frau von der Lyayen will have to return to his specialty - gynecology. I guess from the spectacle of the "objects of specialization."

The ancestors of the Germans in the coffin turn a twist on what the German nation has become, or rather, where the United States has put it.

So why they spin. These same ancestors are themselves to blame for everything. And who asked them to move to Russia? Would sit in their "millennial Reich" and to the east did not even think to look. And so "even the French" they won. Now their descendants are sitting under the heel of Uncle Sam and they are afraid to utter a word.

Not a prospect, but a reality

Thomas Giuliano, American specialist in aerospace technology at the University of Notre Dame (Indiana), spoke about the process of creating in Russia a unique type of weapon - the Avangard complex with a hypersonic rocket unit. According to Giuliano, Russia managed to do something that nobody has yet been able to do: create a propulsion system that provides speed of movement above 10 sound speeds (10 Mach). At the same time, an American expert notes that Russia has solved the task very effectively.

And the arguments of the expert are available.

Not only Russia, but also the USA and China also tried to test their versions of hypersonic weapons. However, neither the HTV product (USA), nor DF-ZF (China) during tests showed themselves properly. Thus, the overseas expert makes it clear that the statements of Russian President Putin about the development of a promising hypersonic Avangard missile system should be taken seriously.

Comments from our readers:

Grandfather Makar
If the United States were surrounded and crushed with sanctions, they would also create something similar ... You want to live - and you can imagine something else! We are Russian ...

Americans are accustomed to sawing budgets. For the Russian Federation, the choice is small: think of something or surrender. So it turns out: the necessity for invention is cunning.

We do not have a will, do not offend our ancestors! They left us a legacy for many years to come! We will be worthy of our great ancestors!

The Chinese praise the Chinese

The Chinese portal has released material stating that the three leading countries of Latin America, Argentina, Brazil and Chile, have stopped buying Russian weapons, preferring Chinese. The publication writes that Russia previously supplied weapons to the above-mentioned countries (in 2013, by 928 million dollars), but by 2017, deliveries were close to zero.

The Chinese portal names two problems of the Russian military industrial complex. The first problem is competitiveness, which is supposedly based on Western developments and components. Under the sanctions Russia will not be able to buy Western components. The second problem of the Russian military industrial complex is a very low level of investment in new technologies and software development in Russia.

The conclusion of Chinese analysts, it must be assumed, also has two components. Firstly, Russian weapons are not competitive, and therefore the Russians will soon lose the world arms market. Secondly, the Russians will lose what the Chinese will take: they produce really high-quality equipment based on domestic components. Where did these components come from, analysts bashfully hold back.

Comments from our readers:

Evil 55
There is in it its own truth ... But the basis still lies in the training of soldiers and commanders ... There is no sense in trusting the macaque with the PU-12 fire control panel ...

It's not even the market! Namely. The presence of domestic components for the production of military equipment as such plays a crucially important role during the war and preparation for war!
On the nose is the war of NATO with Russia, and, according to the plans of the Pentagon, on Russian territory! You can not turn a blind eye to this! In the strategic plan of Russia is no longer to the market.
And if the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation does not make a rapid replacement of imports of components as quickly as possible, then Russia can by and large lose this war - and it will definitely lose!
The government of the Russian Federation, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation needed to think about this even a year ago 2!
And now Russia needs to get out of this situation as quickly as possible.

Operation will still show and put everything in its place, especially in terms of quality. But the fact that we are lagging behind is a fact, and we are not hiding it, so we will make up for everyone to be happy.))

Kick back in your seat.

Paul Craig Roberts - known economist, analyst, doctor of science. Mr. Roberts was not invited to the economic forum in St. Petersburg, but if he had been there, he would have delivered a speech on the plundering of Russia and Putin’s erroneous policy aimed at integrating with the West.

