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Psychological weapon

Psychological weapon


I have tried many times to uncover the topic of psychological weapons in their works. The last straw that made me sit at the keyboard was Igor Nevdashev's “Polygraph in Afghan” article (published on the Military Review website 21 December 2013). To be honest, Nevdashev’s material is about nothing, the author writes about the knots on napkins, the problems of analyzing the psychological portrait of the objects of development, how it is necessary for conducting important negotiations, assessing the quality of the information received from the object, and finally hits the mystic of the teaching Sufis. By the way, this is very characteristic of ordinary practicing psychologists, when, in the conditions of the impotence of the theoretical basis of their profession (more precisely, its complete absence), they resort to shamanic dances with astrology and esoteric. However, for me this article is primarily interesting as an indicator of the verification of the circulation in our information medium of information about the means of psychological influence. As an example, in the thirties of the last century materials on fissile materials and everything that could lead to the creation of an atomic bomb unexpectedly ceased to be published in scientific journals. I think, even now, a dedicated operational worker, looking at voluntary or involuntary information stuffing (journalists need to write something), and especially carefully studying the comments to them, can compile a report to the authorities with a clear conscience: there are no leaks of information.

You see, it's a shame. Ibid, on the "Military Review", I published an article "The Battle of Special Forces. Secrets of fighting at the lake Zhalanashkol ". In it, I told some unknown episodes about a regular, one might even say, a routine operation to strengthen the state border. However, the reaction of some readers in the comments struck me. They called me a science fiction writer and a provocateur, once again citing as an argument all the same dusty newspaper materials, which I also questioned. Strange! Even a superficial analysis of border conflicts between different countries over the past thirty years shows that special forces are mostly fighting. So it was between Ecuador and Peru, and in the Anglo-Argentine conflict, not a single border guard suffered at all; the commander of the group of Argentine commandos was the first to die. But the announcement made me insane became obvious brute force. If someone from the words "the conflict at the lake Zhalanashkol became a brilliant exemplary operation of the Soviet intelligence and special forces" begins a nervous tick, then who among us needs to be treated? By the way, waiting for an apology. But be that as it may, the main thing is discussion. But in the comments to the article by Igor Nevdashev there is no such thing, there is only a fan club of enthusiasts of this topic, with whom there is nothing to argue about. And why? There is no information, there are only empty rumors and gossip.

The problem of means of psychological influence, of course, is, and the need to discuss it in society is growing literally by the minute. Why?

1. Twenty years ago, no one in a terrible dream could imagine that by creating their own pages on the social networks Odnoklassniki, V Kontakte, Twitter, etc., leaving comments, rating, the person himself would keep an electronic file. And then there's this Snowden. When we hear the argument that such a large amount of information cannot be processed, then you should know that this justification is aimed at protecting the interests of the special services. It’s not necessary to read everything, let the information be stored, it’s necessary, they will buy and install more iron, just when a question arises, everyone will know about you. And no one will report to you on the progress in making more intelligent the programs that process information.

2. Those twenty years ago, people respected the words that the press was the fourth authority. Even the media themselves don’t like to remember this now. The claim snag fell off, exposing the debugged mechanism of information wars, the effectiveness of which has been proven by more than one Orange Revolution. The issue of public control over the media is acutely on the agenda, and the legislative initiative in 2013 of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation on certification of workers in creative professions was the first trial and timid step in this direction.

3. Literally until recently, the only really working device for a person was a polygraph, a lie detector, all other testing systems were frankly worthless, honestly, it was even a sin to put their results in statistics. Games online, yes, it was they who eliminated this shortcoming. Computer technology, summing up and all of the above, is an unconditional breakthrough.

4. Political strategists and the advertising industry, too, have not stood all these years. And yet: psychological weapons, unlike other types of weapons used in conflicts of our biological species (and not only), is an absolute weapon. Because it combines both the means and the goal - power. Zombies, the splitting of consciousness - it's all for Halloween, not serious. This work is done when entire nations and nations serve themselves on a silver platter.

And besides this, there is still a criminal act and an endless ocean of bytuses, when neighbors, relatives, colleagues, passers-by find out between themselves and try to achieve certain goals.

The psychological weapon is as old as the world.

In order for scrap steel to become a weapon, it needs to be given a certain kinetic energy (speed) and the right direction. This is the so-called physical principle. Consideration of some of the principles of the work of psychological weapons and is devoted to this material. And we begin with the problems of methodology.

Methodology problems

The main task of means of psychological influence is the suppression of human will. Since the concept of will says nothing to the overwhelming number of people, we will simplifyly give this concept: purposefulness in achieving YOUR goals. The suppression of the will is achieved both by diminishing faith in this goal, and by a complete change of reference points. In some cases, the neutralization of the object ends with the inculcation of ideas and programs of self-destruction. If you have neither faith nor goals, then another MOTIVATION scheme of the necessary actions will be applied to you. Is it possible to call it creativity - when people are imposed on uncharacteristic values, and therefore desires? I do not know. At this point, and stop.

