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Psychological weapon. The first is orange. Part of 3

Psychological weapon. The first is orange. Part of 3

First orange

Before the 8 of the GDR Ministry of State Security formed February 1950 (Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, unofficially abbreviated “Stasi”), rose to its feet and later grew into one of the most efficient intelligence services in the world, the burden of responsibility for public safety in East Germany lay on the USSR, and in particular on the command of the Western Group of Forces. The Cold War began, remember, in the 1946 year, but even before that it was not calm. If it was clear with armed speeches and direct provocations (to suppress quickly and harshly), then what to do with peaceful speeches?

Everyone has the right to express their opinions. But we live in a difficult world, when our aspirations can be shamelessly used by people who crave for power, able to manipulate others. So it happened, probably, from the time of the first states, 6 thousands of years ago.

In a public policy, a protest is not only a designation of its position, a demonstration of the flag, a means of elevating the spirit or distraction from other problems, but also a call for all sorts of like-minded people, a gathering point. And here it is very important not to miss the moment when the consolidating masses scorched by agitators and provocateurs approach the point of no return in their opposition to the opposite side.

The fact that the situation in East Germany was not like the worst of Ukraine 2013-2014, was shown by the events of 17 June 1953. It smelled like a big war. This is well described in Alexander Furs’s Orange Summer 1953 g. (Http:// I will give some excerpts.

By the summer of 1953, an explosive situation had developed in the GDR, the reason for this was economic problems and a split in the leadership of the ruling party, and the enemy was not asleep. By the time in FRG The largest propaganda centers, headquarters of intelligence services and subversive organizations are located. In addition to collecting information, they created underground armed groups to operate in the territory of the GDR. The immediate preparation for Day X began in the spring of 1953, immediately after the Bundestag ratified the agreement on the accession of Germany to NATO.

On the night of June 16-17, the RIAS radio station began transmitting calls for organizing a general strike in the GDR. The border guard of Germany was put on high alert. American tank units occupied the original areas in Bavaria along the border with the GDR. A large number of special services, including armed ones, were introduced into the GDR.

17 June 1953 in Berlin and other cities, many industrial enterprises have stopped working. Street demonstrations began. West German authorities provided transportation for the transfer of demonstrators. They entered the territory of East Berlin in columns to 500-600 people. They even used special American military sound equipment.

During the demonstrations, specially trained groups, which were promptly managed from West Berlin, were particularly active. Pogroms of party institutions were organized. The crowd dealt with some functionaries of the party and state apparatus, activists of the labor movement. During street riots, arson and looting took place, as well as attacks on police stations and prisons.

As a result, from 09 to 29 June, over 430 thousands of people went on strike in the GDR. Under the conditions of the then weakness of the Stasi and the positions of the SED in the country, the firm position of the Soviet Union, as well as quick and decisive actions of the command of the Soviet troops in Germany led by the Army Commander-in-Chief A.A., played a decisive role in the breakdown of the June putsch. Grechko.

The organizers of the June speech failed to achieve the main goal - STRIKE AND DEMONSTRATION DIDN'T TAKE PLACE IN REBELLION against the ruling regime. The bulk of the population distanced itself from political slogans, putting forward only economic demands (lower prices and working standards). During the riots, people were killed according to official 40 data (according to other 55 data). Killed 11 police and party activists of the GDR. 400 people were injured.

These figures can be considered minimal for unrest of this magnitude, already in Hungary in October-November 1956. the situation was different and the loss of only the Soviet army as a result of large-scale battles, according to official figures, made up 669 people killed, 51 missing. Here I would like to draw your attention to the following words of Alexander Furs: Did this famous German love of order — the ordnung — work, was the memory of defeat in the war too close, or were there other reasons that we have no idea about, but only the tension of SPRING began to subside.

CIA Director A. Dulles, Special Adviser to the US Secretary of State for West Berlin E. Lansing-Dulles, Chief of Staff of the US Army General Ridgway, Minister for Intra-German Issues J. Kaiser, Chairman of the CDU / CSU Faction in the Bundestag X. von Brentano and Chairman of the SDPG E. Ollenhauer prepared so much, and even purposely came together to lead the "workers" uprising, and then take the AROUND and drop tensions. They knew perfectly well that at that moment the GDR was the weakest link among the countries of "people's democracy." Subsequent events in Hungary 1956 showed that the memory of the defeat in the recent war is also not the reason, although of course the Hungarians are not Germans.

