Forces and signs of fate. Prophets, politicians, and generals

Forces and signs of fate. Prophets, politicians, and generals
The Chess Players. Allegorical painting by F.M. Retsem in the XNUMXth century

At all times and all ages, people wanted to know the future and their fate. The world seemed huge and scary, full of hostile forces, and the theme of death is a black thread through the whole history humanity.

Chess Death, Medieval Mural

Triumph of Death, medieval engraving

“What will happen to the Motherland and to us?”

The title question, inadvertently posed by Yu. Shevchuk in one of the songs, is no less burning than the notorious “main questions” of Russian history: “Who is to blame?”, “What should I do?”, “Who should live well in Russia?” But still more universal, since the answer to it to the British, Belgians, Ukrainians, Syrians or Afghans is no less interesting than the Russians.

Alessandro Allory. "Allegory of human life"

All kinds of rulers of different countries (whatever they were called), politicians and generals, nothing human was alien, and they often turned to specialists at hand for predictions. Sometimes they didn’t really want to, but they had to: either a comet flies up, then a solar or lunar eclipse scares everyone, “false suns”, pillars and even crosses in the sky (halo) appear, the aurora will illuminate the night where it and never seen - just have time to "decrypt".

Los Angeles Lunar Eclipse, November 11, 2016

"Angel" over a Buddhist temple in Thailand, 2012

Voice of Heaven

Belsky A.I. Allegory of Astronomy

Unfortunately for the current prophets, science has deprived them of the possibility of interpreting various astronomical and atmospheric phenomena. And now you will not frighten anyone with the prediction of a solar eclipse and you will not pass out some kind of column of fire in the sky as the will of heaven. Whether business before! Christopher Columbus on the island of Jamaica, having "stolen" the Taino Moon from the Indians (eclipse on February 29, 1504), was able to force them to supply their crew with food for free.

In 312, the army of Constantine the Great, who opposed Maxentius, saw a cross of fire in heaven. This halo was of great importance for the future of a whole world religion - Christianity. Because in the battle at the Mulvian Bridge, Konstantin won.

Rafael Santi, "Vision of the Cross." Fresco fragment of the Constantine Hall of the Pontiff's Palace in the Vatican

Halo in the form of a cross. Michigan, January 15, 2016

Another emperor, but no longer Byzantine, but German, Charles V, was so impressed with the phenomenon of a halo with false suns over the besieged Magdeburg (in 1551) that he allowed himself to be convinced that this city was protected by heaven.

Halo with False Suns, 2013, China

However, there are examples of more rational behavior. You probably remember that the “black sun” blocked the path of Igor Svyatoslavich’s marching campaign to the Polovtsy.

The prince of Putivl looked at the sky and said:

“My brothers and squad! The secrets of God are mysterious, and no one can know his definition. Whatever he wants, he does - good or evil. If he wants, he will punish without a sign. And who knows - for us this is a sign or for whom else, because an eclipse is visible in all lands and peoples ”

(Ipatiev Chronicle.)

Or maybe in vain Igor neglected the "will of heaven"? No, after the first victory, he, the most experienced of the princes, called the others home, but they did not go: they said that the horses were tired. And the next day, they saw the enormous forces of the Polovtsy. And their appearance did not depend on a solar eclipse. These Polovtsy, as Igor rightly remarked, also saw an eclipse and could also frighten themselves if they wanted and refuse to fight with Russian squads.

In the same way, the start of the implementation of the Barbarossa plan, long prepared by the German General Staff, was absolutely independent of the opening of Tamerlane's tomb in Samarkand.

But what were the results of the work of all kinds of Pythia, Augurs, Haruspics, Magi, astrologers and other "magicians"?

Since this article is intended specifically for the “Military Review”, we will not talk about the prophecies received by “civilians”, even if they are very famous and famous. We confine ourselves to people related to politics and military affairs. And we will give some recommendations to those of the readers who, perhaps, someday want to set foot on the thorny road of the prophets. Let's try to remove some of the most weighty “cobblestones” from this road.

Specialty selection

First of all, you need to decide on a specialty. Try to choose one so that at least it is not very difficult to maintain a serious facial expression when performing professional duties.

After all, you probably read about the ancient Roman priests, who interpreted the will of the gods in flight and the cries of birds, and you know that they were called augurs. Have you ever heard the expression "Augur smile"? This phrase was made popular by Mark Thulius Cicero, who wrote in his book “About Fortune-telling” that, having deceived the simpletons of the augurs who deceived in such unpretentious ways, when meeting with their colleagues they could hardly help laughing.

In the novel by M. Lermontov “Hero of our time” (chapter “Princess Mary”) you can read:

“We often ... talked about abstract objects very seriously, until we both noticed that we were fooling each other. Then, looking significantly into each other's eyes, as the Roman augurs did, we began to laugh. ”

And here is what is written on this subject in the "General History, processed by" Satyricon "":

“The augurs priests ... were distinguished by the fact that, meeting, they could not look at each other without a smile. Seeing their amused faces, the rest of the priests snorted at their sleeves. The parishioners, having bitten something in the Greek little things, were dying with laughter, looking at this whole company. The pontifex maximus himself, glancing at one of his subordinates, only waved his hand helplessly and shook with a flabby senile laugh. Vestals also giggled. It goes without saying that the Roman religion quickly weakened and fell into decay from this eternal gagging. ”

It is also advisable to refrain from fortune telling on the internal organs of sacrificial animals: the people are now not so much in the Etruscan state and in the ancient Roman republic, flimsy, nervous and impressionable: some lady will faint when you like her haruspex, the liver is killed on her You will show the sheep’s eyes - why do you need these problems? Again hands in blood, no aesthetics.

Haruspex Priest Guessing Inside the Bull

The work of the Pythia will probably seem to some not too difficult and very promising.

That's just business: to find something that is vaguely reminiscent of a tripod, sit on it and, having previously chewed a bay leaf, inhale the “substances” (“treasured fumes” in the original source), retelling clients their “cartoons”. And let them figure out exactly what Heaven wanted to say. But such classes are harmful to health, and they can take a “seer” salon for drug trafficking. The same applies to some shamanistic practices associated with the use of a certain variety of mushrooms.

But astrologers who are trying to make individual predictions on such a shaky basis as the movement of planets and stars infinitely far from the Earth, are still thriving. They are not at all embarrassed that the world is full of people who were born or were conceived at the same hour and even a minute - and not one of them, for some reason, repeats the fate of the other.

In 1958, a curious experiment was conducted comparing the fate of the “astrological twins”, in which professional astrologer Jeffrey Dean took part. Astrological charts of more than two thousand people born at one time were compared with their character, state of health, abilities and chosen profession, marital status and some other parameters. No significant coincidences between their fates of the twins were revealed.

In 1971, a study was conducted at the University of Michigan, USA, to verify the well-known position on the compatibility (or incompatibility) of spouses born under different signs of the zodiac. The birth data of men and women in 3500 pairs were collected. Several professional astrologers, independently of each other, were asked to “guess” which of these marriages were happy, which ones ended in divorce. Almost all the conclusions of astrologers were false.

