"Angara" did not fly: the launch was postponed indefinitely

The newest Russian rocket "Angara", which should become the first domestic carrier of its own design, is not yet ready. The Angara, which was to be launched first on Wednesday 25 June, and then on Friday 27 June, did not fly on the reserve day, Saturday, 28 June. Information that the first test flight from the Plesetsk cosmodrome did not take place appeared on Saturday around noon. "Angara" was removed from the launch complex, the rocket was transferred to the technical position, where it will be carried out a comprehensive analysis. After all the comments are eliminated, a new launch date will be announced, according to the Center. Khrunichev.

The new Russian rocket was developed by specialists of the Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, the Omsk branch of the enterprise PO Polet is involved in its production. The launch of the rocket was to take place on June 27 from the complex at the Plesetsk cosmodrome, which was specially built for this type of launch vehicle. However, for some reason, the 40 seconds before the start triggered the automatic launch cancellation system. A number of experts have already suggested that the reason may be hiding in a hurry, in which the complex has recently been built, in order to make up the semi-annual backlog. The fact that the backlog was not hide the military themselves. According to Kommersant, the first in stories the launch of the Angara-1.2PP light rocket could break down due to the unclosed valve of the fuel line of the first-stage engine of the rocket.

Work on the creation of ground infrastructure for the Angara space launch complex at the Plesetsk cosmodrome was carried out in two main areas: the creation of a universal launch complex designed for launch vehicles of this type and the creation of a technical complex for the preparation of the Angara launch vehicle. During the work on the creation of ground infrastructure for the use of the AAC in some areas of work, the backlog has reached 6 months, the official website of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reports.

"Angara" did not fly: the launch was postponed indefinitely

To eliminate this backlog, the construction work on the new space complex was taken under the personal control of Sergei Shoigu. To carry out direct monitoring of all construction and commissioning works, a special video surveillance system was installed in Plesetsk, which made it possible to daily monitor the progress of work on creating all the necessary ground infrastructure in real time. At the same time, this issue became one of the priorities and was raised at all conference calls with the participation of the leadership of the Russian armed forces. Thanks to the hard work of the Plesetsk cosmodrome, the command of the EKR Troops and the relevant departments of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the backlog of work was eliminated.

The launch of the Angara-1.2PP light rocket could be called one of the main 2014 cosmic events of the year. To understand how important this launch is, just recall that the last time a new rocket launched another 15 of May 1987 of the year, 27 years have passed since that day. Then, as now, it was an extraordinary event in the life of the whole country. Mikhail Gorbachev, who was president of the USSR at that time, was not too lazy to personally fly to the Baikonur cosmodrome to witness the launch of the Energiya launch vehicle, which was to put the Soviet military satellite Polyus into orbit (the response to the US SDI program defense initiative). The rocket launched successfully, but the satellite did not reach the estimated orbit, and was eventually submerged in the ocean.

In June, 2014, the latest national rocket (just in case without satellites), which would demonstrate the power of modern Russia, was launched live. In the framework of the video conference, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu personally reported to President Vladimir Putin that the Russian lease of the Baikonur cosmodrome limits the country's capabilities as a space power. To expand them, a new Angara launch complex was built in Plesetsk. Vladimir Putin listened to the minister carefully. This process was broadcast live for journalists gathered in the Kremlin press center. In turn, the TV channel “Russia 24” showed the launch of “Angara” on the air. The Russian Ministry of Defense became the initiator of this show: apparently, the ministry was quite sure that the launch of the rocket would be successful. The purpose of the first test flight of the rocket, which ultimately did not take place, was the removal of the second stage of the rocket with a non-detachable mass-size payload prototype on the ballistic flight trajectory with the subsequent fall of the rocket parts in Kamchatka.

With a new family of rockets, the development of which has been delayed for more than 20 years, our country will receive another way to deliver cargo to low-earth and high geostationary orbits. At the same time, it is very important that Russia will be able to produce such launches without their coordination with a third party (Kazakhstan), and Roskosmos does not depend on third-party contractors in the production of Angara missiles.

