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The Second Breath of the Black Knives

I will begin with stories. 10th Guards tank Ural-Lviv Order of the October Revolution, Red Banner, Orders of Suvorov and Kutuzov Volunteer Division named after Marshal of the Soviet Union R. Y. Malinovsky.

The Ural (Ural-Lviv) Guards Volunteer Tank Corps was formed in 1943 and equipped weapons and equipment made by workers of the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Perm regions with free labor above the plan and for voluntary contributions.

It was this corps that received the nickname “Black Knives” from the Germans. The black workers of the Zlatoust plant armed themselves with knives of HP-40 of all colors, from general to private.

The first battle corps took 27 on July 1943, in the second phase of the Kursk battle. Almost three months after the commissioning of the USSR People’s Commissar of Defense No. 306 from 26 in October 1943 of the year 30, the Urals Volunteer Tank Corps was converted into the 10 Guards Urals Volunteer Tank Corps. All parts of the corps were given the name of the Guard. November 18 1943, the units and formations of the corps were awarded guards flags in a solemn ceremony.

The tank corps is included in the 4 (since March 1945, the Guards Tank Army). Finished the war in Prague. In the autumn of 1945, the corps was renamed the 10 Guards Ural-Lviv Tank Division.

After the end of World War II, the division joined the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany (GSVG, ZGV). It is part of the 3 th Red Army General Army.

Then there was the withdrawal of the division from Germany back to their homeland. And then began the process of the collapse of the division, practically thrown into the fields of the Boguchar region. There was a lot of material about the conditions in which people after Germany appeared. But, nevertheless, the division continued to carry out any tasks assigned to it.

In 2001, she took part in the hostilities in the North Caucasus.

And in 2009, the division was disbanded and at its base the 226-I Guard base of weapons and equipment (tank) storage was formed.

In fact, a regiment was left from the tank division, guarding and servicing the equipment, both brought from Germany and existing at the time of the withdrawal in Boguchar.

In general, it is sad when such well-known and glorious parts are disbanded.

But in the 2015 year an event occurred that caused a not weak response in many places, including outside our country. The division was re-established as a separate tank brigade of the 20 Army. And in 2016, the 9-I Vyslenskaya Red Banner Order of Alexander Suvorov and Mikhail Kutuzov, II degree, separate motorized rifle brigade was added to it.

I have long wanted to visit Boguchar, specifically, there, behind the fence of the unit. And see how and what is today at the "Black Knives". And now, thanks to the assistance of the press service of the ZVO, it turned out.

I’ll say right away to those who will carefully watch photos and videos. These were not exercises, which are a kind of final of a certain stage of preparation. These were absolutely planned field classes. We trained the guys who were called on 3 a month ago. Moreover, a month they were at KMB, and then relocated from under Nizhny Novgorod to Boguchar.

To be honest, first, looking at how the mop-ups work out the tasks, I shrugged. And better seen, to be honest. But then, having turned on the intellectual, he approached the battalion commander with a question, and asked how long the service life was for the fighters? And everything fell into place.

80% personnel - recruits. The rest is contract soldiers. By the way, according to observations, a very strong sergeant staff. Senior officers think so too. But contract sergeants are great. I liked the level of training, and the ability to work with young. I am sure that no one in the brigade will object to me if I say that the sergeant staff is much stronger than the junior officers. He asked.

Senior officers (from major and above) are real maniacs. Of course, once in Boguchar, after the "merchant capital" of Russia, Nizhny Novgorod, this, of course, is still an intellectual shock. Boguchar, he is so, peculiarly handsome. But still the district center, and tiny. But I really liked how senior officers work with subordinates. This is especially noticeable when the correspondent's face in camouflage disappears from appearance, worn in bushes. But hears everything.

Classes consisted of several parts. First, the drivers run in a new landfill. Really new, 50 square kilometers were allocated for training teams. However, after a night rain these kilometers from the landfill turned into a marsh, which we quite felt the hard way. More precisely, feet.

It looked like a polygon where at least once someone passed. First-class mud.

Bred and began to disperse.

Just bogucharsky landscape.

"What are you doing here?"

Combat with a walkie-talkie. The radio is not on an armored train.

Head of training, Lieutenant Colonel Smirnov.

Chemists came, visibility dropped.

Almost anecdotal footage, as with Zhirinovsky:

Opponent ahead? You have a tank on the left!

