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Taken glory, or Inglorious Army of Ukraine

Taken glory, or Inglorious Army of Ukraine

Poroshenko and his camarilla in their feverish actions to destroy the past and clean up the Ukrainian memory reached a new frontier. Renaming cities, villages, streets, destroying monuments, liquidating books and their authors is not enough for them. Former sergeant of the Soviet army Poroshenko reached the militaryhistorical the memory of the army.

From now on, the whole history of the Ukrainian army fits into several stages: descent from the Cossacks, service in the Polish registry, as part of the Austro-Hungarian army, service to the Wehrmacht and the SS and the “heroic” punitive operation against their own people. It fits into these stages, since past victories in the Soviet period were also taken away from this army.

Because they do not need the current Ukraine. In Poroshenko's entourage, they certainly understand how red the banners of nominal regiments and divisions in the neighborhood of Bandera Zhovto-Blakytnost and Bandera in American camouflage look marasmically. More ridiculous, red banners are combined with the Nazi symbols of the Ukrainian army "samizdat" in the form of all sorts of ducks, bunches and do-it-yourself ...

* * *

Decommunisators came to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Border Guard Service, the National Guard (created instead of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine). 19 November was published presidential decree number 646 / 2015, providing for the exclusion from the names of military units references to the Soviet orders, honorary names. The names of the orders of Kutuzov, Suvorov, Red Banner, Red Star, October Revolution, Bogdan Khmelnitsky ... are removed from their official honorary names ...

More than 80 military units, subunits and institutions took the names of Nakhimov, Alexander Nevsky, as well as honorary names that were obtained for victories in the Great Patriotic War, for operations in Hungary 1956, Czechoslovakia 1968, in Afghanistan.

Read into the list of items that delete from the history of parts and divisions.

There are no longer Breslav, Budapest, Warsaw, Vistula-Oder, Volgograd, Galatsk, Königsberg, Chisinau, Moscow, Mukdnensk, Novgorod, Orsha, Pomeranian, Prut, Riga, Ropshan, Sandomierz, Tallinn, Fokshtan, ...

Thus, the 54-th separate Guards reconnaissance Prut-Pomeranian Order of Kutuzov, Bogdan Khmelnitsky and Alexander Nevsky battalion became simply "54-m separate Guards reconnaissance".

Surprisingly, another Guards title was left (on what grounds?). Left several divisions name "Sevastopol." Here the logic is clear, however, Geletey is already gone, who promised a parade of victory in Sevastopol ...

And Ivan Kozhedub, Alexander Pokryshkin and Sergey Korolev were lucky, whose names were also left to the units and institutions. Until.

The names of Peter Franco, Vasily Petrov (not mentioning that he is twice Hero of the Soviet Union) were left.

There are units, divisions, and institutions that have left “Ukrainian names” - the names of Danylo Galitsky, Peter Sagaidachny, Ivan Vyhovsky, and also Igor Momont who died in the course of “ATO”.

That's the whole "Ukrainian" list.

It would be logical if only the names of "Ukrainian heroes" were left. But who can now explain the logic of those involved in the creation of (state-building)?

* * *

With a stroke of a pen, the army loses its real military glory, remaining only a tool for the extermination of the civilian population and the militias of Donbass. Stars changed to Galician quadrangles, conscience - to the hryvnia, now the history of their parts change to unconsciousness.

It is curious where the red banners of combat units will go? They will not be taken to museums - UINP will not allow. Is that in the museum of totalitarianism and the Soviet occupation dragged? But then the question arises: who liberated the USSR, the USSR and the countries of Europe during the Great Patriotic and World War II?

On the other hand, do the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Border Guard Service, the National Guard, need these banners, these orders and these heroic names?

Practically all of the Ukrainian army lost all the combat exploits of their ancestors and their fellow soldiers from the past, killing their fellow citizens, shooting children and old people. Do punitive need banners and orders of the past?

So, maybe Poroshenko is right to deprive the punitive regiments of orders and names, castrating their fame?

Take, say, Ukrainian Aviation (now the former 114th Tallinn Order of the Red Banner Brigade, the 204th Sevastopol Tactical Aviation Brigade) that bombed the residential neighborhoods of Lugansk, Donetsk, Enakievo. After their missiles tore apart the kids, the officers could shoot, but they, like Colonel Andrei Fandeev, for example, proudly screw the Poroshenko Branzlet into their uniforms.

