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As I was rooting for ours, or Report with a hot head


Today I was "sick" for ours. For all of ours. For the Russian national team, for the national team of the Omsk Automobile and Armored Institute, for the national team of Kazakhstan, for the national team of the Chinese People's Republic. Yes Yes. For all of our ...

This, of course, is not about the Olympiad, but about the competition "ARMI-2016". "Rembat".

Honestly, I went to these competitions with mixed feelings. The first is that such competitions have never been held in Omsk. There were qualifying. There were district. But there was no international. Second - there were no such competitions at all. Never! Nowhere.

We have developed, probably since childhood, the opinion that the fighter who knocked out a tank in battle is a hero. But the fighter who restored the padded tank overnight ... It seems like he just did his job. The fighter who dragged the tongue from the other side was a hero, and the one who brought the crossing over the river during the same time?

And the third ... This is not intelligence, not pilots, not tankmen at last. What can you see interesting there?

It turned out that not only me was “worried.” Almost the whole city was worried. The commanders of the armored institute were worried, the military police were worried, and the DPS officers were worried. Even the viewers were worried. And about the team and say nothing. I confess to see the agitated colonel, and even more so the general, for a long time not accounted for. And today I saw.

Yes, this is understandable. In addition, the international games for the first time, so also the Omsk 300 anniversary! A holiday that really turns the heads of Omsk citizens. The holiday, which since the beginning of August almost every day ... Accordingly, the attention of the local and city authorities is increased.

Now I can definitely say - in vain! Those games that were held before, very well studied. The drawbacks are eliminated. Organization of competitions at the highest level. Everything worked. From traffic controllers on the track and on the ground to the headquarters of the competition and the press center. Like a good watch!

Do you know what "killed" Siberians? Do not believe it, but this is a speech by representatives of the Kremlin regiment. Not even bearing and possession weaponsIn this sense, Siberians can not worse. But what came to congratulate on the holiday. By the way, I spoke with one of the contractors. He has been at the institute for more than 10 years. So, according to him, this year the set will be oh what. Boys are torn to the academy. And for good reason the head of the armored department called the institute one of the best in the world!

To convey the excitement is difficult. This is not a combat vehicle. Not sports records. These are feelings. Feel and you.

4 teams participate in competitions in Omsk. The national teams of Russia, Kazakhstan, the People’s Republic of China and the Omsk Automobile and Armored Institute. All teams, except China, use Russian equipment - MTO-UB1, REM-KL, BREM. The Chinese army uses its own counterparts. The composition of the teams no more than 28 people.

As you can see, the representation is decent. How the ministries of defense of the participating countries relate to the games can be judged by the military ranks of the team commanders. Colonels!

All the unrest ended with a team of commanders (in different languages): "Step march!" Everything. Soldiers, sergeants, officers and generals were already on the parade-ground. And they were ready to perform a combat mission. It is fighting. After all, games are also a fight.

Believe the witness, who was next to the teams at all stages of the competition, they performed this task with full dedication. They did not spare themselves or the equipment. It was even breathtaking when huge cars broke through explosions and smoke, "climbed" on a huge mountain, crawled into a huge "pool". And the soldiers' wet backs were proof not so much of the depth of the “pool” as of the spent forces on the stages.

Even journalists "became infected" with the excitement of the struggle and ran with their cameras and tripods around the test site, causing the students and officers responsible at the stages to be legally worried. And those two "Urals", which proudly were called "buses", roared with engines far behind. By autodrome only such buses could pass. The army did not show itself, the army competed in army disciplines. So your humble servant also remembered youth.

In short, look and envy the participants and viewers.

The organizers arranged an exhibition of equipment and allowed everyone to climb on it. There were many who wished.

The solemn part of the opening.

Our heroes!

And I do not say goodbye to this, there is still the final part and awards ahead.
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  1. svp67
    svp67 9 August 2016 06: 42
    And it was not for nothing that the head of the armored department called the institute one of the best in the world!
    I will not say about the WHOLE WORLD, but I can confirm that Omsk zampotekhi were good specialists. Quoted at a high level, higher than the "Kievites". There were good practices.
    1. Vend
      Vend 10 August 2016 10: 01
      The author, I understand you, would do the same himself.
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 9 August 2016 06: 49
    And I do not say goodbye to this, there is still the final part and awards ahead.

    Let’s take a look and read with pleasure.
    1. Serg 122
      Serg 122 9 August 2016 10: 35
      Last photo is cool! Chinese car on a Chinese jack - what could be worse? Probably therefore, there is no one under it ... wassat
      1. bardadym
        bardadym 9 August 2016 16: 35
        Theoretically, this should be one of the most tested and charged vehicles of the Chinese army. Not from the ordinary building battalion she was pulled out of China itself.
        But there is probably no such guarantee on the jack wassat
      2. Bloodsucker
        Bloodsucker 9 August 2016 17: 48
        It would be better not to look at the jack. On the degree of equipment of the Chinese units for the repair and evacuation of weapons and military equipment. It would be more sense.
        1. Serg 122
          Serg 122 9 August 2016 21: 50
          But I'm wondering: On the "Chinese" prefabricated wheels are, as on the GAZ-66 and ZIL-131 of the early series. Why is that? hi
  3. astapminus
    astapminus 9 August 2016 09: 45
    There was an urgent period there, in TBOUP there was a sergeant double bass there, right now I look in the first shirring, the second one is on the right. The cadets went to see. Maximov Sanya
  4. EvgNik
    EvgNik 9 August 2016 10: 09
    We wait. Nice, two positive articles in a row. With good photos. The beauty.
    1. Bloodsucker
      Bloodsucker 9 August 2016 17: 49
      External yes, it would be interesting to see the internal equipment of machines. Including workshops, ours and Chinese.
  5. Radikal
    Radikal 9 August 2016 14: 33
    As for "our" (to put it mildly) Chinese, I would be careful ....
  6. PKK
    PKK 9 August 2016 17: 33
    URAL machine that you need, crawl everywhere. I hope modern cars, all the same from domestic parts.
  7. water
    water 11 August 2016 18: 03
    I was once an avid fan. I was rooting for the CSK team, for “Zenith” ..... But when athletes, like racehorses, began to be bought and sold, I stopped being a fan. For what difference does it make to me whose "stable" wins !? After all, "horses" in each of them are bought up from all over the world. But now! Here it is - the invincible Russian team! Presented in all its glory at the international competitions "ARMY-2016" Thank you comrade Shoigu! I'm a fan again!