In order to reduce the dependence of the domestic rocket and space complex on imported components and technologies, as well as for strategic security reasons, the Angara launch vehicle was designed and produced exclusively by the enterprises of our country. In the future, it is planned to put into operation a whole family of these missiles, starting with a light one and ending with a heavy class with a payload from 3,8 to 35 tons. The basis of the missiles of this class will form the universal rocket modules, which are equipped with environmentally friendly engines running on oxygen and kerosene. At the initial stage, it is planned to launch launches from the Plesetsk cosmodrome, and later from the Vostochny cosmodrome which is under construction.

Earlier, at the Plesetsk cosmodrome, the ground-based part of the Angara spacecraft complex, consisting of launch and technical complexes, designed for launching into low, medium, high circular and elliptical orbits of satellites weighing from 2 to 24,5 t. toxic and aggressive heptyl-based rocket fuel will be used. This will increase the environmental safety of the entire complex directly at the cosmodrome itself, as well as in the places where the Angara parts fall. Ecology is one of the main advantages of the project. Also emphasize the modularity and the use of standard blocks from which you can assemble rockets of different classes - from light to heavy.

Commenting on the abolition of the launch, the writer and space specialist Sergey Leskov stressed that it would only be worse if the rocket exploded during the launch, and this happened in our history. For example, the powerful H1 rocket, which was made in 1960-1970-s, 4 once carried the entire launch pad. The fact that 27 June automatics worked, says that these systems in our country are quite reliable. Not a single rocket in the world flew the first time. For example, the famous royal “seven” took off only from the seventh time.

Booster "Angara"

The uniqueness and importance of the Angara rocket is that it is the first civilian rocket in our country, which was created after the death of the brilliant designer Sergey Pavlovich Korolev in 1966 year. The Proton carrier rocket began to be tested during his lifetime, in 1965, and the Soyuz large family of rockets was nothing more than a profound modernization and processing of the royal P-7. In the "Angara", which has been developed for more than 20 years, the state has invested more than 100 billion rubles.

KRK Angara is a completely new generation of modular-based launch vehicles based on 2-x universal rocket modules (URM) equipped with oxygen-kerosene engines: URM-1 and URM-2. The family includes rockets from the light to the heavy classes in the range of payloads from 3,8 to 35 tons (the most powerful Angara-A7 rocket) in low-earth orbit. At the same time URM is a fully finished structure, which consists of the engine compartment and oxidizer and fuel tanks, connected by a spacer. Each URM has one powerful RD-191 liquid jet engine. This rocket engine was created on the basis of the four-chamber engine used on the Energia launch vehicle, as well as the RD-170 and RD-171 engines used on the Zenit launch vehicle.

So, as part of the Angara-1.2 launch vehicles of the light class, only one URM is used. The booster rocket, which is made up directly from 7 URM - “Angara-А7”, can be the limiting by the number of blocks. The prototype of the first stage of the Angara launch vehicle, URM-1, already three times (2009, 2010 and 2013 years) has passed flight tests as part of the first launch vehicle in the history of South Korea, KSLV-1. The upper stage on the Angara-1.2 rocket uses the Briz-KM upper stage, which was tested as part of the Rokot conversion rocket, while the Angar-A5 rocket uses the upper stage Briz-M and KVTC. The unique technical solutions and the wide use of unification allow, using one launcher, to launch all the launch vehicles of the new family.

The cost of creating the Angara launch vehicle, which has been developed for more than 20 years, as well as the construction of the necessary ground-based launch complexes, officials and experts estimate differently. Once upon a time, it was about 20 billion rubles, but in 2012, Vladimir Popovkin, the former head of Roscosmos, told reporters that the budget had already spent 160 billion rubles on the creation of the Angara. At the same time, it is very difficult to call the exact price of the creation of this KRK, it’s all a matter of long terms of development. The 2014 year is a turning point for the rocket, 27 June was to launch a light rocket of the family, and at the end of the year a heavy version of the rocket is scheduled to launch. In addition, another launching pad for this type of missile is being built at the Vostochny cosmodrome located in the Amur Region. The first launch of the Angara rocket from the new Russian cosmodrome is scheduled for 2015 year.

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  1. +21
    30 June 2014 10: 19
    I think this failure is just a "working moment". He who does not work is not mistaken.
    1. +10
      30 June 2014 10: 27
      it’s just a test, so no matter what, they’ll bring it to mind over time
    2. +11
      30 June 2014 10: 42
      Quote: nemo1983
      I think this failure is just a "working moment".

