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Aviadarts-2015. Sky people


It is convenient to observe a person in his usual environment. And when the normal course of events is suddenly broken, you can see the same person from the other side.

When we arrived at Aviadarts in the village of Dubrovichi in the Ryazan region, there was a holiday atmosphere. In general, pilots are rather peculiar people. But in such an atmosphere is very informative. We were told with great satisfaction how this polygon was built, how it is generally lived and served.

Air Force Major Moseychuk, who spent a fair amount of his time on me, was not a representative of the Air Force information service. Attached, so to speak, to gain. But during the communication with him I received more information than ever. In general, the major turned out to be a real major comrade. Competent in many matters and sincerely willing to help us in our work. Huge thanks to him for that, and let his Tu-95 never break.

Even in the speech of the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force, Bondarev, the festive mood showed through.

It all ended in exactly a second.

The helicopter fell, and with it all hopes that it would be all right fell. Immediately the military police cleared the passage for fire and ambulance cars. Fire extinguishing and evacuation of pilots began.

The rest could only wait.

People have changed in one moment. Tense waiting. Experience. In general, all those present experienced, someone more, someone less. From the very beginning, Roman and I took the place a little apart from the rest of the press. In the corner under the windows of the control tower. And the helicopter fell just opposite us.

A few minutes later a whole bunch of people in blue uniform gathered. Silently and without stopping, they looked at the place where the firemen were shooting down the flames from the burning helicopter. They watched every car leaving the crash site. Silently.

Then some representatives of the press pulled themselves up. They began to shoot reports on the background of the helicopter. Some approached and asked to answer questions. The reaction of the pilots was one - as if talking to them pillar. Well, and reacted about the same - in silence and utter confusion in his eyes.

When the information passed that one of the pilots was alive, and the doctors were fighting for the second, he let go. But not for long.

We just looked at these people. We were with them.

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  1. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m 7 August 2015 06: 55
    and let his Tu-95 never break

    By itself, or will technicians contribute to this? In the hands of these undeservedly forgotten people is victory. It does not belong to the pilot, but to the team.
  2. Bongo
    Bongo 7 August 2015 07: 02
    The helicopter crashed, and with it all hopes that everything will work out collapsed.

    I am not a specialist in helicopter engineering, but there is a certain amount of knowledge ... How could this even happen? request A combat, highly protected vehicle, having multiple backups of the main systems, suddenly lost control ...
    1. yegor_k
      yegor_k 7 August 2015 07: 36
      The pilot was not supposed to die, the rest is metal. There are security systems, but for some reason they didn’t work.
    2. ancient
      ancient 7 August 2015 14: 09
      Quote: Bongo
      A combat, highly protected vehicle, having multiple backups of the main systems, suddenly lost control ...

      Seryozha, welcome! Any .. ABSOLUTELY ANY soldier whether at least a super-protected and multi-channel redundant system or a unit has its own "operating time" between failures.

      And on any machine, and even more so on a helicopter, the failure of control systems will be at least KSU, SDU, ACS, ABSU, ESDU, etc. this is a huge problem, because. everything is tied to the Hydraulic systems, and this .. "system" is very serious.
      All the more so because on the 2nd HS on the 28th .. all boosters are "tied" (this is one of the possible reasons).
      The second is "wedge in the tail gear" or "rupture of the tail shaft", which is 100% loss of control.
      From what it came from ... maybe from critical loads ... enter the same turn on the hill ... the figure of complex aerobatics and with maximum angular parameters.
      So ... happened, what happened soldier And no one from this .. is not immune soldier
      1. Bongo
        Bongo 7 August 2015 14: 28
        Quote: ancient
        Seryozha, welcome!

        Good evening! hi
        Quote: ancient
        ABSOLUTELY ANY, whether even a super-protected and multi-channel system or a unit has its own "operating time" to fail.

