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From a sick head to a healthy one. Why does the topic of destabilization in Tajikistan rise?

Today, some publications unobtrusively throw into the information space the topic of the situation in the former Soviet Central Asian republics. Interest in this region is really weak. And because any information is perceived as a breath of water in the desert. This is exactly what happened with the 201 base of the Russian army in Tajikistan.

From a sick head to a healthy one. Why does the topic of destabilization in Tajikistan rise?

The cunning Kremlin wants to overthrow the legitimate authority in Dushanbe! Russians are preparing "Maidan" in Tajik cities and towns! 201-I changes places of deployment and concentrates far from the border! Russia opens borders for Islamic militants! I hope enough thoughts and quotes from readers.

In reality, an event occurred, which was supposed to happen. Depreciated military equipment and armament of the base were plannedly replaced with more modern models. About a hundred tanks and armored vehicles rotationally changed. How much was brought, so much was taken out. And the crews, respectively, were trained at training grounds in Russia.

In the conditions of the mountain-desert terrain weapon quickly come to a non-working state. And in order to maintain a high combat readiness of military personnel of the base, combat training is ongoing. 201-I in the Russian army - one of the best connections. Hence the increased wear technology.

For a fuller understanding of the situation, it is necessary to recall some facts about Tajikistan.

The country is bordered by several states. Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Afghanistan. More than 90% of the population are Sunni Muslims. The total number of citizens on 2016 year is approximately 8 with half a million people. 93% of the territory of Tajikistan is occupied by mountains.

Economically, the country is extremely weak. Constant conflicts with neighboring Uzbekistan, as well as a long civil war, have greatly undermined the economy. You can still write a lot about Tajikistan and Tajik, but still the topic of the article is different. The Russian base, which holds back many negative processes.

What else has caused the righteous anger of the liberal editions of Russia? Redeployment of one of the regiments (149 motorized rifle regiment) from the territory of the city of Kulyab to the military town of Dushanbe. Russia allegedly opens the border. Militants can take Kulyab in an hour! At the same time, parts of the 201 base will reach the city only in 3-4 hours. The poor residents of Kulyab ...

And now a question for experts. How long will attack aircraft and combat support helicopters take to fly from the Kyrgyz air base Kant to Kulyab? But today there are also not the oldest planes and helicopters there.

So why do we concentrate the main forces in one place?

The main task of units and subunits of the 201 base is not only to protect the borders, and for this purpose along the Tajik-Afghan border there are units of the Russian troops, but also to protect the most important object. Opto-electronic node Nurek. The location conditions of this object make it possible to control the space in the region almost all year round. And it is clear that for our "partners" the node is of particular interest.

In addition, after the defeat in Syria, militants poured into the northern provinces of Afghanistan. Today in the province of Kunduz, according to Kabul media reports, there are from 5 to 7 thousands of militants. And most of them come from Iran. Or they speak Iranian well. And the Tajik language is practically no different from Iranian. Yes, and control the entire border, especially in the mountains, is quite difficult. The number of Russian military in Tajikistan is about 6 thousand people.

Tajikistan today is one of the weak points in the Asian security system being created. The poverty of the country allows opponents to easily find people for their tasks. In addition, we must not forget that the Tajiks, like the residents of some republics of Russia in 90, were actively studying in foreign religious universities and madrasas. And got the appropriate training. For example, let me remind you that the commander of the Tajik riot police Colonel Halimov went to fight on the side of the ISIS militants.

So what kind of coup is preparing the Kremlin? The fact that a new "savior" of the people appeared in Tajikistan is important for us? "The founder of peace and national unity - the leader of the nation" Emomali Rahmon? From the side it is perfectly clear that today Rakhmon "plays" according to the Turkmen rules. Those amendments to the Constitution that were adopted by 22 in May are exactly what they are talking about.

However, as events in Kyrgyzstan have shown, the Russian army will not interfere in the internal political "clashes" of the Tajik elite. This is an internal affair of the Tajiks. And the assumption that the presence of Russian troops in Dushanbe somehow stabilizes the situation looks like a delusion. The main task, as it was, remains the protection of the Nurek knot, assistance to border guards in emergency situations, cutting off the drug supply channels to Russia, stopping the supply of arms to Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, and protecting civilians in the event of an attack by militants.
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  1. Humpty
    Humpty 17 June 2016 07: 20
    "And now a question for experts. How long will it take for attack aircraft and combat support helicopters to fly from the Kyrgyz Kant airbase to Kulyab? But there are not the oldest planes and helicopters there either."