      This "working moment" has been going on for 20 years already. The Vostok launch vehicle from sketch to flight of the first satellite took 7 years and before that no one had built anything of the kind, and this was in a country destroyed by the world war. They have been busy with Angara for 20 years, and I think for the last ten years they have not experienced problems in financing.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. +3
        30 June 2014 17: 00
        For mistakes on "Vostok" they shot ... Perdukov destroyed the defense industry, stole billions, so what? In everything that concerns security, Russia needs Stalin's discipline ...
        1. +5
          30 June 2014 18: 47
          Quote: Rom14
          For mistakes in "Vostok" they shot

          Oh well, who was shot?
        2. +8
          30 June 2014 19: 19
          Quote: Rom14
          Perdyukov ruined the defense, stealing billions, so what?

          laughing However, you are too keen on it. Serdyukov has already turned into a significant figure in Russia, a sort of monster with 12 arms, who was falling apart, selling, stealing billions of green in LONELY. A certain gangster in the ministerial chair.

          Who made him the Minister? Could he have done all that he is accused of on his own? Do you consider it possible for us to appropriate billions alone and live peacefully amnestied under the negligence article?
          Why cheat yourself? Serdyukov, who was appointed to the post, was destroyed and stolen with the direct consent and order of those who appointed him, he honestly shared everything that he stole, and in terms of concepts he was released after receiving an amnesty.

          Nicholas, try to appropriate something (God forbid, of course, I won’t wish my enemy), which belongs to another and becomes at least a dollar millionaire. They immediately bake you in bunks for two decades. And he stole billions and goes free. From here is simple conclusion:

          Serdyukov’s own. And they don’t plant their own. Moreover, if he shared.
          1. +4
            30 June 2014 20: 50
            Quote: lonely
            Serdyukov’s own. And they don’t plant their own. Moreover, if he shared.

            You're right. But for some reason, many adults still stubbornly separate corrupt officials from the president - they are on their own, but he himself and, naturally, he is powerless to fight against them. Just baby talk.
          2. +1
            30 June 2014 22: 41
            V. Pyakin "About Serdyukov" dated November 23, 2013
          3. +1
            1 July 2014 01: 40
            A smart person is nice to read !!!
      3. +1
        30 June 2014 22: 44
        But did the 90s do less harm to the country than war ??? -20 million people only, a destroyed economy, the CIA-niki in all sectors, war and a lack of budget - the result of the rule of Gorbi + Yeltsin. In my opinion, this is not treated just a barrel of 109 bucks - you need to work a lot.
      4. 0
        2 July 2014 17: 33
        I do not share the same optimism.
        A friend (he had a project at Khrunichev) says that there are only pensioners there. And there, as in the classics - some pretend that they are paying a salary, while others pretend that they are working.
    3. +3
      30 June 2014 10: 50
      Quote: nemo1983
      I think this failure is just a "working moment". He who does not work is not mistaken.

      On the one hand, of course, this is so.
      But on the other - a clearly traceable trend.
      I would be surprised if she flew ...

      Honestly, I have already gotten all the hype around the ongoing projects, be it Bulava, Angara, Armata and other PAK-FA ...
      The chicken, she, lays testicles reluctantly (maybe the cock is weak?) ...
      1. +12
        30 June 2014 11: 13
        Or maybe "Comrade Beria" is not enough ?????? To improve efficiency. And remove the zhurnoshlyuh, and not tryndet about everything, but work. And most importantly, the main thing is not to allow Western-European-amerskih non-comrades close. In short, financing without an appropriate level of responsibility backed by KNOWLEDGE is about the same way when they are waiting for the transition from quantity to quality.
        1. +2
          30 June 2014 22: 23
          Quote: I am
          Or maybe "Comrade Beria" is not enough ?????? To improve efficiency. And remove the zhurnoshlyuh, and not tryndet about everything, but work. And most importantly, the main thing is not to allow Western-European-amerskih non-comrades close. In short, financing without an appropriate level of responsibility backed by KNOWLEDGE is about the same way when they are waiting for the transition from quantity to quality.

