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Smart bullet

Smart bullet

Tula gunsmiths create an almost fully polymer machine. And they also design a fundamentally new semi-automatic sniper rifle, not even one, but a whole family, with different dimensions and calibers.

Weaponcreated by M.T. Kalashnikov, in the twentieth century was considered the best in the world. How are you doing now? Judging by the appearance, the Western samples look better than ours. But does the aesthetics of the weapon affect its technical characteristics? Where are we lagging behind the West, and where are we ahead? And what are the trends in the development of small arms in the 21st century? On this and many other things, our conversation with the head of the unique Central Design and Research Bureau of sports and hunting weapons, Alexei Sorokin.

Your design bureau was created a year after the end of the Great Patriotic War as the head organization for developing sporting and hunting weapons. And this is significant. The war is over, you can pay attention to the shooting sport and hunting. However, it is known that Tula forged weapons for centuries. And it's not a secret for a long time that the TsKIB has created many unique combat pistols, machine guns, machine guns, rifles. Are you currently developing something completely new?

Alexey Sorokin: Of course, we do. But for the details, for obvious reasons, I can not speak. Now plastic and composite materials are increasingly being introduced into weapons. So, our specialists are designing, one might say, almost completely polymer automatic. Metal still remain the barrel, bolt and bolt carrier, the rest is all plastic. It is possible that such plastics will appear in the very near future, which will allow the barrel to be made composite. We also create a fundamentally new semi-automatic sniper rifle, not even one, but the whole family, with different dimensions and calibers. Preliminary tests suggest a very high shooting accuracy, primarily due to a different design of the gas engine, which does not create additional stresses and vibrations on the barrel at the moment of firing.

By the way, once a self-loading rifle with excellent accuracy was created at TsKIB, while it was almost 1 kg lighter than SVD in terms of weight.

There are also works on the creation of machine guns, in which we solve a number of important problems related to both the rate of fire and the reload of the machine gun. We create a sample without a flip top cover, and with a high pace, and a very simple recharge. We carry other topics, but they are secret.

Among experts there is a perception that the basic calibers of automatic weapons that we have are outdated. You need to create some kind of new cartridge. Is it so?

Alexey Sorokin: In general, the idea of ​​finding a new caliber for small arms excites the brain, not only to domestic specialists, but also to foreign ones. Foreigners are discussing it for a long time and actively.

This is due to attempts to create high-speed ammunition. If the bullet will fly out of the barrel at a speed of more than a kilometer per second, then there is no need to make a correction of the sight at a distance of up to 500 meters. Naturally, the energy of the bullet increases, its damaging properties increase.

What's the problem? To increase the speed, it is necessary to increase the pressure in the barrel. That is, it is logical to simply make the sleeve larger and, accordingly, pour more gunpowder into it. And, probably, you can make a sabot bullet, like an anti-tank projectile. In artillery, such an approach made it possible to increase the velocity of projectiles immediately by one and a half times.

Alexey Sorokin: Work on the creation of sub-caliber bullets was carried out. But they did not give the expected result. It turned out that good in large calibers, completely ineffective in small ones. In addition, sub-caliber bullets are unstable when flying and do not provide aimed fire.

Regarding the increase in pressure - this is just realizable. But here there are serious problems. What lies on the surface - barrel wear increases sharply, the weapon life decreases, its reliability decreases. Yes, and the existing thread does not provide a sustainable flight of a bullet at ultra-high speeds. If you significantly increase the speed, then the bullet can even fly out of the barrel, even without starting to rotate, just rifling cuts off part of the shell, of course, one cannot wait for the accuracy from such a bullet. Increased pressure can lead to seizure of cartridges in the chamber, and to the destruction of the liner. So the "simple" way to increase speed is actually not that simple. Therefore, there is a search for such an optimal caliber, which with a minimum increase in the pressure of the powder gases will provide a significant increase in the speed of the bullet. Everything revolves around six millimeters. Perhaps the caliber of the cartridge of the future will be precisely in the area 6 mm.

On the other hand, it is impossible to close everything with one caliber. The 4,6 mm caliber is ideal for solving some tasks, and the 9 mm and even more for solving other tasks.

What, in your opinion, is the main trend in the development of small arms for the army?

Alexey Sorokin: This may seem strange, but, in my opinion, the weapon will not be complicated, but simplified. Although at various exhibitions of weapons appear quite complex systems. As they say, heaped up.

