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Army 2015: Defense Supermarket

At the opening of the Army-2015 forum, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said: “A complex has been created here that can be figuratively called a“ defense supermarket ”where other countries’ armed forces can come, see, try, train, shoot, purchase and, as suggested by the - Colonel Sergey Chemezov (general director of corporation "Rostec" - approx. "VO"), learn how to handle a new technique. Therefore, we also plan the creation of a training center for colleagues who will acquire one or another weapon from us. ”

And here buyers from different countries, who with undisguised curiosity studied the newest models, opened different hatches and doors, sat down in the cabins of combat vehicles, gladly fired from brand new Kalash.

Well, with the military, everything is clear. And what can ordinary citizens acquire here? First of all, the “Army of Russia” store attracted attention, the network of which opened throughout the country. I tried on a complete set. Seems not bad.

Shoes m.516-2 - 5290 rubles. Tactical trousers, color kink - 2460 rubles. Children's shirt "Polite Bears" - 750 rubles. Jacket "like Sergei Lavrov" with a leather vest with fur - 82000 rubles.

TV host Leonid Yakubovich met. He was wearing a stylish black cloak, and a pretty blonde was carrying an umbrella over him. In a personal conversation, Leonid told the "VO" correspondent that he was already aware of the problems of the Simferopol Aerosports Club, about which our site wrote a month ago. Military Review. And he is even ready to solve them somehow, since he has already taken off from this airfield more than once, but "everyone has gone somewhere."

Leonid spent another sale on the forum. This time it was the implementation of unused military property. Now the main platform for these purposes will constantly operate in the Patriot Park. The list (it is completely possible to get acquainted with it on the website of the Ministry of Defense) includes hundreds of items from old-style tarpaulin boots and general's caps to field kitchens, cisterns, cars and power stations.
Director of the Department of Property Relations of the Ministry of Defense of Russia Dmitry Kurakin told a VO correspondent that any inhabitant of the planet Earth can participate in the auction if he submits the necessary documents personally and pledges that constitute 10% of the initial value of the lot.

He also said: “Today, all 10 lots are gone. There was a real struggle, excitement. We only sold cars and earned something around 1,2 million rubles. Leonid Yakubovich set the tone by inventing a “trick” with a bottle of champagne, which costs 200 rubles in the store, and, as a result, the bidding reached 5,5 thousand, and it was presented to the winner from the Russian Ministry of Defense with good luck wishes.

We get rid of trash in our warehouses, bases and arsenals for a long time. Since 2011, we have been selling "engine" (several thousand units of road transport, trailers, and so on) and scrap metal (almost 400 thousand tons) already for 5,5 billion rubles. But even this is not enough. This is a key problem for the military, because the amount of unnecessary property is not reduced. As in a children's fairy tale, remember, "The pot, do not cook!" What is the novelty?

We are trying to correct the shortcomings and to intensify this process as much as possible. Today we have the opportunity to simplify it and get away from many bureaucratic procedures. We want to significantly simplify the process, make it more adequate. We are preparing a more radical proposal for scrap metal to the government in order to be able to send it to factories as usual deliverers. ”
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Ekaterina Tsareva
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  1. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 29 June 2015 07: 11
    Everything is right! Well, finally, the country realized that it was necessary to demonstrate weapons and trade them! Good weapons are the key to a peaceful life for those countries that want to live and develop peacefully.
    1. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 29 June 2015 15: 14
      Thank you Catherine for the material provided. fellow
  2. Valery Valery
    Valery Valery 29 June 2015 07: 59
    An interesting approach!
  3. NEXUS
    NEXUS 29 June 2015 08: 23
    The idea of ​​Patriot Park has long been on the surface. It is unclear why they had not created something like this before. It would be great to create the same, only with a marine theme.
    1. wei
      wei 29 June 2015 13: 47
      on the website MOthere were different ships
      True wear there is defined as 100%
      but in general I looked only at fishing trousers (from the little things)
      Belarusian seemed richer to me. IMHO of course
  4. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 29 June 2015 09: 27
    Jacket "like Sergei Lavrov" with a leather vest on fur - 82000 rubles

    I bought my UAZ-469 for 85 thousand rubles. two years ago. There is a difference?

    Nah Do you need such clothes for such money?
    For that kind of money, I can dress and equip 5 fighters (and pretty decently) completely with everything except weapons and ammunition.

    By the way, this is a well-known "Pilot" type jacket.
    A similar jacket (and the original one from the USA) can be bought for:

    45 thousand rubles

    And the same type of jacket of our tailoring can be bought starting from 6 thousand rubles (summer) and ending with 20-25 thousand rubles (if it burns in one place).
    1. vadson
      vadson 29 June 2015 11: 09
      according to the zombie man, these auctions were shown even before the start of trading for two three weeks, I don’t remember exactly, the initial cost of a loaf on military bridges and with a diesel engine of 70 thousand rubles, so it’s not so bad. and jackets, well, we can start blacks and freezing up :-) :-) :-)
      1. Papakiko
        Papakiko 29 June 2015 13: 47
        Quote: vadson
        the initial cost of a loaf on military bridges and with a diesel engine 70 thousand rubles

        This is a car produced in the 70-80s of the last century with a "disassembled storage", it will require investing another 100 + 150 tons. in order to become a normally working transport.
        Avito will tell you the prices.
        store "Army of Russia" with their "goods" Boots m.516-2 - 5290 rubles. Tactical trousers, kink color - 2460 rubles. Children's T-shirt "Polite Bears" - 750 rubles. Jacket "like Sergei Lavrov's" with a leather vest with fur - 82000 rubles.
        Let this project with its prices go not just like a forest, but definitely to a place known in all circles. As a matter of fact, most citizens have lagged behind or gone far ahead of life.
        Quote: Oznob
        One of my friends, a hunting lover, took a Benelli trunk for 130 sput.

