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Three-barreled automatic salvo fire TKB-059 of German Korobov

The TKB-059 volley fire automatic machine is a unique example of domestic design thought, created by the Soviet designer of infantry weapons German Alexandrovich Korobov (1912-2006). Three-barreled automatic (Pribor-3B) German Korobov created 1962 in the Tula Design Bureau.

The design of the machine is based on the Bullpup scheme (English bullpup) - this is the layout scheme of the small arms mechanisms, in which the percussion mechanism and the magazine are located in the butt, behind the trigger. This arrangement allows you to increase the length of the barrel without increasing the total length and weight of the weapon, which contributes to the improvement of characteristics in range and firing accuracy.

Herman Korobov, when creating the TKB-059, put an ultra-fast queue at the forefront in which the recoil from the shots did not have time to deflect the barrel, which allows for high accuracy of fire.

Several barrels on one machine allowed for a salvo shot, the rate of firing from the TKB-059 (Pribor-3B) submachine gun reached 1400-1800 shots per minute. Many units and parts of the Pribor-3B were borrowed from the Kalashnikov assault rifle, which made it possible to achieve a high degree of unification with the main small arms of the Armed Forces of the USSR.

The fire from TKB-059 was conducted either by volleys of three shots, or in bursts. Three barrels in the machine are assembled in a single carriage and have a common mobile automation system. TKB-059 showed unprecedented accuracy when firing bursts due to the super-speed and monitors the mounting scheme of trunks.

During the state tests, due to the simultaneous firing of three bullets in the queue, the weapon really showed very high accuracy. However, the unusual design and complexity of equipment built-in stores led to the fact that the state commission refused to accept this machine. The fact that the troops were armed with an AKM machine gun also played a role, and there was no need to retool a new type of small arms.

The TKB-059 automatic salvo fire (Pribor-3B) remained a prototype, but still it is the clearest illustration of the talent of the outstanding Soviet designer German Alexandrovich Korobov.

Performance characteristics of TKB-059 (Pribor-3B):
Designed: 1962 year
Manufacturer: Tula Design Bureau (TKB)
Mass: 4,3, g
Cartridge: 7,62x39 mm
Caliber: 7,62 mm
Principles of operation: removal of powder gases
Rate of Fire: 1400-1800 shots / min
Type of ammunition: boxed store on 90 cartridges
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    NOMADE 16 September 2013 07: 51 New
    Hmm, original! And oddly enough, the weight is only 4,3 kg.
    1. alexng
      alexng 16 September 2013 09: 42 New
      And then Israel used the layout of the mechanisms in the stock, but with only one barrel, and gave it away as its know-how. So old ideas come to light of God ...
      1. Ezhaak
        Ezhaak 16 September 2013 10: 15 New
        An Israeli will come and say that more than 10 years have passed and declare the rights to use.
        And borrowing is familiar in our sinful world.
    2. tilovaykrisa
      tilovaykrisa 16 September 2013 16: 11 New
      4.3 kg is without ammunition.
  2. d1m1drol
    d1m1drol 16 September 2013 07: 59 New
    and strangely enough bullpup in 1962 .. and when did the avtrtiyaks do their thing there? in 1977 if I’m not mistaken. So we were the ancestors of the result.
    1. Rus86
      Rus86 16 September 2013 08: 08 New
      the British did almost in the 50s. like. there was a cunning caliber. everything passed, tests, but NATO adopted 7,62x51.
    2. Ezhaak
      Ezhaak 16 September 2013 10: 23 New
      Quote: d1m1drol
      So we were the ancestors of the result.

      No, it doesn’t work out in any way. This discovery belongs to Czechs (not Chechens).
      And now with a general view:
      1. bazilio
        bazilio 16 September 2013 15: 26 New
        Quote: Hedgehog
        No, it doesn’t work out in any way. This discovery belongs to the Czechs (not Chechens)

