About Lugansk tanks T-64BV

The militias of the unrecognized Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic regularly “boast” of new weapons and military equipment taken as trophies. Republic militia received and continues to receive weapon and the technique, both relatively peacefully, from surrendered enemy fighters, and repels them during armed clashes. In addition, several cars were removed from storage and restored.

A few days ago it became known that a new military equipment appeared in the LPR army - Tanks T-64BV. To date, Lugansk fighters were able to repel several armored vehicles of this type. It should be noted that these vehicles are precisely the trophy of the LPR militia, although the Ukrainian media, loyal to the current government, offer a different version of the appearance of these vehicles in Lugansk. In their opinion, earlier these T-64BV tanks were in the Crimea and after known events went to Russia. The latter, supporting the "terrorists", passes them the former Ukrainian armored vehicles.

The issue of the “origin” of two tanks of the LNR militia has recently been tackled by the authors of the blog Ukraine @ War, which does not have a good attitude towards Russia or the new unrecognized republics. They tried to analyze two videos published a few days ago. On these records are depicted tanks T-64BV passing through the streets of Lugansk. Foreign bloggers identified one of these cars as a tank, lost by the Ukrainian army 17 June near the village of Metalist. In favor of this version, the authors of Ukraine @ War argue in the form of the characteristic white color of one of the front wings of the car and damage to the pipe equipment for underwater driving, located at the stern of the tower. From this it is concluded that the Lugansk militia seized the tank of the Ukrainian army and are ready to use this vehicle against its former owners.

The second armored vehicle, which became the hero of a recent video, has raised some questions from the authors of the Ukraine @ War blog. Based on the color of the two tanks, they claim that the video captured two different tanks. The origin of the second T-64BV remains in question. At the same time, foreign bloggers note that there is an identification mark on the turret of the second tank. According to the authors of the national blog BMPD, this is the emblem of the 24-th separate “Iron” mechanized brigade of the armed forces of Ukraine deployed in the Lviv region.

The authors of a foreign blog have not yet reached a definite conclusion about the "origin" of the second tank. They admit that this T-64BV could have been taken by the militias based on one of the battles. However, the Ukraine @ War blog does not exclude another version. According to her, a new tank could come to Lugansk as part of an alleged Russian convoy, which allegedly invaded Ukrainian territory. The identification mark of the 24-th separate brigade, in turn, could be applied to the car for the purpose of disguise and provocation. It should be recalled that the video with the alleged Russian column raises a lot of questions that do not allow to consider it a reliable source of information about the situation.

Despite the doubts of foreign bloggers, the fact remains: the army of the Lugansk People's Republic has a certain number of tanks and, apparently, if necessary, will be able to use them in battle. It is possible that the result of such a battle will be new trophies of the T-64BV model or other Ukrainian armored vehicles, suitable for restoring and continuing operation.

T-64 vehicles of several modifications, including T-64BV, are the main type of tanks in the ground forces of Ukraine. Modification of the T-64BV is the latest version of this tank, adopted for service in the Soviet Union (1985 year). The main tank T-64BV is a modernization of the armored car T-64B (1976) with some changes in the design and production technologies, as well as with the established complex of active protection. It is this system that determines the main differences between the tanks of versions “B” and “BV”, although there are also other innovations.

The T-64BV tank has a combat tonnage of 42,4 tons, a length with a forward cannon of 9,3 m, a maximum width of 3,54 m and a height of 2,17 m. The car is equipped with a five-cylinder 5TDF diesel engine with a power of 700 hp. Engine torque is transmitted to the rear wheel drive. As part of the chassis there are six road wheels with torsion bar on each side. The maximum speed of the tank is declared at the level of 60 km / h. On rough terrain, the T-64BV can only accelerate to 35-45 km / h.

The main weapon of the T-64BV tank is the 125-mm smooth-bore gun-launcher 2А46М-1, stabilized in two planes, coupled with an automatic loader and capable of firing 9-112-1 “Cobra” guided missiles. The conveyor automatic loader is 28 shots of various types. Another 8 shells and shells to them are in the inside of the fighting compartment. The armament of the tank is equipped with a 1А33-1 fire control system associated with sights, a laser rangefinder, a ballistic computer, a set of sensors and other equipment.

