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Israel will develop a missile defense system for ships

An exhibition of naval armaments and Euronaval-2014 equipment opened in France on Monday. The pavilions of the exhibition demonstrate the latest developments in the field of naval forces, as well as announce plans and sign contracts for the supply of various designs. The Israeli company Rafael on the first day of the exhibition announced the start of work on a new system designed to protect against unguided rockets. This time, the missile defense system is intended for ships and boats.

The new missile defense system received the designation C-Dome. This name of the project is due to the fact that it will be widely used developments on the anti-missile defense system Iron Dome ("Iron Dome", also known as "Kipat Barzel"). This complex has been in service with the Israel Defense Forces for several years now and has won a good reputation among the military. Now it is planned to finalize the land missile defense system and use it on various boats and ships of the naval forces of the client country.

According to the company Rafael, the C-Dome system is intended for arming patrol ships, corvettes and other surface ships with the exception of some classes of boats. The new complex will be used to repel enemy attacks using unguided missiles, including those launched by a volley. It is assumed that in the C-Dome complex, the developments and components of the existing Kipat Barzel system will be widely used.

The project of the ship's missile defense system is still in its earliest stages. Rafael specialists are working on various nuances of the new concept. weapons and determine the requirements for it, the implementation of which will ensure high efficiency of combat work. For obvious reasons, the technical details or characteristics of the future C-Dome system have not yet been announced and are unlikely to be published in the near future. Nevertheless, some common features of a promising missile defense system have already been announced.

It is alleged that the C-Dome complex will use a vertical launcher mounted below the deck of the carrier ship. The launcher will have up to 10 cells for transport and launch containers with interceptor missiles. Such architecture of the complex should ensure compatibility with ships and boats of various types. The interceptor missile is likely to be borrowed from the Kipat Barzel complex, but certain changes will be made to its design.

The radio-electronic systems of the base missile defense complex should undergo serious modifications. The Kipat Barzel / Iron Dome ground system has its own radar stations for detecting and tracking targets, as well as equipment for coordinating the actions of various elements of the complex and controlling its combat work. The C-Dome shipboard missile complex will not receive its own surveillance and control facilities. Specialists of the Rafael company intend to integrate anti-missile weapons into the ship’s electronic equipment. Thus, the detection of targets will be carried out using the ship’s full-time radar, and the ship’s fire control system will be responsible for the attacks.

The proposed concept of a promising missile defense system will protect the carrier ship and other vessels in the coastal zone and in the open sea. In addition, the C-Dome complex will be able to intercept enemy missiles approaching from any direction. According to representatives of the company Rafael, the interceptor missile of the C-Dome complex will have greater maneuverability, which will allow it to destroy various objects representing a danger to the carrier ship.

The use of developments under the Kipat Barzel project should simplify and accelerate the development of the ship's anti-missile system. It is expected that the first prototype of the C-Dome complex can be built in less than a year. Nevertheless, while the authors of the project are engaged in defining the requirements for a new missile defense system. Thus, negotiations began with the command of the Israeli Navy. During these consultations, Rafael would like to know the requirements of potential operators of the new system and develop it in accordance with them.

Rafael is only preparing to begin developing a ship-based missile defense system, and the Kipat Barzel system, proposed as the basis for it, has been used by the Israeli army for several years. Since 2011, the cities of Israel have been defending the Iron Dome missile defense systems. This system is capable of detecting and destroying ballistic missiles with a range of up to 70 km. Management of the complex is carried out in automatic mode, so that the reaction time is reduced to the minimum possible.

The Kipat Basel complex and several other anti-missile systems were built by Israel to protect against missiles launched from the Gaza Strip. The main objectives of the anti-missile system are unguided rockets of the Kassam family, produced in artisanal conditions from improvised materials. The low quality of the production of these munitions to some extent facilitates the work of the Kipat Barzel / Iron Dome complexes. Most of the missiles do not reach Israeli cities or fall outside of them. The automatic missile defense system of the missile defense system determines the trajectory of the flight of the enemy ammunition, calculates the point of its fall and gives the command to launch the anti-missile missile only if it represents a danger to the military or civilian population.