          here we need a plumber, not Beria. If Lavrenty had risen and saw everything that was happening now, he would surely have shot himself and would have returned back to where he had risen from.
          A rotten system that no longer justifies itself. That's why leapfrog in world politics and a massive search for external enemies, so that the majority in the majority searched for the causes of disasters, not inside the country, but from the outside. Sometimes I read articles and comments, to be honest, there’s a cloud in my head Is it really not clear to you all that they hang noodles on everyone’s ears?
          1. 0
            1 July 2014 00: 04
            hmm about noodles, preferably in more detail.
            because, in general, it’s partially partially understandable, and that’s why we are all here, and not in front of the zombie. BUT !!!! The truth is omnipresent and will still come out, here and there. so your options in the studio, and discuss))))))
          2. The comment was deleted.
        2. 0
          1 July 2014 08: 11
          Quote: I am
          Maybe "Comrade Beria" is not enough ??????

          Type Russians are so thieves and lazy that only with a gun at the back of their head are able to work miracles? How much can you humiliate yourself? All over the world do without such methods. There, Elon Musk created the spacecraft and spacecraft from scratch and is already sending them to the ISS, and somehow managed without firing squads.
      2. 0
        30 June 2014 16: 08
        The chicken egg is laid willingly. This is not connected with the cockerel. Pryroda, BL.
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. +4
      30 June 2014 10: 51
      Quote: nemo1983
      I think this failure is just a "working moment". He who does not work is not mistaken.

      I absolutely agree with you! But why disgrace live? Why show the first launch? Is it really impossible to first work out all the moments and show a successful launch?
    6. +2
      30 June 2014 10: 53
      Another "working moment" in a long list of similar "working moments". It is absolutely true: "he who does not work is not mistaken." However, those who work badly (and work a lot) make a lot of mistakes. Versions of sabotage (sabotage), as in the case of "Proton" have not yet been announced? Or maybe again by chance that something was turned over 180 degrees, as in the case of the Bulava (angular velocity sensors)? In short, it's a shame for the state. Hoped to fly.
    7. The comment was deleted.
    8. edmaster
      30 June 2014 11: 24
      Aha: "he is not mistaken - who does nothing" - something like that.
    9. 0
      30 June 2014 14: 04
      This is the first start of a completely new rocket, all sorts of nuances are possible, therefore it is very good that the defense worked. Now there is something to think about so that this error does not happen again.
    10. +3
      30 June 2014 15: 32
      but the emergency stop system worked, it would be worse if it took off and immediately burned out
    11. miraculous
      4 July 2014 12: 46
      Of course, it’s better to finish it on the ground than later there will be some kind of breakdown and the rocket will not reach where it should
  2. +2
    30 June 2014 10: 23
    Again did not fly. At this Khrunichev GKNPTS it either falls or does not fly. And with enviable regularity.
    Isn't it time for the authorities to reintroduce the term "sabotage" into their thesaurus and start developing this version? ...
    1. +4
      30 June 2014 10: 58
      Quote: Kahlan Amnell
      Again did not fly.

      Not "did not fly again", but not yet! These are two different things. As they say - measure a hundred times ...! This is a completely new system and there are always many problems at the first stage. Yes, even ten times, let them remove from the start, but bring it to full readiness!
      1. +7
        30 June 2014 12: 35
        Not "did not fly again", but not yet!

        And between "while did not fly "and" flew "the difference is even greater.
        Yes, at least ten times let them take off from the start, but bring to full readiness!

        And twenty times will be removed from the start. And thirty. Weren't Khrunichev's "protons" falling with enviable regularity? So what? Find out the reasons for these accidents? Is history repeating itself with "Angara"?
        "Once - an accident, twice - a coincidence, three - a pattern."
        It’s too early to take the version of sabotage to the Kunstkamera - we still have "friends".
        1. 0
          30 June 2014 22: 46
          And Protons do not fall only with the Yankov satellites ...
  3. +5
    30 June 2014 10: 41
    In fact, it pleases that this time the automation worked: both the rocket is intact and the launch complex smile
    1. 0
      30 June 2014 19: 28
      I fully support you, automation has worked, and thank God that there is such automation. Maybe it is also not cheap, but by testing it saved a lot more vinans and a faulty product that you can see and draw conclusions. And so the piece of iron exploded and wonder where the marriage was.
  4. 0
    30 June 2014 11: 02
    Finally, they stopped launching to significant dates and for the sake of a higher one ... Better, let’s not fly until clarification and elimination of all the causes of the failure.
    I remember the joke - Comrade Ensign, and the boot flies. Not! Ah, the general said flies? Well, I, about the same thing - flies, but only very low above the ground.
    1. +1
      30 June 2014 11: 35
      But I remembered something else:
      Crocodile is not caught

