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20 000 Orsis rifle shots


Not long ago, the Orsis T-5000 rifle in the .308 Win caliber (7.62x51 mm) was delivered from one of the shooting galleries to the service department of PROMTEKHNOLOGIYA LLC for the further replacement of the barrel. This unit weapons was released at the company's factory in 2013 year.

Each rifle, manufactured at the Orsis plant, has a serial number by which you can find out all the technical characteristics of the weapon: barrel length, pitch and number of grooves, caliber.

According to information from the staff of the shooting range, the rifle's nastrel amounted to about 20 000 shots. When firing used bimetallic bullet cartridges, which are known to have a detrimental effect on the internal bore and generally reduce the possible life of a rifle.

The reason for the appeal of the employees of the shooting gallery was the so-called "irons". A situation of this kind arises when the barrel cannot stabilize and twist the bullet and it “comes” sideways into the target (the shape of the hole on the target resembles the base of the iron). Such signs indicate critical wear of the trunk with the need for its further replacement.

Also, the photo shows two shutters for comparison. On the bolt on the right, you can see the degree of wear of the edges of the combat stops after using the rifle in harsh conditions.

As a result, a new barrel was manufactured and replaced in the barrel workshop of the plant “Promtechnology”.

With such a large adjustment and wear of some units, after replacing the barrel, the rifle demonstrates accuracy in the 0,25 MOA. This is 2 times better than the guaranteed accuracy in 0,5 MOA (at the 100 distance, the 3 meters are “shot” in a circle with a diameter of 1,5 cm), which the manufacturer guarantees for new rifles. All this speaks of the high quality of manufacturing all metal parts and the reliability of the firing unit.

Laboratory tests provide only a superficial picture of the possibilities of the model in certain conditions. Shooting range is a real exam for a rifle. Dozens, hundreds of people weekly test weapons for strength, not giving him favors and not using the highest quality cartridge. With proper care, timely repair and maintenance, weapons with "mileage" only gets better. Running keeps the shape.
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  1. Free wind
    Free wind 11 June 2016 07: 49
    The Mosin rifle has almost the same accuracy characteristics when shooting conventional ammunition and costs 5-10 thousand rubles. This asiris costs more than 500 thousand and requires magnum cartridges at a price of more than 2 pieces per shot
    1. Mwg
      Mwg 11 June 2016 08: 45
      For free wind. In our hunting store it costs 250 tr. Cartridges for 17 re.
    2. drundel861
      drundel861 11 June 2016 08: 57
      Yes, the three-line cult rifle, no matter how many have been upgraded, the Mosin, Dragunov rifle. Not whimsical, accurate, downtime.
      1. Dinko
        Dinko 4 August 2016 04: 19
        The three-ruler is yesterday, no matter how much you sigh on it!
    3. Dam
      Dam 11 June 2016 23: 01
      Wind, do not carry the winds. Mosi with such accuracy has never seen. An article about 308 caliber, a cartridge costs from 100 to 300 rubles. This is a different weapon
  2. qartzess
    qartzess 11 June 2016 08: 06
    This Orsis does not require any magnum cartridges, do not mislead.
    .308 Win is neither a magnum, but the usual 7.62X51 and it costs from 15 rubles. a piece.
    .300 Win Mag. this is a magnum cartridge, both expensive and long-range, but in the article is a rifle with the usual three hundred and eighth.
    Shot a good one, in the dash it was now used to its fullest.
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 11 June 2016 08: 16
      Quote: qartzess
      Shot good

      I would say that very much so.
      Quote: qartzess
      and the usual 7.62X51 and it costs from 15 rubles. a piece.

      More expensive, of course, but also not critical. yes
  3. podgornovea
    podgornovea 11 June 2016 08: 16
    Quote: Free Wind
    The Mosin rifle has almost the same accuracy characteristics when shooting conventional ammunition and costs 5-10 thousand rubles. This asiris costs more than 500 thousand and requires magnum cartridges at a price of more than 2 pieces per shot

    Here it’s not necessary to lie about the same accuracy not only 0,25 and 0,5 MOA will not give if you don’t tune thousands of rubles to 500 and then it won’t pull out. :)
    1. ILDM1986
      ILDM1986 11 June 2016 11: 34
      that is, tuning will include replacing the barrel, bolt, trigger, bed, butt, sight ... will it be a mosin rifle for sure?
  4. cap
    cap 11 June 2016 10: 52
    Involuntarily drooling while looking at such a product!
    Nazarbayev was lucky.
    1. Ezhaak
      Ezhaak 11 June 2016 14: 39
      Quote: cap
      Nazarbayev was lucky.