    Not a connoisseur for sure, but when in the spring I pick up mushrooms in the vicinity of the base in Kant, and so I see that without refueling in Osh, helicopters will not reach Kulyab. When we fly, as it were, passengers on the Kyrgyz Mi 8 MTV, we refuel the helicopter after 2.5 hours of flight, after three hundred with a penny of kilometers. And with refueling in Osh, to Kulyab there is hardly enough time to fly.
    1. dkflbvbh
      dkflbvbh 17 June 2016 10: 45
      He flew by 8 in Tajikistan (when they checked the regiments) On the route Dushanbe - Kurgan-Tyube - Kulyab - Dushanbe, refueling with ext. enough tank. And so the route was calculated only in one direction. it’s impossible to fly during the day - the heat ...
      One thing surprised me in the author’s remarks - assistance to the border guards ... As far as I know, our border guards began to withdraw from the border with me, passing the border to the Tajiks.
      Maybe I know something ...
      1. Humpty
        Humpty 17 June 2016 12: 08
        Quote: dkflbvbh
        One thing surprised me in the author’s remarks - assistance to the border guards ... As far as I know, our border guards began to withdraw from the border with me, passing the border to the Tajiks.
        Maybe I know something ...

        As far as I remember, the Russian border guards were removed in '99. Just the next day, the first Batken conflict with the IMU began. But I am mostly familiar with the eastern part of Badakhshan and the northern Pamirs. I know that while the Russian border guards stood, shepherds in China were returning stray cattle. And now they’re not returning. I also know that among the warriors of Rakhmon there are enumerators of gunmen who don’t see the coast at all.
        1. dkflbvbh
          dkflbvbh 17 June 2016 13: 50
          Yes, I saw these gopniks, helped prepare for the parade (I even have a medal from Rakhmon) ...
          In December 99, there were still battalion and company groups to cover the border guards (Pyanzhsky and Moscow POs were still ours, because not all outposts were transferred), but after transferring the border to the Tajiks, who should there be covered? And now, with the withdrawal of the regiment from Kulyab, consider more than half the border is generally open.
          1. Humpty
            Humpty 17 June 2016 14: 19
            Quote: dkflbvbh
            But after transferring the border to the Tajiks, who is there to cover? And now, with the withdrawal of the regiment from Kulyab, consider more than half the border is generally open.

            Rakhmon in the past is a prominent collective farmer and treats the border like a watermelon melon. He distributed the plots and peered, sometimes intervening - today we are carrying watermelons, and we will hold the next week.
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 17 June 2016 07: 31
    But I must say that Rakhmon Rakhmonov is weird there ... And not a friend and not an enemy, but ..
    1. domokl
      domokl 17 June 2016 08: 03
      The East is a delicate matter ... Rakhmon decided to follow the path of Turkmenbashi ... But he strained the extraction of resources. No money left. By the way, after the referendum of 22 on May, the age restrictions for the president were lifted ... And my son is now 29, in my opinion. He is preparing a transfer of power by inheritance
    2. Petrol
      Petrol 17 June 2016 11: 11
      I once worked with A. Yatsenyuk in the same office after the first maidan, according to him, Tajiks as well as Russians are subject to complete destruction (for me it was very strange that it was not Kyrgyz, Kazakhs, Turkmen, Uzbeks, namely Tajikistan).
      I don’t know what Tajiks annoyed the Ukrainian (American) government with (considering that the opinion of svidomyh is a mirror of the US State Department’s policy) and since 2005 I still haven’t found an answer for myself!
  3. Baloo
    Baloo 17 June 2016 08: 19
    Why is the topic of destabilizing the situation in Tajikistan

