The prophets of our day: positive and negative experiences with government use

David Teniers the Younger. "Allegory of Prudence, conquering the earthly vanity"

In previous articles, five very useful (I hope) tips were given to future prophets and seers, and some methods of independent “requests” to heaven were described. Now let's talk about modern visionaries and try to answer the question: how to use their talents to benefit the homeland and society?

The "prophets" of our day

Oddly enough, today the number of all kinds of magicians, psychics, fortunetellers and seers of other specialties is not only not decreasing, but even growing before our eyes. There are, however, reasonable explanations for this.

Firstly, the mass media, primarily television, are playing a huge role in the dissemination of various superstitions. Modern people see horoscopes daily - both in separate issues and in a running line during the morning News. Themed show programs and “journalistic investigations” follow one after another. Feature films of the same subject are also not uncommon. And even the famous illusionist David Copperfield proudly called his tricks and tricks “magic”. It is not surprising that many inhabitants already perceive all kinds of mysticism as part of real life.

"Wild but Cute" Salem Witches "enchant" the audience in a nightclub, a shot from the film "Focus Pocus"

Secondly, current seers, healers and miracle workers practically do not bear any responsibility for their activities (including their predictions). In the Middle Ages, emperors, kings, princes and dukes could easily put in prison some kind of presumptuous and deceitful astrologer or alchemist, or even hang him (we don’t even talk about “witches”). The only thing that modern charlatans may fear is the initiation of a criminal case for fraud, which is likely to crumble before reaching the court.

It is impossible to talk about all the modern "prophets" and "seers". We will talk only about some of the most famous.

The Dixon Effect

In 1997, died almost unknown in Russia, but very popular in the US, the "prophetess" Gene Dixon, whose main success is considered the prediction of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. There were other “hits”, but many of her prophecies were incorrect.

Among them is a prediction about the beginning of World War III in 1958, the cause of which was to be the dispute between Japan and China over the islands of Kemua and Matsu.

Her prediction that in 1967 the problem of cancer treatment would be finally resolved did not come true.

In addition, she believed that the Soviet astronauts would be the first to land on the moon.

And for 2020, Dixon "appointed" as much as Armageddon:

"The False Prophet, Satan, and Antichrist will rise and fight man."

The American mathematician Allen Paulos, having studied her prophecies, suggested introducing the term “Dixon effect” - the desire to talk only about the come true predictions of a particular prophet, ignoring erroneous ones. With no less justification, this term could be given the name of the same Nostradamus. We will talk about some modern "prophets" whose name this effect could bear now.

"Baba Wang"

The famous "seer" Vanga in socialist Bulgaria was a civil servant with a salary of 200 leva (the Bulgarian lev was then considered equal to the ruble) - she received the "work book" in 1967.

Monument to Vange at the church “Sveta Petka Bulgaria”, Rupite village

She brought huge profits to the state: the Bulgarians paid 10 leva for a one-minute meeting with her, citizens of socialist countries - $ 20, all the rest - $ 50. On the day, Vanga received up to 120 people, and she had to wait six months for a line at her appointment. And, of course, the Bulgarian rulers, who received considerable funds to the budget, tried their best to increase the international authority of their prophetess and to popularize her predictions.

The number of predictions and predictions made by Wanga over 55 years cannot be counted (more than a million), the more surprising is the very small number of reliable positive reviews left by people who visited her. The vast majority of customers remained silent, apparently not wanting to publicly recognize themselves as simpletons who threw currency into the wind. From this we can conclude that the prophetess guessed only as an exception.

It is characteristic that in Bulgaria itself the attitude towards Wang was always very skeptical; abroad, her authority was much higher. And the leaders of Bulgaria (and other countries of the socialist camp) did not seek to receive prophecies and "instructions" from Vanga. The exception was Lyudmila Zhivkova, daughter of the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Bulgaria, Minister of Culture and member of the Politburo. This woman was fond of eastern philosophy and agni yoga, she met Wanga dozens of times. But the prophetess never warned her about a car accident in which she nearly died in 1973. And then Vanga advised Lyudmila not to follow the doctors' recommendations, but to be treated with herbs: as a result, a high-ranking client died at the age of 39. But Todor Zhivkov, who met her twice, Wang did not predict an arrest in 1990.

There are serious reasons to believe that the Bulgarian special services supplied information about the most significant clients to the Vanga translators, who corrected the words of the prophetess in the right direction. And then the situation developed on the principle of “spoiled telephone”, when this translation was also edited: some words were “thrown out”, others were emphasized. A vivid example is the meeting of Wanga with the infamous charlatan Grigory Grabov (who, among other things, promised to "resurrect" the children of Beslan). There are still different versions of the outcome of this meeting: either Wang “blessed” the fraudster, or kicked him out. The editor of the national Bulgarian television, Valentina Genkova, who was personally present at their conversation, sent an official protest to Channel One of Russian television, saying that the meaning of the conversation was completely distorted in the video fragment shown to him of the meeting between Vanga and Grabovoi, and instead of translating it (Genkova), the comment was given, misleading the audience (that the prophetess had kicked out Grabovoi). Genkova claims that Wang actually said:

“You can do a lot, and you have to do it in Russia. You must help people. ”

There is also reliable evidence that some of Vanga's visitors were fake.