        It’s certainly so, but it’s Combat Helicopteralthough, of course, anything can happen when you go to extraordinary flight modes.
        1. Talgat
          Talgat 7 August 2015 16: 41
          In general, the specific side is guilty of all the victims of the doctrine, of all the costs of weapons, etc. - these are world aggressors - if there weren’t them, there wouldn’t be a race in armament and doctrine and there would be victims in peacetime

          We are forced to support the armies, organize the CSTO military bloc, conflicts occur on our borders and in the south and west and hot spots appear - all because this is all planned by an external enemy - the United States under the control of the Fed and its allies, the West and the Saudis- catarrh
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. mervino2007
          mervino2007 8 August 2015 07: 44
          Quote: Bongo
          when going to transcendental flight modes, anything can happen.

          And where is the beyond mode? The video shows - at the top of the trajectory, after horizontal movement there was a stop, almost freezing in place. This, of course, is a difficult mode, requiring increased rotations of the screw (and engine), but not beyond. Probably about this moment, the surviving navigator said that the control system's alarm had worked? Management of what? I think the engine. Immediately after this, the decline in MI-28 began. Have the revs dropped? And the tail rotor ceased to be a governing body - the helicopter began to twist. Here the dog is buried ..... - the transition from one mode to another.
      2. old man54
        old man54 8 August 2015 00: 52
        Sasha drinks
        Sorry, men, I’ll fit in a little dialogue.
        Well, let's say the problem is with the rear-wheel drive gearbox, which looks similar (the rotor axis became strongly and constantly spinning around it), but why did the car fall at such a vertical speed then ??? request The problem of the rear, compensating, rotor does not affect the operation of the gas turbine engine, so it was possible to add speed and significantly mitigate the emergency landing, even if rotating around the axis of the rotor blame at a faster speed than it was in reality. The pilot in the cockpit was extra class, even with a large angular rotation, he had to sort out and land the apparatus more smoothly. Incomprehensibly shorter! recourse
        From my amateurish bell tower, I can assume that the spacecraft did not use the emergency escape system and did not increase the speed of the gas turbine engine, because the shaft on the tail rotor, Sasha, was still not destroyed, which means that this would lead to a greater imbalance of the machine, and possibly a greater loss of controllability, and a number of int. delegations at the opening of the competition, people on the podium. Apparently trying to make a controlled emergency landing. if only the audience would not suffer.
        1. ancient
          ancient 9 August 2015 12: 20
          Quote: old man54
          The problem of the rear, compensating, rotor does not affect the operation of the gas turbine engine, so it was possible to add speed and significantly mitigate the emergency landing, even if rotating around the axis of the rotor blame at a faster speed than it was in reality. The pilot in the cockpit was extra class, even with a large angular rotation, he had to sort out and land the apparatus more smoothly. Incomprehensibly shorter!

          Hi Andrew! drinks
          Well, to make the answer clearer to you ... I'll slightly ... edit your question and for ease of perception it will look like this: "Will the lift force of the NV mi-28 be sufficient at the maximum and with the maximum step to reduce the vertical speed, taking into account the rotation due to the lack of a compensating moment from the PB?"

          I answer wink first a little theory and "mat-aerodynamic calculations" wink

          Based on the condition on the video (one revolution in 3 seconds), it is easy to calculate the angular velocity of rotation of the HB relative to air:
          242 rpm - normal speed
          minus 20 rpm due to the rotation of the helicopter, we get 222 rpm

          Those. "drawdown" of the angular velocity of rotation of the NV relative to the stationary mass of air is 9%, and 91% of the revolutions "remains" from the nominal rotation speed.
          Under such conditions, the thrust of the HB will fall in a quadratic dependence and will be 84% of the nominal thrust (from the one obtained at 242 rpm and maximum power from the engines).
          If we now correlate the obtained coefficient with the absolute value of the free aircrafts draft (the maximum aircrafts thrust at take-off mode is about 13.000..13.200kg (in the image of the Mi-8, provided that it is approximately at sea level), we get the value of 11.100 kg (84% of 13.200) Since about 50% is poured for fuel performances without weapons, the current weight was (approximately, I do not have accurate data) 10.300..10.500kg.
          Thus, according to the thrust theory, the NV MUST be enough (11.000..11.100 <-> 10.300..10.500) .. recourse
          1. ancient
            ancient 9 August 2015 12: 21
            Quote: ancient
            In this way,

            I’ll continue, otherwise it didn’t fit recourse

            But .. the helicopter began to rotate still on the hill, at the same time gaining a speed of decline during leveling.