The only study in which the stars “failed” astrologers was conducted in the 50s of the 2th century by Michel Gauquelin, who stated that his analysis of the performance of more than XNUMX thousand athletes revealed that the best of them were born in a certain position of Mars. In a second study of the astrological charts of the same people by independent experts, the results of the experiment were disproved, and Goklen was accused of manipulating the facts. This circumstance does not prevent astrology fans from ever referring to his experiment.

Recently, all kinds of sorcerers, numerologists, fortune-tellers on Tarot cards and other little-esteemed people have also perked up. By the way, those who use “magic” balls can firmly believe in their predictions: with a long peering at them, a person with a rich imagination can do anything.

Wording choice

The second obligatory rule of a novice soothsayer is the ambiguity and maximum nebula of his predictions. The works of Greek and Roman historians are filled with tales of favorable, at first glance, prophecies received by kings, generals and heroes, and explanations of why these prophecies were not fulfilled or were fulfilled exactly the opposite. Yes, and W. Churchill once said:

“A politician should be able to predict what will happen tomorrow, in a week, in a month and in a year. And then explain why this did not happen. "

Notice that Sir Winston placed the politicians on a par with the haruspex and augurs. And therefore, do not take seriously their speeches or their promises.

Churchill smiling cunningly here knew himself well, and therefore understood what the forecasts and promises of politicians are

The instructive story of Orvar Odd

Tales of misunderstood soothsayers are found not only among ancient authors. The Orvar-Odd Saga, for example, tells of a prediction by a Norman leader who looks suspiciously like our Prophetic Oleg.

Even in his youth, Orvara Odd, a certain prophetess Heydr predicted that he would live more than others, become a great warrior, accomplish many feats, become famous in distant lands, but die in his homeland because of the beloved horse of his adoptive father Ingiald. Do you think Odd began to jump to the ceiling with joy? You are mistaken, this young man was very offended by the witch, because death in battle was considered the best death for a Viking. He even hit her from an excess of feelings, and for this Ingiald had to pay Heydr a large virus. But Orvar didn’t care anyway. On the same night, he and the son of Ingiald Asmund killed an innocent horse (even his name is called Fax, that is, "Mane") and fled from the house.

Years passed, Orvar Odd became a great warrior, became famous, and then trouble came to the hero, from where no one expected - nostalgia tortured. Since this time he didn’t “get off”, but on a courtesy visit, he took very few soldiers with him - 80 people, but the best: veterans who had been tested in many battles, each of which cost a dozen. It was not worth taking more, so as not to scare the fellow countrymen, but it was also impossible to take less to such a respected person - they won’t understand. And Odd went with this small (but very fierce and terrible, for those who do not have due respect) retinue to his small homeland - the now abandoned settlement Beruriod on the island of Hrafnista (this is the north of Norway, the modern region of Halogaland).

You already guessed that he was stung by a snake crawling out of a horse’s skull there?

Why do we know about this story? Before his death, Orvar Odd divided his people into two parts: the first 40 people prepared a mound for him, the others listened and remembered the story of his life. Since there are no other versions of the death of this king, apparently, it will be necessary to admit that the Norwegian soldiers at that time had a good memory. And Scandinavian concepts of honor did not allow lying to self-respecting Vikings.

In the Novgorod First Annals, by the way, it says so about the death of Oleg the Prophet:

“Idea Oleg to Novugorod and from there to Ladoga. My friends say that I’m going to him across the sea and will bite the snake in my leg and die from that. ”

And is added:

"There is his grave in Ladoz."

The alleged barrow of the Prophetic Oleg in Staraya Ladoga

And there were Oleg’s graves in Kiev - on Mount Shchekovitsa (as stated in The Tale of Bygone Years) and at the Zhidovsky Gate. You should not be surprised at this, because the "grave" in Russia was not called the burial itself, but the hill, which was poured to send trisens. Famous and respected people could have several “graves”: how many trisens, so many barrows.

But back to the soothsayer Heydr: couldn’t she tell Odd directly that not a living horse would destroy him, but a skull? Apparently not, corporate ethics did not allow. But the horses do not live as much as was predicted to you, dear Orvar Odd, or whatever they called you. And you didn’t have any reason to move a peacefully lying horse skull with a spear.

Pythia as an example to follow

Note that in ancient times, usually no one reproached the soothsayers for the ambiguity and impenetrable darkness of their predictions - they were not responsible for the stupidity of the client.

Here you need to learn from the Pythians, these were high-level professionals, and it was practically impossible to correctly understand them. The most famous example, of course, is the Lydian king Croesus, who did not understand that the kingdom that he would destroy in the event of war was not a stranger, but his own.

The Macedonian king Philip, who received such an oracle, turned out to be a great optimist.

“You see, the calf is crowned and its end is near. So after him comes the sacrifice. "

He decided that the calf is Persia, which he will crush in the upcoming campaign. But, after Philip was killed by his own bodyguard Pausanias, it became clear to everyone that the oracle was misunderstood. And who is to blame? It is clear that it is not Pythia. After all, another mystery - about the "silver spears" that should be used in the storming of cities, this king guessed.

Aegeus receives an oracle from the Pythia. Attic kilik, approx. 440-430 years. BC e.

Alexander the Great Method

The son of Philip Alexander was a smart man (it was not in vain that he studied with Aristotle) ​​and therefore decided to determine for himself what is a prophecy and what is not.

In 334 BC e., before going to the Persians, he traditionally arrived at Delphi, but got there on the so-called ill-fated days, when the Pythia did not give prophecies: they lost their "astral connection" with Apollon. Great things awaited Alexander, so he himself had no time to wait. For this, you must admit, a very good and respectful reason, he simply took the Pythia “in an armful” and dragged it to the tripod. The indignant priestess inadvertently said: “Yes, you are invincible, my son!”

These words, as the prophecy of Alexander, were quite satisfied - he did not want to hear others.

Andre Castaigne. Alexander the Great and the Pythia

In the winter of 334/333 BC e., in the glorious Phrygian city of Gordion, Alexander saw in the local temple a golden chariot, which, according to legend, was installed there 500 years ago by King Midas, son of Gordia.

Guess why the chariot, which, according to legend, was previously wooden, became gold? And why did this Midas have “such big ears” (donkeys), too, remember?

The belts of this chariot were connected by a very complex knot of dogwood bast - so that you could not even find the ends. And the prophecy to Alexander was very necessary: ​​if you untie the knot - get all of Asia. Alexander solved the problem with the help of the sword - not entirely honest, of course, but who would dare to tell him about this? Let the other disciples of Aristotle upset. "Counted and played."