The economist of the old school Roberts advises Russia to develop without the West and even without the dollars that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation likes to operate on, and in which, exactly according to Kudrin's financial policy, the currency savings of the state that loves cups are stored. Mr. Roberts, in recent years inclined to artistic conspiracy (at least to hyperbolization), forgets, however, that Russia sells oil for dollars, and it’s not the rules of the market game that it sets. He forgets about how much the federal budget of the Russian Federation depends on petrodollars. There is also the burning issue of Western technology.

As for Putin, who is often mentioned in Roberts’s material, everything with his views on the United States is simple and clear. There can be no two opinions.

Two years ago, just at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, the Russian president called the United States the only superpower. “America is a great power. Today, probably the only superpower. We take it, ”Putin said. He also noted that Russia wants and is ready to work with the United States: “The world needs such a powerful country as the USA. And we need. But we do not need them to constantly interfere in our affairs, indicate how we live, hinder Europe from building relations with us. ”

Russia is not a superpower, and it does not need it. Earlier, in January 2016, V. Putin said that Russia does not claim the role of a superpower: "... it is expensive and to nothing."

If you go back to Roberts' theses, then, apparently, you should conclude: it’s really time for American neo-cons to lie back in their chairs and relax.

Comments from our readers:

Somewhere I agree with him, somewhere not quite ... But the main idea corresponds to reality. We are ruined by the children of Gaidarov's nest ...

Victor N
As long as we are sitting at our computers instead of a garden and gathering mushrooms, only kirdyk will shine on the economy! And even 16 presidents can do nothing!
I have been living for a long time, but never once did semolina fall on me, for whom I did not vote.
Personal economic program: to support yourself personally, working and earning money, considering the pension as a gift of fate (for oil).

If the country's economy depends on mushroom picking, then this is not even Gabon.

I can not name the modern economic policy of Russia neoliberal. It has long become a kind of state capitalism. Like and large private property is welcome, and at the same time, the state takes the most active part in serious industries, especially in the defense industry.
What "explains" the citizens of Russia Paul Craig Roberts is a creeping provocation, a good attempt to set up the people against their own government and against Putin specifically. But Putin does not equal the West and the United States. GDP takes into account all their mistakes, trying to avoid those in the Russian reality. This is where the word "hybrid" becomes appropriate: one can say that Russia has a hybrid economic course. With the development of small private enterprises, large private property, serious private business with a state controlling stake and purely state enterprises.
No need to trustfully be conducted on the "analyst" Roberts, as well as any other analytics from Western "experts." All of them are gradually trying to crawl into the soul and consciousness of the Russian people, then to raise the people against the clever Russian government. And our power is smart now. At the western rate does not drift. It goes its own way, independent, at the same time not eliminating from Western investments and interacting with Western capital. And it is right. Self-isolation of Russia to us to anything.

Ingvar 72
Is state capitalism really state? In my opinion, we simply have an oligarchic state and are used for their own purposes by a handful of oligarchs.

Exactly. Small clarification.
In Russia, we have peripheral comprador oligarchic-bureaucratic capitalism with an authoritarian form of government. It is such a socio-political formation with two ruling classes - bureaucrats and oligarchs. Such a system is not capable of providing the necessary level of development for Russia.

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  1. The black
    The black 3 June 2018 06: 26
    The whole world is a theater, and Ukraine is a circus
    Ukraine, of course, is a circus. But the circus is bloody. And it looks like the next performance of this big top will be at the World Cup. At least you need to seriously prepare.
    1. Boris55
      Boris55 3 June 2018 07: 34
      The circus is not a circus, but somehow they forgot about the Skripals ...
      1. Chertt
        Chertt 3 June 2018 08: 20
        Quote: Boris55
        but about Skripals somehow everyone forgot

        There is still "gaddy dad (s)", freezes. It is believed that by the opening of the World Cup, it will not be "cured" and will present a completely dead carcass.
        1. Boris55
          Boris55 3 June 2018 08: 38
          Quote: Chertt
          It is believed that by the opening of the World Cup, it will not be "cured" and will present a completely dead carcass.

