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Tank "Six Zones"

As the ship you name, so it will float. There is such a saying. But she is wrong. It's not about the title. “Call at least a pot, just do not put it in the stove!” - says other proverbial wisdom and it is much more rational. Well, and in relation to technology and, especially, to military equipment, everything is connected with the technical task. Engineers, in principle, all the same, what to design, would be the base. So the thing is, to wish what they create. And the more detailed the technical project, the vision of the topic by the military itself, the better the result. In the 30 years of the last century, the British military wished to have a tank with a roundabout and got ... The Independent! And it turned out that the engineers didn’t retreat a jot from the technical project, but the result was a tank worthy of a museum - dear and unnecessary!

Tank "Six Zones"

The English tank "Independent" at one time seemed a miracle of technology. With five towers, he was armed with an 47-mm cannon that fired an armor-piercing projectile, and four machine guns in individual towers, one of which could even shoot at planes!

However, the task for a new car, even the most detailed, cannot lead to the successful completion of a car in metal, if it is not based on theory, which should be based on experience. And it was precisely the experience of local military in recent decades that made it possible to develop a theory according to which a modern tank, in order to dominate the battlefield, must meet a number of very important requirements, and be created on the basis of the "six zones" principle.

Far right tower tank The Independent could fire even on airplanes!

What is this principle and what are these “zones”? Imagine a tank in the center of several circles and call it the way a similar object is called in the PR - “source of information”. And here the very first and farthest zone will be called “avoid collision”. In it, the tank must avoid a collision with the enemy’s anti-tank weapons and the superior forces of the tanks. The tank itself cannot work in it, so everything depends on satellite communications and the UAVs assigned to modern tanks. That is, we must avoid a collision with a stronger opponent and try to destroy the weaker one. Not “chivalrous behavior”, is it? But this is the only way to fight. Therefore, satellite communications on a modern tank should be required!

But this English tank TOG-II from the Royal Museum in Bovington had a great weapon, but as for the rest ...

Here, for example, our Russian tank "Armata", which, in principle, can not be mentioned, but it will have: it is equipped with a radar with a range of 100 km. This makes it possible to lock in the flying weapons of the enemy, and automatically destroy them with the help of the submunitions placed on it. Although the idea is not new, here, in this case, it is implemented to the maximum.

The second zone is called “avoid detection”. Here the work of designers and designers of the tank itself is already necessary, because they must make the tank unobtrusive, and more - all signatures coming from it should be reduced to safe limits. That is, the tank must be low, air-cooled exhaust, with anti-radar coating type "stealth". Here, take for example the American "Abrams", which has three crew members in the tower, and which looks like ... a house. After all, how difficult it is to disguise, is not it? And his gas turbine exhaust?

Here, by the way, quite unusual solutions can be applied. Well, let's say, put on the tank inflatable rubber tanks of various shapes with a radio-reflecting coating and even with “green grass” and “branches with leaves”. Inflating them, the tank will be able to turn into a rock overgrown with bushes or in a green hill! That is, to distort its signature and appearance beyond recognition!

The third zone is located even closer to the tank and is called “avoid capture for escort.” After all, from escorting to defeat, it’s not far away, which is why all tanks in the future should be equipped with automatic means of active and passive jamming, that is, they, like airplanes, must now have their own radar countermeasure systems and “blinding” enemy surveillance equipment. It's funny, but it could be the same UAV equipped with a can of quick-drying paint: flew up to the enemy's tank, filled all the observation devices with paint, and then, when the crew got them cleaned, shot it from the onboard weapons!

“Avoid disappearing” is zone number four and it deals with means for the destruction of ammunition flying up to the tank, that is, the “umbrella” that needs to be covered from all sides. And again ... After all, the same missile flying up to the tank can be destroyed, even from a cannon, by shooting at it with a charge ... of a canister. But first it will be necessary to detect it, quickly point the gun at the target, and then still make a shot with pre-emption. People can't do that! It means that the tank must have “artificial intelligence” with the speed of “inhuman order”, which in emergency cases will make decisions for the crew!