And for the other platoon - right!

With tanks went around, surrounded, rolled out!

Completed the task - well done!

Approximate translation ...

By the way, a lieutenant colonel, a zamkombriga showing the recruits how to tumble with a machine gun is not something you will see.


By the way, no worse than the lieutenant colonel explained.

Chemists again pulled up, now it's harder to breathe.

I faintly swept over the line of action of the smoke. And the staff continued.


Beautiful pit allowed to shoot a few cloud landscapes.

He drew attention to the idle ammunition in the brigade is not greedy.

The lesson is over, we move to the location.

How can you summarize what conclusions to draw? The conclusion is, in principle, only one. On a not very pleasant direction (to Ukraine 60 km), the division is really being reborn. Yes, so far these are two brigades, tank and motorized rifle, but ... These are two brigades. Instead of a regiment guarding maize and serving as a scarecrow for local recruits.

And with such a glorious past, with such officers and sergeants, I am sure that the division will be able to become one of the best in the district. I really want this.

We express the hope that after some time we will be able to visit Boguchar again and become more familiar with everything that happens in the brigades.
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  1. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui 27 July 2016 07: 02
    I read the article and comments on the photos, SMILE AND SMOOLED THE AIR TO START — I remembered Borzyu and the Native Polygon. Authors credit and bonus for a good mood drinks
    1. Tatar 174
      Tatar 174 27 July 2016 07: 04
      Quote: viktor_ui
      for he remembered the Borzyu and the Native Polygon.

      ... and the Karshi steppe and dust and heat unbearable. Well, the officers and sergeants are simply pleasing, they know their job!
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 27 July 2016 16: 05
        Noted a negative point.

        Conscripts lack gloves. Even at +40, you need to create the ability to walk with gloves with your fingers closed. Cropped fingers on gloves is for fashionistas. Only completely closed fingers.

        Only one sergeant, apparently a contractor, has laboratory gloves. At least so.

        Gloves are a very important piece of equipment.
        1. CONTROL
          CONTROL 29 July 2016 08: 01
          Quote: gladcu2
          Noted a negative point.

          Conscripts lack gloves. Even at +40, you need to create the ability to walk with gloves with your fingers closed. Cropped fingers on gloves is for fashionistas. Only completely closed fingers.

          Only one sergeant, apparently a contractor, has laboratory gloves. At least so.

          Gloves are a very important piece of equipment.

          Nowadays there were no gloves - they somehow managed!
          And now - yes, definitely! Hello! ... Though you should go to serve again ... no, they won’t take it - they’ll say - junk ...
    2. Alexey-74
      Alexey-74 27 July 2016 09: 24
      Suvorov principle in action!
      1. Skubudu
        Skubudu 27 July 2016 17: 34
        Quote: Alexey-74
        Suvorov principle in action!

        Just not in the case of gloves, you need to get used to gloves. So that everyone can feel, grab, hold, etc.
        Try it without experience with gloves on, let's say a store is removed and removed from unloading or from your pocket, whatever you get.
        I personally use Mechanix original gloves that are comfortable and not expensive.
        1. bk316
          bk316 27 July 2016 21: 41
          Quote: Skubudu
          Not in the case of gloves,

          Yes, and shooting without a habit is generally impossible, at least I'm not soon used to it.
          By the way, I switched from mechanics to our alloy, I have a small hand, it’s more convenient for me personally.
        2. dima mzk
          dima mzk 29 July 2016 20: 05
          Yes, I would have thrown them to hell, I don’t put them on in the winter in Siberia, after firing I always wore guides and took them off for new shootings))) This glove very seriously disables a lot. Maybe if you ride a bike it’s useful, but in battle, a bare hand and mittens for a smoke break)
    3. 52
      52 29 July 2016 15: 26
      There is a beautiful Borzya,
      China ̶t̶r̶i̶p̶p̶e̶r̶o̶m̶ threatening with a fist!
  2. Mitek
    Mitek 27 July 2016 07: 02
    Pleased with such news) And the training of young animals in our time is not at all what is with me. Now they often find out more in a month than before in their entire service. And most importantly, the young wanted the army again !! Over the past half year, there have already been 4 cases when friends asked their children to help get into the army, and in some cases to remove the article.
    1. Alekseev
      Alekseev 27 July 2016 08: 08
      Quote: Mitek
      Pleased with such news) And the training of young animals ...