It would be ridiculous if the 25-I Guards Moscow brigade of transport aviation, which threw the punitive in Lugansk, would continue to be called "Moscow". And the 456-I Guards Volgograd Order of the Red Banner brigade of transport aviation would still be called "Volgograd".

It is surprising that after the losses, enormous for aviation, these units Poroshenko did not deprive the ranks of the Guards.

* * *

Now on the ground.

The 80-I of the Red Star Airborne detachment of the brigade (commander Colonel A. Kovalchuk), based in Lviv, not only “became famous” for their exploits against the old women of Sukhodolsk, but also by joint operations with the Aydar battalions and the Zholobandera army Kolomoi. By the way, the militia beat them about.

The 93-th detached Guards Mechanized Kharkiv brigade of the Order of the Red Banner, the Order of Suvorov and Kutuzov was marked by bloody traces in Selidovo, Karlovka, Pervomaisk, Avdiivka and Pesky. This is their commander Colonel Mikats disgraced Givi.

17th Separate Guards tank Kryvyi Rih of the Orders of the Red Banner and Suvorov brigade fought in the village of Lugansk and near Donetsk. It is they who call themselves "cyborgs." Why do cyborgs have Soviet orders?

1-I separate guards tank Novgorod orders of the Red Banner, Kutuzov, Bohdan Khmelnitsky, Alexander Nevsky, the brigade managed to war almost all Donbas directions. And there was a bit too.

The 30-I separate Guards Mechanized Novograd-Volyn Rivne Order of the Red Banner and Suvorov Brigade was formed in Samarkand as the 83-I Cavalry Division. Famous on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War and disgraced in the Donbas. This brigade destroyed the Saur-Grave, destroyed Kramatorsk. This brigade was defeated in Debaltseve.

A similar fate, only in Zelenopole, was waiting for the 72-th separate Guards Mechanized Krasnograd-Kiev Brigade of the Order of the Red Banner (commander Colonel A. N. Grishchenko).

Back in 1918, the legendary Guy Guy Iron Division was created. Her combat path is the history of the Soviet army. After 1991, the division remained on the territory of Ukraine, the 24 separate mechanized Samara-Ulyanovsk, Berdichev, Iron Orders of the October Revolution, Suvorov, Bogdan Khmelnitsky, three times of the Order of the Red Banner named after Prince Daniil of the Galician Brigade formed from it. This team cleared Slavyansk, Krasny Liman, Yampol. By the way, also suffered heavy losses.

* * *

Ukrainian artillerymen are a special topic, because on their hands there are rivers of blood of unfortunate residents of Donetsk and Lugansk cities.

The Grad rocket launchers, the Tochka-U rocket launcher, the Msta, Hyacinthus, and Astra artillery systems, at the command of Ukrainian commanders, generously bombarded their fellow citizens with deadly metal and phosphorous shells.

The 55-th Separate Budapest Order of the Red Banner, Bogdan Khmelnitsky and Alexander Nevsky Brigade (commander Colonel S.E. Brusov), 15-th Guards Rocket Artillery Kiev Order of Lenin, Red Banner, Bogdan Khmelnitsky and Artillery Kiev Order of Lenin, Red Banner, Bogdan Khmelnitsky and Alexander Artillery, Kiev Order of Lenin, Red Banner, Bohdan Khmelnitsky and Alexander Artillery, Kiev Order of Lenin, Red Banner, Bohdan Khmelnitsky and Alexander Artillery. The Leningrad Order of Kutuzov, a regiment from Kremenchug ... It was their guns that hacked Gorlovka and Artyomovsk, demolished residential areas of Lugansk.

At one time, the 128-I separate Guards mountain-rifle Turkestan-Transcarpathian twice brigade of the Order of the Red Star was considered the pride and elite of the USSR Armed Forces. At one time, during the USSR, she effectively participated in almost many military operations, in which real heroes served. Now she is known for her inglorious capitulation to Debaltseve, which in Poroshenko’s headquarters is considered to be a kind of special “victory”. And still the mountain shooters from the Carpathian woodes were noted in the Donbass by merciless looting, like, in fact, motorized infantry, and "aeromobiles".

And of course, the deprivation of the order and the honorary unification earned Poroshenko a separate Kiev Order of the Red Banner presidential regiment (formed at one time in Moscow as the 290 th motorized rifle regiment of the USSR internal troops).

The regiment was renamed for the second time, for, ironically, since September 1943, it has been called Novorossiysk. And it looked already trolling!

* * *

By the way, in such a speedy pursuit of cancellations and renames, sooner or later, units and subunits of the current Ukrainian army will have to abandon their guards titles, St. George ribbons, which are found on almost all chevrons. And then from the vests, krapov and blue berets - because it is the property of another army and another memory.

