Day of Innovation of the Southern Military District: automotive equipment

During the exhibition "Innovation Day of the Southern Military District", held 5 and 6 in October in Rostov-on-Don, various developments of the domestic industry were demonstrated. In the pavilion and in the open area of ​​the exhibition there was equipment of various classes, including cars of several models.

The exhibition featured automotive vehicles of various types, both as standard, and equipped with special equipment. The example of the first approach to the demonstration was the UAZ-3163 “Patriot”. The machine of this type, located in the pavilion, was presented in the original configuration and did not carry any additional systems. Opposite the "Patriot" is a protected machine "Esaul-394511", built on its base.

Another representative of armored vehicles on the basis of mass-produced cars was the KAMAZ-5350 "Mustang". This machine has a serial chassis of the Kama Automobile Plant, on which is mounted a protected module-van for the transport of personnel or cargo. The module is equipped with bulletproof glass and embrasures for firing from personal weapons. Such machines can be useful for various structures that have to work in conditions of increased risk of shelling and ambushes.

Also at the exhibition were various self-propelled complexes built on the basis of production cars. These include the Araks blasting-technical complex, the Wave violator detection complex and the Svet-KU electronic warfare complex. These complexes are built on the basis of Ford Transit vans, which provides acceptable mobility in urban environments, and also allows you to arrive in time to a given place of work.

Most of the vehicles and equipment based on them, as well as several types of armored vehicles, were shown with open doors. Thanks to this, everyone could inspect the equipment from the outside and inside, as well as sit in the driver's seat or the operator of special equipment. It is worth noting that many visitors to the exhibition, especially children, did not fail to take advantage of this opportunity.

Although the exhibition “Innovation Day of the Southern Military District” could not compare in scale with the central event in Kubinka, many interesting samples of automotive vehicles were presented at it. We offer readers to familiarize themselves with them. In addition, some of the samples below will be discussed in more detail in the following publications.

UAZ-3136 "Patriot"

"Esaul" - an armored version of the "Patriot"

Truck KAMAZ-5350 with a secure module for transporting people

Complex "Araks"

Complex "Wave"

Complex "Light-KU"

Special equipment developed by Horizont
Ryabov Kirill
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