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Pro service in a scientific company

Necessary preface.

The text is large. But it is easy to read, because he did not divide into parts, the essence is lost. I will not mention the authors either, because ... I will not, in general. At their request. This is the fruit of the collective labor of several people, but since not all who wrote have yet completed the return of the debt to the Motherland, their desire is completely understandable. So comments on this material, based on personal conversations, will follow, but somewhat later. (from the editors - R.S.)

This article presents an attempt to highlight the features of the service in the Scientific Companies of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, tested on a personal example. Unfortunately, we do not have complete information on all companies, however, we assume that it is unlikely that these unknown data will be very different from the available, in any case, in a positive way. The motive for writing this article was basically our desire to inform potential recruits who wish to enter the service in this unit about these features. Information from the media on this issue does not fully reflect what is happening.

We do not aim to "blacken" or "whitewash" this unit, but try to clarify, which will help the recruit to make a more adequate choice. During our admission to HP, we didn’t have this kind of information, and to some of us it would obviously have benefited.


Every human being is male in the Russian Federation, one way or another, over time, is concerned with the issue of military service on conscription. For many, the service ends with the passage of a commission at the military office and obtaining a military ticket, but most of the draftees are still sent to repay the debt to the Motherland.

Military conscription is in itself a rather controversial aspect of Russian life. In discussions about its feasibility, quite a few copies have already been broken. Recently, attempts of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense have been clearly traced, if not to eliminate the draft service, then at least to humanize it somewhat, which in our opinion is a very positive trend. Currently, in the army (in personal time) it is allowed to use mobile phones, a soldier receives a monetary allowance in the amount of 2000 rubles, a reduction in service life has significantly reduced the impact and changed the appearance of bullying - instead of beating, now increased physical exertion is practiced.

However, the queues before the military enlistment offices did not appear. A man who has just graduated from a university and who wants to work in his specialty, the army is perceived as an extremely annoying barrier. And this is fully justified, since leaving for a year in the Armed Forces is a great loss of the most valuable experience that must be gained in practice at the place of work, and gaining other “experience”, sometimes negative.

Very often, in the central media, a thesis was read about the need to fill the army with programmers. This was repeatedly voiced by the Minister of Defense at various conferences. In addition to programmers, the army needs civilian specialists of various profiles: doctors, motorists, chemists, radio electronics and many others.

Probably, in connection with this, the idea arose that it is possible to use the draftees more fruitfully for the benefit of the Motherland without detachment from their specialty, and later, after military service, also leave the officer’s position with the title. The idea is undoubtedly a beautiful one, but at this moment some questions already arise. For example, why not fill the places of operators of scientific companies with cadets of higher military educational institutions? Logically sound answers, in fact, two. There are not enough cadets, or the cadets are not sufficiently qualified. As an exotic option, you can consider the desire to "pour in fresh blood", providing a difference of views, due to training in different universities and a high "quality" level of operators, but this theory is divided into the contracting features described below. There are a lot of similar questions concerning not only the expediency of creating scientific companies, but also the possibility of ensuring their functioning on the current base available in the Armed Forces.


The order of departure to a scientific company is slightly different from that for the passage of military service. The differences are in the independent search for a suitable company, sending a resume with the required data, passing an interview and further maintaining communication with the officers responsible for recruiting operators. If these stages are completed successfully, the appropriate paper comes to the draft board and the future operator goes through all the standard procedures before sending the team from the collection point to the part where the selected company is stationed.

It is worth noting the following:

● The list of specialists required in scientific companies is somewhat broader than is usually given in official sources. Not only programmers and specialists in military or near-war machinery and equipment are in demand, but also in very many technical specialties: chemistry and chemical equipment, industrial automation, construction, automotive technology and many others. Many of the "techies" can try.

● information about the need for a mean score in 4.5 does not quite correspond to the truth: although a very large part has red diplomas, and the vast majority still have a score higher than 4.5, there were also cases of violation of the requirement, possibly due to different quality of diploma marks in different universities or others reasons. There is a competition for places, but so far, contrary to many statements, it seems to us, it is not so high.

● admission to the Scientific Company, distribution of summaries and other preparatory activities should be taken care of in advance. It should start after 2-3 a month before the call, that is, in July-August or January-February.

● before the final decision on the recruit service in HP, he is obliged to pass a medical commission at the recruiting station. Thus, there is a “dangerous moment”, so to speak, in which you are not yet sure that you have been accepted into a scientific company, but you have already got involved in a recruiting company.

● if you did not send out a resume and did not search for yourself a place for a scientific company, and the information reached you through the military registration and enlistment office, there is some probability that you will be deceived. At the level of rumors, there is information that some of the fighters were “lured” to recruiting centers supposedly to serve in a scientific company, but then they were sent to regular troops. Considering what was said in the previous paragraph, you should count on a certain, albeit small, probability that you will not be in HP.

After arriving at the company, the further life of the operator can be divided into two main parts: scientific activity and general military realities of internal service.


Conditions of service in the armed forces may vary greatly from one part to another. Some parts are considered “statutory”, which implies the unquestioning implementation of the statute, which may include some of its inflexibility, but at the same time guaranteeing the absence of negative aspects of service associated with various kinds of arbitrariness. In some parts, according to the information of the serving comrades, the observance of the statute is less controlled and all kinds of liberties, both positive and negative, are possible there. All of the following applies to the scientific company VUNC VVS "VVA", which undoubtedly belongs to the category of authorized parts.

Upon arrival in the company from the assembly point, the so-called KMB (course of the young soldier) begins at the draftee. During the month set aside for this event, the soldier does not engage in scientific activities. Instead, under the strict supervision of the senior conscription, the junior appeal begins to learn the different elements of service in the Armed Forces. It must be said that this is a rather difficult period both for the senior conscription, which bears upon itself the training of replenishment, and for the replenishment itself, since the differences in lifestyle that have occurred over several days are striking, which by default causes some discomfort. Upon completion of the course of the young fighter, the “typical working week” begins, which includes four days of classes with a supervisor, one day of general military training and a “weekend”.

The differences between the service in the scientific company and the service in the “standard” parts of the armed forces are not as great as it may seem: the daily routine is strictly observed, the driving of vehicles is forbidden, some are allowed to leave only if there is a discharge note or diminishing leave with a vacation ticket, uniform etc. The striking difference is the team.

All personnel serving in the service have a higher education, with the majority it is fairly easy to find points of contact. About any cruelty or violation of the rules of the relationship (in a negative direction), in such circumstances, there can be no talk. This is not to say that everything in the relationship is absolutely smooth. People serve, and this itself guarantees the existence of conflicts, however, these conflicts do not go far.

Another difference is the improved living conditions of the soldiers, who in the scientific company are extremely comfortable against the background of the conditions of service in other parts. The operators live in rooms on the 4 person. On the 8 rooms there are typical utility rooms for the barracks: washstand, shower, dryer, leisure room, sports. a corner, a household room and other rooms laid according to the charter. Appearance, in general, resembles a hostel. There is hot water in the shower (almost always), in personal time and in some other cases it is allowed to wash. The overwhelming majority have no complaints about the living conditions, although there are cockroaches and other animals, sometimes they are noticed and destroyed by the forces of dress or other soldiers.


Under the permanent composition refers to military personnel undergoing military service under the contract. The company serves as 5 officers, a senior warrant officer for the positions of company head officers and 3 contract soldiers from among the junior command staff (sergeants). There are also 3 junior commander posts usually formally filled with senior conscript recruits who may be filled with contract servicemen in the future. Contract soldiers are typical military men. These people have almost no relation to science. They are engaged in the control of personnel, monitor the order and the observance of the daily routine. Conversation with these people, in most cases (and preferably), should be limited to standard phrases: “Yes, for sure!”, “No way!”, Various reports on the required form, etc. Everything else said can be used against you.

Each of the contractors has its own distinctive features, both positive and negative in relation to personnel. So, some of them may temporarily release or mitigate the observance of certain elements of the daily routine by soldiers: those who have changed their clothes and are tired after work or competitions; hard busy preparing for some exhibition, etc. Others are more demanding and the daily routine applies to everyone during the days when this contractor is responsible for the company, which means his early arrival and departure home after the end. Someone may occupy the free time of the soldiers with some of their own whims, not too relevant to the daily routine, for example, compulsory viewing News on the central aisle, if there is a TV in each room.

Since there was no special selection of the commanders of the company, such things as a slip mate, excessive familiarity with respect to the personnel, are mundane. Insults of operators, nevertheless, no, no physical actions - all the more, that very much pleases.

