Tu-214P in coordinating the "stripping" of Aleppo and the northern borders. How many sides are needed for a Syrian theater?


When flying at an altitude of more than 9000, the radar complex MRK-411 of an ORTR Tu-214Р aircraft is able to monitor surface objects at a distance above 250 km

For the second time in the 2016 year, a strategic optical-electronic reconnaissance and ground-targeting aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Force Tu-214P set off for combat duty over the Syrian theater of military operations, as reported by FlightRadar24. The second serial board of the RA-64514, breaking the airspace over the Caspian Sea, Iran and Iraq, arrived at 29 Hamím airbase on July 2016 of the year to conduct reconnaissance on adjacent territories controlled by the Syrian government forces, as well as to monitor the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean. The same machine was already on duty in Syrian airspace in February 2016, endorsed the situation on the demarcation line between the Armed Forces of Novorossia and the Armed Forces of Ukraine in June 2015, and also monitored the tactical situation with the movements of NATO troops in the Baltic countries in June of this year. Flight tests, which it is more logical to call the first “baptism of fire”, took place on the border of Ukraine in June 15, fixing the movement of armored vehicles and artillery of the Kiev junta, firing at the cities of Donbass.

At this time, the arrival of this aircraft in Syria could be connected at once with several important strategic events - the preparation of the operation to liberate the largest Syrian northwestern stronghold of the terrorist group Dzhebhat al-Nusra - Aleppo, the further development of the offensive in all directions of the Syrian-Turkish border, the movement of existing and the arrival of new naval strike groups in the eastern Mediterranean.

The denouement of the first and most difficult in the execution of the operation to liberate the north-western borders of Syria, we can observe in the coming weeks, days or even hours. The fighting for the city of Aleppo will be as fierce as the geopolitical and military-strategic value of this economic center and the second largest Syrian city of the same name, the most populated state governorate. The task is very complex: the Syrian armed forces, with the support of the Russian HKS, Hezbollah, the Kurds and self-defense units must suppress all the activities of the IG, Dzhebhat al-Nusra and other small terrorist groups in various parts of the city. Aleppo is in the complete environment of government forces: transport routes for the logistics of the factions are now blocked, but there are features.

The Syrian-Turkish border north of Aleppo remains uncontrolled: the cities of Afrin, Katma, and Azaz are at the disposal of the pro-Turkish “Dzhebhat an-Nusra”. The organization can freely receive provisions, ammunition, mortars and artillery systems with light armored vehicles from the Turks to oust the Syrian army from the suburbs of Aleppo. Before the Aleppo assault, dense artillery preparation for transport interchanges of terrorists near Azaz is necessary, as well as the work of the Russian Aerospace Forces. It is also necessary to control the approaches to these cities from the north (from Turkey). Apparently, these tasks will be performed by our Tu-214Р in Syrian airspace.

According to German media reports, Erdogan “cut off oxygen” to the militants of the “Free Syrian Army”, which is also sometimes supported by the Al-Nusra Front, but this information cannot be fully trusted. As time shows, Turkey can change its military-political views ten times a day. And if this is true, and Erdogan made a real rapprochement with Russia and Iraq in the fight against Islamists, let's not forget that the combat capability of the “Free Syrian Army”, and in some cases ISIS, remains on the list of US priorities , Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the entire western coalition, and therefore it is quite realistic to expect military-technical assistance to the militants near Aleppo, coming from the IS-controlled central regions of Syria, as well as using military transport aviation USA. Tu-214P in such a situation - the car is simply indispensable.

The resolution of the second issue related to the constant movements of the carrier forces of the US Navy in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea requires more careful observation. In June and July 2016, a lot of unreasonable criticism from the command of the U.S. Navy sounded towards the crew of the patrol ship SK 11540. Our sailors were accused of unsafe maneuvers 140 meters from RKR URO CG-56 USS San Jacinto, in close proximity to the EM URO DDG-107 USS Gravely, as well as an attempt to interfere with the actions of nuclear aircraft carriers CVN-69 USS Dwight D Eisenhower ”and CVN-75 USS“ Harry S. Truman ”. These actions are quite precautionary, indicating that the Russian Navy will not allow the American to dominate the fleet in the operating area of ​​our ship group. Naturally, the Americans cannot understand this position, since the 66th operational fleet of the U.S. Navy, as well as the ships of other fleets supporting it, have been considered the main instruments of military-political deterrence at the South European theater of war in Washington for 6 years. At the same time, American KAG and AUG should not be put on a par with the rest of the NATO Allied Maritime Forces (French, British or Italian): Americans "keep aloof" from their henchmen, and in an unpredictable situation they will act in accordance with orders from Washington.