There were other reasons. I repeat. You see, it was not enough for the Soviet troops to cut off the border, it was not enough to set up roadblocks and tanks at city crossings, it was necessary to stop peaceful protests for a short time, in the conditions of the then weakness of the special services and the absence of such attributes of our modernity as water cannons and tears gas. It was necessary to be completely insane in order to fulfill the instruction of Lawrence Beria, to shoot unarmed people to kill. According to the memoirs of the High Commissioner Semenov, Beria’s order to shoot the twelve instigators was personally replaced by the order “to shoot over the heads of the demonstrators”. Our generals and officers of the skin felt that this could turn into a more recently fought country. Errors of economists and politicians had to clear up the Soviet soldiers, and they ... managed! It happened ordinary, as it was more than once in our storiesRussian miracle.

There were other reasons. Whose golden head, as always in such cases, an intuitive solution, we probably will never know. If he knew that he saved hundreds, if not thousands of lives. It at the same time turned out to be very simple and effective, like all brilliant. A bold order was given (a risk, but it worked against the Germans) - to unarmed Soviet soldiers to evenly disperse among the demonstrators and protesters of the Germans without the use of any kind of violence. As a result, the antagonism of the components instantly fragmented the crowds, deprived them of integrity, and as practice showed, made street demonstrations meaningless. This is a great example of the use of psychological weapons, since simple intimidation, like shooting over heads, did not solve the PROBLEM OF CONSOLIDATION of the opposing masses (just the opposite). It was the peaceful dissipation in the crowd of children bound by oath, many of whom fathers died in the recent war, killed the morale of the crowds completely, eliminating the recurrence of the repetition of such actions. This refreshed well the forgotten fear, did not allow it to distance itself. And provokers began dumbness and diarrhea.

From the side it looked even funny, albeit nervously. Let people speak different languages, when they are jiving at you, this is so clear. A soldier walks up to Frau: “Can't you hold a poster, honey?”

Or here burgher angry and dissatisfied, spits. And in response to him, Sergeant Berdyev: "Uh, peace action, wherever I want, I stand there."

Or a group of guys shouting slogans. Private soldiers Petrov and Sidorov approach them: “Let's scream together? Ivan, get out of here! Home, home! Ivan, go home! ”

But you really want to go home demobels, but here such porridge has brewed, and in fact they will scream.

- Listen Petrov, but why are we alone? Where are the Germans?

And the Germans had already gone.

Elements of this tactic were subsequently used by the KGB against dissidents' shares, when, according to intelligence data, a completely different mass action started in the appointed place for a quarter, half an hour before the start of the flash mob, such as the rally “For peace in the whole world!”, A meeting to award the best workers or pioneers .

So in the 1953 year, CIA director Alain Dulles “broke off”. And, probably, he considered himself to be a very cool specialist, in any case, Hollywood succeeded in lacquering his men.

Conclusions. Already, simply gathering the available facts of an intuitive resolution of crisis situations provides the most valuable material for analysis. The fact that this precious experience and knowledge is ignored, lost and forgotten, makes me indignant. I hope I managed (once again) to show how effective are the means of psychological influence.

Afterword to the chapter. Many thanks for the help in the preparation of this material Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Lisin. He served at that time in Germany. Besides the fact that he witnessed the use of tactics of dispersal by our servicemen, as he said, “they let the soldiers into the Germans”, he also became a member of the famous spy operation “Berlin Tunnel” in 1956. At the head of the material I put a photo with the scheme of this tunnel. I hope that he will tell this story. If anyone is interested, you can go to the page:

The nature of informational stuffing

A very interesting topic to study is the mechanisms of information dissemination in human society. All these rag phones, rumors, gossip, and journalism are full of it.