This is in the event that HISTORY does not render a different verdict both to the state and its army, letting them away from the colonial administration and the nationalistic policy of Kiev.
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  1. Hubun
    Hubun 28 November 2015 07: 09
    This is how it turns out that about my 5th Zvenigorod Guards Red Banner Order of Suvorov, 2nd class airborne division information, the salagi will not know what 169 outs will be. In principle, it was already called that way in the late 90s, but there was information about the combat route of the unit on the central parade ground and at headquarters. Now they’ll strip it, too, the story of the glorious deeds of the division can be exchanged for feats against its people.
    1. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ 28 November 2015 08: 29
      History of crooked mirrors. Well, who would have thought that the famous Russian military units and formations, for the sake of the observational instructions of the "appanage princes" of Dill, would throw away their military orders and names, and turn into faceless punitive gangs destroying the Russian people.
      Although why "who could have thought." After all, this was planned long before that, at the time of the destruction of the Soviet Union, by the treacherous leadership of the country and their followers in the post-Soviet fragments of the great country, as well as their overseas masters.
      So that everything is logical and consistent, unfortunately.
      1. sagitta25
        sagitta25 28 November 2015 09: 02
        Let them do what they want. Already fed up with Ukraine. In Russia, and so many problems were not enough to look at Ukraine too. If they can prosper, I will say that the young people if they rot, then I will say that it is not true that they did something. But why write about Ukraine every day?
        1. Tatyana
          Tatyana 28 November 2015 10: 56
          The Pentagon, through the acts of the national traitor of Ukraine, Valtsman reshapes the APU under NATO - i.e. under the USA. At the same time, the Pentagon cannot preserve the memory of Russian military prowess in Ukraine!
          The Pentagon has a plan - with Russia WAR!

          Therefore, in a Pentagon, everything is done quite logically! Namely, a complete and final brainwashing is carried out in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
          First in Ukraine, by decree of Valtsman, the national traitor and protege of the Pentagon, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are turned into the executioner of their people in the ATO against the DPR and LPR. They stain military honor with a crime against their people.
          Then physically clean the APU from the conscientious military professionals of Soviet training, who are suspected by the Bandera authorities of disloyalty to the fascist Kiev regime.
          Nowdepriving the Armed Forces of Ukraine of all the signs of Soviet military valor as a national historical memory of the peoples of Ukraine, the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are turned into armed zombies, in whose brains the Pentagon will write its personal history only on the basis of the "valiant" occupation by the Americans - on the GORBU of the Ukrainians (!) - against Russia.
          No wonder Valtsman was already trying to declare, as it were, the second official language of Ukraine - English.
          1. Will
            Will 29 November 2015 17: 20
            Today, every Ukrainian has a choice - to be with a Russian brother and build together the world of kindness and love, or even a "highly paid" US paper, Bogus bastard or Ivan, who does not remember kinship. The choice is for everyone, gentlemen-comrades.
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. avdkrd
          avdkrd 28 November 2015 12: 04
          Quote: sagitta25
          Let them do what they want. Already fed up with Ukraine. In Russia, and so many problems were not enough to look at Ukraine too. If they can prosper, I will say that the young people if they rot, then I will say that it is not true that they did something. But why write about Ukraine every day?

          Unfortunately, this non-state has a common border with Russia, and the main imperative of the Kuev junta is to create tension with Russia. By and large, the gang that seized power in Ukraine has already exhausted all the possibilities and only one way to escalate the conflict remained in their assets. Ukraine is no longer a state - a cross between the American colony and the Wild Field. The term economy does not apply to a country that has destroyed and destroyed ALL of its industry and agriculture. For the gang, the authorities have one way to get political and financial support from the West - to continue the war against their own people (already former) in the Donbass and to bring this war to a new level. The soil is already being prepared and with high probability there will be a large-scale provocation in the Crimea. Unfortunately, twenty-five years of fooling and rewriting history also yielded their results - the Ukrainian people do not consider themselves Russian and not at all fraternal. One hope is that the instinct of self-preservation will turn on among the people, otherwise denazification will fall on the shoulders of Russia.
          p / s It is for this news that Ukraine needs to pay attention to.
        4. xan
          xan 28 November 2015 20: 18
          Quote: sagitta25
          If they can prosper, I will say that the young people if they rot, then I will say that it is not true that they did something. But why write about Ukraine every day?

