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Translate, translate: Rauf must exit

As representatives of liberal elites often say: a politician should work in such a way that people don’t even know his last name ... An example is usually the President of Switzerland, whose name, as polls show, most Swiss people do not know.

But our answer to Switzerland ... - Rauf Arashukov ... - a whole senator from the whole region! In the country, with the exception of a number of federal subjects from the North Caucasus, the people did not even suspect the existence of such a person. In the glamor circles - they knew, communicated, had fun. Now, suddenly, all in chorus: "He was a bad man, boasted of the state of his daddy." On the federal channels, grandmothers said that this bad man frightened the North Caucasus.

But that's not the case with this 32-year-old senator. Other servants of the people are now sitting in their chairs and sorting out the episodes of their own ministry in memory, trying to identify those after which they may come for them with a bouquet of scarlet roses. Chairs become harsh, cold ... for individual creators of modern political life. Otherwise, it is usually like a “crust” that a person has received, and after that at least the grass will not grow. If suddenly someone had some claims, then this crust could be poked into the black eyes (blue, gray, green, brown) - and that was all ... the incident was settled.

Now everything is different? Or is it a one-time action, because it swam far behind the buoys? .. And it will inadvertently declare itself another “politically persecuted” - like Mr. Khodorkovsky ... And it’s not in Russian, because the senator’s Russian language, as it turned out, isn’t understands Apparently, in a figurative sense, too ...

Comments from our readers:

The main thing - in front of all senators!

And so that everyone knows and remembers that there are no immortals and untouchables. In six seconds, any leader will be made an outsider, flippers will be bent and put on cancer ... if desired. Only this desire manifests itself rarely, it can be seen when it pours completely over the edge, and then everything is in place and under the authority of both the prosecutor general, the chairman of the Federation Council and other invited and interested persons.

Yes, everyone knew about the theft since 90's ...
the system of theft was simple to ugliness ... a limit was imposed on gas consumption at a godly price for a specific consumer ... naturally, the limit was not enough, and beyond the limit the price was already draconian ... it was absolutely impossible to increase the limit without baksheesh "baksheesh" was at least five zeros ... then "checking" appeared and offered their services for "reasonable optimization" of gas costs ... and they had plenty of optimization options ...
but as they say it is another история...

Another thing is interesting - to whom this family has prevented, and who pointed a finger at them to the investigating authorities.

Constitution expansion

If the amendments are made and adopted, then our country will have the opportunity to unite with other countries and territories. The prospects are huge. True, there is one "but." The initiative is being made by the LDPR. And the Liberal Democratic Party before this had a lot of initiatives that were not further advanced by the representatives of the top of the party. Some - and thank God that they did not advance: including the initiative to repaint the walls of the Moscow Kremlin in white.

The initiative for the possible unification of other countries and territories is, of course, not a “Kremlin repaint”. Another question, and if you do not succumb to emotions and try to comprehend the proposal of Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Immediately the question arises: is it necessary for the mentioned territorial changes to change the Basic Law itself? But then, the big admirers of Russia with Bankova may have an additional “trick” about the Crimea: they say that in Russia at the time of March 2014, the corresponding provision in the Constitution did not exist, and therefore “illegally”, “unconstitutional”, and everything the spirit.

The Constitution of the Russian Federation is full of weaknesses and oddities, however, it contains the complete absence of any prohibitions on the adoption of other state and territorial entities. In general, the proletarians of all countries, ugh ... not that ... there is no return to socialism, as we were told. In short, unite!

Comments from our readers:

Clear, preparing for reunification with Belarus

Why then immediately with Belarus?
Belarus can wait, everything is fine with her. The next step (or even before the adoption of amendments to the constitution) should be the recognition of the DNI and the LC of the states independent of Ukraine, so these guys need help. And then the amendments will come in handy.

SRC P-15
I hope this is only the first swallow. In our constitution, a lot of things need to be changed and supplemented!

In fact, it is stated there that the LDPR itself is preparing the amendments, and its leader does not even voice, but writes on the social network. Far from the fact that they will even be considered. Another clowning.

