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Seisincan - Aikido in the context of Russian traditions


This article appeared after a number of events in my life and thanks to some articles on the "Russian" hand-to-hand combat, published on the website "Military Review". I already apologize for the quotes at the word "Russian", I just have my personal opinion on this subject based on the love for stories of our state, as well as on the basis of our own teaching and sports (and not only) experience. If this article is not published, as it looks like an advertisement, I will not be offended.

I often hear such a question, or rather they pass it to me, I don’t have enough courage to ask him personally: “Why Seisinkan aikido is Russian aikido?” I’m not allowed the traditional Russian upbringing to call those questioning idiots, therefore I will call them very close personalities. Let's start as a Jew from question to question. Do I look like a Japanese? Looks like medium height, narrow shoulders, blue eyes and blond hair in me clearly betray the representative of a descendant of Tungus manjurs, and the name Kazakov gives me a true Amur samurai. Well, the blood of the first settlers-Old Believers in me in the Russian Far East clearly indicates that I am a real Japanese and therefore I have Japanese aikido.

Let me remind the great connoisseurs of aikido that Morihei Ueshiba said that everyone has his own aikido, which means the Japanese have Japanese, the Brazilians have Brazilian, the Russians have Russian, etc. And since I am not alone and we are quite a lot and we are all citizens of Russia, my dojo and my school is Russian. Of course, to the gizmo on the ground of federations and official papers, the functionary “Russian” is associated only in the context of “All-Russian”, but I will disappoint him — this word sometimes denotes location. It would be strange that, living in Vladivostok, I would write that this is a Canadian school.

We know Brazilian jiu-jitsu (jujutsu), Okinawan or French karate, Vietnamese wushu and the Cuban school of boxing, but for some reason we only have aikido Japanese. Although this is the explanation. Well, now I, on behalf of all those who share my views, have a well-founded position: Any instructor, trainer, sensei, etc. - this is, first of all, the teacher and his main task is not so much to teach "receivers", but, above all, to educate students. Martial arts is weaponthat implies responsibility. It is impossible for a person who is not morally ready to give it in his hands. This one side of the issue.

The second side is that we are citizens of the Russian Federation and the task of the teacher is to educate the future citizen of our country. Educating a future citizen within an alien culture and mentality leads only to the fact that, as an adult, a person does not perceive his country as his homeland. For him, she is the same as everyone. What is the difference: Russia, USA, Japan, China, Germany? What is the duty to the motherland? Yes, you go! Japan is closer to me! Anime, computers, kendo, nintendo, etc. I'll go there.

But this is half the trouble! I am struck by the blind imitation of a foreign culture. It is imitation! Because these “teachers” have no idea about the culture that they are trying to implant on their wards. With very few exceptions, they have no idea about history, for example, Japan, nor about religion, nor about the mentality, nor about the history of its relations with other states. No, he, of course, read the "Book of the Samurai" or the "Book of the Five Rings", but this is where all his knowledge ends. When such people try, through the prism of their stereotypes and complexes, to instill in students an understanding of a certain culture, except as a crime, it cannot be called.

As an instructor, it is much more important for me that the child be disciplined, assembled, concentrated, so that he has a developed sense of camaraderie, that he think not only about himself, show respect for everyone. In this context, the ability to say: “We thank for the training, Alexey Igorevich,” is much more important than the ability to say: “Domo arigato gozaimasit”. Aikido is only a means of education. This is one of the means of educating the Japanese in the proper spirit. Ask yourself, why bring up a Russian child in the Japanese spirit? Who are you cooking? When you get into a Japanese car, you don’t learn the rules, the religion of the Japanese, the Japanese language, etc. You just take and eat according to the Russian rules.

In the Sejsinkan dojo (Seysinkan ryu Yoshinkan aikido, Aikido Seishinkan) we do what a teacher should do, we use aikido as a means or if you want a tool to educate students according to Russian culture. A child who, contrary to the current trend, instead of “you” learns to say “you” and instead of “hello” says “good day”, is much more expensive than the next black belt or the next diplomat received at the next All-Russian Vanity Fair.

In my opinion, in the light of what is happening in the education system now, this is becoming increasingly relevant. Unfortunately, a generation of young instructors, brought up in the modern world and having values ​​far from the traditionally Russian, is now coming to the fore. Modern “teachers” perceive tradition as a ballast that prevents them from “developing” and “moving forward” and abandon it, forgetting that tradition is, above all, the basis of our mentality, culture and national character. Having rejected this, they instinctively seek support and find it in other cultures. And as a result, look at the behavior of those who adore everything, for example, American, well, or Japanese. I can say that the desire of young people and Wahhabism has a tighter reason.

