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Guards missile cruiser "Varyag"

Guards missile cruiser "Varyag"

Official historical reference:
The cruiser was laid 31 July 1979, at the shipyard “Named 61-th Communard” as the Red Sea “Chervona Ukraine”. Named at the request of the Council of World War II veterans of the KChF in honor of the cruiser who died in the Sevastopol Bay in 1942, defending Sevastopol.
Launched 27 July 1982 of the year.
01 December 1986 of the year on the 10-th Pacific Fleet Operational Squadron a crew is formed. Order of the USSR Ministry of Defense No.-284 of 10 of August 1988 was credited as honorary sailor Hero of the Soviet Union, holder of the Glory Orders of 3 degrees of guard, retired Dubinda Pavel Khristoforovich.
From 15 August to 1 December 1989, the ship was undergoing running and state trials.
25 December 1989, the cruiser was accepted into the USSR Navy.
07 January 1990 of the year on the cruiser raised the Naval flag of the USSR.
From 27 September to 05 in November 1990, the cruiser escorting EM “Bystry” made an inter-fleet transfer from the port of Sevastopol to the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky with the performance of combat service tasks. During the transition from 22 to 24 in October, he made a business call at the port of Cam Ranh (CP Vietnam). Transition and performance of combat service tasks are rated as “good.”
With the arrival of the KTOF on November 05, 1990, the cruiser was enlisted in the 173 Kamchatka missile ship brigade flotilla.
According to the results of the BP for the 1991 year, the ship took the second place in combat training, declared the best KTOF missile training ship for the 1991 year.
In 1991, missile firing of cruise missiles at a naval target and firing at the Malachite target of the UMZRK Fort were successfully completed.
26 July 1992 of the year on the cruiser was lowered the Naval flag of the USSR and raised the flag of St. Andrew.
The cruiser was declared the best at KTOF for missile and artillery preparation and air defense and won the prize of the Navy Civil Code for firing cruise missiles at a naval target and firing at the 3-m missile targets “Malachite” UMZRK “Fort”.
In the 1991 - 1994, the cruiser was the best ship of the compound.
In 1994, the cruiser was declared the best ship of the 1 rank at KVF.
In 1995, the cruiser, after a long stay, made the transition from the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky base station to Vladivostok for 4 days to celebrate the 50 anniversary of Peace in the Pacific (September 2).
04 September 1995 ship transferred to the 36 division of the 10 missile ships of the Operational Squadron.
09 February 1996 of the “Chervona Ukraine” rcr by the order of the GC of the Navy is solemnly renamed the Varyag Guards missile cruiser.
In 1996, the cruiser performed artillery firing at coastal and naval targets. Anti-aircraft missile systems destroyed the X-NUMX of the La-2 and 17 target missiles “Termit” PM-1. Declared the best ship KTOF air defense.
From 09 to 13 in February 1997, the cruiser made an official friendly visit to the port of Incheon of the Republic of Korea to the battlefield of the Varyag armored cruiser with the Japanese squadron.
03 September 1997 was fired with a cruise missile at an actual naval target (the target is a decommissioned landing craft). The sea target is destroyed by a direct hit of the KR. For this shooting, the cruiser was awarded the prize of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy as the best surface ship of the Navy in missile training. In 1997, the cruiser was declared the foremost NC CTO.
In 1998, a dock repair was made on the cruiser. After repair, the ship completed a combat training course. He performed shooting anti-aircraft missile systems and artillery at air, coastal and sea targets.
In 1999, the cruiser performed rocket firing of the main complex for the prize of the Civil Code of the Navy.
From 02 to 06 in October 1999, the cruiser “Varyag” in conjunction with the “Sturny” destroyer fleet under the flag of the KTOF commander Admiral Zakharenko MG participated in the official visit to the port of Shanghai - the People's Republic of China in connection with the celebration of the 50 anniversary of the founding of the PRC.
October 28 The 1999 cruiser participated in the integrated control exit of KTOF ships to Peter the Great Bay with the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.
From 10 to 15 in October 2002, the cruiser made an official visit to the port of Yokosuka (Japan) on the 50 anniversary of the naval self-defense forces of Japan, and participated in the naval parade in Tokyo Bay. 2003, the cruiser successfully completed missile firing of the main complex for the prize GKVMF.
In 2004, from February 10 to 15, the ship made an official friendly visit as part of the KTOF warship detachment (together with BPC Admiral Tributs, IPC Koreyets) under the flag of Admiral FEDOROV V.D. in the port of Incheon, Republic of Korea to celebrate the 100 anniversary of the feat of the Varyag armored cruiser. During the visit, joint exercises were held with the ships of the Navy of the Republic of Korea.
In April, the 2004 of the year during the KSHU KTOF ship successfully carried out rocket and artillery firing, shot down the air target of the Gyurza and AK-630.
The ship’s chiefs are the administrations of the Tula region and the city of Tula (the BN contract from 19 December 1996), the administration of the Noginsk District (contract No.-84 from 23 December 1996), the labor collective of OJSC VLADIVOSTOK-AVIA (BN contract from 14 August 1999 year ), Navy Cruiser Varyag Charitable Foundation (BN contract of 08 February 2011 of the year)
In September-December 2005, the cruiser of the military-industrial complex (Admiral Panteleyev), the Admiral Tributs tanker, the tanker Pechenga, successfully completed the long-distance mission with a visit to the ports of Visakhapatnam (India) - the port of Singapore - the port of Jakarta - the port of Sattahip - port of haiphong. The cruiser took part in the international exercise "INDRA-2005". A number of officers and midshipmen were awarded state and departmental awards.
In December, the cruiser was declared the best in the main types of training on the basis of 2005.
In March-April, the cruiser cleared the fuel tanks and unloaded the entire ammunition.
In May, the 2006 of the year launched dock repairs on the cruiser.
In the period from June 2006 to February 2008, separate repair work was carried out on the cruiser, replacing the main and main engines and upgrading the armament by the forces of OJSC HK Dalzavod.
In April 2008 of the year, the crew of the cruiser successfully worked and passed the course task "K-1".
In May 2008, the cruiser joined the forces of constant readiness.
In October 2008, the Grkr Varyag as part of a detachment of ships, made an unofficial visit to the port of Pusan, Republic of Korea, and took part in an international maritime parade.
At the end of 2008, the cruiser was declared the best ship of the 1 rank of the alliance.
In April 2009 of the year, the “Varyag” group in the squadron of the KTOF ships made an unofficial visit to the port of Qingdao of the People's Republic of China to celebrate the PLA Navy's 60 anniversary.
In October - December 2009, the Grkr "Varyag" made a business visit to the Navy Changi of the Republic of Singapore in order to ensure the security of the President of the Russian Federation D.A. Medvedev attended the APEC-2009 summit.
The cruiser board was visited by the President of the Russian Federation D.А. Medvedev, Governor of Primorsky Krai S.M. Darkin, Vladyka Primorsky and Vladivostok Veniamin.
According to the results of 2009, the cruiser won two prizes of the Civil Code of the Navy for the execution of missile firing.
In 2010, the Varyag Guards missile cruiser paid an unofficial visit to the port of San Francisco, USA. During the visit, a number of meetings were held with the command of the US Navy, the administration of the city of San Francisco.
The cruiser board was visited by the President of the Russian Federation D.А. Medvedev.
In November 2010 of the year, the Varyag Guards missile cruiser visited the port of Incheon of the Republic of Korea. The crew of the cruiser took part in the ceremony of transferring to the Russian Federation Huys of the armored cruiser Varyag.

