The most efficient army today

Modern realities are such that the slogans of peace, demilitarization and brotherhood of all nations did not even go to the background, but somewhere further away. It seems that the cold war is over, well, or at least they told us so, and the growth of armaments in the world is in full swing. Every year the budgets of military-industrial companies grow like mushrooms after a warm rain. Only now to say that our native army becomes a real stronghold of the state, it is not necessary that year. From the screens often heard the words that Russia has released a new type of weapon, upgraded small weaponBut directly to the troops such a modernization rarely comes. I remember the footage of the film "DMB", where the general gives the engineer shovels to those soldiers who did not get machine guns. A lot of time has passed since the movie was released, but the essence of the Russian army has not changed fundamentally. Therefore, if we consider the level of combat effectiveness of our troops in comparison with other world armies, the conclusion will not be in our favor.

The most efficient army today

American GI: the cost of one set of equipment - 18000 $

The question of which army is better at the moment is not easy to answer. If we talk about combat effectiveness in terms of spending budget funds for an army, here the Americans are clearly leaders. Equipping a single US soldier costs the state more than 18000 dollars. We can put a whole regiment on that amount. The American Congress does not spare money for its universal soldiers and spends on them more than half a trillion dollars annually. Despite the fact that such spending simply rips the US treasury, few people care, because they know overseas, Russia, Brazil and other holders of funds in American currency will pay for the reliability of the stars and stripes of the republic. The Americans are spending huge amounts of money on arming their fighters. Every year, American weapons are upgraded and sent straight to military units. All these facts show that in the case of direct combat contact with the Americans, if, God forbid, this happens, the Russian troops will be extremely hard. The outcome of the battle between these armies will be decided before it starts. Of course, this is not a nuclear confrontation, because in this case it’s pointless to talk about any victory whatsoever. Public organizations continue to blame the Pentagon for building up military capabilities, but the Pentagon, like the one Vaska, who listens to himself and eats further.

China contains the largest and one of the most well-equipped armies in the world.

In recent years, the Chinese army has entered the world arena with dignity. These brave guys, in contrast to the "peace-loving" Americans do not fight, trying to spread democracy or something else. However, the expenses of the Communist Party of China in the army are growing at a very impressive pace. Over the year, the Chinese managed to increase military spending by more than 40 billion dollars. The Chinese army is truly amazing in its scale. In principle, this is understandable, because the population of China, like its modern ambitions, is very large. Today, the Chinese armed forces look like a huge dog that lies quietly near its booth, its eyes closed, but with one eye it still looks at what is happening around it. Let me say that this strategy is more rational than the American one. Of course, the Chinese can enter Afghanistan or “force peace” of their dear neighbor, North Korea, but they understand perfectly well that modern warfare is not an epic confrontation on an open battlefield.

By the way, if we talk about the armies of the world, then why not mention the so-called "non-state armies". Well, what they are not more efficient than the state armed forces? The very same Hamas or Hezbollah armies that managed to make a lot of noise in the world, although they are called terrorist groups, but this is a question of terminology. Are NATO planes bombing Serbian cities or schools in Libya, these are not terrorist formations? The financing of non-state armies, of course, is not measured in hundreds of billions of euros, but they cannot be reproached for their combat effectiveness either. The Taliban stands out in this list, the army of which was not managed to “rein in” by the most powerful Soviet army, and already that year the American armada could not achieve the long-awaited victory. A handful of people scurrying about in the mountains in broken boots, torn clothes, and with MANPADS on their shoulders - this is an example of effective combat operations today. Losses are minimal, uniforms are not provided at all, and nutrition, in principle, also. Say - a barbarian country, a barbaric army. But we are talking about the effectiveness of military units. By the way, the barbarian armies at one time utterly defeated the Roman legions, which ate well, and received considerable money. It reminds you nothing in the modern world.

The Taliban are the people's militia, the ideological basis of which is an arbitrary and rather rough interpretation of Islam, which has spread widely in most of Afghanistan since 1996.

The main organizing factor for the Taliban, in addition to the religious one, is its declarative desire to "put an end to the wars in the territory of Afghanistan." This motto was particularly effective during the "Soviet occupation" and in subsequent years. Thus, the Taliban flourished, including thanks to the USSR, whose presence in Afghanistan was perceived as an occupation. As you know, the presence of an external enemy unites the nation.

The Taliban regime in the most stringent way organized the lives of those who were on the territory of its distribution. Among the "achievements" of the Taliban - "the liberation of women of the East": from work, from the opportunity to get an education, etc. The Taliban intolerantly treat representatives of other Islamic faiths. In particular, repressive measures against Shiite Muslims were repeatedly used.

Perhaps, the army’s combat capability lies not even in its financing, but in the ideology and loyalty of the soldiers to their patronymic, religion, and principles. In general, a brilliant laser-guided machine at the target and 5000 cu. a week does not guarantee victory. After all, our Great Victory was not at all produced by what we now call the equipment and well-being of a soldier’s life. Draw conclusions, what is the most efficient army of our time ...
Alexey Volodin
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