As an additional weapon, the T-64BV tanks carry one PKN caliber 7,62 mm with 1250 ammunition ammunition and an anti-aircraft rockets missile "Utes" (12,7 mm) with 300 cartridges paired with a gun. Also on the tower are 8 smoke grenade 902B "cloud."

One of the main innovations applied in the T-64BV project was a complex of dynamic protection. The T-64BV became the first production tank in its family to receive a similar system. Dynamic protection "Contact-1" is a large number of box-shaped containers with an explosive charge and two metal plates and is designed to protect the tank from cumulative ammunition. Kontakt-1 containers are mounted on the frontal part of the hull and turret, as well as on the side screens. On the T-64BV type tanks, the 265 sets up dynamic protection containers tightly covering the frontal and onboard parts of the tank.

The T-64 family of tanks, including the T-64БВ, are often referred to as obsolete, referring to their age and the fact that the Russian ground forces abandoned them a few years ago. Nevertheless, in the context of the current conflict (due to the specific state of the fleet of equipment of the Ukrainian armed forces), the “new” Luhansk T-64BV can become an effective means of fighting for the right to self-determination.

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  1. +35
    25 June 2014 08: 40
    Interesting: And bloggers from Ukraine @ war did not try to find out from which parts of the IS-3 and T-34, taken from the pedestals? What? They will find there traces of the blanks that theirs Nazis in 44 left on the armor of the "thirty-four" and say that the tank is from Katukov's army, which means it is Russian! laughing
    1. +12
      25 June 2014 09: 58
      By the way, what is the fate of the IS-3, which the militias tried to get?)
      1. +6
        25 June 2014 10: 17
        Also interested in the fate of the IS-3 ..
        1. +14
          25 June 2014 12: 01
          the presence of shells, a shutter and the elimination of the consequences of demitalization does not yet make the car a full-fledged combat unit, we also need optics, with axes set up, and what is unknown with it.
          And so - two bast shoes back and forth, well, you can still use it as an armored car, or a moving firing point.
        2. -5
          25 June 2014 16: 33
          Quote: Deniska
          Also interested in the fate of the IS-3 ..

          Sold to collectors?
          1. +3
            25 June 2014 20: 07
            I’ve thought the same thing about it, in the West many people will tear off their hands with noises, especially the IS-3. But I hope everything goes for the benefit of New Russia
            1. +1
              26 June 2014 00: 57
              It’s also an option: to sell the IS-3, and to buy ATGMs, MANPADS and other portable weapons with the proceeds.
          2. 0
            3 July 2014 08: 52
            such a technique is priceless, given the position of New Russia!
        3. +1
          25 June 2014 22: 50
          So interesting is the fate of all tanks, from t-34, IS-3 to these tanks. How many days have they shown how they ride back and forth, and at least one shot would have been made on business.
          1. +1
            26 June 2014 08: 40
            Quote: GEOS-Y
            show how they ride back and forth, and at least one shot would be made

            Maybe they did!
            But to show shots, especially, which in the case is very dangerous for the shooters. And it’s very difficult to make out - from the case or not.
            How to ride back and forth is easier.
    2. +1
      26 June 2014 09: 04
      Yes, on Ukrainian TV on "TSN" they showed a plot that Russian tanks were in the SE, and this was the shooting of some marketing show of the developers (publishers) "World of Tanks".
  2. +33
    25 June 2014 08: 42
    In skillful hands, this technique (T-64) can do a lot, even in comparison with newer machines. I say this as a tank officer.
    1. +27
      25 June 2014 09: 00
      Quote: Predator-74
      In skillful hands, this technique (T-64) can do a lot