And finally, the Japanese are neither better nor worse than the Russians — they are a different people with their own history, culture, mentality and national character. I practice aikido only because in the East, unlike in the West, there are conditions for creating clear training systems for soldiers, which we call schools (styles, etc.) I am personally attracted by the training system, not the Japanese tradition. And not the Japanese to learn Russian culture.

(In the photo with me, the true "non-Russian" is of Belarusian origin ... a hint to the Ukrainians)
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  1. Waltasar
    Waltasar 30 December 2015 06: 47
    Raising your child is primarily a task for parents. If the influence of the teacher is higher, then it’s worth considering.
    I perceive aikido and similar arts as a complement to physical education. If a child does not want to go to the boxing or athletics section, but is happy to go to fashionable martial arts, then I see nothing wrong with that.
    1. red_october
      red_october 30 December 2015 10: 02
      And if a single mother brings up a boy?

      Wouldn’t it be wise for her to find a boxing / aikido / hockey teacher - the main thing
      a normal man with whom he will see an example before his eyes.
      A woman cannot give an example of behavior for a teenager.
      On the contrary, he’s gibbering, he will protect, don’t fight, always obey, in general, he will educate an exemplary girl. Because she, being a woman, does not understand how it can be otherwise.
      Either a drunk father ... or he’s just too narrow-minded ... In general, there are enough options when the influence of a good trainer on a child is more than desirable
      1. red_october
        red_october 30 December 2015 10: 38
        And it will be like in a joke:

        - Today I love you, tomorrow another, the day after tomorrow a lone wolf, and on Friday again you. I am a riddle, a charade, a puzzle. My heart still needs to be won.
        - Do not get me wrong, but I need a man easier.
        1. red_october
          red_october 30 December 2015 10: 51
          The mood is good, New Year's, and, with your permission, I will post a joke about the approach to raising boys and girls))))

          In the kindergarten at the matinee.
          The teacher: But tell us, Vitalik, what is: without windows, without doors, is the room full of people?
          Vitalik: No.
          The teacher: What not?
          Vitalik: Not complete, Maryivanna. There is always space. It cannot be filled with anything. Your position on understanding space is hopelessly outdated and belongs to the mechanistic paradigm. At the subatomic level, there is nothing but space. The universe is growing exponentially and objects are constantly moving away from each other and the space between them is only getting bigger, isn’t this a sad metaphor for human relationships? We are constantly moving away, even now, Maryivanna, standing in one place.
          The teacher: Here you go, Vitalik. Well, really, leave. And tell us, Yulia, something like this: A pear hangs, can’t you eat it?
          Yulia: BULB!
          The teacher: That's right, Yulia! Hold the candy.
          (Vitalik motionlessly withdraws to the exit and disappears in perspective).
        2. The comment was deleted.
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  2. sogdianec
    sogdianec 30 December 2015 07: 35
    So now, Morihei Ueshiba, is no longer an authority? Can all the Japanese terms and the names of martial arts themselves be renamed into Slavic fashion? And kimonos are not Russian clothes.

    One must have respect for the creators and teachers. And do not expose your ego.
    1. Riv
      Riv 30 December 2015 08: 14
      In public, the starting photo is not a kimono.
      1. alexander1
        alexander1 31 December 2015 01: 53
        And they don't do aikido in kimono, they do "dogi" - literally clothes for overcoming the path!))) In the photo of judogi - a uniform for practicing judo, but it is often used for aikido as well!
        And in the photo, a throw is made by oud garay - this is Aikido.
        1. shasherin.pavel
          shasherin.pavel 4 January 2016 10: 12
          Quote: alexander1
          And they don't practice aikido in kimono, they practice in "dogi"

          And the person who appeals with such terms during the lesson thinks that he is Russian? He sits down at the table and: "Do! Hiko! Haiki!", And the children to him, "And God save you, darling!"
          1. Irbis
            4 January 2016 12: 29
            Iron logic))))))

            I use the term Shomen uchi kotegaeshi because the term "Overhead impact protection with the arm outward" is shorter. I suggest that you develop the topic and exclude such terms as hook, apercut, cross, knockout, greg, etc. from boxing.

