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"Army Games". Masters ABT. Part 1

Ostrogozhsk greeted us with heat. But no heat on this day could not spoil the mood, because with great pleasure I state the fact that the organization of the competitions was at the highest level. As for the participants, so for the audience and the press. Since we were representatives of the latter, this could not but rejoice.

First of all, I would like to express my deep gratitude to Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Drobyshevsky and Lieutenant Yevgeny Polovodov, who on behalf of the press service of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation did everything to make it convenient and interesting for the press to work. And even something beyond that, but more on that in the following materials.

In addition to the participants, there were many foreign guests from partners. There were Cubans, Egyptians, Turks. There were Americans. Nobody called them, but they were present. Incognito, among the audience. So said the Deputy Minister of Defense, who commanded all this parade.

Belarusian commander in chief

And this is our go

The most tricky - the Chinese team

Parade of technology. Showed, as they say, the rich

Next was the award. Not for victory yet, but for the contribution made to development. From the Minister of Defense.

Not spared awards and allies

There was a funny incident. When the local father was announced for the award ceremony, which in part was something like a political officer, the Chinese I stood next to were very lively. I photographed them several times on their china phones, contact was established. And one of them, knowing that I was neither in Chinese nor in English in the wrong way, rummaged in my office and quizzing with my neighbors, gave out the awesome phrase: "Lama ... in kind?"

Well, I answered yes in two languages.

The reaction was such, apparently, in China, too, there are priests who enjoy authority.

In the following sections, we will talk about the contests we have watched. It was impressive, the Russians, Belarusians and Chinese were cut in earnest. Particularly impressive was the competition in the huge truck pool.

Thanks to our benefactors, especially Lieutenant Polovodov, we shoved our operator with a camera into one of our KAMAZ vehicles, and his ride (albeit not in a racing mode) across the water area. About this stage will be a separate report.

But in the end, the victory was left to the Russian team. Absolutely deserved. In the following materials I will talk about some of the "military tricks" that the Chinese team has prepared. The Chinese were very serious about winning and without innovation, and looked very, very dignified. Personally, I liked the dashingness with which the Chinese were speaking. But some "reasonableness" - not very. Competitions after all. Honest need.

But in any case, the pandas against the brown bears of the wrong ... not so much. So the second place of the Chinese team is deservedly won, honestly. The Chinese team is a very serious contender. And if next year there are such competitions, it will be even more difficult to cope with them. But - ours, too, are not badly sewn. We'll see.

Belarusians awarded "his" commander.

The Chinese looked frustrated and disappointed at the same time.


Overall Cup - the Russian team!

Belarus - Russia: until next time!

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  1. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 10 August 2015 09: 27
    good report! thank!
    1. Good me
      Good me 10 August 2015 09: 48
      Quote: Volga Cossack
      good report! thank!

      Also, "news from the fields".
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    3. prosto_rgb
      prosto_rgb 11 August 2015 04: 28
      Quote: Volga Cossack
      good report! thank!

      And the idea of ​​such games is good !!! soldier
  2. YakimovSS
    YakimovSS 10 August 2015 17: 53
    And what kind of "tricks" did our yellow-faced neighbors have?
  3. Massik
    Massik 10 August 2015 20: 03
    Yeah, and the inscription on the cup is "Anglitsky", which is by no means sideways to one of the sides. Oh, this national pride, then it rushes over the edge, then it is not in the bud ...
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