Halfway Brigade

Valorous warriors, through one - cyborg - the 72 of the separate Black Banner Brigade of the “Black Zaporozhtsev” of the APU, left the territory of Donbass to the place of permanent deployment - near Kiev. It is noteworthy that about half of the personnel of this heroic brigade of the brigade Tatu previously self-demobilized - a fishing line, a meadow-meadow ... Where are those obscure anti-terrorist operations? - neither Pan Tatus nor the chief military prosecutor’s office of the most European country of the world knows. Although the chief military prosecutor’s office, headed by Matios, is no longer particularly eager to search for those who “escaped” from the line of “deterring Russian aggression”. After all, in order to gather everyone, you need to go either to the Polish warehouses for apple storage, or to the “aggressor camp” at all.

Brigade met, as it should be. Speech from the supreme, balls, towels, bread and salt ... Weapon they were prudently taken away from the heroes — they were allowed to march with their heads down along the street of Belaya Tserkovi. Why took the trunks? Neroven hour - one of the polukiborgov schmalnat either in the lord of Tatu, or even at all in his own father ... Petro Lekseich.

In the meantime, there were festive events, in addition, it turned out that from the battalion of that brigade, prepared by NATO instructors, 15 percent of the personnel had returned to the place of permanent deployment.

Rumor has it that he did not report on this regrettable fact to the NATO headquarters. So it's scary ... And then somehow not according to NATO standards.

Comments from our readers:

That's right, the real "Wedding in Malinovka"!

Andrei Gurov
Kombrig is a forerunner for squandering funds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, I think Moscow should already mark him with the title "Honorable Saboteur".

Retvizan 8
... "marching through the city without a weapon" ...
With the weapon it is impossible, and that could Porosya fill up.))

An ordinary pack of banderlogov is neither better nor worse than the others. 40% composition brought? And how about others, if the call was broken from the very beginning, despite all the “grave” waves, and the chief prosecutor in the 100-thousandth group in the Donbas had already counted 2015 thousand in the 16 only “deserters with weapons”? 7% of the composition of the claws rushed from the parts, it is without any loss, and in the boilers and on the blue! And without taking into account the shortage of conscription ...

Brigade "Black Zaporozhtsev." Did Cossacks in black released?

Petro and his "Oplot"

And again the Ukrainian theme. Well, unless you can ignore the bright start of the election race in the neighboring country. It has never happened before, and here again ... Petro Poroshenko put forward his candidacy, despite the rating, in which the self-respecting head of state should have long gone to a well-deserved "pension" with growing bee-maids.

And if Sir Petro also wins, it will be a complete feeling of deja vu. Well, that “historical” case, when Boris Yeltsin won the 14-rated 1996% (and this is the highest rate) election in Russia. If everything goes according to the same scenario, then Poroshenko must now pay close attention to the election campaign of Boris Nikolayevich. To take from it all the best. The main thing is more dancing. In the Ukrainian case - need gopak. Definitely ...

Against the background of the elections, the Ukrainian defense industry continues to demonstrate complete and final success. The tank "Oplot" in the amount of one combat unit was vainly awaited by the American partners of Ukraine. I did not get it ... Moreover, the German partners planted a fair piglet, saying that they were leaving the program of jointly creating with Ukraine the "newest mobile anti-aircraft missile system." Whether the program “Oplota” did not impress the Germans, or the statement by the representative of the Ukrainian defense industry, in which he spoke about the “joint” air defense missile system as a means that could “destroy a dozen enemy aircraft to forget the way to the Ukrainian sky”. If we consider that in this sky, besides civil airliners and their own military, no other planes are flying, the Germans decided that it would be more practical to tie a weapon partnership with this great Euro-holder.

Comments from our readers:

SRC P-15
The Ukrainian forum issued the slogan: "Either Poroshenko or Putin"

Of course Putin:
Иto the fellows

But I wonder if Putin gave permission to use his photo and surname for promotional purposes? It is necessary to probe this moment and invoice to expose or remove from the election of the offender.

All Ukrainian exports rested on the sale of the colossal remnants of weapons of the USSR. His (Soviet) was there the sea, and even how much was taken from Germany.
More than 20 years have been briskly sold to all countries where there were "pockets". Most of it went to Africa.

Andrey Chistyakov
Sprayed simply. Plans that "hulk." "Antonov" - "Mig" - "modernized" - "Oplot".
Try to overpower everything ...

Super Democracy. Two presidents per state

The US State Department made a wise decision. In order not to plunge unfortunate Venezuela into the abyss of civil war, gentlemen in Washington are preparing to introduce one political innovation.