The zone of direct contact of the enemy’s ammunition with its own armor is the “avoid penetration” zone. And if an enemy’s ammunition got into the tank, then ... it shouldn’t penetrate for its armor protection under any circumstances! Protection can be the thickness of armor, and dynamo-active armor, and all sorts of ingenious devices. Recall that the same idea of ​​such a reservation was born here in Russia, in the USSR, in 1929, and the author of it, Odessa D. Paleychuk! At first, he, however, offered armor for ships. From hexagonal prisms filled with hot gases from ... fireboxes! But then I thought and offered to notice the gas with explosives, which, in a collision with a projectile, produce a “gas-dynamic effect” of reflection. His project, which is in the Samara archive of abandoned inventions, remained a project. But the wedge with the dynamo-kurchev kurchevsky was even built and tested. But ... the first project seemed just fantastic, but with the second they simply did not think out, and as a result everything turned out as it happened, although it could have been completely different, there were all the technical solutions necessary for this, only nobody saw them and appreciated them !

T-27 wedge with “Kurchevsky gun”

And also it was precisely in our case that the proposal “Automatic shield of A. Novoselov” was born, which offered in the same 29-ohm mobile armored cassettes driven by two solenoids and contact wires. The essence of the invention is that tankers are observing "directly" and see everything around them very well. But when a bullet approaches them, it passes between two wires (the distance between them is less than the diameter of the bullet!), Closes them, the solenoids give a current and the “window” is closed by an armored barrier.

Finally, the most recent zone, “avoid defeat,” implies that even if the tank’s armor is broken through, the tank crew must remain alive! To do this, on the T-14 all three crew members are housed in a hull inside an armored capsule. It’s impossible to say what kind of reservation she has there, but, obviously, quite enough! There is another way to avoid defeat, again including artificial intelligence! Well, you can connect it to the engine and chassis. For example, the power of a tank engine in 1500 l. p., despite the tank's weight in 60 tons, provides it with a power density of 25 l. with. per ton of weight, which is an excellent indicator! Now imagine that a tank with an artificial intelligence inside shot from a tank gun at a distance of three kilometers. The speed of the projectile 1000 m / s. and it means that in three seconds hit will follow. But already in one second, the on-board computer calculated the trajectory of the projectile, determined the location of the hit and ... dramatically increased the speed! With a speed of 60 km / h in one second, the tank will pass 16,67 m, and in two seconds it will be so far that you can not even think about the missile flying somewhere out there! And even if he moves only the length of his body, then this will be enough to avoid hitting and defeat. Assume that the tank has a controlled suspension and, on this tank, from a distance of five kilometers, a guided projectile has been launched under the turret. The computer calculates the location of the hit, and then turns off the suspension. The enemy at such a distance simply cannot physically react to this, and the projectile will fly over the tank as a result!

Tank "six zones"

A container with anti-aircraft missiles, guided by the same "artificial intelligence", can also be referred to the means of active protection in the near zone. Having received data from the UAV on the use of the tank aviation means of destruction, he directs missiles at them with a high degree of speed and destroys them when approaching the tank, where his own onboard radar exercises "air control". Thus, a tank created according to the principle of "six zones" will be able to dominate all other tanks, and it will be very, very difficult to defeat it. Moreover, outwardly, such a tank may not look spectacular at all, unless it be rather low, because it will have the main filling inside!