      Coconut doesn't grow

      Cry, pray to God

      Sparing no tears ...
      Bad that didn't fly bad crying
    2. The comment was deleted.
  5. +5
    30 June 2014 11: 58

    In such an unfortunate country as the United States, launches do not insure.
    There - these funds, every penny and even more, are allowed for additional checks.
    Here - effective marauders roam them through their insurance companies.

    IN THE WEST: The state always pays more than a commercial buyer. That is, just like that - for the state customer the price is higher. This is due to risk. In the USA, for example, when a government purchases risk-related services - It is forbidden to buy commercial insurance (anti-corruption law). Therefore, the state customer "insures itself" by buying additional services - checks, tests, etc.

    In RUSSIA: the opposite is true. The state has a “boyar approach” to Khrunichev - they say that we allow you to trade with Basurmans - for this, give us a discount. And bargains the launch at almost cost. The result is quite obvious - quality suffers.
    Miser pays twice. Yes, and crying - also twice.

    Some liberals in the government need to fly there, but not here.
    Therefore - engines are gouging the enemy.
    Therefore, such rules.

    Proton-M and Express-AM4Р were insured for ...
    May 16 2014 - Photo: Proton-M and Express-AM4Р were insured for ... 27.06.2014. At the Plesetsk cosmodrome, the launch of the Angara rocket failed.

    Soyuz TMA-13M ”is insured for 2154 billion rubles
    reutovtk.ru/zapusk-pilotiruemogo-korablya-soyuz-tma-13m-zastraxovan ...
    29 May 2014 g. - The launch of the Soyuz TMA-13M manned spacecraft is insured for ... The launch of the new Angara rocket has been postponed indefinitely.

    The Russian Defense Ministry will insure the launches of the military ...
    23 Apr 2014 - It is planned to insure three launches of space rockets ... two launches of Soyuz-2 carrier rockets and one launch of Angara-A.5 rocket.

    “Tell the sovereign that the British do not clean their guns with a brick: even if they do not clean them with us, otherwise, God bless the war, they are not good for firing.” ... and Count Chernyshev shouted at him: “Know,” he says, “you are emetic and laxative, but don’t interfere with your business: there are generals in Russia.” The emperor was never told, and the purge continued until the Crimean campaign itself. ”
    1. 77bob1973
      30 June 2014 15: 25
      Here it’s still interesting, because it’s possible to carry out so-called fire tests on earth, or just launch?
    2. +1
      30 June 2014 19: 41
      We in Russia have three troubles: roads, fools, and the worst thing is -KAZNOKRADA! How to deal with this is a mystery, the official covers the official. And how to stop it, we need patriots in the Fatherland. Let him be thieving, like Sava Morozov, but he will worry about his work.
      1. 0
        30 June 2014 21: 18
        Quote: cat hippo
        it is TRIPPERS! How to handle this is a mystery.

        Quote: cat hippo
        and thieving, like Sava Morozov, but his

        Thank you, nobly neighing!
        They themselves, probably, sometimes believe in the difference between themselves second and first.
      2. +1
        30 June 2014 22: 28
        If a person is an embezzler, it means he hits the foundations of the state. Those who destroy the foundation of the state cannot automatically be a patriot of their country and the state. God, is it really necessary to steal in the treasury to become one?
  6. Beck
    30 June 2014 12: 30
    Quote: nemo1983
    I think this failure is just a "working moment".

    Operating times end before launch. Launch is a test of all working moments.

    Quote: nikoli25
    it’s just a test, so no matter what, they’ll bring it to mind over time

    Tests of all systems are also carried out before start-up; during start-up, all systems must work. They bring to mind not on the start table, but on the drawings and test benches.

    Quote: invisible
    But why disgrace live? Why show the first launch? Is it really impossible to first work out all the moments and show a successful launch?