The regular grouping of the US Navy off the coast of Cyprus and in the Red Sea is currently quite large, and usually includes more 10 ships, most of which are destroyers of the class “Arley Burke” and the cruiser “Tikonderoga” with a full ammunition “Tomahawks” and “Garpunov” ". In this situation, our CBG is in the minority, which requires a stay in the cover radius of the coastal SCRC "Bastion", deployed on the Syrian coast. The Tu-214 will be able to very successfully control the actions of American AUGs near our ships until October-November of 2016, when the Admiral Kuznetsov Avenue 1143.5, with its 279 OKIAP, takes up combat duty.

As we already know, the multi-frequency radio-technical complex of the MRK-411 aircraft is capable of operating in the “subsurface radiolocation” mode at a distance of more than 100 km, detecting the enemy’s underground infrastructure at a depth of several tens of meters. High accuracy is provided by the use of 2-extraneous radar with headlamps, as well as the ventral tail radar in a radiotransparent convex fairing. The MRK-411 is capable of operating in SAR (synthesized aperture) mode for both ground and surface targets at a distance of up to 250 km, which is more than the American E-8C "J-STARS".

The frontiers of the explored territories of Ukraine through the operation of the complex MRK-411 of the RA-64514 board during Kiev's contraction of military units for shelling the cities of Donbass

Optical-electronic sighting system "Fraction" allows you to establish visual contact with marine and ground targets at a distance of several tens of kilometers (depending on meteorological conditions): there is a classification and identification of targets, as well as monitoring what is happening at these sites.

Given the unpredictable behavior of US Navy ships in the Mediterranean, as well as the need to control and coordinate military operations in the north-west, north and center of Syria, the Russian AF crew must be equipped with two Tu-214Р sides, but there is an explosive situation in the Donbass, near the borders of Crimea and in the Baltics it forces us to hold the RA-64511 board at the air bases of the European part of Russia.

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  1. +3
    August 5 2016
    Why didn't our plane cross the border through Turkey? We return sales markets for their consumer goods, to the detriment of our industry and the agricultural complex, but everything is still the same at the "front".
  2. +3
    August 5 2016
    In a word, as in a joke:
    "Dad, dad, are mom and grandmother glass?
    Where did you get this son?
    Yes, my grandfather just said about them: I ... well, I can see right through! "
    Good plane! He sees through and through!
  3. +7
    August 5 2016
    Given the unpredictable behavior of US Navy ships in the Mediterranean, as well as the need to control and coordinate military operations in the north-west, north and center of Syria, the Russian AF crew must be equipped with two Tu-214Р sides, but there is an explosive situation in the Donbass, near the borders of Crimea and in the Baltics it forces us to hold the RA-64511 board at the air bases of the European part of Russia.
    I understand that we have so far only 2 such aircraft. It would be necessary more.
  4. +3
    August 5 2016
    We have a clear lack of such technology! It is necessary to draw the right conclusions and take appropriate measures! soldier
  5. +4
    August 5 2016
    The ability of reconnaissance aircraft to operate in the “subsurface radar” mode is crucial for the preparation of the Aleppo assault. During the occupation of the Basmachi there were many underground tunnels dug.
  6. 0
    August 5 2016
    Quote: CERHJ
    That he can, right under the ground dozens of meters in depth, detect targets ... IMHO complete nonsense, people don’t even think about what physical principles the complex’s work is based on

    “Complete nonsense” is that you didn’t even lift a finger to find something on your own, but there were enough forces to write on the forum.
    But an article with a review has already been published at VO open technologies for the civilian sector and special forces that allow you to look through walls at a distance of 20 m:

