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Innovation Day of the Southern Military District: emergency equipment

In the exhibition "Innovation Day of the Southern Military District," despite its obvious name, not only the military department took part. In addition, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Emergency Situations presented their equipment and equipment. The latter presented several units of special equipment used for the decontamination of explosive devices and extinguishing fires.

On the open area of ​​the exhibition there are several cars with the MOE emblem. The main part of the equipment in the exposition of the Ministry of Emergency Situations was represented by fire protection. Visitors to the exhibition were shown several samples of equipment for various purposes. The site housed tankers, ladder, articulated elevator and a special clearance machine.

Tankers were represented by two samples. These were the ATs-3,2-40 / 4 and ATs-10,0-150 machines. Both of these machines are built on the basis of the serial chassis of the KamAZ brand and are intended for the transportation of water and foam concentrate used to extinguish fires. The main difference of this technique lies in the different capacity of tanks. So, ATs-3,2-40 / 4 is equipped with a water tank with a capacity of 3200 l and carries up to 200 l of a frother. Larger and heavier machine ATs-10,0-150, in turn, is able to deliver to the place of fire up to 10000 liters of water. It is also equipped with two 1000 foam boxes each.

Various types of equipment can be used to lift the crew and fire-technical equipment to a greater height. Thus, the AL-50 motor ladder based on a three-axle truck allows firemen to work at altitudes up to 50 m. To effectively accomplish the tasks assigned, the ladder is equipped with an elevator for quick ascent and its own gun carriage. Thus, the equipment of the machine AL-50 provides the ability to climb to the desired height, extinguish the fire and evacuate the victims.

To perform similar tasks, a crank fire AKP-50 car lift is offered. This type of equipment is based on a four-axle chassis and has a boom of a different design. The articulated hoist provides the cradle lift with the design and equipment to a height of up to 50 m while moving up to 19 m from its rotary base. Maximum carrying capacity - kg 400 or person 4. The elevator is equipped with a fire extinguishing mixture supply system, a carriage can be mounted on the cradle.

To work with explosive objects, EMERCOM specialists use special clearance cars. The sample presented at the exhibition, like other machines, is assembled on the basis of the KamAZ chassis, on which a set of necessary equipment is installed. The task of calculating this car is to search, deactivate and, if necessary, transport explosive devices weighing up to 2500 kg. The car carries a set of search tools, and also has a set of equipment for the evacuation of a dangerous object. In the side of the car body is placed a special box with sand, which carries dangerous cargo. For loading explosive devices there is a crane and outriggers. The cockpit is equipped with anti-splash protection.

Currently, the Ministry of Emergency Situations in general and the fire brigade in particular have a large number of various equipment and special equipment. Some samples of the machines used were presented at the recent exhibition “Innovation Day of the Southern Military District”. We present the photo review of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Tanker ATs-3,2-40 / 4

Tank truck ATs-10,0-150

Ladder AL-50. On the stairs there is a cradle

Base ladder chassis

In working position, the machine relies on outriggers.

Equipment on the landing behind the cab

Lifting-swivel base of the ladder and control panel

Sliding ladder

The device controls the angle of inclination of the stairs

Car lift articulated fire AKP-50

The machine is built on a four-axle chassis "KAMAZ"

Before work the car lift is hung out on support

Lift-swivel device and lift drives

Boom lift

Cradle from different angles

Car clearance

The crane of the machine is used only with extended supports.

Crane arm

Workplace operator crane

The exhibition is completed, rescuers fold their equipment
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  1. 31rus
    31rus 21 October 2015 07: 44
    Cyril, thanks for the tour and the photo, I would like to note not only at the exhibition, but in general the absence in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of equipment for emergency rescue
  2. Sergey-8848
    Sergey-8848 21 October 2015 08: 10
    Dear author, thanks for the photo! Please correct some inaccuracies in the text: - not a single AL or AKP in the world is capable of operating at an altitude of 500 m (after the first photo in the article). Also one of the photos for the AL-50 is signed as a "sliding ladder". Somehow it is not customary to call it that, it's still not a stepladder. Well, the common misfortune is that everyone in the Emergencies Ministry can be called rescuers. That's how it is, maybe so, but first of all it's firefighters.
  3. al.schenaev
    al.schenaev 22 November 2017 12: 58
    Good day to all who read and watch.
    I looked and besides 20 minutes of a perfect navy mat I couldn’t find words
    Where is all this ???
    I saw an Austrian in our kamaz in Volgodonsk, in a training center, in Sevastopol, but not in my unit.
    It kills the following: why is there a booth for crane operators on truck cranes and why is it not on our stairs and elevators? The answer is simple: they don’t care about people in the ministry, okay, we put out stews and a heater with insulation (in summer at +50 in the sun), we freeze - we sit in the second cabin without heating and warm ourselves. But how will the operator bask at -30? Nobody cares.
    being the deputy head of the drive, he went to the training camp in Taganrog, there they showed us rescue equipment, and all-terrain vehicles on caterpillars and tractors in Kamaz, but they are in one copy probably throughout the Rostov region.
    How can we carry an ATseshka weighing 20-25 tons to lift a truck under 50 tons? But we are RESCUE !!!
    They hung too much on firefighters, we are here and there, but there is no sense.
    After 17 years of service in the Navy, one wonders: how could the fire brigade be so ruined?