As is known from political science, there is a presidential republic, a presidential-parliamentary, or a mixed republic, as well as a parliamentary republic. In the first case, a citizen elected by the people to a high post is the head of state and executive power. Sometimes in places that are traditionally prone to authoritarianism and totalitarianism, a superpresidentialism arises. In such cases, almost all power is concentrated in the hands of the president, despite the principle of separation of powers. This type of government is characteristic of many Latin American countries.

It just so happened that in one of these countries, namely in Venezuela, now there are as many as two presidents. One is believed to be chosen by the people, and his last name is Maduro. The other was chosen in the opposition, the White House and European Parliamentand his last name is Guayido.

According to people in Washington, the second president is much more legitimate - after all, he was elected by almost the entire planet. In a word, it is clear: Maduro is not our president and certainly not our son of a bitch. Something like the words of a source in the State Department recorded a sober correspondent "IN" Yefim Zabuldyzhny. Juan, who Guaido, apparently, was not quite sober when he said the following: “There are rumors about my possible detention. If I’m detained, it will be a coup. ”

Of course, the peace-loving US will not allow a coup d'etat in Venezuela.

The political innovation that the White House proposed to the fraternal Latin American country is as follows: from now on, two presidents will rule in Venezuela. The left side of Venezuela will be taken by Comrade Maduro, and the right side by Mr. Guaiido.

In economic terms, this means that the oil lands will cede to the supporters of Juan, and the rest to the admirers of Nicholas.

In political terms, this means that a new form of government will emerge in Venezuela: a presidential-presidential republic.

They say that Secretary of State Michael Pompeo is already writing a doctoral dissertation on economic political science on the topic “How to increase the number of presidents in a democratic way and pump out excess oil from the country”.

By the way, the balance with the protection of both presidents announced and is about to be tested in practice. Mister Guaido will be guarded by the people of John Bolton in the number of 5000 soldiers who have already concentrated on the Colombian border. The security of Comrade Maduro will be ensured by some “Russian military” with the total number of either 400 or 500 people. If arithmetic fails Sobkor Zabuldyzhny, then five hundred Russians are worth five thousand Americans!

Comments from our readers:

“If I’m detained, it will be a coup.”
And if they give him on the forehead, then he will have a lump. The second sentence is more plausible.

If Maduro wants to remain in power, then he will have to face hard against both the USA and the fifth column, again, without outside support, he has little chance.

Slipped newsthat a man flew to Venezuela from Moscow on an 500 man, the plane flew empty ... So, what about the PMCs or Maduro export ???)))

Every president of America is obliged to organize war games. In another way, otherwise what he is president? And so now he will fight, and the money on his wall, you see, immediately agree :)

voyaka uh
Direct investments of Russia in Venezuela are not so great - 4 billion dollars. The Chinese have invested many times more.
But hardly a hundred Wagnerites from Africa will save Maduro. Brazil is very dissatisfied with it. Since millions of devastated Venezuelans fled to this country. And the Brazilian army can put an end to this issue.

Parallel roads, perpendicular worlds

In the Baltics, the “project of the century” has come to life: all railways in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will be converted, according to an anonymous source from the cafe “Leningrad”, into “parallel”.

No, the source explained, this does not mean that the roads will lead the citizens of the Baltic republics to parallel worlds or to the antiworld, which was once seen by that character of the science fiction writer Warsaw, who had to turn in empty glass containers. This means that sprats and butter will be exported from Russia to the Baltic countries along the old Soviet broadband routes, and European ones will go along the new narrow canvas of the European standard to the Baltic states Tanks, guns and other military equipment with which Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn will convince Moscow to buy products now under counter-sanctions.

Professor of the Lower School of Economics, Ivan Golozadov-Besshtanny, does not believe that the Baltics implement such a large-scale project without the help of fraternal states. According to the economist, Riga and Vilnius could turn to Kiev for assistance.