      That's right!
      The T-64B has a very good STV, mild run, strong protection, closed ZPU (although the ROM-5 scope is not very good)
      As disadvantages, one can single out the mediocre 5TDF two-stroke diesel engine, primitive night sights, the tightness in the BO, as well as the fact that the "Cobra" KURV in these machines is most likely covered from old age and lack of maintenance with a copper basin.
      And the complex in terms of accuracy is even nothing! The rocket flies accurately and quickly (over 400 m / s), practically without fluctuations in course and pitch, you can hit not only the tank, but the "window", and the helicopter.
      I think that it’s quite possible for our specialists to bring about thirty tanks with anti-tank missiles to combat readiness if they are in the army of New Russia.
      Smashing highly protected targets: tanks, roadblocks, etc. from a distance of up to 4 km is a pleasure.
      It will probably be more difficult for the Ukrainians to do this - a Russian-made "Cobra". It's easier for them to throw out this complex.
      1. 0
        30 December 2015 17: 39
        I would be grateful for any documentation in electronic form on [email protected],At the moment I'm interested in the rangefinder.
  3. +17
    25 June 2014 08: 50
    Slowly, the armed forces of the new republics begin to form. Where they will pick up themselves, where someone will help. And then the anarchists used to unarmed people to terrorize. Western mothers have already cried that their poor children in the east are being wetted.
    1. +3
      25 June 2014 11: 59
      Well done, the militia of New Russia, they produce heavy weapons for themselves in battles, just occupation of the storage base in Artyomovsk means what. There is now something to smash the fascists.
      1. +2
        25 June 2014 19: 22
        Quote: Giant thought
        Well done, the militia of New Russia, they produce heavy weapons for themselves in battles, just occupation of the storage base in Artyomovsk means what. There is now something to smash the fascists.

        They fired at the base, but unfortunately did not take it. Everything else is fiction.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  4. +9
    25 June 2014 09: 09
    It is not a weapon that kills, but a man. The T 64BV is inferior to 72ke in mobility, and the LMS, but on fire power on an equal footing. Using a competent defense, these machines can bring a turning point in this war.
    1. +9
      25 June 2014 10: 56
      On June 24, 2014, a mobile checkpoint was transferred to the base of the State Border Service of Ukraine, which was created on the basis of an armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle BRDM-2 at the State Enterprise "Nikolaev Armored Plant"
      1. +13
        25 June 2014 12: 12
        Judging by the photograph, armored cars will soon be used by ukrov, similar to the one on which Grandfather Lenin spoke!
      2. +8
        25 June 2014 13: 14
        Quote: 222222
        mobile checkpoint

        Thank you, apparently in Nikolaev they do not forget the poet: "You can live without food for a day, You can do more, But sometimes, In a war you can't live a minute without a joke, The jokes are not wise!"
        Which is the above coffin on wheels (though not for those who are forced to sit in it ...).
      3. Rblipetsk
        25 June 2014 23: 20
        I think, what does this "shushpanzer" remind ... I remember!
      4. strong man
        26 June 2014 01: 18
        This mobile checkpoint is a guaranteed mass grave, a smokehouse on wheels for the production of very popular in Ukraine cracklings and various smoked products !! It will be destroyed by a shot from an RPG in the first minutes of the battle!
  5. Andrey44
    25 June 2014 09: 15
    Why can't Russia supply heavy equipment to the militia? At the same time, referring to our traditions, when during the Great Patriotic War, workers and collective farmers at their own expense purchased tanks, even aircraft for the Red Army. We do not have journalists who brazenly smiling and giggling will explain to the "world community" about the national traditions of the Russians. And what, they can, but we can't? True, the idiocy of Mrs. Psaki is unlikely to surpass it. I love her ... Ugh ...
    1. +4
      25 June 2014 12: 13
      Why do not care about love ?!
    2. +5
      25 June 2014 16: 12
      as they say the love of evil, love and. .. psaku))))
    3. +6
      25 June 2014 16: 35
      Quote: Andrey44
      Why can not Russia put heavy equipment to the militia?