According to official data, to date, interceptors of the Kipat Barzel complex have destroyed more than 1200 enemy ammunition and have prevented them from falling on the territory of cities or military facilities. The high effectiveness of this missile defense system now allows for the protection of civilians, and in the foreseeable future should lead to the emergence of specialized ship systems for a similar purpose.

According to representatives of the developer, the first prototype of the C-Dome missile defense system can be built within the next year, after which it will begin testing. Due to this, new project reports may appear as soon as possible.

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  1. Dazdranagon
    Dazdranagon 31 October 2014 08: 48 New
    I wonder how this system will relate to missiles with a flight speed of 2-3 speeds of sound ...
  2. Aaron Zawi
    Aaron Zawi 31 October 2014 08: 56 New
    In general, as I already wrote during the previous discussion, a concept project was proposed. Until a real incarnation in iron, a few more years.
  3. yanus
    yanus 31 October 2014 09: 27 New
    Israeli company Rafael on the first day of the exhibition announced the start of work on a new system designed to protect against uncontrollable rockets.

    I would like to look at those idiots who will shoot at ships and boats from NURs ....
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 31 October 2014 09: 40 New
      Iron Dome missiles don't know if the missile they are guiding is
      try to intercept or uncontrollable. If the rocket is actively maneuvering, then
      The LCD will miss, if it flies in a straight line it will hit.
      Usually, missiles attacking a ship fly in a straight line (or ballistic trajectory).
      1. muhomor
        muhomor 31 October 2014 12: 24 New
        Not a fact! Missiles attacking a moving target are maneuvering and quite active. But what prevents the LCD from hitting maneuvering targets? As far as I know, a homing missile.
      2. And Us Rat
        And Us Rat 1 November 2014 05: 15 New
        Quote: voyaka uh
        If the rocket is actively maneuvering, then
        LCD will miss ...

        With a fright? belay ZhK - full-fledged short-range air defense, and has no restrictions on the interception of maneuverable targets. It’s just not a primary concern. request
        Iron Dome
        Type: C-RAM and short range air defense system
    2. And Us Rat
      And Us Rat 1 November 2014 05: 16 New
      Quote: yanus
      Israeli company Rafael on the first day of the exhibition announced the start of work on a new system designed to protect against uncontrollable rockets.

      I would like to look at those idiots who will shoot at ships and boats from NURs ....

      The author is stupid or the translation is bad. request

      In October 2014, Rafael unveiled a naval version of the Iron Dome called C-Dome. It is designed to protect vessels in blue and littoral waters from ballistic trajectory and direct attack weapons fired in saturation attacks.
  4. Prager
    Prager 31 October 2014 09: 31 New
    In Israel there are many good gunsmiths. They will do everything right.
    1. max702
      max702 31 October 2014 15: 53 New
      Quote: Prager
      In Israel there are many good gunsmiths. They will do everything right.

      In Israel, there is still a lot of technical documentation of one destroyed state, as well as scientists involved in scientific and technical activities in the same state. So, they won’t be surprised, maybe they will recreate the good ..
  5. corporal
    corporal 31 October 2014 10: 10 New
    Nice idea. If you succeed, you will get a big increase in ship security.
    Ours need to steal this idea ... preferably with a working prototype ... and documentation bully
    well, or buy winked
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 31 October 2014 13: 31 New
      Quote: Corporal
      Ours need to steal this idea ... preferably with a working prototype ... and documentation
      well, or buy

      This system can only work on low speed targets flying over ballistic trajectory. For patrol boats and corvettes that are supposed to carry out a naval blockade of the same Gaza, they will not interfere or to protect the gas platforms from the Mujahideen. For maneuvering and high-speed purposes, the LCD and its variations do not pose a threat. We’re better off improving our
      ЗКБРС-зенитных комплексов ближнего рубежа самообороны от более серьезных противников. Тот же Кортик например,в экспортном варианте носящий название Каштан. В Израиле кстати есть комплекс групповой обороны Барак пргтив более серьезного противника. касаемо ЗРАК в 90гг была выполнена НИР по "Перспективному многоцелевому ЗРАКу". Который даже получил шифр "Палица". Позднее они легли в основу Панциря. Сейчас разрабатывают морской унифицированный вариант панцирь-М на базе Панцирь-С1. Новый комплекс придет на смену ЗРПК «Кортик»/«Каштан».