            Any thought can be brought to insanity, you got it.
  3. Riv
    Riv 30 December 2015 08: 13
    Actually, Ueshiba did not mean a nation when he said that everyone has his own aikido. It was about people. One person is tall and full, the other is small and light, the third has a knife, the fourth has a sword - of course their technique will be different. In my opinion, the author is trying to put into words what cannot be described with words, and even to draw politics by the ears.

    And, for that matter, on the starting picture it is generally unclear what people are doing. Which of them is uke? Who is the Tory? Aikido is just very ritual. Any picture should correctly reflect its principles and technique, but here - just two people in the dogs. Look at them Ueshiba ... I would take away the belt immediately.
    1. Slavs
      Slavs 31 December 2015 02: 01
      Well, you yourself quoted O-Sensei - Aikido each has its own ... Therefore, it’s not worth the fault with photography ...
  4. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 30 December 2015 09: 27
    I didn’t plan to comment, but I’ll get it in by reading:
    Quote: sogdianec
    So now, Morihei Ueshiba, is no longer an authority? Can all the Japanese terms and the names of martial arts themselves be renamed into Slavic fashion? And kimonos are not Russian clothes.

    Why not? In Russian, somehow more capable ...
    The Russian braid and pants are really more functional, more solid, more comfortable and more practical than a kimono. If they were engaged in martial arts in traditionally Russian clothes made of flax, it would have been a hundred and more reasonable and more rational.
    I am more than sure that the "creators and teachers" will easily endure the transformation of external attributes, if the true essence of the teaching does not suffer.
    Well, what about the ego ... An example with a Japanese car is given successfully and to the place. The tool should not be raised in a fetish. The author did everything possible to be understood correctly, but, apparently, not everything is still in Russia with the Russian language in harmony.
    1. shasherin.pavel
      shasherin.pavel 4 January 2016 10: 30
      Quote: Volzhanin
      In Russian, somehow more capable ..

      I remembered asking a Japanese war veteran when I was young. I ask: "And how are the Japanese in hand-to-hand fighting? They have all sorts of" ju do "..." "Runs at you, yelling something, but how can you give him a fist in the head ... My grandfather taught me, but he "walked wall to wall." That's all your foreign brands .. And Russians have always not beaten Russians, but note that everyone who is not a Russian who came to live and who remained to live in Russia and Russia, became a truly Russian soul: Bagration, Barclay de Toli, Bellingshausen, etc.
  5. regul10108
    regul10108 30 December 2015 10: 18
    I think it is better to revive and develop our national styles of wrestling and martial arts. Spas, Slavic-Gorsky (modern name), fist fight - this is an incomplete list of all the fighting styles of Russian soldiers! Our martial arts are most adapted to our anthropometry, our mentality, our national fighting traditions! And the most effective in the education of these Russian fighters.
    1. Waltasar
      Waltasar 30 December 2015 10: 49
      No matter how it sounds, but there is already a question in the popularization of these types of arts.
      And even partial whitening. Let me explain, many believe (unfortunately sometimes not without reason) that these clubs are nothing more than skinheads disguised.
    2. Riv
      Riv 30 December 2015 13: 17
      There are sambo and boxing sections in almost every city. Not satisfied with the title? "Fistfight" or "Nanai Boys Wrestling" obligatory?
      1. shasherin.pavel
        shasherin.pavel 4 January 2016 10: 34
        Quote: Riv
        what did not please you, it even translates as "Self-defense without weapons." Even "boxing" is an English word, but ... the root "side" = the part of the body where the ribs are. end of the quote from the dictionary. For a fight where you cannot hit below the belt, more than Russian.
    3. shasherin.pavel
      shasherin.pavel 4 January 2016 10: 32
      Quote: regul10108
      to develop our national styles of wrestling and martial arts.

