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Ukrainian aviation industry is doomed to degradation

Ukrainian aviation industry is doomed to degradationKnown around the world aircraft company "Antonov", even in Soviet times, created a lot of unique aircraft, is eliminated. And its assets are transferred to Ukroboronprom. The reason may be not only in the maniacal desire of the Ukrainian authorities to get rid of the well-known brand associated with Russia.

The world-famous Ukrainian aircraft company Antonov, which had previously produced the world's largest An-124 Ruslan and An-225 Mriya aircraft, ceases to exist.

“Americans, waving promises and green pieces of paper, want to reorient this enterprise, in fact, having killed the school of the Ukrainian aircraft industry”

According to the decision of the Ukrainian government, the concern is liquidated, and the enterprises that were part of it are transferred to Ukroboronprom. Kiev made such a decision “due to the absence of participants”, since all three enterprises that actually constituted the concern went out of its structure last year and were included in the concern “Ukroboronprom”, the press service of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine explained .
The concern included the Antonov enterprise itself, as well as the Kharkov State aviation manufacturing enterprise and state enterprise "Plant 410 GA" in Kiev. On September 14, 2015, the Antonov concern was already withdrawn from the Russian-Ukrainian joint venture UAC-Antonov, which was developing a number of new aircraft.

Antonov is the name of the great Soviet aircraft designer, under whose leadership the Aviation Experimental Design Bureau was established in May 1946 at the Novosibirsk Aviation Plant.

“This is a global brand, which flourished in the Soviet period, primarily thanks to transport aircraft. A whole series of unique aircraft was created. An-2 was created in Novosibirsk, and only after transferring the battery to Kiev, he acquired a Ukrainian residence permit. The main success of Antonov in passenger aircraft construction is the An-24 / 26, which is still in use in Russia, and, in fact, no replacement was found for this aircraft, ”says portal editor Roman Gusarov. An-24 - an aircraft for flying over distances up to 2000 km, it was produced by 20 years - from 1959 to 1979. On 1 January 2006 of the year, the State Register of Civil Aircraft of the Russian Federation included 207 aircraft of this type, of which 121 was operated. An-24 installed 13 monuments in Russia and one in Uzbekistan.

In fact, we are not talking about the liquidation of the enterprises themselves, which are part of the Antonov concern. But the aircraft factories now come under the control of the state-owned company Ukroboronprom, losing their historical brand, its relationship with Soviet and Russian aviation.

Such reformatting of the group can have several reasons. First, merging into a large holding can help cut costs. In fact, the company no longer exists, it is a legal registration in accordance with the real state of affairs, which will reduce costs and remove the “managerial superstructure”, says First Vice-President of the Russian Union of Engineers Ivan Andrievsky.
On the other hand, it will become easier for the Ukrainian state to control the work of aircraft factories, for example, in terms of suppressing cooperation with Russia. Another reason, according to Andrievsky, is the maniacal desire of the Ukrainian authorities to get rid of the Soviet legacy. “After all, Antonov is a Soviet brand that is firmly associated with Russia. In addition, the company has very close ties with Russian companies, some 90% models were assembled at Russian enterprises, ”he says.

Roman Gusarov sees another goal in liquidating the Antonov concern and transferring assets to Ukroboronprom. “It is clear that no one in the West will buy products that were made by aircraft factories belonging to the Antonov concern. For Ukraine itself, two aircraft plants are a lot, and there is no money for building airplanes and buying them for the domestic market. It means that these plants will be reoriented towards the production of something else, and the design office, without sales, will gradually degrade, ”Gusarov believes.

The last 25 years of export orders for An planes have been sporadic. And the announced plans - to reach the annual production of aircraft up to 50 units per year, and “then to reach the level of production of the USSR 200 machines per year” in cooperation with the West — look like pure fiction.

