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"Igor Belousov." Gos: episode 1

As part of the state tests of the rescue vessel "Igor Belousov", the first episode was tested - checking the possibility of performing rescue operations during diving descents by the method of short-term diving (KP) to a depth of 60 meters.

The first episode of state tests envisaged: search and examination of a conditional emergency submarine and underwater work by divers.

The search for the emergency object was carried out using side-scan sonar, after which the Panthera Plus remote-controlled underwater vehicle (RTPA) conducted its inspection.

During the underwater work at the working depth - 60 meters in the diving bell was delivered the first three divers. Two working divers brought a guide cable to the Eponov fencing of the rescue devices of the submarine (ACS PL), along which high-pressure air (GD) hoses are fed from the rescue vessel to blow the main ballast tanks and ventilate the submarine compartments. The operator of the diving bell ensured the work of divers, ready, if necessary, to assist the victims.

After completing the assigned tasks, the first three divers returned to board the ship for decompression in the pressure chambers. At this time, its place at the depth was taken by the second, whose divers worked off delivering deep-sea canisters with rescue assets inside the emergency submarine.

All tasks were successfully completed. The total assistance time for an emergency submarine was about 2 hours.

Recall, on November 16, 2015, the rescue ship Igor Belousov sailed into the Baltic Sea to undergo state tests, which will end in early December. After the successful completion of the final certification, the ship will become part of the Naval Fleet.
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  1. Denis Skiff
    Denis Skiff 21 November 2015 14: 51
    How many pressure chambers in the country? What if it rises too fast from great depths to the surface? Do you have time to get to the pressure chamber if somewhere in the resort you plunged and quickly got up?
    1. Fast_mutant
      Fast_mutant 21 November 2015 15: 41
      Pressure chambers on board the lifeguard are installed. So all the rules ... Time!
      1. sergei.84
        sergei.84 21 November 2015 23: 05
        Not always! In 1978, on the roadstead of Severomorsk ... The rescuer "BESHTAU" two got stuck in the bell, the third went down to look, and suddenly cut off his hoses like a cork, from a depth of 75 meters, flew to the surface. The critical time is 5 minutes, he was undressed 7. In the pressure chamber I was only slightly blown away (so to speak) and still a corpse.
    2. 3officer
      3officer 21 November 2015 16: 24
      Hmm .. what are these "extreme" resorts with a dive of more than 50m. If from such a depth without a camera .. I think there is no need to rush anywhere laughing
  2. Barakuda
    Barakuda 21 November 2015 21: 31
    As for me, there should be a hundredths of a minimum. Maybe I’m a stupid plow, but I think so ... For about 30 meters I myself can. Only very quickly.