          And I need to write. I see every step of the rotting of this unfinished. And rightly so, an abscess was revealed, and now everyone can see everything. And they cannot flourish, how can one live with such karma?
          And with us everything remains as before. You read the names of the parts, so already +1000 to the force.
      2. An64
        An64 29 November 2015 11: 08
        An article was written with pain in my soul. I, too, I will say so, do not like historical unconsciousness. Moreover, during my military service after training, a little (a little less than a month), but served in the Iron Division in Yavorov ...
        But after reading all the comments, a desire arose to express my opinion, which differs from the prevailing here.
        So, a country that wants to completely renounce its Soviet past, quite logically should have renounced the glory of the Soviet Army. Note, I say - it is logical, leaving out of brackets "right-wrong" in our understanding of this situation. Moreover, the Soviet Army itself had such an experience - we always considered 1918 to be our birthday and no connection with the tsarist army. Only now they are somehow clumsily trying to return this connection. Why is it clumsy - yes, because when passing by the General Staff, when I see a soldier on the gate with a sticker "Semyonovsky regiment", I understand that Semyonov's men did not imagine that way.
        Now about the red banners. And you know that in the Russian army combat banners are now not red, but mostly white ... The old red banners are left as relics, but they are not combat. Has anyone read the new clause on the combat banner? Now, it turns out that when a battle banner is lost, a part does not disband (and here they wrote that having taken away the order it is necessary to disband), but a new battle banner is simply made ...
      3. Will
        Will 29 November 2015 17: 15
        Time always puts everything in its place - the dying dies out, the dignified to live - will survive.
    2. botuala
      botuala 28 November 2015 11: 07
      I agree that they will not know (they will not remember) about military unit 54181 (111 rbr), and the brigade commander became a general during the transition to the Turkmens, in my opinion it is deserved.
    3. SveTok
      SveTok 28 November 2015 17: 18
      That's right that they removed. at least they will not ban their merits in the heroic struggle of our grandfathers with the fascist and Bandera scum by their insane, bestial actions, and it will be clear who freed the world from the brown infection, and who shot their own in New Russia.
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 28 November 2015 19: 05
        Quote: SveTok
        That's right that they removed. at least they will not ban their merits in the heroic struggle of our grandfathers with the fascist and Bandera scum by their insane, bestial actions, and it will be clear who freed the world from the brown infection, and who shot their own in New Russia.

        Everything goes to erase from memory the mention of Russian or Soviet exploits, they cannot allow mention of the exploits of those whom they hate. For the sake of breaking the people, they specially trample on the history connecting the nation. And they invent new feats, call the Debaltsevskaya division and come up with a crushing victory, the people who fought there is no one to tell the truth to. And down commanders will be ardent admirers of tales and direct participants in the events will vehemently talk about a new, crushing victory over the scoop.
        I can’t imagine what kind of monster they will grow up in Ukraine, if now healthy men who grew up during the USSR, brought up on that ideology, so zealously destroy their fellow countrymen in Odessa, Mariupol, Lugansk, Donetsk ............. .to who will grow up on these nonsense, not having brakes and morality? This is the sunset of the nation, not a revolution of virtues.
    4. Valiich
      Valiich 29 November 2015 20: 21
      Tear off and plunder their Glory, they themselves are not worthy. Such great order-bearing names, names they do not need. The Order of the Sineburmaline twice finished and not conquering Yatsenyuk here is their name! God forgive me for the beloved review of these ...
  2. Russian Uzbek
    Russian Uzbek 28 November 2015 07: 26
    to sculpt Kozhedub and Pavlichenko on billboards, calling them "heroes of Ukraine", in my opinion, this is already a shiz ... some kind of alcohol-drug intoxication ...
    these people being alive would kill the current "heroes" in batches
  3. Senior manager
    Senior manager 28 November 2015 07: 39
    Advance - A very ancient country of Ukria, and the military units were created the day before yesterday, and they have no military way, it will be difficult for the ideologists of Ukria to cover up white spots and inconsistencies in the history of the military.
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 28 November 2015 07: 42
    Already the offal, itself, must be renamed to Petska from Roshen!
    The land is very rich in non-fallow lands, and not only with black earth, but also with prikud.kami, such as Petsk and Co. laughing
  5. Riv
    Riv 28 November 2015 07: 44
    The term "disenfranchised" takes on new life ...
  6. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 28 November 2015 08: 17
    283 guards self-propelled artillery Warsaw Red Banner Orders of the Suvorov and Kutuzov Regiment
    This is in the event that HISTORY does not pass a different verdict to the state and its army. Thousands died to become Heroes. And how can a few, under the dictation of "uncle", abolish and forget all this. The soldiers fought for our homeland. And their memory is eternal. And "that's" where these "gentlemen" grabbed so many awards when there has been no war since 1945.
    1. anfil
      anfil 28 November 2015 08: 57
      And "that's" where these "gentlemen" grabbed so many awards when there has been no war since 1945.