According to Gusarov, the Antonov concern faces the same fate as the Zaporozhye Motor Sich, where aircraft and helicopter engines are manufactured. Information appeared in the European press that the United States is going to modernize this plant in order to produce anti-tank missiles at its base, to repair and modernize the weapons of the Ukrainian army. This was reported by the French resource Intelligence online. The next day, Motor Sich stated that they did not hold talks with US representatives on the establishment of a defense holding company based on their enterprises, the press service said on Thursday.

“The goal is obvious. Today in Ukraine there is a unique high-tech production of aircraft engines, this is a field of technology that a few countries have, and the Americans, waving promises and green pieces of paper, want to reorient this enterprise, in fact, having killed the local aircraft building school, ”says Gusarov.

“Until recently, all Russian helicopters, which are sold worldwide in large quantities, flew only on Ukrainian engines. That is, until recently, this plant earned currency for its country, and soon the Ukrainian budget will buy anti-tank missiles at the plant, and with money that will be taken from the United States. And the Americans will be the shareholders of this plant, ”the expert explains. In fact, Ukrainians will buy missiles from the Americans and they will still have to.

If you recall, the helicopter engines were originally created in the design office of Klimov in St. Petersburg, and it was decided to launch production in the Soviet years in Ukraine. Now Russia has to spend huge amounts of money on recreating the production base of helicopter engines in St. Petersburg.

Until now, the Antonov battery existed thanks to Russia. “Still, the resources of the aircraft operating in Russia were extended, the aircraft were modernized, new machines were created. An-140 developed together with Russia, built them in Voronezh, and Ukrainian Antonov received author's deductions from each aircraft. Ukrainian factories also participated in the production. The project to create the An-70, which stretched over a decade, was also funded by Russia. Now all this will not happen. Antonova will no longer receive any proceeds from Russia from sales, which means that it will be doomed to gradual extinction, personnel will be washed out, ”Roman Gusarov believes.

Even the latest export sales in 2014 and 2015 from Antonov were only due to Russian money. For example, last year, Antonov placed one An-158 in Cuba and one An-148 in the DPRK under contracts signed back in 2013 and 2011, and the Russian leasing company Ilyushin Finance Co. financed both deals. Moreover, Cuba will continue to receive the ordered An-158, and the Russian leasing company will continue to pay. That is, the prospects for the export of An aircraft are still dependent on Russian partners.

Neither Europe nor the United States need Ukrainian planes, and they are unlikely to want to finance their sales to third countries.

“No one in the world, except Russia, needed Ukraine as an aviation power. Russia held on to it for a long time, there were many ideas for unification, deep integration. But, unfortunately, in Ukraine everyone lived in one day, everyone wanted to receive more dividends for themselves personally. In no case do not give anything "Moskal". As a result, now they give Americans and Europeans for nothing. It's a shame because the entire production base, aviation school was created by the Soviet Union, all together and for many years, ”concludes Gusarov.

The prospects for Anov in foreign markets were buried back in 2013 by the European giant Airbus. The former prime minister of Ukraine, Mykola Azarov, said at the time that the Airbus management had explicitly stated that they would not allow Antonov’s planes to the world markets. NATO also refused Ukrainian aircraft.