      Минобороны заключило с промышленниками контракт на поставку зенитных ракетно-пушечных комплексов "Панцирь-С" в морской версии.
      Об этом на выставке "Оборонэкспо-2014", которая проходит в подмосковном Жуковском, заявил гендиректор холдинга "НПО "Высокоточные комплексы" Александр Денисов. Для демонстрации возможностей "Панциря-С1" посетителям выставки представили тренажер, имитирующий его боевую работу в режиме реального времени.

      According to Denisov, military tests of the marine version of the complex are already being completed. And its deliveries to the Navy will begin in 2016.
      Завершаются войсковые испытания морской версии "Панциря С-1"

      It is expected that the marine "Armor" will be included in the armament of the project 956 destroyers, project 1155 large anti-submarine ships and missile cruisers during their overhaul and modernization in the second half of the 2020s and early 2020s. Also, the “Armor-M” will replace the “Daggers” as the last frontier of air defense on the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”. In addition, they will be installed on new ships of the Russian Navy, including promising destroyers of the Leader project, the construction of which should begin in the second half of the current decade.
      Russian Navy will receive the Pantsir-M air defense system in 2016

      Модель ЗРАК "Панцирь-МЭ" на выставке МВСМ-2011, г.Санкт-Петербург (фото - muxel,
      1. And Us Rat
        And Us Rat 1 November 2014 05: 37 New
        Quote: Ascetic
        This system can only work on low-speed targets flying along a ballistic trajectory.

        Have you composed yourself? lol

        The system is a complete air defense (Iron Dome
        Type: C-RAM and short range air defense system), has no restrictions on tracking and defeating targets maneuvering at supersonic speeds, at ranges up to 12km and altitudes up to 10 km. wink
        The Iron Dome is the only dual mission
        in the world that provides an
        effective defense solution for countering
        rockets, artillery & mortars (C-RAM) as well
        as aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, PGMs
  6. Professor
    Professor 31 October 2014 10: 29 New
    This entire IMHO system was created for only one purpose: protection from the bearded uncles of drilling platforms on the shelf ...
    1. Dry_T-50
      Dry_T-50 1 November 2014 22: 26 New
      You can then install this air defense system on drilling platforms request
  7. AK-47
    AK-47 31 October 2014 10: 44 New
    The automation of the missile defense systems determines the flight path of the enemy ammunition, calculates the point of its fall and gives the command to launch a missile defense only if it poses a danger to the military or civilian population.

    Is it humanism or economic feasibility?
  8. SveTok
    SveTok 31 October 2014 20: 14 New
    The next move for the Palestinians is to make rockets manageable.
  9. Master_Lviv
    Master_Lviv 31 October 2014 20: 15 New
    Представьте себе активно маневрирующую болванку, летящую в нескольких метрах над поверхностью моря, обнаруживаемую за пару секунд до попадания в корабль, мчащуюся более чем двумя скоростями звука, и с двумя стами килограммов ВВ в бронированной капсуле внутри. Прошу вас, когда военные США и их союзников наконец-то сообразят, как сбивать "Москиты" - напишите мне в личку, буду очень признателен smile
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 31 October 2014 23: 23 New
      I don’t know about Mosquitoes, but I intercepted Barak-8 during tests in India
      newest brahmos.
  10. corporal
    corporal 31 October 2014 20: 31 New
    Quote: Ascetic
    For patrol boats and corvettes .......... will not hurt

    But do not we have the same boats that will not hurt?

    Quote: Ascetic
    Now they are developing a marine unified version of the shell-M based on the shell-C1. The new complex will replace ZRPK Kortik / Kashtan.

    Панцирь-М справится с теми угрозами,от которых защищает этот вариант "Железного купола", с той же эффективностью?
    That complement each other in a single ship defense system ......