      Do you take a closer look at these orders (enlarged)

  7. Darkness
    Darkness 28 November 2015 08: 58
    There is simply no bottom. Solid hole.
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. igordok
    igordok 28 November 2015 09: 28
    There are no longer Breslav, Budapest, Warsaw, Vistula-Oder, Volgograd, Galatsk, Königsberg, Chisinau, Moscow, Mukdnensk, Novgorod, Orsha, Pomeranian, Prut, Riga, Ropshan, Sandomierz, Tallinn, Fokshtan, ...

    But 76 DShD as it was Chernihiv, so it will be. And God forbid, if she again has to free Chernihiv from the Nazis.
  10. Nymp
    Nymp 28 November 2015 09: 32
    There is NO story separate from Russian glorious military victories! And so I want! That's where the insanity comes from in the new history of Ukraine. Traitors and fascists are whitewashed in white and fluffy, and heroes and anti-fascists, only for their connection with Russia, become blackened outcasts. Well, well, the story of a lie will not last long, the truth will come up, and then what? The return of the heroic titles to the parts that defiled their banners with fascist symbols and the blood of Donbass? Oh well!
  11. Egoza
    Egoza 28 November 2015 09: 33
    wassat but now we’re re-arming .... well, almost by NATO standards, but we’ll take it, we’ll win fame ....
    The 28-th separate brigade of the Armed Forces entered service with a battery of restored Soviet B-4 howitzers of the 1931 model of the year, a military blog said.

    And then how! plans - a lot!
    The famous Ukrainian Nazi instructor of the Donbass battalion Dmitry Reznichenko said that Ukraine needs to destroy the Chinese cable layer, which is laying the energy bridge to the Crimean peninsula.

    And finally! We entu to Russia ....

    The deputy group on the separation of the Caucasus from Russia with the name "Free Caucasus" was created in the Verkhovna Rada. Relevant news at a meeting on Friday announced the vice speaker Andrei Parubiy.

    Officially, the group’s goal is “to promote the national liberation movements of the North Caucasus”.

    The head of the new deputy association was the elderly son of UPA commander Roman Shukhevych Yuri Shukhevych.

    Ordinary members include the wife of the former leader of the UNA-UNSO Oksana Korchinskaya, the infamous Vladimir Parasyuk, deputies Igor Lutsenko, the son of the poet Yuri Rybchinsky Evgeny Rybchinsky and Yaroslav Markevich.

    Here ukroarmiya will earn fame ...
    1. revnagan
      revnagan 28 November 2015 11: 14
      Quote: Egoza
      Here ukroarmiya will earn fame ...

      "...... ..d" (Lavrov's quote). This is terrorism at the state level. am
    2. Lelek
      Lelek 28 November 2015 12: 53
      Quote: Egoza
      The famous Ukrainian Nazi instructor of the Donbass battalion Dmitry Reznichenko said that Ukraine needs to destroy the Chinese cable layer, which is laying the energy bridge to the Crimean peninsula.

      Hello, Elena.
      All this mess with the undermining of the supports by Jamil’s earhooks is nothing but a racket. Here is an excerpt about this:
  12. asar
    asar 28 November 2015 09: 37
    But isn’t it easier to rename itself VSU to KSU - the punitive forces of Ukraine?
    Since there is no longer any Officer Honor, the goblins buried all of Memory! They caught her in the war with the Donbass, lowered them below the cesspool!

    Former Sergeant of the Soviet Army Poroshenko

    Eh,! There is no way to "look ahead" - if only to know if you are a petite in the SA, they would teach you to love the Motherland, until your last breath, teach you, fuckin 'coffee, to respect Russia and be in love!
    1. rotmistr60
      rotmistr60 28 November 2015 10: 10
      At first there was also a desire to write in the same spirit. Then he thought and understood - if you (Poroshenko) was born a poop (for moderators), then you will die to her.
    2. Koshak
      Koshak 28 November 2015 15: 47
      But he was quite humanoid ... and what he turned into, in the sense, he turned himself negative blame yourself!
  13. asar
    asar 28 November 2015 09: 42
    From gutting:
    - Nuuuuu, that was a long time ago and not true!
    - Then I did not drink at all, well, almost did not drink!
    Swell after, many, many after!
    “So am I the president of the tombstone or the dog’s horse?”
    Doggy, doggy - don't worry Sergeant!
  14. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 28 November 2015 10: 32
    Quote: Riv
    The term "disenfranchised" takes on new life ...