      But I was not very happy.
      In part, 80 percent of the soldiers are conscripts, and among them there are a large number who have served with Gulkin at all.
      And this not a training regiment, but a combat brigade on the border with Ukraine!
      This is for those who sleep and see "columns on the way to Cueva" ...
      A lot more work for military commanders and state. men to bring the army to normal.
      And the main thing is not the organization of combat training at all - everything is relatively simple here and everything has already passed at one time in the GSVG and other places.
      In no way will they organize the normal procedure for military service, both urgent and contractual, they will not separate the military, i.e. military, from the cloud wearing shoulder straps of people from various departments, which definitely can not be sent into battle.
      It has already been proposed, but not heeded, to begin with the fact that the officer rank (and status) should be assigned only to military commanders and commanders of troops of the national guard, special forces of various security departments.
      Law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, passport service inspectors, etc. must have civilian ranks: advisers, secretaries, etc. and do not wear epaulettes.
      Conscripts for military specialties can only be called up to training centers, and drivers and cooks who are ready to work with a citizen can (for reasons of economy) be put into combat.
      To serve in the reserve of the 1st category, organize spare regiments (battalions) and training grounds in each province.
      And the issues of military discipline are not always up to the mark. Sometimes, the contractual contract is reminiscent of a civilian, as a matter of fact, a person who has gathered in the army for work and for a mortgage, and preferably only in peacetime. wink
      In the meantime ... There are undoubtedly positive changes, but 80% of conscripts who served only a few months in the army are worried about the motorized rifle unit of the border cover. yes
      1. Alexey-74
        Alexey-74 27 July 2016 09: 28
        It seems that you are all speaking correctly .... but you need to educate young animals, you need to train and make professionals out of them, how do you know which part of these recruits will remain under the contract and become the same pro ..... Training centers are good, but also guys need to run in combat units.
        1. Alekseev
          Alekseev 27 July 2016 09: 44
          Quote: Alexey-74
          but you need to educate young animals, you need to train

          Something did not understand. request
          Am I advocating not to "educate the young"?
          But this is what training centers are for.
          And in the warhead cover state. the borders should be all trained, and even better, fired upon, and are engaged there not in training, but in maintaining combat training skills and combat coordination.
          After all, tomorrow may be - Anxiety! Into the area of ​​concentration, then, attack, forward!
          Possible fire, for example, from the side of the banderlog troops ... yes
          The acquisition of such units by soldiers after the KMB is no longer an omission, a crime.
          1. gladcu2
            gladcu2 27 July 2016 15: 59

            There are no real threats from Ukraine.

            Conscripts is a school for training reservists.
            1. Alekseev
              Alekseev 27 July 2016 18: 03
              Quote: gladcu2
              There are no real threats from Ukraine.

              This is from Canada so it seems.
              There, and NATO - peaceful doves, despite the defeated and collapsed Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, support by NATO members with ISIS comrades, pushing Georgians into the war in 2008, etc.
              And in Ukraine there are lovely nationalists. The greatest thing can be those who they do not like to burn alive and say "it's so and bulo", they themselves, they say, burned themselves.
              There is no war there and the brigade in Boguchar, in the former town of TD, also appeared without any causal connection with banderlog ... laughing
        2. Svidetel 45
          Svidetel 45 27 July 2016 22: 31
          Before they are "tested" in combat units, they must first be trained in training centers, in my opinion, this is a truth that does not require proof.
          The good news is that sergeants finally appeared in our army, and not hastily boys "baked" in training with stripes on their shoulder straps, who were recruited right from school, and who in their training and authority did not differ much from the rank and file, for rare exception. That is why, in the SA, the officers had to take on the duties of sergeants to a large extent. But it is the sergeants that are the backbone of the army.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  3. demiurg
    demiurg 27 July 2016 07: 11
    Positive, so nice. Thank you for the article.
  4. Avenich
    Avenich 27 July 2016 07: 24
    Y-yes. They feel sorry for the kids. In the eighties we landed from the BMP only "on the move." Although, it is possible that this was not provided for in the plans of these field exercises.
    And so, to the authors, thanks for the report. Success for soldiers in service.
  5. erased
    erased 27 July 2016 08: 12
    The soldiers are clearly raw, though diligent. When moving, they are knocked together (if this is not at the request of the correspondent for the frame). Beat short, cut off two in a stable manner. This is a word about a fire translator with a cut-off for 3 rounds - is hell needed? But it would be better to get used to beat runaway solitary. BMP along with infantry, although with such armor should 200 meters behind to crawl.
    I am glad that the exercises are going on, that the youngsters are not rolling the "Mashka" in the barracks and not painting the grass. You look, and combat training will reach the level of the sample of the late 40s and 50s of that century.
  6. sv-georgij
    sv-georgij 27 July 2016 08: 37
    I am glad that even in this form the Volunteer Ural Tank Corps is being reborn. While studying at school, we were with many who fought in this unit at a party. Our history and social science teacher fought in this unit, was injured and lost his sight. This is a true memory of them.
    1. ural-ls
      ural-ls 28 July 2016 19: 12
      By the way, at the time of the completion of the formation, the corps was named after Stalin, and the Ural Volunteer named after Stalin read the tank corps
  7. Dimy4
    Dimy4 27 July 2016 08: 48
    Knives HP-40 ...