    Far from politics, etc. I would venture to suggest the next redistribution of spheres of influence in the field of drug trafficking? ISIS against the Macington macaques, the Taliban and other participants, including of local what ?
    1. Petrol
      Petrol 17 June 2016 11: 18

      they want to take you to ticks of America from all sides
      it's like in your fairy tale, now the State Department is creating a gorynych snake in 3 heads. so sho get a Kladinets’s sword (for example - poplar) and in one fell swoop, so that everything ashes from Russian civilization to ashes only inscriptions on Mars and Venus will remain
  4. Sergey-72
    Sergey-72 17 June 2016 08: 38
    My opinion is that there are all brothers and sisters, except for Russians. I do not argue that friends are needed, without them in any way. But our country is huge and now it’s not a comic carousel spinning around it. What do we have on the southern borders ?, a rhetorical question. It is necessary, without creating unnecessary gestures, to gradually increase the number of troops along the border. I understand that I can see better from the couch, but our generals need to look that way too.
    1. Gvas1174
      Gvas1174 18 June 2016 10: 47
      I doubt the accuracy of your wording. Troop groups are created in promising strategic directions. It is unreasonable to build up along the border, with the exception of operational groups and covert monitoring groups. In mountainous conditions it is quite possible for baboons to cover them with a stealth stealthily.
      Now we are repeating the mistakes of the Second World War only in the "friendly" Chinese direction, pushing large formations and bases of material support close to the borders.
      In one of the last Besogonov, this idea was also voiced, which pleasantly surprised.
  5. 7race
    7race 17 June 2016 09: 32
    We should not get into this clan viper.
    Let the dead bury their dead themselves ...
    1. Skubudu
      Skubudu 17 June 2016 09: 55
      We will not fit, others will fit.
      How 404 happened ...
      1. Humpty
        Humpty 17 June 2016 12: 29
        Quote: Skubudu
        We will not fit, others will fit.

        Mandatory. It cannot be otherwise. Nobody trusts Tajikistan. The first pretenders to get into it are Uzbeks and you can understand them. They will not stand on ceremony, they will quickly explain where Samarkand is located. Tajikistan in the hands of bearded men is equivalent to a nuclear bomb. Nurek hydroelectric station, Sarez lake.
        In addition to the Uzbeks, there are always those who want to climb in. Maybe they will come from overseas, maybe they will cross the Sarykol ridge, they have already made good roads.
        1. de_monSher
          de_monSher 17 June 2016 22: 05
          The first applicants to get into it are Uzbeks and you can understand them

          Getting into Tajikistan is another headache. And we didn't "fit" anywhere, by and large = your memory is short or what? = But worked in close contact with Russia, on Russian and Uzbek bayonets they put Rakhmonov on the "throne", tried to calm down the inflamed Tajik brothers when they were to each other they drank blood = to the point that our units and subdivisions were operatively subordinate to Russia, yours to Uzbekistan, etc. =. And you so quickly forgot how many guys were killed there, both ours and yours? We haven't forgotten. Give Tajikistan to the "bearded" ub-lu-d-kam, for Uzbekistan is tantamount to suicide... Yes, and for you, too, brothers "pale-faced" ... *) And at the same time, giving away not fully thought-out energy "business" projects, at the mercy of your business to "sharks" is economic and environmental idiocy, you just look at what You, in Russia itself, are often created, your nouveau riches. Your business, ahem ... "elite", in Tajikistan, will have their hands completely untied - they will squeeze the money out there, spitting on everything - people, the environment, our future. So you are only partly right about the Nurek cascade, Sarez, etc.

          Uzbekistan does not fit in - Uzbekistan defends its interests, and safeguards security, first of all - its own, but not least, its northern neighbors. And if you still get the spirit to look at things impartially - he does it absolutely correctly, but at the same time quite tough and consistent.
          1. Humpty
            Humpty 20 June 2016 05: 32
            Quote: de_monSher
            Getting into Tajikistan is another headache.

            Hello Alisher. In the case of a serious shecher, you have to get in. Uzbekistan may have no other choice because:
            Quote: de_monSher
            And you so quickly forgot how many guys were killed there, both ours and yours? We haven't forgotten. To give Tajikistan to the "bearded" ub-lu-d-kam is tantamount to suicide for Uzbekistan. And for you too, brothers "pale-faced" ...

            They didn’t forget anything.
            Quote: de_monSher
            Uzbekistan does not fit in - Uzbekistan defends its interests, and safeguards security, first of all - its own, but not least, its northern neighbors.