One of such cases became known to journalists specializing in articles and reports on Wang, but was unanimously ignored by them - they simply did not want to damage her authority and thereby cut a chicken laying golden eggs. ”

Then Vanga unexpectedly went out to the crowd of people waiting for the line, approached an elderly woman who came from the city of Malko Tarnovo (on the border with Turkey) and told her where to look for the missing grandson. The woman ran to call relatives and soon she was already telling everyone that the boy was found in the indicated place. One of the eyewitnesses of this triumph of Vanga, a week later, appeared in this city himself and was surprised to learn that none of the children in this area had ever disappeared.

Consider the two most famous predictions of Wang.

The first is about Kursk, which should "be under water." After the catastrophe of a submarine of that name, everyone retroactively rushed to bring this prediction into Wangi's asset. No one was embarrassed that submarines were actually created precisely to periodically turn out to be under water, and before the disaster the Kursk plunged into the water dozens of times. But, most importantly, the phrase about Kursk that went under water is taken out of context. Wangi's original prediction reads:

"Leningrad will sink in the Neva, and Kursk will be under water, and the whole world will mourn them."

That is, after all, we are talking about two Russian cities that were supposed to survive a catastrophic flood.

The second famous prediction now was made by Wang in 1960, here it is:

"Fear! Fear! Two American brothers will fall, their iron birds will peck. “Wolves will howl in the bushes, and blood will be shed like a river.”

John F. Kennedy was killed (bullets can be called “iron birds” if desired) in Dallas on November 22, 1963, and Robert Kennedy on June 6, 1968 in Los Angeles. But then Wang was not yet sufficiently “untwisted”, and no one paid attention to this prediction, which could have been considered true. But the fans of Vanga did a great deal of “public relations” after September 11, 2001, declaring skyscrapers attacked by terrorists as “brothers”. However, the “fallen” skyscrapers were not two, but three. About the "third brother", the 47-story building of World Trade Center 7, which housed the New York headquarters of the CIA, tax offices and some other organizations, they prefer not to recall without unnecessary need. Because at about 17 p.m. of that day, being covered by the fifth and sixth buildings of the World Trade Center, it suddenly collapsed on its own, not waiting for a plane to crash into it, and the American authorities could not clearly explain the reason for its collapse.

The prophets of our day: positive and negative experiences with government use
World Trade Center, New York, outline. Collapsed buildings in the diagram - red, damaged - brown and burgundy

World Trade Center 7: Third World Trade Center building collapsed September 11, 2001

Well, and, of course, Wanga’s predictions in which the “date is stamped” did not come true.

“In 1981, our planet will be under very bad denominators. The year will bring misfortune to many people, will take many leaders. ” Of the "leaders" in this died only the President of Egypt Anwar Sadat.

In 1990, according to Wang, George W. Bush was supposed to die on board an exploding plane.

“1991 will be an alarming and difficult year. Many cities and settlements will be destroyed by earthquakes and floods. ” Absolutely "past."

Yeltsin, according to Wang, was supposed to leave in 1996 - alas, unfortunately for our country, he lasted until December 31, 1999.

In 1997, Seraphim of Sarov was to resurrect.

"Bulgaria will recover after 2005." So far, there are no special signs of economic recovery in this country.

In 2007, Vanga predicted a war between Russia and China and the death of Bratsk as a result of an accident at a chlorine plant - fortunately, neither one nor the other happened.

In 2010, Vanga “appointed” the beginning of World War III, due to which some plants, in particular, onions, garlic, peppers, and milk should become unfit for drinking.

In 2011, apparently, during this war, according to the prophetess, “as a result of the use of nuclear weapons in the Northern Hemisphere "there should have been nothing alive, and" for this, the Muslims will start a war against the Europeans. "

Probably in Australia, New Zealand, South America and southern Africa, refugees from the Northern Hemisphere should have been seized.

The 1979 prophecy is curious, in which Vanga apparently mixed up Russia and Ukraine:

“The white brotherhood will spread in Russia. It will be in 20 years, but in another 20 years you will collect the first big crop. ”

The Great White Brotherhood of Yusmalos

Marina Zvigun (Maria Devi Christos) did not wait for 1999, revealing herself to Ukraine in 1990-1991, after a clinical death during a seventh abortion, when she thought that another soul, a divine one, had infused her body. Together with the former employee of the Kiev Institute of Cybernetics Yuri Krivonogov, she founded the sect "Great White Brotherhood Yusmalos" (short for Joanne Swami Maria Logos), which was officially registered in Kiev on March 7, 1991. Tsvigun declared himself both the bride and mother of Christ, and Krivonogov was first called John the Baptist, Elijah the Prophet, and then - the viceroy of God on earth, Joanne Swami.