The fact is that if we continue to use the terminology and tools of ontology developed by us (and ethics cannot be avoided here), modern culture, psychology, philosophy, sociology, even theology, then we will not come to anything, we will get stuck in the swamp consisting of a confusion of definitions. The reason is the lack of mathematical principles, systems of measures, and, therefore, the required accuracy in the tools of modern psychosophy (psychology + philosophy, “wisdom of the soul” sounds better and more accurate than “science of the soul” and “love of wisdom”). In 1687, in “Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy”, Isaac Newton formulated three laws of dynamics, on the basis of which he built all the provisions of classical mechanics, i.e. it was then that the beginning of fundamental physics. I specifically emphasized the name of the book of Newton, because it speaks for itself. Psychology (psychology + philosophy) as the base of ontology will only acquire a foundation when it systematically answers the question: what moves a person? And it turns out that if we take the year 2014 from the current date (1687 year), then we will get a temporary gap between the level of development of external sciences and the level of development of sciences studying human space for more than three hundred years. This is the distortion of the structure of our civilization between technical development and spiritual perception of the world, which many thinkers have spoken about. So, besides the conspiracological version of the absence (hiding) of system information on the means of psychological influence in the media space, there is a more objective one - the failure of modern science.

The figure and the soul? I can not believe it. But one cannot stop the inevitable.

Ethnologist Stanislav Mikhailovsky says: “Ethnographers who worked in Siberia in the early twentieth century, exploring the intellectual level of Aboriginal development, give the following example: when they asked the natives a task like“ All people in Africa are black. Baramba lives in Africa. What color is his skin? ”, The unchanged answer was:“ We have not seen him, how do we know? ”

Jokes about the Chukchi immediately come to mind. However, they are no dumber than us. From the nature of our brain is designed primarily to work with large amounts of information. We need a lot of effort to operate with simplified categories of formal logic, the whole educational system is aimed at this. We managed to advance far enough in physics and chemistry, we are primarily obliged to an ordinary ruler and weights, but it was not possible to create a system of measuring instruments on the human psyche. Test it yourself. In 1985, a high school textbook “Ethics and Psychology of Family Life” appeared in high schools of the USSR, where, among other things, there was a small paragraph about hypnosis. It was said about very interesting facts: a hypnotist can cause a jaundice (hepatitis) in a person being suggested, or by touching his skin with a cold metal rod, a burn. That is, in the Soviet scientific literature, the Soviet scientists, the materialists, de facto confirmed the existence of the evil eye (random reaction) and damage (as purposeful harm to another person).

When I tell this to educated but conservative-minded people, they usually say: “No. It cannot be, because it cannot be. ” But you yourself think? Unlike other parapsychological mystification, it is hypnosis that is recognized by official science due to the traceability of the phenomenon and the possibility of obtaining the same results with repeated experiments. Even if the guys got excited about jaundice and burns, the very fact of intervention in the psyche of another person is eloquent enough. There are a lot of certified, highly successful and respected psychotherapists in the world who are proficient in the art of suggestion, and since it is possible to heal, you can - what ...? Eye and damage exist, it is a fact.

In this regard, the question arises: since the suggestion and its type of hypnosis exist as a really realistic pattern of psychological weapons, I would like to know how it works, how to recognize it and defend against it? Someone should study the physics of this process? Or, again, everything was limited to a couple of other boring manuals, studying which self-respecting professionals are once again convinced that there is nothing better than life experience?

The official science, alas, is busy with other issues. A series of experiments conducted by one of the founders of the American Center for Evolutionary Psychology, Leda Cosmides, found that our brain works best with examples where one of the characters tries to deceive someone. “For a person as a creature of social ability, on the one hand, to lie, and on the other, to recognize someone else’s deception is one of the central ones,” says Victor Znakov, deputy director for scientific work at the Institute of Psychology, RAS (Original source: http: // magazine.
God, what a "profound" remark! However, one does not need to be the founder of the American Center for Evolutionary Psychology or deputy director for scientific work at the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences to say that a lie is the most accessible of the numerous arsenals of psychological weapons and therefore the most common.

I'll say for them. The basis of social relations, and therefore the driving force historical processes, ideology and economics is intraspecific competition. Her Majesty INSIDE COMPETITION! It is neither good nor bad, it just is, and in the image of the classical mechanics of Newton is one of the all-pervading, defining laws of human development, one of the forces that move us. In our eyes, it can look both bad and good, however, the clarification of people's relations with each other, the use of means of psychological influence (weapons) in it is only one of the particulars. And also, only one section in the psychological weapon will be a set of tools for working with human perception. So a lie, excuse the tautology, is a particular, a particular. An affordable, ineffective tool, from which there is more harm than good, even for someone who thinks that he knows how to use it.

This chapter was needed in order to draw your attention to the fact that the topic is a clean sheet, not bound by any canons and authorities, which means that I can choose the style of presentation that is understandable to the maximum number of readers.