Drawings by A. Sheps
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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 28 December 2015 07: 59
    For the T-27 Wedge with the "Kurchevsky gun" ... special thanks .. I read about the experiments .. but neither pictures nor photos were met ..
    1. bionik
      bionik 28 December 2015 10: 01
      parusnik ..but neither pictures nor photos were met .. self-propelled guns based on the T-27 with a 76-mm dynamoreactive (recoilless) gun of Kurchevsky.
  2. tchoni
    tchoni 28 December 2015 08: 11
    -13 qualifying.
    An article that Russia is the birthplace of elephants. And the tank needs a 100 km radar action, as well as a drone, triplex enemy tanks soiling airholy. It seems that Avtop decided to sing an ode to the “Armed”, reducing her exclusively virtual acquaintance ...
    1. kalibr
      28 December 2015 11: 50
      And what about Armata? It was a concept developed, by the way, not with us, but promoted as part of the research of the DARPA agency. If something looks like, well, it's not my fault - the paths of technological progress are generally similar ...
      1. tchoni
        tchoni 28 December 2015 16: 10
        DARPA is developing a lot of things .. And the links to the "armature" are quite clearly visible ... And not critical ... Such as the statement about the oadar, seeing 100 km .. The "Shell" THE SPECIALIZED ANTI-AIR SYSTEM DOESN'T ... And so on .. Not a tank, but a steam locomotive of some sort
        1. kalibr
          28 December 2015 18: 03
          Eugene, what are you dissatisfied with? So that you are given the latest information, which only comes from "our partners" or something else? I didn’t come up with the 6-zone tank, I didn’t make this drawing (moreover, it is purely conceptual!) And not even A. Sheps - he only redrawn it close to the original. And links to Armata will now be long, because it is now the standard. And again, I didn't come up with this, right? And DARPA, yes, develops a lot of things and this is "a lot of things" you need to know right? For the most part, we always caught up with them, not they, right? It means that you need to use any informational opportunities to know everything about them. Or don't you think so?
          1. tchoni
            tchoni 28 December 2015 19: 29
            Vyacheslav, let me explain the reason for my dissatisfaction with the article.
            1) there is no clearly distinguished thought in it ... Most of all, it seems that you, having read an article on the theory of these “six zones”, have penetrated it so much that you decided to speculate on how cool a tank can be, if for each zone in it a subsystem ...
            2) Many points in the article are given, well, to put it mildly, without a proper critical assessment. This interferes with the perception of the article as something serious. I already spoke about the radar ... You can say the same about the “Abrasha” which has an auxiliary diesel engine and which, thanks to this, emits less than seventy two in a parking lot ... And so on.
            3) The article is written according to the “six zones” model and the model itself, for some reason, is perceived as an unshakable given. It is assumed that the tank is the central and only figure on the battlefield. And I have to solve all the problems myself ... And personally cover all the zones ... If you decided to just translate the article, I wouldn’t cling to it, but since you decided to discuss the topic of tank building, let's try to solve the problem adequately. The tank cannot, and should not, solve the problem itself .. So the question of priorities arises .. This is not your word.
            4) This theory of “six zones” is not so new and it is not worth presenting it as something revolutionary. To one degree or another, the postulates of the theory have been worked out for thirty years already ... Yes, and she herself had already seen the light of ten years ...
            1. kalibr
              28 December 2015 20: 49
              Eugene, you always attribute to me what is not in the material, and you either want or do not want to see it. Well ... then so. And again ... You write -10 years. Yes, even 100! Since there was no such material on the site before, why not write it? Not everyone here is as advanced as you, there are people who are "simpler" and they are interested.
              1. tchoni
                tchoni 28 December 2015 22: 20
                Is this what I attributed to you? Let me ask....
                Are you sure that this material was not here?
                In addition, you are inconsistent: either “fresh information” from sworn friends, or “anyway how old she is” .... :–)
    2. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy 4 January 2016 20: 34
      Well, these elephants have been given to you. Well, yes, Russia is the birthplace of elephants, and you should be ashamed not to know this. Mammoths have lived here for centuries and fed us.
      About the ode. Sing it yourself, or no voice.
  3. Stas57
    Stas57 28 December 2015 09: 20
    but they simply didn’t think of the second one, and as a result, everything turned out the way it turned out, although it could have been completely different, all the technical solutions necessary for this were there, only no one saw and appreciated them then!