Founders of the White Brotherhood sect M. Tsvigun and Yu. Krivonogov

For three and a half years, Tsvigun was supposed to collect 144 thousand "Yusmalians" who, after this period, would go to heaven, all the other inhabitants of the Earth should go to hell. Another "doomsday" was scheduled for November 24, 1993.

On November 10, Tsvigun, along with her supporters, tried to capture Kiev Sophia Cathedral. Then 25 people, having bought tickets, entered the cathedral, closed the museum employees in the utility room, and the “goddess”, ascending the altar, began to preach. About 600 of her supporters at that time surrounded the cathedral, among them were children of senior Ukrainian officials and the daughter of one of the Russian governors. After the arrest, many of them went on a hunger strike. On February 9, 1996, Marina Tsvigun was sentenced to 4 years, but she was released ahead of schedule on August 13, 1997. In 2006, she emigrated to Russia, changing her first and last name - now she is Victoria Preobrazhenskaya. The “big harvest” in the year 2019 predicted by Wanga failed the “goddess” did not please anyone in Russia - and, thank God, we do not need such “harvests”.

The Sleeping Prophet

The “sleeping prophet” Edgar Cayce is also widely known, who claimed that it was enough for him to put any book under his pillow in order to know its contents by heart in the morning, and undertook to “treat” people from a distance, being interested only in their name and place of residence. In his youth, he lost his voice and was “healed” by a visiting hypnotist - this clearly indicates the hysterical nature of the disease and the accompanying mental disorders. He gave his predictions in a trance-like state, which is why he was nicknamed "sleeping." His prophecies were recorded by stenographers; no audio recording devices (which already existed) were used, so you can only guess what Casey actually said and what was attributed to him. At the same time, a number of Casey’s predictions turned out to be erroneous, which reduces the value of his guesses: even if we assume that he really received his “revelations” from some otherworldly “voices”, then we have to admit that they are an unreliable and little-informed source. And relying on these constantly mistaken “voices” is hardly reasonable. Here are the most egregious of the mistakes of this "prophet":

“Hitler’s supreme goal is more than noble, he wants to unite Europe into a common democratic state and must bring happiness to the peoples of Europe, universal material prosperity and the highest democratic and ethical principles.”
“In the second half of the 40s, there will be a big internal war in China. The victory in it will be won by democratic forces. Democracy like American will prevail in the country. ”
“In 1968 or 1969, Atlantis will emerge from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean” (1940 prediction).

Well, the "end of the world" - how could it be without it:

“In 1998, the Earth will complete its cycle, the poles will change position, displacements will occur in the Arctic and Antarctica, which will result in volcanic eruptions in the tropical zone ... The upper part of Europe will change in the blink of an eye. Earth will split in western America. ”

"All his prophecies came true?" Seriously?


Currently, right before our eyes in Russia, a cult of pop artist Wolf Messing is being created.

Wolf Messing

Most of the stories about his superpowers are pure fantasy. And the real “miracles” of the professionals cause a condescending smile: their technique has long been known, has a completely rational basis, any average mentalist can repeat these “tricks”. You can believe that if even half of what is written about Messing was true, we would still not know anything about him.

Do you think that no one would pay attention to a person who could pass without a permit into a carefully guarded building on Lubyanka or receive a large sum of money from an empty piece of paper in a bank? And after that he would be allowed to freely walk around Moscow?

There are two options: either he would be recognized as useful and sent to work in the NKVD, and all materials related to his activities would be classified. Either they would have been recognized as potentially dangerous, and, of course, had not been left free, most likely, they would have been destroyed - just in case.

However, none of the “competent authorities” was interested in Messing's talents and his mythical “superpowers”, and he led a modest life of a not-so-highly-paid artist, performing mainly in the province.

Messing's most famous "divination" was made by him twice.

The first time in 1937, when he said at a performance in a theater in Warsaw:

"If Hitler goes to war in the East, death awaits him."

Well, what other prophecy could be expected in the audience of ambitionful Polish lords? After all, too much skepticism could not only be booed, but also beaten.

Messing repeated this prediction in the winter of 1940 in the hall of the NKVD club:

"I see Tanks with red stars on the streets of Berlin. "

Well, it’s not serious at all: Messing was still not crazy and not suicidal, in order to answer such people in such a place otherwise.