      And we will not know about such supplies, even if they will be.
  6. +7
    25 June 2014 09: 18
    I am glad that the guys from the militia are able to repel these tanks from the junta and, in addition, there are ready-made crews.
  7. Oleg Yugan 2
    25 June 2014 09: 35
    Since this tank model was removed from the arsenal of the Russian Federation, I think there should be no problems with spare parts. If the guts of Russia put a place of course :)
  8. +9
    25 June 2014 10: 18
    Now I don’t remember at random what percentage of the restored armored vehicles of the USSR troops in the Second World War. But not small. Both ours and the Germans were engaged in this.
    If only a damaged tank didn’t burn out from the inside, the combat unit didn’t detonate, it wasn’t blown up by a HE, then the possibilities of its restoration are very high. Tank militias have thrashed pretty well, and it seems to me that attempts to capture a tank base near Artemovs are not accidental. This is a storehouse of spare parts. Of course, we need specialists who understand a lot about repairs. Even hit by cumulative ammunition does not always completely destroy the tank. In this photo - damage to the T-72 tank, hit by a PG-7 grenade in the tower. (photo from the archive of our issue, Afghanistan)
    1. wanderer_032
      25 June 2014 14: 48
      Quote: CONNECTING ROD VDVshny
      T-72, hit in the tower with a PG-7 grenade. (photo from the archive of our issue, Afghanistan)

      The stories about the T-72 in Afghanistan are tales of "1000 and the 1st night", there were no 72s, 64s or 80s in Afghanistan.
      The most "sophisticated" tanks that were there were T-55AM and T-62M.
      1. wanderer_032
        25 June 2014 14: 59
        Here is the T-55AM (below), exactly the same were in Afghanistan.

        And this is the T-62M (above)

        1. +8
          25 June 2014 15: 57
          In conditions of low-intensity battles, T-62 or T-55 is preferable, if the crew is defeated, they are more likely to survive (the larger volume of the fighting compartment affects them), they are good for ambush operations (no obligatory engine operation is necessary), they are easy to maintain, and high rate of fire due to unitary to the shell.
          1. +2
            25 June 2014 19: 51
            Where is the rate of fire higher? There were no automatic loaders and more or less decent SLAs.
            1. 77bob1973
              25 June 2014 21: 31
              Because the rate of fire on the T-62,55 depends on the abilities of the loader, while in AZ (MZ) the rate of fire is constant. And the SLA for such a war on these tanks is quite consistent with the time, and if still modernized in general, a bomb.
        2. +1
          26 June 2014 01: 00
          "Ilyich's Eyebrows" on the tower.
          Factory modernization of the early 80s.
      2. +1
        25 June 2014 19: 46
        I just wanted to give out the same thing. In addition, to laugh at the pearl "even hitting cumulative ammunition" (this is not the most dangerous). After the first Chechen war, he repaired tanks that had several through wounds from such ammunition, they did not even count blind ones. After the second Chechen war, they didn't even bring it.
      3. +2
        25 June 2014 21: 08
        Well, actually, 30 units of the T-72 with the “Contact” mounted dynamic protection in 1985 drove to Afghanistan as part of the 860 separate MSP, 201 second and 108 second buses, the cars were scattered in different directions, all the crossings took place with a tarpaulin-covered tower, four cars , took part in the battles, with special protection of the GRU reconnaissance patrol, one car was seriously damaged by the 4x RPG, the shoulder strap was broken and the department received damage, but the car went under its own power to the screen, a man from the design bureau was attached to each of the 30 cars, the rest of the cars were mainly drove around af to the Ghanaian theater, they tested the chassis, DZ and rocket and artillery weapons, the same thing happened with the T-80. Four vehicles in the 1986 passed tests there, in my opinion as part of the 285 tank regiment.
    2. +8
      25 June 2014 18: 52
      Quote: CONNECTING ROD VDVshny
      In this photo - damage to the T-72 tank, hit by a PG-7 grenade in the tower.

      In this photo, damage to the T-55 (T-62)
      And the rest, true truth.
      1. 77bob1973
        25 June 2014 22: 08
        To further reduce the damaging factor of the comulative jet, you need to keep the hatch ajar, as was done in WWII.
        1. +3
          28 June 2014 12: 29
          Guys do not argue. This is Bo T-62. From the charging side.

          only the loader 62 had such a triplex, plus pay attention to the strap fastenings on the sides of the tower - whose archaism was no longer in 72.

          plus the lack of a lining in the tower. This is an early car since already T62m came with reinforced armor and lining inside ... hi
  9. +16
    25 June 2014 10: 24
    Quote: Andrey44
    Ms. Psaki's true idiocy is unlikely to surpass. I love her ... Ugh ...

