Tatra company showed two new cars

The Czech company Tatra is widely known for its trucks. At the recent international exhibition of arms and military equipment Eurosatory-2014, the Czech company presented for the first time two new vehicles designed to perform auxiliary functions in the armed forces of the client country. One of them is a container ship for transportation of various goods in standard containers, the other is an armored truck for working in difficult conditions.

Tatra company showed two new cars

The first of the presented machines is a container ship T815-7. A car with the medical module of the company Karbox sro in the form factor of a standard ISO-container was presented at the exhibition. This machine is a further development of the ideas embodied in the T815 truck family. Like many other Tatra cars, the T815-7 container ship has a so-called. spinal frame, which is based on a tubular structure. Inside the central tube there are all the necessary transmission units, and on the sides, wheel axles are attached to it. This design of the frame and chassis was developed to improve the patency of the machines. To demonstrate these possibilities at the Eurosatory-2014 exhibition, the container ship with the wheel formula 8х8 stood on a specially prepared platform. Under several of its wheels were made hills of different heights. The chassis confidently stood on such a complex surface.

The second "premiere" of the company Tatra is of much greater interest. In collaboration with specialists from the Israeli company Plasan Sasa, Czech automakers have developed an 4x4 High Mobility Heavy Duty (HMHD) armored truck for the transport of various goods in a combat zone. The presented machine has a two-axle all-wheel drive chassis of the T815 family. It is noted that in the future, new versions of the military armored truck with other family chassis will be created. Thus, in the following exhibitions, vehicles with the wheel formula 6 XX6, 8 XXXX, 8 XXXUMX and even 10 XXXUMX may appear. All this equipment can be interesting to potential customers.

Based on the ideas of the T815 family, the new HMHD project has a number of features characteristic of these trucks. All units of the machine are mounted on a spinal frame with a central beam, to which wheel axles are attached. It is argued that this design of the machine allows to achieve an optimal balance of speed, carrying capacity and terrain. In addition, the machines of the T815 family are widely spread, which should simplify the operation of the newest armored truck.

According to the manufacturer, the maximum weight of an armored truck HMHD (with payload) can reach 19 tons. The machine is equipped with a Tatra T3C-928-81 eight-cylinder engine with a power of 270 kW and a Tatra 14 TS 210L Tatra transmission with 16 transmissions (14 + 2). The maximum speed on the highway reaches 115 km / h, and the 420-liter fuel tank allows you to overcome 1200 km without refueling. The sample of the car shown at the exhibition was equipped with an onboard body. The carrying capacity of the machine in this version is 6,3 tons. Apparently, depending on the customer's wishes, the truck can be equipped with other types of bodies.

The most interesting part of the new project of the company Tatra is the crew cabin and a set of protection against rifle weapons and min. HMHD truck reservations were created in collaboration with Israeli specialists from Plasan Sasa. The available photos show that the crew cabin is completely covered with armor and protects the crew from shelling from any direction. The cab has three seats for the driver and two passengers. An interesting feature of this cabin is the seats that absorb the explosion energy under the car.

The basic booking option of the cab of the 4x4 High Mobility Heavy Duty truck conforms to the requirements of the 2 level of the NATO standard STANAG 4569. The crew and internal cab units are protected from 7,62x39 mm armor-piercing bullets, as well as from 155-mm artillery shell fragments at a distance of 80 m. In accordance with the standard, the machine must withstand explosive 6 kg of explosive under the wheel. The design of the armored cab allows you to enhance its protection. At the request of the customer cabin can be equipped with more powerful armor. In this case, the level of NATO 3 standard protection is provided. This means that the hull is able to withstand an armor-piercing bullet of the 7,62х51 mm cartridge or 155-mm projectile fragments at a distance of 60 m. In addition, the crew must be protected from undermining the 8-kg explosive device under the wheel or under the bottom.

To ensure such a high level of protection, designers from Tatra and Plasan Sasa used a multi-layer armor design and an explosion energy absorption system. The main component of the latter are special crew seats. The comfort and safety of the crew are additionally provided with various parts and systems. For example, to avoid injury to passengers, the dashboard in front of their seats is equipped with a long rail. Heavy cab doors carrying multi-layered armor are equipped with amplifiers.

Tatra's armored HMHD truck was first shown at Eurosatory-2014. For this reason, information about orders for this machine is not yet available. Potential customers learned about this truck only a few days ago and did not even have time to initiate the negotiation process, as a result of which a contract for the supply of equipment could be signed. Prospects for the project will be known later.