Examples of the combat use of psychological effects

Let us turn to the details of the meeting with the sheikhs of the Sufi orders (tariqats) Naqshbandiya and Kadiriya, cited by Igor Nevdashev in the material "Afghan Polygraph". “The meeting after mutual greetings began with a strange request from the Afghan side for each of us to tie on seven spoons in a simple knot from a napkin. Then, spreading our napkins tied with napkins and covering them with towels, the Afghans said prayers and pulled off the towels. My partner turned out to be a untied knot on one spoon, mine - on five. As a result of this test, the Afghans refused to negotiate with my friend, and I was told that they were ready to discuss all the issues frankly. Moreover, they added that if another knot had been untied on one of my spoons, they would, in spite of another religion, be invited to become their judge. At the same time, they emphasized that “the main thing is purity of the Heart,” and they will teach the rest. ”

Of course, the knots on the napkins and prayers have nothing to do with it, since people have been the subject of developing and receiving valuable information, it is naturally better to turn to the original source, the person. Oh, and with what, and psychologists can be proud of how they learned to read facial expressions, body language and body, it’s as if everything is written off from instructions written somewhere in Langley, and then through training camps near Peshawar in 80, which migrated to Sufi orders.

Why was this whole show necessary? First of all, to have time to study the personality of the negotiators. The whole action from the very beginning, and not only manipulations with napkins, was a test. We begin to list them - studied, determined:

- the suggestion of the parties to the negotiations whether they will succumb to various persuasions, in this case, the procedure for tying knots on napkins;

- the possibility of dictation when one of the negotiators was removed;

- immediately tested the quality of cohesion of the negotiators of the opposing party;

- check reaction to flattery;

- checking the reaction to exaggeration, I very much doubt that the Sufi orders once had judges of a different religion or no judges of their own, in any case this is easily verified.

Finally, people using the effect of novelty, the absurdities were pulled out of the service psychological cocoons hiding true emotions. This information is important to the negotiators, as the football goalkeeper feels like a frame gate behind his back. But where is the age-old wisdom of the Sufis here? Our Russian tradition of negotiating naked in the bath (!!!) and with good drinks and snacks is much more productive.

I emphasize that in this situation the means of psychological influence were used exclusively for probing and obtaining information no more.

Consider the topic of nonsense, when it depends on your life. He told a wonderful man and a great cinema and circus performer, a former front-line soldier Yuri Nikulin. “It happened during the Great Patriotic War, one night two reconnaissance groups, our German and ours, collided face to face on the road. All instantly orient and lay down on opposite sides of the road, all but one fat ridiculous absurd German, who for some time tossed from side to side, and then rushed in the direction of our scouts. Ours did not find anything better than to take him by the hands by the legs and throw him to ours. While he was flying, he fart very loudly, which caused an explosion of wild nervous laughter on both sides. When there was silence, both our and the Germans, silently, each went their separate ways - no one began to shoot. ”

This story was told by Yuri Nikulin on central television, so if in my presentation there are inaccuracies, claims are accepted. But the essence of it, in any case, remains unchanged in the form of a scheme: NURSURESS - NOBODY STARTED TO SHOOT. The secret here is that, despite the courage and skill, few of the participants in this situation want to be under pressure of danger, and when something breaks out of the logic of events under conditions of high nervous tension, this can completely turn off battle reflexes in a fairly large group of people . It turns out, working with human perception, you can literally turn off the situation like a switch. This gives us the key to understanding the following events.

Data. Chistyakov Ivan Mikhailovich (army commander 21 of the army at Stalingrad), the book of memoirs "Serving the Fatherland", edition: Moscow, Voenizdat, 1985. Placed on the website:, the chapter "If the enemy does not surrender, they destroy it."

There is a final stage of the battle for Stalingrad. Soviet soldiers and officers caught courage winners, but the enemy has a fierce resistance. Let's give a word to the eyewitness. “The main strike of 22 in January was to be delivered by the 21 Army in the direction of Gumrak, the village of Krasny Oktyabr. The fire saturation of artillery strikes can be judged by the fact that ... in the main line of the 21 Army there were two or more trunks. It would seem that with such a powerful blow the enemy must lay down arms, but he continued to violently resist, sometimes even turning into counterattacks. We were then surprised more than once, it seems that the Nazis had nothing to count on, but they continued to fight fiercely.
During interrogation, the captured soldiers and officers said that they were afraid of revenge for the crimes they committed, not counting for mercy, and fought like suicide bombers. ”

And here…

“In the midst of the battle, K. K. Rokossovsky (the commander of the Don Front at the time), who followed the 293 Infantry Division, commanded by General P.F. Lagutin called me:
- Ivan Mikhailovich, look what's going on there!
I looked at the stereo and stopped. What? Ahead of the advancing chains is the kitchen! Par knocks with might and main!
I call Lagutin.
- Listen, old man, what is it you have going on there? The kitchen is now plowed away, everyone will be left hungry! Why do you have it in front of the troops gas?
The answer was:
- Comrade commander, the enemy in the kitchen will not beat. According to intelligence, they have not eaten there for three days!
I gave Lagutin's answer, and we all began to watch this, none of us had ever seen the spectacle before.
The kitchen will move about 100 meters, the chains go up - and behind it! Add a kitchen step, and the warriors next. NO SHOOTING! We see the kitchen enters the farm, occupied by the Germans, the soldiers behind it. Then Lagutin reported to us that the enemy immediately surrendered. They built prisoners into the column one by one and fed them. Thus, WITHOUT A SINGLE SHOT, this farm was taken. ”