According to many operators, such a number of commanders in a company is excessive. During the day, most of them do not understand what they are doing, apart from distributing comments, searching for prohibited things, such as tea or cookies, and otherwise killing their work time and nerve cells of soldiers. In addition, part of the work of maintaining company documentation falls on the shoulders of the operators themselves. The company does not require strict internal control in view of the specific personnel, in contrast to the usual or cadet units, therefore, service in it, most likely, is easy for the contract.

During the service, a special side was observed, apparently of the military as a whole - the impossibility of passing by something strange, not necessarily non-statutory, and not making a remark. Very often, just moving between the corps, you can run into a bunch of unreasonable comments and even rudeness, simply because of the small title and position. No doubt, there are a lot of good people, but the percentage of "Gopnik", perhaps even more than in the civil service and the rank of such comrades are located in the whole range.

When fired, in reserve, from some people had to hear something like an excuse: "It was my job, I'm sorry, if something is wrong!". It is worth noting that the crap on the soldiers poured extremely selectively. If the contractor had no desire to conduct a lesson or it was too labor-intensive on his part, then, at times, classes were not held.


As already mentioned, the daily routine in the unit is not much different from the typical army. The differences lie only in the fact that instead of military disciplines, from Monday to Thursday, time is allotted for classes at the departments of the VUNC Air Force "VVA".

The daily routine includes morning exercises in the form of jogging from a kilometer to three, with preliminary warm-up exercises. In the evenings, mass sports events are held, in which servicemen are engaged in selected areas - some play football / volleyball, some play on bars and horizontal bars, some run around. It must be said that the conditions of summer classes are not the best - a large number of people are accumulating on the shells, since some of the sites were dismantled to build new buildings for the academy and nothing appeared in their place. Winter is better - classes are held in the universal sports complex, where there is a gym and new volleyball or football grounds.

One of the problems (common for the army) is nutrition. Meat for lunch is most often given in the form of tendons, a piece of fat, or something that is not clear, but not meat. Periodically, in the distributions can be observed cockroaches. The dishes, judging by the presence of food debris on spoons, also do not wash well. This is most likely a typical military problem, which they tried to solve by hiring third-party organizations to provide food.

To the delight of soldiers at the meal, control dishes are set, on which all food looks as it should. On the control dish there is meat and other joys. A couple of volunteers are photographed periodically with this dish for reporting, after which they eat regular food. The “hijacking” of the control dish is a rare but joyful event.

Friday is a combined day. Before lunch, on this day, classes are held by a regular company. In the majority - this is scribbling of various lectures, which in the end will not be needed. You can view various documentary or educational films. For example, about Stalin in the framework of the United Civil Party from one of the local Stalinists conducting classes. Or about Stalin. Well, or still about Stalin.

Practical activity is almost there. Departure for shooting is performed twice during the entire service life, grenade launching by training grenades is carried out once, and the practice ends there.

After lunch, an independent preparation is carried out at 14.00, involving the study of the theory written in the lectures. Lectures and other sitting on chairs are basically just a simple time killing, because are not particularly useful to future officers, and even more useless civilians. According to the mind, it would be necessary to somehow divide these categories and somehow organize it more productively, but so far everything is very sad. It could be even sadder, with endless tests for RCBZ and digging trenches, but the officers, for which thank you, have some humanity or laziness to conduct these classes.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the performance of duty in a daily attire. What is an outfit, you can find in the charter of the internal service. 4 pragmatic services (two for each floor of the barracks) and one on duty are serving in the company. The outfit consists entirely of operators of a scientific company. Partial stand on the pedestal, make cleaning three times a day, the premises of the company assigned to them and do everything else that is required by the statute. The attendants monitor the implementation of the daily routine in the company.

Often, the media have heard that the soldiers no longer clean the premises themselves, instead of them civilian personnel. It is not true. Partial wash floors, clean taps and toilets, vacuum places with carpet, etc. In addition, the cleaning is done by joint forces of the whole company during PCBs on Saturdays. The territory has not been assigned to the company (for the time being), therefore operators have been freed from cleaning snow, sweeping dust, painting grass and other things.

Service in a dress is one of the main sources of army fun, either on duty or on duty, can strain any of the regular company staff (officers and other contract soldiers), giving him varying degrees of difficulty and feasibility of quests from picking up a teapot and additional intensive cleaning to items from the category of “go and I don’t know where, bring it, I don’t know what. ”

Especially piquant moment are the various kinds of checks and visits of the higher commanders or, often, reporters. On such days, some tightening of the nuts occurs. Detailed location inspections are made for various restrictions. PCBs occur spontaneously, regardless of how much time has passed since the last restoring order and its expediency.

During this period, the poor permanent composition due to some incomprehensible fear of superiors. Since it’s bad, it’s bad and variable composition. Along especially.

During the arrival of film crews, whole decorations unfold in the company. It cannot be said that everything is a production, something is not far from reality, but the desire to embellish is obvious. Interviews look in the best traditions, everything is fine and nothing else. The people are moved, the goal is achieved. Sometimes we hear from relatives who are not related to the service, how much scientific companies are needed and how much they strengthen defense capability. Those who served in the army and are familiar with the army method usually find themselves closer to the truth in their assumptions.

Special mention deserves and drill. You have to walk a lot. Every Tuesday there is an academic divorce with passing by the tribune, from which the head of the academy or his deputy bring all kinds of information. This passage, as well as preparation for the oath, are incentives to drill classes. These exercises are quite exhausting, especially exhausting that there is essentially no sense in these actions. Moreover, the classes themselves are built quite illiterately in comparison with, for example, classes conducted in the commandant's office with violators of military discipline. And nevertheless, the drill is one of the most frequent placeholders of the Friday general day.

It is also worth noting the endless, repetitive, identical briefings on the topic of safety, life preservation, various prohibitions and other things held on numerous constructions taking place every day. In the case of special incidents or misdemeanors, a separate instruction can be given to the personnel, which can be long, stubborn and exhausting, in the form of a kind of punishment. They punish, as is customary in the army all for one, even in those cases where it can in no way be effective.

There is a lot of time for personal needs in a company. In the evening, the servicemen are given about an hour - one and a half hours after dinner, the time after the departure of those dismissed in the second half of Saturday and Sunday are also available. On weekends, regular layoffs to the city are possible. At the same time, no more than 1 / 3 personnel are sent to lay-off, according to the regulations. On Saturday, firing lasts from 16 to 21 hours, on Sunday from 10 to 21. Sometimes, about once every 2 of a month, there is an opportunity to go to the daily dismissal (for a special reason!), The so-called “vacation”, which lasts from 14 hours on Saturday to 20 hours on Sunday. Recently, vacation requires the arrival in the morning at the “mark” in the subdivision by 8 o'clock in the morning Sunday and stay in the subunit until the end of the Sunday divorce between the 10 and 11 hours.


Part of the free time is occupied by various form preparations, such as washing, hemming, etc. Sometimes, in personal time, especially at KMB, additional classes on teaching everyday things are held. Also, depending on the person in charge, it is possible to forcely view the Vesti program on the central aisle with all the staff and other equally interesting and useful events.

Storage media, phones, tablets, especially personal laptops are prohibited. Telephones, officially, are allowed to use in personal time. The ban concerns academy cadets and soldiers, including operators of scientific companies. This is very strange, since nothing can be explained. The permanent staff of the Academy uses godless American iPhones without any problems. But the soldier’s phone that remains at the pillow during the night causes wild boils, up to the deprivation of layoffs or attire on a day off, with the possible content of the device in the company commander’s safe and other amusements. Nevertheless, everyone has a phone, many have a tablet, which allows you to read a book or watch a movie in your free time.

It goes without saying that playing sports in your free time is welcome. It is possible to engage in a sports corner or on the street, on the court.

Periodically, on weekends, there are various inclusions of compulsory physical training, often without special security of the conditions of this event, or some unplanned cleaning in connection with the arrival of the general or some kind of check, which most likely will not come at all, but it is better to be safe. A particularly piquant moment is watching on Sunday films from Mikhail Zadornov about the emergence of Slavs or another heresy in the old club on a CRT TV from a long distance.

It is not known how these events can be included in the plan.

Quite rarely, but going to the Philharmonic, local history museum, cinema or circus. According to previous appeals, earlier this happened more often, at the same time, officers, apparently, were bored and attempts to organize an excursion to the airfield to look at aircraft, at least once during their service, had success only after a very long making. " Everything is military. Taking the initiative in this regard is recommended.

Quite a large part of the personnel involved in the so-called "social work" of varying degrees of cheerfulness or despondency, which can take quite a large part of your personal time and to some extent "poison" your existence.

