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Center of Combat Sambo named after A.A. Kharlampieva

In 2015, in Moscow, on the basis of the National Research University “Moscow Energy Institute” (NRU “MEI”), a new Training and Retraining Center “AA Combat Sambo Center” was opened. Kharlampiev ”, which provides a comprehensive, comprehensive training of a universal fighter-combatant - first, the trainings themselves in various sections of combat sambo (applied and sports) on carpets and the ring. Secondly, the use of specific, unique simulators, the use of which is scientifically justified. In addition, the Center has a patented computer diagnostics system and simulators, which allows you to find out the speed of reaction, determine the leading hand or foot of an athlete, as well as find out what, to a greater extent, a person is genetically predisposed - fighting or hitting. The director, a well-known trainer and master of combat sambo, the first vice-president of the Combat Sambo Federation of Russia Valery V. Volostnykh told about the Center.

Video from a workout at the Center
- Valery Valentinovich, what does the Center consist of?
- MEI singled out for us the 2 floor of the building in which the founder of the Sambo system, A.A. Kharlampiev, had been working for 26 for years. On the second floor at the moment we have two fully equipped halls: a large hall and a small hall. In the big hall there are two wrestling carpets with special elongated crossbars on the walls located along the perimeter of the hall; walls with targets for balls are also planned (a simulator for practicing the accuracy of strikes). In the small hall there is a special, reinforced ring with a net in the lower part, from which it is impossible to drop out during a professional combat sambo duel, which is quite a frequent problem at various competitions. For athletes there are two dressing rooms with showers, which allows you to simultaneously deal with trainers up to 80 athletes, as well as regularly conduct scheduled combat sambo competitions - which we often hold. In addition, additional training equipment has been installed - a rope, boxing bags of various configurations and weights, wall boxing “uppercut” pillows. I want to note the design of the halls - in addition to the usual images of fighters on the walls of a large hall, 12 animals from the Indian tradition are depicted, which, in combination with various primary elements, allow the fighters to choose their own unique style. Kharlampiev also wrote in his reports, books, and spoke in numerous conversations about the need to take into account the structure of the body and the character of the fighter in training, as well as the natural martial arts of animals on the site of the young and in natural environmental conditions.
On the ground floor there will be a gym with a “grid” (“Octagon”) for training in professional combat sambo, a training “spinner” complex, a computer diagnostics room. Plans to open a massage room, an infrared radiation room, a room with pressure chambers for recovery procedures.

- Decently.
- That's not all. It is possible to open a cafe (or at least a buffet), as well as saunas and mini-hotels for visitors to seminars and training courses. And, of course, educational and computer classes where our students and trainees will undergo testing and training. Our Center is a world-class institution.

- Let's talk about computer diagnostics. What is meant by this?

- Our athletes (and later everyone) will be able to find out the speed of their reaction, to check which muscles they dominate - flexors or extensors, in order to understand what to focus on - training wrestling movements or drums. In our integrated combat sambo system there is both. The question is what to put emphasis in their workouts. Especially, if we are talking about an athlete who performs in competitions, and for whom it is very useful to know which technical elements are best and more efficient. If you are genetically predisposed to the fight - it is necessary to emphasize this. Well, to everything else, everyone who is tested can simply find out what kind of sport you are predisposed to - football or basketball, find out which hand or foot you are leading. A person can think all his life that he is right-handed, and in fact - left-handed.
As a result of these studies, it is possible to draw certain conclusions and make recommendations on the training, wellness or rehabilitation process.
In a nutshell - a lot depends on the "head" and the speed of the processes in the brain, as well as on the coordination of the work of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.
As a result of the integrated use of computer diagnostics and a system of special simulators, one can successfully heal, restore and rehabilitate an athlete who has been knocked out and is, to put it mildly, in a big “decline” during a much shorter time than with the usual traditional approach (six months of recovery and several weeks). with our approach). All participants in the training or wellness process are guaranteed during the first year an increase in the functional state of 50% when passing testing in a computer class in conjunction with passing a course of simulator training.

- Interesting. You mentioned the Indian tradition. What it is?
- This is Dharma Marga (combat yoga) - the brainchild of my old friend Vadim Vyazmin, also a student of Kharlampiev. Vadim did a great job studying the system of training warriors of ancient India, he studied the manuscripts in Sanskrit. I give elements of Indian tradition in my classes on Thursdays. I find this very useful.

