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According to the results of the exhibition "Oboronexpo-2014"

On August 13, an international exhibition of weapons and military equipment "Oboronexpo-2014" was held in Zhukovsky near Moscow. In five days of the event, all those who wished could familiarize themselves with the latest developments of more than two hundred organizations and enterprises. As always happens at such exhibitions, the first three for “Oboronexpo-2014” worked behind the scenes, these days only official delegations from various countries and organizations could visit it. On Saturday and Sunday, 16 and 17 August, the exhibition opened the door for everyone.

Due to the deteriorating international situation, foreign countries are trying to put pressure on Russia with the help of various sanctions, including stopping cooperation in the military and military-technical fields. The past exhibition "Oboronexpo-2014" was the first such event, held after the introduction of sanctions. The first results of the exhibition suggest that unfriendly actions of foreign countries could not have a serious impact on the work of the event.

The pavilions and open areas of the Oboronexpo-2014 exhibition featured the 212 products of Russian enterprises and organizations. Foreign developments were represented by eight firms from several countries, including Germany, France and the USA. 38 samples of military equipment were demonstrated at open demonstration sites. 14 combat vehicles took part in the invincible and legendary military-patriotic program.

According to the ITAR-TASS news agency, obtained from the organizing committee of the exhibition, this time Oboronexpo-2014 repeated the success of the previous show, which took place in the 2012 year. Over five days of work, more than 70 thousands of people visited the exhibition. Approximately the same number of visitors at one time came to the exhibition "Oboronexpo-2012". For the first three days of the exhibition, about 20 thousand specialists visited the exhibition. The exhibition received about the same number of guests on the last day of work. At the same time, in the last two days, when everyone could attend the event, the total number of visitors reached 52 thousand people.

Usually news, appearing in the first days of exhibitions of weapons and equipment, are interested only in a relatively narrow circle of specialists and amateurs. This time the events of the Oboronexport-2014 exhibition attracted much more attention both in Russia and abroad. 14 August was visited by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. Together with him, the famous film actor Steven Seagal came to Zhukovsky, showing great interest in various weapons. The official and actor examined new developments of domestic enterprises, and also visited the stands of several foreign companies. During acquaintance with the exposition of the corporation "Uralvagonzavod" S. Sigalu was presented with a souvenir - the company's branded T-shirt, as it was said, specially selected in size.

The main objective of the exhibition of weapons and equipment is the demonstration of new developments and the conclusion of contracts. In the framework of the exhibition “Oboronexport-2014” 13 and 14, the forum “Technologies in mechanical engineering” was held on August, one of the results of which were several contracts for the supply of various military products. Rosoboronexport CEO Anatoly Isaikin said that during business events the organization signed contracts totaling about 100 million dollars. The official noted that the business dynamics and the interest of visitors to the exposition are at a decent level, although on the overall scale Oboronexpo-2014 is inferior to other exhibitions, for example, the MAKS aerospace salon.

By tradition, both the already well-known and the new models of equipment and weapons were demonstrated at the Oboronexpo-2014 exhibition. In addition, it was not without the "premier" - the first shows of new products to the public. So, on the demonstration site were shown combat vehicles from the new anti-aircraft missile system C-400. This technique has been in service for quite some time and was demonstrated several times at parades on Red Square. However, until now the public has not had the opportunity to see this technique closely.

In addition, the concern "Air Defense" Almaz-Antey "showed anti-aircraft systems C-300В," Tor-М1 "and other their development. Some information about the newest project C-500 "Prometheus" was announced. According to media reports, this system should be put into service in 2016 year.

The Uralvagonzavod corporation once again showed a full-size model of the promising Atom infantry fighting vehicle developed in collaboration with French specialists. This development demonstrates the vision of a promising BMP. In particular, it is supposed to be equipped with a combat module with an automatic cannon caliber 57 mm. However, the further fate of the Atom project is questionable because of the sanctions imposed. Judging by the lack of new information about the project, no further work is planned.

The exhibition program “Invincible and Legendary” has become a traditional element of the exhibition in Zhukovsky. The program involved several armored vehicles of different models, which demonstrated the conduct of the battle. Machines fired and attacked conditional enemy. There were no losses - one of the infantry fighting vehicles was left without a track.

In the last two days of the exhibition, another demonstration program took place. In the show "Fast and Furious" took part several types of aircraft, as well as various high-speed cars. In the program of demonstration performances, both demonstration flights and car and aircraft races were planned.

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  1. subbtin.725
    subbtin.725 19 August 2014 09: 37 New
    Foreign developments were represented by eight firms from several countries, including Germany, France and the USA.

    Note that we are not fenced off from the rest of the World; we did not refuse to participate in our “partners”. That's right, Russia rules.
    1. Patton5
      Patton5 19 August 2014 10: 13 New
      BM "Berezhok" impressed with the size of bk good
  2. heruv1me
    heruv1me 19 August 2014 09: 39 New
    Something about "Armata" is not heard.
    1. Homo
      Homo 19 August 2014 10: 36 New
      Quote: heruv1me
      Something about "Armata" is not heard.