It includes a variety of chores (electrics, plumbing, photoshop!, Etc.), participation in various music and dance events, KVNs, work with wall printing, and so on. Some people like this social work, some don’t really agree that it is customary to designate an artist as a loader in the artist’s army, and sometimes as a painter as a loader as an artist, which causes an additional strong lower lumbar pain for some soldiers. Usually there are volunteers in the positions, however, if there are no volunteers, they will be appointed volunteers, so it makes sense to “cover up” your comrades, if you have some highly developed required skill. In addition, some benefit can be derived from this load, most likely insignificant, but sometimes pleasant.


Scientific activity, according to the order of the Minister of Defense No. XXUMX, is the main occupation of military personnel of scientific companies. Military training classes have been removed from the daily routine, and “scientific activity” has been added instead. In total, this case is given about 404 hours per day from Monday to Thursday. It turns out, about 6 hours per week. Outfits, jogging, thousands of different constructions have not been removed from the daily routine, which, in addition, reduces the already modest amount of time to work.

The result is, on average, less than 20 hours per week. Thus, cumulatively doing scientific work is equivalent to about 5 months to a typical 40 hourly working week, which you will agree a bit, given that you may spend some time on drawing up some kind of accompanying documents, writing numerous reports and walking on instances for signatures and other bureaucracy.

Operators are engaged in various areas under the guidance of senior officers and senior officers in rare cases, civilian personnel, usually colonels or lieutenant colonels, as assistant professors and professors of the Academy departments or scientific research centers located in the Academy. The supervisor sets the tasks and checks their implementation. Sometimes, tasks are completely unrelated to scientific activities.

For example, one of his colleagues learned how to cut with a grinder, paint, assemble furniture, wash carpeting, when it seemed to the scientific leader that it was time to put things in order at the department too. Even more frequent occurrences are additional “paper” tasks related to working with documents, arranging posters and other non-operator-related activities that are put by other officers in the departments, as well as occasionally company officers, at the request of outside officers. This is the exception rather than the rule, but it can happen to anyone.

There is almost no teamwork. One supervisor may be subordinate to up to three operators who may be engaged in completely different things. This is a particularly sad moment. Nowadays it is very difficult to do anything useful alone. Having trained people to develop, it would be much more appropriate to combine them to solve one problem. At the same time, sometimes there is continuity between the activities of operators of scientific companies of various appeals, which is a positive thing, although sometimes it leads to a complete inability to deal with all the previous operator and redo everything anew.

Using the Internet, as well as communications, is prohibited on the territory of the Academy. There are also many restrictions on secrecy, such as the use of unregistered media. Everyone understands that without the Internet, things will go very badly, and various options appear, for which officers are periodically dismissed from the armed forces and, one hears, sometimes imprisoned. In the event that a soldier falls on it, he will be sent to serve in the usual part, and the authorities will receive a penalty. This is one of the clearest examples of military logic in the provision of scientific activity.

The effectiveness of scientific activity is determined by the number of articles, rational proposals, participation in conferences, registrations of software products. The company command is constantly reminded of the increase in performance. The problem is that for the most part, these indicators in no way reflect the actual level of work and results. Articles are published in various "junk" collections, there are very few WAKs.

When collecting statistics of operators, a good VAK article of large volume can be equated to the same one, which is equated with a “junk” volume in the 1 page. Such a performance proposal will be added to the portfolio and go to the report on the work performed. Software products, sometimes, are one formula, programmed somewhere in Matlab, with a screwed GUI, which still does not work. This software is absolutely equivalent to reporting serious software that you developed during the year. The above is an additional factor in the motivation of operators for high-quality scientific work.

Periodically, soldiers go to various conferences. These include the 2015 Army, the Ministry of Defense Innovation Day, and others. Developments are presented to high individuals, up to the Minister of Defense. The preparation was grueling, as it seemed, longer than the development itself. In the event that a soldier was selected for one of such important events, he was expected to have thousands of rehearsals of reports, writing heaps of papers, preparing stands. About some reports can be read in the mainstream media. The scale of development is visible to the prepared specialist in two lines of publication. In the end, everything runs smoothly and everyone is generally satisfied.

All this, most likely, problems of the academy as a whole. It is very difficult to engage in scientific activities in military conditions, and this applies not only to soldiers, but also to teachers. In our opinion, it is almost impossible. As practice shows, weapons development is carried out in civilian enterprises. In the academy, users of these weapons are being prepared and science is likely to be stuck here insofar as the academy is, after all. Most soldiers are engaged in solving engineering problems.

Distribution in faculties and departments is a very strange way. A specialist in lasers may well be engaged in programming, and a motorist can sculpt electronic textbooks for cadets. Obviously, the approach is extremely irrational. This suggests that there are no conditions for the application of soldiers' knowledge and the purpose of their content is clear only to someone from the high command.


One of the “bonuses” of the service in a scientific company (the most significant), as they say in the media, is the possibility of concluding a contract with the Ministry of Defense and serving as junior research assistants. In the first call, the contract was signed by half of the operators, in the second - a little less. In the third - one third. In the fourth - 5 people from 29. In the last two appeals, the posts that were made available for distribution did not include junior research assistants.

They came mainly to places in the usual parts of the Air Force, among which for the last draft there was not a single post in Voronezh. Those who were lucky enough to remain in the positions of scientific workers, from senior appeals, mentioned that their scientific activity was over, and the work now consists of work orders, heaps of papers and other military and bureaucracy. Some were satisfied with their places. These guys went to serve consciously and their presence in the scientific work, or rather its absence, does not care.

Obtaining operators of scientific titles by operators after graduating from a civilian university and undergoing military service for one year in quite comfortable conditions sometimes rages wildly among some cadets, and sometimes officers in relation to current and former (now officers) operators. The cadets themselves, to put it mildly, do not, to put it mildly, shine with their level of education and knowledge, which, however, is rather the general tendency of education in the Russian Federation at the current moment. However, there are literate and reasonable copies, but extremely rarely. Particularly noteworthy is the participation of cadets in research work. One operator of a scientific company is able to make happy the inclusion of a couple of students in each of their articles / programs / rational proposals that they have never seen before. However, various officers include there in the same way.

Before being transferred to the reserve, measures were taken to agitate the operators to enter the academy as civilian personnel. Conditions promised, for many, quite juicy. The meeting was held by the Deputy Head of the Academy in a beautiful office. As it turned out later from civilian personnel, they didn’t see what they promised. Apparently, there is a personnel shortage in the academy and an attempt is made to fill it somehow.


As in the rest of the army, there is some problem in a scientific company with the untimely (or absent) extradition of some necessary for the soldier and the items assigned to him. This applies mainly to the elements of uniforms, ranging from chevrons, shoulder straps, and other trifles, ending with relatively expensive hats and shoes. Critical items are often issued with a big delay, small things are purchased at their own expense, sometimes strikingly sensitive to contentment in 2000 p.

The main items of equipment (field clothing, berets, duffel bags and part of their contents) are provided at the collection points, and not at the academy, so often the clothes are not suitable in size or of inadequate quality. Some of the operators acquired more appropriate form elements at their own expense, while some fundamentally did not buy almost anything. As a result, when an inspection occurred on the horizon, the missing or inappropriate appeared by the forces of the company foreman.

Repair of various household equipment (water supply taps and so on) and some consumables (light bulbs) scientific company provides a mysterious organization "Slav", or rather mostly does not provide. Not done, of course, falls on the shoulders of the operators of the company, which occasionally can even help the officers.

The apotheosis of charges for the needs of the company was the so-called “dembelsky chord”, when the command wanted to get a glass cabinet from the operators for storing company awards. They all left, wiped off, but the sediment remained.


Above, the team of authors tried to provide, as much as possible with unbiased and simple facts, information about the service in the scientific company VUNC VVS "VVA". It is clear that this is quite difficult to do, and it would be more possible only after a certain amount of time after the service. On the other hand, many negative points would be simply forgotten. It is human nature to forgive and forget the bad.

We believe that serving in a scientific company is the best option to spend a year in the army. It is, of course, easier to service in the usual part. However, illusions about the service in the parts in the air does not soar. A scientific company is a subdivision often mentioned in the media, and there are often common myths that have no relation to reality.

The year was spent with the sensation of some kind of theatrical performance like, for example, in a circus. People are kicking, saying memorized phrases, doing the same thing to no one, it is not clear why. Here you can recall the military tradition. But in the past years, the soldiers were let through the line and were beaten with sticks — also a kind of tradition.

