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Minsk hosted the exhibition MILEX-2014

9 July in Minsk opened the international exhibition of weapons and military equipment MILEX-2014. For four days, about 140 enterprises and organizations from 23 countries demonstrated their latest developments and tried to interest potential buyers. To accommodate the stands of all exhibitors, the organizers of the exhibition had to use the skating stadium of the cultural and sports complex "Minsk Arena". The exhibition closed on July 12 and its results are already known. Chairman of the State Committee for the Defense Industry of the Republic of Belarus, Sergei Gurulev, stated that during the MILEX-2012 exhibition, contracts worth a total of 700 million US dollars were signed. Thanks to the exhibition in the foreseeable future, new billion-dollar agreements may be signed.

Companies and organizations from 23 countries took part in the exhibition, but mostly they were Belarusian and Russian enterprises. Moreover, the topic of Russian-Belarusian cooperation has once again become the leitmotif of the MILEX exhibition. Indeed, the industry of the two countries is interested in cooperation and has a lot of industrial relations. According to some data, about a hundred Belarusian enterprises supply Russia with about two thousand items of various products used in the defense industry. In addition, several hundred types of products are shipped from Russia to 70 Belarusian enterprises. For the further development of relations between the defense plants of the two countries, as noted by Belarusian Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich, it is necessary not only to cooperate, but to create joint ventures.

At the MILEX-2014 exhibition, the Belarusian industry showed the Halberd anti-aircraft missile system. This system is a further development of the Pechora-2BM complex, created on the basis of the Soviet-made obsolete S-125 air defense system. The use of new equipment built on modern elemental base has significantly improved the performance of missiles and ground equipment. So far, testing of the new complex continues, but the management of GVTUP "Belspetsvneshtekhnika", which deals with the supply of weapons and military equipment to foreign customers, claims that there are already orders for the supply of a dozen and a dozen air defense systems "Halberd". In the future, the number of orders should increase. Belarusian specialists intend not only to sell such equipment, but also to prepare future operators for it. Developing countries in Asia, Africa and South America that need low-cost weapons with high performance are considered as potential buyers of the “Halibard” air defense missile system.

It should be noted, the “Alebarda” air defense missile system will be built using Russian components. Moreover, air defense systems are one of the main areas of military-technical cooperation between the two countries. This statement was made by the head of the Rosoboronexport delegation Valery Varlamov. The main reason for this official called the general air defense system of the two countries. Russia and Belarus supply each other the necessary components, as well as modernize the already supplied equipment. The development of military-technical cooperation between the two countries is proceeding in accordance with the agreement signed in 2009. V. Varlamov said that in the near future a similar agreement between Russia and Kazakhstan may appear.

Cooperation with Russia is beneficial for neighboring countries. So, in the near future, the Belarusian military should receive four divisions of the air defense system of the C-300P family. The agreement on gratuitous transfer of this equipment was reached in the autumn of last year. As soon as all necessary documents are completed, the complexes will be transferred to Belarus. In addition, over the next few years, the Republic of Belarus may become the first foreign state to receive the newest C-400 air defense systems, which are currently supplied only to the Russian armed forces. However, a political decision is required to start such deliveries.

The head of the Belarusian State Committee on Military Industry spoke about plans for cooperation with the Russian United Aircraft Corporation. Belarusian leadership intends to develop enterprises related to aviation industry. By September, it is planned to prepare a plan for the development of the industry, which will be coordinated with similar Russian plans. Belarus intends to produce various components, which will strengthen production ties, as well as create new jobs.

At the MILEX-2014 exhibition, the BAK-100 unmanned aerial system with the Grif-1 UAV was presented for the first time. Several Belarusian enterprises, headed by the 558th aircraft repair plant, were involved in the creation of the complex. Light UAV "Grif-1" has a flight range of up to 100 km and is designed to perform tasks related to surveillance and reconnaissance. The device is equipped with a complex of optical and laser equipment. An interesting feature of the Grif-1 UAV is the ability to operate without the use of satellite navigation systems, which can be useful in real combat conditions. At the site of the MILEX-2014 exhibition, the BAK-100 complex, located on a car chassis, was shown. Several containers with drones and the necessary equipment.

The Russian corporation Uralvagonzavod presented several of its developments at the MILEX-2014 exhibition. In an open area, the upgraded T-72 tank was shown. With the installation of new equipment, the characteristics and combat qualities of the machine were improved. The upgraded tank passed the full test cycle provided for by the standards of the Russian armed forces. The proposed project may be of interest to a wide range of countries operating combat vehicles of the T-72 family. In addition to the modernized tank The Uralvagonzavod T-72 brought mock-ups of the T-90 tank, BMPT tank support vehicle, the IMR-3M engineering demolition vehicle, the MTU-72 bridge-laying machine, as well as numerous advertising materials to Minsk.