      And why talk every day, they said in the year 15 on May 9 they will go!
      1. svp67
        svp67 19 August 2014 23: 22 New
        Quote: heruv1me
        Something about "Armata" is not heard
        It will be possible not only to hear it but also to see it ... Bear with it, quite a bit.
  3. navara399
    navara399 19 August 2014 09: 55 New
    Britov, I hope, were not allowed. It would be nice if they were "shaved".
  4. erased
    erased 19 August 2014 10: 07 New
    No, well, everything’s normal. I haven’t seen anything new. Although ... and not necessarily.
  5. Al_lexx
    Al_lexx 19 August 2014 10: 36 New
    Pictures are pretty. And how real is the positive with which the article is saturated, we will find out in about six months.
  6. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 19 August 2014 10: 47 New

    And who thought of letting this truck through such an obstacle, no brains or what? request
    1. Lone gunman
      Lone gunman 19 August 2014 12: 20 New
      ... Everything, the Belarusian car did not pass the tests ... for revision, so what ?! But seriously, the car was initially outdated, and not only in terms of design, but also of units, they removed one axis and it turned out to be like an onboard truck, but in fact it is the Baz-135MB one plus, we do not have trucks three meters wide ... (if not right - correct)
    2. cosmos111
      cosmos111 19 August 2014 18: 59 New
      Quote: wanderer_032
      And who thought of letting this truck through such an obstacle, no brains or something

      Hello Alexander hi .
      there really are no bridges ..... with independent suspension ....
      family MZKT "Volat" -5001, 6001, 6002 with wheel arrangement from 4x4 to 8x8 ...

      independent suspension "Volat" ....... on different models it can be spring, torsion bar, and height-adjustable hydropneumatic ....
      it provides automobiles with good cross-country ability and speed of movement in almost any type of terrain ...

  7. Gayver
    Gayver 19 August 2014 10: 51 New
    What about the machine gun for the Armed Forces? A-545 take or Ak-12?
    1. Dimka off
      Dimka off 19 August 2014 19: 43 New
      I would take both that and that) Good weapon
  8. Korsak
    Korsak 19 August 2014 12: 03 New
    He himself was there; honey, drank beer, there is a positive. The first time I saw an armored UAZ. Funny nimble cars, but 2, 3 level of booking, this is weak. Managed the carapace's training booth, fun and revealing. I tried a remotely controlled machine gun, the control is hard and inconvenient. Aiming at a shallow or remote target will be difficult. The camera is black and white, no zoom. In short, without refinement, such a model has nothing to do in the troops. He also looked at the tank ballet, but the tanks do best what they are supposed to do, shoot, knead the dirt. Well, overall impressive.
  9. Epizikl
    Epizikl 19 August 2014 13: 19 New
    Note that we are not fenced off from the rest of the World; we did not refuse to participate in our “partners”. That's right, Russia rules.

    And where should they, these "partners" (therefore, always indicate in quotes, implying, at best - NON-FRIENDS, but directly - ENEMIES) to go ?!

    By imposing sanctions against Russia, they themselves stepped not only on the rake, but also on the pitchfork!
    Moreover, most countries are AGAINST the imposition of sanctions!
    USA forced many!
  10. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 19 August 2014 14: 22 New
    It is very good when how, on what and what to defend with. Good should be with fists, live with wolves, howl like a wolf. But most importantly, with "hardware" people. Smart, loving, believers in their homeland.
  11. Massik
    Massik 19 August 2014 17: 57 New
    The machine at the stand attracted attention.
    AM judging by the appearance of another idea of ​​the Russian weapon "castrator", they took a normal automatic machine, the AU changed the forend, sighting like Ksenia, the barrel for a vikhrev one, added a ... ugly butt and presented it as something new?))) This is not some drunken underdog did ??? CP-3 and 9A91 no longer rolls ??? Yeah, how the Kalashnikov concern appeared, the products are becoming weirder and weirder, who is interested in doing such shitty things there and who allows them to be born into the world ...
  12. Rokossovsky
    Rokossovsky 19 August 2014 18: 21 New
    And why BCC without optics ?! Saturday was with an eye! request
    But seriously, a cool exhibition, a sea of ​​emotions, pride in our designers and the defense industry in general!
  13. Tuesday
    Tuesday 19 August 2014 19: 32 New
    It was there too, I liked it. The first time I saw at an exhibition of weapons that so many samples of a firearm were given to the public to be torn to pieces. It’s a pity I can’t post the video.
  14. Artyom
    Artyom 19 August 2014 20: 47 New
    here's something from myself:
  15. Artyom
    Artyom 19 August 2014 20: 52 New
    Here's another interesting car:
  16. Artyom
    Artyom 19 August 2014 20: 56 New
    Here is an alternative to UAZ:
  17. Drunya
    Drunya 19 August 2014 22: 39 New
    they said on TV that the entry prices are 1000 rubles, parking 1000 rubles, each show -
    another 1000r if you go with a family of 3 people it's about 10 000r I think it's still a little expensive.
  18. netwalker1904
    netwalker1904 20 August 2014 10: 51 New
    as always - everything is beautiful on the stands, but in the field .. smile
  19. silver169
    silver169 20 August 2014 17: 40 New
    I look at this exhibition our guys are already in the VKBO? They look good.
  20. MSA
    MSA 20 August 2014 23: 13 New
    Our technology is the best
  21. genadevich169
    genadevich169 23 August 2014 13: 42 New
    Yes, cool! Our technology is the best in the world!
  22. poisk
    poisk 25 August 2014 17: 07 New
    watch movies online
  23. waggish
    waggish 6 September 2014 16: 52 New
    I don't belive!