“The Ukrainian labor force,” the expert explained, “is distinguished by discipline, endurance, and has a lot of historical experience in this kind of labor achievements. In particular, few people in Kiev risk challenging the fact that Ukrainians dug up the Black Sea. Make parallel embankments and hold railways - a couple of trivia for these giants. Panu Poroshenko should seriously think about this prospect. Cooperation with advanced republics of the EU would create new jobs for Ukrainians, which, in turn, could be a trump card in Poroshenko’s election program. In addition, Riga would pay in hard currency. Things are easy: will Riga lend this strong currency to Brussels? ”

Comments from our readers:

What do they railroad? NATO, on the trainings in Germany, had already worked through the method of delivering its troops by air, when a few metal vehicles remained from several army vehicles. With tanks, I suppose, the situation will be better: when it enters the ground along the tower, you can use it as a firing point.

“The main and, seemingly, the only goal of Rail Baltica, which is to earn in 2026, is to ensure the rapid transfer of NATO troops to the Russian borders. This is the opinion of leading experts. ”
Let them build a road as soon as possible: there is an opportunity to accelerate the movement of our troops to the West to Europe, and for free.

Did you look at the map? To Europe from Belarus will be closer! Of course, if she is still our ally!

The Baltic states see the project budget in 4 lard and very much count on 7 lard. Of course, they do not have this money, but this is the whole point, the money will shake with the EU. Naturally, not the Baltic, and the United States.
Can they? The story with “SP-2” shows that not everything is so smooth.

How to get out of the sanctions: a radical method

According to the professor of the National Technical University Ivan Golozadov-Besshtannogo, the Ministry of Economic Development was able to find a brilliant way out and finally get rid of the American and European sanction strangulation.

“All ingenious is simple! - said the professor in an interview with "VO". “We all remember how recently positive news for Mr. Deripaska came from the so-called aluminum front. Not himself, but his business, rather offshore than Russian, has successfully evaded sanctions! ”

Recall that the oligarch’s personal share in the management structure of the En + holding was reduced to 44,95% (and it was approximately 70%). Deripaska left the board of directors of En + and UC Rusal. The aluminum industry in Russia is transferred to the management of foreigners, mainly representatives of the United States and the United Kingdom, whose activities will be controlled by the American Ministry of Finance.

“Of course,” said an expert from the NSE, “some alarmists consider changes in Rusal to be a dangerous precedent that threatens not only industry, but even Russia's sovereignty. Excuse me, but this is complete nonsense! What place could an offshore business be considered “Russian”? And what is the benefit from it to Russia? There is a benefit from the business, which will be considered primarily American and British. He will not be affected by the sanction! ”

And the professor continued: “I propose not to stop at what has been accomplished. Stop developing Cyprus and invest in Malta! "Gazprom", "Rosneft", "Rostec", Sberbank and so on - everything is transferred to the United States. Sanctions will be immediately lifted, the business will be freed from the American stranglehold! Freedom! Freedom ... from the economy. "

Comments from our readers:

“The situation with the US sanctions only exposed the situation in which our officials, under pressure or threat of such, readily recognize the supremacy of the“ elder brother ”, in the hope of retaining their part of control over the economy and financial flows. Just like the situation around the Crimea, from which big business shies away like the devil from incense, with the full connivance of the authorities, clearly demonstrated how much Russia's sovereignty is in reality. ”
So there is a good article. I have long had the feeling that Russia is being ruled from the United States ... And all this supposedly confrontation is only a struggle between the Democrats and the Republicans, where our leadership is acting, apparently, on the Republican side.
Colony, in one word.
Now I’m waiting: “In Russia, this opinion is shared by the adherents of the notorious concept of“ Kremlin’s cunning plans. ” It has always been distinguished by the fact that any actions of the Russian authorities, including dubious and even blatantly failures, are part of a brilliant multi-pass combination, which ultimately will lead to a crushing victory of our side and the shame of enemies. ”

The article is correct!
Moreover, American experts have already offered Washington not to start the United States at all so far a hot war with Russia, but to wait another 10 years, when Russia, with the current liberal course (with the “Kudrin economy” of the liberal government of the Russian Federation), will fall into ownership directly with the historical inevitability in the hands of Washington, like a filling ripe apple that the United States can simply take with its bare hands.
The only question for Americans is whether the current crisis in the US economy allows the final victory over Russia to be even 10 years old?