“Thus, the An brand is now practically worthless. It is not interesting in the post-Soviet space, since Russia, as a key potential customer, refused to buy Anov, and it cannot enter the world markets due to the opposition from Airbus. Of course, Antonov also had its own developments, and the engineering and technical base that had been laid back in the Soviet era allowed us to count on the development of the enterprise even without Russia's participation. However, it was beyond the power of the Ukrainian authorities to get Antonov out of the crisis. As a result, the enterprise and the brand itself may be lost, ”summarizes Andrievsky.
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  1. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 31 January 2016 06: 30 New
    2 times 2 equals 4. Digging your own grave, climbing into a coffin and burying yourself is proto-ukrainian. A drum on the neck and a locomotive to meet. We don't need lame "letaki", sell it to your grimy daddy, we have our own planes and WILL BE. Ugh, there are no censorship words for stupidity.
    1. vodolaz
      vodolaz 31 January 2016 07: 17 New
      Very badly, gentlemen, Ukrainian politicians are liquidating the Soviet past: we must give the southern and southeastern regions to the former RSFSR, the northwest to Poland (the latter will be happy), and the southwest to Hungary and Romania (I think they will not refuse either). Then it will be fair, otherwise the collapse of all that was created in the Soviet years has not been completely completed.
      1. Dolphin
        Dolphin 1 February 2016 02: 45 New
        Antonov - it has always been and will be Antonov.
        No one spoke about liquidation as the enterprise itself. This is said in the article. Although in the middle of the article itself it is said that Antonov’s enterprise is moving to Ukroboronprom. Only! Why such fuss, it is not clear ?! I would like to see someone again :)
        Nobody has canceled the Soviet past - all defense enterprises have it: dry, yak, instant, kamov, antonov, etc. The point is not this, but that What can produce and create at the present time the enterprise itself. Not from the Reserves of the USSR from the old promising developments of the Union period, but the new one, completely. And this is the difference between Antonov - the company really creates new devices.
        Motor sich feels fine, by the way, this is not Antonov. To what he was tied here - perhaps to the exaltation of the "tragedy" of the whole situation. But the article says only correctly - in Russia, a fleet of military aircraft was made on these engines. And now? Import substitution? Yes, there is something Russian now, but the resource and performance characteristics of these engines do not stand up to any criticism in comparison with the products of MotorSich.
        90% of some models were assembled at Russian enterprises

        Going to? perhaps. But now they’re not going to. The reason is, since everything was so cool that as much as 90%. What is the problem? Why is the problem in transporters for the army in the Russian Federation? After all, 90% is almost everything! Apparently the author is not saying something. Or frankly lying (such a pun to himself) :)
        But seriously, in the open press on the Internet, you can read that Antonov currently has a lot of orders. And all is well. And nobody takes away and is not going to take away the legacy of the USSR. Does it make sense to just shout about it? The point is what you can do with this legacy now! And in this Antonov really comes first.
        And about cooperation with the Americans (as said). And what is actually wrong with that? Of course, not in those fantastic stories of the author of the article - he sees enemies around him. But it’s not clear: who is he worried about? It would be better if I were worried about my defense industry. And then there are so many emotions for someone else’s fate: as a rule, this is simulated (psychology is still a science).
    2. NIKNN
      NIKNN 31 January 2016 11: 25 New
      «The Americanswaving promises and green pieces of paper, they want to reorient this enterprise, essentially killing the school of Ukrainian aircraft industry ”

      The Americans and that's it... request
      1. mirag2
        mirag2 31 January 2016 12: 08 New
        "... What do you want? They themselves do not understand what they want ..."
        -Cessna will be collected.
    3. tol100v
      tol100v 8 February 2016 00: 03 New
      Quote: iliitch
      Ugh, there is no censorship words on stupidity.

      Or maybe you should sometimes send managers who advise something ?!
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 31 January 2016 06: 34 New
    Until now, the Antonov battery has existed thanks to Russia.