There are a lot of examples, I don’t want to go into politics, it’s dirty and ungrateful. Prokhindey (Is it true that in the USA such names are sociologists?) We will not mention Joseph Overton, it’s better to consider something neutral. But at least a short joke. Taken from the resource

After 38 years at a meeting of classmates, you can immediately see who studied how and who achieved what!
At Losers 2 things: flat and car.
At troechnika 3 things: apartment, car and cottage.
The 5 marksman has: glasses, debts, baldness, headache and a stainless steel gold medal!

A joke some strange, not funny, but the theme that sounds in it in everyday life is amazingly tenacious. It is possible, and not infrequently, to hear a reference to authoritative sources: “Why are there excellent students with their formalized consciousness?” Let's start the analysis.

1. A lie is a destructive weapon, it sooner or later betrays itself and the one who uses it. With the external strength of the wording informational stuffing with logic is not friendly. Just think about it, the number of troechnik in nature is much higher than the number of excellent students, they just take the mass, if we take and calculate the percentage of successful people who came from among excellent students and troechnik, for each group separately, then, unfortunately, it turns out that the formalization of consciousness here not at all. And if you count how much you have drunk in both groups for the specified time, then I am afraid that many questions will arise to the author of this speech. Another thing is that the life failure of a gold medalist is more noticeable to others, because no one pinned special hopes on the troechnik.

2. Then, naturally, the question arises: if irrationality is a working characteristic of an informational stuffing, one can say, a company stamp that is almost impossible to hide, then why does it live and roll over our heads?

Information stuffing is always focused either on the interests of a particular group, or is addressed to the most common fears and expectations of the maximum number of people. Emotions and feelings are the driving force behind the rumors and gossip from person to person, encoded in words. Here are the words of this "joke" you hear more hatred, in the word "bald head" or "gold medal from stainless steel"? Alas, informational stuffing primarily exploits elements of intraspecific human competition, when no one needs the real truth, “ITS TRUTH” is more convenient. Comfortable truth, starting with an attempt to justify their actions by an individual, can grow to the size of ideology. This is a flag, a call, a collection of allies, a gang, if you like (doesn’t it remind anything?), Sounding the ground.

Stuffing is a means of information warfare, when hostilities are conducted indirectly, through the feelings of other people who think the same way as the stuffing author.

Remedies against informational stuffing

It's simple. I will answer with a parable.

One day a man came to Socrates and said:
“Do you know what your friend says about you?”
Socrates answered him:
- before telling me this newsask her through three sieves. The first is a sieve of truth. Are you sure that what you tell me now is true?
- Well, I heard it from others.
“See, you're not sure.” Second sieve of benefit. Will this news be useful?
- Not at all.
- And finally, the third sieve is a sieve of good. This news will please me, will it be pleasant for me?
- I doubt it.
- You see, you want to tell me a news in which there is no truth and good, besides it is useless. Why her then talk?

Here are these three filters in which sequence you want and should be used. If people did not forget about the filter of good not only in relation to themselves, but also to others, honestly, the world would be better.