        By setting up bullpups maybe yes, but by setting up bullpups for vending machines the first who was? Korovin? Korobov with his TKB 408-2? or English EM-2?
  3. Lk17619
    Lk17619 16 September 2013 08: 01 New
    N-yes ..... It's not just original, but it seems very effective. A company of such machine gunners will be replaced by more than one machine gun ...
  4. bootlegger
    bootlegger 16 September 2013 08: 23 New
    Interesting machine.
    Has anyone understood where the spent cartridges are ejected?
    "Discharge of spent cartridges and exhaust gases is carried out forward to the muzzle of the barrels."
  5. avt
    avt 16 September 2013 08: 43 New
    I heard about him in the 90s. Cool engineering solution good Of course, there are many questions in terms of practical use, but it is executed in an original and beautiful way.
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 16 September 2013 19: 47 New
      Ideal for attacking an enemy trench. Shooting begins when the enemy is visible behind the parapet from a height of growth - that is, meters from 70. And with one shot, a bullet horizontal wall is immediately set! Moreover, shaking during running and the inevitable withdrawal of the barrel when shooting from a hand are practically excluded - there’s only one shot. Awesome thing.
  6. bootlegger
    bootlegger 16 September 2013 08: 53 New
    In fact, this machine can be made in the variant caliber 5,45.
    And since it can conduct salvo and fire at an increased rate of fire, it will not have the lack of stopping action of a bullet inherent to AK 5,45 caliber. Three 5.45 bullets, for any one, will kill 7,62.
    Based on this design, an excellent light machine gun of 5,45 caliber can be created and replaced with RPK 74 (index 6P18). The life of the weapon, before overheating, will be huge.
    1. Letnab
      Letnab 16 September 2013 09: 00 New
      only think of how to quickly equip shops,
      specialists would be an opinion to read!
  7. Droid
    Droid 16 September 2013 09: 18 New
    This model was created to work out new principles, and not for arming. It was on this sample, in practice, that confirmation was obtained of the high effectiveness of the short high-temperature line on the monitors. Especially their precarious positions. The heirs to this principle were Stechkin and Nikonov assault rifles.
  8. USNik
    USNik 16 September 2013 09: 54 New
    Thank you, an interesting machine. Now it’s clear where the authors of the duke got their inspiration from. winked
    1. Michael_59
      Michael_59 18 September 2013 23: 40 New
  9. Uhe
    Uhe 16 September 2013 13: 41 New
    By the way, a vivid example of the competition of Soviet times. Now it is customary to say that under socialism there is no competition, therefore everything is bad with the products, but this is a lie. There was competition, and the liveliest. It was simply brought to a more pragmatic level, because it was accomplished before the launch of any product in the series. Various engineers, designers and manufacturers competed at the pre-production stage of production. Then the commission selected the best by the sum of the parameters, and the best product was launched into the series. Sometimes a few, if required. Thus, there is no dispersion of forces and means, but different design bureaus are constantly working, talented teams and personalities are encouraged, and any work can be done quickly and on time, because the blade is always sharpened and cuts when necessary;)

    Now they’ve lost it, left at best one KB each, so there is no future for the country, and a genius like Korobov simply can’t do what he wants. The competition went capitalistically, not able to give the best product and work on it with the whole society and with all its might. In the West, they left part of the Soviet system (especially in Japan), leaving the state order, financing of various design bureaus and other structures at the expense of the state, so they are ready for war, but our profession is not :)
  10. georg737577
    georg737577 16 September 2013 14: 14 New
    Get fucked up! Ready to buy!
  11. JonnyT
    JonnyT 16 September 2013 14: 36 New
    If there is a zombie apocalypse, then this weapon is what you need! good
  12. Ilya Mikhalych
    Ilya Mikhalych 16 September 2013 14: 43 New
    An interesting machine, but not practical. A huge store spoils all the balancing.
    1. aybolyt678
      aybolyt678 7 January 2018 01: 48 New
      Quote: Ilya Mikhalych
      A huge store spoils all the balancing