In addition, this assumption is quite logical and reasonable: anyone, at least a little familiar with history man knows that Russia can be defeated in a small military conflict, but it is absolutely impossible to win the war of annihilation, and Hitler was just going to fight like that. People who did not know the stories or decided to neglect her lessons made the biggest mistake in their life and ended up very poorly.

"A generation of janitors and watchmen"

In the troubled times of the “dashing 90s”, astrologer Pavel Globa, a historian and archivist by profession, who was in 1984-1988, was quite famous in Russia. worked as a watchman, and in 1989 he suddenly became the rector of the Astrological Institute. And then - also the head of the center of his own name and the president of the Avestan Republican Belarusian Association. Here are some of his predictions made in 1988.

In 1994, independent republics were to appear: Leningrad, Novgorod, Sakhalin, the Far East, and some others.

In 1996, Gorbachev was to resign.

In 2003, the problem of nationalism will completely disappear.

In 2004, Russia was to become the "spiritual center of the Earth."

In 2008, Kiev and another 15 cities were supposed to "die and be reborn," and Hillary Clinton - to become the president of the United States.

In 2010, the Black Sea was supposed to catch fire, or rather, hydrogen sulfide, which would rise from its bottom.

In 2014 - "an explosion of banditry in Russia."

And in 2032, a ruler speaking the “Slavic language” should come to power in Britain.

In this place I recall Vladimir Vysotsky and his “Lecture on the international situation, delivered by a man sentenced to 15 days for petty hooliganism to his cellmates”:

The churchmen parted the bakery
The Vatican was a little confused,
We threw the pope to them -
From ours, from the Poles, from the Slavs.

However, the wait is not too long, one of us will probably be able to check.

In 2008, P. Globa made a new prediction: Russia, Ukraine and Belarus should unite in the "Eastern European bloc." So far, it’s not very successful even with Belarus alone.

In 2010, in his opinion, Y. Tymoshenko was to become the president of Ukraine.

And in 2017-2018. should have depreciated the US dollar.

The Great Warriors of the Hybrid War

But is it really impossible to use all these occult practices in our time and in our world?

You may be surprised, but they are used, and sometimes very successfully, but only as an element of psychological warfare. False forecasts (astrological, numerological, kabbalistic and so on) are specially prepared and disseminated where there is a grateful audience, ready to absorb any nonsense expressed with a rather serious look.

Walter Schellenberg (Head of the Sixth Directorate of the RSHA) recalled that before the war with France, a brochure with corrected predictions of Nostradamus was prepared and distributed in advance. In them, in particular, it was said that only the south and southeast of France will be saved from “cars spewing smoke and fire, crashing over cities, bringing horror and destruction to people”:

“After the outbreak of the war, the panic-stricken masses of refugees moved in the direction we suggested. Thus, the German troops received the desired freedom of advancement, while the communications of the French army were paralyzed. "

Walter Schellenberg

The quatrain in question sounds like this:

Refugees diving from the sky fire
Close conflict of fighting ravens.
From the earth they cry for help, heavenly help,
When the combatants will be at the walls.

As you can see, there is not a word about France in it, much less the safe areas of this country are not indicated. And indeed, you must admit that it is completely impossible to understand at least something in these lines and correlate them with some real event.

The fake quatrains of Nostradamus were also used by the British, who distributed in the occupied countries of Europe, fakes of a certain Ludwig von Woll (an emigrant from Germany, also known as Wilhelm Wulf).

Ludwig von Woll

In these pseudo-quatrains, he alluded very transparently to the impending victory of the Allies. In addition to brochures and leaflets, the Zenith astrological journal published in London was also used for this purpose. The British did not hesitate to set false dates for the publication of magazines and brochures: “predicting” past events, they thereby increased readers' confidence in future forecasts.

Fake quatrains were distributed by the British to the United States, but for a different purpose - to push the Americans to more effective British assistance.

In 1943, on the instructions of British intelligence, von Vol wrote a whole book - “Nostradamus predicted the course of the war”, in which he included 50 written quatrains, which were attributed to a medieval astrologer.

Another idea of ​​using astrology is based on the assumption that the enemy believes in horoscopes and takes them into account when drawing up plans. In this case, you can build parallel astrological calculations, and try to predict the actions of the enemy. Because of the two possible dates, a superstitious person will clearly choose what was suggested by the astrologer. Such attempts were also made during World War II in Great Britain. We proceeded from a rather dubious premise that Hitler and people from his environment sacredly believe in horoscopes and do not take a step without consulting an astrologer. They even called the name of Hitler's personal astrologer, Karl Ernst Kraft.

Karl Ernst Craft

Such a person really existed, but was not used for consultations in military and political affairs, but for the manufacture of those very fakes. In 1940, Kraft edited (some say that he rather rewrote) a book by an anonymous medieval author, telling about the predictions of Nostradamus, so that its readers could see the near and speedy victory of the Third Reich. This fake, translated into several languages, was distributed in Europe, the USA and the Middle East.