    Not only AKB "Antonov", but the entire existence of the state of Ukraine, as such, are OBLIGED to the USSR and Russia.
    And if the ungrateful ukrokakly remembered this, would not have allowed such an idleness in relation to us.
    1. Sakmagon
      Sakmagon 31 January 2016 10: 28 New
      Therefore, you can pick up specialists as the Soviet legacy unnecessary to Ukraine - but only those who want to work.
      Whoever believes that they should be "compensated" - let them fly themselves ... on what they can
      1. ProkletyiPirat
        ProkletyiPirat 31 January 2016 15: 40 New
        only in the Russian Federation it is forbidden to hire foreign citizens to work in the military-industrial complex, and those people for whom it is worth "circumventing" the law have long ceased to work in Ukraine ...
        1. Andrey77
          Andrey77 31 January 2016 16: 44 New
          Yes, and to hire privateers in private offices is a dubious pleasure. None of the serious employers will contact migrants.
    2. Valga
      Valga 31 January 2016 11: 12 New
      You can’t explain it to them. They firmly believe that they were under the yoke of Russia, and their territories and people were used for the imperial ambitions of Russia. They are, so to speak, fighting evil.
  3. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 31 January 2016 06: 46 New
    Antonov has already been officially liquidated. There is no need for strawberry pickers in Poland and sorting cleaners in the EU aircraft industry! Not for that jumped on the Maidan! They still considered themselves "sovereign", "non-profit", and "independent". Yes, they NEVER were them. A quasi-dezhava who lived and lives on other people's money and at the expense of stealing energy resources from Russia, by definition, cannot be independent. Like hysterical teenagers, honestly! "Independent", plump, smoke, haunt girls, have the right! And those around you have a duty to give money, cars, housing and, in general, to provide! "Otherwise, I will arrange this - I will fall on the floor and kick my legs with a squeal!" (C). That's their whole ukrosamostiynost!
    1. wanderer987
      wanderer987 31 January 2016 23: 47 New
      You are absolutely right, they want lace panties and airplanes are for stubs vaasche something is not clear, Russia has completely refused to purchase railway products from Ukraine, now all their factories are completely in OPE and even more, and Antonov is a logical continuation and what else they have left A, and for a long time it will be enough ??? Only the ATO remains so that the sheep are not fed, even if they feed the worms there anyway, everything is for sale, they sell their chernozem to Europe ... what is there another conversation about.
  4. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 31 January 2016 06: 54 New
    I believe that a number of designers and specialists will be in Russia.
    In general, everything went to this. The country will face the fate of "Antonov".
    1. Kuzyakin15
      Kuzyakin15 31 January 2016 09: 47 New
      Quote: avg-mgn
      I believe that a number of designers and specialists will be in Russia.
      In general, everything went to this. The country will face the fate of "Antonov".

      It would be nice, I think. But this is how gentlemen from the government and the KLA-question think! But it depends on them, so that the "Brains" from (from) Ukraine would not flow to the West, but would end up with us.
      After all, how many bright heads and high-class specialists from the defense industry, shipbuilding, aircraft, engine building were not a destiny. That's probably who is needed in Russia now, first of all, and not migrant workers from Middle Asia and Moldova.
      And no matter how the site does not gossip about the "Great Ukrov", no one will deny the presence of Bright Heads in Ukraine.
      It’s worth fighting for them!

      This is my private opinion, of course, comrades.
    2. Fitter65
      Fitter65 31 January 2016 11: 11 New
      Or "MOTORSICA"
    3. su163
      su163 31 January 2016 13: 47 New
      I think it is necessary to give an accurate tip in the media that we will accept everyone and bring projects. Boom to spite ukram.
    4. saturn.mmm
      saturn.mmm 31 January 2016 14: 18 New
      Quote: avg-mgn
      I believe that a number of designers and specialists will be in Russia.

      Russian aircraft manufacturers had obligations to comply with intellectual property to the Antonova concern, there is no concern, no obligations, I would be in the place of Russian aircraft manufacturers, regardless of day or night, I would run and resolve all legal issues until someone came to his senses.
      1. Andrey77
        Andrey77 31 January 2016 16: 48 New
        You can apply for citizenship, but 99% of Ukrainians will be refused.
    5. Andrey77
      Andrey77 31 January 2016 16: 46 New
      If they have a Russian passport.
  5. Egoza
    Egoza 31 January 2016 07: 11 New
    Eliminate competitors. Yes, the current government will eliminate anyone, at the behest of the Western "partners", if only to remain in power. Poor Antonov turns over in his coffin.
  6. Pereira
    Pereira 31 January 2016 07: 27 New
    I'm still waiting for the demolition of the totalitarian DneproGES.
  7. anfil
    anfil 31 January 2016 07: 41 New
    Quote: Pereira
    I'm still waiting for the demolition of the totalitarian DneproGES.