To be continued
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  1. Baron Wrangell
    Baron Wrangell 31 January 2014 09: 47
    class! I like it!
    Or here burgher angry and dissatisfied, spits. And in response to him, Sergeant Berdyev: "Uh, peace action, wherever I want, I stand there."
    run on the Maidan Golden Eagle, and let them also rally!
    although of course it's too late!
    1. Cormorants
      Cormorants 1 August 2014 10: 54
      I remember this parable! Thank!
  2. washi
    washi 31 January 2014 14: 44
    There was a different situation with the GDR. It was the West Germans who carried cheap sausage from the GDR. When they set up customs, the indignation of the inhabitants of western Berlin, and then of the east, who earned on resale, went. (as it is now on the outskirts). Beria, before his death, traveled precisely to allow the unification of West and East Berlin, and later on the whole of Germany as a neutral state (following the example of Austria). the Americans did not support this. To maintain food security, the GDR had to put up a wall.
    1. vrach
      31 January 2014 18: 17
      Dear Vasily, there have been several crises in East Germany. What are you talking about 1961 year, well, google something or what to build speculation. The wall was set much later than Beria’s death, when Kennedy was in power in America, and we have Khrushchev, this bum itself continued until the middle of the 60's. That is quite a long time.
    2. vrach
      31 January 2014 18: 17
      Dear Vasily, there have been several crises in East Germany. What are you talking about 1961 year, well, google something or what to build speculation. The wall was set much later than Beria’s death, when Kennedy was in power in America, and we have Khrushchev, this bum itself continued until the middle of the 60's. That is quite a long time.
  3. CHILD
    CHILD 31 January 2014 19: 07
    Article plus! ... here’s the question? It seems that psychological warfare is based more on the psychology of the species than on its individual representatives ... For example, it seems to me that the collapse of the Union began precisely with the replacement of values ​​in society, while the main blow was through women, whether we want it or not, it’s the ladies who are the guardians of the hearth)))) and how they can achieve their goal obviously .... the same Overton windows rely on the psychology of society, but the societies are all different ... so it comes to the first place analysis of the weaknesses of any society, both for attack and defense ... the scope for ideas is huge ... but after all, people are sitting somewhere analyzing, thinking, working)))))) Michael go on!
    1. vladek64
      vladek64 1 February 2014 14: 12
      Quote: KIND
      it means that analysis of the weak points of any society, both for attack and defense, comes first ... the scope for ideas is huge ... and after all, people sit somewhere, analyze, think, work)

      And then they come to Ukraine and test their ideas in practice.

      Now I see how in the course of the current "revolution" there is a powerful brainwashing from different and MANY sides, which creates such a mess in people's heads that people simply go crazy. In other words, the Ukrainians now, as with laboratory animals, are practicing a variety of methods of psychological training. At the same time, some experiments are layered on others or come into conflict with each other, and all this happens in the brains of people.

      After the experimenters finish their experiments and leave to write their dissertations, in our country there will be crowds of "spent laboratory material", but simply crazy people. At all levels. From all sides of the conflict.

      And then two options are possible:
      Option 1. The experimenters will want to "clean up" after themselves and destroy the "waste material" so that it does not crawl around the world. For this, civil war is a variant of the fire, in which the madmen will burn themselves.

      Option 2. Experimenters will not bother about "tidying up", but will simply leave everything as it is. Then it will shine for us to live in one country with many psychologically mutilated people, and this must be learned now.
      Articles such as this article help at least sort out the problem. And the discussion of such articles can help to find interested interlocutors. And there it is not far before the creation of a "subject of strategic action" (see Fursov's article "Cold East Wind").
  4. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 31 January 2014 19: 22
    Fine! Just a wonderful chapter.
    Let us ponder why the reception with the dispersion of soldiers in the "protest mass" was so effective? After all, it is well known that the intellect of a crowd is equal to the intellect of its most stupid participant. However, our soldiers, greatly outnumbered, did not give in, did not become part of the crowd. Moreover, they managed to break the mood, destroy the community! Why?
    You can consider this simply a certain technique - we will arrange for the sale of cheap socks on the site of a political rally. Work, why not? But there was something different in the situation with the military, right? In my opinion, the picture is approximately as follows. Our soldiers were stronger. Psychologically, each of them was much more powerful than the whole large crowd.
    What made these guys so strong that the psychological pumping of the crowd and all the developments of the same Dulles, an incomparable master of manipulation, crashed about them? The answer to this question will make us invincible again. Like once. As always. Only the answer must not only be understood as information, it must also be felt with the soul. I look forward to continuing. I look forward to!
  5. bbss
    bbss 31 January 2014 21: 43
    I am very sorry that at the collapse of the Great Country - the USSR, foreign masters of psychological warfare practiced and honed their skills.
  6. shelva
    shelva 31 January 2014 22: 04
    There are many methods of psychological influence, which can be safely defined as a WEAPON. One of the most effective is - a systematic impact on consciousness through the media. The same gossip and rumors about which the author writes, "thrown" into the society by the media, acquire greater credibility in the eyes of the addressees and, as a result, produce a greater effect.
    Article plus for the originality of the explanation of some events, and for interesting material.
    1. CHILD
      CHILD 1 February 2014 12: 50
      any psychological impact can be used as a weapon ..... from hanging the guts and carcasses of the opponent at the edge of the woods to the rumors of furry on the market))) here the question most likely rests on the audience for which this impact is created, in the modern world of mass media the psychological impact is even wider and makes it possible not only to strike, but also to remain in the shadows (which is happening now)
  7. scientist
    scientist 1 February 2014 03: 45
    Just think about it, the number of threes in nature is much higher than the number of excellent students, they simply take in bulk .... the life failure of a gold medalist is more noticeable to others, because no one had special hopes for the threesome.