    Damn, the dominance of a foreign language led to the fact that at first it was not "EN ER" that was read, but "HH PI".
    1. Lanista
      Lanista 27 July 2016 12: 37
      Hewlett Packard knives. The slogan is "We are not only good at printers!"
      A joke of humor, if that.
  8. Cat
    Cat 27 July 2016 08: 48
    The Zlatoust plant began the production of scout knives, the so-called famous "black knives". Not bad, in honor of the history and tradition, it is the servicemen of this unit to arm them with them.
  9. Dexter
    Dexter 27 July 2016 08: 57
    And I was born in Altengrabov ... Father from 86 to 91 served in the 61st regiment ...
    1. scorpion-sss
      scorpion-sss 28 July 2016 18: 52
      I also served in the 61st TP, in 2005 when it was disbanded. I liked Boguchar - the city is small, but the nature is cool, apricots are everywhere, the girls are cute, people are also good. The military town is cool, I rented a odnushka for a penny, there are a lot of shops, bars and a restaurant, a sports complex with a pool and a sauna. The school and kindergarten (there was a private pool) are excellent. But there was a big minus - in May there was no escape from midges (midges).
      By the way, if I’m not mistaken, the photos show t-72 tanks, and 10 TDs (they included 61, 62, 63 tp earlier, 6 and 238 MSPs, an artillery regiment, air defense regiment and a whole bunch of battles) the T-80 was armed
  10. Algetxnumx
    Algetxnumx 27 July 2016 08: 57
    Great respect for the article, namesakes, it turned out very cool, it's better than any analytical opuses to write, the specifics of the guys are much better. I wonder if Aviodarts2016 will be covered in Ryazan?
  11. Berkut24
    Berkut24 27 July 2016 09: 45
    10 kilometers from my house Alabino training ground. There, almost every day, the Kantemirovskaya and Taman divisions knead the porridge and jam the local population not childishly. Even on a sunny day, there seems to be a thunderstorm somewhere nearby.
    By the way, a tank biathlon is also being held there, and they are preparing for the parade on Red Square.
  12. Palch
    Palch 27 July 2016 10: 15
    The author’s enthusiasm is clearly just rushing. But I doubt that at least once he was at a real tank training ground. What is shown in the photo is not a training ground, but a simple run of equipment and fighters on the most virgin soil, exclusively for a nice photo - just a show. For this past 30 years, partridges alone have been running around. That's why, after the rain, a swamp of black soil opened up there. And there is no any normal infrastructure for training mechanical drivers, a tank director, a shooting range for motorized rifle, an MTO base. And for this reason there is no reason for delight. In the case of real hostilities, everything will again be pulled out due to the lives and heroism of ordinary fighters and officers, and those who planned it all in peacetime, after a scuffle, first the pants will be stuck and then pricked holes in the tunic. I apologize to everyone for being rude.
    1. Avenich
      Avenich 27 July 2016 11: 05
      Excuse me, dear, have you bothered to read the text?