    And because they were sure that it would fly.

    And generally speaking.

    Something needs to be done with the missile industry. Of course, it would be necessary in all sectors to do so that it would be good, and not engage in political ambitions.

    But rockets have a separate conversation. This is power, this is prestige, this is security. A rocket in recent years more failures than flights. But what if with military missiles like that? After all, training launches of military missiles in the Pacific seem to have not been conducted since Soviet times. And then they, in the mines, are already 20-30 years old. Here, new ones do not fly, but how old?
  7. 0
    30 June 2014 12: 36
    First pancake COMMOM!
    NOTHING SCARY-will do!
    while there is an old generation .. NECESSARY TO LEARN TO DO! Nothing wrong!
  8. 0
    30 June 2014 12: 56
    Only not M1, but H1
    1. 0
      30 June 2014 15: 04
      the powerful M1 rocket, which was made in the 1960-1970s, 4 times carried the entire launch pad

      sad to read such bloopers .. rocket smashed the launch pad once
  9. +1
    30 June 2014 13: 16
    Quote: Kahlan Amnell
    Again did not fly. At this Khrunichev GKNPTS it either falls or does not fly. And with enviable regularity.
    Isn't it time for the authorities to reintroduce the term "sabotage" into their thesaurus and start developing this version? ...

    More like sabotage. Moreover, such news was not heard before.
  10. +1
    30 June 2014 13: 35
    It’s better to take off from the start than missiles will fall! I believe that we can do a lot, even if there are problems, but we will solve them! Just because we have no other choice !!! Russia must be strong otherwise we will be devoured !!!
  11. +1
    30 June 2014 13: 53
    In the future, it is planned to put into operation a whole family of these missiles, starting with light and ending with a heavy class with a carrying capacity of 3,8 to 35 tons.

    The family will include eight modifications of missiles from Angara 1.1 to Angara A7.2B with a payload in low orbit from 2 to 50 tons.

    Angara 1.1 - 2t
    Angara 1.2 - 3,8t
    Hangar A7.2 - 35t
    Hangar A7.2V - 50t
    1. 0
      1 July 2014 00: 07
      but besides wikipedia there are still sources ??? normal meaning ?????
      1. 0
        1 July 2014 01: 24
        Quote: I am

        Angara launch vehicle family
        - in the reference orbit (N cr = 200 km, i = 63 °) 3.8 14.6 24.5 35.0
    2. The comment was deleted.
  12. Simonov
    30 June 2014 15: 12
    I told you, Herods - pick up a reference prayer to start!
    Don’t be lazy to sprinkle holy water — both the starting table and the fiery chariot!
    And if hto again I will minus the right word - anathema!
    1. +1
      1 July 2014 00: 10
      come out the demon cursed, do not direct damage to the righteous portal, do not muddle the mind of intelligent bloggers, or admin punishment will descend on you! admin !!!!!
  13. Volkhov
    30 June 2014 15: 34
    It supposedly should have fallen to Kamchatka, there they scared everyone so that they would sit at home as if the roofs were blinded ... and in Kamchatka they spawned, salmon complained to the Goldfish, it wagged its tail and the launch was canceled. They will repair it by winter and start it in a snowdrift - it’s both softer and the fish and bears sleep.
  14. +2
    30 June 2014 16: 10
    Optimism and hope for the best are generally commendable traits. As you know, the hopes of young men are nourished. But what is happening should finally make the leadership of the country, where far from young men sit, to think. Both the first and second stages of "Angara" have been repeatedly tested on foreign projects and everything worked perfectly. As soon as it is planned to launch any rocket "for oneself", something is sure to break. I am sure that the Soyuz fly without accidents only because they constantly have foreign, mainly American, astronauts on board. If you try to run a purely Russian crew, I bet some kind of bearing or valve will definitely fail. In general, history already smells so bad that closing your eyes to it and dreaming that everything will work out by itself thanks to an invisible hand, you know what, is already just stupid.
    1. +1
      30 June 2014 20: 05
      Chunga-Changa, although you are a colonel general, but do not consider it as arrogance, you exaggerate and underestimate our potential. And we do launches not for s, but for ourselves. We have specialists and left-handers, we just drove in terms and missed the start. And it’s good that she didn’t start, she exploded in the air then look for the cause.
  15. 0
    30 June 2014 16: 37
    So far, nothing sensible will be cooperated with the Chinese. How sad it would sound.
  16. 0
    30 June 2014 16: 47
    It’s bad that I didn’t fly, I can only hope that testing will not be delayed until the fall.
  17. +1
    30 June 2014 17: 09
    The main thing is that it did not fall. That would be an ass wassat
  18. +1
    30 June 2014 17: 53
    the first pancake is lumpy. sure to fly.
  19. +1
    30 June 2014 18: 02
    As for the "old missiles from the mines": as they are decommissioned, they are "fired off" and at the same time small-sized satellites are put into space.
    (Not very long ago on VO there was an article about "Dnepr" - these are they)
  20. +2
    30 June 2014 18: 07
    Quote: invisible
    Why show the first launch? Is it really impossible to first work out all the moments and show a successful launch?