    If it is made a condition for admission to the EU, it will be dismantled brick by brick, like some "sprats" of the Ignalina NPP in 2009.
    1. Pereira
      Pereira 31 January 2016 07: 57 New
      Theoretically, the outskirts may be required to develop clean energy as in Bulgaria. With American money and with American property. In such a situation, they will not need competition for cheap hydropower. So I don’t exclude the command to eliminate the relic and my previous post was not at all a simple banter. As for the Outskirts, I will not be surprised at anything.
      1. sa-ag
        sa-ag 31 January 2016 10: 34 New
        Quote: Pereira
        Theoretically, the outskirts may be required to develop clean energy as in Bulgaria.

        The mask from Nevada displaces Buffett, as if he really did not come to Ukraine :-)
  8. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 31 January 2016 07: 49 New
    Khokhlam remains to go to the mirror and say, “Well, the ram has jumped,” he said.
  9. Irek
    Irek 31 January 2016 09: 45 New
    Born to jump and crawl, planes are not needed.
  10. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 31 January 2016 10: 21 New
    One of the goals of the United States in Ukraine is the destruction of industry working for Russia. This is especially true of the military sphere. Of course, it does some harm to our country: together with Ukraine, we could achieve our goals faster. But there is a positive side: we ourselves began to produce what we purchased in Ukraine. And these are new jobs, an increase in GDP ...
    In addition, the United States destroys its competitor in the field of aviation, and maybe even something there will profit.
    In all countries that have chosen patrons in the west, their industrial potential is being destroyed. Russia did not escape this in 1990-2010. Now our country has chosen its own path of development. We wish all of us success in this matter. The harder it is to live, the more interesting life is.
  11. Viktor fm
    Viktor fm 31 January 2016 10: 30 New
    Every gopnik eventually returns to his village, only Ukraine has not yet realized this.
  12. APASUS
    APASUS 31 January 2016 10: 38 New
    You don’t have to be a Wang in order to understand the whole point of Ukraine’s reforms from the IMF.
    Like there was a film about reforms in the Baltic states, they paid money to sailors for what they were in the port. Then they began to cut seiners, while choosing the most modern ones, and then it ended ............. and pay have stopped.
    The fact that there will be no Antonov, Motor Sich became immediately clear, the dictated democracy is almost a synonym for dispossession. I think the time will come for the Malyshev tank plant and a couple of three giants. I think in the distant future that Ukraine will be forced to abandon the nuclear power plant. And then there will be an abyss .... ..............
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 31 January 2016 11: 13 New
      Quote: APASUS
      In the distant future, I think Ukraine will be forced to abandon the nuclear power plant. And then there will be an abyss ..................

      Within 5 years, a naked and hungry steppe will remain from Ukraine, if chernozem is not taken out for fertilizers, but taken out, there will be a sandy desert like Kara-Kum or Sahara. The experience of the Baltic states shows that the EU will not stand on ceremony and will ruin everything that competes with companies EU. The start has already been made. Now they are abandoning Russian fuel elements in favor of Westinghouse, but the Westigauz ones are not suitable. They do not return the spent fuel to Russia, but try to store it at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. And since they refer to spent fuel in Ukropia, the Chernobyl Fukushima in Europe can happen significantly before.
  13. Lord blacwood
    Lord blacwood 31 January 2016 11: 26 New
    Ukraine has no money to maintain large enterprises, the country is on the verge of default. So the United States will use the Ukrainian "cheap labor force" for the production of its weapons, since the Ukrainians are paid less than in the United States (and the factories can be bought out practically for nothing). Conclusion: Ukraine will be a base for production and resource extraction for Western countries. And the Ukrainians will not get better from this.
  14. La-5
    La-5 31 January 2016 11: 54 New
    Russia was not only the main customer of An aircraft, but also the main supplier of spare parts and accessories for these same An aircraft.
  15. Avantageur
    Avantageur 31 January 2016 11: 59 New
    According to the decision of the Ukrainian government

    You will not envy the future Government of the Outskirts at all, the junta-sectarians will leave such a dowry: devastation, plundered bowels, hatred and grief in every house, forest bandit formations, Natsik-crazy, fifty-year debts. This is if, in a good situation and successful future management, it’s fifty years old, and so ... Yes ...