Jean-Simon Barthelemy. Alexander the Great cuts the Gordian knot, a painting painted in 1767

"Nothing personal"

The third rule of a successful soothsayer is to avoid predicting your own fate, because those in power may have a bad desire to test your qualifications. For example, in 1071 in Novgorod, a certain magician, a rebel people, the sorcerer, announced to the head of the local administration (Prince Gleb Svyatoslavich, Oleg’s “Gorislavich’s brother”) that he “knew everything.” Further events in The Tale of Bygone Years are described as follows:

“And Gleb said:“ Do you know what will happen to you today? ”
“I will create great miracles,” he said.
Gleb, having taken out the ax, cut the wizard, and he fell dead. ”

And if a direct question follows and it is impossible to get away from it, follow the example of the resourceful astrologer of the French king Louis XI. This astrologer inadvertently predicted an imminent death of the favorite of King Margarita de Sassenage (grandmother of the famous Diana de Poitiers), and she suddenly, in fact, died after 2 weeks.

Margarita de Sassenage

For some reason, Louis did not appreciate the efforts of the astrologer, and decided to execute him far from sin - all of a sudden, he would drive some metress with his predictions into the coffin. But he wanted to do it “beautifully”, disgracing him in the end - he asked: did you know, oh wise one, how much life did you have left for yourself? The astrologer realized what was happening and answered: “Sire, the stars revealed to me that I would die three days earlier than you.”

For some reason, the king did not want to check this prediction.

Jean Leonard de Lugardon. Louis XI roi de France
King Louis XI, nicknamed Prudent, Cautious and Spider, the hero of the novels Quentin Dorward (Walter Scott) and Notre Dame de Paris (Victor Hugo)

“Set the desired date yourself”

The next rule is no binding to specific dates. Here, as an example, we can cite the famous quatrain of Michel Nostradamus:

“Like a miracle - such a passage through the Alps:
A large commander surrounded the enemy.
Silenced in the distance by a volley of guns,
Soldiers are not afraid of blue snow. ”

You understand that the cunning Frenchman did not risk anything: someday, if not after a hundred years, then after two hundred or three hundred, some commander will necessarily lead his army through the Alps. And the necessary quatrain - here it is, has long been lying, the hero is waiting. And when Nostradamus tried to indicate the date (14 quatrains contain an indication of the time of the fulfillment of the prophecy), the percentage of hits turned out to be zero. Here is the most famous example of the fiasco of the advertised prophet:

“In the year 1999 and the 7th month
The great King of horror / terror / will come from heaven,
He will resurrect the great King of Angouleme.
Before and after Mars will reign happily. "

Nothing terrible happened in July 1999, as we know.

The prediction about the “Russians and Muslims” attack on Western Europe between 1982 and 1988 did not come true. Another quatrain reported that at the end of the sixth month of 2006, the king of Spain would cross the Pyrenees with his army. His legions will win the battle in the center of Europe and return the Holy Grail.

It was impossible to expect anything like this from the King of Spain, Juan Carlos I, so we decided that we were talking about predicting the victory of the Spanish national team at the World Cup. Alas, the “Roch Fury” failed both Nostradamus and their fans - she lost the French team in the 1/8 finals with a score of 1-3.

Currently, it is estimated that out of 449 Nostradamus predictions, 18 are clearly incorrect, 41 can be considered fulfilled, 390 - it is still impossible to identify with any event. Only 9% of guessing - the result is simply insignificant.

Centuries of Nostradamus. 1568 edition

The son of Nostradamus, also an astrologer, stepped on the same "rake", indicating the exact date of the fire in the city of Pusen. When I saw that nothing lights up on the indicated date, I decided that the stars needed to be “helped” and tried to set this city on fire, for which it was executed in 1575.

In the XNUMXth century, another famous scientist lived in Italy - the doctor and mathematician Gerolamo Cardano.

Gerolamo Cardano

He was the first to publish a picture of the articulated mechanism (later called the driveshaft), and they claim that he even realized this mechanism in 1541 when he proposed to equip the carriage of the Spanish King Charles V entering Milan with a suspension of two interconnected shafts. He also became the author of the code lock idea, invented an encryption device known as the Cardano Lattice, left the first detailed description of typhoid fever and suggested that living creatures that are invisible due to their small size are the cause of infectious diseases. He also "dabbled" in astrology and somehow ventured to make a horoscope of Jesus Christ, for which he ended up in prison, where he spent several months. To the English king Edward VI (who became the hero of the novel by M. Twain “The Prince and the Pauper”), he predicted life by duty, and he took and died after 9 months. Well, he also did not deprive himself of prediction. According to legend, when he felt that he was not going to die on the indicated day of death, he committed suicide. In fact, Cardano did not try to “help the stars” and calmly lived for another three years.

In the next article, we will talk about various dates of the "end of the world", false predictions of famous and great people, and give some more valuable advice to future prophets and seers.
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    Thank you Valery! While reading diagonally (diagonally), I'll sip in the evening.
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    I'm definitely sinful !!!
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      "How the prophetic Oleg Shchita is now going to nail on the gate,
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      You will accept death from your horse! "

      "Long Troy in a state of siege
      Remained an impregnable stronghold
      But the Trojans did not believe Cassandra, -
      Troy, perhaps, would have been used to this day.

      Relentlessly crazy girl
      Shouted: "I clearly see Troy fallen to dust!"
      But clairvoyants - however, like eyewitnesses -
      In all ages people were burned at the stake. "
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    There were, there were a couple of cases in life that seemed to be preceded by obvious signs of fate, yes. At one time he even liked to savor them. And then he rolled over a hundred grams - and thought: how many other cases that were not preceded by anything ?! Hell, these two or three cases just according to probability theory could not have happened))) And he stopped relishing them.
    And the author’s suggestion to be a Pythian sounds tempting. Only, after all, I would like to be a Pythian. And then in old age somehow I do not want to change the gender. And I didn’t want to be young, to be honest. Maybe better in shamans then? wassat
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      A week ago I was driving to the cottage on Rybachy ... I saw the double sun on a frosty sunny day ... a beautiful natural phenomenon.
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        And we have an invasion of ermines (apparently, there’s nothing to eat in the taiga, they go to the village — houses are private). If you wish, you can also pull by ears to some prediction))) Especially before the year of mouse rats)
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        Quote: The same Lech
        A week ago I was driving to the cottage on Rybachy ... I saw the double sun on a frosty sunny day ... a beautiful natural phenomenon.

        What's that! There are such "natural phenomena" that even if you stand or fall, you can't figure it out. And how no religion has yet adopted them, I can't put my mind to it. What is not a sign?

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          25 December 2019 06: 33
          smile Well, this is what I see every day off ... at Tolmachev airport, the planes land and the highway just in that direction ... I constantly see hanging planes.
          But the fact that at night unknown drones fly over dachas is much more interesting.
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            Quote: The same LYOKHA
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    It would be closer to the mystical affections of the figures of modern history, because the opening of Tamerlane's grave was clearly pulled by the ears after the War, but the attack on our homeland on the solstice day, many historians associate with Hitler's penchant for mysticism (the longest day is only minutes longer than those located nearby) ... The modern "leaders" of the West, and completely completely, if not Masons, then all sorts of "skulls" and so on.
    And crap about Vanga with Nostradamus and a drawer is still enough.
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    25 December 2019 05: 59
    Yes, superstitions must be fought.
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      Yes, superstitions must be fought.

