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Spanish armored personnel carrier BLR

Spanish armored personnel carrier BLR

The BLR armored personnel carrier has a rear mounted engine.

The BLR wheeled armored personnel carrier was designed to meet the needs of the Spanish army in a cheap, secure off-road vehicle that could perform various tasks, ranging from ensuring internal security to guarding borders and airports. The BLR BTR was developed by the Santa Barbara Group, which gave it the designation BLR 3545.

The layout of the BLR 4x4 differs from most other machines of this type in that the engine is mounted behind the rear axle. This is in combination with the fact that the landing forces land and disembark through two stern doors (there are one more doors on each side), it allowed to get a relatively large amount of armor, the car can accommodate also 12 people other than the driver. Inspection devices are installed along each side, while the squad leader has a turret with all-round viewing devices installed in the center of the vehicle. If necessary, this turret can be installed 7,62-mm or 12,7-mm machine gun. It was assumed that the machine would be able to accept a small turret into which more heavy weapons could be installed, such as an 20-mm or 25-mm cannon, or even an 90-mm cannon, but in practice none of this was established.

Special equipment for internal security tasks includes a blade or a device for clearing the barricades, sirens, loudspeakers, spotlights and launchers of smoke grenades or tear gas. There is also an unusual semi-automatic fire extinguishing system over each wheel. Other optional equipment includes additional radios, armor wheels, a front winch and night vision devices.

The Spanish Marines are armed with the BLR armored personnel carrier, along with units of the Spanish police and paramilitary forces in rural areas. These cars were also sold in Ecuador.

Although not a single variant of the BLR was made, it is assumed that commander and sanitary options were ready for production. The production of the BLR armored personnel carrier is currently discontinued.

Admission to service?
Crew - 1
Landing - 12
Dimensions and weight
Mass 12 tons
Length 5,65 m
Width 2,5 m
Height 2 m
Machine guns 1 x 12,7-mm (optional)
Pegaso diesel engine
Power - 210 hp
Maximum speed - 93 km / h
Power reserve - 570 km
Slope - 60%
Side bias - 30%
Vertical scarp - 0,3 m
Ford - 1,1 m

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  1. cobalt
    cobalt 21 October 2015 07: 21 New
    It’s still a mystery to me why this armored personnel carrier came into service with the Spanish Marine Corps, because the car does not float.
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 21 October 2015 07: 52 New
      interesting armored car good
      I liked the solution with the MTP in the stern (with in-line Pegaso) in the center of the aft compartment ... having received 2-aft inlet / outlet ...

      if it were, something similar could be done with the modernization of the BTR-80 / 82 ....

      although a similar decision in the USSR was embodied in the prototype of the wheeled "Object 1200"
  2. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 21 October 2015 10: 30 New
    the only plus entrance is the exit from the stern ....... and so the ordinary product is quite.
  3. _KM_
    _KM_ 21 October 2015 11: 21 New
    Quote: Volga Cossack
    the only plus entrance is the exit from the stern ....... and so the ordinary product is quite.

    Yes, too, it is doubtful - the landing is divided by the MTO. It turns out that there is no visual contact between them. For the fighters it’s very uncomfortable. Yes, and really do not put weapons.
  4. glavnykarapuz
    glavnykarapuz 21 October 2015 13: 00 New
    An interesting approach of course. Only in the photo with the doors open at the back can you see that the "hump" of the floor and folding "seats" create a rather high hindrance when dismounting.
    Only 2 soldiers directly behind the doors will have the efficiency of leaving back. And the rest will "squirm". And also imagine that someone stumbles?
    I considered this situation only for the condition of leaving only back, because there are doors on the sides of the car, but it’s not always safe to exit the side doors.
  5. corporal
    corporal 21 October 2015 15: 43 New
    Quote: _KM_
    Yes, and really do not put weapons.

    Machine gun, water cannon, rubber "bullet" thrower ... etc.
    For police special operations (as indicated in the article), it’s quite normal. It’s very suitable to block all the maydans who disagree to drive, or to block armed thugs who have settled in the building.
  6. _KM_
    _KM_ 21 October 2015 17: 18 New
    For this, a single volume inside the hull is desirable, and not 2 narrow "bowels" along different sides.
  7. tchoni
    tchoni 21 October 2015 20: 00 New
    Very funny solution for the power compartment. But, the abundance of doors in the case can not but rejoice. Although, on the other hand, personal IMHO, in our shit four wheels is not enough.
    1. Izotovp
      Izotovp 21 October 2015 20: 16 New
      We already had a similar machine, as far as I see. And the decision on the cross was original in the center of the body is provided in the form of additional wheels. BRDM called. If you put on it a modern engine and the rest of the insides, I think the machine will work no worse)))
      1. Izotovp
        Izotovp 21 October 2015 22: 45 New
        For example, like this: http: //
        And in the modification of MA4 up to a 23-mm gun, machine gun and AGS !!! )))

        Thanks to Comrade Samokhod hi
  8. remy
    remy 22 October 2015 11: 40 New
    good armored car. it is much better than the UAZ on the serpentine in Afghanistan
  9. 31rus
    31rus 23 October 2015 13: 27 New
    Armored personnel carrier for rural provinces, wow the Spaniards adapted a whole armored personnel carrier