      you probably "with hands" never farther than 10 meters.
  13. Witch
    Witch 16 September 2013 15: 20 New
    And the weight of a portable ammunition should be too big ....
    And so the machine is interesting ....
  14. xomaNN
    xomaNN 16 September 2013 16: 20 New
    If we compare the operational and combat TTDs of the light machine gun and this "Zmeyagorynych", who will be among the leaders? I am for a machine gun fellow
    1. Droid
      Droid 16 September 2013 16: 27 New
      Especially when shooting from a knee, standing, from a short stop or immediately ...
      In addition, the name is "Device-3b"hints at his appointment. And this is clearly not an army machine.
      1. ramsi
        ramsi 16 September 2013 17: 18 New
        Dear Droid, what about the three-bullet cartridge? (did they seem to do it?)
        1. Droid
          Droid 16 September 2013 17: 50 New
          With multi-bullet cartridges problems.
          Firstly, this is a decrease in the mass of an individual bullet, and secondly, an increase in the shape coefficient of the bullet and, as a consequence, a ballistic coefficient (according to domestic calculation methods). As a result, the deterioration of ballistics and a decrease in the range of effective fire.
          And if the Soviet two-bullet 12,7 mm cartridge 1СЛ, for the YakB aviation machine gun, copes with its task - increasing the density of fire and the probability of hitting targets up to 1000 m, then in small arms everything is worse.
          As an example, the American two-bullet cartridge M198.
          1. ramsi
            ramsi 16 September 2013 18: 15 New
            an American with a bevel bottom is not a good idea. As regards the reduction in bullet weight and, consequently, the shape coefficient, in contrast to tripartite mitrallise, the problem does not seem insoluble: increasing the length of the cartridge, increasing the barrel of the cartridge case, increasing the powder charge
            1. Droid
              Droid 16 September 2013 19: 17 New
              TKB-059 is intended solely for testing the concept of high-temperature serial volley on a montage scheme. This is not a weapon, but a "laboratory device."

              And now for multi-bullet cartridges with normal bullets. Take for example the 5,45 bullet. Its length is slightly more than 25 mm, for the convenience of counting we take exactly 25 mm. Three bullets one after the other is 75 mm, minus 5 mm (the tip of the bullet enters the recess ahead), total 70 mm. This is slightly less than the rifle cartridge 7,62x54R. And you also need a place for a powder charge weighing ~ 4 grams. What will be the length of the cartridge? You can take a powder checker, a sort of pasta, where to put these bullets. Do not also forget about the outburst charge of sufficient mass and the bottom of the sleeve. This will add ~ 1,5 cm to us. Total 70 + 15 = 85 mm cartridge length, which exceeds the length of the rifle. This means that the course of the bolt group, and therefore the receiver, will be longer, and we should not forget about the length of the chamber. The mass and length of the weapon increases.
              Now let's see what happens with powder gases.
              In an American cartridge, the mass of two bullets exceeds the mass of a regular bullet by 11%, in our example the difference is 300%, 3 times. What will happen to the machine gun if you put a bullet in the barrel, then charge the cartridge and shoot? And we have 3 bullets in the cartridge. And the charge of gunpowder is triple. What will be the maximum and average pressure in the barrel in such a weapon? And if the thickness of the barrel and the chamber is increased, will the locking unit withstand? And if you design such a weapon, how much will it weigh and what will be its resource?
              Multi-bullet cartridges without such problems can be implemented only in the SPEL version. Cartridge of 9-10 mm caliber, in the pallet 3-4 SPEL arranged in parallel, with a total weight of 4-5 g (together with the pallet) But there are other problems. And I don’t see much sense.
              1. ramsi
                ramsi 16 September 2013 20: 16 New
                Come on, I was joking. I myself have never dug so deeply, more than two in one sleeve - and it would not have entered my head. I just saw how you were "for", well, it got carried away ... Actually, when I was young, I had the idea of ​​two barrels, but with grooves in different directions to compensate for lateral withdrawal, and three barrels ... even if arrange with a triangle - some kind of garbage. Well, the rest: three gas outlets (no less recoil), three shutters (I hope they are interchangeable?), And the concept itself is more like the working curiosity of a designer
  15. AlexP47
    AlexP47 16 September 2013 20: 00 New
    Interesting development! That's just interesting: what is the recoil force of such a machine with volley fire? Muzzle brakes on the photo do not seem to be visible wassat
    1. aybolyt678
      aybolyt678 7 January 2018 01: 49 New
      Quote: AlexP47
      what is the recoil force of such a machine with volley fire?

      permissible recoil force.
  16. D_L
    D_L 21 September 2013 00: 46 New
    Good master conceived!
  17. Basarev
    Basarev 24 September 2013 22: 17 New
    Trigger? What nonsense?
  18. realist
    realist 17 November 2013 00: 35 New
    New ideas are what drives our progress.