A small exhibition took place in the open area of ​​the MILEX-2014 salon, which was of interest not for specialists, but for lovers of military equipment. Cars, tanks and combat vehicles from the Great Patriotic War were displayed in a separate parking lot.

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  1. Siberian German
    Siberian German 21 July 2014 07: 38
    what can I say well done - I like the Belarusians - if it's hard to create something new, they perfectly improve Soviet technology and keep their enterprises - well done
  2. Neo1982
    Neo1982 21 July 2014 07: 38
    Lukashenko delivers to Kiev MAZ on which punitive get to the scene
    1. Barakuda
      Barakuda 21 July 2014 08: 36
      Lukash does not supply Nichrome, old Soviet stocks.
      1. opus
        opus 22 July 2014 03: 18
        Quote: Barracuda
        Nichrome Lukas

        ? Yes, but put
        For public procurement, take a walk:
        -Tender 07.14 = According to the results of the competition, an agreement was signed for the delivery of MAZ military all-terrain vehicles to the brotherly country 44. Among them are army trucks for transporting personnel and tractors capable of transporting various weapons.

        The total amount of the contract was 39 million 740 thousand Ukrainian hryvnia. It is expected that Belarusian military vehicles MAZ will enter service with the National Guard of Ukraine before the end of this year.
        -Belarus exports gasoline and others to Ukraine .... rubber tires and tires, ..
        - the development of the Program of military-technical cooperation between Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus, providing for mutual cooperation in this area is being completed for the period 2014-2018
      2. Siberian German
        Siberian German 15 August 2014 18: 57
        that of course and in the video banderlogs go on old but upgraded mazs - nepoyatochki
  3. Nayhas
    Nayhas 21 July 2014 08: 38
    I would like more specifics, and not loud statements striking in numbers with many zeros. What was sold and to whom, as well as water-water. The next modernization of Pechora can only be of interest to the frank "bantustan" and then on credit or in exchange for palm oil ...
    1. Barakuda
      Barakuda 21 July 2014 08: 46
      The S-125 has outlived itself during any modernization.
      1. PSih2097
        PSih2097 21 July 2014 09: 34
        Quote: Barracuda
        The S-125 has outlived itself during any modernization.

        Well, it depends on what goals to fight, on turntables, attack aircraft and UAVs - it will do ...
        Technical characteristics of the Pechora-2M air defense missile system:
        range of working heights - 0,02-20 km;
        maximum range of destruction of airborne targets at an altitude of 0,5 km: 20 km (for the 5В27 ЗР 22 km and for the 5ВХNUMXЕ ЗР 27ВXNUMX);
        maximum range of destruction of air targets at an altitude of 5-20 km: 28 km (for the 5ВХNUMXД SAM) and 27 km (for the 32В5DE),
        number of PU - 8 pcs. (16 rockets);
        the number of simultaneously accompanied targets - 16;
        the probability of hitting the target with an 1 th missile: at a distance of up to 25 km - 0,72-0,99, at a distance of 25-28 km - 0,51-0,99;
        target detection range with EPR = 2 sq. m about 100 km, targets with EPR = 0,15 square. m about 50 km, in the absence of interference. When using active jamming noise - 40 km;
        the time of bringing the complex into a combat position is 25 minutes.
        1. Nayhas
          Nayhas 21 July 2014 10: 40
          Quote: PSih2097
          Well, it depends on what goals to fight, on turntables, attack aircraft and UAVs - it will do ...

          The point is the lack of mobility. You can, of course, cover up the "candle factory", but nothing more ...
          1. samoletil18
            samoletil18 21 July 2014 11: 43
            Quote: Nayhas

            The point is the lack of mobility. You can of course cover up the "candle factory"

            In any case, this is a relatively inexpensive air defense system that can cover a specific stationary object. Moreover, integrated into the country's air defense system. And mobility is for air defense troops, which is very important on the march.
            I do not see the futility of this complex.
      2. Siberian German
        Siberian German 21 July 2014 14: 29
        but stealth in Serbia knocked down
      3. Revolver
        Revolver 22 July 2014 06: 11
        Quote: Barracuda
        The S-125 has outlived itself during any modernization.