      In no case ... all my life experience suggests that superstition helps to avoid trouble and misfortune.
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    The article is so incoherent that it is more like discrediting the topic.
    I ho, I would have worked as an oceanologist in the past Soviet life. And I can talk about halos and other atmospheric phenomena. The author makes a statement from the category "this cannot be, because it cannot be"
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      He does not deny these optical phenomena, but gives examples of their use as a sign of any events.
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        And remember how often you said to yourself, "yes it seemed." Well, or an absolutely stupid excuse such as an optical phenomenon.
        But as they say, there is a lot that the author did not even dream about, and you can’t write off natural phenomena.
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          Yes, I agree with that.
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    Some forces and signs of fate have a place to be in the life of every person.
    I know this for sure, because many years ago, nine months before I received the order (to a new duty station), I had a dream in which I was sent to serve in the Lenovo Military District, although I signed up for Siberian ... I told his wife and we laughed, but when everything came true - they were surprised not by the purpose itself, but by the fact that the dream came true.
    I know of many cases when unknown forces gave signs to people and prevented a tragedy. I believe that all our troubles come only from the fact that we move away from nature itself, which does not wish us anything bad and sends us warnings, which we simply ignore in our "routine" of life.
    As for the foretellers (of the same Globa or of the same Juna), I did not see or hear a single one that would come true after some time (on time). Vanga’s most famous prediction that Kursk will go under water, at one time assumed that Moscow would go under water ... And I’ll tell you that if there are seers or seers, then they should be perceived by their visions as prescriptions for what Something does not make sense.
    Sorry, but in the era of the video, all kinds of prophecies fall apart before our eyes. And this can be verified, it is simple enough to collect and analyze the facts.
    As a result, it turns out that the Prophetic Oleg will not die from a horse, but in a battle with the Bulgars ...
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      smile You will now be trampled by forces that do not believe in signs of fate.
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        Quote: The same LYOKHA
        You will now be trampled by forces that do not believe in signs of fate.

        Let them look at the statistics of transport disasters and the stories of people who, for some reason, refused a "fatal" trip at the very last moment.
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          25 December 2019 06: 29
          Anyway, they will say randomness ... you know ... people are more inclined to believe the inquisitors than those like Galileo Galilei.
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            Quote: The same LYOKHA
            Anyway, they will say randomness ...

            What is there to object?
            "Man proposes, but God disposes" and all the time I mentally return to Bulgakov's novel "The Master and Margarita" ...
        2. VLR
          25 December 2019 06: 42
          On the statistics of disasters: Don't you think that those "who refused at the last moment" can sometimes cause a disaster? If they came, the plane would take off a couple of minutes later or earlier (if they were registered, they were searched and waited for), the plane's mass and, consequently, the speed would change - you see, and it would have missed in the sky with another plane. And the takeoff or landing speed is slightly different. And maybe everything would have been different?
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            25 December 2019 06: 54
            Well Valery what at the last moment you can fit anything ... even the feces of a pigeon on your head ... you’ve got it in the eye, but then you understand door to head towards ... the sign of fate.
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          25 December 2019 07: 13
          Unfortunately, those who died in disasters cannot tell how everything turned out well with them, and how they managed to ..
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    Shpakovsky, open your face feel
    1. VLR
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      You still don't recognize my (Valery Ryzhov's) style? And many already recognize and immediately, according to the first paragraphs, "calculate"
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        25 December 2019 07: 12
        Quote: VlR
        You still don't recognize my (Valery Ryzhov's) style? And many already recognize and immediately, according to the first paragraphs, "calculate"

        Let's try it. Penza?
        1. VLR
          25 December 2019 07: 16
          Kaluga, if that interests you so much.
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            25 December 2019 10: 21
            Quote: VlR
            Kaluga, if that interests you so much.

            Super! I have long wanted to find out. I know three primary "clans" of the Ryzhovs, Kaluga, Vladimir-Suzdal and Yaroslavl. Everything is possible from one root from the 14th - 15th century. Well, okay, I'll open one "secret" on the topic.

            Means at the expense of fortune-telling by the liver of animals. The meaning is simple, the condition of the liver indicates the "fatness" of the animal, the presence of metabolic and, most importantly, infectious diseases. And if we add here the condition of other organs visible at opening, then the diagnosis is made even more accurately. Smart people do the same now, when they give parts of organs of slaughtered domestic and wild animals to the laboratory.
            Another point was the human sacrifice, which not all ancient authors write about. Seeing the state of the enemy’s organs (and the liver is also ahead), then comparing them with the state of the organs of your fellow tribesman, you can relatively reliably predict which tribe is healthier, more resilient and stronger now — that is, it is worth attacking them or better later, or even better to move.
            The fact that the priests began to abuse it .... well, this is an eternal dispute between ideologists and security officials.
            1. VLR
              25 December 2019 10: 32
              But I was born in the Ryazan region, so it’s closer, probably, to Vladimir-Suzdalsky smile
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                25 December 2019 11: 55
                And where exactly, Valery? I am sitting in the village of Naumovo 25 km. from Ryazan along the Chelyabinsk tract.
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            Kaluga, if that interests you so much.

            Mauritius confuses, Shpakovsky is me, 3x3zsave and Sea cat. drinks joke! laughing
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              Quote: Pane Kohanku
              Shpakovsky is me

              Quote: Pane Kohanku

              Wow jokes! And then who am I?
              What is it, it turns out I'm talking to myself here?
              No, it's time to go on vacation.
              I need a vacation.

              (c) Terminator, film "Terminator. Judgment Day" wassat laughing
              1. +4
                25 December 2019 11: 41
                Is it that I am talking to myself here?

                personality disorder, sir? wink You communicate with Bubalik with yourself! stop By the way, you need to call him in order to continue the philosophical debate between your two alter is, as you said in a comment below on the branch. Let's see which of you - Jekyll or Hyde - is stronger in a Socratic confusing dialogue! bully drinks
            2. +5
              25 December 2019 11: 56
              Nikolay, I am flattered by the introduction to such a glorious triumvirate! I will try to justify the high trust placed in me " soldier
              1. +4
                25 December 2019 12: 06
                I will try to justify the high confidence placed in me

                “Berthier,” said Napoleon, “you are my prince Neuchatel.” I think you will not be hurt by the title of Prince Wagram?
                - I am happy to belong to you, sir ...
                We will follow you! Grow a mustache, read and post "Pravda", write about armor, in order to correspond to a high duty! soldier Tank direction will cover Anton soldier And yes - get ready for mass criticism if you agree to be the "Triune Shpakovsky" ..... laughing here, the more so, Mikhail confessed that he was also Shpakovsky. request It remains to wait for Viktor Nikolayevich to join the cooperative, but he will surely bargain for himself the position of chief commentator with explanations and additions. drinks
                1. +3
                  25 December 2019 12: 18
                  About armor even now and with joy! Let them try to say that I am not the "Triune"!

                  "This is not something for you, but something like that!" (C). laughing drinks
                2. +3
                  25 December 2019 12: 44
                  And now the "forester" with his caliber will come and drive everyone out of the forest. I'll run first! laughing
                  1. +2
                    25 December 2019 12: 51
                    I'll be the first to run!

