Americans are afraid of Russian "Bulava"

The other day all the Russian media with triumph and the world with some apprehension flew around news: in the White Sea, the strategic submarine cruiser Yury Dolgoruky, commanded by Captain 1-rank V. Shirin, launched the Bulava ballistic missile. The Russian Ministry of Defense officially announced that the launch of the rocket on all monitored parameters was successful. The warheads were delivered by a Bulava ballistic missile at a given time to a specified area in the Kamchatka Territory, the Kura test site. The crew of the submarine during the test launch showed high combat skills and professionalism.

The current test launch of the rocket was 15. Previously, it was planned for 17 December 2010, but then it was postponed due to the unavailability of the submarine. According to the official version, the reason was the difficult ice situation in the White Sea. Tests conducted on Tuesday, were held in the same area.

Of the previous 14 “Bulava” test launches, seven are considered successful or partly successful, the rest are emergency for various reasons, which the Defense Ministry prefer not to talk about. The preliminary test launch of the Bulava missile was carried out on October 29 2010 from the onboard of the strategic nuclear submarine cruiser Dmitry Donskoy, previously converted to launch a new missile.

According to Viktor Litovkin, editor-in-chief of the Independent Military Review, after the current triumph there is a belief that until the end of this year both the Bulava missiles and the nuclear submarine with such a big historical name, Yuri Dolgoruky, will be put into The composition of the Navy of Russia.

“You need to understand that the rocket is not one involved in the launch, there is also a launcher located on a submarine, and then the whole system of guidance, flight control, launch and other - all this is installed on the boat,” notes Viktor Litovkin. - Actually, if to speak figuratively, the submarine cruiser "Yuri Dolgoruky" seemed to have gotten married on the Bulava tactical missile. That is, this launch is really their wedding march of Mendelssohn and nothing else. The rocket and the boat have all the prerequisites that until the end of 2011, they will be introduced into a single weapon system. But before that, 5-6 launches of the Bulava rocket from this boat will be conducted, one of which should be made in one gulp. That is, not one launched missile, but not less than two or three, which should almost simultaneously start from the board of a submarine. ”

At the same time, in the Ministry of Defense of Russia, they prefer to keep silent about their nearest plans. The reason for this secrecy remains a mystery, and many are wondering if the 15 th launch of the Bulava was so successful?

In connection with the test launch of the Bulava rocket, the US military was somewhat nervous. In response to the Russian sailors' testing of a completely new ballistic missile, which, by the way, some experts called - “a rocket that cannot fly”, the US military announced the beginning of a new missile defense system test, which would be able to intercept the Bulava.

The problem with the Americans is that if Russia has proven that its rocket can still fly, their interception complex cannot please its government with such successes. In the US, this is not the comic scandal that is starting to flare up. The fact that the multibillion-dollar project, as it turned out in practice, is not a worker, became known literally the other day, and the senators of the upper chamber speak rather sharply about the misappropriation of budget funds.

But that's not all. Overseas senators, who had hitherto remained in unshakable confidence that in a few years the United States would receive a truly invulnerable "nuclear roof", were to experience an even more significant shock when they first learned that the existing sea-based anti-missiles did not have the ability to shoot down outdated ballistic missiles possible enemy classes. Or rather, as it turned out, praised by high officials from the Pentagon, the anti-missiles SM-3 cannot perform their task in the early stages of flight.

After the end of the evening hearings in the upper house of the United States Senate, Senator Richard Shelby was the most outraged: "Throughout this time, we were forced on a defense system that does not work." His associates also expressed their negative opinion about the work of military experts in the field of missile protection.

It is obvious that the successful launch of the Russian Bulava and the fact that the missile defense was inoperable put the Americans in an awkward position. They spent billions of dollars on the creation of an anti-nuclear umbrella, refused to install an anti-missile defense system in the UK, and as a result, they lose to Russia in all respects in the eternal leadership dispute in the world. For us, of course, this is like a balm, and for the Americans it’s like salt on a fresh wound.
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