Consider, as an example of falsifications, the 94th quatrain of V Century, which states that the “Grand Duke of Armenia” will storm Vienna and Cologne. Only one letter was changed in one word: the country Armenia turned into Arminia - the famous German leader who defeated the Romans in the Teutoburg Forest. The "Grand Duke of Arminius" attacking Vienna is a completely different matter, is not it?

After Hess's flight to Britain (June 12, 1941), Kraft, along with other astrologers (more than 600 people), was arrested. And on June 24 of the same year, astrology and other occult "sciences" were banned in the Third Reich. All books containing "mystical texts", tarot cards, "magic mirrors", "balls of predictions" and other attributes of fortune-tellers and fortune tellers were confiscated.

Kraft died in Buchenwald on January 8, 1945.

Hitler, contrary to legends, considered astrology a pseudoscience. If you trust the testimony of the secretaries of the Fuhrer (and there is no reason to doubt their veracity), he repeatedly said that

"Astrology is stupidity in which naive Anglo-Saxons believe."

Here the British went the wrong way.

Attempts to make real astrological predictions have also been a failure. Representatives of British intelligence acknowledged that the only true "prophecy" of von Wol was the prediction of Italy entering World War II, but it was made when it no longer aroused the slightest doubt.

But B. Yeltsin, according to the chairman of the Commission on the fight against pseudoscience E. Kruglov, was a very superstitious person and took astrology quite seriously. They even name the name of his alleged personal astrologer - George Rogozin, who in 1992-1996. was the first deputy chief of the Security Service of the President of the Russian Federation, in 1994 he received the title of Major General of the FSB, but became famous mainly for studying astrology, parapsychology and telekinesis, for which he received the nickname Merlin Kremlin and Nostradamus in uniform. The result of these “consultations with the stars" is known to all.

In general, if you are determined to devote your life to forecasts and predictions, do not try to help your country in any way. Use your abilities to the detriment of the enemy (and, accordingly, to the good of the Motherland).

Last tip

Well, the last piece of advice for today: if you want to know what will happen personally to you tomorrow or in a month, don’t pick up the Tarot deck, bones with runes applied to them and don’t go to fortune-tellers. Just tell yourself (you can even out loud): "Everything will be fine."

This is the best forecast possible.

Or take the most favorable Tarot cards here and consider that they always fall to you. And at the same time look at the drawings of Salvador Dali, who illustrated this version of the deck - the works of this master are always interesting:

Tarot card of the deck of Salvador Dali "4 wands"

Tarot card of Salvador Dali's Ace of Cups deck

Tarot card of the Salvador Dali "9 Cups" deck

Tarot card of the Salvador Dali "Peace" deck

Tarot card of the deck of Salvador Dali "Sun"

In general, as the well-known Coco Chanel said, "everything is in our hands, so they should not be omitted."

Ler Maria. Coco Chanel, pencil drawing

I think she is right, and this advice will always be relevant.
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  1. svp67 6 January 2020 05: 09 New
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    Some of these people are truly “admitted” to the global “info field”, but most are simply the most natural deceivers.

    ... The legend about the appearance of the magician in Novgorod has been preserved. A story about this is transmitted in the annals of 1071, but in fact a magus in Novgorod could appear between 1074-1078. 456 The magician promised to cross the river Magus before everyone. The Novgorodians, who were not strong in Christianity, were worried. The position of the bishop was difficult. He put on the sacred vestments and, taking the cross in his hands, said: “Whoever wants to believe the sorcerer, let him follow him; but whoever believes (in Christ), let him go to the cross. " Only Prince Gleb Svyatoslavich with the retinue took the side of the bishop, and the whole people followed the magician. Prince Gleb hid an ax under the floor, went up to the magician and asked him: “Do you know what will happen today?” “I will do great miracles,” answered the sorcerer. Gleb hit him with an ax, and the sorcerer fell dead. Seeing that the predictions of the sorcerer were not fulfilled, the people dispersed ...
    1. Kote Pan Kokhanka 6 January 2020 05: 40 New
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      To believe or not to believe a person’s private affair.
      Thank you Valery for a series of articles, everything will be fine fine marquise !!!
      1. Olgovich 6 January 2020 07: 50 New
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        Quote: Kote Pan Kokhanka
        To believe or not to believe a person’s private affair.

        All these fortune tellers, fortune-tellers, cards, and the like, in fact, are not worth a damn, but they satisfy people's craving discover your future.
        But is it necessary? recourse
        author: Well, the last piece of advice for today: if you want to know what will happen personally to you tomorrow or in a month, don’t pick up the Tarot deck, bones with runes applied to them and don’t go to fortune-tellers. Just tell yourself (can even out loud)"Everything will be fine».