          Then a daughter will have to, like a sudden aggravation of a “newcomer” ... Papanka is the only thing that allows her to manipulate.
          1. Chertt
            Chertt 3 June 2018 09: 22
            Quote: Boris55
            Then you will have a daughter, such as a sudden exacerbation of the "beginner"

            Judging by the video appeal (an eerie sight), the daughter thoroughly destroyed the brain, psychologically, chemically, or all together. There is nothing left of the man. (And she was warned not to be born the daughter of a traitor, it will not lead to anything good)
            1. Alena Frolovna
              Alena Frolovna 3 June 2018 13: 34
              The circus is not a circus, but somehow everyone forgot about the Skripals ...

  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 3 June 2018 06: 31
    Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko is alive.
    Perhaps this news in a week made the most noise. There is nothing holy in the Ukronazi unnecessary. They go to the most heinous provocations, not disdaining anything. A misunderstanding of the present, not the state ... bully
    1. The black
      The black 3 June 2018 06: 40
      Quote: aszzz888
      Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko is alive.

      That’s why he’s “Russian?” ... What Russian publication does he work for? .... An ordinary selling ghoul, an alcoholic .... and, in general, as a journalist, this VOSKYSENYSh has already died .... will he be left alive? animal, another question. Maybe they will strangle (it will be presented as revenge of Russia)
      1. izya top
        izya top 3 June 2018 06: 54
        Quote: Black
        That's why he is "Russian?"

        probably at the place of registration, in some Magadan itk
      2. aszzz888
        aszzz888 3 June 2018 06: 56
        Black Today, 06: 40 ... and, as a journalist, this EXCELLENCE has already died .... whether he will be left alive as an animal is another question. Maybe they will strangle

        hi ! I believe he will get his full. Time will come, be sure to get it.
  3. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 3 June 2018 07: 01
    A week of petty dirty tricks, absurdity and nonsense. We didn’t have time to cool down our Skripaly passions, we just “died out Poroshenko’s explosions and missile attacks” on the Crimean bridge, Polish-American cries about impudent Russian policy to impose “bonded gas treaties and conditions” on the EU, as new “scarecrows” are thought up . That British fans, coupled with Ukrainian in the amount of: "30 + 000" were going to spoof at the World Cup. That court, based on materials from the Internet, recognizes the undeniable guilt of Russia and its direct participation in the incident with a Boeing shot down over Ukraine. Suddenly, a “murder” appeared, followed by the resurrection of the Russian citizen Arkady Babchenko in Ukraine. What a strange situation in this European yellow house. No one cares about the tolerance problems brought by small million refugee groups. Mutual claims on debts subsided and shrank. The so-called “Brexit” was launched by chance. French silent "Charlie Ebdo." All the forces and thoughts of the countries of Eastern Europe under the leadership of a non-European state are aimed at preventing the aggression of Russia, its unprecedented advancement of its borders towards (???) ...request in general, to where they are ... belay Adolf Aloisovich himself could envy such a zealous preparation. But why? It is surprising that the inhabitants of Germany are not enthusiastic about such demarches. Only Poland is truly glad for this. Seen avenging apples. But she from Russia in case of conflict, nothing but "lyuley" breaks off.

    Separate glory can and should be sung to one of the world's "madmen", "Rocket Man", the thunderstorm of the American state - Kim Jong-un. To a person who has proved that he is afraid of a bold bullet, Trump does not take the brave. This is how one small, but very proud country squeezed a "big and strong" superpower, proving to the whole world that authority is gained not by the right to threaten, but by the right to adequately respond to threats. Foreign Minister S. Lavrov discussed the prospects for mutual cooperation with Russia. There is evidence that a meeting between Un and Putin is possible. Good news, good news.
    But the preparation of the meeting between Putin and Trump causes a feeling of annoyance. Annoyances from the worthlessness of such a meeting ...