                    Yeah, they called themselves Shpakovsky - get-sign stop All, no more Ruriks, the train left, and Noise Mountain is standing - write about the knights! drinks
          3. -2
            25 December 2019 12: 04
            Quote: VlR
            Kaluga, if that interests you so much.

            Studied at Shpakovsky? The style is of course different, there is no accuracy in the development, but the abundance of illustrative material attracts and leads away.
            1. +4
              25 December 2019 18: 37
              Colleague, you have some strange addiction to Shpakovsky. Well, you can’t be so frank ... This already leads to some thoughts. wink
      2. +4
        25 December 2019 11: 49
        Valery, this is all the machinations of agents of the Morshansky counterintelligence, with the aim of subsequent recruitment, they are trying to figure out your home address. Be careful not to meet a bald, crooked in the market, do not eat beef, and also do not go to the circus on Tuesdays. wassat
        1. +4
          25 December 2019 11: 57
          Be careful not to meet a bald, crooked in the market, do not eat beef, and also do not go to the circus on Tuesdays.

          and the worst sign is a woman with an empty bucket! belay Then in general - goodbye karma! wink
          1. +3
            25 December 2019 12: 12
            Just not a word about the black Cat across the road - I will offend in earnest. am
    2. +4
      25 December 2019 11: 52
      Excuse me, comrade, are you by any chance an advertising agent for Mr. Shpakovsky? sad
  8. +8
    25 December 2019 07: 07
    A story about a seer, the essence is the following, a fortuneteller lived in one city, specialized in little things, guessing who will be born to whom ... ultrasound did not exist yet ... almost never, was not mistaken ... The secret was as follows. A young couple came and asked who will they have: a boy or a girl? He performed "magical" actions and the girl spoke ... And the boy wrote down in the journal .. If a girl was born, as predicted, the parents were happy and showered him with gifts .. And when the boy was born, the outraged parents came to him for explanations, he calmed them down, opened the magazine, showed the record, they say everything is correct, the parents apparently misheard, he has an office, everything is strict, no mistakes, showered with gifts of the predictor, perplexed parents went home, how could they be mistaken .. smile
    1. +7
      25 December 2019 08: 13
      Quote: parusnik
      The story about the seer, the essence of the following, in one city lived

      The tale of those who believe in providence and in higher powers. The bottom line is as follows.

      In one fabulous country, for three decades, reforms, breakthroughs, innovative and digitalized processes took place. And most importantly, no one took responsibility for what was happening. Always referred either to external forces (sanctions, meteorological conditions, the dollar, the price of hydrocarbons and neighboring countries). What the authorities did not do as an experiment on the people, but they were constantly silent, like stone idols, and only occasionally pointed to their meager diet, which they ate without salt.
      And in the end, patience ended. In one Siberian city, Novosibirsk, in the city hall, they finally found out the causes of all the troubles and tribulations. It was the higher forces that ordered everything in such a sequence and unprecedentedly. But how to reach these higher powers? What sign should they give that all joy in life is in a dish that is eaten without salt?
      And on New Year's Eve, they solved this problem. There you are!!! Watch and remember:

      There is a skating rink in front of the opera house and a message to those who look from above.
      If you want, go to the opera, but you don’t want to, go to ... stop rink...
      Such are our signs of fate.
      1. +4
        25 December 2019 17: 02
        hi good Greetings ... Original, sir ... I think this is a Christmas tree ... laughing Like a message to Santa Claus laughing Remember the verse: to whom, to whom, to whom ... here is your Christmas tree on your shoulder ... laughing
    2. +4
      25 December 2019 13: 01
      "The Adventures of the Gallant Soldier Schweik"
      EMNIP sapper Vodichka in a tavern predicted to unmarried soldiers what their future wives would call:
      - What is your name?
      - Capon.
      - Your wife will be Mrs. Kaplunova!
  9. +1
    25 December 2019 07: 22
    Or maybe in vain Igor neglected the "will of heaven"?

    So WHAT -on? belay

    Maybe it was a good sign?

    By the way, is the bright sun good for luck? belay recourse
  10. VLR
    25 December 2019 08: 05
    Since a person has appeared again who doubts my existence, I will allow myself to provide proof: a photo of the page of the newspaper (then - the magazine) "History", "Publishing House" September 1, "the editorial office was then located near the metro station" Student "- the article" Missed Opportunities of Troubles time ".
    1. +2
      25 December 2019 10: 29
      Looks like a redhead. wink
      High nose bridge and forehead shape. Well, like the lower lip of the Habzburgs. These are such markers for yourself .... and don’t go to a fortuneteller - just like Ryzhov! (not kidding at all)
    2. +5
      25 December 2019 11: 33
      Quote: VlR
      a man who doubts my existence

      I wish you, Valery, to be distracted by this garbage ... I propose to consider the fact of your existence as scientifically proven, as well as the lack of identity of your personality with a well-known person in the wide and narrow circles of V.O. Shpakovsky. smile
      But to attach fingerprints and scan data of the retina still would not hurt, just in case ... wassat laughing
  11. +3
    25 December 2019 09: 04
    The ancient Romans, in an effort to bind all the gods conquered by their peoples, in superstition reached such an absurdity that already, I apologize, in the toilets the statues of the gods were individual. Perhaps this was one of the reasons for the degradation of ancient civilization.
  12. -2
    25 December 2019 09: 06
    God speaks to each of us in our language, I repeat - наших life circumstances, and because for one there is a warning, for another it may not be.

    As an example.
    If you go somewhere and constantly stumble, then this may be a warning that you should not go there or just tie the shoelaces. It all depends on us and our ability to listen to the language of God.

    Signs are one of the forms of programming human behavior.
  13. +1
    25 December 2019 09: 18
    there is such a chess task: the Devil puts iat in five moves. But dude, sacrificing the queen, beats him
  14. +4
    25 December 2019 09: 35
    And I liked the literary component of the article.
    It is written in living language, with a fair amount of irony.
    The place where the astrologer told the king that he would die three days before him was especially amused.
  15. +6
    25 December 2019 10: 45
    Since this article is intended specifically for the “Military Review”, we will not talk about the prophecies received by “civilians”, even if they are very famous and famous. We confine ourselves to people related to politics and military affairs. And we will give some recommendations to those of the readers who, perhaps, someday want to set foot on the thorny road of the prophets. Let's try to remove some of the most weighty “cobblestones” from this road.
    And the author is cunning. Declaring the intention to remove the "cobblestones" from the road, it introduces individuals who have decided to devote themselves to the difficult and responsible profession of a fortuneteller or soothsayer, because he describes their work as a pleasant and easy trick of simpletons in order to improve their own well-being.
    So those who are interested should think about it, since in fact prediction is a science, with its own systemic methods of knowing what seems unsystematic to uninitiated people. Work in this specialty requires a great deal of knowledge both in the field of systematization of rational phenomena and in the field of irrational phenomena, since both components of this process are necessary to make a serious prediction.
    Among other things, it will be necessary to master almost fifty special items, starting from electriomancy and ending with astromancy and hydromancy.
    In addition, the work of the predictor is associated with a danger to life, since some covert people sometimes open up persecution against them, like the Roman emperor Flavius ​​Julius Valent, and one must be prepared to move to an illegal position and work underground.
    So you should think carefully before embarking on this thorny path.
  16. +7
    25 December 2019 11: 25
    Fashion Changes Every Day
    But as long as the white light stands
    Gipsy with an old deck
    At least one, but there is a client.

