Damaging points of the human body: head

The human body is its natural weaponwhich has a mass of parts that can hit the enemy. Most of them are located on the hands, but there are others located throughout the body.

Damaging head points

Beat the crown. The top of the skull is not the best weapon of a man, since a head kick leads to a severe overload of the neck, and not all people have a strong part of the body. Beat the crown of the head can be seen in football or American football. Such an attack can be effective if the enemy is taken by surprise, and the blow struck in the abdominal cavity or groin. Although if there is a choice, it is better to strike another part of the body.

Punch forehead. The striking part is located in the center of the frontal bone, about 5, see above the eyebrows. The frontal bone is very strong, a real “shield” in the front part of the skull that can not only withstand the strongest blows, but also deliver striking blows. If you have seen films with Gerard Depardieu, you can see that this is a favorite reception of his characters. Bites of the nose and mouth are considered the best ties of the best; they introduce the enemy into a state of shock; excessive bleeding can be an additional factor capable of changing the outcome of the fight.

Back of the head. The occipital bone is less strong and comfortable to strike, but in a critical situation it is possible to strike the back of the head on the nose, face, mouth of the person who grabbed you from behind. This blow can cause significant pain and allow you to proceed.

Damaging points of the human body: head

Shock parts of the head.

Head hit on the tangent.

Heading options.

Chin. The bone tip of the lower jaw is a very strong part of the human body, as is the jaw. But since the jaw is connected with the organs of balance, it is rarely used for strikes. But with his chin you can press on any weak part of the enemy.

Human teeth. Usually use the upper and lower incisors, but you can use the molars. This is a very powerful weapon that can make a change in the outcome of the fight, for example: you can bite the enemy by the finger, if you hold your mouth.

Mind, voice, eyes. Sometimes a fight can be prevented by a normal conversation - by finding a “common language” with a potential adversary. Example: one young man got into a part with a very “unhealthy atmosphere”, but got a pretty good job, as he had extensive baggage in the field of knowledge of various stories, anecdotes, etc., becoming the “soul of the campaign”. A sharp, loud, accented cry can cause the enemy to demoralize - it even affects animals. Thus, there are described cases when bears died from a heartbeat (in fact, fright) during an unexpected meeting with women, when they let out such a screech that he threw them into fear, panic. Some people may create an expression of their face or eyes that put a person off balance, "out of the rut."

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