    Yes, they saw and appreciated everything perfectly, and realized what a dull ge they were.
    The tank, where the crew must get out or get out of the car to reload (and the gun was loaded exactly like that from the barrel at Kurchevsky), could only be launched into the series by the enemy. About the price, the impossibility of charging on the go, the joy of infantry lying behind the tank, barrel life, etc., you can not say
    1. kalibr
      28 December 2015 18: 10
      Totally agree with you. But the Japanese made the same "double-barreled" from two guns on a light tracked chassis and it was in their arsenal for a long time. The Americans made Ontos with 6 guns. Not gold either, but it worked, didn't it? That is, the process of creating military equipment is a very complicated thing. But the same Paliychuk today - if he had risen from the grave, he probably would have been very proud and happy, wouldn't he?
  4. Bashibuzuk
    Bashibuzuk 28 December 2015 09: 48
    Bravo, Vyacheslav Olegovich!
    Finally, the material that I heard about, but did not read.
    I note that two and three circles are almost the same thing. The equipment that reads the signatures is also pointed at them.
    By these signatures. And not by reflection from an aircraft carrier, say.
    And, as you probably understood, I got a simpler solution than experiments with instant maximum traction on the chassis. After all, 25 hp / ton is far from the indicator to arrange sprinting jerks. And the transmission is clearly not designed for such, and more, instantaneous efforts.
    Now let's remember the movie "The Mask".
    The episode where this green danced first with Cameron Diaz, and then dodged the bullets of the owner and the guard - then the codpiece stretches itself up to the neck, then it starts jumping, then it suits the steps with its feet.
    If we shove mighty springs inside the tank, then, at the command of IskIn, the squibs will break the spring mounts - the tank will jump. The shell - by, ag-ha-ha ... laughing
    Crew problems, please do not bother, they are, firstly, in the tank. Secondly, in a capsule. Thirdly, they took the oath.
    The trick is that such a bouncing tank will be impossible to target at all. And if the tank company starts jumping.
    Peremoga, how are you?
    Along the way, I imagine the shock of the enemy’s gunners, if their eyes do not come out on their forehead, then they will work squint precisely.
    In my opinion, a funny sentence, huh?
    1. kalibr
      28 December 2015 11: 48
      During the war, the British tried to make such a "jumping" Valentine in order to force the ravines. Attached rocket powder engines. But nothing came of them! Well, your humor is, of course, funny. Although I saw the film of the agency DARPA, which just shows how a combat wheeled unit with artificial intelligence will work in these six zones. Quite impressive!
      1. Bashibuzuk
        Bashibuzuk 28 December 2015 20: 53
        Your comment seemed somehow unhappy to me.
        There is no fault of yours here.
        The first ... he is the last ... the law of capitalism says - Advertising is the engine of trade.
        Therefore, I fully believe that the Agency for Advanced Research can also produce such a film.
        That's what the Americans cannot take away - Hollywood, a dream factory.
        Deserved for all 500 percent.
        That they landed on the moon, that aliens were battered, that the Avatar revived - a sight for sore eyes.
        I also believe that I am immortal.
        But I never fought Duncan MacLeod.
        The paradox, however.
    2. 19001900
      19001900 29 December 2015 21: 41
      You know, some "specialists" have already tried to sharply change the speed of the tank near Mariupol. Apparently, so as not to hit the shell, though they apparently decided that they could not take the acceleration to 100 km / h in two seconds and then decided to stop abruptly. And it turned out !!!! there is even a photo on the network. It seems called "tank against the breakwater". hi
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. Sergey-8848
    Sergey-8848 28 December 2015 17: 01
    Comparison of the wedges, invented at the end of 1918, with the capabilities of the new BBMs is not correct, to a lesser extent, and gives the profanation of the very principle of comparing equal techniques under equal conditions in an equal field.
    1. kalibr
      28 December 2015 17: 53
      Sergei, you inattentively read and ascribe your thoughts to others. Nobody compared the wedge ... Where did you find that? This is an illustration of the way human thought went, that there were proposals ... and they were either rejected immediately, or after they were embodied in metal. Read in a row, not diagonally. And after that, you don't need to rush with the words "profanity" - it is absolutely useless! And besides, the T-27 was produced in 1931-1933. This is so, a trifle ...
  7. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 28 December 2015 18: 52
    "But already in one second, the on-board computer calculated the trajectory of the projectile,
    determined the place of impact and ... sharply increased the speed! ... //// "

    And if not a shell, but an ATGM with a GOS or active control, like Cornet or TOU,
    what to do? You can’t run away from him.
    KAZ cannot be replaced with a gas pedal.