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  1. +3
    1 July 2014 08: 55
    quote-The first of the presented machines - container ship T815-7.

    1. +5
      1 July 2014 11: 29
      a good article, a good Tatra T815 machine, but the competition in the market for such machines is so strong that the Tatras will be mainly used in small numbers in the armies of the Czech Republic and Slovakia .....

      but the use of a tubular backbone frame with swinging axle shafts is already used by such giants as "Nexter" presented a modular armored car, "TITUS" 6x6 and "Navistar", the Israeli ATMOS 2000 self-propelled gun has a 6x6 chassis of the Tatra T815 VVN truck ...

      in general, trucks .. "Tatra" have their own stable niche in the world arms market, and for the small Czech Republic, this is new investments and the development of the domestic auto industry ...

      Separately, I want to focus on the container ship T815-7 with a standard container (ISO))))
      logistics in the transportation of military goods, now comes to the fore ...
      and second, when transporting monotonous containers across the territory where terrorists can be located, it is much safer because the enemy does not know where and what is being transported !!!

      armored MAN with an armored module (for transporting soldiers), from Krauss-Maffei Wegmann
  2. +5
    1 July 2014 11: 14
    Interestingly, this Plasan Sasa Ltd. - "collective farm" company,
    The public property of Kibbutz Sasa (a total of 100 families) in northern Israel.
    They do R&D in Israel, and they have an assembly plant in Vermont, USA.
    They quietly drove into the world leaders in booking cars.
    With a turnover of billions of dollars: "the collective farm is rich - a millionaire - take it, children,
    an example from him! " smile
    1. +2
      1 July 2014 19: 48
      Quote: voyaka uh
      and Plasan Sasa Ltd. - "collective farm" company,

      Quote: voyaka uh
      They quietly drove into the world leaders in booking cars.

      miracles do not happen collective farm (kibbutz), in 100 people, that’s how nothing can break out of the world leaders in reservation ....
      1. NEEDS FRAMES — and frames decide everything !!!!!
      2. scientific and production base ((worth hundreds of millions of $ ...
      3. I need a scientific school on this subject --- and SAPROMAT in Russian universities was one of the most difficult subjects ...
      4. need modern computer technology, appropriate com ... software ...
      and you need more and more and more !!!!

      so that the tale of kibbutz collective farmers who suddenly became leaders in the development of modern armor alloys ---- THIS IS ONLY ONE, A JEWISH TALE !!!
      and the Jews have, children's folk tales ??? or not ... I have never read ... only jokes laughing ...
      1. 0
        2 July 2014 02: 39
        In Israel, this usually happened like this:
        1) a company was founded on the territory of the kibbutz, to which were invited
        engineers and technicians of the necessary professions
        2) they became members of the kibbutz (and co-owners of the company)
        advantages: you live on everything free, you realize your
        engineering ideas as you want
        disadvantage: you do not get a penny of salary money.
        The state gives money for initial R&D. Sometimes on the initial
        During this period, the company is declared a "technological greenhouse" that does not pay taxes.
        Marketing is usually done by hired outside firms.
        Such firms were founded by many kibbutzim who suffered losses in agriculture.
        Not everyone managed to survive at all, and rarely - to enter the world market, like Sasa.
    2. +1
      1 July 2014 23: 03
      armored bus "Karkadan 6x6" - a joint development of Plasan Sasa from Israel and American Truck Corporation on the chassis "Tatra 815" ...
      The 26-ton "Karkadan 6x6" vehicle accommodates 24 soldiers in full armor .....
      bronic capsule 18 cubic meters, carrying capacity 12.5 tons ....
      protection against armor-piercing bullets of caliber 7.62 × 51 from all angles ...
      if necessary, after hanging additional armor - and from single-shot rounds to RPG-7 ...
      the mobility of the car is provided by a 400-horsepower diesel engine from Cummins, a six-speed automatic transmission "Twin Disc Model TD61-1177"? speed up to 110 km / h .....
      withstands a 5kg explosion in t / e n. under the wheel and 15 kg in heat-energy with lateral detonation of a landmine ...
      1. +1
        1 July 2014 23: 16
        another device from the Tatras and u lol