Sorry about the loss of the year, of course, not worth it. New acquaintances, an outing from the comfort zone, strengthening the moral and physical condition - there are profits from the service. On the other hand, these utilities, in our opinion, do not override the negative aspects that have to face. First of all, with a significant discrepancy between the wrapper and the filling. Although there are people who are satisfied with everything. How many people, so many opinions.
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  1. Bayonet
    Bayonet 26 December 2015 06: 34
    As always, a good idea - the implementation of specific scientific and applied tasks by order and in the interests of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, was corrupted by window dressing and stupidity! request
    1. Consul-t
      Consul-t 26 December 2015 08: 28
      Thank you for the article. He himself wanted to send his son to a scientific company.
      But he got into the usual part as a programmer. He was selected from many of the graduate students at the military registration and enlistment office and sent to the unit.
      It serves normally. Of course, maybe there are some points, but he copes. Doesn’t say anything.
      Mom is happy.
      After reading the article, I remember our Chernomyrdin with his catch phrase "We wanted the best, it turned out as always"
      1. Shveps
        Shveps 26 December 2015 09: 21
        Quote: Consul-t
        Upon reading the article, recall our Chernomyrdin

        Scientific companies, tank biathlon, cancellation of belts and footcloths, a new set of summer field uniforms - an exact copy of ACU (Army Combat Uniform), sewn for the US Army but with a special pocket for iPhone, canceling jackets and trousers and introducing everyday (office) uniforms, which is almost an exact copy of the American and most importantly, the replacement of 4's stars on the shoulder straps of the army general with one large one - the Marshal.

        Chubais pretends to be engaged in technology, Medinsky, under the guise of taking care of culture, conducts online polls, Shoigu plays biathlon tanks, Navalny pretends to be an oppositionist, and Bastrykin pretends to try to put Vasilyeva, Livanov and Skvortsova reformed education and healthcare to death. Yes, and Yeltsin apparently only pretended to have retired and died.
        And what is happening with Russia at this time?
        1. Aleksandr Tot
          Aleksandr Tot 26 December 2015 18: 51
          your phrase, i.e. your question "What happens to Russia at this time?"
          I will answer you - not your mind! Those. There is work, but no mind.
      2. gjv
        gjv 26 December 2015 10: 29
        Quote: Consul-t
        remember our Chernomyrdin

        Chernomyrdin was a dude, a kingdom of heaven. He approached, greeted him on duty, talked on different topics.
        A completely different impression of the current. For example, Ivanov SB, is wandering past the aisle and head off, turning up and to the side, as if angels are laying bricks with his portrait there, and it is very important for him to make sure that not a single brick is put upside down. bully
        1. vladimirZ
          vladimirZ 26 December 2015 15: 08
          So what? Who was right when he wrote and said that all this mess with "scientific" and similar companies is an empty idea, both in terms of using "scientific brains" and in terms of training reserve officers?
          The organization of these "scientific" companies, etc., comes from ignorance of the initiator of their creation, army service and the specifics of training reserve officers.
          I wrote before and I am writing now. Why “reinvent the wheel” in training reserve officers?
          This system was in the military departments of civilian universities in the USSR, it was tested during the war years, in the postwar years it has been improved for decades.
          Now it was only necessary to clarify this Soviet system of training reserve officers at military departments in state civilian universities, transfer it to the terms of competitive selection and concluding a contract for the future 2-3-year service.
          Those not trained in military departments and fit for health service, to call up for military service on call in the usual manner.
          And then no "scientific companies" will be needed and show off with them.
          If necessary, the lack of staff officers, it remains only to call up reserve officers trained in military departments under the contract, with much greater benefit for the Army and Russia.
          1. gladcu2
            gladcu2 26 December 2015 16: 22

            I will add from myself. Which he graduated from the university and served 2 years.

            Firstly. One year is not enough.

            Minimum 2. This fighter who wrote the article absolutely does not understand why the army is needed.

            One of the phrases. Quote.

            And this is quite justified, since leaving for a year in the Armed Forces is a great loss of the most valuable experience, which should be gained in practice at the place of work, and the acquisition of other “experience”, sometimes negative. "

            After this phrase, further reasoning is clear.

            Soldier, you had no experience at this point. You had an education.
            Experience is obtained only with time and not necessarily in the direct specialty.

            Soldier, the army is a difficulty. This is not a friendly environment for your habits. And the sergeant is obliged to instill in you habits that will make you part of this environment. Therefore, sports, therefore nitpicking. Therefore, the daily routine.

            Personally, I would roughly punish the sergeant for justifying himself before the demobilization. The sergeant is required to demand and seek the full and correct execution of the order. If a soldier has nothing to occupy. Then this occupation needs to be thought up.

            Soldier, there may be tasks in a scientific company that are not according to your qualifications.
            If you are a chemist, you must be made a programmer. If you are a physicist, then you will be forced to develop an enterprise management system. At what in the form of a software application.

            In general, the environment and tasks will give you the first life experience. And at the same time, I argue that 1 year is very small.
            1. NIKNN
              NIKNN 26 December 2015 21: 51
              In general, the environment and tasks will give you the first life experience. And at the same time, I argue that 1 year is very small.

              In general, the reasoning is correct, but individual psychology must be taken into account, and not from a textbook on general psychology.

              vladimirZ (2) RU Today, 15:08 ↑

              So what? Who was right when he wrote and said that all this mess with "scientific" and similar companies is an empty idea, both in terms of using "scientific brains" and in terms of training reserve officers?
              The organization of these "scientific" companies, etc., comes from ignorance of the initiator of their creation, army service and the specifics of training reserve officers.

              It seems, too, is right. However, I had "biennials" in my submission and in their specialty, only they had one goal, to serve and to dump (one remained from memory, and then because he got married). As I understand it, scientific companies go to serve (of course, not all, but a larger percentage) and the purpose of their creation is precisely to attract brains to the army and create conditions for them.
              I am for this idea, but I think the rest will settle down over time. drinks
            2. Asadullah
              Asadullah 26 December 2015 22: 07
              One year is not enough.

              Today, service is a gentle acquaintance of children with military affairs. I can’t even evaluate whether this is good or bad. I recall the study in Chirchik, corns in the most incredible places. They simply squeezed a citizen out of us like juice from a tomato, in the remainder of zero. Four months, and then two more after the first clash in Gardez, which made me a soldier for life. And you can’t burn it with anything, either with red-hot iron or acid. Even those who did not connect life with the army remained the same soldiers. No answer, good or bad. There is no answer, I would like this for my son.
          2. user
            user 26 December 2015 19: 43
            Those not trained in military departments and fit for health service, to call up for military service on call in the usual manner.

            I wrote before, and now I am writing, I have not been a cadet and an officer for Shoigu, and there is still no understanding of the service, although as an organizer of such a search it is necessary to be lucky in this MO. But these ideas are scientific companies, and a lot more of what it is from a misunderstanding of how the service takes place at the very bottom, i.e. in ordinary units and subunits, but not in the Arbat military district, well, he did not serve either as an urgent or as a lieutenant, there is nothing to add. Although there is a Soviet experience with the resolution of this type of problem, but there is no need to "promote" what would be on TV, but on all channels, but more often. the result of this kind of PR is not the true goal.
            I wanted to write something completely different, to analyze all these remarks, so to speak, but I remembered that the fish rots from the head.
            And what is especially touching
            since a one-year loss in the Armed Forces is a big loss of the most valuable experience that should be gained in practice at the place of work, and gaining another “experience”, sometimes negative.

            Although they all come after graduation from the university as they say "what they mold out of them will work."
      3. Aibolit64
        Aibolit64 26 December 2015 19: 11
        Af_ftor of the article is typical Ch_M_Oshnik. His drool in sugar which he presents as an in-depth study of the army team is a moan of nerd and not the words of a SOLDIER. soldier
  2. Vadim_2
    Vadim_2 26 December 2015 06: 40
    I didn’t go beyond the first paragraphs. Tedious and verbose.
    1. Mik13
      Mik13 26 December 2015 06: 56
      Quote: Vadim_2
      I didn’t go beyond the first paragraphs. Tedious and verbose.

      In this case, usually refrain from commenting. Minus put your comment.
    2. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 26 December 2015 07: 11
      Quote: Vadim_2
      I didn’t go beyond the first paragraphs. Tedious and verbose.

      A lot of sloff? Then to you, my dear, not here, but to the bashorg. It's more fun there. They don’t write much there, short jokes at a machine gun pace.

      Eight words, but the relation of man to the army is visible. Rather, it is clear that there is no relationship. A military ID was received at the military registration and enlistment office; is there no way to serve because of a plane copy of level 80?

      To bashorg .... To the garden ..... There is nothing to defame a branch if the intellectual and educational level does not allow anything to be said in the case ...
    3. gladcu2
      gladcu2 26 December 2015 16: 43

      The nature of the article shows that the person who wrote the first steps in life wrote.

      I carefully read to the end. From the first paragraphs, it became clear that the lad would have to edify and interpret the truth of life.
      And I read it to the end in order to understand its character, level and to draw a conclusion for myself whether these scientific companies are needed.
  3. Zoldat_A
    Zoldat_A 26 December 2015 07: 02
    Very amused about the scientific work. And so I knew that everything would turn into another window dress and improved reporting!