    And with SAM, of course, it’s a whim — air strikers attack at heights or
    distances guaranteed outside the effective range of destruction of small missiles.
    And how many missiles can be stuffed into a tank?
    1. kalibr
      28 December 2015 20: 50
      Do I know how much? They offer ... Both KAZ and "gas" - everything in the complex is offered.
  8. aspid163
    aspid163 28 December 2015 19: 57
    Well, Ukrainians again for your own dislike you bring on Khokhlosites talk about lard or stronghold (advanced Ukrainians) I’m a patriot of my homeland, even if she’s not right she’s homeland she is a mother and therefore do not understand the advanced Ukrainians.
  9. aba
    aba 28 December 2015 22: 09
    Yes-ah-ah-ah ... Six zones are beautiful and quite convincing each in itself. But just a little remained - to combine them into one.
    1. A.Lex
      A.Lex 28 December 2015 22: 34
      And you get a hybrid of a snake with a hedgehog!
    2. izGOI
      izGOI 3 January 2016 20: 16
      For this, whole KB receive money. And to connect the zones together, and to technically implement this.
  10. All terrain vehicle
    All terrain vehicle 29 December 2015 09: 29
    Duc, officially there is no information that the armature has an active defense, namely, knocking off ammunition flying up.
  11. Termit1309
    Termit1309 29 December 2015 10: 13
    . And the more detailed the terms of reference, the military’s own vision of the topic, the better the result. That is what the British military wanted in the 30s of the last century to have a tank with round-fire and got ... "Independent"! And it turned out that the engineers didn’t backtrack on the terms of reference, but in the end they got a tank worthy of a museum - expensive and useless!
    Or simply the budget of the then MoD of Great Britain did not have enough money. But the funniest thing to come. Some engineers from a certain country - the USSR is called, on the basis of this project and this technical assignment created the T-35 project. But the military and the government of this country (well, the author just smiled at him) launched this triumph of madness in a series! Can you imagine?
    And this expensive and useless project even participated in the Second World War. And he’s generally stupid, even praised.
    But seriously, Dear authors, before you write something, well, please use at least Google. I did it a thousand times, it's not scary. And then your opus will not provoke the release of foam from the mouth of a less competent reader.
    1. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy 4 January 2016 21: 09
      Dear "more or less literate reader"! Foam at the mouth is serious, do not run, but it is not here.
      I have to disappoint you, even illiterate readers have seen enough on the T-35 in all forms, and the firing on aircraft from a machine gun tower was a pleasant surprise.
      By the way, the Independent was in service until 1941. He didn’t hit the battlefield, but ...
      Shame on our heads, except for the T-35 there is also the T-28 and T-29 ... Shame on the jungle.
      We drove on multi-tower and came to the conclusion of the need for breakthrough tanks, but single-tower. But the frugal ones laughed and abandoned the heavy tanks.
      Everyone studied, everyone prepared, and whoever studied as he finished.
    2. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy 5 January 2016 01: 43
      "And his stupidity, in general, was even praised."
      Why "praised" and now praise, not literate, but smart, able to think. Dead-end branch, yes, morally outdated, but with whom they fought. An avalanche of "first-class" all-European armored vehicles, armed with machine guns, 20 mm, 37 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm cannons, and as many as 700 T-4 tanks with the same short-barreled 76 mm, invaded. Naturally, our two 45 mm and 76 mm, albeit not well placed, look quite good. Armor at the level of theirs. The 50 mm cannon on the T-3 is more interesting, but this is on a new modification. Our mastadons fell mainly, like the T-34, victims of boilers, without gasoline and ammunition you can't fight a lot. Of the 50 tanks, only 7 were killed in action. By the way, I propose to stigmatize the Germans, they, you just think, in 1945. on one T-35 defended Berlin! Savages. So what?
  12. mAgs
    mAgs 29 December 2015 11: 55
    1.Inflatable rubber tanks of various shapes with a radio reflecting coating and even with “green grass” and “branches with leaves”. Inflating them, the tank will be able to turn into a rock overgrown with bushes or in a green hill! That is, to distort its signature and appearance beyond recognition!

    If these elements are attached to the armor and have radio-reflective coatings, this most likely means that the tank itself will be "blind". It seems to me that there are still no radio-reflecting materials "working" in one direction.
    2.and one second the on-board computer calculated the trajectory of the projectile, determined the location of the hit and ... dramatically increased the speed! At a speed of 60 km / h in one second the tank will pass 16,67 m, and in two seconds it will be so far
    When hitting from an ambush: "God save the crew" or what are the loads during such a maneuver? What to do with the infantry around the tank?
    With respect.
  13. Lekov L
    Lekov L 30 December 2015 17: 34
    It is interesting to observe the change in "concepts" in the development of tank building over the past 40 years.
    Thank you for the article. Interesting and a little funny.
    How is it "and with all this garbage we will now try to fly in" (c)
    That way the unit 6 zones will become more - a sort of Iron Kaput against the evil zusulov winked
    With respect and gratitude for well-chosen material.
  14. izGOI
    izGOI 3 January 2016 20: 10
    I am not a tanker, but an engineer. As a theory, the article is very good. And it’s written well. And, as for semi-fantastic examples, explanations of theoretical calculations, then in such an article their (examples) clarity is more important than technical feasibility. In the end, this is the task of designers.
  15. Stilet
    Stilet 3 January 2016 23: 28
    Now, if ... If my grandmother had eggs, she would be a grandfather. Why create and publish an article is not clear about what. You can't fit everything you want into one tank, and this is obvious. One gets the impression that the article is needed for a "tick", and this is no longer good for anything.
  16. remy
    remy 8 January 2016 16: 29
    tank "six zones" ....
    it's all wonderful of course, but today the most advanced is the T-14 Armata
    Well, air defense will be provided by Torah, Buki, Tunguska and S-300V4