Each of us probably knows an example of a lucky man who easily succeeds where very intelligent people fill cones. However, it only seems that everything is simple. I propose to remember or see those who do not know the famous episode with the battle scene from the film of the Vasilyev brothers “Chapaev”, Kappel also had his own ideas about mental attack, but it all ended badly. The secret of the divisional success 293 th Infantry Division Lagutin PF in a thorough knowledge of the situation and the psychological state of the enemy. It is from this knowledge that the necessary and intuitive decision came. I must say the masterpiece decision, without any exaggeration, with a truly Russian chic! The attack of General Lagutin is the standard of psycho-impact, taking into account the minimum amount of resource expenditures, time to prepare and conduct the operation, using the directional effect of absurdity and obtaining a given result.

The surprises of 21 armies don't end there.

“The 120 th rifle division was commanded by Colonel K. K. Jahua, a very energetic man. The division faced the task of intercepting the Gumrak-Stalingrad railway. The offensive, as I said, went well in general, we saw the 51-i and 52-i guards and 277-i divisions moving forward, but for some reason the 120-i did not come.
Rokossovsky asks:
- Push the 120 Division!
Calling Jahua:
- Why don't you attack ?!
- Comrade Commander, I will soon attack.
Suddenly the chief of staff Pevkovsky says:
- Ivan Mikhailovich, look what the 120 Division is doing!
My heart jumped. Probably, they are running ... They were two or three kilometers from the NP. The terrain is flat, the weather is clear, and everything is perfectly visible without a stereo tube. I looked and didn’t believe it myself - right from the forest to the battle formations of the Germans the wagon train is moving at full speed! I scream at Jahua's phone:
“What are you doing out there?”
Rokossovsky asks:
- Who are you kroesh?
- See what does!
Rokossovsky looked at the stereo.
- Is he drunk? Look, look, the Germans are running! And carts for them!
I shout to him again:
- What are you doing?
- I make a breakthrough.
When the Germans were then interrogated, asked:
- Why did you flee from the train?
They have replyed:
“And we thought that we were surrounded, since there was a wagon train ...”

In the case of Colonel Jahua, our bitter memory of the 1941 retreats of the year is felt.

Need I say that these are dozens of lives of soldiers saved?

Military chronicles, essays, memories contain scatterings of the intuitive use of psychological weapons. In the same Ivan Chistyakov there are several more episodes in the book Serve the Fatherland, so in 1945. he landed on a plane in the city of Yanji at the location of the Japanese troops, intelligence was mistaken, had to bluff, and he captured the commander of 3 Japanese army, Lieutenant General Murakami, but everything could have ended oh how unpleasant.

To illustrate your material. Somewhere on the collapse of the Internet, I found a story about the HF-1 with a photo and tried to attach it here. Here is its content: “The power of our technology! Our KV-1 tank stopped due to a malfunction in the engine in the neutral zone. The Germans knocked on the armor for a long time, offered the crew to surrender, but the crew did not agree. Then the Germans picked up the KV-1 tank with two of their light tanksto drag our tank to its location and open it without interference. The calculation was not entirely correct. When they started towing, our tank started up and dragged German tanks to our location! "The German tankers were forced to abandon their tanks, and the KV-1 brought two tanks to ours."

You never know what does not happen in the world, but the following comment, by Alexey Bykov, makes this story especially amusing: “What are the problems? There, probably, we sat, and one of them said: “Do you want to laugh?”, So it happened. ”

Portrait of a modern terrorist

Once I had the pleasure of observing the work of a psychic. Her name was Nadezhda Fedorovna. If someone with the word "psychic" begins to frown, then I ask you, do not rush to draw conclusions.

A fairly standard situation, a young man of 28 years came to the reception, who has neither career nor personal life. And now an experienced fifty-year-old woman proceeded to the rite, using old fortunetelling cards, a crystal ball and a pyramid. But, as I have already said, this entire entourage is only for distraction of attention, when one is studying the source itself. The same fingers, hands can tell a lot. The first question she asked:
- You are not working in the police?
- No no. Why actually?
“In your shirt pocket, a red ID shines through the fabric.”
The young man answered questions directly, was laconic. But I will not take your time, I will highlight three key points in their conversation and its work, namely the words.

1. - Well, what did you want? You are an empty place! You're a donut hole!

2. - At the next session, bring some candy, better caramel and mineral water. I will charge them, this water, and only you will have to drink and eat these candies. Once again I stipulate: only you!

3. She took a square piece of note paper, drew some squiggles there, folded and glued it many times. And she said: “These are antennas, I will keep in touch with you through them. Do not give it to anyone.