    And the author writes about how they beat in the army before and how all this is now replaced by physical exercises. Maybe the author is not in the know, but in the Soviet, for example, the army, they also not only broke ribs. There were parts where everything rested on a fist. I served an urgent VERY long time, but I had to fight 1 time in training. After that, there were no attempts to beat me. But then, in the regiment, I clearly understood that failure to give military honor to the deputy commander of the regiment entails a punishment of 5000 push-ups with interruptions, and not what is written in the Disciplinary Charter. laughing

    I myself am a "boot", i.e. in college after an urgent, but my friend, with whom we sat at the same desk, entered the "baumanka". He studied, then worked in some scientific research institute, something there, either with armor, or with tanks, chemically. As a result, we both became majors at 34, only he - in reserve and wore boots for a month at the training camp after college. And God forbid! If a person can help the army with brains - what should he do in the barracks? There will be without him, someone in the mountains with a gun to run. Let him sit in a research institute behind a kulman (or what are they sitting there for now?) And make life easier for those who run through the mountains with a gun.

    Here it is always like this - first they break it, and then they begin to wander in the dark in the hope of collecting broken and scattered parts. Why invent another "stick-reporting" staffing unit? After all, everything had already been invented before. A defense university, a month of training, and then either a reserve lieutenant at a research institute or a design bureau, or a "jacket" lieutenant in the engineering department of a military unit. And no matter in this context, he walked in boots or not. I repeat - according to the UWB, there is someone to jump without it. And he, if he knows how and was taught to do this, let him make life easier for someone who runs on the UWB - the machine will make it 100 grams easier while maintaining or even improving the performance characteristics - it’s no longer rubbing his pants. All not flash drives to mark with a marker ... negative

    For me, all this fuss with scientific companies for some reason suspiciously resembles a protracted comedy with an exam. I'm afraid that the result will be the same ....
    1. SlavaP
      SlavaP 26 December 2015 23: 54
      I totally agree! That not very long period when students were not taken into the army and almost every university had a military department seems to me optimal. Another thing is that there were too many universities, to put it mildly, and they did not always train and not quite engineers - but that's another story. I myself am a howitzer artilleryman, the last training took place thirty years ago. But - I recently downloaded the "Handbook of a Ground Artillery Officer" for joke ... be surprised how many things I still remember! I am sure that if something happens, I will become a panorama and in a couple of hours I will restore everything I need.
  4. servant.
    servant. 26 December 2015 07: 15
    At the very beginning of the creation of these companies it was said that they were hopeless ... but PR was in the first place in the Moscow Region ..... money was spent, titles and awards were received, the result was zero ... but who cares ...
    1. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 26 December 2015 07: 29
      Quote: serviceman.
      At the very beginning of the creation of these two companies, it was said that these were hopeless

      But aren’t their legs growing from there, where did outsourcing come from? When tankers, according to the big stars, should technical support be called on the battlefield to replace a broken truck?

      If the scientific companies are just another zigzag of "optimization", then everything is clear ... These thoughts were prompted by this
      Repair of various household equipment (water taps and so on) and some consumables (bulbs) provides a scientific company mysterious organization "Slavyanka"or rather, basically does not provide.
      Serdyukovshchina undergrown? am
      1. Platonich
        Platonich 26 December 2015 07: 49
        In my opinion is this company associated with Vasilieva?
        1. Zoldat_A
          Zoldat_A 26 December 2015 08: 07
          Quote: Platonitch
          In my opinion is this company associated with Vasilieva?

          Here I am about that. It must be "pure and innocent of anything - the age of freedom cannot be seen" for a girl to live on something after prison ... am And the "white dove" Taburetkin was not used to living on one salary either ...

          No wonder corruption is compared with oncology. The tumor was excised (?), And metastases throughout the body already ....

          However, Shoiga inherited the inheritance ... With uncle iron balls - to accept such an inheritance ... Another would say - it is better to be a cattleman on a farm than to rake Serdyukovschina - less manure ....
      2. servant.
        servant. 26 December 2015 08: 54
        So then, alas, this is already the brainchild of Shoigu .... do not bring everything to Serdyukov ...
        1. Zoldat_A
          Zoldat_A 26 December 2015 10: 19
          Quote: serviceman.
          So then, alas, this is already the brainchild of Shoigu .... do not bring everything to Serdyukov ...

          Some of the Serdyukov witches have already been tried for "Slavyanka". And "Slavyanka" was created by Serdyukov-Vasilyeva. What does Shoigu have to do with it? His only fault is that he did not immediately disperse this thieves' shop.
          1. servant.
            servant. 26 December 2015 10: 46
            Shoigu created scientific companies .. Well, the Slav woman was renamed in 2015 and she works further .... why didn’t they disperse it?
          2. Zoldat_A
            Zoldat_A 26 December 2015 13: 51
            Quote: Zoldat_A
            And "Slavyanka" was created by Serdyukov-Vasilyeva.

            Already two disagree that "Slavyanka" was invented by Taburetkin?
            Decree of the President of Russia “On Open Joint-Stock Company Oboronservis” dated September 15, 2008 No. 1359 marked the beginning of a reform of the supply and service system of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. In pursuance of the Decree of the President of Russia “On the Open Joint-Stock Company Oboronservice” dated September 15, 2008 No. 1359 on the basis of the order of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation dated April 30, 2009 No. 296 “On the Establishment of the Open Joint-Stock Company“ Slavyanka ”, OJSC“ Slavyanka ”was established .
            By definition - SUCH activist could not do ANYTHING. Especially if it passes by his pocket.
    2. atalef
      atalef 26 December 2015 10: 25
      Quote: serviceman.
      At the very beginning of the creation of these companies it was said that they were hopeless ... but PR was in the first place in the Moscow Region ..... money was spent, titles and awards were received, the result was zero ... but who cares ...

      We have quite a few of these companies.
      1. servant.
        servant. 26 December 2015 10: 45
        maybe there is, show me where. In Israel, then in Israel ....
      2. gladcu2
        gladcu2 26 December 2015 17: 03

        The discipline in the Israeli army is very mild, so to speak.

        You have 3 years of service, this is the norm and society takes it for granted.

        For 3 years, scientific companies can give state projects.

        In Russia, society is perceived an increase in service with hostility. Society is morally negative about military service. It is believed that this is an irreversible waste of time. The state cannot reorient the consciousness of citizens. But everywhere mass media creates a negative image of the army.
    3. gladcu2
      gladcu2 26 December 2015 16: 57
      Servant, zoldat A

      It means so.

      You're not right. Scientific companies are needed. And they are needed even with a longer term and tougher discipline.

      The purpose of scientific companies is an educational process that prepares people for life, including the lives of public servants. Not officials, which resembles a commercial option, but civil servants. This is the preparation of a generation for the forms of state development.

      It is foolish to assume that scientific companies will give a practical and practical need, in addition to a purely educational one. The practicality of using these young soldiers depends strictly on the project manager. And the year of service of the soldier does not allow the project manager to use the potential of the soldier.
      Since before taking cham from a soldier, you need to properly train him to complete the task. Therefore, you need a minimum of 2 years of service and rotation of managers so that current tasks are performed according to the qualifications of the leader.

      The officers of the company must as much as possible withstand the real army daily routine, with all the army's "nonsense".
      1. user
        user 26 December 2015 19: 59
        You're not right. Scientific companies are needed. And they are needed even with a longer term and tougher discipline.

        Sorry, why?
        Well, there are specialized research institutes of the Ministry of Defense, so any MNF will give odds to any of the scientific companies, because they come after a university for only 1 year. The whole question, why? To whom they are interested as specialists immediately after graduation, they are all like a white sheet of paper, which you write will be, but ponte. If there are not enough specialists in any research institutes, then organize the All-Russian contest for filling positions, now there are so many literate and young people who can’t get a normal life (After all, the country is not only Moscow and St. Petersburg). It used to be a distribution, but now most programmers are stupidly bookkeeping and dream of an interesting and normal job. And it will be much cheaper and more effective than sorting out a bunch of people in the hope of finding someone there.
        1. gladcu2
          gladcu2 26 December 2015 20: 10

          The answer is hidden in your question. Because they are a white sheet. In scientific companies, along with the army drill, the principles of the organization of scientific and industrial activity are laid.

          There is a hidden pitfall in your comment. It’s right not to choose a leader in the form of competitive substitution. Correctly appoint the head according to departmental or corporate need.

          These games of democracy, in search of justice in the scientific community, often impede progress. The scientific environment must be tamed to discipline. To the responsibility of not performing favorite duties.
          You know, saving time.

