Something a long time ago there were no articles about armory exotic, but there are still many curious ones. For example, the so-called underhammers. The invention of the capsule led not only to a change in the design of gun-pistol locks, but also to the fact that a number of companies began to install them upside down, so that the trigger was placed not above the barrel, but under it, right in front of the trigger. Such a system is called Underhammer.
It would seem that its advantages are obvious. The weapon becomes more compact, and the trigger is greatly simplified to just four parts - the trigger, the trigger spring, the trigger and the mainspring. In an extremely simplified version, you can even abandon the springs by combining the trigger in one part with a spring bracket.

However, underhammer has a serious drawback: when you hit the trigger on the primer, they lift up, knocking down the sight. For guns with their long and heavy barrels, this does not play a noticeable role, but for “lower-turk” pistols to increase the accuracy of the battle it was necessary to significantly weight the muzzle, which made them less easy to handle than the “classic” models. However, this did not apply to pocket and ladies pistols intended for shooting almost point-blank.

In 1820-40, the Underhammers produced weapons factories and workshops for Allen, Willard, Sefton, Ashton, Sessier and some others, but their share in the total output of small arms was insignificant. As far as I know, not a single army in the world has adopted such a scheme for pistols and guns.

Next is a photo collection of original samples of “undercourt” riflemen, as well as their modern replicas for collectors.

Ashton Pistol, 1830 year.

Replica of Sefton's pistol, in which the mainspring is simultaneously a trigger guard.

French dueling pistol gosse.

A replica of the pocket underhamhammer Sessier, which is sold complete with pulleys.

Willard's pistol.

Another ornate duel underhammer Goss. These pistols were produced in Paris in 1820-25.

American underhammer labeled "Stafford JDG 1837" and a very massive faceted barrel.

The simplest underhammer, in which the trigger is combined with a spring-loaded fighting spring, reinforced under the barrel.

Korrevona and Morges' pistol with unscrewing barrel, 1854 year.

Tennessee Pistol.

The gun company "Bacon and Company" 1852 year.

Rodman Olsen's remarkable hunting pistol "Lehman Style" with a no less remarkable holster. And for just 270 dollars, though, this is the initial auction price.

Dulnozaryadnaya rifle Klatsa with a sniper scope.

Ethan Allen's carbine, sold under the name "Pocket Gun".

"Gunshot canes" with removable butts and without.

A modern replica of the "shooting crucifix" that helped pious holy fathers carry the Word of God to lost sinners.

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  1. +1
    March 21 2015
    A modern replica of the "shooting crucifix", which helped the pious holy fathers to carry the Word of God to lost sinners

    Such Turchinov would approach, the bloody pastor.
    1. Alex_Popovson
      March 21 2015
      Is it possible to not drag politics here?
      1. +8
        March 21 2015
        Interestingly, in the medical journal in the proctology section, is Ukraine also discussed?
    2. The comment was deleted.
  2. +7
    March 21 2015
    Thanks to the author, somehow this type of weapon I have not met before. Well, as always there are the most beautiful specimens. Such a nut as that of Gosset and Klatz - look ...
    1. 0
      March 21 2015
      Quote: alex-cn
      Thanks to the author,

      Thank. of course!
      But here is how the capsule was attached so that it would not drop out when the cock was cocked - the topic is not disclosed, alas :(
  3. +3
    March 21 2015
    I thought I knew everything about the weapon, or almost everything, but I heard about the hammerheads for the first time. In my opinion, even the Beetle does not mention them. Live and learn! Thank you so much to the author!
    1. +1
      March 21 2015
      Likewise! I also thought that I was "cunning" in the history of weapons, but I practically did not know anything about underhammers. True, I came across a brief description of such a sample once, but then I did not pay any attention to it. Thanks to the author! Well done!
    2. +2
      March 21 2015
      Well, I won't argue about what Zhuk has, but Markevich has a description of the Demondion system, which, in my opinion, pretends to be called "underhammer".
  4. +5
    March 21 2015
    Thanks to the author! I recognize the good old VO! Politics will wait ...
  5. +1
    March 21 2015
    Interesting designs, I also learn about them for the first time. I was surprised by the sniper scope, I will have to read about them.
    Thanks to the author good
    1. ICT
      March 21 2015
      1. +1
        March 21 2015
        What kind of weapon? Like the Germans or the Austrians? unsubscribe!
        1. ICT
          March 21 2015
          Quote: alex-cn
          What kind of weapon?

          if about me, then here

          1. 0
            March 21 2015

            It seems that, after all, a remake, Google does not give images, and you can’t make out the author ... but the bed is in a continental style.
            1. ICT
              March 21 2015
              Quote: alex-cn
              that still remake

              Well, there seems to be a homemade site, they buy some parts there, some bring them to mind,
    2. +1
      March 21 2015
      Thanks to the author for introducing us to an unknown system!

      Naryl and I have a couple of pictures.
      .69 Breisen (gran 1750 bullet)

      .485 Morris (650 Gran Bullet)

      Renard 50RB

      .45 Pierce (Gran 450 Bullet)
  6. +2
    March 21 2015
    Very informative article, thanks!
  7. 0
    March 21 2015
    An interesting article - for a muzzle-loading rifle with a sniper scope, placing the trigger under the barrel did not interfere with the installation of the sight. Yes, and the capsule under the barrel, away from the face somehow seriously calms :)
  8. +4
    March 21 2015
    The author "+" and many thanks! Excellent illustrations, pleasant humor and light syllable - what else is needed for an informative article !!! With great pleasure I got acquainted with these unusual samples.
  9. +1
    March 22 2015
    Loved the article! Thanks to the author, my respect.
  10. 0
    March 23 2015
    Many thanks to the author! .. how did the capsules fasten so as not to fall?

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