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Rembat-2016. Great finish and future prospects


The euphoria of the first report continues. This is understandable. Participants and spectators calmed down. They began to do their work not only qualitatively, but in the way they can. So, as shown in the qualifying competition. So, how should the best of the best in their armies do this work.

I confess that it has become more difficult to work in such conditions. Not because there were any restrictions for our work. On the contrary. Everyone is used to our brethren. Stop straining. Everyone is doing their job.

Work has become more difficult because it is very difficult to keep the head cool when you see the coordinated work of the crews, the quality and precise work of the judges and their assistants. I do not want to leave the stage. I want to see how the rivals will do the same. Even deadpan Chinese reporters shouted like boys when the huge SEM CL “entered” into the water with a trailer in the form of a huge “Ural”.

And what are the embraces of the commander of the crew of our REM after the finish with his car ... And the eyes of the crew that were dazed by the congratulations of the journalists at the finish! Competition!

The apotheosis of any team competition has always been and will remain forever team race. A race where the work of each of the crews can be worth the victory for everyone. Where is one for all and all for one!

The piquancy of the situation was added by the fact that before the last race the advantage of the Russian national team was scanty. After winning the individual races, the Russian team was unable to win in the shooting and sports program. The soldiers from China showed excellent athletic and rifle training.

True, in the sport, in the individual competition, the Chinese also lost. Lose to cadets of the Omsk Armored School. 1 and 3 place in the individual competition was precisely in Omsk. But the team performed outside the standings. Because we lost the team championship.

The team relay included several stages in which all the machines were involved. Both wheeled and tracked. Armored repair and maintenance vehicles (BREM) were the first to go into battle, then maintenance workshops and recovery vehicles went on.

And during the MTO competitions, they were hit by a massive "attack" of paratroopers from the 242 training center of the Airborne Forces and were "undermined" by the mines delivered by the saboteurs. So the SEMs pulled them out of the battlefield under the "explosions" of shells and mines along the most difficult road. Not only difficult on the relief, but also passing through a decent size "river".

The complexity of the route is indicated, for example, by the fact that one of the cars of the Kazakh team "refused" to work at the most crucial moment. The organizers even had to re-check for this team by the decision of the jury. And the “Ural”, which was “pulled out” by the cadets of the Armored Vehicle Institute, simply broke away from SEM at one of the obstacles. But, as it turned out, the situation is regular and the crew returned the status quo quickly enough.

At the end of the competition, the participants arranged something like a solemn passage.

All good things, no matter how much we want it, end. Including the first in stories competition in the framework of ARMI-2016 "Rembat". Waited for this day. This day gave hope of victory. This day, when you can relax. The day when you can take stock.

And the results of the competition are as follows.

The first team place with a large margin won the Russian team. In some types of winners were from different teams. Individual races were won by teams from Russia and China. Sports competition - cadets of the Omsk Automobile and Armored Institute and China, rifle competitions soldiers of the Middle Kingdom and cadets, the team relay team - the Russian team.

1 place - the Russian team.

2 place - the team of the People's Republic of China.

3 place - the national team of Kazakhstan.

The organizers did not stint on the prizes. All participants of the competition were awarded with diplomas, valuable gifts. Given that there were only three teams - and medals. And the winners received additional valuable gifts. A champion in sports, for example, additionally got a chic bike. And the sniper is a good rifle.

A team of winners.

But the main individual prize to the best repairman of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will be presented personally by the Minister of Defense in Moscow. And the prize is really valuable - "Lada Granta". So there will now be a senior sergeant to roll out on a new car.

The main result of the games was, it seems to me, not so much the victory of our soldiers as the activation of the entire repair service in the army. Qualifying competitions, training auto and tankodroms, training fighters - all this will remain for the entire service period of the soldiers. And the officers remembered many of the skills that were not often used in daily service.

The head of the institute, in particular, in his speech directly expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Defense of Russia, the government of the Omsk region, the governor and sponsors for their help in creating the necessary material and technical base. And this, above all, will serve to improve the training of cadets. Better training of personnel.