      Such a nonsense, as if Nazarbayev was unable to buy one. Or he saves money for something larger.
  5. e_krendel
    e_krendel 11 June 2016 12: 15
    But what's the point of giving the product the name T-5000? With the simultaneous absence of markings like T-5127 or T-5003, it makes no more sense than T-5000000 or T-5. But then the T-5 is preferable smile
    Gone are the days when round numbers marked something "sort of", with reference to the "millennium", such as MAZ-2000 "Perestroika" laughing
  6. tracer
    tracer 11 June 2016 14: 12
    The design of bolt-action bolt-action rifles is as old as the world. One of the best inventions in terms of importance is the Mauser brothers' rifle. Notorious to us as K 98 in World War II. All designs in one way or another copy this shutter system. From the point of view of weapon thought, Orsis is just a good rifle, but nothing more. Which, in principle, is already good for our manufacturers of sniper rifles. And do not forget that the "tight" sniper topic began to be dealt with relatively recently. I LOVE VERY LOVE the comments of the level "A Kalash punches the rail" ... Aha ..... Along .... The shooter is a kind of "musician" and he "plays" as the instrument allows him. Orsis is not a bad instrument, but far from being "outstanding". CSKA just right. Special units need rifles that are outstanding in terms of accuracy. Even the resource is not very important here. In their shooting training, the resource does not play a super important role. "MORE good and different rifles." Sniper work moved to much greater distances than in World War II. The "good old" SVD no longer meets the requirements of accuracy and target range. ORSIS is a project of some kind of replacement for SVD in terms of accuracy. Although, to tell the truth, in the 7.62 / 54R caliber, when using standard ammunition, the accuracy advantage will tend to zero. High-quality sniper ammunition of various calibers, either standing or being put into service in the future ... That's what is most needed.
    1. dv_generalov
      dv_generalov 11 June 2016 22: 17
      SVD and T-500 are different categories. SVD - platoon, company, battalion. The T-5000 is an instrument of special missions, not combined arms combat. Task: sector, ambush, secret. Therefore, you cannot put them in one line. Even the Second World War formed sniper pairs armed with mosquitoes and AWTs with different tasks.
    2. 31rus2
      31rus2 12 June 2016 21: 21
      Yes? And the American special naz requested the SVD, together with the Kalashnikov and the 14,5mm machine gun
    3. Dinko
      Dinko 4 August 2016 04: 06
      Mr. Tracer, teach your wife to cook soup better.
  7. demiurg
    demiurg 11 June 2016 15: 48
    Zadolbali: ((
    1. A rifle with a sliding bolt, a counter-sniper is needed on the Russian Armed Forces a couple of three thousand. Less than tanks.
    2. The rifle lived in a shooting range, did not know dirt, cold, dust. What to be proud of?
    3. Orsis, you really are fed up with self-promotion, your self-promotion is more than UVZ advertising.
  8. Signaller
    Signaller 11 June 2016 16: 11
    Why this promise is 20 thousand. ???? The sniper lives and spreads no more than 100 times. With a margin you can 1000 shots. And that’s all. Either he just drops the rifle, or they kill him. And ammunition equipment. Ie cartridge. Such scatter is just darkness. Precision cartridges within their tolerances do not fit into the standards. Either the weight of gunpowder is higher, then the bullet is heavier. So what does the trunk have to do with it. ????
  9. lukke
    lukke 11 June 2016 18: 03
    So I did not understand - the administration of the shooting gallery, in pursuit of greater profit, saved on the ammunition for its rifle, which caused the barrel to be replaced?
  10. Sotnik77s
    Sotnik77s 11 June 2016 20: 06
    and where in which shooting range they shoot from it, I would also shoot
    1. dv_generalov
      dv_generalov 11 June 2016 22: 19
  11. serverny
    serverny 11 June 2016 22: 57
    Quote: Free Wind
    Mosin rifle has almost the same accuracy characteristics when firing conventional ammunition

    Who did you come to cheat here?
    Your target audience except on
  12. serverny
    serverny 11 June 2016 23: 00
    Quote: Signaller
    The sniper lives and spreads no more than 100 times. With a margin you can 1000 shots.

    another "expert" without brains materialized.
    Will the sniper train with which rifle do you think? With pneumatics? Or, as expected, will shoot hundreds / thousands of rounds per month?
  13. theone
    theone 12 June 2016 19: 50
    Quote: demiurg
    Zadolbali: ((

    And how sickened!

    Piece things, even magnificent, but living in the greenhouse conditions of a shooting gallery with a professional who loves them.

    In the conditions of a battle, heavy, prolonged, days in mud and snow, without proper care, with a poorly trained, poorly trained and sometimes drunken soldier (because others have already been killed), SVD (and Mosinka all the more) will do all this as before magnificence at a time. And they have enough accuracy to complete the tasks.
    And this is a miracle weapon made with minimal tolerances and landings (which, in fact, explains the excellent accuracy) with a bunch of 0,00 ... when the sand gets into the shutter, it simply catches the wedge at the most inopportune moment.
    Fighting is not an F-class competition.

    Armed with MO adopted? And why ?

    But special services snipers work with her wonderfully - they have different conditions.
  14. Dinko
    Dinko 4 August 2016 04: 17
    ORSIS rifles are one of the most accurate rifles from the point of view of the modern production of such weapons. In the production of barrels, the technology of single-pass trellis of the barrel channel is used, which allows for a very clean and high-quality surface of the rifled part of the barrel. A similar technology has been used in the manufacture of barrels for SVD rifles at least up to mid-80s of the last century. Our snipers from control A couple of years ago in the Czech Republic became world champions among special forces snipers with an ORSIS T-5000 rifle.
  15. Deck
    Deck 7 November 2016 16: 02
    The article does not have the most important and interesting thing: accuracy according to the results has also reached a section of the trunk. What is the height of the chamber and are there rifling left? It seems to me that the rifle began to resemble a smooth-bore shotgun. The bolt group when firing a factory cartridge is not an indicator, especially. that the photo does not show the working surfaces of the combat stops.