In fact, Russia actually lost control of its aluminum industry and transfers it to the Americans and the British. At first, the aluminum industry created in Soviet times was seized by privatization from the people and transferred to Deripaska, and now from Russia itself.
To lift US sanctions on its key companies: En +, Rusal, and Eurosibenergo, Deripaska agreed to the implementation of the Barker Plan (TOR).
Thus, the scheme run-in.
The refusal of the Russian authorities to de-privatize the enterprises of oligarchs leads to a loss of control over the industries.
Speaking Russian, there is a sale of Russia with the transition to a colonial economy.
What is it? Realization of a cunning plan with a multi-course or the next grandmaster success of the president in world geopolitical chess?

There is a lost head, and Rusal is just a hair.
How could it be otherwise, if the company sells the lion's share of aluminum in the US market? Those. Earn in the US market - dance to the American dudu.
And no nationalization and deprivatization will help here: it is impossible to buy aluminum for years at the expense of the state budget "to the reserve".
That's when the "lost head" in the form of processing this raw material in Russia grows again, at least more than half of aluminum will go for processing inside the country, then whoever has stocks there will be a second question, and the Russian authorities will regulate it, not the Americans.
In the meantime ... The main thing is that the plants work, pay salaries and payments to the budget.

Yes, the States technically enslave us, technically ... But it looks like everything is decent: stocks, offshore, board of directors, someone was taken out, someone was introduced, and there is nothing to say ... Venezuela deliberately turned itself into a colony of whites, because the Indians did not know how to mine oil. And we? Unconsciously? Or someone’s consciousness is so high that the flight of thoughts is not visible to us from below. And what does he see? Great Colonized Power?

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  1. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 3 February 2019 06: 41
    Every week there is a lot of interesting things both here and in the world))) Soon spring and sowing will be in full swing, so the "planting material" from the Federation Council has been stockpiled, but will it be enough? Maybe you need to dig further?
    1. Gray brother
      Gray brother 3 February 2019 10: 59
      Quote: Tatar 174
      but is it enough? Maybe you need to dig further?

      There the roots are thick and deep - they have been growing since the 90s. Enough for a long time.
    2. Altona
      Altona 3 February 2019 11: 52
      Quote: Tatar 174
      Whatever the week is a bunch of interesting things both here and in the world)))

      Well, how interesting? Rather delusional. And with us, and in the world. We have killer senators, the owners of our aluminum industry in the United States. I don’t know how for you, for me this is absurd and it should not be so.
      1. aybolyt678
        aybolyt678 4 February 2019 10: 32
        Quote: Altona
        Rather delusional. And with us, and in the world. We have killer senators, the owners of our aluminum industry in the United States. I don’t know how for you, for me this is absurd and it should not be so.

        the largest bank - Sberbank - is 70% American, the Central Bank - in general wassat why rockets? will they bomb their property?
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. region58
    region58 3 February 2019 07: 21
    the second president is much more legitimate - after all, he was chosen by almost the entire planet.

    That's five ... Just as if the "democratizers" didn't read this idea ... wink
    ANCIENT 3 February 2019 07: 43
    The lawyers of this Rauf will, over time, return everything that was confiscated, and, ingots of gold, and rare weapons - you cannot offend a person from the Caucasus, taking away from him the last plundered from the people, that is, "earned by honest labor, by the method of theft"!
    1. alert_timka
      alert_timka 3 February 2019 17: 15
      There is no need to worry about such people. Takike "birds" that flew high, if they land in places not so distant, then believe me, they will come out in a couple of years and will live much better than all of us and will not worry about anything. He is now 32 even, if he will serve 10 years, he will be released at the very young age. and he will have a prison in a golden hut, where they will bring everything to him at his request, they will even let him go home to his wife and children)). P.S. Nobody will take everything away from them, according to the unspoken law they will be oppressed by a lot of things.
      1. kinolog2322
        kinolog2322 4 February 2019 00: 01
        If the bandits from the organized criminal group in the crab zone are eating, then this all-inclusive five-star all-inclusive system will wind up.
  5. Koronik
    Koronik 3 February 2019 08: 11
    “I propose not to stop there. Enough to develop Cyprus and invest in Malta! Gazprom, Rosneft, Rostec, Sberbank and so on - we all transfer to the USA. Sanctions will be lifted immediately, business will be freed from the American noose! Freedom! Freedom ... from the economy. ”Yes, but we say how bad it was in the USSR? An example of China's development is what should be a visual aid for our economy.
  6. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  7. Andrei Nikolaevich
    Andrei Nikolaevich 3 February 2019 08: 14
    How did a fake senator get into the Federation Council with fake diplomas? Why didn’t they stop him before? Waiting for a sensation?
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 3 February 2019 08: 28

      Andrey Nikolaevich (Andrey. Nikolaevich) Today, 08: 14
      How did a fake senator get into the Federation Council with fake diplomas? Why didn’t they stop him before? Waiting for a sensation?