      "... But in 2015, an event occurred that caused a strong response in many places, including outside our country. The division was restored as a separate tank brigade of the 20th Army. And in 2016, the 9th Vislenskaya Red Banner Orders of Alexander Suvorov and Mikhail Kutuzov II degree, a separate motorized rifle brigade ... "

      In 2015! Prior to that, there was a storage base for equipment. Now tell me, how on the basis of the storage of equipment could take all the necessary infrastructure, except for natural disguise in the form of pines and bushes? Now there is a brigade, there will be a modern tank director. And for real virgin soil, sometimes it’s even more useful to drive a technique than for a landfill, if without excessive fanaticism, of course.
  13. Old warrior
    Old warrior 27 July 2016 11: 11
    At least some positive ... laughing and not far from a potential adversary.
  14. petrovihdanil
    petrovihdanil 27 July 2016 11: 21
    Native Division. I'm glad that is being reborn. 77-78 years old, she stood in Krampnitsa near the side of West Berlin and totaled more than 10000 people. I want her to be the most combat-ready and as glorious as before.
    1. AllXVahhaB
      AllXVahhaB 28 July 2016 13: 43
      Quote: petrovihdanil
      I want her to be the most combat-ready and as glorious as before.

      And based in the same place! laughing
  15. stas-xnumx
    stas-xnumx 27 July 2016 12: 18
    I’m far from a tanker))) But the photos / reportage pleased me, especially not far from the well-known sad places, let the fighters and commanders gain experience, and it seems to me that the presence of the now almost probable enemy nearby will not let them sleep at the posts ...
  16. ism_ek
    ism_ek 27 July 2016 12: 40
    The Ural Volunteer Tank Corps is well remembered in the Urals.
    1. ism_ek
      ism_ek 28 July 2016 10: 41
      The name "Black Knives" primarily referred to the 7th Separate Reconnaissance Battalion. The battalion was equipped with Irbit M-72 motorcycles. He was collecting information directly for the corps command. Each crew of the M-72 motorcycle consisted of a driver, a submachine gunner and a radio operator.

      285 future intelligence officers of the Ural Volunteer Tank Corps from March to June 1943 were preparing to be sent to the front in Sverdlovsk. The landfill for them was the Mayakovsky park, closed at the beginning of the war. There was arranged the so-called "neutral strip", which was located between the trenches of the battalion and the positions of an imaginary enemy.

      Now at this place, in the back of the park, there is a monument: a torn motorcycle wheel, the spokes of which symbolize the rays of glory. A motorcyclist rushes along the inner rim of the wheel, followed by the moment of battle. On the outer rim are the names of the scouts and the names of the operations that became their last. The military address of the battalion is also indicated: “Field mail 51123”.
    2. AllXVahhaB
      AllXVahhaB 28 July 2016 13: 45
      Quote: ism_ek
      The Ural Volunteer Tank Corps is well remembered in the Urals.

      This is Yekaterinburg, the station square, where they often appoint a meeting place, they say: "under a mitten")))
  17. Real stalinist
    Real stalinist 27 July 2016 13: 14
    Will the famous black knives be given to the guys? :) To observe the tradition? :)
    1. ver_
      ver_ 30 July 2016 02: 34
      During the Second World War, the scouts covered their knives with black paint so that they did not "shine" themselves ..
  18. uskrabut
    uskrabut 27 July 2016 13: 30
    Glad for the Bogucharites, he himself is also from the Voronezh region. Nobody knows, and our Orsha attack air regiment is not going to recreate? The legendary unit, too, was disbanded as tragically as the Bogucharsky tank division. I knew many people from the regiment personally, but almost all laughing they through my office fighting the country beat out! That circus was still there!
  19. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 27 July 2016 13: 52
    Ah, Boguchar, Don steppes. Had, had. But now, the full-time division of the three brigades should consist, and not of three regiments? The brigade, will it be abruptly the regiment? There then, not a division, but almost a tank corps will succeed.
  20. gallville
    gallville 27 July 2016 13: 53
    I wonder why in all the photos of the T-72b3 the pine is covered with metal?
  21. completely blind
    completely blind 27 July 2016 16: 18
    If out of those "80% of conscripts" every tenth says that "revenge dirt and iron to tame" it is his- Mother Russia will flourish.
  22. completely blind
    completely blind 27 July 2016 16: 22
    If out of those "80% of conscripts" every tenth says that "revenge dirt and iron to tame" it is his- Mother Russia will flourish.
  23. masiya
    masiya 27 July 2016 16: 42
    Excellent, but according to the historical parallel, it is necessary for the crews to provide equipment with Zlatoust black finches, as in the Second World War, in the legendary 10th Guards Tank Ural-Lvov Order of the October Revolution, the Red Banner, orders of Suvorov and Kutuzov of the Volunteer Division named after Marshal of the Soviet Union R. Y. .
    Especially for the Ural Volunteer Tank Corps in Zlatoust, 3356 Finnish knives (“black knives”) were produced. These short blades with black handles, which were in the arsenal of our tankers, inspired fear and respect for the enemies. Schwarzmesser Panzer-Division The Schwarzmesser Panzer Division, the Black Knives tank division, is what German intelligence called the Ural Corps on the Kursk in the summer of 1943. It is necessary to adhere to traditions !!!
    1. tundra
      tundra 27 July 2016 20: 55
      Quote: masiya
      Black knives ”- this is what German intelligence called the Ural Corps

