Russian Air Force waited for a new aircraft

Joint tests of the SU-34 front-line bomber were successfully completed. Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force, Alexander Zelin, signed the September 19 test act, which recommends adopting a new vehicle. In total it is supposed to put into operation 120 airplanes of this model before 2020 of the year. According to the plans of the Ministry of Defense, the aircraft should be replaced by outdated SU-24 bombers, which, however, will not be completely discarded, but left to perform their respective tasks. Deliveries are supposed to be carried out in several stages. Thus, the RF Air Force will have at its disposal five squadrons of SU-34 and 24 units each. The project cost was about 20 trillion rubles. The novelty will be exported only after the formation of the first strike force in the Russian Air Force.

Russian Air Force waited for a new aircraft

Americans are confused, they lack something similar to our new product and in the near future it is unlikely that a competitive model of this type will appear. There is something to panic about, because they simply have nothing to oppose to the creation of the Sukhoi Design Bureau.

The new aircraft, in terms of its ability to perform tasks, is approaching the long-range aviation class. Due to the ability to refuel in the air, its range is limited only by the presence of a flying tanker in its area of ​​operation. The first refueling in the air on it was made during a non-stop flight from the western part of Russia to the Far East, to the venue of the Vostok 2010 exercise. Pilots have the opportunity to rest, replacing each other, and to eat, warming up in the microwave onboard rations. In addition, to reduce fatigue, the pilots' seats are equipped with a massage back, first used in military aviation. In general, according to the pilots, the car turned out reliable, powerful and comfortable.

On technical equipment SU-34 has no equal in any Air Force of the world. It carries up to eight tons of various weapons on the 12 external suspension points, its arsenal includes new air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles. Ammunition corrected by a satellite system can be used, thanks to which the aircraft becomes a unique means of accurately suppressing small targets, such as terrorist bases, command posts and various military depots. New radar with active phased array capable of detecting targets at long range. The 30 caliber gun, mm, is included in the standard weapon kit; an upgraded L-150 “Pastel” installation serves as a warning of detection by an enemy air defense system.

The power plant of the novelty is represented by the AL-31F turbojet engines, which, with 80,9 kilo-newtons in flight mode and 132,3 kilo-newtons in the afterburner, can give the car a speed around the ground 1400 km / h, and at an altitude of about 10000 meters, 1900 kilometers per hour. All this with a take-off weight of more than 44 tons. At the same time, the onboard supply of fuel provides the range to 4000 kilometers.

The safety of the crew in this aircraft is at its highest level thanks to the armored cabin with a wall thickness of 17 millimeters. Such armor protects pilots and equipment from being hit by small-caliber guns and missile fragments; a similar cockpit stood on the Su-25 attack aircraft. In an emergency situation both in the air and on the ground, the catapult allows the crew to leave the aircraft almost instantly.

It is worth noting a curious fact from the still short biography of SU-34. Being not yet officially accepted into service, he had already managed to show himself in real combat operations. We are talking about the war in South Ossetia in 2008, during the operation to interact with the forces of the strike aircraft of the Russian Air Force the plane was fighting with the Georgian air defense systems. As a result of the combat use of anti-radar missiles, the enemy’s 36D6-M radar was destroyed. By the way, this is not the first experience of using weapons that have not yet been adopted by the army, this practice was widely used during the Soviet era.

Sukhoi Design Bureau began the development of the SU-34 at the end of the eighties, and already in April 1990, the prototype front-line bomber, designated as "Т10В-1", took off. It was based on the heavy SU-27 fighter, designed to gain air supremacy, and introduced a number of innovations. Thus, when designing the aircraft, the glider received additional horizontal tail; the pilots' seats were not located in tandem, as is customary, but next to each other. The entrance to the cab also moved from the traditional place for cars of this class and is now located in the niche of the front landing gear. The engines received an additional gas turbine installation TA14-130-55, thanks to which it became possible to start the main engines without the use of airfield equipment. This makes front-line bombers independent of the equipment of airfields in the front line. State tests of the SU-34 began in the 2006 year, in the 2011 year a few more changes were made to the design of the aircraft, and in this form it appeared before the selection committee.

The production of a new bomber is deployed on the basis of NAPO named after V. Chkalov, founded in 1931 year. Since 1996, the association has been part of the Sukhoi holding and, apart from the production of SU-34, is engaged in the program of creating the fifth generation fighter. To ensure timely deliveries of aircraft to the troops, NAPO has embarked on a project to modernize production and plans to spend about 2 billion rubles on this. Required to purchase and install new machining centers in the shops of the association. Part of the funds is provided under the program of modernization of the military-industrial complex, voiced by Vladimir Putin in April of this year. As the representatives of NAPO say, this will allow us to simultaneously assemble up to 20 machines and thereby prevent the delivery deadlines set by the government of the Russian Federation.

Finally, Russian aviation will receive an entirely new model, and not another modification, as it was many years before!
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