    There was a country - now a territory
    there was an army - now gang formation ...
    1. revnagan
      revnagan 28 November 2015 11: 16
      Unfortunately, your information is outdated, the army of Gabon is already inferior to the Ukrainian one. Both in terms of gearing and armaments.
  15. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 28 November 2015 11: 01
    This country’s understanding of its history, its place in this history, its goals, ideals and other things will happen as it grows up. Now it is in its infancy, so it has no values, no ideals, no moral qualities. This is the same thing throw beads in front of the pigs! They will eat everything, trample and scatter! And when it comes to what they’ve done, they’ll sit with tassels hunched over to clean everything ..
  16. provincial
    provincial 28 November 2015 11: 25
    +5 Это будет уверен.
  17. provincial
    provincial 28 November 2015 11: 28
  18. vandarus
    vandarus 28 November 2015 11: 39
    And thank God that they remove the red banners. This rabble called APU under the red banner has nothing to do.
  19. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 28 November 2015 12: 09
    An invented story of a quasi-power, an invented "military glory", invented terrible badges. Poroshenko is much like "make-believe". Not a single historian in the world knows such a country - Ukraine until 1927. A project purely invented by the Bolsheviks in order to balance the Russian people with schizophrenics on a national basis. Not long to live ukrourodtsu. In Soviet times, blood was sucked from Rossi. Now only the monkey can suck. They will live exactly as much as they will be paid. $ 300 million for "shit under the threshold of Russia" is 30 pieces of silver ukroiudam. Aspen is such a tree and aspen boughs are widespread. There will be no shortage of where to fix a loop for the geeks of the Sloviansky family!
  20. Good cat
    Good cat 28 November 2015 12: 16
    What do you want from raguli? Raguli, they are raguli. Give them what you want, they’ll slander everyone!
  21. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 28 November 2015 12: 17
    ridiculous and really invented country - without past and future!
  22. Kaliningrad
    Kaliningrad 28 November 2015 12: 27
    The legal successor of the USSR is Russia. In general, it is strange why the names of the units were kept by our .... neighbors. Are the names of Georgian units interesting to anyone? Or the Baltic?
  23. Lelek
    Lelek 28 November 2015 12: 43
    (Former sergeant of the Soviet army Poroshenko got to the military-historical memory of the army.)

    Everything is as stenciled. At one time, the former corporal of the German army "got" to the historical memory of the German people. The final is known. The same will be expected for a pastry chef in camouflage. History does not forgive its offenders. negative
  24. MATROSKIN-53
    MATROSKIN-53 28 November 2015 12: 48
    Okay, let's finish in Syria and put things in order in Ukraine. The porch of a Russian house shouldn't be untidy. Isn't it true? And the "strongest army in the world" will not even have time to scramble along with its henchmen ...
  25. moskowit
    moskowit 28 November 2015 12: 52
    I was always amazed how the Goebel-Hitler propaganda, in fact for 12 years from 1933 to 1945 years, knew how to fool the German people. People preaching democratic freedoms since ancient times. An example; Magdebourg law.
    And now I see how this is happening in Ukraine, where my loved ones, close relatives, like many citizens of our country, live. My relatives, of course, are Russian to the "marrow of their bones," but the same metamorphosis occurs with them as with the Germans, and even faster. I know this from communication with my relatives. And I get scared, seeing how hatred for their RUSSIAN relatives and Great-grandfathers, who won the Terrible War and who gave us, our children, grandchildren and our great-grandchildren to LIVE and Enjoy Life, is driven into their minds !!!
  26. Bayun
    Bayun 28 November 2015 12: 53
    Russia will gain strength, and the next Khmelnitsky will come to bow to the Russian Tsar. Everything will happen again and ... soon.
  27. The comment was deleted.
    1. RoTTor
      RoTTor 28 November 2015 23: 36
      I saw in the North the former real Bandera. They, who did not commit anything particularly terrible, were expelled. And after 20 years in Russia, they became almost normal.
      When they could return, they chose to stay in Russia.
      Why ALMOST: they had known each other for a couple of years, he came to their village to take a steam bath, ride a horse and ... sing Ukrainian songs with them - almost fellow countrymen.
      One day, after a bathhouse, I ask for a cup: if there was a time machine, you would be transported during your youth and would meet with you there and then - I am a Soviet officer, you are UPA warriors, you would be captured by ours. or I'm to yours. Well...
      Honestly, I would have shot you on the spot.
      They are even, too, and we would have shot you. But if they knew you, they would simply have shot, tortured and tortured would not ...
      1. vladimirZ
        vladimirZ 29 November 2015 06: 34
        I saw in the North the former real Bandera. They, who did not commit anything particularly terrible, were expelled. And after 20 years in Russia, they became almost normal.
        - RoTTor (3)