      And right after the battles near Kursk.
      There was an order from Hitler of the Ural Volunteers not to be captured!
      Our gave them not sickly and Tagilchans including!
  24. vietnam7
    vietnam7 27 July 2016 18: 03
    Quote: Real Stalinist
    Will the famous black knives be given to the guys? :) To observe the tradition? :)

    Traditions should be complete - people armed volunteers with suverrochnye, maybe we guys can take knives? Can the site management organize an account? order in Zlatoust a batch of knives the very least that we can do for the guys, I think the benefits will come out more than throwing caps into the air from the couch!
    1. AllXVahhaB
      AllXVahhaB 28 July 2016 13: 58
      Quote: vietnam7
      maybe we guys get on the knives?

      One knife costs about 3500 rubles. If a batch of 3356 knives (historically), then you need to collect 11 rubles ... And the question is: will they be taken to the brigade? At what level are such issues being addressed?
  25. slavick1969
    slavick1969 27 July 2016 18: 26
    Was this division created from scratch or from existing units simply reduced to a division?
  26. Tihas
    Tihas 27 July 2016 18: 29
    Actually the knife itself (copy):

    Assembling "black knives" during the Second World War:
  27. Seraphimamur
    Seraphimamur 28 July 2016 05: 32
    Article plus. Test photos of the "walk by car" type. We have many divisions and units with a glorious past that need to be revived due to the aggressiveness of the United States. Nothing has changed since the times of the USSR - the same enemy, itching to do it, you can see such a parasitic entity.
  28. win
    win 28 July 2016 15: 15
    This is for those who sleep and see "columns on the way to Cueva" ...
    This is not a training regiment, but a combat brigade on the border with Ukraine!

