Flying cars in the service in the US Army

So the fantasy writers' dreams that cars will be able to as easily get into the air and lower back to the ground, as they are moving along highways, are starting to come true. But such ideas have arisen in creative people since the beginning of the 20-ies of the last century. At that time, the car had not yet become the full owner of American roads, and people had already had colorful dreams about how cars patrol over their heads.

Flying cars in the service in the US Army

Today in the world there are already several types of vehicles that combine the qualities of the aircraft and the usual "cars". Particular success in the production of such machines has made the American company Terrafugia. Already today, well-to-do citizens can lay out about a quarter of a million dollars from their own pockets and purchase a miracle machine. For several years, Terrafugia has been releasing promotional videos in which happy owners of cars with screws and wings first leave their garage and then press a button - the wings of the miraculous structure unfold, the noise of the engines is heard, and the aircar soars into the sky.

Today, the US military structures also wanted to get something like this at their disposal. They want the developers to take care of the creation of an armored vehicle that can fly into the air and make fairly long flights. Why do Americans need such equipment if they have the same helicopters and airplanes? The answer is pretty obvious. If the project, which was named “Flying Humvee”, will be implemented, then the Pentagon will be able to complete the individual parts with truly multifunctional machines. One of the representatives of the US military, thinking about the potentials of an armored vehicle in the army, says that it can be used as an unmanned robotic vehicle that can conduct both ground and air reconnaissance. In this case, the protection of the case will not allow the enemy to easily destroy the device. If you equip a flying car with guns, then in addition to the search and reconnaissance functions, it will be able to strike at an enemy located both on the ground and in the air.

There is also a so-called manned project of a flying jeep, which will be carried out by one of the already planned for the realization of American companies. It is planned that such a machine will be able to carry on board to 5 people, as well as certain cargo. At the same time, the Transformer TX, as the military previously called it, will be equipped with sufficiently serious protection systems, as well as machine-gun installations, which will not allow a strike on the vehicle from the ground without hindrance.

Such an unusual flying machine can be used to achieve a variety of purposes. Among these goals can be called participation in the protection of infantry formations from a low altitude, overcoming obstacles in the form of minefields, as well as mobile movement of contingent in difficult terrain.

If the American army in the near future will receive such a technique, and the developers say that it can happen already in the 2012 year, then several airmobile regiments can appear in its composition. It is planned that the new equipment will be used to carry out police operations in other countries. So Israel is extremely interested in this kind of technology. In the light of the recently escalating conflict with Palestine, the Israeli authorities even announced the possibility of co-financing a project to create a flying armored vehicle in the United States with the functions of destroying enemy personnel.

Critics of such vehicles state that in the event that airborne vehicles appear in the air, for example, over Afghanistan, they can become enviable targets for MANPADS. And, indeed, the flight speed is not higher than 500 km / h (and in fact, while there are models with a speed of about 190 km / h), it makes flights in such machines extremely unsafe. Yes, and the maneuverability of such machines is not necessary to speak. In general, developers still have time to think about how to increase the security of such unusual means of conducting reconnaissance and combat.
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