        They don’t take such astronauts!
        And what, he now became a skilled shooter and with 3 km. Squirrel and Sable fell into the eye or a stupid tracker (huntsman after a newfangled) became an animal, like a red-skinned Native American reads all possible parameters of possible game from the accepted grass and color of feces in animals ?!
        With a certainty of 100500, how the golden phallus will carry !!
        Well, if he went with a horn to a Bear or with a crossbow or bow to a wild-boar, but then I became proud of him.
        Last week, two lovers of "golden phalos" to death on the "Zaporozhets" crashed. Saved the bucket from death? NO! It's good that no one was hooked or maimed.
        Quote: 205577
        If the jacket was sold at cost so the red price is 10 thousand,

        And there is!
        Quote: 205577
        if someone is willing to pay ten times the price of a product, then it’s a sin not to teach him a lesson.

        You will get tired of these "some" comrades (deputies, efficient managers and efficient civil servants, etc.) to teach a lesson. They are sawing the financial body of the country and all the rest of the opium for the people.
    2. Oznob
      Oznob 29 June 2015 11: 54
      One of my friends, a hunting lover, took a Benelli trunk for 130 sput. Well, you understand, there is a merchant for any product.
      Z.Y. We think that they are fools 82k rubles, that kind of money for some kind of jacket.
      Buyers think, here they are fools, think 82k rubles - this is money ...
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. 205577
      205577 29 June 2015 12: 16
      You understand everything perfectly. If the jacket were sold at cost, then it would have a red price of 10 thousand, but the great foreign word "Brand" is spoken and you immediately feel that the jacket warms seven times warmer.
      In general, any product costs exactly as much - as they are willing to pay for it. I’m on the drum, if someone is ready to pay ten times the price of a product, then it’s a sin not to teach him a lesson.
    5. tchoni
      tchoni 30 June 2015 19: 30
      Quote: wanderer_032
      For that kind of money, I can dress and equip 5 fighters (and pretty decently) completely with everything except weapons and ammunition.

      Well, it's you, dear, bent. About 10 years ago, normally equipping about 3000 cu. As far as I know, this hour has not changed much ... Although the question itself is driving into a stupor .... What can you think of with a jacket that it would cost 82000 ... even wooden ones?
      1. wanderer_032
        wanderer_032 1 July 2015 09: 59
        Quote: tchoni
        About 10 years ago, normally equipping about 3000 cu.

        Well, yes.
        So then it turns out in most cases ... That one who has a slingshot with balls from bearings in skillful hands, often uses the fact that he took as trophies from someone who has a lump and equipment for 3 thousand cu ... . wink laughing

        On the example of Donbass, we can clearly see this. smile
    PROSTEEL 29 June 2015 12: 58
    I was more outraged by the price of food ... a la Hot Dog for 150r-200r, etc. Business lunch for 500r. Eat it yourself!
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 29 June 2015 16: 04
      Quote: PROSTEEL
      I was more outraged by the price of food ... a la Hot Dog for 150r-200r, etc. Business lunch for 500r. Eat it yourself!

      Well, this is Moscow Principality, they don’t count money there, although once a year a child should be reduced to this event ... IMHO
  6. Hammer
    Hammer 29 June 2015 13: 32
    They didn't arrange a business for themselves. A bottle of champagne from the store sold an order of magnitude more expensive, and this is called a "chip"? Yeah, no sucker, and life is bad. Soon they will get used to it, and not only the old and from the warehouses will go from hand to hand.
  7. artwin
    artwin 29 June 2015 14: 37
    Russia has only two friends - the army and the navy, now there is no aviation and "cosmosO" :)
  8. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 29 June 2015 16: 11
    As long as the ruling "liberal" wages will be 10 or even 100 times higher than that of the people, the prices will be the same. They measure by themselves. At a meeting of shareholders, Sechin, when asked why members of the board receive bonuses of 600 million rubles each, answered that this corresponds to the standards in the West. To bring the wages of workers and employees in Russia to the same standards, it never occurs to Sechin and the liberals. On the contrary, they only advise "tighten your belts and eat less." "They are terribly far from the people" - this is when it was said! Vladimir Ilyich is right as always! True, this is said about other people, about patriots of Russia, but this applies even more to today's liberals!
  9. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn 1 July 2015 12: 16
    Boots for 5 oblique wah ha ha! I’ve been dragging boots from school and I bought the norms for a freebie from the cop. Fresh-skinned pig's steel, steel toe. For 7 years, I only changed the outsole and replaced the suede on the berets with leather. In winter, you will screw horseshoes and beauty.
    why buy such a high cost? If the ordinary berets that the prisoners sew are better? For pontus? Mmm smacks of stupidity and posturing.