      ... and this trend should be noted, I’m not afraid of such a word, rushing everywhere, in all structures: pseudo scientists, pseudo doctors, pseudo teachers, etc. etc. and here also pseudo senators are added ... the question is, in my opinion, one thing - personnel officers take it on their paws and turn a blind eye to fake diplomas and documents ...
      1. Tolyamba Zamkadsky
        Tolyamba Zamkadsky 3 February 2019 19: 28
        Especially a lot of this pseudo rush from Asia and the Caucasus.
      2. Andrei Nikolaevich
        Andrei Nikolaevich 4 February 2019 09: 13
        I understand, but Ellochka Pamfilova always yells at the whole country that the Central Election Commission very strictly checks the documents of the candidates. Why tongue wag in such a serious position? Or is she just on TV likes to show off ..
    2. Boris55
      Boris55 3 February 2019 09: 01
      Quote: Andrey Nikolaevich
      How did a fake senator get into the Federation Council with fake diplomas?

      How - by our efforts and he is not the only one there.

      The federal law from 03.12.2012 N 229-FZ (redaction from 01.07.2017) "On the procedure for the formation of the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation"

      2 Article. Candidates for Empowerment of a Member of the Federation Council

      2. Candidate for Empowerment member of the Federation Council - a representative from the legislative (representative) body of state power of a subject of the Russian Federation there can only be a deputy of this bodycomplying with the requirements provided for in part 1 of this article.

      We ourselves elected such a regional authority that we sent such a representative to the Federation Council.

      If someone says that we did not elect her, then remember what percentage of voters came to the polls. If less than 10% of the people eligible to vote came to the polls, I would agree with you, but excuse me - we chose them.
      1. Altona
        Altona 3 February 2019 11: 54
        Quote: Boris55
        We ourselves elected such a regional authority that we sent such a representative to the Federation Council.

        Boris, so with us the voter no longer thinks with his head and not even with his heart. And something lower than the tailbone. Judging by the election of your idol, I'm just sure of that.
        1. Boris55
          Boris55 3 February 2019 12: 07
          Quote: Altona
          Judging by the election of your idol, I'm just sure of that.

          Why don't you like my "idol" so much? In my opinion, in his case, the people were not mistaken, but with the Duma they did. laughing

          I am well aware that in matters of the exploitation of man by man, that Putin, that Medvedev are unanimous and in this regard I do not like them. The difference between the two is that the Medvedevs want to put Russia at the feet of the West, and the Putin ones want to have it themselves. Between these two, I am on the Putin side. it is they who do everything in order for Russia to become independent and only after we gain sovereignty, we ourselves will be able to determine our future fate - not earlier, but for now we are in every possible way the colony and Medvedev’s strive to maintain this status for us.

          Again. I am a Bolshevik and for me the interests of the majority will always be above the interests of the minority. I am against any exploitation of man by man in whatever sophisticated form it would exist.
          1. Altona
            Altona 3 February 2019 12: 49
            Quote: Boris55
            I am well aware that in matters of the exploitation of man by man, that Putin, that Medvedev are unanimous, and in this regard I do not like them. The difference between the two is that the Medvedevs want to put Russia at the feet of the West, and the Putin ones want to have it themselves. Between these two, I am on the Putin side.

            It's good that you are not hopeless yet, Boris. By the way, you have voiced the current contradiction between some of the patriotic siloviki and the liberal ministers, which broke Putin's rating after Putin heeded the persuasions of the liberal financiers to carry out a "pension reform". And for many, Putin as a politician is dead, who still believed in him and him.
            1. Boris55
              Boris55 3 February 2019 12: 56
              Quote: Altona
              how Putin heeded the persuasion of liberal financiers to carry out a "pension reform"

              We have repeatedly sucked this question, not hunting again.
              What do you think he could do?