          And this is exactly what scientific companies do by laying the right moral.
  5. Nikonor
    Nikonor 26 December 2015 07: 32
    Exposing army dullness and fraudsters is always helpful. Great article!
  6. Balagan
    Balagan 26 December 2015 07: 59
    Interesting article. I think that everything is written truthfully.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 26 December 2015 17: 22

      The article is written truthfully. And it is clear that the young man wrote.

      But Shoigu should draw conclusions.

      I would do the following.

      1. The command of the companies to strengthen discipline in the companies through a more strict implementation of the daily routine. Work with sergeant staff. The creation of additional army duties, for example, in addition to company outfits, should be outfits for the kitchen and park facilities. A soldier in outfits must have difficulty. This will increase the level of responsibility to supervisors with the punishment system in the form of extraordinary outfits.

      2. To increase the level of army subordination and with the transfer of this subordination to the scientific community. Academic supervisors should be primarily army officers, and then supervisors. To exclude in every possible way familiarity, the transition to a personal level of communication.

      3. Increase the life of soldiers. For those who show the necessary potential in developed projects. Based on voluntary forced motivation. Which means receiving state benefits upon entering the civil service after the order of continuing to participate in the project. Put a soldier on the maintenance of an initial civil servant.

      3. If scientific projects will not be enough. Create artificial themes for creating projects. Since the task of scientific sweat is the first education of civil servants. Education of the young generation and addictive communication skills in a non-friendly environment of real teams.

      4. Strengthen the responsibility of unit commanders in the education of officers, in the conditions of correctly assigned tasks to scientific companies. Create closed online communication forums for officers as a form of exchange of experience. The task of such forums, without identifying the interlocutors, is to conduct a dialogue aimed at improving the work on the implementation of the task.
  7. Riv
    Riv 26 December 2015 08: 19
    Good, good article. The army in Russia has always been considered the elite of society. Even the gray-footed infantry, which Bunin most clearly described, had an idea of ​​honor and dignity. How does it say? "We quickly learned this at the front!" Undoubtedly, military education is not superfluous for anyone. I can’t resist one more quote: "Military art - Oinskoye art - is an important state matter, the basis of birth and death, the path of life and death. It is impossible not to study it."

    But I cannot agree with the need for some special scientific units in the army. Research, yes, perhaps. But this is the level of the military academy. At the Academy of the General Staff - at least organize a division. And one or two companies "for smart people" would rather do harm. It is impossible to single out the elite, to the level of which the rest will never be able to rise.

    For example, a convoy brigade may, if its commander has such a desire, have combat effectiveness, like that of an airborne assault force. This is not necessary, but this level of training is in principle achievable. Accordingly, the long-standing feud between the BB and the landing is, in principle, the feud of equals. Today you beat your face, tomorrow you. Equality and battle fraternity. And if some speysmarin looks at you like shit, then people of the second grade will have no desire to raise their level.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 26 December 2015 17: 38

      Young people who have served in the army are distinguished by a special morality. This moral unites first of all. Those who could enter the university should be given the opportunity to receive this moral unity. The country must raise generations as a whole. The concept of the elite should go away as a representation of the official image of the public service placed on a commercial basis.

      A universal appeal with the right perspective in mass media lays in a generation a unifying state morality.

      That is how army draft should sound. The country and the people are one.
  8. Dragon-y
    Dragon-y 26 December 2015 08: 31
    Some kind of kindergarten ... The authors have found an easy way to "skip" from NORMAL service - at least, this impression was made.

    Those who served well know: "In the army they don't use foul language, in the army they use foul language! .." :)
    1. Archon
      Archon 26 December 2015 11: 38
      but readers have learned how it really is. it’s good that I didn’t get into that in 2011
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 26 December 2015 17: 41

        You were unlucky. And you write with a high degree of regret. Because they didn’t fall into the midst of those who passed army difficulties with honor.
  9. astronom1973n
    astronom1973n 26 December 2015 08: 45
    In general, a kindergarten and a circus! Efficiency = 0!
  10. shurup
    shurup 26 December 2015 09: 09
    "Personnel hunger" is the key phrase. In this case, stupid pastime in scientific companies leads to staff shortages in ordinary units, where an intelligent technician soldier, in the end, unwittingly receives additional pedagogical education. It is a pity that not the skills of working with a female or mixed team.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 26 December 2015 20: 32

      You are a mix of concepts. The army gives no choice in work. The army is obliged by order to carry out exactly 99% exactly what you don’t want to do.
      Therefore, scientific companies are more likely a system of educating youth for their subsequent use in government structures. This is a strategic look into the future.
  11. greenk19
    greenk19 26 December 2015 09: 48
    All the same, the companies are working ... I generally thought that they were created for the "golden youth", so that the child of a high-ranking official would spend a year in the army without hardships and hardships and with comfort. After reading the article, I was once again convinced that in the army any good idea would be defiled and perverted, but they would report back and take credit for it. Once I read an article (unfortunately I did not save it) about the Russo-Japanese War and it said that the generals very disapproved of the adoption of machine guns due to the high consumption of ammunition per enemy compared to a bayonet. So HP will either be leveled with the support units or they will finish after a while, well, if Margelov does not appear.
    PS And every soldier should be able to clean up after himself, otherwise he will look for who will shoot for him, run, etc. ...
    1. aiw
      aiw 26 December 2015 18: 49
      It’s good when a serviceman can run, shoot, work on the military-industrial complex and still clean up after himself. It’s bad when he can only clean - and they don’t seem to teach anything else ... In case of war, what will the fighter do? Reflexively paint grass? Jump on the nightstand? Or rush to wash the floors?
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 26 December 2015 20: 39

        Military personnel are taught to execute orders without reasoning. This is the army. And they don’t give you a choice.

        Drill. Cleansing sort. Sporting holidays in the cold autumn rain on weekends when time is leave-time. Bathing day at 3 a.m. Swinging square and wearing round. Peeling potatoes next to a potato peeling machine, old shabby knives until 12 at night in an order of 15 people.

        These things make an army an army. But the goal is one. The soldier must be able to carry out orders, and the commander must be able to trace the correct and timely implementation.

        Only in any other way.
      2. t7310
        t7310 27 December 2015 16: 14
        Quote: gladcu2

        Urgent service should have difficulties and a sea of ​​negativity. It’s just impossible in another way. A soldier is being prepared for war, not for a holiday.

        so prepare losers with enduring depression. and call everything by their proper names - meat is prepared for defeat and not for victory. they are taught to peel their potatoes. wash floors and so on. to the winners
  12. AX
    AX 26 December 2015 10: 01
    "Some of my free time is occupied by various preparations of the uniform, such as washing, hemming, etc." What kind of collar? What army does he serve? negative
    1. servant.
      servant. 26 December 2015 10: 42
      Do you think that the gateways are gone?)))
  13. aviamed90
    aviamed90 26 December 2015 11: 18
    And now let's recall how we were assured of the need for scientific companies to increase the country's defense capability by our top leaders of all ranks.

    И что же?

    What is the result?


    And on this site there were heated discussions on scientific companies.
    And the forum users (on the basis of personal experience) expressed quite reasonable objections and doubts, backed up by quite solid arguments related to the need for such companies as part of the RF Armed Forces.

    By analogy with the scientific ones, it was even proposed to form agricultural companies in the army and navy (I also want to eat in the army) and foresters companies (to form partisan detachments and take camouflage science to a new level).

    All these objections were not taken into account by anyone, and doubts were completely erased.

    Opponents assured us that such companies would tidy up archives of all levels and digitize them, search for our fallen soldiers, create computer viruses against adversaries, and some (especially gifted) with only high schools could work in closed laboratories of the research institute Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and receive scientific degrees for this.

    Laughter with laughter, but the result of all this venture is zilch (for the RF Armed Forces) and a method of excuses from active military service (for citizens of military age).

    And now everything is clarified ...
    Wasted a lot of money and time. Many young people are fooled by promises and assurances about "scientific activity" in the army.

    And whatever one may say - for them 1 year of life is lost. And even more stupid than if they served an urgent.

    And the question arises in the competence and professional suitability of the leaders who started this whole circus.
    1. Altona
      Altona 26 December 2015 12: 41
      Quote: aviamed90
      Opponents assured us that such companies would tidy up archives of all levels and digitize them, search for our fallen soldiers, create computer viruses against adversaries, and some (especially gifted) with only high schools could work in closed laboratories of the research institute Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and receive scientific degrees for this.