However, there is a clear tendency to reduce the price and simplify small arms. This does not mean that the technical characteristics will deteriorate or the quality of the weapon will decrease. New technologies and new materials are being introduced. The first steps are 3D printing. I would not be surprised if all-plastic weapon systems, including plastic barrels, appear soon. By the way, we are also working in this direction, as I said. Of course, at first it will be a disposable weapon. But it just may be very popular.

It is no secret that today the West is leading in the introduction of composite materials in small arms and especially in 3D printing. Can we boast something?

Alexey Sorokin: The West is leading in the mass production of small arms containing elements made of plastic materials. But everything new is well forgotten old. We were the first. In the USSR, much earlier than in Western Europe and the USA, they developed revolutionary schemes for weapon systems, including those with extensive use of plastics.

Specific examples can be cited?

Alexey Sorokin: The first plastic frame gun in the world was developed in Tula, in our TsKIB, by the famous designer Makarov. It was at the very beginning of 1960's — more than fifty years ago. "Glock" with a plastic frame appeared in fifteen years. But today it is he who is considered almost a reference.

And what gives a plastic frame?

Alexey Sorokin: Improving manufacturability, reducing weight, reducing the cost of the whole structure. In general, it turns out a qualitatively new weapon.

Plastic PM passed all the necessary tests and showed significant advantages in comparison with the classic, all-metal gun. Let me explain for those who are not very familiar with the design of the shop pistols. The pistol frame is the handle, and in front of it is that part of the pistol on which the bolt, barrel, and all moving parts are mounted on top. That is, everything under the barrel is made of plastic.

On the "Glock" the same thing - the upper part is metal, the bottom is plastic. And now this is the main trend in the development of pistols.

Unique domestic small arms

I will say more. In the TsKIB museum there is a machine gun, developed in 1970-ies, with a polymer receiver. And today in the world no one dared to do this. And in Tula did forty years ago! If a machine gun with a polymeric receiver is released to the world market, it will be a real breakthrough.

So it cannot be said that our country has never engaged in the introduction of polymeric materials in small arms. We began to do it first.

And why are these unique developments turned out to be on the museum shelves, and not in the Soviet army?

Alexey Sorokin: The fact of the matter is that the main customer for small arms was the Ministry of Defense. If something, even completely unique, did not meet the requests of the Ministry of Defense, it was rejected. And in those years, the USSR Armed Forces were completely satisfied with the machine guns and machine guns created by Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov. He really created the best mass weapons for his time - machine guns and machine guns.

However, in our country there were quite a few gunsmiths who, in their talent, were in no way inferior to the designer.

The Ministry of Defense proceeded from the fact that all the Kalashnikov systems were technologically debugged, produced in mass series. And the machine guns and machine guns themselves have proven themselves in real battles around the world.

And what's wrong with that? AK shooting systems objectively showed themselves from the best side.

Alexey Sorokin: This is so, and no one deserves the merit of designer Kalashnikov. But weapons production required development. It was necessary, at least in small series, to launch into production and, most importantly, to patent our priorities. If in the USSR there was a market for civilian small arms like the one in the United States, then almost everything developed at TsKIB would find its consumers, and today Russia, not the West, would be a trend setter.

What kind of fashion, for example, can we talk about?

Alexey Sorokin: About the same widespread introduction of various plastics into weapon systems, about the level of various upgrades. About the system bullpup. By the way, for some reason it is considered that this is a purely Western development. These are the creative ones that they took and invented to place the trigger mechanism in the machine gun not behind the store, but ahead.

What are the advantages of such a scheme? It leads to a decrease in the length of small arms while maintaining the length of the barrel. In turn, this makes it possible to use machine guns more effectively and conveniently when firing in an enclosed space or, for example, from the loopholes of armored personnel carriers. The bullpup scheme is very convenient for paratroopers and special forces. Today, bullpup is the West. And what really?

The first bullpup layout was developed in Tula, in our TsKIB. Do not believe it - in the middle of 1950's. A couple of years before the western competitors. The military - the main customers - looked at that miracle, did not see anything in it, and the revolutionary development went to the museum shelf.

In Tula, the TsKIB was a real genius of small arms, German Korobov. Who heard his name? But it was he who proposed and calculated the construction of the bullpup, he introduced plastic into automatic weapons. From his legacy left only photographs and test reports of prototypes. All this today is declassified due to the prescription of years. And when I show Western gunsmiths of the Korobov system, they say: this cannot be done, it simply will not work.

The fact that we could produce half a century ago, neither in Western Europe, nor in the USA, nor in Israel, especially in China and in the 21st century, have yet been able to do so. They even have no idea how to approach the design tasks implemented in Tula a decade ago.