      but also leave foreign ones to take gold at the Olympic Games.
  6. Baloo
    Baloo 30 December 2015 10: 42
    The creator of Aikido was a resident of Japanese intelligence in our Far East and surrounding regions. The words "Russians have their own aikdo ..." to the point. Any physical activity makes certain demands on the musculoskeletal system. An adult who begins to practice aikido should remember that weak joints, lack of balance between muscles are a direct path to injuries, less dangerous than in karate, but very serious in their consequences. For example, a weak hand and wrist can lead to a fracture of the scaphoid (at the base of the hand), which is not always successfully treated even promptly and urgently.
    Of all the martial arts, Aikido is the most intelligent, I have two hands for cultivation in schools. hi
  7. Mik13
    Mik13 30 December 2015 12: 31
    He began to write on the sick-list? laughing
    Are you going to visit us? drinks
    1. Irbis
      30 December 2015 16: 55
      Going! For me, for the second year here, the seminar is promised in places close to you :-( But I will get to love you again. Painted Donetsk fell in love)))))
  8. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 30 December 2015 12: 45
    People, what's going on here? If this is a conversation about what? How much vodka do you need to drink to get into the "spilled" topic?
  9. APS
    APS 30 December 2015 13: 43
    Aikido is not just a martial art - it is a way of life and a way of thinking. Many should read the history of Aikido and immediately it becomes clear that it is better to give a healthy child to sambo, it will add to it both health and character. But this Shintoism in aikido is not for everyone, I would like to be able to not only repel strikes but also to attack, because you want to win, you must be able to attack, but not to win in defense of the battle ...
  10. Irbis
    30 December 2015 17: 15
    I was always surprised by the craving of the "Russians" for a kind of fetishism. Either we speak French and imitate the French, then in Aglitsk and imitate the Anglo-Saxons, then we will remember the German ... But now whoever, who looks in the mouths of the Americans, who is slanting to our brothers, then they fantasize their own story from the great Mongol empire or from the Hyperboreans with the Arcadians ...

    The phrases about the coolness of the same Ueshiba look no less funny. Of course, he was cool in his time, like Funakoshi and other Ip Mans. You will excuse me, of course, but if their followers after 50 years are worse than those "cool" masters, then that art is worthless. The duty of each subsequent generation to be higher than the previous one, where does the Ego have to do with it? It's duty or forget about art.

    What idolatry? Well Ueshiba and what? I respect him as a founder, I respect him as a master, but he was one yesterday. Today, this is not the level. Do not make yourself an idol - the principle in BI is no less important than in Christianity. And respect must have to all! Even to those you hate.
    1. Mik13
      Mik13 30 December 2015 21: 40
      Quote: Irbis
      Excuse me, of course, but if their followers after 50 years are worse than those "tough" masters, then that art is worthless. The debt of each subsequent generation to be higher than the previous one

      As they say, that fencing teacher who lived to old age with two eyes is bad.
    2. derik1970
      derik1970 31 December 2015 08: 22
      Basically I agree with your opinion. However, I will note the following in the article .. I believe that a person’s lifestyle, his environment, level of culture leave an imprint on his thinking, attitude, perception of the reality surrounding him and this accordingly affects his susceptibility to this or that information, assessment of events, and so on . And the fact that the Russian do not understand it is very clear to the same Japanese, for example, in relation to martial arts.
      It seems to me that it is impossible to fully comprehend Aikido without studying Japanese culture and its traditions and not becoming at least a little, but Japanese somewhere deep down.
      The traditions of Japanese culture and aikido are closely related, it is like a product of the Japanese way of life and in many ways its philosophy.
      Therefore, when studying these or those complexes of movements, techniques, you first have to rearrange your thinking, and it may be necessary to think somewhere like a Japanese, especially since the names of certain methods, movements of your hands, body are indicated in Japanese and embedded in them own meaning, own philosophy. In any national cultural tradition, the existing philosophy is inherent only to it and is of decisive importance in all areas of human life. You can stupidly learn tricks, throws, pickups and so on, but you won’t be able to comprehend the depths of Aikido without connecting them with the basics of traditions, lifestyles and the philosophy that generated them ...
      1. Slavs
        Slavs 31 December 2015 13: 04
        Let me disagree with you, I myself have a modest experience in the practice of Aikido, and I absolutely do not feel any craving for Shintoism or any other movements of religions and philosophies) The origin history, the path of the founder founder need to know, at least to broaden your horizons), but it’s becoming a bit the Japanese do not see the need ... But this is my modest numbness ...)
      2. AID.S
        AID.S 1 January 2016 13: 29
        In your opinion, foreigners can’t be perfectly understood by Sambo without mastering the balalaika with a nested doll, handling the bear, and not learning to drink vodka :-) ..
  11. Irbis
    31 December 2015 11: 32
    Quote: derik1970
    It seems to me that it is impossible to fully comprehend Aikido without studying Japanese culture and its traditions and not becoming at least a little, but Japanese somewhere deep down.
    The traditions of Japanese culture and aikido are closely related, it is like a product of the Japanese way of life and in many ways its philosophy.

    Stupidity. There is a church, but there is faith. You can believe in God and not go to church, but you can go to all services and lead an absolutely godless way of life, hiding behind the mask of chastity.