    There are still lines in this song:
    Happiness in life predicts fortune telling
    And an unexpected fatal blow

    When I was little listening to her, it seemed to me that it was being sung about a "blow with a horn" and I was fully confident that it was about a cow butting you. And from the back, an unexpected blow. smile
    We here not so long ago practiced on the topic of predestination and free will. You can continue. I will refer to an authoritative opinion:
    The future is not set. (The future is not predetermined)

    (c) Kyle Reese, film "Terminator"
    In general, so many predictions have been made in the history of mankind that, simply according to probability theory, some of them should have come true stupidly.
    1. +4
      25 December 2019 13: 14
      We here not so long ago practiced on the topic of predestination and free will. You can continue. I will refer to an authoritative opinion:
      The future is not set. (The future is not predetermined)
      (c) Kyle Reese, film "Terminator"

      I will refer to an equally authoritative opinion.
      There is no nation, civilized or barbarian, which does not believe that there are signs of the future and persons who interpret (There is no nation, civilized or barbaric, which does not believe that there are signs of the future and people who can interpret them).
      Mark Tullius Cicero. De Divinatione.
      1. +7
        25 December 2019 13: 48
        Quote: Undecim
        I will refer to an equally authoritative opinion.

        Why is it, Viktor Nikolaevich, your "Cicero" speaks English, eh? What, a problem?
        Anyway, let's figure out who it is - Cicero.
        Let's start with the name - Mark. Mark means goal.
        Thulium - any linguist will explain this to you, for example, Bar2 or any of its reincarnations, which means "to hide" - tulit.
        Cicero - haha, no, he is not Cicero, but a simple Cicero, Cicero in Russian.
        The total is literally: "The goal is to hide the cicero." So, in fact, "mark thulium cicero" is just the main motto and home nickname of Jeanne dArc, whose main problem, as everyone knows, was to fit a magnificent bust under the cuirass. And Jeanne dArc was just an illiterate peasant woman. Well, how much weight can her words have against the wisdom of the great Kyle Reese, a soldier from the future, a terminator winner, the father of John Conor himself? That's it ...
        So the futures from notes set and ile bi back forever! So that!
        New Year's mood ... What I wish you. hi
        1. +4
          25 December 2019 14: 29
          Why is it, Viktor Nikolaevich, your "Cicero" speaks English, eh?
          Because I don’t own Latin. I have to be content with translations.
          Let's start with the name - Mark. Mark means goal.
          Mark - means dedicated to Mars, warlike, therefore it is impossible to lull it to the elements of the reproductive system of mammals.
          By the way, no one knows the size of the bust of Jeanne dARC, since there is not a single intravital portrait, and all known descriptions on this issue are silent.
          The only thing that can be blasted in this case is, oddly enough, Bar2, since the village in which Joan was born was located in the duchy of Bar.
          1. +5
            25 December 2019 15: 59
            Since your Cicero speaks English, it means that "Mark" should mean "mark", "sign", well, including "goal".
            You are held captive by dogma and stereotypes, you do not have wide (or widespread?) Views, you probably never flew on the vimaana ...
            I even doubted - are you a supporter of the theory of evolution? The horror that in our enlightened time, obscurantists like you still remain!
            wassat laughing
            Ek, I suffered ... Do not pay attention, tomorrow morning I will be normal. smile
            And maybe I won’t, la-la-la,
            or maybe not normal, la-la-la,
            or maybe not tomorrow, la-la-la,
            maybe not me ...
            wassat tongue laughing
            Remember the cartoon "Plasteline Crow"? smile
            1. +5
              25 December 2019 18: 44
              Well, damn it, Misha, you give! I envy, even though today the floor of the bottle vomited. good drinks
              1. +4
                25 December 2019 20: 00
                And I, by the way, in one eye, honestly. In the morning the mood is somehow festive, but here the article is so ... ambiguous for VO. So I got it ...
                1. +3
                  25 December 2019 21: 30
                  In the morning the mood is somehow festive

                  Here, by the way, are colleagues, but for me - on the contrary, devastation. No. It seems that he closed all the objects, for the future - he provided .. And some kind of emptiness appears. recourse Here, only you all made fun today, for which you all bow low! drinks
                  So, I’ll go straight (This is Michael seduced by his behavior!), And for you for all! drinks Guys .. really, thanks! love
                  And the article is very good. Valery - I bow! good
                  1. +2
                    26 December 2019 16: 14
                    Hi, Nikolay! hi How did yesterday end? I have in a light fog. wink
                    1. +2
                      26 December 2019 16: 20
                      Hi Nikolay! hi How did yesterday end? I have in a light fog. wink

                      Zen is good, Pana Kohanku! drinks Yes, OK. I came home from work, went to the site, and then Viktor Nikolaevich already agreed with Mikhail before the Mandarin duck in Beijing laughing Well, I had to insert my five shekels ... feel Today, Mikhail Pokhabov’s Siberian hangman (article by Timur Sherzad) was discussed with Mikhail, only nobody is going to help ..... crying By the way, the identity is also a cool article, that really captivates the syllable - that it, that the highly respected Valery Ryzhov. good drinks
                      But how do you feel, Konstantin? drinks
                2. +1
                  26 December 2019 16: 12
                  Hi Michelle! What's the difference in the "eye" or not. He cheered everyone up and made the guys laugh - it's great! good And let us all be so "carried" more often, not all my life to be academically serious. smile drinks
        2. +4
          25 December 2019 18: 53
          Jeanne D * Ark in his youth and at work. There is clearly no longer fit. laughing
      2. +1
        25 December 2019 14: 15
        In pursuit.
        Here is the documentary evidence of my research: Jeanne dARC, who has not found a suitable cuirass, leads her followers into battle.

        I can still hear her sonorous girlish voice overlapping the rustle of Mongol arrows and the singing of the Kursk Rossignoles: "Mark - tulle the cicero! Belle France! Avan, mez ami!"
        1. +9
          25 December 2019 14: 31
          This is not Jeanne dArc, this is an allegory of the XNUMXth century. "Freedom" by Delacroix.
          1. +5
            25 December 2019 15: 43
            Quote: Undecim
            This is not Joan of Arc

            This is only what historians say, but they, as you know, "lie". This is the real Jeanne dArc, the drawing was made from nature, practically, a photograph. The figure captures the moment of the attack of the Catalan Guezes on the tumens of Khan Batu and his wife Khatun-Mamai during the war of the Gods with the Titans in 2036 BC. laughing
            Viktor Nikolaevich, did not even the Mongol arrows and the Kursk rosignoli impress you? recourse
            1. +5
              25 December 2019 17: 15
              Kursk Rossignoli
              I saw the Izerye Rossignoli, I never saw Kursk.
              1. +4
                25 December 2019 17: 36
                Quote: Undecim
                I have never seen Kursk.