What other tasks does TsKIB have in addition to those that you mentioned at the very beginning?

Alexey Sorokin: One of the main tasks is to update the entire existing line of small arms developed and produced in Tula. We pay very serious attention to ergonomics. Weapons should be not only reliable, but also easy to use, in their own beautiful.

By the way, ergonomics very significantly affects the quality of small arms. If the weapon fits comfortably into the hand of a fighter, if his design allows, without degrading the technical characteristics, to load the barrel with additional equipment, then this all together plays only to the benefit of the rifle system as a whole. Previously, we did not pay much attention to this. Now everything is different. We began to work with leading technical designers of the country. I am sure that very soon domestic samples of automata, machine guns, pistols in appearance and quality of processing will become on par with the best Belgian, American, Swiss and German samples.


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  1. crazyrom
    crazyrom April 18 2015 07: 48
    So much has been invented and nothing in the series has gone. For power offensively. Maybe even now in the 21 century something will move under capitalism?
    1. My address
      My address April 18 2015 07: 59
      It's hard to believe that Medvedev negative and the henchmen flay on power. There he am what a pretty by yourself. So he is doing well.
      1. maai
        maai 22 May 2015 16: 26
        Quote: My address
        It is hard to believe that Medvedev and his relatives are conspiring for power. There he is, so pleased with himself. So he is doing well.

        New epl came out, he bought it - he is happy. And he doesn't need more. "Child".
    2. April 18 2015 12: 29
      under capitalism? something will move 7
      1. Siberia 9444
        Siberia 9444 April 18 2015 18: 37
        It is necessary to allow private small companies to create firearms (with a license, of course), there are a lot of craftsmen among the people who can think outside the box. And in addition to tune hunting weapons. Not long ago I ran into this I want a dtk for a saiga (I don’t want to buy my own sketches) in Novosibirsk there are no such "cantor" looking for a turner + the metal I needed.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. siberalt
      siberalt April 18 2015 13: 14
      Until we all understand the main thing that the "smartest" bullet is a wise word that goes from heart to heart, not for destruction, but for creation, so we will shed the blood of our brothers. hi
      1. The point
        The point April 19 2015 07: 17
        Tell it to veterans of World War II. A wise word is, of course, good, but sometimes it is not enough.
    6. Aleksandr72
      Aleksandr72 April 18 2015 14: 23
      A large number of small arms developments does not mean that everything needs to be put into production. Quantity doesn't always translate into quality. Suffice it to recall how many submachine guns were developed towards the end in the USSR and then in Russia: offhand KEDR, Klin, PP-90, PP-90M, PP-19 Bizon, AEK-919 and AEK-919K Kashtan , "Cypress" OTs-03, SR-2 "Veresk". Can you tell me why there were so many samples similar in characteristics to each other and how many of them reached the series? I'm already silent about pistols: OTs-27 "Berdysh", OTs-33 "Pernach", "Dart", "Drill", SR-1, "Grach", GSh-18 and many other developments - but a normal, high-quality pistol there is still no one that meets all modern requirements. Not from a good life for all kinds of special forces (like the army, police and other special services) imported developments, such as the same ChZ-75, are purchased. Diversity in small arms (and even then not in everything) is necessary only if there is a developed and voluminous civilian arms market (as in the States). In Russia and here in Kazakhstan, rifled firearms (and only hunting ones!) Can be purchased only if you have a hunting ticket and experience in using a weapon.
      I have the honor.
    7. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I April 18 2015 15: 08
      Maybe you've invented a lot? Here are the "military" -or "zazhralis", or their eyes fled, and forgot to return? Have you heard? - "the best is the enemy of the good"; "TOO good"; "TOO much" ...
      1. tchoni
        tchoni April 20 2015 11: 38
        Quote: Nikolaevich I
        Maybe you've invented a lot? Here are the "military" -or "zazhralis", or their eyes fled, and forgot to return?

        Nobody got drunk. It's just that if the specialists are usually small and not always 100% transparent and legal formations acting in the interests of individual high-ranking officials and for them they buy whatever they want according to left-wing schemes. Yes, and these guys appreciate the convenience, comfort and other bourgeois things. Therefore, what our design bureaus, accustomed to looking back at manufacturability, do, as a rule, does not cause much enthusiasm for them. And an ordinary infantryman has something over the state - what are you doing? NO NO - Kanai! So it turns out that the things are necessary and available and are, but they cannot be used - because they are not in the state. For example, the same "solarium" would buy pistols at its own expense, as under the tsar-father, but the law does not allow.
    8. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z April 18 2015 22: 07
      The lefthander, dying, asked to report to the tsar about his most important discovery: “Tell the sovereign that the British do not clean their guns with bricks ...”