              Quote: Altona
              for many Putin as a politician died

              And 326 of the deputies who passed the amendments to the Law on Pensions continue to adopt anti-people’s laws and no matter what. In how the media boshko people confused ... laughing
              1. Altona
                Altona 3 February 2019 16: 59
                Quote: Boris55
                And 326 of the deputies who passed the amendments to the Law on Pensions continue to adopt anti-people’s laws and no matter what. In how the media boshko people confused ...

                Have I ever justified them? Or do you blame me for not considering them guilty? Our deputies, like the ever-memorable members of the Federation Council, are just as guilty of the adoption of anti-popular laws. Moreover, our deputies and members of the Federation Council are not even deputies in the full sense of the word. These are either appointees from big capital or big capitalists themselves with property "alienated" to relatives; they bought these places, as they bought themselves awards, dissertations, general's shoulder straps, the right to state contracts for firms affiliated with their wives. Ministers and "managers" of state corporations, by the way, are in the same cage. I always talk about this. I am speaking in the context that Putin positioned himself as "the president of all Russians", propaganda portrayed him as the arbiter of the "Kremlin towers". But no, today he is completely in solidarity with the liberals of the Gaidar call and even became an errand boy for them, and even a whipping boy. He had chances to save himself both his rating and reputation, but he put everything on the table of the liberal financiers of his government, he even led the liberal revenge of the 90s, reappointed Kudrin and Medvedev, starting a shameful dialogue about the Kuril Islands with the Japanese militarists.
      2. Andrei Nikolaevich
        Andrei Nikolaevich 3 February 2019 14: 10
        I do not argue .. There are reasons. But where did the primitive lady look, did she look from the Entrepreneurial Commission? ..
        Has the candidate’s profile not been checked? Relatives, the presence of property, income?
        Did everyone wait for a sensation?
        1. nikvic46
          nikvic46 9 February 2019 11: 46
          Do not confuse the State Duma with the Council of the Federation of Russia.
    3. kinolog2322
      kinolog2322 4 February 2019 00: 02
      Money, a lot of money.
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. Yustet1950
    Yustet1950 3 February 2019 08: 52
    Who are the servants? We settled in warm places and pulled the kids there too. And how can you believe them if some were first secretaries of the RK CPSU, and now every time they flaunt new dresses. Where can there be pension money if senators are not enough.
    1. Altona
      Altona 3 February 2019 11: 55
      Quote: Yustet1950
      Where can there be pension money if senators are not enough.

      But enough for "image" events, for zombie propaganda, for billionaire yachts the size of a destroyer and other financial nonsense.
  10. aglet
    aglet 3 February 2019 09: 29
    Quote: Andrey Nikolaevich
    How did a fake senator get into the Federation Council with fake diplomas? Why didn’t they stop him before? Waiting for a sensation?

    those who have to stop, the same diplomas. and they don’t know Russian
  11. bubalik
    bubalik 3 February 2019 09: 36
    because the senator doesn't understand Russian
    .. the housekeeper will get settled, pass the language proficiency test ... can I take exams in the Federation Council? recourse
  12. Korsar4
    Korsar4 3 February 2019 10: 13
    Puppets here and there -
    On the side of anyone by the ocean.
    Lies everywhere: and countries are torn in the trash.
    Rather, it is familiar, and not strange.
  13. German Titov
    German Titov 3 February 2019 10: 33
    I am certainly not a "Russian", just "Russian" (for mom and dad). I live in the DPR (Donetsk). He did a lot for Russia at one time (during the Great Union). To the authors of "Good luck" for the analytics. With the Arashukovs it turned out so "Mentally". SK Russia I wish "more landings" - "Nobody but you."
  14. Gray brother
    Gray brother 3 February 2019 10: 57
    Another victim of the Putin regime, the court is again 37 years old. How long? Hold hands friends!
    1. German Titov
      German Titov 3 February 2019 11: 31
      "Trim your hands" and stand near the wall (more convenient for a PC). The "Arashukovs" are not my friends.
      1. Gray brother
        Gray brother 3 February 2019 11: 32
        Quote: German Titov
        "Arashukovs" are not my friends

        You are Putin's hirelings.
        1. German Titov
          German Titov 3 February 2019 13: 48
          Thanks! Inform the Kremlin about this. Dyakuyu God, Shaw is not "Poroshenko."
        2. nafanal
          nafanal 3 February 2019 13: 57
          And what is there for a cupcake in shorts and with a flag. Victim of "slate" chtol ..
          1. Gray brother
            Gray brother 3 February 2019 14: 10
            Quote: Nathanael

            And what is there for a cupcake in shorts and with a flag. Victim of "slate" chtol ..