    Our fucking system, when they want to please the high authorities with success. And this is on the first run! There is no such experimental setup that normally turns on after the first build. Read the laws of Parkinson. And the vehicle of the one who pre-dialed, remove the socks and nettle-mother on bare!
    1. +2
      30 June 2014 18: 51
      Quote: crambol
      Our fucking system when they want to please success with high authorities

      Well, yes, on many resources, journalists and ordinary users are trying, something reminds me of this from the past
    2. 0
      1 July 2014 00: 13
      and ski.pi. don.chi.ku there, for enlightenment of the mind, and exacerbation of the concepts of state secret.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  21. +5
    30 June 2014 18: 11
    For example, the powerful M1 rocket, which was made in the 1960s and 1970s, carried the entire launch pad 4 times.

    In the USSR and Russia, the M1 rocket was not created.

    And the Soviet rocket "N1", which the author has in mind, fell on the launch pad not all 4 times, but only the second time. After that, a time limit was introduced for the emergency shutdown of the engines to enable the rocket to move away from the launch position. This principle has since been applied to all missiles.

    And yet, by the way, today the great designer and rocket designer Vladimir Nikolayevich Chelomei is 100 years old.
  22. +1
    30 June 2014 18: 33
    Everything happens, a stool breaks, and then a rocket, outside it is so stuffed that you break your head. Automation worked and did not let the defective product fly, well, they’ll twist and fly.
  23. Beck
    30 June 2014 18: 36
    And where are the screams of inveterate Urashniks?

    Like, it’s not us who didn’t overlook it. The United States and Obama are to blame, along with the geyropa, Zionists, world finances, imperial backstage, and an alien conspiracy.

    If the sunflower in the garden has withered then no one can be guilty except amers.
    1. +1
      30 June 2014 19: 17
      Quote: Beck
      And where are the screams of inveterate Urashniks?

      Saddened ....
      and this is normal, sadness is not a problem. Let's hope that the "Khrunichevites" will give them the floor! wink
  24. andrey903
    30 June 2014 18: 48
    Right, don't rush
  25. 0
    30 June 2014 20: 52
    Dill is already clapping its hands and writing on its forums that the Russians themselves can’t do anything and cannot build a launch vehicle without Ukrainian enterprises. I would not want to give them a reason for joy.
  26. +1
    30 June 2014 22: 37
    Yes, everything is fine, we must calmly and systematically bring the rocket.
  27. 0
    30 June 2014 22: 42
    To clarify, I would like to go a little through the history of the Angara launch vehicle.
    After the collapse of the USSR, the Baikonur Cosmodrome, from which the Proton and Energia heavy launch vehicles were launched, found itself outside the Russian Federation. There was a need to create a heavy-class launch vehicle complex, all of whose elements would be made of Russian components at a Russian production base, and launches were carried out from space centers located in Russia.

    In this regard, on the basis of the Decision of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Military Space Forces of August 3, 1992 on the issue of “Means of launch: state and prospects of their modernization and development” and the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of September 15, 1992, a design competition was announced and the creation of a heavy class rocket-and-missile complex (space missile complex). The competition was attended by RSC Energia named after Academician S.P. Korolev, GKNPTs im. M.V. Khrunichev and the State Regional Center "Design Bureau named after Academician V. P. Makeev ", which submitted for consideration by a specially formed Interdepartmental Expert Commission several variants of launch vehicles. In August 1994, the competition won the option proposed by the GKNPC them. M.V. Khrunicheva.

