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Ukrainian Special Operations Forces as a trump card of information warfare

Well, it happened. Ukraine finally revealed its cards! The Verkhovna Rada made amendments to the Law "On the Armed Forces of Ukraine". Changes concerning the most hidden part of the army - the Special Operations Forces. Yes, and all the APU, too.

"The amendments provide that the Armed Forces of Ukraine may be involved in the implementation of measures of the legal regime of martial law and emergency situations, the conduct of military information and psychological operations, the fight against terrorism and piracy, measures to protect the life and health of citizens and state property (property) outside Ukraine.

The document also provides for the involvement of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to strengthen the protection of the state border, protect the sovereign rights of Ukraine in its exclusive (maritime) economic zone and continental shelf, ensure the safety of national maritime navigation on the high seas or in any place outside the jurisdiction of any state, spread prevention weapons mass destruction, countering the illegal transportation of weapons and narcotic drugs, the provision of military assistance to other states.

In addition, they can participate in international military cooperation, international anti-terrorism, anti-piracy and other operations to maintain peace and security. "

Moreover, it was especially emphasized that the law was developed in accordance with NATO standards. What, in particular, was stated by a member of the BP Committee on Security and Defense Irina Freese.

"The bill was developed according to NATO standards."

So many words and speeches on various patriotic get-togethers for help in the fight against Russia. But in fact? But in fact, the APU will now "plug holes" in places where normal countries will not send their citizens.

Another important milestone was the law on amnesty passed by 7 for “heroes of the ATO” for any crimes committed in the area of ​​operation. The media today talk about crimes against civilians. About robbery, rape, torture and other horrors. But in this article we are interested in the other side of this law. And the focus of these publications is precisely on punitive battalions. The APU seems to remain in the consciousness of the majority "white and fluffy."

The law practically allows any actions in the frontal territories. The main thing is to explain this with military necessity. The soldier or officer of the APU is no longer limited. In war as in war.

In this regard, the communication of messages that have long been appearing in the media has become more and more noticeable. Moreover, the messages are not only in UkroSMI, but also in Western and Russian editions. More and more often, authors write about the appearance of the mysterious "rembo" in the Ukrainian army. The secrecy regime, which for such units exists in all countries, in Ukraine for some reason is sometimes violated. "Leaks", and that's it.

To talk about the "zeal" of Ukrainian journalists and the "long tongues" of soldiers from such units is silly. Try to talk ordinary riot police in your city. Believe me, psychological training, supported by relevant laws and instructions, is better than any stimulus to talk.

However, the information all appear and appear. Authors are actively writing. An image of invincible soldiers is being created, of which there are few, but they can solve any task. By the way, and our television helps it. Remember the invincible sea saboteurs or Russian special forces from the series.

For Ukraine, it is very important today to win the information war. At least in a small battle.

So, for two years now, here and there, there is information about secret training centers for super-soldiers. These are the 140 training center in Khmelnytsky, the training center of the Airborne Troops of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Zhytomyr and others. US and NATO funds are poured into these centers. And instructors from several countries work there. USA, UK, Poland, Lithuania. Saw and other foreigners.

Who are these centers preparing? And why today there is so much talk about these supermen in uniform?

Zhytomyr is not really interested in us. Although, precisely there, as it seems to me, they prepare the very "rembo". It is there that scout saboteurs are trained to work individually, in isolation from the main forces. And the cover at the center is gorgeous. Training Center for highly mobile amphibious troops.

So, if, of course, the information is correct, after a year and a half, really serious fighters will appear on the contact line. But they will not fight in the trenches and roadblocks, but in the deep (as far as possible) rear of the Republicans.

That is why a little more attention is paid today to the 140 Training Center of the Special Operations Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Tom scared secret that is located in Khmelnitsky.

In Soviet times there were several military intelligence units on the territory of modern Ukraine. Including the sea. The presence of virtually any terrain, sea, climate created excellent conditions for military training of special forces soldiers.

But after the separation of Ukraine, after the emergence of a new independent state, these units, like all the APU, were in the pen. The Soviet experience was not needed independent Ukraine. And the preparation of an elite fighter is a rather expensive business. Naturally, the professionals who did not stay in Ukraine did not need it either. No matter how silly it sounds, but "loot defeated evil."

Only in 2007, the president of Ukraine announced the creation of the Special Operations Forces (MTR). It was then that the 8 training center MTR was created on the basis of the 140 separate special-purpose regiment. Officially, this unit consists only of officers. The strength of the whole 70 man. 8-10 full-fledged battle groups and reserve. But, the figures, you know, are quite conditional.