      And nothing has changed ...
      Quote: crazyrom
      So much has been invented and nothing in the series has gone. For power offensively. Maybe even now in the 21 century something will move under capitalism?

      It's time, it's time to shift.
      If only because the mobilization reserve in Russia is less than in the USSR.
      And now each shot must find its target, and not "milk"!
  2. My address
    My address April 18 2015 07: 53
    Very interesting. soldier hi

    Many similar in other areas. In mechanical engineering, friction welding was invented and formulated as an invention in the USSR, and patents and friction welding machines are Western. In metallurgy, continuous casting machines (or continuous casting plants) were invented in the USSR, and the main patents and equipment ... On average, mechanical engineering (the current MIC) is better, but not drastically. Eh!

    And as they did not know how to implement, so now. What are the statements of the leaders of the government about the need to teach inventors to implement? And you, ministerial am What are you getting money for ?!
    My opinion is that the reason for reducing the responsibility of the leadership of the state. They have ceased to tear themselves out of themselves, and after them it has gone further. And this began in disgusting 1953 year.
  3. alex-cn
    alex-cn April 18 2015 08: 22
    Still, how many "brains" are concentrated in our military-industrial complex, perhaps it is still the best in the world. Filled it, of course, overhauled over the past quarter of a century, but I think that it will rise to the glory of Russia and shame the foe.
    And TsKIB in general is a separate conversation about how many weapons they created with world fame. Up to a dozen - offhand I’ll call. That's just to give them a full turn. Such productions cannot be severely limited in money for research. And they themselves will deal with the rest.
    1. Aqela
      Aqela April 19 2015 01: 10
      Well, such nonsense is not only in the military-industrial complex.
      My late brother told me ten years ago that he went to the management of a chemical plant with a rationalization proposal for optimizing a production line. He had quite an engineering education. And the thing is that when the rationalization proposal is introduced, the author receives a bonus, as far as I remember, something about 5% of the savings received for the year. In a couple of weeks he was summoned to the chief engineer and said: "We have considered your proposal. We will not introduce it" - "Why?" - "But because do not you think that someone will give you a bonus nine million!"
      This is the mode of saving and promoting innovations ... We will not save 180 million a year so as not to pay for the rationalization proposal ...
      Something like this! hi
  4. AUL
    AUL April 18 2015 09: 24
    Bullpup in the penultimate shot. How to shoot from it lying down?
    1. chebman
      chebman April 18 2015 09: 46
      In the penultimate shot, an example of an assault weapon, the concept of which is unlikely to involve shooting lying down.
      1. Russian phoenix
        Russian phoenix April 19 2015 21: 46
        Quote: chebman
        In the penultimate shot, an example of an assault weapon, the concept of which is unlikely to involve shooting lying down.

        At the sample, AK.Iz Kalash shop, did you fire from the "lying" position, did you fire?
    2. S-cream
      S-cream April 18 2015 10: 33
      Therefore, he did not go into the series. Not only that, there were still reasons.
      Nevertheless, Korobov’s assault rifles remained only in the form of prototypes, for which there were both objective reasons (for example, too close balance of the weapon, doubts about the survivability of the plastic body of the weapon during prolonged use in difficult conditions and storage) and subjective (high-ranking military officials Those responsible for adopting weapons are often very conservative and do not like change, especially when the gain in the sum of combat characteristics is not too obvious; the fact that the machine was developed in Tula, and not Izhevsk, also played against it to a certain extent).

      Look for "Korobov's machines" in a search engine. Very interesting, as for me.
      1. viktmell
        viktmell April 18 2015 15: 59
        I read briefly for Korobov machines ... Thanks to you, I re-read quite a lot ... Thank you. It is a pity that a lot of his developments have not been implemented ...
    3. Aqela
      Aqela April 19 2015 01: 11
      Using a drum store. Now this, with two bagels and a jumper, is being introduced into NATO.
      1. Timeout
        Timeout April 19 2015 06: 48
        Quote: Aqela
        Now this, with two bagels and a jumper, is being introduced into NATO.