        "TATRAPAN 6x6", built on the Tatra 815 chassis ... in the 90s ....
        has a V-shaped mine protected body.
        adopted by TATRAPAN in 1994 by the army of Slovakia, it was actively offered for export ... but no orders were received ...
        built, about 50 units of armored cars ... for the Slovak armed forces ....
        that's, in my opinion, all that could be written about the military use of "TATRA" (probably all)))))Yes
        "TATRAPAN 6x6"
        1. +3
          1 July 2014 23: 27
          I almost forgot the self-propelled gun of the Tatra-815 chassis with a wheel arrangement of 8x8 ... "Dana" 152 mm and "Zuzana" 155 mm ....
    3. dervis 65
      3 July 2014 20: 50
      Say it right! I was at that factory and saw the whole process of assembling the reservation of equipment. By the way, first send your hamers for a reservation and then they were sent again to the USA and we painted all the inscriptions in Hebrew with black paint so that we would not know that the equipment was armored in Izrail. And then They built a factory in America and began to book using our technology. By the way, they also want other equipment for the IDF.
    4. The comment was deleted.
  3. +5
    1 July 2014 11: 15
    And now I have such a question .. Last year the Tatra plant was sold for mere pennies "The court declared Tatra bankrupt, and three weeks later, in mid-March, sold it to its new owner, the Czech company Truck Development as, for a ridiculous 176 million crowns - This is about 6,8 million euros. Considering that one Phoenix dump truck costs about 150 thousand euros, then the plant - with huge buildings, steel production, its own auto testing ground and a museum - sold at the price of 45 trucks! ")
    Why not buy it? Even pour money in the country, that it was difficult to strain some kind of oligarch, even if he spends the virgin proceeds at the factory, there are just drawings, developments and an operating flow of billions of euros of money, is all this possible, plus production would not be useful? In my opinion, another incompetence and criminal negligence ..
    1. 0
      1 July 2014 12: 24
      changed-owners-as-well-as-its-name /
      Here they write: the new owner is Czech (the previous one was DAF). They also "bought" all the debts of the Tatras, that's why such a ridiculous price. Pledged not to fire workers, etc. In general, they believe that this is good for the Czech Republic and the Tatras ...
      1. 0
        1 July 2014 22: 27
        One can’t but miss the Tata 815 SOT used by Czech and Slovak contingents in Afghanistan ....
        at first it was a classic gatrank, but then this platform began to be produced, in series ...
        armament of 2-3 machine guns DShK, AGS, KPT, etc. ... mobile armored firing point ....
        only, with a mine blast, where and how much did anyone fly away ... that's not a word ...
        Tata 815 SOT 4x4 in Afghanistan ...

  4. Alexander.B
    1 July 2014 11: 46
    Quote: voyaka uh
    rich collective farm - millionaire - take it, children,
    an example from him! " smile

    Indeed, the Jewish idea is brought up from birth. Only and only in this is your superiority. But what does it cost.
  5. +1
    1 July 2014 13: 16
    the engine on the side is it so convenient and not visible today fashionable V-shaped bottom how interesting it works to undermine
    1. +1
      1 July 2014 14: 38
      Quote: bmv04636
      e fashionable V shaped bottom how interesting it works to undermine

      V-shaped reservation, used in South Africa in the 80-90s ...
      Now technologies and materials (composite bronze-ceramics, etc.) allow applying various reservations ...
      Tatre uses SPACE armor, which provides acceptable mine protection ...
      on the South African armored personnel carrier "Mbombe" the same is not a V-shaped bottom ....

      but it didn’t lead in this :::: all trucks ... participating in the hostilities should have armored cabs with good mine and ballistic protection ...
      different in carrying capacity ...

      again, remember South Africa: SAMIL (((South African Military))) - "military South African" ///
      standard South African army trucks of the series "20" 4x4 with a payload capacity of 2,5 tons .... "50" 4x4-5 tons and "100" 6x6 with a carrying capacity of -10 tons, respectively, which were assembled at the "Armscor" plant .....

      and, accordingly, carrying capacity, various types of weapons and the amount of cargo carried (((and all this in the 80s of the 20th century ...
      there was nothing of the kind in the USSR In Afghanistan, there weren’t how many lives of soldiers of soldiers this could have saved. ???? many samples of such armored vehicles, sovets specialists were captured in Angola ... but no conclusions were made, and our deprived of any protection (bronik on drift and all) KamAZ Urals, and so on were blown up on domjahid mines ....