    Tremble, Bandera! ..
  29. kirgiz58
    kirgiz58 28 July 2016 16: 45
    The article, of course, is a plus for the uplift, and I have minuses for the information for consideration wink ... And I will begin my information with the fact that the video and photos were taken at a tiny tankodrome, where the length of the route (3,2 km) does not fit into the requirements of the Fighting Vehicle Driving Course (CMBM). And on it "absolutely planned field exercises" were filmed and this is not driving a BM, but tactics. Yes, this is, to put it mildly, eyewash. Correspondents were simply conducted as "boys". This is all the staging. Who conducts tactical exercises at the tankodrome and where there were at that time the rest of the mech.-waters of the whole TWO BRIGADS. The lessons consisted of several parts. "First, the drivers ran in a new training ground. A really new one, 50 square kilometers were allocated for training the teams" in what place is it new, if in the 2000s I personally kneaded mud on it! There is also a shooting range for preparation, where you can really work out exercises in shooting with all small calibers up to 9 mm inclusive, more-already in the surrounding villages. There is a firing town, but not as tankers know it; target field at reduced ranges, tanks on rockers, external power supply of stabilizers, and in the form of a platform for installing a tank (infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers) and again with a bullet at targets. And one more little question for the authors. Where are the photos of the barracks, BM parks? Just do not talk about secrecy, because even in 1998 the weapons and military equipment accounting books were not secret and the inspections of the "sworn friends" knew the composition of the division until the last armored personnel carrier. Probably there is no person on the site whose heart hurts more than mine for the "killed" 10, and who is more happy than me about the restoration that has begun.
    And in conclusion, advice to the authors; Show not only beauty, but do not forget the cares and needs of the army.
  30. antivirus
    antivirus 28 July 2016 19: 15
    But I was not very happy.
    In part, 80 percent of the soldiers are conscripts, and among them there are a large number who have served with Gulkin at all.
    And this is not a training regiment, but a combat brigade on the border with Ukraine!
    This is for those who sleep and see "columns on the way to Cueva" ...
    A lot more work for military commanders and state. men to bring the army to normal.
    let scare on Ukrov border.
    To control ("my term") the path from the Varangians to the Greeks, special forces and "our" Ukrainians (against Ukrov) are enough.
    But only after the social. polls (real) "to help the legal authorities in ensuring constitutional order in certain territories
    Of the Republic of Ukraine and to prevent terrorist attacks on infrastructure facilities, including at nuclear power plants for a limited period of time in agreement with ... etc and etc. "
  31. RF92
    RF92 28 July 2016 20: 56
    I’m happy for this part, honestly, if everything is as it is written, but I want to tell a separate word about others. A very good, close acquaintance serves in Mulino, Nizhny Novgorod region under a contract. Here are the facts that he experienced in his own skin-feed well , simple food to the dump, well fed, yes, they also pay like nothing ordinary to 25 thousand, but at the same time everything is based on bribes and some kind of crap in relation to people, for example, only the chief of staff goes to the gym, he carries the key with him , I’ve closed and left, you want to become a corporal or sergeant, pay to headquarters 3000. They sent you to intensive combat training courses first in Yaroslavl, but they sent them back, they said your group was not so staffed. After a couple of weeks in Zolino, the training center is right around Mulino, so there’s no words at all. I forgot to pay the sneakers to the local foreman, then you will get it or arrange with the captain. Laughter training, the summer fly instructor got lost 3 times during the march, the march is 6 km, the contract soldiers who previously passed hot spots just laugh at these officers. The jackals they call them. They didn’t smell the gunpowder but bend their own. And finally, you want to hand over everything (albeit really surrendered) -3000 from the snout. I am shocked at such training. And this applies to the whole life of contract soldiers not only slippers. This not fiction, I myself went nuts when I heard all this. The most important thing is WHY SO
  32. androv
    androv 28 July 2016 21: 10
    a week ago he witnessed training sessions right among the corn fields in plantings and copses along a generally quite lively track, not far from these places, near Valuyki.
    there it is even closer to the border with the Lugansk region.
  33. Havoc
    Havoc 29 July 2016 19: 14
    In 1943, the entire staff of the Ural Volunteer Tank Corps, armed with weapons and equipment made with contributions from the workers of the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Molotovsk (Perm) regions, from the private to the commander, the workers of the Zlatoust Tool Factory as a gift for all fellow Uralians - the soldiers of the new corps made “ Finnish type knives "with a black ebonite handle, scabbard and metal parts of the device. According to the description, these were actually army knives of the 1940 model. German scouts immediately noticed the non-standard edged weapons of the tankers, and the Ural Tank Corps began to be called the "Schwarzmesser Division" - the "Black Knife Division". The famous "Schwarzmesser" is a knife-legend of the Great Patriotic War. The black knives of the Urals were on display in many local history museums (from school to regional), songs were composed about them. The legends tell about the special quality and super properties of "black knives"
    In the photo there are fighters, then of the tank corps itself.
  34. pesny2006
    pesny2006 29 July 2016 19: 17
    This is my division, even across Germany. It's so nice that she's rejoicing. Eh, it would be years ago ... We had real combat training. We blocked Berlin from the south. Who remembers, at the Seeburg test site, a prison in West Berlin was visible, in which Hess was sitting. When they took her out, after us, into an open field and threw her, tears welling up in her eyes. One of the strongest and most efficient divisions. With tremendous combat experience. What can I say! Pasha "Mercedes", yes Borya .... What can you do here ... AND NOW IT'S RISING AGAIN. It's so cool! Good luck guys!
  35. d.gksueyjd
    d.gksueyjd 29 July 2016 23: 48
    Unfortunately, under Yeltsin's "reforms", first of all, the famous and decorated guards units fell. Almost all military units awarded with military orders and having honorary titles, military history and high combat readiness were disguised and "reorganized". This bacchanalia continued until 2010! Who needed this, a question for the General Prosecutor's Office and the Supreme Commander-in-Chief?
  36. Evil 55
    Evil 55 30 July 2016 06: 15
    We are peaceful people ... But OUR ARMOR TRAINS DO NOT KNOW THIS ..