- What do the images of animals on the walls of the hall mean in Dharma Marga?
- Animal figures are the outer shape, position, and stance of a combatant. The primary elements of nature are internal content in movements, a kind of energy filling, energy of movement, which corresponds to each external form (position, stand, imitating an animal).
Thus, each animal corresponds to its energy.
That is, movement, impact, reception has its own, albeit the same or similar, trajectory, but the filling with energy of this trajectory of movement is different.
For example, you can knock the door with a blow so that it flew off the hinges, you can punch a large or middle hole in the door, and you can punch a small hole, a hole, an area with a fist, and so on.
The trajectory of the impact (external form) will be the same, but the impact and the impact on the door (target or opponent) will be different (as the energy “embedded” in this trajectory will be different). Different energetics or movement filling is achieved by means of visualization, figurative representation of an animal and primary element corresponding to it, as a result of which the physical and mental are combined, and this gives an optimal result in sports activity.

- Tell us about your students. Who comes to your class?

“I personally lead the 2 group: the national team and the subscription group.” In the first, athletes can practice at a level not lower than the CCM. In the second come all comers. We constantly organize and participate in competitions, and invite everyone who wants to beat. As it says in our hymn: "We're leaving without a fight."

- Is there a development plan for the Center?
- Of course! On the basis of the Center it is planned to create the International Institute of Combat Sambo AA Kharlampiev with the presence of undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as the creation of a dissertation council to award candidate and doctoral degrees.
According to the degree of equipment and tasks - this will be a unique, unparalleled, educational and pedagogical and sports institution.

- "Institute of Combat Sambo" - sounds. Where do you see your mission?

- Today at MEI, we, the disciples of A.A. Kharlampiev, continue his work, the work of his predecessors and followers in the spirit of the new time. Purposeful, systematic and systematic scientific and practical work is being carried out on the theory, methods and practical use of combat sambo, its development as a sport, and the improvement of competition rules in five sections.
As a result of all this work, we are constantly proving that combat sambo of the Combat Sambo Federation of Russia is a real and self-sufficient sport and a unique applied system of combat and self-defense. Published more than 70 scientific journalistic, educational and methodical works. Patents for a number of inventions. Developed unique simulators that are successfully used in the training process in combat sambo.
All that our ancestors could and could, should be able to and we.
The ability to survive and win is one of the important tasks of educating our young people at the present time, as well as increasing the role of physical culture in society and the comprehensive, harmonious development of the personality, strengthening positions and raising the prestige of the Russian sport in the international arena, educating the younger generation respect for national culture and devotion to the motherland.

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  1. Riv
    Riv 28 January 2016 08: 09
    I hope that not only the CCM train, but there are groups for the children?
    1. Reducer
      Reducer 28 January 2016 11: 57
      Combat sambo for children ?! belay
      With 18 please.
      1. Yars
        Yars 28 January 2016 12: 24
        Quote: Reduktor
        Combat sambo for children ?! belay
        With 18 please.

        Why not? They are not paired with elders! Let them do it; from an early age, let the peasants stand and not sit at the computers!
    2. Val_y
      Val_y 28 January 2016 11: 58
      Duc wrote the same wink : - Personally, I lead 2 groups: the national team and the subscription group. In the first, athletes can be engaged at a level not lower than the CCM. Everyone comes to the second. We constantly organize and participate in competitions, and we invite everyone to beat hi
      1. Riv
        Riv 29 January 2016 07: 34
        To beat? Hmmm ...
  2. Lookark
    Lookark 28 January 2016 12: 16
    Quote: Reduktor
    Combat sambo for children ?!
    With 18 please.

    What surprises you? BS classes for children are held, moreover, quite official competitions are held, where the guys show good technique and interesting fights.
  3. APS
    APS 28 January 2016 13: 22
    For children there is just sambo. Elements of combat sambo are also being studied, but this is not the most important thing for children. The main thing is health that you can’t buy for money - it's just constant training, hardening, and therefore immunity is high. And they become men when they set a goal and go to it for a long time and persistently overcoming all difficulties - a character appears, obstinacy and when such children grow up, everything they need to master will master everything. And this center is of course interesting primarily to adult and trained athletes.
  4. 28guliver
    28guliver 13 May 2016 10: 08
    The son of 11 years in martial arts (Taekwon-do, now combat sambo) since the age of 7 became more confident in himself, they forgot about ORZ
    I’ll give it to my daughter 6 years old next year. My wife asks why the girl needs it, and then so that she can give someone who does not understand the words in the face
    from 1987-1989 he practiced judo, the technical school abandoned the section, which is a pity (yes, we came to classes in the section with diaries if the deuce is flying - squats or push-ups)
    in 2015, the "Voeykov" Martial Arts Center was opened in our city, the "Diesel Arena" constantly hosts mixed martial arts fights "Battle on Sura"
    Mr. Penza