        For example, it would have failed Boeing no worse than the Buk. Of course, a modern fighter can only fail if they completely forget about electronic warfare, although there is an F-117 on its account.
        But I somehow like the Polish version with PU on the T-55 chassis, and the CHP on the MAZ-543 chassis somehow looks more mobile, and most importantly, is passable than the semi-trailer.
  4. Barakuda
    Barakuda 21 July 2014 08: 39
    Belarus somehow reminds me of Israel. They are modernizing not only equipment. They come up with something new. And not bad enough.
  5. Cristall
    Cristall 21 July 2014 11: 25
    like Ukroboronexport was also. I wonder what he presented there. On the Internet, it’s scanty about that.
    1. Minsk
      Minsk 21 July 2014 19: 17
      Oh what! Armored UAZ.
      1. ruslan207
        ruslan207 21 July 2014 19: 36
        Probably not from a good life
      2. samoletil18
        samoletil18 21 July 2014 21: 20
        Soon they will come up with the idea of ​​a "loaf" in armored personnel carriers to remake.
      3. yushch
        yushch 27 July 2014 20: 20
        Quote: Minsk
        Oh what! Armored UAZ.

        By the way, in the second part of "The Lord of the Rings" a similar technique from Orcs
  6. Leshka
    Leshka 21 July 2014 12: 41
    Well done our old can make candy good
  7. old man 72
    old man 72 21 July 2014 15: 57
    I want to turn to some opponents opposed to Belarus. You compare the US with Ukraine and the Baltic states, at least draw a conclusion, then scold us. WE live our work, since Russia helps us with energy, for which HER RUSSIA thanks a lot.
    1. Barakuda
      Barakuda 21 July 2014 17: 05

      Lukash well done! and Belarus Hello!
    2. gregor6549
      gregor6549 21 July 2014 17: 09
      I support the land for 100. If Russia had not tried to use from time to time the prices of supplied energy carriers as a tool for obtaining certain benefits (for example, for the privatization of certain tidbits of the Belarusian industry by individual Russian oligarchs), and also went on really close cooperation in creating and the use of a number of products manufactured in Belarus, then in general there would be an "oil painting". This applies to Belarusian tractors, vehicles and communications and command and control equipment, microelectronics, information display equipment, optical and optoelectronic devices and much more, where Belarus has vast experience, not sickly groundwork and very professional personnel. Well, there is no need to blame Belarus for its desire to maintain good relations with all its close and distant neighbors. even if one of the neighbors has a temporary clouding of consciousness. Consciousness will sooner or more become clear, but it may be too late to correct the relationship.
    3. k174oun7
      k174oun7 21 July 2014 18: 25
      I sympathize with Belarus. I had to travel through Belarus to Ukraine. Pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness, well-groomed roads and order. There are no abandoned villages and overgrown fields. It is outrageous that in the Russian media about Belarus either nothing or negative. They try to form a negative image of neighbors and their terrible President. I myself take information about Belarus and the Internet.
      The story, which has already become an ancient myth about the transfer of the second-hand "S300P" to Belarus, is not the most modern one for today stretches back to the times when the LADY was the guarantor. Everything is transmitted and transmitted. Last time a month ago, Shoigu amused him by saying that after the documents were signed, they would be handed over immediately. Who is stopping to sign and transfer? There is no Serdyukov, LADIES are not a guarantor, but the same sense. In the article, the transfer date is listed as "in the near future." Straight English grammar, verb form in an indefinite future. But we are talking about the security of the western direction of Russia from the strikes of NATO aviation.
      It is clear that some "activists" with impunity do their best to slow down any positive attitude towards Belarus, even to the detriment of Russia. However, the Belarusians not only did not destroy what they had, but on the contrary are developing. The enemies will disappear, but the brotherhood will remain. You can't gobble up daddy without shit. With horseradish too.
  8. Vitas
    Vitas 21 July 2014 17: 05
    Quote: Old Man 72
    I want to turn to some opponents opposed to Belarus. We live our work ...

    Verily. For this, the whole true Slavic world respects you!
  9. ruslan207
    ruslan207 21 July 2014 19: 49
    Then someone asked about mobility
  10. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian 22 July 2014 01: 47
    Uaziki cool - like our pennant on the moon! And rockets are top class. I don't know the radius of their defeat, but they look serious, as they say in case "if the mountain does not go to the Mohammed."

    Well, and the restraining factor, of course, the Army is not a lesson, but a long-term education, and the study of the experience of military tactics, and constant modernization.

    Not like these lamers, with their constant ud wars. Pi-races, wanted to get rid of antennas!
  11. rumiigo
    rumiigo 22 July 2014 03: 23
    Loved the armored loaves
  12. studentmati
    studentmati 23 July 2014 23: 25
    A necessary and interesting exhibition!
  13. cat hippopotamus
    cat hippopotamus 6 August 2014 00: 13
    Nothing unites as cooperation and beneficial cooperation. 125ka, of course, she would have gotten a better missile, but nothing, this old woman knows a lot. If you conducted a deep modernization on a modern base, then it will serve.