Beautiful title and weak preparation. But this did not prevent the center fighters from participating in the international forces in a number of operations. Only according to open data, such operations were of the order of 20. The tasks that were entrusted to the Ukrainians were mostly not combat.

But after the next Maidan, when the fighting began in the Donbas, attention to the MTR increased dramatically. The real fighting showed the weakness of Ukrainian specialists. Today 5 is officially known for the dead fighters. Agree, for a small division, the losses are huge.

It was at this time that the Ukrainians turned to the United States and Great Britain for help. It was at this time that American Rangers appeared on the territory of the country. For those who are not particularly interested in the composition of the US Army, these units are engaged in in-depth reconnaissance. 180 instructors with excellent knowledge of the Russian language and combat experience became instructors at the center of the SSO and other centers. In addition, there were British and Baltic specialists.

Preparation of a scout saboteur to work in the frontline zone lasts from six months to a year. After that, we can already talk about its intended use.

A year ago, we conducted an investigation into the death of Aleksei Brain. The versions that were then put forward were considered by specialists in the field of precisely such work, specialists from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, specialists from other special services. And they all noted the high professionalism of sabotage. Reasonableness not only of the operation itself, which, in principle, can also be made by an ordinary intelligence officer, but also by means of escape and exit from the search zone.

Similar operations were carried out in the same way. I recall the death of Bednova (Batman), Dremova. There the conclusions were exactly the same. In all cases, the investigation rested on the inexplicable disappearance of saboteurs. Even then, we put forward a version of the work of "foreign experts." These were "practical exercises" for the "students" of the center.

Confidence in the correctness of the findings was confirmed by recent events in the ATO zone. Motorola car bombing at the Republican Trauma Center, attempted Machete, killing Dawn. But this is the legendary Republican commanders. And their protection was organized fairly tightly.

Why exactly today is the activation of the SSO units? The purpose of these sabotage is already clear. More precisely, the goal. First of all, the destruction of the most prominent and authoritative Republican commanders. That in the conditions of aggravated conflict inevitably causes some loss of combat effectiveness of the unit. The new commander does not always immediately understand the position not only on the line of contact, but also the internal communications of commanders and fighters.

And the second, more important part of the work, is to sow panic in the rear of the Republicans. It is difficult to fight in an environment where it can “blabhnut” in the rear at any moment. And the absence of the guilty causes distrust of the neighbors. Simply put, troops on the front line lose their morale. There is a demoralization of fighters. There is a fear that you can just quit.

Add to this the video of interrogations such "abandoned" on the Internet. For example, those sappers that captured in Shirokino. The result will be very unpleasant.

There is another task that graduates of the 140 center of the SSO will begin to perform in the event of the onset of the onset of the APU. In Kiev, sure. that there is a certain layer among the population of Donbass, which for various reasons is ready to start a guerrilla war. These people today are in a "sleeping" state. There are no commanders, no prospects of victory in the struggle against the people's republics.

But the very first successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the intensification of military operations along the entire contact line will push them into the hands of professionals. Guerrilla units will be formed. And this is a huge “concern” for Republican MGB today.

In general, informational stuffings about Ukrainian specialists-saboteurs are designed for the weak nervous system of the population. MTR in Ukraine is. Moreover, the MTR in Ukraine has already begun to work. However, to draw conclusions from this about the imminent defeat of the Republicans is not worth it.

Such units have operated and are acting on both sides since the beginning of the conflict. Previously, most of the fighters belonged to Western military companies or veterans of the Soviet and Russian army. Today, Ukrainian fighters have joined this line. That’s all.

And the loss of such units carried and carried. This is the movie opponents "rembo" - idiots who point-blank can not get from the machine. The fighters who have been in war for years are well aware of the danger and the obligation to shoot straight. So 140 center graduates are already waiting. One dead "hero" more, one less. The difference is not great.

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  1. izya top
    izya top 18 July 2016 05: 55
    Yeah, understandably ...
    1. Megatron
      Megatron 18 July 2016 23: 30
      I can not believe in the ubiquitous drg of the enemy.
      Brain, Batman, Dremova - removed their own.
      1. Zulu_S
        Zulu_S 19 July 2016 03: 00
        Blaming everything on "internal squabbles" is also a technique in an information war.
  2. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 18 July 2016 06: 20
    Only in 2007, the President of Ukraine announced the creation of the Special Operations Forces (MTR). It was then that on the basis of the 8th separate special-purpose regiment, the 140th MTR training center was created. Officially, this part consists only of officers. The strength of only 70 people. 8-10 full battle groups and reserve. But, the numbers, you understand, are rather arbitrary.