The rest could be added to taste, like spices, as far as fantasy allows, so at the end she said that it would be interesting to work with a young man, as he has a powerful will factor.

Now decipher these signs. Nadezhda Fyodorovna to start the process of self-suggestion made three vaccinations to the recipient.

1. Vaccination of aggression. Yes, yes, for this were said the words about the hole from the donut to piss off.

2. Vaccination of egoism. Hiding, and then eating and drinking alone, apparently, this is where it all begins.

3. And papers with painted antennas, what do you think is what? Vaccination of faith.

Is incomparable. Here is one of the treatment schemes for losers: AGGRESSION - EGOISM - FAITH. All three components should be taken in combination. In the process of shaking up and self-healing - and you should have no more than two or three visits to the psychic, if more, he stupidly throws you up for money - the belief in yourself returns to the person and the balance of relationships with others is leveled.

Doesn’t resemble anything? Aggression and faith make us see it so often, but somewhere else egoism looms. I've been increasingly lately, browsing news plots, I catch myself thinking that this medicine can also cripple. It all depends on the dose and the doctor.

All existing religious denominations in their ritualism, systems of dogma, work with people use means of psychological influence. Otherwise they would not live to see our time. This has, unfortunately, both positive and negative consequences. Modern attempts to reform Christian dogma, especially noticeable in Catholicism, are an attempt to get rid of this negativity. But how to do this, if the weapons and the church are literally woven, starting with the lines of the scriptures? There is no understanding of the problem either.

"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven," here it is, this formula, in all its glory. Twenty years ago she was repeated out of place and out of place, and now they are trying to retouch and hide away. Even an article on Wikipedia, “On Mortal Sins,” was rewritten twice in 2013, making the material less informative, more boring. However, it does not varnish, humiliation as a mortal sin is unlikely to appear in this list. It is also the main instrument of suppressing the will, reproducing losers, or excuse me, passionaries according to Lev Gumilyov. I've tried to put my article on one of the religious sites (if you're interested, my page on, so his admin tortured me with the question: what sources did I use? The problem of translating sacred texts again arose before the Christian church - to meet the challenges of the present.

Write on this topic next? You understand, this may not end well. Religious consciousness still occupies a very large place in our world.

A person’s will can be suppressed by a sense of guilt, by constantly raising the topic of human imperfection with realizing demonstrative events, but at least posing unbearable tasks for him: “If your faith were so strong, the mountains would move.” And the mountains do not move! Understating the value of human life with the utmost overestimation of the value of ideological assets. Dust to dust All sorts of restrictions, isolation from any extraneous information. For spiritual self-improvement, this can be a very rewarding experience, the suppression of pride and the call of the flesh. But in a practical sense, bad people can take advantage of this, since this is just a mechanic, and they immediately have a rich choice of semi-finished products (in their opinion) because not everyone can become a suicide bomber.

Once the philosopher Carlos Castaneda (so great that he would not have gone to hell), he mentioned that the ideal soldier is the one who had already killed himself mentally before the fight. Something like this happens during the final assembly of the personality of a suicide bomber, when an ideological larva, an illusory parasite, literally matures in the mind of the recipient. That is, the man himself no longer serves, he is only the carrier of this parasite. He cherishes him most of all, he is dearer to him for life, despite the fact that it contains only the psycho-emotional codes of his physical pain and suffering, the parasite is grown on them. Attempting to touch this mine inside it, to speak to it always causes an unpredictable reaction of the carrier’s rage.


I hope that I have succeeded in trying to show the topic of psychological impact from an unexpected side for many. Usually, in the yellow press, they are more trying to intimidate commoners with similar ones, namely, implanted in their brains with chips, splitting of consciousness, zombies and other things, such as “do not meddle in this”. I tried to interest more. Unfortunately, it turned out awkwardly. There is a lot of material, and it has been worked out by me, and it is impossible to state it in the scope of a single article, you need to write a book, so please contact the interested publishers.
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    I support the author. The same thoughts.
  2. makarov
    makarov 10 January 2014 11: 40
    "However, the reaction of some readers in the comments amazed me. They called me both a science fiction writer and a provocateur, once again citing as an argument the same dusty newspaper materials that I questioned ..."

    SW Author!
    Do not be upset. We are all people, and we are all different, and we do not always understand each other. And the instinct of distrust, which was not inherent to us before, it appeared during the collapse of the USSR ... it's all natural.
  3. Snoop
    Snoop 10 January 2014 11: 41
    I liked the field kitchen laughing Such a reception was seen by Zhukov on Khalkhin-Gol, ordered to stop panicked infantrymen at all costs. The commander stopped the field kitchen and directed it back to the positions left by the infantry, while the infantrymen, seeing where the kitchen was going, trudged after it. So the infantry panic was stopped))
    1. Bigriver
      Bigriver 10 January 2014 12: 10
      Quote: Snoop
      I liked the field kitchen laughing Such a technique was seen by Zhukov at Khalkhin Gol, ..

      It is also interesting that at Khalkhin Gol there was a case similar to this:
      When they started towing, our tank started up and dragged German tanks to our location!