                Few saw them, but many heard. smile
                Rossignol is a French nightingale. smile
                1. +6
                  25 December 2019 17: 59
                  Few saw them, but many heard.
                  Rossignol is a French nightingale.

                  I did not know that the French language is so popular in Kursk, and even nightingales are called rosignolles. However, I was in the Course only passing through.
                  But they say who is the nightingale
                  Hear the spring day before
                  All the birds of others - oh! that hope
                  Let him joyfully entrust himself!
                  Tom has come a happy year,
                  That will come true desires
                  Tom your charm
                  Life in full bowl will bring!
                  1. +4
                    25 December 2019 18: 27
                    We have such weather here that I won’t be surprised if I hear them now. In any case, I will not immediately give up in a psychiatric hospital. The news said recently that honey mushrooms in Kupchino (this is the south of St. Petersburg) were found freshly grown. You look, and the truth is we’ll celebrate New Year's Eve under the Rosignolles. With ravioli. smile
                    By the way, I’m interested, but can the work of weather predictors be related to the topic of this article? And burn at the stake for predicting the wrong weather?
                    1. +4
                      25 December 2019 18: 40
                      Weather forecasting has always been a scientific, rational field of activity, and not an irrational prediction.
                      1. +3
                        25 December 2019 19: 57
                        That is, we will not burn ... sad
                        Although, about "always" I have doubts, and indeed, sometimes it seems that they are guessing on the coffee grounds. smile
                      2. +3
                        25 December 2019 20: 02
                        Although, about "always" I have doubts
                        Do you have a natural or philosophical doubt?
                      3. +2
                        25 December 2019 20: 08
                        Today I have everything, including doubts, lyrical and poetic ... I imagined a shaman with a tambourine like the one that was displayed in the Museum of Religion in St. Petersburg and somehow does not fit with my scientific methods ... And the weather probably predicted ...
                      4. +2
                        25 December 2019 20: 17
                        The shaman, if he predicted the weather, is not a tambourine. Even in Babylon, relevant meteorological observations were conducted to systematize natural phenomena with the aim of weather forecasting.
                      5. +2
                        25 December 2019 20: 20
                        Quote: Undecim
                        More in Babylon

                        What did the Scythian-Siberian Rus do in this post-boreal world? Probably, mercury barometers have already calibrated ...
                        Viktor Nikolaevich, you are trying to talk seriously with me, and today I am extremely frivolous. I eat mandarin duck. smile
                      6. +4
                        25 December 2019 20: 25
                        I eat mandarin

                        With apples?
                      7. +3
                        25 December 2019 20: 45
                        What a cutie! What eyes, what a nose, uh, my little ... feel You can’t eat such! am
                        No, I'm ordinary, raw. Without peel. Hands. smile
                      8. +2
                        25 December 2019 21: 36
                        What a cutie! What eyes, what a nose, uh, my little ...

                        if you want to see it, go to Oranienbaum. At the cavalry corps in the pond they swim. And then go half a kilometer - at least to the Grand Palace, at least to Peterstadt (former) drinks
                      9. +2
                        25 December 2019 21: 26
                        Do you have a natural or philosophical doubt?

                        Viktor Nikolaevich, are you definitely not a relative of Socrates or Sholom Aleichem? good and then questions, sir, ask straight ..... tongue drinks
                      10. +2
                        25 December 2019 21: 39
                        No one can vouch for the latter.
                      11. 0
                        25 December 2019 21: 41
                        No one can vouch for the last

                        View haplogroups worth it? tongue
                      12. +2
                        25 December 2019 21: 44
                        This is not for me. I am not an expert in these high matters.
                        Then there are venerable Klesov authorities, this is for them.
                      13. +2
                        25 December 2019 22: 32
                        Quote: Undecim
                        Weather forecasting has always been a scientific, rational field of activity, and not an irrational prediction.

                        very hard work. Even with a climate model.
                        Too many factors.
                        Still, 100% accuracy is difficult to achieve.
                        But people improve their knowledge.
                    2. +2
                      25 December 2019 21: 34
                      By the way, I’m interested, but can the work of weather predictors be related to the topic of this article? And burn at the stake for predicting the wrong weather?

                      Michael, you are wrong! stop and why? Because - need to hang. wink Exactly then weather forecasters will really show the right direction of the wind ..... feel
            2. 0
              26 December 2019 07: 47
              Are you drunk or something? What kind of nonsense in the comments?
              1. +4
                26 December 2019 10: 01
                Quote: Sentinel-vs
                What kind of nonsense in the comments?

                Noticed, huh? laughing
                Well, I tell you so - no more nonsense than, for example, Zadornov. And it seems even funnier to me than his films about the first Russian princes. smile
        2. +7
          25 December 2019 17: 09
          Jeanne dARC, who could not find a suitable cuirass, leads her followers into battle.
          ...Frenchwoman. I recognized her. On the foot. laughing
          1. +7
            25 December 2019 17: 27
            ...Frenchwoman. I recognized her. On the foot.

            Subtle, subtle, Alexey Anatolyevich! laughing the goal is to hide cisero! the Frenchwoman screamed, shaking cicero. fellow And Victor Nikolaevich started - Delacroix, Delacroix .. request What kind of Delacroix could it be, if she was clearly grayish? drinks hmm ... and after all, under her feet some man is clearly lying around without pants ... what and you can determine by foot what nation he is? wink
            1. +5
              25 December 2019 18: 14
              hi drinks drinks
              and you can determine by foot what nation he is?
              .... "I can, Petka, I can" (c) ... He is not Russian ... laughing drinks wink
              1. +2
                25 December 2019 21: 23
                .... "I can, Petka, I can" (c) ... He is not Russian ...

                Who is he, sir? Is it really an "Arabian"? belay Mikado cat and I tensed already! drinks (hmm .. over the past year, Mikado has become twice as thick ..) wink
        3. +5
          25 December 2019 18: 45
          Good evening! And who is in the top hat? I don’t recognize him in makeup? Gilles de Re? laughing
          1. +3
            25 December 2019 21: 38
            Good evening! And who is in the top hat? I don’t recognize him in makeup? Gilles de Re?