        And what, has never been the other way around? belay
        1. VLR
          VLR 6 January 2020 09: 14 New
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          A positive attitude is always better than a negative one. "On the courage" you can "roll mountains." Or at least lose with a minimum, not a crushing “score”.
          1. Olgovich 6 January 2020 09: 17 New
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            Quote: VlR
            A positive attitude is always better than a negative one. "On the courage" you can "roll mountains"

            This is yes.

            But, as always, there is a "but" ....
            1. Yes, your soul feels right, Olgovich, an empty article, "leading to the side,". They are the same as the author of the article and turn over, upside down, reliable information, and stuff us with stupid things in the media, and ,, shadow on the fence, suggest ... And a peculiar picture at the beginning of the article and ,, darling ,, from her Masonic. ,,Things are good!,, . It must be the same ... You look! Maybe you, everything’s, and good, ... But in Russia it’s bad, my friend, .. By your efforts including. You dirtied Russia, ,, acrobatics brothers ,, ... After all, there is no state, as such, on its territory. The real state, as it was understood, for example, as far back as the 2020th century. So - there is only one appearance ... this ,, RK ,, - ,, Capitalist Russia. And she, the Republic of Kazakhstan, has a real perspective, ,, dearie ,,, ,, bad to finish. And there will be little fun and for you, including, you are our optimistic-ironic one. Conscientious people feel pain at all this devastation, while Ryzhov giggles, amuses ... Do you want to listen to a bit of the real TRUTH, little one? Remember or write down ... The time is up for ,, tandem ,,, XNUMX leap year, ,, year of summing up, ... ... year of demand for the previous ,, pranks ,, ... year of PUNISHMENT for dirty behavior ... You not dirty? Then you have nothing to fear ... then ernichayte-have fun. But cross the road more accurately - look around ... Doesn’t have time, sometimes, the little man blinks an eye - ,, the soul rushed in ... ,, In ,, paradise ,,? What paradise are you? You are demons - ,, aliens ,, in their ,, paradise ,, wait, not wait. Masons, there, my friend. There is a famous story, he is not one dozen years old, such as the name: ,, Do not profess Freemasons before death,. Read this truthfully documentary tale. Maybe you stop ,, wide smile ,,. ... Just today I photographed a cross at the pharmacy ADVERTISING! And how much of such kindness did you cram into Russia, the little rascals, you .... (such and such). And the Creator will show you “tricks,” for your disgusting?! No, “handsome men,” IT IS NECESSARY TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING ... This is without, “wang” and, “nostradamus,”
              1. axiles100682 21 January 2020 11: 15 New
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                Eco Stuck You laughing Great plan wassat
          2. IGOR GORDEEV 6 January 2020 11: 38 New
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            Quote: VlR
            A positive attitude is always better than a negative one. "On the courage" you can "roll mountains." Or at least lose with a minimum, not a crushing “score”.

            How is the youth of Russia youth of Canada in the hockey finals?
  2. tlauicol 6 January 2020 06: 03 New
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    As long as fools live in the world, it’s from our hands that we live by deception ...
    BRAVO Author
  3. Ross xnumx 6 January 2020 06: 24 New
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    Thanks to the author for the work! good
    I never listened to the advice of Baba Vanga, considering this nothing more than a draft of the state security committees. I heard a version where Moscow was instead of Kursk.
    "Leningrad in the Neva will sink, and Moscow will be under water, and everyone will mourn them."

    Agree that Soviet people could be interested in the fate of the capitals, and not Leningrad and Uryupinsk ...
    I agree with:
    Quote: svp67
    Some of these people are truly “admitted” to the global “info field”, but most are simply the most natural deceivers.

    I can add only one. Each of us, understand EVERYTHING !!!
    ever received signals about the coming future for himself and his relatives (prophetic dreams, various signs and signs). Many realized that dreams came true only after that. It is likely that great state people who are rooting for a country and living by its interests may have a prediction of the situation regarding the future of the country. One cannot deny the absolute impact on the health of people of healers and other traditional healers.
    But all this only emphasizes once again that man has moved too far away from the mother of Nature. And all his feelings are dulled to such an extent that he cannot predict earthquakes with his analytical mind, as fish and cats with dogs do ...
    1. ML-334 6 January 2020 08: 42 New
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      Man has sinned too much and not feelings are dull and Mind Creator is covered.
      1. Ross xnumx 6 January 2020 10: 16 New
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        Quote: ML-334
        and not feelings are dulled and Mind Creator is covered.