      Only with the Japanese smile
      And it seems that BT-5 (7) and the Japanese tractor appeared there.
    2. blizart
      blizart 10 January 2014 20: 31
      Do not set the troops with impossible tasks, they lose confidence from this.
      G.K. Zhukov
  4. Hort
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    It’s the main tool for suppressing the will, reproduction of losers, or excuse me, passionaries according to Lev Gumilyov
    perhaps he didn’t quite understand, but Gumilyov’s passionaries weren’t just losers.
    Somehow, the philosopher Carlos Castaneda (so great that he wouldn’t go to hell) said that the ideal soldier is the one who had already mentally killed himself before the battle.
    a strange epithet to Castaneda .. Well, all right, especially since he did not discover America. Contempt for death or identifying oneself as already deceased has been known to many peoples since ancient times: the Scandinavians (if you die in battle - the Valkyries will be taken to Valhalla), the Russians (the same thing - Polenitsy will be taken to Perunova squad), the Japanese - the code of Busido and Haga-kure ...
    In general, an informative article, although (in my opinion) a little messy outlined.
  5. Gorinich
    Gorinich 10 January 2014 12: 47
    The article is undoubtedly a plus, but it seems to me that the author has somewhat mixed directions.
    1. Impact on a group of people (or as they say mass).
    2. Impact directly on a specific person.
    Both directions have long been developed and are successfully applied. The experiments carried out over the population by the same Kashpirovsky confirmation of this (effect on the mass). Contactless combat actions practiced by Russian special forces (impact on a specific person).
    All these mechanisms come from one root, directly from the structure of the human body itself. The body of our system is constantly responding to external influences, regardless of whether our brain and mind notice them.
    1. vrach
      10 January 2014 17: 42
      I did not mix. I just did not have enough time to cover everything. This book must be written. As for the separation. Here's another one-
      Means of psycho-influence are divided into two groups:
      1. those that beat the features of human perception, which was my article.
      2. those that directly affect the cortex and brain tissue, in this group we will find both psychotropic and psychotronic agents and the like. Sergey tried to write about this.

      You got excited about Kashpirovsky’s account. Nobody has yet given a precise definition of hypnosis. But if you want me to disclose this as well, please.
    2. vrach
      10 January 2014 17: 42
      I did not mix. I just did not have enough time to cover everything. This book must be written. As for the separation. Here's another one-
      Means of psycho-influence are divided into two groups:
      1. those that beat the features of human perception, which was my article.
      2. those that directly affect the cortex and brain tissue, in this group we will find both psychotropic and psychotronic agents and the like. Sergey tried to write about this.

      You got excited about Kashpirovsky’s account. Nobody has yet given a precise definition of hypnosis. But if you want me to disclose this as well, please.
      1. Gorinich
        Gorinich 11 January 2014 12: 14
        This is not a matter of hypnosis, but an experiment. At that time, television was still tightly controlled and someone conducted an experiment on how to influence a huge audience and what the consequences would be.
        Conclusions prompted themselves. From the same Kashperovsky it was possible to make a messiah, technology allows. And whom will the Messiah already make his enemy the third question ....
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    Thanks to the author for the problem. soldier Pursuing the topic of social intelligence, I have not yet seen its given aspect so soundly formulated.
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  8. vrach
    10 January 2014 17: 35
    Good afternoon - readers and site administration. I am very interested in why my article "Psychological Weapons" and Sergei Yuferev's material "Psychotropic Race of the Superpowers" were next to each other? What for? I will not fall into paranoia minus. I will write about the case.

    Means of psycho-influence are divided into two groups:
    1. those that beat the features of human perception, which was my article.
    2. those that directly affect the cortex and brain tissue, in this group we will find both psychotropic and psychotronic agents and the like. Sergey tried to write about this.

    So here are the means of psycho-influence of the 2 group, it is in its essence a dirty weapon comparable in its effect to chemical weapons. It usually cripples, and a cure for mental disorders is rare. Moreover, I will tell you an attempt to poke around in the basic settings of a person can lead to monstrous consequences. Where are you going to go mad with half-humans, half-monsters? No one needs this. The weapons of the 2 group can only be used locally.