        So say that I.V. Stalin was wrong, massively expelling traitors from their places of traditional residence, that of Bandera, that of Chechens, Ingush, Crimean Tatars.
        It is a pity that little was evicted, they stopped the order for the mass eviction of Ukrainians who collaborated with the Germans and the OUN, sympathized with them, and supporting them.
        I have already cited in previous comments this order on the mass eviction of "Ukrainians" who opposed the Soviet government and the Red Army, cited in the book by F. Chuev "Soldiers of the Empire" and comments to this order of the General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of State Security V. Ryasny, who carried out this order. Now these problems would not be with Dill.
        TOP SECRET
        Order No. 0078/42. June 22, 1944. Moscow.
        Undercover intelligence found:
        Recently in Ukraine, especially in the Kiev, Poltava, Vinnitsa, Rivne and other areas, there has been a clearly hostile mood of the Ukrainian population against the Red Army and local organs of Soviet power.
        In certain districts and regions, the Ukrainian population is hostilely resisting ...
        From the foregoing, it is clear that the Ukrainian population has embarked on the path of obvious sabotage of the Red Army and Soviet power and is striving for the return of the German invaders.
        Therefore, in order to eliminate and control the mobilized Red Army soldiers and commanders of the liberated regions of Ukraine, I order:
        1. To expel to some parts of the Soviet Union all Ukrainians living under the rule of German occupiers. Eviction to produce:
        a) primarily the Ukrainians who worked and served with the Germans;
        b) secondly, to expel all other Ukrainians who are familiar with life during the German occupation;
        People's Commissar of the Interior of the USSR BERIA
        Deputy People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR, Marshal of the Soviet Union Zhukov

        I remember the historical experience of the mass eviction of treacherous "Ukrainians" from their places of traditional residence, carried out by Catherine II over the Zaporozhye Cossacks, and which gave a good and positive result of turning them into a support of the state - the Kuban Cossacks.
  28. Mantykora
    Mantykora 28 November 2015 13: 03
    Well, by and large it’s right and expected: in Ukraine there is no army since February 2014, there is a gang. You can not mix a dilapidated army and criminals from the Maidan. The army is measured by its worst representative. But why should the bandits, even with tanks, rocket artillery, aviation, name the Soviet military units? Now their heroic name will not be dishonored. These names will take new parts of a real army, not necessarily Ukrainian ... I hope that this shame does not last forever.
  29. sichevik
    sichevik 28 November 2015 13: 07
    Yes, and let them rename themselves. No longer on the outskirts of those illustrious compounds. No one is already in these parts and does not remember the exploits and history of those glorious units. The brains of Svidomo littered. They are now writing their story. They are now held in high esteem by digging up the Black Sea and building the Egyptian pyramids. We assume that all those illustrious units of the Soviet Army stationed on the outskirts are disbanded. And their parasites are not foolish to wear vests and blue berets. Only real men from Uncle Vasya’s troops are worthy of this honor, and not some Galician racers there. There they came up with some kind of moronic caps with pig ears, so let them wear them ...
  30. 1536
    1536 28 November 2015 13: 15
    When they wrote on their badge "Krim us", what did they mean Crimea can do with them? "What an interesting language."
  31. KRIG55
    KRIG55 28 November 2015 14: 02
    A nation that does not know and does not value its past is not worthy to exist; it has no future.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  32. Aposlya
    Aposlya 28 November 2015 14: 13
    PPC fuckers! There is nothing more to say about them! fool
  33. Naval
    Naval 28 November 2015 14: 38
    The Ruins do not have an army, there are only punitive battalions that have nothing to do with military units, and with their former military names they insult our grandfathers who, under these banners, turned the backbone of Nazi Germany.
  34. Alexxas
    Alexxas 28 November 2015 15: 06
    like a crow on a parachute ... and turkestano = zakarpatska fool
  35. MarKon
    MarKon 28 November 2015 16: 09
    Oh, what market for order collectors will open !!! Estimate how much these orders on the black market will cost. And hto they will be trading ???)
  36. MarKon
    MarKon 28 November 2015 16: 13
    The orders are not just personal, but glorified parts!
  37. Russian jacket
    Russian jacket 28 November 2015 16: 15
    But I'm waiting for the Ukreyn border guards and the aeromogilniks with marines to change the color of their caps and berets. Since there is nothing for punitive to use Russian colors.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. RoTTor
      RoTTor 28 November 2015 23: 26
      soviet colors
      1. Russian jacket
        Russian jacket 2 December 2015 05: 02
        I agree. but Russia is the successor to the USSR.
  38. Dad Uassia
    Dad Uassia 28 November 2015 16: 20
    Better to merge under the new names than to defame the name of the heroes.
  39. Megatron
    Megatron 28 November 2015 17: 08
    I wonder how they put up with "Colorado" ribbons on their new emblems?