    In addition, the ROFARs and terahertz radars are mentioned in the press. So physical principles allow. And is it really so in the case of the Tu-214P, it is unlikely that ordinary VO visitors will recognize it in the near future.
  7. 0
    August 5 2016
    Thank you for the beautiful and sensible explanation of the wonderful airplane!
    Remembering the PRA, always with you!
  8. 0
    August 6 2016
    Quote: CERHJ
    If the leading manufacturer on the topic Fraction-4RR, the Vega concern, gives a figure in the active mode of 250 km for the MP-411 complex, then why be "holier than the Pope of Rome"?
    The manufacturer is certainly good and difficult to argue, but only the manufacturer also gives a load of 30 kg for the Su-8000, although there is a photo of 9000+ kg, for the Su-34 they give 8000 kg, although the commander in chief Bondarev stated 12000 kg, and they dragged him to the GLIC 13000 kg each, and the dear ancient user also spoke about 13000 kg, so there can be doubts.
    Quote: CERHJ
    Well, that’s not my opinion. In 2013, the MO wanted to refuse the second car for this reason. Namely: the plane has a short baraging time and does not normally maintain the required speed

    How could it refuse, if now 2 is already in operation and a third is ordered, maybe there were some problems and sent for revision, this is a common practice of the Moscow Defense Forces and Su-35 was not even though it was produced in 2011 in series, and it entered the database only in 2015 year.
  9. 0
    August 7 2016
    Quote: CERHJ
    By the way, about the fall of 5-7 missiles in Iran and Syria, the unexploded X-101 was confirmed, for which the developers got a good cap

    Yes you what and who confirmed, and again "source".
  10. +1
    August 7 2016
    Quote: CERHJ
    My friend, did you go to school? Or do you still go? Do you even understand what radars are on the Tu-214R, how does the radar work there?

    What equipment is standing there now, you absolutely do not know, because you have never had any relation to them.

    And here are the systems working at customs or at the special services, where there is practically contact with the surface being examined and the radar of an aircraft located at an altitude of 9 km and a distance of 250 km?! YES !!!

    Another expertDt-patriot !! If only I would have watched his analogue of the E-8 American.

    Something you have a lot of screams. Look exclamation marks do not choke.

    Drink valerian and read:

    A promising terahertz locator will be created in Russia in 2016

    The RTI company is working on the creation of locators using terahertz technologies, allowing "to look through optically opaque media"

    What underground locations are there? Do you even type this topic on the Wiki, look at how geolocators work, maybe at least you will understand the difference ..

    What does the geolocation have to do with it? You have any problems with horizons. Read about the properties of terahertz radiation, for example. Terahertz locators are now being actively developed by order of the military departments both here and in the USA.

    Learn physics and the basics of radar. I hope a young man, hi

    You would have to broaden your horizons before at least slightly broadening your fringes. Look stupid.
  11. 0
    August 9 2016
    Quote: CERHJ
    The list of equipment standing on the Tu-214P only in your wet fantasies is a big secret

    Explore your wife’s wet fantasies, if you have one, but here be more adequate, dear.

    The list of equipment for the Tu-214r is not secret.

    If we assume that the aircraft that operates in Syria has the latest locator, then you will not find any lists of equipment on the Internet. For a sane person, this should be obvious.

    How do you read this phrase? The word WILL BE CREATED in Russian, what do you think means? It already exists and is installed on a reconnaissance aircraft? Can you imagine the path and how much time will pass from the experimental installation to the production model on a production aircraft?
    The word “create” in the media means that information on this topic has not yet been disclosed, and since it has appeared in the media, the work has been ongoing for a long time and successfully. Installation and should not be serial. It is precisely what can be experimental for field tests.

    However, this is not about installations, you argued that there are no physical principles for this kind of location. You have read a couple of articles (on my tip) and already now boast about it.

    You, the ignoramus and the liar, now realized that physical principles do exist? Aren't you ashamed of your ignorant shouting with a bunch of exclamation marks? Are you ashamed of cheap ponty? Although what I mean ...

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