            Sergey, if next to cicero left - then Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin personally! laughing
            1. +7
              26 December 2019 04: 46
              Nicholas hi You made me think, as soon as
              if next to sisero on the left - then Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin personally!

              next to cicero on the right is Gavrosh, who is also dressed as a little Tiny-Havroshechka? wink
  17. +8
    25 December 2019 11: 45
    Valery, thanks! hi A funny article, flavored with crafty humor, read easily and with pleasure. smile
  18. +7
    25 December 2019 18: 29

    ,,, so what is predestination or freedom of choice? And what prevents us from assuming that there is both? recourse
    1. +4
      25 December 2019 20: 13
      Quote: bubalik
      there is both

      And for me, one thing excludes the other. If, of course, by predestination we understand such a normal predestination, like "not a single hair will fall from the head without His knowledge ..." (or whatever, it's too lazy to look for an exact quote now), and not a set of laws of nature, according to which we, for example , with all the predetermination, we fall down, not up.
  19. +1
    25 December 2019 19: 48
    Prophet-analyst Predictor-poorly trained analyst Astrologer-student of a poorly trained analyst Clairvoyant analyst with incomplete data (intelligence stalls)
  20. +5
    25 December 2019 21: 14
    A fascinating article, thanks, Valery !!!
    No strength, say something smart. I close the working year. Sorry, comrades! ... request
  21. -1
    25 December 2019 21: 49
    all this is nonsense no nostradamus fomen and others like them blavad rerekh well people like nothing to do how can you believe in complete nonsense oh yes forgot numerology probably a serious discipline like dragonography
  22. 0
    25 December 2019 22: 42
    Man / primates are emotional creatures.
    And thanks to evolution, we perceive the signs and conditions under which we get what we want — as correct and working and use these rituals further. Like birds like animals, like natives who make models of airplanes and march like Americans, hoping for a cargo miracle ..
    And the signs and conditions are unfavorable. Naturally the opposite.
    A person needs to believe in something. In a successful coincidence, in a sign, his truth, superiority ..
    Even with technological superiority, all the same psychological and emotional pumping with ritual actions is present.
    And so we believe in eclipses / symbols / signs.
    And our whole story is written in signs (favorable, if the case burned out and vice versa)
    And we didn’t capture the idle signs, because why not. But the signs that played a role, be sure .....
    So exceptions confirm the rule.
    There have been plenty of signs in our history.
    There is still symbolism of man himself .. but natural signs are always convenient and massive
    Look at one Egyptian pharaoh how explosions of volcanoes converged during the deity reform ... Nobody argued!
    Khiva residents with Peter did not sign the contract because of some kind of eclipse ... savages
    Man is still a primitive creature with a thin cloak of achievements.
  23. BAI
    25 December 2019 22: 57
    Maybe this is a coincidence. But several times I followed the advice (predictions) of a person I trust. I didn’t regret it. This is probably why I remembered it. What happened when I didn’t follow, and whether it happened when I didn’t follow - I don’t remember. As they say - "only the good remains in the memory."
  24. -2
    26 December 2019 21: 22
    Though you can rest on the subject of Vyacheslav Olegovich.
    Signs ...
    Regarding the death of the "jumping" plane, I have already unsubscribed in the previous topic. The sign was like that, even if you endure the saints - evil wandered around the country, invisible and terrible. The end touched me, but nothing happened. It didn't work out that way with people ...
    And in general, yes, something was observed. In February 2009, on a very frosty day, for the first time in my life, I saw a halo around the midday sun - well, a halo and a halo, I saw it - I was lucky! And then came April 1st. Usually on this day for an hour the sky became bright blue, then a veil creeped, and so the rest of the spring passed, and after that the summer - such a gray sky, nondescript. But that year it was not so! The purest watercolor azure flooded in the sky for two months in a row, and I understood why my ancestors considered the sky to be a crystal dome. Once small cirrus clouds appeared and covered the entire sky in the direction from north to south (or vice versa) and were located from horizon to horizon as if they covered the bottom of an overturned piercing blue bowl. It seemed that right behind them was space. The sight was mesmerizing, but there was no sign. The figures of flying angels and dragons at the sunsets did not appear as a sign, but there were many of them, these cloudy figures. And "Chinese" clouds, such as in ancient Chinese paintings, baked like buns. There was also a green sky. I was skeptical about the explanation of the media, they say that something was blooming, the pollen rose in clouds into the air. Almost to the zenith? A well-defined white cloud ring appeared one afternoon in the western sky when the collider was launched. Struck by the light columns.
    I look out the window on an early autumn morning. It’s still dark enough, and they clearly stick out between the houses, though far away. The attempt to photograph the phone did not lead to anything - the telephone was small, weak, the phenomenon was not captured in the pictures. Late at night, white light poles arose and stood calmly, absolutely motionless, rising from the earth to the sky right next to the neighboring buildings. As if they have always lived here. I even went out to check the balcony - is it a glitch? At this time, a huge comet, breaking up into pieces, flew, if I am not mistaken, to Jupiter, and then with those pieces majestically fell, wrapping long-lived whirlwinds in the atmosphere of a giant.
    I then thought: did the Earth greet that comet, or did it display its fear with light poles? What was it? By the way, here we have a test radar range nearby ...
    Three years ago, cloudy "eyes" of absolutely natural outlines, with the smallest anatomical details, began to appear day after day in the western part of the sky. Realizing that these were clouds, nevertheless I was afraid - they, those eyes peered, and very intently. Day after day. A question and a threat were clearly felt in the gaze ...
    But I did wait for my sign. The eyes disappeared, and the cloud angels flew again in the red, disturbing sunsets. And then I asked one of them to help me. While working on the big theorem, I ran into a certain obstacle and did not know what to do with it. Time passed, but there was no idea. And so, looking into the fiery eyes of the cloud angel, I prayed: "Help!" And while still standing at the window, still not leaving it, still finishing my mental prayer, I suddenly realized how my problem was being solved. Grabbing a pen and paper, on two sheets of A4 in twenty minutes I sketched a lemma that I missed so much - wildly, utterly original, and now for two years now I have been translating this lemma into a cultural mathematical text, and the pages are multiplying, multiplying ...
    Now the sky is gray, without clearance.
  25. 0
    30 December 2019 10: 10
    The author wants to say that these predictions, those that come true, were not and never are? This at least contradicts the beliefs of believers, and Christians, and Muslims.
    If we are talking about the fact that the vast majority of fortune tellers, fortune tellers, and other false prophets point their fingers at the sky and give out something foggy, then this is so.
    When Vanga said that "Kursk will go under water, and the whole world will mourn for it," I did not believe it either.
    Prediction, as a miracle, cannot be guaranteed, since then it itself will affect the predicted event and change it. Therefore, it is without exact dates. The purpose of this prediction or warning is to change the person’s attitude to the upcoming event: either refuse to do something, or vice versa, make much more effort.
    There are people who are trying to do predictions as a science, for example, Artem Dragunov. The bottom line is that the information from the event spreads like a wave, with attenuation, into the past and into the future. The intensity of the wave from the event is determined by the emotional response of people, the more people simultaneously learned about the event and the stronger their emotions, the easier it is to see this event in the past. An event can be real, or it can be fictional: a film, a fake, etc.
    To see an event in the past, you need to fall asleep when you already start dreaming, but you may still want to see something specific in your dream. In order to remember what you saw, you need to wake up a person in a certain phase of sleep (after 5-20 minutes) and immediately write down what he saw. Harmful to health, and "sometimes there are just dreams"
    1. VLR
      30 December 2019 11: 44
      About Vanga and her predictions, including the "Kursk", read in the last article of the cycle.

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