But in general, the impressions of the past games are the most wonderful. Good deal. And for the army, and for Omsk. There was no day when the stands were empty. Even on the day of the city's 300 anniversary! We will wait for the next games.
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 12 August 2016 06: 17 New
    Thanks to the participants of the competition! soldier Do not shame the honor of Russia, thank you! drinks
    1. domokl
      domokl 12 August 2016 06: 31 New
      I don’t know if it’s true, but from the 16 types of ARMYs in 13 we won. Record however.
  2. strelets
    strelets 12 August 2016 06: 34 New
    Teachings, contests, games ... The army should be in good shape.
  3. Turkir
    Turkir 12 August 2016 08: 10 New
    We are all happy about the success of our guys.
  4. Vasily Krylov
    Vasily Krylov 12 August 2016 09: 41 New
    I read an article on my back with goose bumps and a lump to my throat. 1974-1976 Yutherbog 14 Guards Motorized Rifle Service in Rembat Kombat BM Chabanov divorced "When everyone is asleep, the Rembat is working, when everyone is working. works again. "" And when to sleep? Comrade Lieutenant Colonel. "" And here you are and manage. You are repairmen. "I am 19 and have a whole life ahead. Sincerely Krylov.
  5. AdekvatNICK
    AdekvatNICK 12 August 2016 09: 53 New
    it’s good that there are no dill in these competitions, otherwise they would hurt.
    1. domokl
      domokl 12 August 2016 09: 55 New
      By the way, there are no Belarusians either ... Maybe it would hurt to be afraid too?
  6. tracer
    tracer 12 August 2016 16: 14 New
    I will speak out off topic. It's just disgusting at heart. And this important topic on VO has not been noted yet. The Air Defense Party and its leader, Nikolai Starikov, were denied registration as candidates for the State Duma. Despite the clear support of the people (more than 300 thousand votes were collected, more than 200 were cast.) But despite this, the parties were refused and the votes were not accepted. I personally directly connected hopes for the future development of Russia with the arrival of new patriotic parties in the Duma. But the amorphous liberal party "United Russia" has reliably settled down in soft chairs. And the good that was achieved in previous years can and will be easily buried under the political anti-people course of Medvedev-United Russia. I am more and more inclined to think that the liberal democratic state system of government is flawed from the start. And it is not acceptable for Russia. I apologize for the "off topic" from the admins.
    1. domokl
      domokl 12 August 2016 20: 08 New
      Strange as that. Starikov is not a boy and understands perfectly well that all the enemies in the election campaign. Do you have voices? Do you think. The company officially started only today. Why didn’t they file documents with the court?
      It turns out somehow not humanly. We were strangled! .. Sentry .. And then what? 200 of thousands of legitimate votes cannot shut up ... Where are the court materials?
      1. Chertkov Oleg
        Chertkov Oleg 13 August 2016 12: 58 New
        About refusal
        MOSCOW, August 12 - RIA Novosti. The Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation refused to register the federal list of candidates nominated by the Great Fatherland party in the elections to the State Duma of the seventh convocation, since the party did not have enough reliable signatures of voters in support of the nomination.
        To participate in the elections, the Great Fatherland Party had to collect signatures in support of the nomination of the list; according to the law, there must be at least 200 thousand signatures. The party provided the CEC with the required number of signatures along with other documents on time. The CEC, having made a random sample, checked the authenticity of the signatures they had collected.
        The facade of the building of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Russia. Archival photo
        © RIA News. Evgeny BiyatovGo to the photo bank
        CEC registered the federal list of "United Russia" in the elections to the State Duma
        As noted in the CEC resolution, the party submitted 200 963 signatures, 40 thousands were selected for verification, of which 5 580 signatures, that is, 13,95% of the number verified, were considered invalid or invalid. In this case, the reason for refusal of registration is the identification of 5 and more percent of such signatures.
        The Central Election Commission made a decision "to refuse to register the federal list of candidates for deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the seventh convocation, nominated by the Great Fatherland political party, in connection with the identification of 5 or more percent of inaccurate and (or) invalid voter signatures, insufficient number of reliable voter signatures presented in support of the nomination of a federal list of candidates ", stated in the resolution of the commission.
    2. Chertkov Oleg
      Chertkov Oleg 13 August 2016 12: 55 New
      The Air Defense Party and its leader Nikolai Starikov were denied registration as candidates to the State Duma.
      Dispute the decision and work on. No other is given.