    Or here is such an event of the week - unexpectedly, according to some information, 9 were lost from the “cash and property of Colonel Zakharchenko in the amount of 200 billion rubles intended for circulation to state revenue” during transportation (organizations and departments !!!) rubles. Maybe the taxi driver stole? But do not be upset. What do you want? They just took their share for the transportation. So many people were involved, do you follow everyone? Even in the highest echelons of power, this happens during budget execution. They begin to count and ... discover that, for example, in 300, 2016 billion rubles did not reach the addressee. And they say: “This does not mean that this amount was stolen. Only 965 billion rubles were not transferred to the right place. ” Apparently, money was also “transported” from Zakharchenko to the wrong place (or to the right place?) In Russia, they are not used to trifles. 000 million euros “lost” in the South Stream with the vagaries of the Bulgarians. Naftogaz sued $ 000 from the public domain. And everything is decorous, everything is a "bunch." Although, what a sin to conceal, it was under the "former" president and the "old" government. A new order will restore. He only has a time-tested bookkeeper worth what. Here you are not here ...

    The week shows that Vladimir Vladimirovich loved the works of Nikolai Alekseevich (Nekrasov) at school. He very much respected the poem “To whom it is good to live in Russia” and the poem “Forgotten Village”. Could read a few lines by heart, and even in German. This is probably why for 18 years he has been convincing us that the president, officials, deputies, oligarchs, representatives of the zombie industry live the worst in Russia. But there are still all kinds of different ones, the mere appearance of which on Russian territory and on TV screens should cause anger and indignation of the population and the immediate, corresponding reaction of law enforcement agencies. It’s hard not to notice such a peculiarity - “meetings with the people” (annually), which are aimed at pointing out that it’s there, in the provinces, in the provinces, snickering officials of the state hold what they want. And here, in the capital, in the central government, completely different people, different methods and approaches to solving the painful. And they do not steal in billions (they are all paid to them from the budget), and they do not drive around in cars with drunk employees (they just sleep at meetings and events), and they even significantly increased their retirement age (to prevent people from resenting, they started from himself, only Mironov’s proposal - to make the salary of deputies equal to the average for Russia - was unanimously ignored).

    I want to dwell on the upcoming June 7 direct line of the “guarantor” with the people (Or the people with the “guarantor”? Or the separately selected representatives from the people with the media?) The questions that exist are interesting in themselves, especially in the running line. Certainly entertaining are the answers that are sure to overtake the questioner. Some are worried about gas prices. Other lack of housing. Still others would be glad to go to work, but nowhere. And there’s nothing to move to where there is work. Yes, and bank bondage does not suit them. By the way, in Soviet "anti-people" times, the percentage on long-term deposits was three percent, and loans were given at 4%. And then there are some small groups of pensioners, budget workers in the amount of several million who are keenly interested in the promised increase, bringing salaries to the average level in the region (or, as promised, in the amount of 200%?) It’s amazing how everyone and everything there will be enough man and strength, and guarantees, and words, and emotions, and warm, friendly wishes. But I have such a question. Since all our chosen ones are called to serve the people, why not establish the titles of "Honored" and "People's" for them? What are these merits to the Fatherland in the form of orders and medals and even raised to a degree? And before which Fatherland? Indeed, from history and literature, we know that for some the Fatherland was Tsarskoye Selo, for others - Rublevka, there were those who preferred to call the “Turkish coast” and “Misty Albion” the fatherland. Yes! One eccentric poet thought it like this:
    And I,
    like the spring of humanity
    in labor and in battle,
    my fatherland
    my republic!

    But it sounds like: “Honored President of the Russian Federation”, or “Honored Deputy of the State Duma”, or “People’s Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation”! And according to the degrees of sovereign people, it’s even awkward to separate. What is this “fourth degree”? How many bows in pieces and flattering words in kilograms. For some regular affairs are not visible, the results in rubles are “0”, one Brownian movement. What, for example, do ministers for the affairs of the North Caucasus and the development of the Far East? Where then did the Minister for Siberian Affairs go? Or the Minister of Development of the Far North?

    Now for all those who are interested in gas prices, I can definitely say that the government’s activities are aimed at cheaply squandering the public domain. There is no reason to sell energy - liters, barrels and cubic meters - for pennies, pennies and cents. Even to its own owner - the Russian people. Over the years, the Russian oligarchs and the “effective managers” appointed by them through power have been stubbornly coping with this. I see no other reasons for the constant increase in prices ...No.