    As for the horsemen in the orders, on the left, in general, a person is greatly exhausted by a mineral water. Yes, and painfully young. Steeper than the current North Koreans.
    1. TVM - 75
      TVM - 75 29 November 2015 07: 56
      It remains only to screw between the legs of the orders!
  40. Divandek
    Divandek 28 November 2015 18: 28
    This is all temporary. Everything will return to square one.
  41. unsinkable
    unsinkable 28 November 2015 19: 15
    The Guards remained because they were painted with indelible paint. On this scrap metal.
    1. Megatron
      Megatron 28 November 2015 22: 22
      I would not call this SPG scrap metal. Not so long ago, such "monuments" successfully moved down from their pedestals and beat the enemy no worse than the new ones.
  42. wandlitz
    wandlitz 28 November 2015 20: 16
    Well, they are not worthy of our Soviet names and awards on banners ....
  43. knobelsdorf
    knobelsdorf 28 November 2015 20: 32
    I’ll add my five kopecks - 128 GSBR in girlhood 83 GSD TURKVO \ SAVO
  44. DesToeR
    DesToeR 28 November 2015 21: 34
    Quote: unsinkable
    The Guards remained because they were painted with indelible paint. On this scrap metal

    In the world there are a huge number of weapons that can be said to be "scrap metal". You have chosen probably one of the most unfortunate examples. Guys who are now less than 25 years old, well, do not touch the history of the USSR, you have not lived, have not seen, do not understand ... And you will not understand. And here is the history of the Great Patriotic War and your assessment - "scrap metal". What for?!
  45. Denis 123
    Denis 123 28 November 2015 22: 21
    Well done.
    He asks the right questions.
    The parade of the American six with the Soviet banner looks like a clowning man. The Six needs her banner. Therefore, Poroshenko is doing everything right.
    Those who marched under this banner did not bend in front of them.
    Content takes on its form.
    The red banner, not the banner of the slave. He needs his own.
  46. swertalf
    swertalf 28 November 2015 23: 25
    In my city, the main street is named after the Iron Division. And the other is named after the liberation of the city on September 12, 1918 by the soldiers of this division. It is sad and sad that this military unit was not returned to the Volga region, where it was created and fought heroically during the Civil War. It may make sense to give the names of these units to the Russian regiments.
  47. RoTTor
    RoTTor 28 November 2015 23: 25
    punishers are not related to the heroic units and formations of the Red Army, whose exploits were marked by orders and honorary names for the destruction of the Nazis. Wono once again showed fascist deliberate
  48. Andrey_Ak64
    Andrey_Ak64 29 November 2015 00: 10
    To deprive a person of military awards - you need several reasons.
    Namely, a criminal offense, or treason.
    To deprive military units of orders and medals is disbandment.
    A military unit that is deprived of military awards (orders and medals) is subject to dissolution.
    Disbandment is to fold all the banners.
    And this is ----- surrender.
  49. Koldunja
    Koldunja 29 November 2015 00: 14
    On a good half of the emblems of the Ukrop military gang units, there are still St. George ribbons! This is zrad! Where does the cynical Bandera look? Urgently replaced by NATO stars or the Wehrmacht runes!

    And in general, it’s worthless to attach all evil spirits to St. George's symbolism.
  50. Andrey_Ak64
    Andrey_Ak64 29 November 2015 00: 31
    Military awards can be selected from the military unit only through the Court.
    Combat awards (medals, orders, guards) are awards for courage, heroism, courage ......
    Presidential decrees are not significant.