      Yes, and now the situation is not better with the airborne For transporting personnel, not armored KAAZ !!!
      come on....
      SMIL-100 (10 tons)

      SMIL-50 5- tons

      SMIL-20 2,5- tons
  6. padonok.71
    1 July 2014 13: 31
    Quote: Alexander.B
    Indeed, the Jewish idea is brought up from birth. Only and only in this is your superiority. But what does it cost.

    Not only that. And in industriousness, obstinacy (in a good sense), and so, are not fools. And clanishness (nepotism) and attitude to the gentiles, this is secondary. All the same, with the Arabs from one tribe came out (one genotype). But those (Arabs), for some reason, turned out to be completely bad.
    1. 0
      1 July 2014 15: 06
      SAMIL100 MLRS "Valkiri" Mk.II, 127-mm South Africa: four-seater armored vehicle with mine protection and this is in the 80s !!!!

      in Russia, even now in the 21st century, the newest MLRS 9K51M "Tornado-G" is not a cockpit, not the guides themselves do not have any armor protection !!!!
      1. Victor-cort
        1 July 2014 17: 54
        Quote: cosmos111
        in Russia, even now in the 21st century, the newest MLRS 9K51M "Tornado-G" is not a cockpit, not the guides themselves do not have any armor protection !!!!

        Alas, our generals generally do not understand what they think .... as you rightly said, a modern army truck SHOULD be with armor and mine protection.
        1. +2
          1 July 2014 18: 38
          It’s expensive for generals, I heard one saying that you are comparing with the armies of dwarf states they have put a dozen other units into the army and that's enough, but in thousands we need everything and we don’t have enough money, and it’s better cheap but a lot ..
          1. 0
            1 July 2014 19: 16
            Quote: max702
            and in thousands we need everything and there are not enough funds, and it’s better cheap but a lot ..

            no, it’s all about the soldier's LIFE AND HEALTH ...
            when in Iraq amer since 2004 in Iraq, partisans began to intensively undermine convoys and hammers, including armored ....
            but their generals wrote in the reports that everything was OK ... but they raised a fuss in the press of the mother and relatives of the soldiers ....
            immediately remembered the experience of South Africa (the benefit of all South African companies by that time, were bought up, by the Americans and the British))))
            the MPI program was adopted .... and stamped, robbed not for a small army of the US and NATO ... moreless than 64 thousand units ...
            MRAP, and at first we went on gantracks across Iraq ....
            yes Mrap, not a panacea and on patency full of crap .... but the losses during the bombings decreased at times ...

            american gantraki in iraq

        2. 0
          2 July 2014 09: 17
          it’s not quite right to have a vehicle of the leading firing range, somewhere it’s probably 150-200 km where shells can really explode there and you need to drive an armored truck at distances of 500-1000 km. drive armored trucks there is no reason why they are in your rear Everything is clear, they are conducting colonial wars in a country of the same-minded ami after the bombing, they set up fortified bases and to supply them they need armored trucks.
          1. Victor-cort
            2 July 2014 13: 36
            alas, with the current development of mine business, UAVs and other tricks, the front line is absent as such. Even the Chechens got to Moscow and you still think that those who taught them will not get further ???
        3. Hawk2014
          5 August 2014 16: 46
          How is it incomprehensible than they think? belay They think with their heads what else! wink
      2. Hawk2014
        5 August 2014 16: 43
        There are a lot of soldiers in Russia! Why should the heads of the authorities warm up with some kind of armor protection? what lol
    2. Alexander.B
      1 July 2014 15: 21
      Quote: padonok.71
      Quote: Alexander.B
      Indeed, the Jewish idea is brought up from birth. Only and only in this is your superiority. But what does it cost.

      Not only that. And in industriousness, obstinacy (in a good sense), and so, are not fools. And clanishness (nepotism) and attitude to the gentiles, this is secondary. All the same, with the Arabs from one tribe came out (one genotype). But those (Arabs), for some reason, turned out to be completely bad.