    The statement does not agree with this, only because the facts say the opposite, especially when it comes to the army. There are two stands in the Tver Academy of Aerospace Defense in the main building on the ground floor. The first stand is the graduates of the Academy who graduated with a gold medal, and the second stand are graduates of the Academy who have become generals. Out of several hundred names on the stands, only one photo of Lieutenant General V.V. Barvinenko coincides.!! But only because after the Academy he remained a teacher and received the rank of general there. So he is an exception to the rule. Therefore, it can be argued that there are no coincidences in the troops. This confirms the well-known saying that the commander must be "dumb and brave" even in such high-tech troops as the VKO. We can talk about an accident when it comes to a dozen people in a short period of time. But when we talk about hundreds and for half a century, then here, according to the theory of large numbers and the central limiting theory of probability, the pattern is necessarily present.
    In this regard, I have my own explanation for the brilliant ideas of the commanders, arising from nowhere, which is fully consistent with the expression that the commander should be stupid and brave. In a stressful situation, when people's lives depend on the right decision, any excellent commander will begin to calculate the optimal output, or apply the already known algorithm of actions that is best suited in this situation. But the stupid commander with his life experience and the brain not overloaded with knowledge will make an intuitive decision that he will boldly uphold. In this situation, the place of an excellent pupil as a substitute for such a stupid and courageous commander is ideally suited to correctly present the initial data for making a decision and protect his commander from gross, catastrophic errors. Apparently precisely because in Russia, most commanders are stupid and brave Otto Bismarck said: “Never fight with Russia! Because for any of your smart plans, the Russians will have some kind of unforeseen stupidity that will cause this plan to fail. ”
    1. vrach
      1 February 2014 18: 27
      Was the commander Chernyakhovsky not an excellent student?
    2. vrach
      1 February 2014 18: 27
      Was the commander Chernyakhovsky not an excellent student?
  8. makarov
    makarov 1 February 2014 08: 35
    Wanting to give a detailed comment, I ran into a number of problems that did not allow me to do this. First I went to Vicky in order to better understand and replenish my knowledge in the terminology of the word "Psychology". When I read it, I started to follow the links, I was especially interested in the word "pedology". Reading the link I came across the word pedag. Interested in the very participle GOG. I went ahead and took the floor of demaGOG, and was quite surprised by its initial interpretation
    So, In Ancient Greece, a “teacher” is a slave who watches over a child and is responsible for attending school (often incapable of physical labor).
    And the Demagogue (dr. Greek. Δημαγωγός) is a democrat and dictator in ancient Greece; also a populist, "popular" politician. Initially, the word did not have a negative connotation and meant what Aristotle subsequently conveyed through the expression “simpleton (defender, representative of interests) of the people”. "Simpletons of the people," that is, democratic leaders, for most of the fifth century. BC e. came from noble families, such as Themistocles or Pericles. The situation is changing towards the end of the century, when prominent “upstarts”, such as the owner of the tannery workshop Cleon or the owner of the workshop of Hyperbole lamps, with radical political aspirations (in modern historiography they are called the “leaders of radical democracy”) come to the forefront of political life. Opponents accused them of populism, political irresponsibility, corruption and playing on the lowest and darkest instincts of the crowd. Thanks to them, the concept of “demagogue” begins to denote a populist politician and is approaching a modern meaning. In the sense of the modern term “populist”, it was used back in the 1954th century, for example, to refer to revolutionary leaders. Moreover, the XNUMX Dictionary of Foreign Words defines the term “demagogue” as “a politician, a person trying to create popularity among the masses with unworthy means (perversion of facts, flattery, etc.)”, that is, in the ancient Greek sense of this word.
    Thus, a confusion of thoughts appeared in my head, which simply does not allow me to understand the full-scale psychological effect on people of the aforementioned science.
    And if we add to this the meaning of the words GOG and MAGOG, (with which they scare in various treatises, calling them so-called "peoples"), then in essence the word content is actually talking about alien teachers who can easily overturn the foundations of morality and statehood.
    In general, it is necessary to comprehend a lot, therefore, unfortunately, I can not give any comments on the material.
    1. jjj
      jjj 1 February 2014 08: 42
      A banner popped up for me too, that the text contains invalid words. I understood that today, on February 1, the practice of closing resources without notice for calls for massive illegal actions begins to operate. Apparently, new filters have now appeared that understand what is written in some incomprehensible machine way
  9. Snoop
    Snoop 1 February 2014 11: 07
    It always amused me, for some reason people consider rumors or gossip thrown through the media a priori true. I recently talked with a representative of EP, and is a member of this party. Like, the Soviet time was the same, the party nomenclature had everything, but ordinary people could not do anything. Repeats the cliches of our media, and she is 45 years old, lived in Soviet times, and so what? How ass repeats and proves with conviction. After all, her family in those days did not swell from hunger, they lived normally. But...
  10. vkrav
    vkrav 1 February 2014 12: 48
    Thanks to the Author for an interesting and very informative attempt to squeeze the content of several monographs into a series of articles. The psychological impact on people is based on a number of behavioral patterns laid down in childhood during upbringing, including religious patterns, and methods of managing these patterns. methods of such influences on different groups of the population were developed, and the consequence of the leakage of such methods was, for example, the "White Brotherhood." The methods are not distinguished by novelty, all the major world religions are built on them. A crowd is generally a very interesting phenomenon - a kind of collective misunderstanding living by simple instincts. The lower the level of intelligence of a unit of the crowd, the higher is controllability. And the crowd is controlled by the influence on these instincts. If the impact on the crowd does not find in the pattern of behavior of the standard laid down eternal reaction - the individual intelligence of a unit turns on and the crowd ceases to be a crowd, which is perfectly described in the article.
  11. Cpa
    Cpa 1 February 2014 14: 31
    The article is interesting and the topic is the most important, many in the post-Soviet space live with a psyche broken down by political technologies, and the consequences of this are even difficult to imagine. Regarding a lie, in order for it to work, it must be overgrown with emotionally colored details that are in plain sight or referred to " authority ", or it is impossible to prove or refute. The person (crowd) begins to think emotionally, turns off logic." The field is plowed, it's time to sow "- a certain way of thinking is implanted. Therefore, I always say that it is necessary to return logic and rhetoric to educational institutions.
    Mikhail, a lump topic, it would be interesting to get acquainted with some signs and algorithms of political technologies. Thank you hi
  12. Rost_a
    Rost_a 1 February 2014 15: 00
    Quote: KIND
    ... For example, it seems to me that the collapse of the Union began precisely with the replacement of values ​​in society, while the main blow was through women, whether we like it or not, but the ladies are the guardians of the outbreak)))) and how they can achieve their focus in this outbreak obviously ....