            An ordinary pregnant pensioner, and his pants were stolen by security officers.
  15. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa 3 February 2019 11: 17
    Another thing is interesting - to whom this family has prevented, and who pointed a finger at them to the investigating authorities.
    Pancake! Well, the questions for you!
    They did not steal there: they encroached on the "holy" - GAZPROM - OUR ALL !!!
    In this connection, I am quite differently interested.
    And that there is no credentials committee in the SovFed? there is no body that checks the ins and outs of the "chosen ones"? Well, of course, theft, that is, "secret" theft of property ... Here talent is needed to get to the bottom ... But educational qualifications !? That our "blind" leaders of the upper chamber of the State Duma did not see that education is only 6 (!) Classes !!! That I did not study at the university, but the diploma was bought !!! Where were they when the constitutional norm was violated and the 17-year-old (mind you - a minor citizen!) Became a deputy of the People's Assembly of the KCR !? And you call all this legality! guardians of the rights of citizens! Yes, you yourself, as "But father" said, should be "screwed up" 2 times a year !!! Workers, damn it with a salary of 450 tons ... and pensions as a lifetime maintenance! Well, obviously you don’t forget such grubs !!! Freeloaders, in a word. am
    1. Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 3 February 2019 11: 25
      Quote: Boa constrictor KAA
      That I did not study at the university, but a diploma was bought !!!

      As the late deputy Shandybin, with his bald head, announced the price of a deputy's chair - $ 11 million. "Eh, it's a pity that I don't have that kind of money, I would buy it." This was the year in 2007 somewhere when he blew the elections. And he died suddenly ... crying
    2. Sotskiy
      Sotskiy 3 February 2019 14: 39
      Quote: Boa constrictor KAA
      And that there is no credentials committee in the SovFed? There is no body that checks the ins and outs of the "chosen ones"?

      What for? Do you propose "decrees" of interested persons and groups to be carried out "in life" with independent senators, on whom there is no compromising evidence? What if these independent senators lack loyalty to the "party's" course and will have a majority? It will also be a collapse of the institutions of the current government.
      No no! So the current system is not possible. lol
    3. Altona
      Altona 3 February 2019 17: 03
      Quote: Boa constrictor KAA
      And that there is no credentials commission in SovFed?

      No, it seems, and in the Duma too ... Who, for example, checked Maksakova what you called? laughing
  16. Lamatinets
    Lamatinets 3 February 2019 11: 38
    Mdya Karachevo Circassia, the wimps on the wimp, but at 32 senator !! 1 Looks smart beyond his years.
  17. 23rus
    23rus 3 February 2019 11: 59
    But the machine gun in the State Duma is clearly not enough! laughing
    1. karabas86
      karabas86 3 February 2019 12: 30
      4-barrel large-caliber - a couple.
      1. Lamatinets
        Lamatinets 3 February 2019 12: 53
        A beginner then why ??? And the super agents Petrov and Bashirov
  18. The comment was deleted.
  19. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. tatra
      tatra 3 February 2019 14: 59
      The only thing that was good in the 30 years after Gorbachev's "liberation" of the enemies of the communists is that in the late 80s, early 90s, a lot of good pop music appeared in Russia. And then mediocrity flooded. In Russia, they even forgot such a concept as "hit" - this is when many people listen to a song, and many times.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Catfish
        Catfish 4 February 2019 02: 06
        I always adored female logic. love Irinushka, honey, what is this article about, if you please remember? Pop-music, which side here? People here are talking about gangster raspberries under the chase of the Federation Council, and you tell them about "pop music" and about "hit". Here it is just right to recall the "blatnyak" type of "Vladimir Central". And you are all about high and pure ... smile
        1. tatra
          tatra 4 February 2019 09: 11
          Perhaps you did not find the deleted commentary from the video of Gazmanov's song "Squadron", to which I replied, therefore, did not understand anything.
          1. Catfish
            Catfish 4 February 2019 19: 13
            Dear Irina! hi
            I really did not find this comment. Therefore, I sincerely apologize. love
            I’ve always always liked the songs of Gazmanov and, if it doesn’t bother you, explain why the comment was deleted. smile
  20. The comment was deleted.