    We will not touch on the production cycle and the entire stage of the creation of the launch vehicle. It is clear that this is a difficult and bloody work. But there are a few details that need attention.
    The first launch of the Angara launch vehicle was planned from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome for 2005. But then it was postponed many times: to 2011, to 2012, 2013, and now to 2014. At the moment, this is the ninth transfer of the first launch of the launch vehicle.

    And the most interesting and most important thing in this problem is this.

    100 billion rubles spent on the program (2013)
    1. +1
      1 July 2014 00: 55
      laughing Minusators, if you think that 100 billion have flowed into my pocket, then you are mistaken)))
  28. Camouflet
    2 July 2014 02: 57
    Personally, I do not understand why kerosene-oxygen (rockets on these components are 100 years old at lunchtime) takes 20 years to create. 20! What's new in it? 5 years maximum. Shame. And it didn't take off! Good automation! :-) What is its "goodness"? Automation for "no takeoff" is this an achievement? This is a primitive system.

    The energy for Buran was also created for 20 years. However, this is a completely different level. Superheavy rocket and oxygen-hydrogen. What is more complicated and incredibly dangerous. And boiling in hydrogen - 253 Celsius, compared with - 183 in oxygen. An oxygen-hydrogen pair is twice as effective as oxygen-kerosene.

    Modularity has also been practiced for a long time in the world. And "Energy" was also no less multivariate in terms of modularity. I don't see any progress in this Hangar.
  29. oleg34
    3 July 2014 02: 11
    The Angara rocket was supposed to fly in 2005. Under the launches of the Angara, by the way, commercial contracts were concluded with foreigners. We thwarted them - there, as I understand it, huge forfeits. And the Angara rocket has been developed since 1994 and still has never taken off.

    SpaceX was established in 2002 12 years after the start of work on the Hangar. During this time, a private American company created from scratch and launched the Falcon One and Falcon Nine rockets, the Dragon reusable spacecraft, and developed its engines for the Merlin, Kestrel and Draco rockets. The company launched its first rocket into orbit in September 2008, that is, 6 years after its foundation. Its first spaceship in December 2010, 8 years after its founding. Dragon first docked with the ISS in May 2012, in December 2013, SpaceX launched its first satellite into orbit. At the same time, Elon Musk began from scratch. The developers of the Angara used the huge accumulated resources of the entire rocket and space industry of the Russian Federation.

    In addition, only by 2012, according to an official statement by the head of Roscosmos Popovkin, Angara gobbled up 160 billion rubles. 5,5 billion dollars at the then exchange rate.

    The total amount of funds that SpaceX operated by the end of the same 2012 was five times less, $ 1 billion. At the same time, 600 million dollars of them were, in fact, NASA money received for specific launches.

    The development of three types of engines, a family of rockets, a spacecraft was carried out exclusively by private capital of $ 100 million Ilon Mask. Another 100 million dollars contributed by his partners. At the same time, in addition to the aforementioned devices that are already flying, SpaceX is developing the Falcon Heavy rocket, which will become the most load-bearing of all existing rockets, the Raptor methane-powered engine. Vertical missiles are currently being tested.

    It is easy to estimate that Elon Musk spent about $ 100 million on developing the Falcon rocket family. And Russia spent $ 5,5 billion, or 55 times more, on the development of Angara rocket families. Despite the fact that Falcon flew in 6 years, and the Angara did not fly in 20.
  30. 0
    4 July 2014 03: 32
    People, what are you moaning about 20 years? In 1999, they generally thought that Russia would collapse. It all began to rise in 2005. Yes, it took 20 years to build it. And now we looked at what happened and decided to do it normally. Look, "Phobos" was also built and built, they invested ogliard money, so what? No, I understand that removing the rocket from the table does not cause such a strong intensity of emotions as an unsuccessful launch and fall. But you have to understand that sometimes it is better to remake a part than to rebuild in case of an unsuccessful attempt.
  31. 0
    8 July 2014 22: 59
    I was there and a little of my work was invested in this launch pad.
  32. Evgeniy.
    13 July 2014 06: 34
    Taki flew)