I already had the opportunity to visit this summer aboard the similar "Varyag" Moscow, but then everything was limited to a simple inspection of the ship, and here, in Kamchatka, I had to go out to sea and combat shooting.

So, on the evening of September 14 on the boat, we headed to the ship. "Varyag" at this time received supplies from the supply vessel - the medium sea tanker "Irkut"

2. Moor

3. Guards missile cruiser pr.1164 "Varyag", the flagship of the Pacific Fleet

4. The descent of Huys


Throughout the night and morning of September 15, the ships went to the venue for the final stage of bilateral exercises between the fleet associations, which were in 154 miles from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
Escort ships.
Small rocket ship pr.12341 "Spill"

6. Squadron destroyer pr.956 "Fast"

7. In front of the IRC "Razliv", in the background - a large anti-submarine ship pr.1155 "Admiral Vinogradov"

8. Also BOD "Admiral Tributs", IPC "Koreyets", MRK "Moroz" participated in the exercises.
What happened at the exercises themselves: the naval strike group of the Primorsk Flotilla of heterogeneous forces carried out anti-aircraft missile firing to repel enemy air strikes from various directions.
Unfortunately, escort ships were going at a very large distance, they actively used noise and smoke, so their work could not be removed. IRA "Moroz" fired two Malakhit anti-ship missiles P-120, which served as targets for escort ships, and the MPK Koreyets shot out with the Saman target missile, which the Varyag fired with the C-300F missile with a missile Fort". The cruiser also worked as an AK-130 artillery mount, but I don’t know by which type of target.
Shooting "Fort" from two points of shooting (photos are made by Vadim Savitsky)






14. Shooting AK-130 and video work "Fort" can be viewed in the plot of the TV channel "Star".
The commander of the Primorsk flotilla called the shooting successful.