      This is exactly what I see in their idea.
  7. +2
    1 July 2014 14: 27
    An interesting feature of the Tatra Mountains is the ability to move. when you lose a wheel. Tatra has an awesome cross-country ability. But after several Tatras have passed, the bad road becomes not passable, for the rest of the equipment. Tatrovsky engine. air vent, obsolete. and can no longer be improved. Well, mine protection, well, imagine there is a pipe under the car, 50 cm in diameter, with a wall thickness of 2 cm. The pipe will play the role of the "splitter" of the blast wave.
  8. +1
    1 July 2014 15: 23
    I had to work at the theater, very good memories!
    I note that in the event of a breakdown of any unit, it is impossible
    repair on the knee. In relation to the army, in this sense
    Urals or KAMAZ look better.
    1. Victor-cort
      1 July 2014 17: 56
      Quote: Olegmog
      Ural or KAMAZ look better

      the problem is that they climb much faster than the Tatra ... now even Chinese trucks have surpassed both KAMAZ and the Urals in reliability.
      1. 0
        1 July 2014 19: 36
        Quote: Victor-Cort
        the problem is that they climb much faster than the Tatra ...

        it concerns the entire Russian automobile industry ... we need NEW TECHNOLOGIES, EQUIPMENT ... And most importantly, THAT THEY DO NOT STEAL!
        an illustrative example is the MZKT- Cars of the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant, in the Republic of Belarus ...
        great cars ... do ...

        tank conveyor MZKT-74135
  9. 0
    1 July 2014 17: 35
    Ural, Kamaz forever)
  10. +3
    1 July 2014 18: 09
    Now I work at the new KAMAZ. The car passed almost 100t.
    Impressions are not bad, quality pulled up. Of course not a foreign car,
    but certainly not worse than the Chinese.
  11. pinecone
    1 July 2014 18: 50
    Quote: Alexander.B
    Quote: padonok.71
    Quote: Alexander.B
    Indeed, the Jewish idea is brought up from birth. Only and only in this is your superiority. But what does it cost.

    Not only that. And in industriousness, obstinacy (in a good sense), and so, are not fools. And clanishness (nepotism) and attitude to the gentiles, this is secondary. All the same, with the Arabs from one tribe came out (one genotype). But those (Arabs), for some reason, turned out to be completely bad.

    This is exactly what I see in their idea.

    Most likely, the company was simply attributed to the collective farm in order to pay less tax. In the USA, gambling houses are registered on Native American reservations.
    1. 0
      1 July 2014 18: 59
      No. She was born there.
      1. +3
        1 July 2014 22: 46
        Apr 21 2014 - TATRA and Navistar Defense will jointly develop and market a new line of high-pass trucks with an 8x8 wheel arrangement ...
        in which they will use engines and components from Navistar in combination with a proven chassis such as a support tube ((spine frame))), a suspension from TATRA ...
  12. +1
    1 July 2014 21: 59
    BAZ-6910 goes to the troops, all with armored cabs ... under the S-3000-400 systems, but now they want to replace them with non-armored Urals ...
    BAZ-6910 costs 11 ml .. rubles .....
    it’s a pity if Russia loses the only plant in Russia for the design and manufacture of multi-axle wheeled tractors, heavy lifting capacity (((((Lukashenko is not eternal))))) and we must rely on products manufactured only in Russia !!!

    BAZ-6910 (with an armored cabin))) - repair and recovery vehicle
  13. +1
    2 July 2014 10: 37
    Always respected the original technical solutions, of which in Tatra in bulk. I think the lack of bridges also makes a significant contribution to security against demolition.
  14. 0
    2 July 2014 16: 40
    Quote: cosmos111
    . a scientific school is needed on this subject --- and SAPROMAT in Russian universities was one of the most difficult subjects ...

    By the way, "sopromat" (resistance of materials) has not only been, but is and will be one of the most important subjects for training a competent engineer. But I have never heard of such a subject as SAPRAMAT. I'm embarrassed to ask - can you tell me what kind of animal this SAPRAMAT is ?!
  15. 0
    3 July 2014 22: 45
    Tatra is an interesting company, in recent years it has been resold from one owner to another, now everything seems to have settled down and I hope that it will come out of the hole into which it was driven.
    I see her main problem in the lack of understanding of her niche, until recently, her main products were dump trucks with 10m3 of body volume, which is ridiculous, now the situation seems to have improved, she still doesn’t have a normal tractor for super-heavy transportation with a full mass of road trains under 150- 200, what to implement on its chassis would be interesting and I think it is in demand.
    1. 0
      3 September 2014 14: 10
      why would she climb out? we have enough of our manufacturers. we want to eat ourselves. once fell into a hole, then there are shoals in their cars.

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