      It turns out that they crossed a snake and a quivering doe. If you put a stupid major or a thieving ensign at the head, then the result will be the same, regardless of the mental, sorry, intellectual development of the subordinate personnel. I really thought that such units would have a slightly different profile and be under the auspices of military science. But the authorities, as usual, tried to pack a normal idea into a combined-arms "tarpaulin". A sensible check will come and disperse this circus. There is little sense.
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 26 December 2015 18: 23

      Companies share a positive result in several areas.

      1. You gave constructive criticism. And I in particular agree with you. But a negative result also has a positive meaning and acts as a form of further development. And where to develop and what to do I will say next.

      2. Companies fulfill their role as a means of educating youth. See the reasoning in my comments, I will not repeat.

      3. Further development of the mouth is possible through the following steps.
      Find out the direction and work order of the curator of the system of scientific companies.

      Find out how the work on the selection of personnel and the motivation of scientific leaders at the level of company administration is organized.

      To reorient the organization of the company in the correct selection of supervisors with a specialized organization.
  14. Captain Angry
    Captain Angry 26 December 2015 11: 36
    The article is good. There would be more such views “from within”, different, controversial, but not “varnished.” Such articles are very necessary for objective coverage of affairs in the army and society.
  15. Archon
    Archon 26 December 2015 11: 40
    In general, this is not at all what we wanted to see ...
  16. serverny
    serverny 26 December 2015 11: 55
    the conscription service itself is a rather controversial aspect of Russian life

    did young liberalists write?

    The conscription service is the only thing that can ensure the country's defense and combat stability in the event of a major war. Any country with a purely professional army, without a mobilization reserve, is doomed to surrender immediately after the loss of 20-30% of professionals who have no one to replace.

    PS I somehow doubt that people who go to scientific companies do not realize that, in fact, this is another way to get away from combat service. No need to pretend to be such stupid idealists with zero information, "I do not believe".
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 26 December 2015 18: 31

      You correctly described the moral and media basis of the Russian society. This basis needs to be changed.

      The image of a soldier of a scientific company should be presented as, first of all, a soldier. A soldier who steadily endures all the hardships and deprivations of army service. The direct military specialty of such a soldier is to serve the state with participation in scientific projects as low-level executors.

      First of all, you need to give a correct and understandable definition of a scientific company. Otherwise, we get what we have.
      Kindergarten mixed with army men and jackets without a single idea of ​​the tasks.
    2. aiw
      aiw 26 December 2015 18: 37
      There are states in the world with highly combat-ready draft armies - for example, Switzerland and Israel. Do you know how they are fundamentally different from the Russian Army?

      1) No combat training (in Israel, Switzerland, if at all), no hazing, virtually no household work - the whole time of the service is devoted to combat training and only combat training. Shoot from the belly of all weapons.

      2) REGULAR re-collection (EMNIP once or even twice a year, two weeks, with maintenance), and as a rule, fees as part of its unit.

      The result is known - these armies really have a huge mob reserve of highly skilled fighters. Which of those who served in the Russian Federation 10 years ago will be able to give out something reasonable in case of war, if he was twice at the shooting range in time immemorial and the rest of the time he painted grass, washed the floor and stood on the nightstand? What is the relationship between drill training (which was very relevant during edged weapons and flintlocks) to the combat effectiveness of modern troops?
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 26 December 2015 18: 48

        In Sweden, the mob reserve, only after passing the army.

        Army, make the army only discipline. This moral consent is subject to orders. Obey orders can be taught by driving a soldier through a system of difficulties. This system should create a negative perception of orders, while realizing the inevitability of its implementation.

        I do not know how in the army of the Russian Federation. I well remember the army of the USSR. Mob reserve in the USSR became the army for two weeks at the training camp, with the work properly assigned to the unit commander. It all depends on the command of the unit.

        Urgent service should have difficulties and a sea of ​​negativity. It’s just impossible in another way. A soldier is being prepared for war, not for a holiday.
        1. aiw
          aiw 26 December 2015 19: 00
          The Swedish army is very difficult to consider as a role model.

          But what difficulties should it be at household jobs? Difficulties in military training are not suitable?

          For two weeks, the infantryman can remember which way to shoot and how to throw a grenade. It will already be difficult for the driver. I don’t even understand about any high-tech troops. Well, EU, but no combat coordination. What will turn out in the end may be a formation in the parade, but not fight effectively.
          1. gladcu2
            gladcu2 26 December 2015 20: 48

            Difficulties in military training are associated with serious costs. There is money, there will be difficulties. No money, there will be economic work.

            But difficulties should always be, daily, every minute. Otherwise, the army does not happen. She will not be.
            1. aiw
              aiw 26 December 2015 23: 22
              Sorry, but you are talking about some nonsense with a sadistic bias ;-(
              "I am the boss, you dig from the fence to lunch" mb. made sense at the time of massive bayonet attacks, but not in scientific companies, and certainly does not make any sense now. The IDF realized this a long time ago (it was a matter of survival there) and has been successfully shaggy neighbors in the tail and mane for 60 years. The Swiss realized this long ago, and they have the most efficient army in Europe. This simple truth will never reach our generals ...

              If you really want to, there are 100500 ways to create difficulties close to military training for very modest money, but every minute difficulties are absolutely not necessary.

              Even with economic TK, what is happening in scientific companies is complete insanity. ZP programmer graduate with no work experience of about 50 tyr / month with a normal 40-hour working week. The costs of its maintenance are unlikely to exceed 20. If the fathers-commanders create Horn and Hoofs OJSC for riveting sites on military topics on a puff-puff basis, and this will be much more useful for both the Motherland and the fighters, and will give a profit of 30tyr units / month with shaved tops.
              1. gladcu2
                gladcu2 27 December 2015 21: 41

                I rarely carry nonsense, in the sense of not often.

                Are you the author of the article?

                Some programmers do not do production.

                The Israeli army does not teach its soldiers well to obey orders. Discipline is not there.

                Before, and if you get to work (God bless you), you will go through army teams. One year to you, fate will not break. And the state and society, after your service in the army will be of much use. And not because they expect creativity from you, but because umvas will be a common moral with those who served in the army too. And then, God forbid, you imagined writing yourself into the elite.

                Programmers. GUI writers.
  17. Stinger
    Stinger 26 December 2015 13: 07
    A friend of Schweik, a freethinking Marek, even fought with the Magyars, and here is a solid imitation of scientific work.
  18. user3970
    user3970 26 December 2015 13: 32
    I have accumulated several questions: 1) Could Serdyukov create a new harem in place of the new service in exchange for the defeated? 2) everyone who has any hopes for the Minister of Defense Shoigu didn’t wonder why he wears a hero’s star? Does everyone remember that he entered the inner circle of YOBN? didn’t they forget how, thanks to the reduction and reorganization of the state of forest firefighters, the Minister of Shoigu burned all of Russia several years ago? That the Minister of Defense has no military education and did he take the military oath? what is the difference between civic spar serdyukov and civic spac shoigu?
    1. servant.
      servant. 26 December 2015 13: 46
      they usually put their hats on your questions .... it’s easiest to blame everything on the hated Serdyukov (he did a lot of good) ..... it’s easier to think this way ....
  19. moskowit
    moskowit 26 December 2015 16: 07
    "... The cadets themselves, to put it mildly, do not shine with their level of education and knowledge, which, however, is rather a general trend in education in the Russian Federation at the moment. However, there are literate and reasonable specimens, but extremely rarely ..."

    Do not flatter yourself, with the current and continuing education system, it will be even worse ... Unfortunately, very much.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 26 December 2015 18: 39

      The criticism is correct. But to give up, this is done without a fight. For generations to fight. His state must be protected and protected. There will be no state, there will be chaos. Want chaos?

      The article was written by a young man. A person who sees problems, but does not find their solution.

      The adult generation must find answers to the questions of the young and give them the right instructions on how to resolve the situation.

      To say that everything is bad and everything is lost is to surrender your state to the enemy.
  20. theaszone
    theaszone 26 December 2015 16: 57
    1. About scientific activity, or rather its absence, I can say the following: 70% of the operators have it, but in some departments (mainly the 7th faculty of LA), work is proceeding quite well, cooperation with related organizations (OKB dry, salute, GLITS and others), the results of the work of operators are applied in practice.
    Some operators are trained in advance, at another 4-5th course of the university, they provide materials for study, and are brought to work. But this is an exception.
    The article does not indicate that there is a computer class in the unit, some (units to be more precise) guys in their personal time continue to be engaged in scientific activities there. Some continue to work on projects that they were engaged in as a civilian. There are ideological ones but few of them.
    Many operators are called upon to help write a dissertation.

    2. With each new call, the number of operators who came to the company to receive stars and who wanted to stay in the academy in any position increased, naturally putting a bolt on science. Naturally, the number of operators with kinship ties also increased. Therefore, the authorities closed the shop with posts in the academy.