        Store Beta_C flew on all trials, as well as multi-row. So alas, NATO was left without eggs ...
        1. gross kaput
          gross kaput April 19 2015 10: 24
          Quote: Timeout
          Beta_C Store

          Well, you know, for good, and our rattle for the PKK is far from the standard of reliability, and the four-row ones are not very keen on doing anything in the world - they come from serial numbers to me only for software - Suomi and Italian Spectrum, so unfortunately low reliability is the trouble of all high-capacity stores.
          PS I wonder why the second day I can not send drugs? VO swears, writes - user ID not valid?
          1. Timeout
            Timeout April 20 2015 03: 00
            Quote: gross kaput
            Well, you know, for good, and our rattle for the PKK

            I know that’s why I don’t welcome such notions. Our tambourine 7,62 was even less reliable, but the 5,45 that was developed for the RPK-74 refused to work normally at all, and was not accepted for service. I don’t know how reliable the tambourines that are offered on the AK-12 are, but most likely the same song as with the Chinese, global distortions in the pitch.
  5. Major_Vortex
    Major_Vortex April 18 2015 12: 31
    Self-loading sniper weapons, which can be aimed at hitting the enemy at distances of up to 1 km and above, is a rather interesting topic. Although, even a weapon shooting at 500 meters in the hands of a professional should be highly accurate. Otherwise, a more accurate and effective opponent will kill the professional.

    We need an appropriate quality cartridge with advanced characteristics, in which everything is worked out to the smallest detail. A high-quality barrel for such a rifle will most likely be with polygonal rifling and a muzzle device that increases the efficiency of the shot. Next, to a high-precision barrel and cartridge, you need an appropriate bolt that will accurately fix the cartridge in the cartridge of the rifle in the correct position when firing. A gas exhaust system is needed for such weapons with minimal negative impact on the accuracy of fire. Such a vent system should not prevent the barrel from exhibiting its high-precision capabilities. After the gas outlet, we have an automatic rifle, which should not have any bad influence on the accuracy of aimed fire. After automation comes the quality of the descent. We need to work seriously with this moment too. A filthy descent can kill all other achievements in one fell swoop. Now ergonomics: it’s a pen, stock, forend, sights, weapon controls, balancing the weapon and its weight, at a long distance it’s also a convenient bipod of a well-thought-out design.
    When it is possible to solve all these problems, it remains only to solve the problem of reliable, trouble-free and quick operation of this entire economy. And the enemy will be guaranteed to be destroyed.
    1. Nikolay74
      Nikolay74 April 18 2015 21: 11
      And the enemy will be guaranteed to be destroyed. [/ Quote]
      Do not forget about the trained fighter, hi
      1. Major_Vortex
        Major_Vortex April 18 2015 22: 34
        [quote = Nikolay74] And the enemy will be guaranteed to be destroyed. [/ quote]
        Do not forget about the trained fighter, hi[/ Quote]
        Of course. Moreover, shooting training is a slow and thoughtful process that is very difficult to force.