        Reason in our case is a multi-core processor in which all software installations are down ... Someone interested "sent" the virus of money-grubbing, lust, indifference, cynicism, etc., etc.
        I think so ... yes
  4. Catfish 6 January 2020 07: 06 New
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    Walter Schellenberg (Head of the Sixth Directorate of the RSHA) recalled that before the war with France, a brochure with corrected predictions of Nostradamus was prepared and distributed in advance. In them, in particular, it was said that only the south and southeast of France will be saved from “cars spewing smoke and fire, crashing over cities, bringing horror and destruction to people”:

    Valery, thanks! smile I know that the “cutie” Schellenberg participated in the fabrication of incriminating evidence on Tukhachevsky, but I hear about this Hochma with the prediction of Nostrdamus for the first time, although I read it “Labyrinth”. good
    1. 3x3zsave 6 January 2020 18: 52 New
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      This Schellenberg "post factum" tried to shave his bonuses. And in the 37th Walter, so, the boy on the premises.
      1. Catfish 6 January 2020 19: 04 New
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        • 1
        Unfortunately, no longer on the premises, quickly grew up.
  5. Korsar4 6 January 2020 08: 06 New
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    And information is taken from one barrel.

    Classics: "Daria Petrovna said: November 28, 1925 the earth will fly on the celestial axis" (c).
  6. Boris55 6 January 2020 08: 47 New
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    Very soon we will see how millions of people in Russia will celebrate the birth of one of the many prophets on earth. If someone believes in something - this is only his truth. If millions believe in it, it becomes true for many.

    All believers to the prophet of the Jewish Jesus - with his coming Christmas.

  7. parusnik 6 January 2020 09: 28 New
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    “On the poster it was written: The Priest (Famous Bombay Brahmin - Yogi) came the son of Krepysh
    Favorite of Rabindranath Tagore IOKANAAN MARUSIDZE (Honored Artist of the Union Republics) Numbers from the experience of Sherlock Holmes. Indian fakir. The invisible chicken. Candles from Atlantis. Hell tent. The Prophet Samuel answers questions from the public. Materialization of spirits and distribution of elephants. Entrance tickets from 50 to 2 p. I rarely use this fun, ”said Ostap. - Imagine that the priest is most caught by such advanced people as the heads of railway clubs. The job is easy but nasty. I personally hate to be the favorite of Rabindranath Tagore. And the prophet Samuel is asked the same questions: “Why is there no animal oil on sale?” or: “Are you Jewish?”
  8. gridasov 6 January 2020 10: 52 New
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    Prophets are those who brought knowledge, on the basis of which technology has changed in human life.
  9. Trilobite Master 6 January 2020 12: 54 New
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    Unfortunately, the author is right in one important issue, namely:
    current seers, healers and miracle workers practically do not bear any responsibility for their activities (including their predictions). In the Middle Ages, emperors, kings, princes and dukes could easily put in prison some kind of presumptuous and deceitful astrologer or alchemist or even hang him (we don’t even talk about “witches”). The only thing that modern charlatans may fear is the initiation of a criminal case for fraud, which is likely to crumble before reaching the court.

    I just want to note that in such a deplorable state of affairs it is not the law enforcement agencies that are limited by law, nor the legislators themselves.
    The law is simply impossible to formulate in such a way as to protect some boobies from the desire to give their hard-earned money for the provision of irrational services. A person who brings money to a healer, seer, or some other psychic is absolutely defenseless against them by the law and must be aware that he himself and only he fully bears responsibility for the consequences of his actions, it will not work to attract anyone else . In other words, no one will protect you, save you, compensate anything, or even avenge you, unless in the order of a vendetta or Lynch court.
    Each of us should know and understand that everyone who positions himself as a prophet or some other healer is either greedy, cunning, scumbagous bastards of varying degrees of abomination, who have chosen such a non-trivial way of earning themselves, or mentally ill people behind whom such bastards are hiding. Sometimes both can coincide. Only such an understanding can save a person and his property from the encroachments of these villains.
    1. parusnik 6 January 2020 15: 22 New
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      By the way, do you remember the Soviet cartoon "The Magnificent Gosh"? A series of how Gosh gouged out a tooth? smile
      1. Trilobite Master 6 January 2020 17: 31 New
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        Quote: parusnik
        Soviet cartoon "Gorgeous Gosh"

        Now found looked. smile It is this series that I absolutely do not remember. Apparently, I didn’t see it in childhood ... After watching, the question arose: why didn’t it show how much money poor Gosh left at these “folk healers” in the cartoon? Not that tonality of the film, apparently ... smile But at least they did.
        And now ... How many TV shows have been riveted over the last ten years? And everywhere the main characters really have some kind of supernatural ability. As if they specifically want to convince us that all these figures are not charlatans and (or) not their weapons. Wang, Juna, some kind of Blind, Messing, what else? ... And it turns out! At the school where my youngest student, a ... damn teacher, forgot how the subject is called, something like "folk culture" or something like that, "strongly recommended" to children (then there was a fifth or sixth grade) to watch the series " Blind "and even control held. I had to go to school and speak with the head teacher. It seems to have stopped.
  10. bubalik 6 January 2020 13: 05 New
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    If Hitler goes to war in the East, death awaits him. ”
    ,,, it is doubtful that such a statement was stop
  11. evgen1221 6 January 2020 14: 39 New
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    The stronger the state and the more secure population, the less mass demand in such societies for such charlatans-magicians and other heresy.
  12. kalibr 6 January 2020 15: 49 New
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    Wonderful stuff, Valery!
  13. BAI
    BAI 6 January 2020 17: 41 New
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    But, most importantly, the phrase about Kursk that went under water is taken out of context. Wangi's original prediction reads:

    "Leningrad will sink in the Neva, and Kursk will be under water, and the whole world will mourn them."