    Well, not 8-10 groups, but four plus a reserve .... this time. The second, at one time, personally served in the 9 military service in Kirovograd. So, they fought like March cats, for they had not yet managed to ruin the level of preparation of the USSR. In 1993-1994, all, I repeat ALL the sane and experienced combat officers who dumped in Russia, who quit, with the exception of a few especially stubborn. And for the same period, one, Kamrady ONE, the pretzel from Lviv got into the brigade. Who had a characteristic whooper, thirty-three misfortunes. And they dragged the service exclusively not on the bedside table, since after several exits as part of groups in the field of the group, it was without fail raining. As a result, they sank away from sins and, according to the combat schedule, put it on the bedside table ... So the MTR is certainly cool, but not in the country of 404 ...
    1. domokl
      domokl 18 July 2016 06: 43
      Alas, you are wrong. In the A0680 military unit, just the Kirovograd special forces have already appeared in the ATO. 18 deserters, including one officer. This is the answer to you on a specific part. Yes, and equipment units ...
      By the way, 8 and a separate regiment of special forces (A0553) are different scandals.
      After Colonel Krivonos, Soviet traditions in Ukrainian special forces are not honored. General Lunev is not suitable for the command of the MTR. Today, the MTR of the Armed Forces is more a parody of the American and British rangers. And the fairy tales about the contest in 15 are people in place, rather for jackets.
      1. Mister22408
        Mister22408 18 July 2016 19: 06
        Such an officer from the Kabul company of the Special Forces, who commanded the A-1594, was executed in the ATO zone ...
  3. Magic archer
    Magic archer 18 July 2016 06: 29
    It’s time to answer such sabotage activities! What is stopping the children from the DPR and LPR from creating something similar ?! If, in response to the murder of one of the leaders of the republics, Avakov or Yatsenyuk, for example, were blamed for dill, it would become a sobering factor! Eye for eye, blood for blood! And so they feel with impunity ...
    1. domokl
      domokl 18 July 2016 06: 46
      Quote: Magic Archer
      What prevents the guys from the DNI and LC to create something like this ?!

      what Really... laughing
    2. Hlavaty
      Hlavaty 18 July 2016 09: 02
      Quote: Magic Archer
      It’s time to answer such sabotage activities! What prevents the guys from the DPR and LPR from creating something similar ?!

      Here you can ask more interesting questions. The author of the article writes:
      Kiev is confident. that among the population of Donbass there is a certain stratum that, for various reasons, is ready to start a partisan war. These people are in a "sleeping" state today. There are no commanders, no prospects for victory in the struggle against the people's republics. But the very first successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the intensification of hostilities along the entire line of contact will push them into the hands of professionals. Guerrilla units will be formed.

      So questions:
      But in Moscow, they are not sure that there is such a layer among the population of Ukraine?
      With the first successes of the republican troops, will partisan detachments be created in Ukraine?