            Therefore, it was not possible to "stop" the vertical speed with such a small overweight of the thrust available (with a rotating fuselage) over the required one in such a short time.
            If everything happened at a higher altitude and the crew was given the opportunity to translate the helicopter into acceleration (theoretically) and then smoothly extinguish it without getting into the RVK NV, then (theoretically) the helicopter could not rotate, but even gain altitude.

            And now: it's one thing to fly on the most correct model in front of the monitor (your head isn't spinning, your palms don't sweat, etc.), and it's another thing when the body "hangs" on the seat belts from the angular speed, when after three turns you don't understand , where is the roll, where is the pitch, when the NV is in the RVC, and you clearly realize that there are only a few seconds left ..

            Quote: old man54
            because the shaft on the tail rotor, Sasha, wasn’t even destroyed,

            Andrey you were mistaken crying Just the part of the shaft that goes from the Intermediate gearbox to the Tail gearbox (marked in red, where the scattered part of the CB is visible) soldier

  3. NEXUS
    NEXUS 7 August 2015 08: 02
    Technique is technique, and whatever it is perfect, it breaks down. Causes will be revealed later. The pilot died and this grief. Can the iron be repaired or replaced, but how can the repaired person be repaired? ... My condolences to the family of the deceased.
  4. 205577
    205577 7 August 2015 10: 16
    It is unfortunate that conversations about the death of servicemen in peacetime will again begin.
    And this is not at all true.
    Officers and soldiers, participating in a seemingly show, are doing the real thing to ensure the protection of their country. Although they do not fight, but with their speeches, demonstration of the capabilities of equipment and weapons, skill, in peacetime they prevent a real war. Often, the peaceful actions of our military are many times more effective in maintaining peace for the actions of politicians.
    And in this peace time, officers and soldiers sometimes die.
    Honor and memory, they protect the country.
    1. Geo73
      Geo73 7 August 2015 13: 54
      Well said. Everlasting memory!
  5. Sagaidark
    Sagaidark 7 August 2015 13: 27
    Very, very sorry when the pilots die ... Just unbearable.
  6. USSR-2.0
    USSR-2.0 7 August 2015 13: 32
    Most likely this is sabotage. Competition in the military sphere is simply crazy. This is my opinion.
    1. Bayonet
      Bayonet 8 August 2015 20: 27
      Quote: USSR-2.0
      Most likely this is sabotage.

      It’s rather paranoia! fool
  7. Denis Skiff
    Denis Skiff 7 August 2015 20: 02
    yes what is that? so what?
  8. iouris
    iouris 8 August 2015 22: 03
    Carried away by shows, maneuvers and stunts. Combat vehicles must demonstrate what is needed for war - combat effectiveness, and this is just not observed. In addition, sellers, not the Air Force, should pay for the aviation circus. What product is the BBC selling in this case? Aerobatics in a helicopter is an unjustified risk and a load on the materiel. I would like to hear explanations: why people died, what conclusions were made regarding technology, production, design, maintenance, flight and technical training? Who wanted "what's best"? It turned out "as always". Moreover, the volume of external sales may suffer.
  9. avia12005
    avia12005 9 August 2015 10: 01
    The helicopter is perhaps the most sophisticated of all flying machines. It constantly experiences huge alternating loads, including vibrational ones. Aviation forums are already writing with might and main that the shaft leading to the Mi-28 tail rotor has broken. And they say that the great school of Soviet "strengthists" has been largely lost. And also, a full-fledged comprehensive analysis of the materials from which structural elements are made is not carried out. Simply put, now there is no exact statistics on helicopters being produced, how many times it can withstand overloads of a certain magnitude. Based on this, maybe it makes sense to simplify such programs before correcting the situation? After all, this margin of safety may be needed not in performances, but in a real battle.
  10. bober1982
    bober1982 14 August 2015 11: 51
    there are no pilots in military aviation, and never have been, there are pilots. All the dead pilots have eternal memory!