    I already wrote that we see and do not understand what is in front of us. You can also say that we hear and do not understand what they want to tell us. In the book of interpretations of Nostradamus, published before the Kursk disaster the following translation of Nostradamus was given (not literally, within the meaning):
    "In 2000, in Russia, a huge city at the 51st parallel will go under water." And the interpreters all agreed on versions that would sink. And only in 2000, everything became clear.
    1. VLR
      VLR 7 January 2020 23: 43 New
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      Nostradamus has nothing of the kind. Frankly, 99.99% of his quatrains contain frank nonsense that cannot be correlated with any real event. And if correlated, it means specialists like Kraft and von Wola worked.
  14. voyaka uh 7 January 2020 00: 41 New
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    "On the" third brother ", the 47-story building of World Trade Center 7, which housed the New York headquarters of the CIA, tax offices and some other organizations, they prefer not to recall without unnecessary need" ////
    There are detailed reports about this building too.
    They did not collapse suddenly, but after 7 hours of a continuous fire that was blazing
    simultaneously on 10 different floors in height.
    Burning debris flying from the Northern tower building was set on fire.
    You so effectively exposed the false prophets, and you yourself succumbed to the primitive
    conspiracy theories.
    1. VLR
      VLR 7 January 2020 08: 19 New
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      I mentioned it because, strangely enough, few people know that three buildings collapsed altogether. And he indicated that the building N7 collapsed at about 17.00. Fire is the official version of the collapse. But some questions nevertheless, she raises. Some even believe that the building "in the quiet" after the evacuation of people was undermined by owners who did not want to repair it, but wanted to get insurance. Since the building, indicated on the diagram in burgundy, was also demolished later by the owners, this is not impossible.
      1. voyaka uh 7 January 2020 23: 22 New
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        "was undermined by owners who did not want to repair it," ////
        Undermining a building is even harder than burning it down.
        This was checked many times during the demolition of old skyscrapers.
        It’s necessary to lay dynamite under most of the main columns,
        and in fair quantities. It’s not possible to do this quietly
        In a fire in skyscrapers, such high temperatures from vertical
        air flows, that steel loses its hardness, all joints of floors are self-destructing.
        And the building begins to take shape from top to bottom, floor after floor under the weight of the upper floors.
        Such a crushing effect is not obtained with the use of dynamite.
    2. Captainvp 7 January 2020 23: 00 New
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      The official version is already in itself quite “conspiracy”, especially with regard to the “blazing” fire. Firstly, it is completely incomprehensible that there should have been such a “blaze” there so as to melt the supporting steel structures, since there was no aviation kerosene, which, according to the official version, created a fever of incredible intensity in the “twins”. Neither before nor after September 11 there were no facts of the collapse of such structures from fires. I agree that the factual material is not enough for the final and irrevocable denunciation of the official version. However, common sense, experience, as well as many indirect evidence contradict it. To declare, however, that all that the official version contradicts with conspiracy is, sorry, a matter of faith.
      1. Glory1974 7 January 2020 23: 37 New
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        However, common sense, experience, as well as many indirect evidence contradict it. To declare, however, that all that the official version contradicts with conspiracy is, sorry, a matter of faith.

        I agree with you. When there is no unequivocal knowledge, people are divided into 2 categories: those who believe in the official version, and those who do not believe. "
  15. Glory1974 7 January 2020 23: 35 New
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    Judging by the article, the author does not believe in extrasensory perception. I also did not believe until a certain time, until I came across phenomena that, from the point of view of the author, are entirely swindles. Nevertheless, they exist, and for many people this is no longer a matter of faith, but knowledge.
    Somehow, during a service, a soldier escaped from our unit, a long search for results did not work, and then, on the advice of a friend with the company commander, we went to the extrasense. I did not believe it, but this woman looked at the photo and said where to look for him. Where she said, they found it. This, of course, is not about apocalypse prediction, but it also says something.
    He turned to this woman several times and everything always came true. The last skepticism was gone when she said about the missing ensign: "Now he is alive, he is near distant relatives, but you will not find him alive." When we went to the village, where he supposedly could be, we saw an inverted car in a ditch. As it turned out, an hour before our arrival, he and his friend rolled over in a car.