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Festive artillery preparation


Festive fireworks or salute - an indispensable attribute on 9 May. It was always interesting to go behind the scenes for this action, to observe, and what is inside. Normal is curiosity. Therefore, when a spokesman for the Western Military District offered to ride and watch the training of those who paint the sky, of course, we agreed.

The calculation itself consists of two branches. The first is the fireworks launching machines. There are Chinese systems, but if we are talking about our military professionals, then everything is domestic. From car to charges.

It looks like the charges that paint the sky in all sorts of colors. Maybe the Chinese will be more colorful, but ...

Before you start work, you need to demagnetize on a special device.

And then comes the rather tedious work of charging all barrels. But - further worth it, is not it?
Preparing one car takes several hours. And the whole salute goes minutes 10, not more.

The second part of the calculation consists of a very very trivial but completely combat guns. Let not the most modern models. But really, what is “Rapier” bad?

The work of calculation, in principle, is no different from the work of ordinary gunners, unless there is a gunner. But in this action it is not needed, shooting goes blank charges.

The essence of the shooting is to “ring up” the charge gap in the sky. Hence the need for coordinated and synchronous work of both the calculations and the one who commands the shooting. On the shoulders of this man lies a fair responsibility. He should hear the first pop of the activation charge in the sky, and command a volley that will significantly overlap the rather quiet explosion of the main charge.

A sort of conductor, standing between two calculations. In the video, his work is visible and especially audible. The voice should not be just commanding.

Five minutes before the start. While everything is calm

[/ Center]

Podnoschiki decompose charges, so as not to miss. There should be no delays.

The command is given, and the process has begun.

So, the machine makes the first shot of the series, and the usual artillery work begins at the gun positions.

The action is impressive. Three guns give such a roar that lays the ears. And willy-nilly penetrate the moment. Well, beautiful, and fire, and a clear work of calculations. Handsomely.

On the sky, where even if not very well visible in the afternoon, multicolored fireworks are blooming, you do not even look. This each of us saw more than once. But to stand next to three monsters, belching smoke, flames and rumble - this is, I honestly say, an unforgettable experience.

And then suddenly everything stops.

Chargers and podnoschiki collect and stack spent cartridges, machine operators with fireworks reel their wires.

And someone else is waiting for one simple tool, which is probably as old as artillery.

The training is over. What will happen next - everyone knows.

The work of professionals is always a pleasure to watch. Especially for this. Let's look again, February 23.

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  1. Seryj2
    Seryj2 22 February 2016 06: 23 New
    We had guns on the embankment. Indeed, they looked more at artillery than at the salute itself.
  2. avvg
    avvg 22 February 2016 06: 34 New
    The work is certainly difficult, but there is no easy job in the Russian Armed Forces. Respect for professionals!
  3. ivanych
    ivanych 22 February 2016 06: 39 New
    ... I didn’t even expect that there was voice acting, it turns out that the roar is not enough.
  4. Koshak
    Koshak 22 February 2016 06: 41 New
    Yuri Yakovlev. Salute (excerpt)

    - Now the salute will begin. Look.
    In the distance the guns rumbled, and the heavy peal did not reach his ears, but hit right in the chest. And immediately across the dark sky, multicolored ball lightnings rolled with a bang. And in their short radiance the ghostly flocks of frightened pigeons swiftly swept through.
    - Who's shooting this? The boy asked.
    - The soldiers.
    - Which are back?
    - Various.
    - And why do the windows ring?
    - This is hit by guns.
    - From the war?
    - From the suburbs.
    “No, they have been fighting since the war,” the boy stood his ground. - I know for sure. And that white rocket is also from the war. Have you been to war?
    “No,” answered the father. “I was as small as you.”
    “So you don’t know that the guns are being fired from the war.” Close your eyes, it will be better to hear. Boom! Boom! This grandfather has been beating since the war.
    “Let it be your way,” said the father quietly.
    But the boy did not listen to his words.
    - Grandpa therefore did not return to hit the gun when salute. Truth?
    - True.
  5. Armored optimist
    Armored optimist 22 February 2016 06: 45 New
    Thank you for the article! Very interesting!
  6. EvgNik
    EvgNik 22 February 2016 07: 05 New
    In the army in the first year they dug potatoes. And something we were taken far from our unit (so we had our own, apparently helped the other unit). And there, in the afternoon we saw such tests of a salute. The lieutenant said that in this place (several kilometers from the potato field) a tank training ground. And it’s true that in the afternoon the sight wasn’t so hot, but we, who had never seen a salute before, were interested. I remembered all of a sudden.
    1. Gato
      Gato 22 February 2016 20: 44 New
      Quote: EvgNik
      In the army in the first year they dug potatoes.