    But in general, we must rejoice. Summer has come. Sometimes in some places the name does not coincide with the landscape outside the window, but in general. The sprouts of new government creations have risen. The prices for gas rose and rose. Soon after that, tariffs and services will catch up and go up. What do you want? It is necessary to somehow make ends meet those who "gives in growth." Convincing against this background, a situation looms where they say that the number of Russians has decreased by a few thousand. We are smaller, but we have become thicker. Perhaps these are the consequences of "fast foods", but it is possible that some extreme lovers simply "swell" from hunger.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. kepmor
        kepmor 3 June 2018 07: 17
        your interpretation of the events of the week is more objective ... the poem truly reflects the whole essence of the wretchedness of our thinking and being ... thanks !!!
        1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 3 June 2018 12: 04
      Quote: ROSS 42
      But in general, we must rejoice.

      A rare quality: an ironic mindset! And this is good. Of course, you can joke if responsibility for the fate of millions is not hanging on your shoulders ... Yeah, really! wink
      But on business. Everyone is waiting for the mundial ... I think the guarantor too. After this stone falls from the soul - there is hope for the actions of the guarantor to fulfill more than once the "GIVEN" promises to the people ...
      The main direction today is the rise of the country's economy and the fight against poverty ... And, having created the basis, the country's defense capabilities will also be resolved.
    3. petyaivolk
      petyaivolk 4 June 2018 09: 09
      Quote: ROSS 42
      A week of petty dirty tricks, absurdity and nonsense.

      Very good review. Let's do it again. So you can think of something interesting.

      Of course, “Topvar” is a shallow pool for serious thought, and the resource itself is located in the country of hegimony from the same provider as the IG and Levant forum Yes

      "We are smaller, but we have become thicker. Perhaps these are the consequences" ... heroization, mythoization and idealization of US hegemony, and the demographic pit suggests that the GDP and those who stand behind it, although they are part of society, in the words of the GDP : "planted a bomb" in the most material sense, and not in that "research" and "far-fetched ideal" of which they themselves became victims.

      Into the "thickened" masses of Russia, our permanent bourgeois "Fidel", which sailed to us aboard a heavy nuclear missile cruiser, flew on a strategic bomber, crawled in a tank, etc. he will throw his fiery answers to questions, because any question can be answered with an answer, because the hegemon himself is arranged in this world. hi
      1. petyaivolk
        petyaivolk 4 June 2018 09: 22
        our permanent bourgeois "Fidel", which sailed, flew and crawled laughing
    ANCIENT 3 June 2018 07: 01
    It’s a pity that people like Babchenko or the violin are not deprived of their citizenship! And their entry into the country would be prohibited forever!
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 3 June 2018 07: 22
    But does it somehow cancel the overpower? ..
    No wonder the president is a confectioner in Ukraine. They learned very well from the bullshit, in which they got to make candy and trumpet about the next change in the whole world.
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 3 June 2018 07: 37
      rotmistr60 (Gennady) Today, 07: 22
      But does it somehow cancel the appeal? .. It is not for nothing that the president is a confectioner in Ukraine. They learned very well from the bullshit they hit make candy and trumpet about the next change in the whole world.

      hi ! ... and wrap it in a beautiful wrapper ...
    2. Egoza
      Egoza 3 June 2018 09: 30
      Quote: rotmistr60
      They learned very well from the bullshit, in which they got to make candy and trumpet about the next change in the whole world.

      It's only the beginning! we will build a bridge too! Across the Danube! And straight to Europe! tongue
      In Ukraine, a bridge will be built across the Danube, which will connect it with Romania and Europe.
      Ukraine begins to develop the necessary documentation to build a bridge across the Danube. This statement was made during the opening of a new bridge on the Odessa-Reni highway by President Petro Poroshenko.