    3. The fact that there are no scientific cells is nonsense. In the extreme call was for example a cell test engineer in 19tr! Nobody wanted to go there! 19th category and even test bonuses! Well, what can I talk about. Positions from the GLIC come to almost every issue of the call, representatives of other parts where there are scientific cells for selecting people come. There are cells, another thing is that no one goes to them because of the desire to stay in the academy ....

    4. Loss of the year - for anyone. Who did nothing during the year and was engaged in pseudoscience (70% of the composition) - yes, a loss. For the rest, this is an opportunity to improve their qualifications as an engineer and participate in real engineering / scientific work.

    The authors of the article are apparently just offended offspring who were not taken to academic cages, who had wasted a year, decided to belch out their insult in this form. The article says that in the last call, 5 out of 29 people left for the contract. Only before the shop with academy posts closed, there were more than half of those who wanted to stay in the armed forces .... thoughtful guys jumped off ...

    I myself went through military service in this unit, I have no regrets about it. I stayed on a contract and serve in the scientific department, I deal with topics in the specialty which I received at the university and worked as a scientific company in it. I’m not serving in the academy and I’m happy with everything.
    1. aviamed90
      aviamed90 26 December 2015 18: 00

      I would like to clarify - what do you mean by the term "military science"?
      The whole question is in terms and definitions - right? I would like to speak the same language so that there is no confusion.

      So you write:
      "... help with writing a dissertation" (as if it were an end in itself!), "... the opportunity to improve their qualifications as an engineer and take part in real engineering / scientific work" (and where are the interests of the country's defense capability?).

      So are you an engineer or scientist?
      If you are an engineer, then the defense industry is closer to you.
      Of course, it is related to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, but still this is not a military science.

      And since it is generally known that military science consists of such parts as the theory of military art, management and the theory of military organizational development, the theory of military training and education, the theory of military economy and rear (this is from the All-Union Communist Party of the Soviet Union), the question arises - in which of the areas of military science they work scientific companies (those 30% of "good" and 70% of "bad" operators (as you called them))?

      Can you name these areas?
      And most importantly, what are the specific results of such "scientific activity"?
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 26 December 2015 18: 58

        You have posed a correctly formulated question. Seen by a specialist.

        It would not be bad if you took B, some direct participation in the projects of scientific companies.

        It seems that there are clearly not enough specialists.
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. aiw
      aiw 26 December 2015 18: 44
      As a person engaged in scientific activity for 20 years, I can say for sure - no matter what these guys are doing, this does NOT have a relationship with scientific activity. A real scientist is primarily different from, say, a locksmith in that he works 24 hours a day, even in a dream, the subconscious mind twists the task from all sides. Science requires comfort. primarily psychological.

      Under the conditions described, it is impossible to do science normally. To simulate scientific activity is probably what happens.
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 26 December 2015 18: 54

        These scientific companies are not created as a project for the development of science.

        This is a system of educating people on a state scale, to educate the right state morality.

        Look at things with a broader generalization.
        1. aiw
          aiw 26 December 2015 19: 03
          From the point of view of yelling people, this is pointless.

          1) too few educated

          2) only people with technical specialties are brought up, which the state university is sorely lacking and who could spend this time with much greater benefit

          3) as a result of "upbringing", the educated understand that the state we have is fucked up. Of course, it is useful to take off your rose-colored glasses, but if they went to work in their specialty for civilian life, education would be much better.

          If you so want to take up education, start with a gopota, and provide graduates of technical universities with work in their specialty, normal housing and housing.
        2. The comment was deleted.
    4. gladcu2
      gladcu2 26 December 2015 20: 56

      It makes no sense to expect a practical result from the army in all areas of life.

      Your reasoning is pseudo-faithful. On the one hand, you reason logically, and from my point of view, you are laying timed landmines in the reader’s mentality.

      Your line of reasoning is based on a wrong point in the application of logic.

      An army for draftees is, above all, a system for acquiring or continuing education. This is a training system. This is what creates a unified state moral. What creates like-minded citizens does not depend on social level, education, religion, etc.
  21. Ajevgenij
    Ajevgenij 26 December 2015 18: 08
    Interesting article. Shows that any tree can be bureaucratic. If there is no clear connection between the process and the result, then everything turns into a props. Creating the appearance of learning is not learning. If the leader of the older generation is incompetent or does not care for him - the picture will be unambiguous as in the article.
  22. WERSTA.
    WERSTA. 26 December 2015 20: 02
    And to take the initiative to correct matters in a scientific company is weak. There used to be such a concept "Disciplined freedom of a naval officer" Disciplined freedom in a scientific company is also possible. Probably somewhere there is a provision on scientific companies. A scientific company without elements of free thought is impossible. In my opinion, this is a kind of copy of the Beria sharashki, where scientific ideas were born and developed. It is difficult to imagine the combination of the words science and company. There are thinking officers in the RA. And Shoigu himself does not shy away from a reasonable approach to the development of innovations in military affairs. It is necessary to correct affairs and order, which does not suit reaching the very top. Yes!
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 26 December 2015 21: 02

      Solving your problem at the modern level is much easier. There is no need for senior officers to accept criticism. It is enough to create a closed online forum for communication without ranks and positions. Moderators, of course, will have to follow the proper organization of the forum, so as not to create ugly creations like a censor.
  23. tolancop
    tolancop 26 December 2015 23: 03
    Scientific companies, IMHO, fiction, to put it mildly, unsuccessful ...
    If there is a subject that is of value as a scientist - he has nothing to do in the barracks, letting him work for defense on a civilian - there will undoubtedly be more benefit.

    I didn’t like the article. The author is inconsistent and sometimes does not see the relationship of events, does not want or is incapable, it doesn’t matter Example? Easily !!!

    "..It is also worth noting the endless, repetitive, identical briefings on the topic of safety, preservation of life, various prohibitions and other things, carried out at numerous constructions that take place every day ..."

    But how else to drive into stupid heads what is possible and what is impossible? Only so, and not otherwise !!
    ".. In case of special incidents or offenses, a separate briefing of personnel may be carried out, which can be long, persistent and exhausting, in the form of a kind of punishment ..."

    Like this ... hammered-hammered daily, but, apparently, it doesn’t come anyway, since an emergency happens. We have to increase the onslaught ...
    "... They punish, as is customary in the army, all for one, even in cases when it can in no way be effective ...."

    But it’s almost decided to come off civilian boots now ... The army is a collective thing by definition.
  24. Prutkov
    Prutkov 26 December 2015 23: 03
    It could be expected. In just one year, you can’t imagine anything really useful. And the supervisors in the departments are right, not trusting them with anything serious. I think that it would be rational to use, especially specialists in technical specialties, in the maintenance and repair of modern equipment. After all, it is no secret that today the equipment in the troops is too complicated. And it is not necessary to hope that the driver-mechanic conscript will fully master the technique. Field repair teams are needed, which in parts would carry out certain routine maintenance and current repairs. Why not create such visiting brigades on the basis of the VVZov and manufacturers. In these brigades, knowledge, but not skills (after graduating from universities for former students is not enough), soldiers of scientific and technical companies could be useful. In general, this idea needs to be developed in practical terms.
  25. sleeping sayan
    sleeping sayan 27 December 2015 11: 59
    How lucky for today's conscripts. 90 years have passed.
  26. snatch
    snatch 27 December 2015 20: 39
    Why, the authors, did not tell about the fact that some of your colleagues, thanks to a fortunate coincidence of circumstances, ended up in this unit, while even if the Motherland demanded under the pretext of death, they could not help military science in any way. But what is there to science, the locks on the toilet doors could not be made. One fingers like a fan - snot bubbles, the second all the tasks that the supervisor gave him, poured to his friends for "civilian life", and the result was presented as his work. At the same time, he indignantly asked why there were no posts of scientific workers. And it is correct that no. You would not give anything useful for even the slightest advancement in military science.
    It's a shame yes? Therefore, hide your names?
  27. woker
    woker 27 December 2015 21: 16
    which is written ..
    do you believe that ?? operators of a scientific company damn,
    this is a report of a prince
    where is GB ?????
  28. Warrior2015
    Warrior2015 28 December 2015 00: 22
    Despite the show and the poor performance, the idea is excellent! And I can confirm on 200% - HOW HAVE HAPPENED TO THE PERESON CALLS - they are going to serve as a whole in a normal army, where they will not die of starvation, but will become normal soldiers, in contrast to 90x.
  29. pts-m
    pts-m 2 January 2016 12: 20
    The article is interesting. And as usual at all times. service in HP is like a game ... catching fish ... on a “magnetic fishing rod” and in troubled waters. The best thing is to serve HONESTLY in an ordinary company with a school of life than in a greenhouse in terms of conditions. spent time.