A small tour of the ship.
Three-coordinate radar detection of air targets MP-600 "Sunrise"

15. Radar MR-123 "Vympel" control shooting artillery mount AK-630

16. 30-mm six-barreled automatic gun mount AK-630. On the right is the installation statement


18. But the video from the spring exercises, where "Varyag" worked with the EW PC-10 "Brave" complex and AK-630

RBU-6000 "Smerch-2" rocket launcher

19. Video of her work can be seen in my report on the teachings of the Northern Fleet, and this is one of the shooting of the "Varyag"


21. Under this cover is located the shipborne eenitic missile system Osa-M

21. Rocket 9M33 "Wasps M"

22. This shoots any photographer who visited the cruiser - the silhouettes of ships and aircraft. Our and probable adversary

23. PGK-2 Optical Direction Finder

24. Command post ship. It is almost identical to the "Moscow", a video tour of which you can see in the corresponding record.
BIUS "Lumberjack-1164" combat information system


Navigation security systems - Ball and Vaigach complexes

26. This complex displays electronic maps.

27. But paper calculations are always done in case of failure of electronics due to an accident, military operations, etc.

28. A device that broadcasts navigation data


Satellite navigation device GLONASS / GPS CH-3101

30. Signal table

31. At the post of energy and vitality. The monitor broadcasts video from various compartments.


There is a good virtual photo tour of the cruiser on the website of the Ministry of Defense, there is also this post, I strongly advise you to look at

View from the helipad. Gate hangar for the Ka-27 helicopter and the famous "boob" - Radar "Wave" of the antenna control post of the "Fort" air defense missile system

33. Officer saloon campaign

34. Essno on the wall there is a reproduction of the famous battle of the progenitor of the current "Varyag" with the Japanese

35. Memorial signs, awards

36. Sailor's dining room

37. At the information stand a map of the upcoming campaign "Varyag"

38. In galley



Making bread



43. Cabinet-oven


45. The finished product. Below you can see baking trays with scrambled eggs or casseroles.

46. Buns

47. As usual, tried sailors for life.
First in the kitchen

Then in the cabins

Then in the corridors

And then got to the deck

And the helipad

I also saw a secret thing on the stern - the destruction of garbage in field conditions

48. It was the cruiser "Varyag"



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    Navigation and radio equipment left an unpleasant sensation. (From the last century all this)
    GLONNAS what have you done?
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      Do you even know why the ship needs a BIUS, and why - satellite navigation? If so, they would not ask such stupid questions, sorry.
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    GLONASS on 29 photos.
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    I do not know, explain if it does not complicate

    BIUS collects, processes information from all means of detection and displays information on indicators. It solves navigation tasks, tasks of controlling some types of weapons. It gives recommendations to the commander on the use of weapons and technical means .. And so on and so forth. The list is large. A satellite navigation tools give coordinates and motion parameters ..
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    1. Chicot 1
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      The first "Varyag" in our navy was a corvette, that is, a sailing ship ...
      The second (respectively) one that was flooded by its own team after the battle with the Japanese squadron on the beam of the Korean port of Chemulpo ... It was raised by the Japanese in August 1905. In 1916 it was acquired by Russia and it became part of the Flotilla of the Arctic Ocean. At the end of 1917 being repaired in England was captured and sold for scrap to Germany. On the way it was aground, and in 1925 it was dismantled ...
      About the one that "the Germans sunk" not in the know ...
      However, there was also the RRC "Varyag" in the Pacific Fleet. And he belonged to the cruisers of the "Grozny" type ... Well, but after him the unfinished, and now the Chinese aircraft carrier and the ex-"Chervona Ukraine" followed ...
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    Here the whole ship is from the middle of the last century, and not just electronic systems. Any destroyer URO such as "Arlie Burke" surpasses the Varyag in firepower and protection.

    What did not prevent to show off on the only efficient ship of the Black Sea Fleet
  12. Santa Fe
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    Here the whole ship is from the middle of the last century, and not just electronic systems. Any destroyer URO such as "Arlie Burke" surpasses the Varyag in firepower and protection.

    What did not stop to show off on Varyag
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      Varangian, the main weapons:
      - 16 P-500 "Basalt"
      - 10 PLUR "Waterfall"
      - 64 S-300F (firing range 75-90 km)
      - 1 helicopter

      Arly Burke (operational option *):
      - 8 KR Tomahawk
      - 8 ASROC-VLS
      - 74 Standard 2 / 3 / 6 (firing range 160-200 km)
      - 2 helicopter

      * in the shock version, the AB carries 56 Tomahawks in 7 "long" PU Mark41 modules. Experience the flexibility of the destroyer's weapons
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    I served on this cruiser 1995-1997, at that time it was the only combat cruiser in the Pacific Fleet. And as regards firepower compared to NATO counterparts, it seems to me that they are used to using their power only against civilians and underdeveloped countries, at the sight of of our plane, their sailors throw in a panic, tear military contracts to shreds and are thrown overboard, I'm afraid to even imagine what will happen to them when they see the cruiser smile