      This will be a PEREMOGA .... maybe .... while in Kiev they cannot repair a bridge across the road! wassat
      But actually, we have mourning!
      Due to the seizure of accounts of Ukrspirt, the only producer of alcohol in Ukraine, vodka production may stop in the country.
      On Friday, 1 June, the television channel "112 Ukraine" reports.
      In "Ukrspirt" said they would be forced to stop shipments of alcohol to vodka producers

      Well this is how the warriors will go on the attack? and how can I celebrate? Although .... maybe this is a cunning plan of the General Staff? To declare according to the "troops" that there is alcohol in the DPR-LPR - pour in. Oh how they will go on the attack!
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 3 June 2018 16: 20
        Quote: Egoza
        But actually, we have mourning!
        Due to the seizure of accounts of Ukrspirt, the only producer of alcohol in Ukraine, vodka production may stop in the country.
        On Friday, 1 June, the television channel "112 Ukraine" reports.
        In "Ukrspirt" said they would be forced to stop shipments of alcohol to vodka producers

        Here you will quickly find assistants
        Minsk grape wine factory began to supply its products to Ukraine. In particular, we are talking about vodka of the middle price segment, BelTA informs.
        1. Aleksandro
          Aleksandro 3 June 2018 19: 41
          So Grigorich has already transferred “grape wine plants” to the production of “mid-price vodka”? It would be so long ago; and who among the “Belarussian hard workers" needs those same ... grape ... vintage ... seasoned ... natural? By the way, are grapes also imported there, as well as Belarusian-made seafood that flooded the shelves of our stores? Or did they begin to grow their own in sufficient quantities, having surpassed all the Bulgarians and Moldavians?
  6. Grandfather Makar
    Grandfather Makar 3 June 2018 10: 10
    The bad news for Russia is that they tried to come to an agreement with Israel and forced the Iranian paramilitary units to withdraw from the borders of Israel (there will probably be peace))) And they are already wetting Palestine with aviation right there !!!
    We agree to the point that the Russian bases will begin to be wet and we will have to drape everything when asking from Syria, etc.
    And such songs of praise here on the site were Jews .. We almost got up on the mosles and got a forehead bit of claudia hehe
  7. asv363
    asv363 3 June 2018 10: 15
    Quote: Egoza
    But actually, we have mourning!
    Due to the seizure of accounts of Ukrspirt, the only producer of alcohol in Ukraine, vodka production may stop in the country.
    On Friday, 1 June, the television channel "112 Ukraine" reports.
    In "Ukrspirt" said they would be forced to stop shipments of alcohol to vodka producers

    Well this is how the warriors will go on the attack? and how can I celebrate? Although .... maybe this is a cunning plan of the General Staff? To declare according to the "troops" that there is alcohol in the DPR-LPR - pour in. Oh how they will go on the attack!

    Once upon a time, my mother-in-law brought so much vigorous moonshine from Ukraine, which probably would have been enough for a platoon. I think this is a resolved issue.
  8. The_X_Factor
    The_X_Factor 3 June 2018 11: 36
    Oh, again clusters of all-mutters with comprador authoritarianism, cheers. Let's whine how bad everything is.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. The_X_Factor
        The_X_Factor 4 June 2018 17: 20
        Yes, it is clear that the anti-Semitism popular on this site, etc., but whining without a break is not necessary.
  9. Aleksandro
    Aleksandro 3 June 2018 19: 26
    About 15 years ago, hanging in one of the social networks, I discussed a problem that was not related to politics. One young lady from Ukraine (and not from the west, but from the south) actively joined the discussion. As it turned out, the mother of two young children. She did not agree with my position, and although the topic did not concern politics at all, she began to accuse me of “propaganda of Stalinism”, and dragged Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, and Lenin there, recording them (like me) among “ Russian Nazis, "waving at world domination. There was a feeling that an open day was taking place in Ukrainian mental hospitals. Then he realized that the whole independent one had turned into a psychiatric hospital, and this lady was just one of the millions of such victims of Svidomo treatment. Since then, all those 15 years no news from there no longer surprised
  10. akunin
    akunin 4 June 2018 10: 20
    Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko
    Why call this used condom “Russian journalist?” TRADER - his name.