      Again in Moscow they rest on a good night's sleep?
      1. Lyubopyatov
        Lyubopyatov 18 July 2016 20: 17
        Not heroic, but rest. Engaged in careers of children and associates. They forgot to think about Ukraine, they remember Lukashenko strictly on schedule.
    3. Zulu_S
      Zulu_S 19 July 2016 03: 08
      Who says they aren't there? If they do not glow, then they do not exist?
      Just do not PR.
  4. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 18 July 2016 06: 35
    Khokhlovoisk had a completely legal excuse from participating in battles, got drunk on the front lines - earlier under trial, now amnesty.
  5. Altona
    Altona 18 July 2016 08: 01
    Without pennies all this will not be robbed. On one Svidomo only window dressing will be. And with drunkenness they need to solve something. What is the use of super saboteurs when a regular army is drunk in smoke?
  6. Scud
    Scud 18 July 2016 08: 24
    Hohlofashisty though schizozy for the whole Bosko but troubles can bring a lot.
    1. COJIDAT
      COJIDAT 18 July 2016 10: 49
      Already bring, and mostly to ourselves!
    2. Orionvit
      Orionvit 20 July 2016 23: 12
      Any freaks always brought only troubles and misfortunes. It is interesting how, against the background of the general collapse of not only the army, but the whole country, they are going to create super duper saboteurs. Moreover, the Soviet school, which has been accumulating for decades, since the days of the NKVD and SMERSH, has been lost, and these were indeed fighters who are still remembered with trembling in the West. Maybe the DPR does not have enough counterintelligence specialists, because these "DRGs" feel at ease, because one nation is fighting among themselves, go figure it out here. I am sure of one thing, if these "Ukrainian super fighters" run into real professionals, they will paint these "fighters" in two seconds, this is not for you to fight with the miners. For a lesson, let them look at the professionals, as a group of armed polite people wrestled Crimea without a single shot. And not one ukropatriot did not rock the boat. Yes, and it’s interesting how it’s written about the in-depth reconnaissance of the state rangers and the command of the Russian language.
      For those not particularly interested in the composition of the US Army, these units are engaged in deep intelligence. 180 instructors, with excellent knowledge of the Russian language and combat experience
      It can only be a native of Russia. Not a single foreigner is able to fully understand the whole structure and turn of speech of the Russian language, moreover, I have not yet seen a single foreigner without an accent. So, these specialists from the United States with military experience will set the fire on fire as soon as they open their mouths, especially if they are blacks.
  7. Kibl
    Kibl 18 July 2016 11: 00
    All the crested baboons are screaming, most likely Petka just decided to prepare for himself some kind of specialists for the "judgment" day.
  8. Cananecat
    Cananecat 18 July 2016 11: 31
    Let's proceed from the fact that such units are sharpened for targeted work and cannot make a break in the course of the confrontation. Opening up bases, warehouses, and other enemy infrastructure. Recent events near Debaltseve may be the result of their activities. Only at ukroshtaby they did not count on an early reply.
  9. akyb1975
    akyb1975 18 July 2016 12: 17
    The guys are the usual murder of Russian boys who are not a single sensible sabotage in the territory of Ukraine warehouses with shells and toplia
  10. Ronino
    Ronino 18 July 2016 13: 30
    No need to laugh at the wretched!
    These "Ramboids" will also be able to shed someone else's blood. The task is difficult, because foreign specialists will come to frolic too. Good luck to our snake catchers!
  11. ovod84
    ovod84 18 July 2016 14: 03
    Well, this news leads to one opinion that the Republicans need to strengthen the office of sabotage training as SMERSH at one time to fight the Germans. If intelligence knows that somewhere near the border there are these forces immediately deliver preventive artillery attacks and eliminate them or provide snipers with work. This is the opinion of an inexperienced a man like me.
    1. Lyubopyatov
      Lyubopyatov 18 July 2016 20: 25
      Ignite APU ammunition depots! Stop shipping coal to Kaklostan! To pay a normal salary to the railway workers of the DPR and not to force them to enter the service in Ukrzaliznytsia, which does not pay them salaries! Release the airbase in Bobruisk from Lukashenko’s rule! Carry out an audit of the aircraft factory in Baranavichy for repaired Kaklostan aircraft ... Etc., etc.
  12. dv_generalov
    dv_generalov 18 July 2016 17: 29
    Comments are victorious. They don’t sit idly by, judging by the actions - they practice, and quite well. They should not be underestimated, and given the high density of foreigners and the redeployment of a number of NATO units to our borders, this is a completely different conclusion. I cannot rule out that rangers, and most likely of Ukrainian origin, worked together with the Ukrainians. As a rule, they are fluent in 2-3 Eastern European languages ​​(Polish, Ukrainian, Czech, Russian, I do not even discuss it). Therefore, security measures should be changed, from my point of view, both in the LPR and the DPR and in Russia.
    1. Lyubopyatov
      Lyubopyatov 18 July 2016 20: 27
      Totally agree!
    2. domokl
      domokl 18 July 2016 20: 39
      Quote: dv_generalov
      . I do not rule out that rangers, and most likely of Ukrainian origin, worked together with Ukrainians

      The devil is not so scary as he is painted ... The security system is quite working. The only thing I agree with. we need a counterintelligence system and SMERSH ... Too many "for two houses" ...
  13. BMP-2
    BMP-2 18 July 2016 19: 36
    "The bill was developed according to NATO standards." Well, yes, for the final and complete peremogue, it remains only to list in the law the names of citizens, for the protection of whose property the AFU can be involved. laughing Although, in principle, these names are already known to everyone ... recourse
  14. Lyubopyatov
    Lyubopyatov 18 July 2016 20: 56
    Here the heat will subside ( - and the Ukrainian locust will trample ...
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. Prutkov
    Prutkov 18 July 2016 21: 09
    Confidence in the correctness of the findings was confirmed by recent events in the ATO zone. Motorola car bombing at the Republican Trauma Center, attempted Machete, killing Dawn. But this is the legendary Republican commanders. And their protection was organized fairly tightly.

    It looks like the US was hunting the leadership of al Qaeda and the Taliban. During the battle near Debaltseve, the control system was opened. And then people who worked actively on communications during the battle suffered.
  17. German Titov
    German Titov 18 July 2016 21: 58
    So the graduates of the 140 center are already awaiting. One more dead "hero", one less. The difference is not very big. This phrase made me happy. "Pidu zbroyu lashtuvati". I speak Russian, Ukrainian perfectly.