  16. Resistance
    Resistance 31 January 2016 12: 03 New
    "... Ukrainian aviation concern" Antonov "

    I recall that Antonov Design Bureau was organized in Volgograd, but in order not to drive to Kiev factories, and then, if you misunderstood it, consider yourself staying at the factories.

    Blind faith in the 1000-year-old Reich, not only let us down: about (
  17. MarKon
    MarKon 31 January 2016 12: 33 New
    Interensno, is any work being done to transfer normal specialists to Russia?
    1. blind
      blind 31 January 2016 15: 41 New
      dad is ahead of everyone here. a lot of missiles especially left for Belarus
  18. MarKon
    MarKon 31 January 2016 12: 34 New
    I think no(((
  19. sagitta25
    sagitta25 31 January 2016 13: 11 New
    I see what they write about Ukraine every day. Is it really so interesting for Russia? If Ukraine is so rotting, then plunt and do not remember. Ato really every day they write something. It’s better to write how there are 19 Superjets in the warehouse that no one wants to buy and that the plant is working at the warehouse, or 1,5 thousand people were sent on vacation in an instant.
    1. atlantida04
      atlantida04 31 January 2016 15: 15 New
      how many Ukrainians live around the world and in Russia there are a lot of them, you look at what is going on and becomes insulting. That a bunch of pi .. races are robbed and sold out of the country, and after 5 years or even earlier they will be blamed for the cordon, like Garbochev, and they will write memoirs to you.
      1. Andrey77
        Andrey77 31 January 2016 16: 50 New
        Well, live for yourself. What attracts you to Russia?
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Your friend
      Your friend 31 January 2016 15: 29 New
      Quote: sagitta25
      I see what they write about Ukraine every day. Is it really so interesting for Russia? If Ukraine is so rotting, then plunt and do not remember. Ato really every day they write something. It’s better to write how there are 19 Superjets in the warehouse that no one wants to buy and that the plant is working at the warehouse, or 1,5 thousand people were sent on vacation in an instant.

      It’s strange. What do you write about Russia about the fact that it is so decaying that there are already 19 Superjets in the warehouse? Spit and don’t remember.)))
      But how can I spit and not remember about Ukraine, my relatives live there, I can’t help but recall them.))) They used to ride, they called me an invader, and now they shut up even. What do you think happened? Ahahaha ...
      1. sagitta25
        sagitta25 31 January 2016 17: 15 New
        Engaged in investing) one of the directions.
        1. Your friend
          Your friend 31 January 2016 18: 15 New
          Quote: sagitta25
          Engaged in investing) one of the directions.