    Undoubtedly, a psychological war was waged against the USSR ...
    I hope that in our government there are smart heads who use / will use this type of struggle against anti-Russian forces. Various historical facts on this subject are interesting. The author is definitely a plus, I'm waiting for new articles. Michael, thanks for the link to your article. Such a question - today what events in our country would you call episodes of this type of war?
    1. vrach
      1 February 2014 18: 38
      I also like Hugo Chavez.
      I work on modern events.
      Honestly, while writing this material, I also learned a lot of interesting things about history in terms of the fact that we perceive it fragmentarily. But now I have a more harmonious picture. You see, until the defeat in the Vietnam War and the onset of military parity with the USSR, the energy crisis, the United States tried us for strength on all fronts. The GDR from 1945 to 1964 was essentially Ukraine today, meaning the intensity of attacks and the intervention. Peace came only after the conclusion of the Helsinki agreements, that is, only when we more than once firmly pushed them back. Alas, the world has not changed.
    2. vrach
      1 February 2014 18: 38
      I also like Hugo Chavez.
      I work on modern events.
      Honestly, while writing this material, I also learned a lot of interesting things about history in terms of the fact that we perceive it fragmentarily. But now I have a more harmonious picture. You see, until the defeat in the Vietnam War and the onset of military parity with the USSR, the energy crisis, the United States tried us for strength on all fronts. The GDR from 1945 to 1964 was essentially Ukraine today, meaning the intensity of attacks and the intervention. Peace came only after the conclusion of the Helsinki agreements, that is, only when we more than once firmly pushed them back. Alas, the world has not changed.
  13. Hort
    Hort 3 February 2014 08: 23
    Interestingly, I have not heard about events in the GDR before.
    As for the excellent students with troyeshnikov I heard the following theory: excellent students are often people with practical thinking, and grade students (and some "good ones") are able to think abstractly (not all of them, of course). And it is abstract thinking, developed consciously or unconsciously to a certain level, that allows people to achieve goals greater than "practices." The latter in this case are the performers, and the "abstract" - the leaders.
    But this, of course, conventions. Because Ability to this or that way of thinking, by and large, is inculcated initially by parents in childhood and, in part, is formed by genes. And school grades are already a consequence, and one still cannot ignore such a factor as the subjectivity of some teachers.