        But the possibilities of modern technologies in the production of small arms should not be neglected. Modern powder steels make it possible to obtain metal with exorbitant characteristics, with a fine-grained and homogeneous structure. We have already mentioned 3D printers in the article. Another interesting know-how is composite barrels. The inside of such a barrel is made of gun steel (powder can be used), and the outside of the barrel is covered with a layer of high-strength carbon fiber based on carbon fiber. This barrel is lighter and more rigid than steel. The "layered" structure of such a barrel copes better with mechanical vibrations due to a sharp change in the mechanical properties of the structural element. We get a lightweight and precise barrel that surpasses traditional ones in its characteristics. These barrels are already being produced.
    2. Aqela
      Aqela April 19 2015 01: 19
      I must admit, I don’t really understand why a self-loading sniper with an effective range of more than 500-600 meters? As I understand, when shooting at long distances, the line of sight will still knock down, with powerful optics, the field of view is narrow, until you find the target again - a lot of time will pass. In addition, the engine still degrades the gas balancing of the weapon when fired, so that at large distances the dispersion will be unreasonably large for any quality of barrel manufacture. As an option, I see only easel units with a caliber of at least 0,388 ", or better 12,7-14,5-20-23 mm, in relation to which it is sometimes impossible to understand - either a rifle, or a cannon ...
      1. Major_Vortex
        Major_Vortex April 19 2015 02: 07
        Ar15 without a problem for a kilometer grendels shoot and hit exactly the target. The Ar15 has self-loading automation. There are self-charges for longer-range calibers (.338 Lapua, etc.). Queues of aiming for one kilometer already need a machine gun such as CORD.
  6. April 18 2015 12: 33
    But what about ak?
    PS this is just tkb-022 Korobova
  7. 16112014nk
    16112014nk April 18 2015 13: 11
    Our anti-popular thieves' pr-va RF (market federation) does not have strategic thinking. Under Stalin it was, now it is not in principle. Our guarantor is not a strategist, but a tactician, because he is a lieutenant colonel, not a general. And actually he's just "TRUE DEMAGOGUE". hi Because we have such a state that in the military-industrial complex, that in general in the economy.
    1. viktmell
      viktmell April 18 2015 16: 21
      Why isn’t it a prez ... sorry president (about the prez is correct), OR EXAMPLE- Minister ??? Let’s go here to the anti-terrorist operation (anti-people’s terrorist operation - or organization). Here we have the whole class - salaries are half as much, bucks are three times as high , prices - 2-3 times, a communal apartment - with a salary of 100 green - half, since September ALL! So prez - shut up and h..yar to Israel to produce weapons for us.
      1. gross kaput
        gross kaput April 18 2015 16: 30
        My post above is the same for you
    2. gross kaput
      gross kaput April 18 2015 16: 29
      Hear the troll, hide in that slot from where you got out, go to the political sections and defecate there. They don’t discuss politics - they discuss iron here.
  8. RuslanNN
    RuslanNN April 18 2015 14: 06
    We have always had advanced developments. The question is in mass production. Until now, AK body kit elements are not mass-produced.
  9. gross kaput
    gross kaput April 18 2015 15: 33
    Oh cunning uncle By the way, once a self-loading rifle with excellent accuracy was created at TsKIB, while it was almost 1 kg lighter than SVD in terms of weight. apparently he is talking about TKB-0145K chambered for 6x49, well, only it is heavier than the SVD by 300 gr. - and "all the magic" is that for TKB-0145K they give dry weight without sight and magazine in 4 kg and for SVD they give data from NSD - where the mass is given with PSO and magazine - 4300, we subtract PSO mass - 560g and store and " suddenly "it turns out that the SVD is easier. Well, this is so, but in general, a sniper with snipers under 6X49 has been stretching since the mid-80s, these are Izhevsk SVK and SVK-S and Tula TKB-0145K only here it is not clear with the help - with all their declared merits, no one is still in service accepted, but we have a lot of structures that can quite easily afford to accept a limited number of rifles, even under a non-standard cartridge. Opening a mystery, and why would it be? laughing
    1. Timeout
      Timeout April 18 2015 15: 53
      Quote: gross kaput
      Oh disingenuous

      Greetings, Sergey! The museum exhibited this instance. Engineers themselves say that trainees manufactured the SVD under the 6x49 cartridge. But because of the features of the shutter, working with a welt, they could not provide a normal supply of cartridges. The trainees left and there was no one to study, the topic died out.
      1. gross kaput
        gross kaput April 18 2015 16: 26
        Hello, well, if everything is clear with the Tula TKB-0145K - essentially made in a single copy, then the topic of Izhevsk SVK and SVK-S was dealt with in the 80s by a rather tight and serious team, the 6X49 cartridge itself was developed in the 70s by Dvoryaninov , moreover, it was fully worked out including special bullets, the characteristics of the cartridge turned out to be very "kosher", the Izhevsk rifles were also completely worked out, but that's the reason that the whole topic died out absolutely not clear.
        1. Timeout
          Timeout April 18 2015 16: 49
          Quote: gross kaput
          the whole topic died out absolutely not clear.

          Money one time, two development orders. The Ministry of Defense refused to finance the development, and other departments had other requests, at least until the collapse of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was fed by the development of the Ministry of Defense or the KGB. Well, then everyone was who for what.
  10. Sahalinets
    Sahalinets April 18 2015 15: 44
    As always, jingoism with a distortion of fact. We were the first to make bullpup back in the 50s! But nothing that the Czechs produced PTR such a scheme back in 1941?
    We are looking for in the internet PzB M.SS.41.
    1. Timeout
      Timeout April 18 2015 15: 58
      Quote: Sahalinets
      But nothing that the Czechs let out

      But nothing that the Frenchman Declar patented weapons according to the bullpup scheme in 1936?
  11. serge siberian
    serge siberian April 18 2015 20: 59
    everything said in the article has already been published here before. There is nothing new.
  12. kirpich
    kirpich April 20 2015 12: 03
    Eh, what we do not store, losing crying ...
  13. Nikitalomov
    Nikitalomov 20 May 2015 21: 46
    Thanks to the author for the interview!