      It depended on the officer. And for the first half a year we died on the obstacle course. And at the shooting range. Even now it seems to me that at 100 meters and 10 boots I’ll get belay
      There was such fun in the SA: if someone from the platoon did not pass the standard, two circles around the dining room and back to the shooting range. And then eat a hunt! yyy
  7. alex-cn
    alex-cn 22 February 2016 07: 10 New
    The authors are well done, reminded of the most boring part of the salute - to clean everything later --- oooh
    1. Gato
      Gato 22 February 2016 21: 00 New
      It was you who did not participate in the most fascinating part - preparation. Sex. compared to this - just a walk for the disabled.
      1. Gato
        Gato 22 February 2016 21: 13 New
        Although ... Then pass, imprinting step! This is WE here and now!
        The Roman legions are, compared to us, a crowd of barbarians with stupid pilums and wooden shields. Oh, there was a time ... Sorry for the pathos crying
  8. Amurets
    Amurets 22 February 2016 07: 32 New
    And the fireworks reminder reminded me of a multi-barrel organ, the forerunner of gamblers. Well, we’ll probably see a salute on the embankment today. The Chinese have the last day of the New Year, traditionally ends with a lantern festival.
  9. blind
    blind 22 February 2016 08: 09 New
    The photos are beautiful of course, but I don’t understand why they put bulletproof vests on themselves?
    1. barclay
      barclay 22 February 2016 09: 26 New
      The field kit must be complete. The times of motley have passed. After all, this is combat work, after all.
      And the form is beautiful.
  10. igordok
    igordok 22 February 2016 08: 12 New
    Smiled while reading:
    Before you begin, you must demagnetize on a special device.
  11. Cap.Morgan
    Cap.Morgan 22 February 2016 09: 08 New
    I have never seen a cannon salute. Usually a launcher.
    Yes, and now I arrange fireworks more on my own)))
  12. Northerner65
    Northerner65 22 February 2016 09: 39 New
    Cool photos
  13. Lopatov
    Lopatov 22 February 2016 10: 48 New
    And who shoots with the "rapier"?

    For the festive fireworks, the ZiS-3 without a muzzle brake became almost the standard.
    In St. Petersburg and Tula prefer D-44, also without a muzzle brake
    1. Nagaibak
      Nagaibak 22 February 2016 11: 12 New
      = Lopatov "In St. Petersburg and Tula, they prefer the D-44, also without a muzzle brake."
      For me, duck ... ZIS-3 is still more colorful and cooler.)))
      1. Lopatov
        Lopatov 22 February 2016 12: 34 New
        Just ZiS-3 shoots louder than all the guns from which I happened to shoot. Most likely because he was chosen.
    2. bionik
      bionik 23 February 2016 07: 57 New
      We in E-rg also shoot from ZIS-3.
  14. runway
    runway 22 February 2016 11: 32 New
    "Celebratory fireworks or fireworks are an indispensable attribute on May 9 ".
    Fireworks - lights, salute - shooting from guns. Festive fireworks are made for especially solemn, festive events. Therefore, to be precise, the author should have written "Celebratory fireworks И salute is an indispensable attribute IMPORTANT HOLIDAY EVENTS".
  15. chenia
    chenia 22 February 2016 11: 36 New
    We also "voiced" from D-44 (Odessa). And they stood behind the knowledge of the Regional Committee (now known as the House of Trade Unions). D-44 has the strongest (hitting the ears) sound of a shot from systems up to 152mm.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 22 February 2016 12: 35 New
      Apparently, only cadets are shooting from the D-44.
  16. kvs207
    kvs207 22 February 2016 12: 01 New
    Stood once on the Day of the Navy, on the embankment, next to the Boyky corvette. He gave a salute from a 45 mm cannon. Soundy, however. smile
  17. chenia
    chenia 22 February 2016 13: 08 New
    In 1967 (for November, 50 years of October) Buinaksk salute was given from the M-30.

    I then for the first time (at the age of 12, Dad was an artillery officer), fired a gun (naturally, I pulled the cord together with the gunner to avoid the "peas").
  18. PRepod RViA
    PRepod RViA 22 February 2016 19: 26 New
    Quote: blind
    The photos are beautiful of course, but I don’t understand why they put bulletproof vests on themselves?

    And they "put on" armored vehicles. mortars stand next to the guns, and from the fireworks shots everything pours down from above, incl. fragments and unburned termite (read napalm, which is in charge), which does not always fly out of the mortar at 150-400 meters. There are explosions at 5 meters, and the plastic from the shell, no worse than shell fragments, scatters along with the termite. True, recently, shells of shots made of paper began to be made (papyaye moshe), thanks to the breeders.
  19. PRepod RViA
    PRepod RViA 22 February 2016 19: 36 New
    I can’t say where these photos came from, but for sure, this is not a photo of the salute division that paints the sky in St. Petersburg on January 27, February 23 and May 9.
    We are from the Mikhailovsky Military Artillery Academy. We give salutes from the beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress. Armed with 12pcs D-44 (not MT-12 as in the photo), mortars with a caliber of 310, 195, 125 and 105 mm based on the Kamaz chassis and trailers.
    At first, I thought this photo was from training, but this is definitely not the Sertolovsky training ground, where we conduct training with live shooting.
    The author, if the article is about the Western District, then admit what kind of unit is in the photo?
  20. PRepod RViA
    PRepod RViA 22 February 2016 19: 39 New
    Quote: Spade
    And who shoots with the "rapier"?

    Vot, ento our babies - Mikhailovskaya VAA, this is D 44, training with live firing at the training ground in Sertolovo. Mortars on Kamaz left, behind the scenes, the year probably 2014.
    UNFAMILIAR 22 February 2016 19: 41 New
    Thanks to the author, have the ZIS been changed to MT-12 or is it just for training?
  22. PRepod RViA
    PRepod RViA 22 February 2016 19: 52 New
    By the way, in St. Petersburg, the gunshots are fired by the calculations of the artillery academy consisting of cadets of the Rocket and MLRS faculty, and not pure artillerymen. Something like this happened))) In general, the interchangeability of specialties is complete.