    And the last one. If readers have an interest in the development of this topic, it is precisely in the sense that Sergei Yuferev did not very well disclose it, you can consider aspects of the use of psycho-effects of the 2 type. Please write. The truth will already be boring. They scolded me here that offended Castanedo (but also more fun, though more chaotic).
  9. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 10 January 2014 17: 47
    Author, accept my thanks! smile Good article. And, if possible, advice. Post here. Cut the future book into chapters according to the topics being raised, and publish. Because the production of half-humans, half-monsters, in general, has already been established. Inline method. Somewhere at the local half-dead forum, there is an article about the American army, into which psychopaths are massively accepted and grown from improvised material. By the way, and some reports from Syria do not bother you?
    And further. Next to the description of the next trick, the next direction of the blow to the psyche, I am waiting for at least an approximate description of the defense. And most of all - which person is not subject to such a blow? What power and protection will not slip? The same Castaneda is a big fun guy. Well, the kamikaze was buried, even buried, when taking off his chassis fell off. Where could he be more dead? And the combat effectiveness is still about zero. Nope ...
    1. vrach
      10 January 2014 20: 10
      Thank. I will try, it would be time and health. Unfortunately, I have protection against developments only against hypnosis, the rest is common. But I will try.
    2. vrach
      10 January 2014 20: 10
      Thank. I will try, it would be time and health. Unfortunately, I have protection against developments only against hypnosis, the rest is common. But I will try.
      1. Gorinich
        Gorinich 11 January 2014 12: 21
        A little tip off topic, put another browser. This old one doubles up the answers. I recommend Mozilla.
  10. creak
    creak 10 January 2014 18: 09
    The author writes that even a superficial analysis shows that in border conflicts, mainly special forces fight. In this regard, I would like to note that this is not so. So, for example, in the Iran-Iraq conflict (beginning in 1980), almost all types of armed forces of the conflicting parties fought in the Falkland conflict mentioned by the author. Special forces (as their name implies) by definition do not fight, but perform, as a rule, special reconnaissance and sabotage operations in the interests of ensuring the success of the fighting of their main forces and their actions are not independent, but subordinate. .The same applies to the Arab-Israeli wars, the list goes on ...
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 10 January 2014 18: 45
      The author is about conflicts, and you are about wars. The special forces clash ... after which, following the clashes, the governments make a decision - it will be a war in which all kinds will be involved, or just a conflict.
      Or maybe there was nothing at all. Maybe a guy in NATO camouflage, with a German PP and an American knife, did not die at all with a group of the same unidentified comrades, and that’s not his bones. And my mother in Penza will cry for Van Sushkin, so he went missing. Somewhere in Yamal, apparently frozen.
      1. creak
        creak 10 January 2014 19: 37
        and that bones are not his. And my mother in Penza will cry for Van Sushkin, so he went missing. Somewhere on the Yamal Peninsula apparently frozen [/ quote]