            Uzbekistan in case of destabilization of Tajikistan is the most real ally, because vitally interested in the calmness of the SA, and is also the most influential country in the region, although it does not shout about it anywhere. hi
            1. de_monSher
              de_monSher 20 June 2016 09: 55
              And Alisher,

              Hello. I am just Cher, without a prefix - Ali = just specified, for the future = ... As for the influence of Uzbekistan, you know, some "liberalism" is characteristic of youth, over the years people become "conservatives". Even 10-12 years ago, he could, even on forums, sometimes foaming at the mouth, scold the Uzbek leadership. Time has put everything in its place. Yes, not everything is smooth, but damn it, the evolutionary movement forward of Uzbekistan can be seen with the naked eye. Uzbekistan, calmly, sometimes harshly, but at the same time without overlaps towards the autocracy of the Turkmen model, but also without excessive softness, turned ALL what he intended. We are "friends" with everyone, we do not make any special pits for anyone. They secured a special relationship with Russia by an allied treaty. At the same time, we do not climb into military blocs. Show me with your finger AT LEAST ONE military bloc that is now functioning normally? NATO - excuse me, idiocy multiplied by debility is raised to the degree of LGBT... The CSTO is a non-working chimera. Let's just say - my purely Soviet, military education does not allow me, in all seriousness, to call the CSTO an instrument of Russia's imperial influence. Although, at the same time, despite the fact that many people, such as, for example, Khramchikhin, also made a career in the USSR, Uzbekistan is ready to enter the camp of "enemies". The speculations about Islamic expansion are ridiculous. The basis of any culture, any people - customs and mentality, and not all sorts of Sharia. Sharia is deeply secondary. And the mentality of the Uzbek people, it was formed for centuries, and crystallized during the Soviet era. THIS IS primary, the rest is verbiage. Handicraft and trembling, As Modest Petrovich Kamnoedov liked to say ... *)
          2. Humpty
            Humpty 20 June 2016 06: 10
            And Alisher, I know for sure who exactly laid the first bricks and raised the first gardens after centuries of neglect, in the city where I live. There was still a small piece of the wall of Pishpek. Kolpakovsky planned the city much later. The influence of Uzbekistan is somewhat stronger than is commonly believed.
            1. de_monSher
              de_monSher 20 June 2016 10: 11
              There is still a small piece of Pishpek’s wall

              Sorry Alexander. I thought you were a Russian. But in any case - prosperity and prosperity to your city, and to all the cities of neighbors and friends, Russians, Kyrgyz, Kazakhs, Tajiks, Turkmens, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Azerbaijanis, Armenians, Tatars, Chechens, Dagestanis ... all ... Cities and people living in them ... *)
    2. Talgat
      Talgat 18 June 2016 00: 38
      Quote: 7race
      We should not get into this clan viper.

      What are you talking about! I apologize but "pips on your tongue" - so that it never comes true

      God forbid, Russia and the CSTO as a whole will cease to "get in" - a complete mess may come in Tajikistan

      A holy place does not happen empty - there the Americans will warm up - and bearded men and Saudis, etc.

      And unstable Tajikistan is a direct threat to Uzbekistan (and its stability is generally the foundation of Central Asia) and Kyrgyzstan - and then to Kazakhstan. But Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, if anything, your closest allies and participants, both the CSTO and the EAC. I think that the Russian leadership understands all this - and will not repeat the treacherous policies of the Gorbachev and Yeltsins.
    3. Gvas1174
      Gvas1174 18 June 2016 10: 49
      I confess my second minus, since "nevazia" in a gadyushnik with a boot, you can get bogged down in it in the future, which has already happened many times
  6. surrozh
    surrozh 17 June 2016 10: 20
    A military base - it affects politicians in Turkmenistan, both in Japan and Germany ...
  7. Mik13
    Mik13 17 June 2016 12: 19
    And the Tajik language is practically no different from Iranian.

    It would be very strange if he was different. Since both Iran and Tajikistan speak Farsi.
    1. domokl
      domokl 17 June 2016 15: 42
      laughing Exactly. Moreover, this rebellious territory of Iran was once given to one of the clans for helping restore order in Iran)))) So this is part of Iran in the very distant past
  8. goblin xnumx
    goblin xnumx 19 June 2016 10: 21
    the article is nothing and even with inaccuracies - "military town" - and I heard - "from the barracks into an open field" and even about the time of arrival as it was written crookedly - there was an order - to explain the party's policy on this issue to the campaign :)
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. Andrey Petrov47
    Andrey Petrov47 19 June 2016 16: 57
    Ameri ... wasps set fire to everything and wherever they need.
    It's time for them to set themselves on fire ...