Main battle tanks (part of 9) M60 Phoenix, Jordan

The M60 Phoenix, the main tank of the Jordanian Army, is an upgrade of the M60A3. It was developed by order of King Abdullah II by the design bureau KADDB. Morally and technically obsolete, the M60A3 could no longer compete with modern tanks from other states, primarily with regard to armament and defense. M60 Phoenix is ​​an economical modular upgrade of the main tank with increasing firepower, mobility and survivability.

Main battle tanks (part of 9) M60 Phoenix, Jordan

M60 Phoenix armor protection is significantly enhanced. Additional armor packs have been added to the hull and turret. Level III / IV update includes the installation of active protection. This tank is equipped with a laser security system, as well as a disguise system. The combat vehicle is also equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system and a NBC protection system. It is worth noting that the protection M60 Phoenix can be changed depending on the requirements of the military operation.

The 105-mm rifled gun was replaced by an 120-mm smoothbore. Firepower and destructive power have been greatly improved. In M60A3 it was not possible to hit enemy targets in the dynamics of movement in M60 Phoenix, this disadvantage is eliminated with the rate of fire, increased to 10 shots per minute.

The tank’s medium armament consists of an 7,62-mm machine gun and another 12.7-mm MG machine gun built into the turret roof.

M60 Phoenix is ​​equipped with a built-in digital fire control system - Raytheon. It has been greatly improved, the probability of hitting the first projectile exactly at the target has been increased several times. Phoenix is ​​also equipped with a digital data system.

The M60 Phoenix crew consists of four people - the commander, gunner, loader and driver.

As a power unit used diesel engine, developing 950 horsepower. In addition, an improved hydropneumatic suspension allows you to increase the weight of the M60 Phoenix to 62 - 63 t, without significant loss of mobility.

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