          What, what investments when the homeland is in danger ??? Why don't you protect Nenka from "occupants"? Why not an atom? What's the matter, where patriotism, or are you just an everyday separatist? Well, quickly jump into the atom ... Ahahaha ...
      2. The comment was deleted.
  20. evge-malyshev
    evge-malyshev 31 January 2016 13: 22 New
    It is regrettable, but this is a fait accompli.
  21. blind
    blind 31 January 2016 15: 35 New
    I don’t understand why, but why is the top of the country so degenerate? after all, people who crawled into power should, in theory, think on a geopolitical scale and anticipate such obvious mistakes ??? how did this happen
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 31 January 2016 16: 52 New
      The fight for the loot. In Ukraine, this will not end soon.
  22. marshes
    marshes 31 January 2016 16: 21 New
    So the view from the side, Kazakhstan.
    It’s howl about ... they did what happened. The people, of course, are militant, they can even fight. In the USSR, almost half of the staff were from Ukraine.
    Yes, the epiphany came. I repent. I thought that the "mainland" part of Ukraine would be beaten off rather quickly. Yes, the remnants of the weapons that remained from the USSR will help. But, damn it, "thieving" as an entity, I have not met the Ukrainians. Probably the wrong ones came across. "were scattered throughout the country, the USSR. The gender of the government is foreigners, the head is generally rumored to be a citizen of Canada. If you consider how the readership is there, they could not have chosen such people at all. Well, I don’t understand! Damn, I’m not really talking about There is no Ukrainian politician, and here we must take into account the nat. minority, then one to the west lies the other under Russia. I think it was normal Kuchma, or such that he would not steal smile
    1. alexej123
      alexej123 1 February 2016 15: 56 New
      Kuchma is normal, didn’t steal? Then his son-in-law V. Pinchuk should be given a Nobel Prize - how to become a billionaire. The question is that all 20 with more than a year of independence, all the powers that be in Ukraine had only ONE QUESTION - where else can I take, preferably a lot at once, preferably not to pay for it, and that there would be nothing for it. The answer of the story we are observing now.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  23. proud
    proud 31 January 2016 16: 36 New
    we’ll be led up by that and run into, but in general the plant and people feel sorry for them, their planes were good!
    1. marshes
      marshes 31 January 2016 16: 58 New
      Quote: proud
      we’ll be led up by that and run into, but in general the plant and people feel sorry for them, their planes were good!

      In Almaty, not long ago a board landed in transit, from Germany to China and vice versa. Mriya An 225. A Russlana, almost a week later. Europe-Asia.
      And yet, Annushki liked that between Kiev and Kharkov, I did not have time to "settle down" in the chair already Posadka.Europe FIFA World Cup.
  24. wanderer987
    wanderer987 31 January 2016 23: 33 New
    Well, now on the world market of colormet it will be added quality aluminum everything that has flown and stood in repair will soon be scrapped in a place with equipment and factories due to the lack of spare parts and certificates for them, the boatmen are freed up by the redeemed, AI GOOD FELLOW !!! they can’t even be trusted to feed the pigs due to the absence of the pigs themselves, although I’m sorry, sorry, in their Rada there are still boars well-fed!
  25. jonht
    jonht 1 February 2016 05: 24 New
    I think the Antonov design bureau should be revived in Russia, let them fuck it at home, but we need to restore it, besides, a significant part of the people have moved to the Ulyanovsk Aviation Plant ...
  26. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 1 February 2016 06: 17 New
    Antonov is the name of the great Soviet aircraft designer, under whose leadership the aviation experimental design bureau was created in May 1946 at Novosibirsk Aviation Plant.
    And why the heck dragged into the outskirts. Maybe there is cheaper electricity or aluminum piled up? Return to Novosibirsk and the point.
  27. valeri311
    valeri311 1 February 2016 16: 09 New
    As for the Zaporozhye motor enterprise, it looks like there will be option B - the supply of helicopter engines for licensed production of the Mi-117 (I don't remember exactly the index) in China. Judging by the lack of information on Motorsich on the news sites (as opposed to the liquidation of Antonov and the Yuzhnoye Design Bureau), such a mutually beneficial option will be implemented. There is no problem here - since Russia is not directly involved, then bringing the suitcase with the money into the right door will resolve the issue immediately.
  28. valeri311
    valeri311 1 February 2016 16: 27 New
    after - according to the laws of the market, it is not easier for the largest player to sell a large finished unit (especially with standard interfaces) than an individual standard part (large competition) or a large final product.
  29. Zai pali
    Zai pali 5 February 2016 18: 12 New
    This factory has already died. Where are the orders? Where are the new planes? The frames are gone.