        Is it your kind of humor or something else, more thoughtful? Why this passage?
  11. uzer 13
    uzer 13 10 January 2014 19: 01
    Psychological influence has been applied since ancient times. At first it was an appeal to pagan gods with a request to provide support in certain actions. With the advent of the main religions, this idea was further developed, and with the advent of nations and national self-awareness, an additional factor of influence on consciousness and strengthening confidence appeared a soldier in the justice of his actions. In some schools of hand-to-hand combat, psychological impact on the enemy is the next stage of preparation after mastering a basic physical training course in sufficient quantities. The methodology of such classes is classified as classified information. However, sometimes at competitions or at demonstration classes, masters can demonstrate real contactless effect on the enemy.
    1. vrach
      10 January 2014 20: 20
      If interesting. During the war with Mithridates, the soldiers of the Roman commander Luculus used a simple type of psycho-generator of horror. I'm honestly not a monster. They simply spread the pig with tar, set it on fire and let it meet the enemy. Perhaps this is not the first mention of this. On combat and animal animals, recruits, this thing worked well. Everything is actually much simpler than you think. By the way, from you and from others, first of all, I need your observation. I would be very grateful for her.
    2. vrach
      10 January 2014 20: 20
      If interesting. During the war with Mithridates, the soldiers of the Roman commander Luculus used a simple type of psycho-generator of horror. I'm honestly not a monster. They simply spread the pig with tar, set it on fire and let it meet the enemy. Perhaps this is not the first mention of this. On combat and animal animals, recruits, this thing worked well. Everything is actually much simpler than you think. By the way, from you and from others, first of all, I need your observation. I would be very grateful for her.
  12. bbss
    bbss 12 January 2014 10: 51
    Cases with tanks are not isolated. If the tank engine, transmission, propulsion and control did not fail, then it will easily start and lighter tractors will pull ...
  13. scientist
    scientist 13 January 2014 02: 13
    Comparing what the author writes and what we studied at the Military Academy in military psychology, we can say that we were not taught anything at all. The history of ingenious inventions comes to mind, the principle of operation of many of which scientists were able to explain only after decades. The situation is approximately the same in the art of war, where, based on the results of many operations during the Second World War and after, dozens of scientific papers were written that explained the secrets of these successes. Although the commanders themselves did not even think about these secrets or psychological effects, and certainly did not have academic degrees and titles. That is why one of the professors respected by me called the discipline Martial art - the art of deceiving the enemy. True, the word "deceive" in his interpretation sounds more obscene, not moderatorically. In the same way, the author gives vivid and instructive examples in the article, trying to reduce this into a certain system. True cynical reasoning about religion spoiled the overall impression. Apparently I forgot that even in such sciences as physics and mathematics, laws operate only in clearly specified conditions, they are not dogmas. The philosophical law "On the infinity of knowledge" tells us about this, which is in perfect agreement with another law "On the truth that only God has." Therefore, it is not understood in what framework of laws you are trying to enclose the human mind or soul, the existence of which you obviously deny?
    On the other hand, of course, there are, and in recent years, more and more widespread patterns of psychological influence on the mass consciousness of people. And you need to do something about it. The Constitution speaks of human free will. But what to do with those who really control this will for selfish ends? For example, the so-called political technologies used before elections, color revolutions, or the psychological impact on people with a certain psychotype is certainly our reality. That's just the ethical problem and the problem of the legality of this kind of psychological "special effects" on the will of people, for some reason, is kept silent by numerous human rights defenders, including international ones. But the problem is not new. Much has been said and written about her for a long time. It is not difficult to understand the level of patrons of all these unfinished psychologists with megalomania of supermen.
    I think the author should decide on the purpose of the articles, is it ambition and a petty search for sponsors or a scientific approach to the search for truth, in this case moral and ethical, in the intricate psychological problems of the development of society and personality?
    1. vrach
      13 January 2014 17: 41
      1. Since my work has given you something new, it means it has been done well.
      2. Now the main ethical problem is telling people the truth.
      3. Questions of psychological weapons for me are purely secondary. I dealt with issues of human memory and I was very surprised that from it periodically emerges something that should not appear from there. This is to the question of the soul, I have a job - "The Hunt for a Miracle", if interested
    2. vrach
      13 January 2014 17: 41
      1. Since my work has given you something new, it means it has been done well.
      2. Now the main ethical problem is telling people the truth.
      3. Questions of psychological weapons for me are purely secondary. I dealt with issues of human memory and I was very surprised that from it periodically emerges something that should not appear from there. This is to the question of the soul, I have a job - "The Hunt for a Miracle", if interested
  14. CHILD
    CHILD 21 January 2014 13: 01
    I liked to become))))) some things at an unusual angle, but I’m afraid of hypnotists)))) they then immerse them in a second trance of a person with a bang, regardless of desire ..... I personally saw it. on the account of the measurement system in Psychology is generally fun, although in my opinion, is psychology a science at all? I wonder if the same person in the same situation, but at different times behaves differently? is it like that?
    1. uhu189
      uhu189 22 January 2014 18: 45
      Situations are never exactly the same, hence the difference. And even if we assume that the situations are repeated to the smallest detail, then with a repeated situation in a person, the experience is already different from the previous one, hence the reaction is different. If a person were a zombie machine, then then there would definitely not be a difference, he would always work out the same way ...
      1. CHILD
        CHILD 23 January 2014 01: 13
        so what is it about)))) correct me, but all tests and psychologists are aimed at drawing up your psychological portrait, and on the basis of it draw conclusions about you and your behavior in a particular situation .... but in practice we get general provisions that do not say anything .... and do not bring any confidence ...
        1. uhu189
          uhu189 23 January 2014 12: 27
          Everything is exactly so, and test results are announced and silent. Declared - this is what you correctly said - it is not saying anything general. Silent are statistical determinations (and not probabilities) of human behavior. You did not notice how many psychological online tests have become on the Internet, and everywhere you need to fill in personal information about yourself, sometimes very extensive, to get the results. The question arises - why is it being collected, for what purpose? And the answer suggests itself ...
  15. shelva
    shelva 23 January 2014 02: 15
    The work of the media can also be seen as a psychological impact on the masses. The methods of influencing a person, a group of people, the masses, and humanity as a whole, are constantly being improved. There are many examples of when the masses were deliberately turned into a crowd and the people suddenly became an "electorate" that forgot "where they came from ...". These methods of influence are often intensified "medically" (one can recall the cases of free distribution of vodka during various actions of the "will" of the people). In general, these are examples of the application of neurolinguistic programming, such a "fashionable" trend in modern psychology.
  16. shelva
    shelva 1 February 2014 04: 34
    I believe about burned, because at the tactile level under hypnosis, cold can be perceived as hot. It is even possible to do without hypnosis in this experiment. this will require two under the experienced; one is blindfolded and some part of his body is burned. The other must see it all. After - the first is untied the eyes and the second is tied and touched the same part of the body with a cold object. The result is a burn. But !, depends on the "impressionability" of the second. By acting medically, such an error can be easily eliminated.
    But about hepatitis - jaundice - I do not believe. How hypnosis can suggest a viral! disease. Pain in the liver can be suggested.
  17. gridasov
    gridasov 3 February 2014 01: 11
    It is strange to see that the author expresses his dissatisfaction with the statements of individual readers. This is obviously inherent in the mentality. I myself can afford to condemn someone, but not me. So the majority are ready, foaming at the mouth, or even more, to defend only their innocence. But it is worth, at least to try to accept everyone and everything, but add up your opinion. And of course without judging or praising anyone. "Knowledge, as a path to truth, does not have a degree of righteousness or condemnation and praise."
  18. smith7
    smith7 22 June 2014 22: 59
    Thanks to the author and commentators-members of the forum for the interesting controversy around the current topic. I wanted to stop reading this resource because of the hyperactivity of the "hurray-patriots". Thanks to the author for the topic itself! Very .. very exciting ...