    Well, as for the bald joke and the stainless steel medal laughing , then here, in my opinion, the blinkeredness of many excellent students and their "turn" in hard work is ridiculed. Something like this)
    1. vrach
      3 February 2014 20: 26
      I'm afraid you missed something. An excellent student is someone who has already proven:
      1. That he knows how to work.
      2. That he is loyal and accepted the rules of the game. That is, he is a legalist.
      And how often do we find ourselves in situations where unwritten rules apply that for some reason no one was going to tell us? Or suddenly someone at their whim changes the rules of the game. Is he right who has more rights? Those who vividly prove themselves are often extinguished first. A society that chews and spits out people who accepted its truths and as a result got burned on it is doomed. Think about it.
      1. CHILD
        CHILD 4 February 2014 00: 06
        you, too, missed something)))) often studying for excellent students is easy ... and the rules of the game suit them)))) besides, everyone faced a situation when they are pulling excellent students .... their authority is working with teachers .... everything is very relative .... besides what goals education pursues, it’s also a question)))) I’ll immediately explain the idea, knowledge is often not the goal itself .... it’s important to give basic knowledge, but it’s more important to teach a person how to learn ... and if you want you will understand ...
      2. Hort
        Hort 6 February 2014 11: 42
        not always:
        Most people have a penchant for some form of education / knowledge / mindset (whatever) - humanitarian or technical sciences.
        If we take excellent students (not all, but many), then in those subjects that they do not fully understand, information is "memorized" to get good grades. Because "the party said - it is necessary!" (parents in this case :)). Thus, referring to your theses:
        1. the excellent student proved that he is able to FULFILL the instructions and work as expected from him
        2. He is loyal and has accepted the rules of the game. That is, it is potentially (although there are exceptions, of course) law-abiding.
        Resume: "performer". And there is nothing wrong with that. in this case it is synonymous with the concept of "a person with practical thinking".
        But, as you rightly noted, in life everything does not always go according to the rules and laws, and in this case, the "C-grade" with the "good" have more chances of survival and further development, because already from school they show some ingenuity and tactics.
        But this, of course, is all simplified and generalized, because There are still a lot of factors influencing the grades and behavior of children at school and their attitude to learning, including and psychological: from the attitude of teachers, parents to stupidly laziness.
        1. Hort
          Hort 6 February 2014 11: 52
          yes, an important point: by abstract thinking I do not mean the ability to translate information about real objects into symbols, to manipulate these symbols, to find some kind of solution and this solution again to apply to objects in practice, i.e. traditional understanding of this concept, and the ability to think strategically, generate ideas, present approximate effects from their implementation, etc.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  14. Finist
    Finist 3 February 2014 18: 14
    Very interesting and informative. Thank.