    Jane Psaki is a highly educated smart woman with a sense of humor. The role of an idiot and a simple girl entrusted to her plays simply with chic ... I consider most of her lapses to be homework, in addition, she knows how to instantly navigate in a journalistic environment. I think that she deliberately neglects all important issues, in addition, the birth of every new lapsus takes public attention away from actually solving the problem, switching it to Jennifer herself.

    Judging in relation to ne - she confidently and successfully fulfills her role. How can you consider her a fool, looking at her track record.
    Will the leadership of the Global Strategy Group keep the fool as senior vice president and managing director of the public relations department ??? She has been in politics since 2001 and has not disappeared like thousands of others, but she is confidently moving up the political ladder.

    On June 17 on the air of Channel One, as part of the Politics program, host Alexander Gordon quoted Jen Psaki as saying that she refused to admit the presence of Ukrainian refugees in the Rostov Region, and to the clarifying question of Associated Press correspondent Matt Lee about who is arriving from the territory Ukraine, replied: “These are just tourists. For example, they say that in Rostov mountains there is wonderful healing mountain air. ”
    On Friday, 20 of June, Slon.ru correspondent contacted Matt Lee, who said that there was no such dialogue between him and the State Department’s spokesman, and he never discussed with Psaki either refugees or the landscape Rostov region. The attributed quote is also missing from the transcripts of the daily briefings, which are published on the State Department website.

    Gordon’s invention as a true statement by Jennifer Psaki was further disseminated by both the Russian state media: Rossiyskaya Gazeta and Rossiya 24, as well as other online resources. The press service of Channel One promised Slon to provide an official commentary when they "sort things out."

    So not everything that is shown to us can be taken on firm faith ...
    1. xan
      25 June 2014 10: 46
      Quote: Santor
      So not everything that is shown to us can be taken on firm faith ..

      Yes, in the internet is full of videos with her participation, which also wasn’t?
      And secondly: in order not to answer direct questions and avoid answers, it is not necessary to play the role of an idiot and a simpleton. How do serious characters do it, again there are a lot of videos on the internet.
    2. +9
      25 June 2014 12: 27
      Having a higher education, as well as moving up the career ladder with holding important posts in reputable organizations, does not mean anything ... Except for connections with the right people ... Merkel looks more like a person with higher education ... steering some bad people ... Remember the famous "Wow!" in the assassination of Gaddafi? Also an aunt with a tower ... So, actually what I mean, you'll forgive of course, but Psaki is frankly stupid ...
    3. 0
      11 September 2014 14: 41
      I do not agree with you - I will explain why, looking at the frankly helpless foreign policy of the United States, when the State Department is essentially forced to be based on a deliberate lie, Mrs. Psaki shows just the current level of the State Department in which many places were taken by banal coffeeboys-coffeegirls, boys and girls whose careers began with "dashed for coffee in a hurry", I don't see any intelligence and sense of humor in her, and for all serious questions she tries awkwardly to laugh it off in the style of a comedy club, but even that doesn't work out for her.
      Looking at her, one can immediately see that Senka is not wearing a hat, but as a whipping girl, he is quite satisfied with the administration, which can always nod at her, so what can you do with such alternative gifted people?
  10. portoc65
    25 June 2014 10: 46
    But who knows whether the militia has Sau besides Nona? Of course, the Sau class is now more needed.
    1. +1
      25 June 2014 10: 58
      And why do you need it? ))))
  11. 0
    25 June 2014 11: 16
    "Three tanks" is not even a "drop", it is a "molecule in the sea" ...
  12. compl84
    25 June 2014 13: 56
    Dozens of tanks are needed. BUT! In addition to tanks, a supply system is needed, and this is much more important than just having a box.
  13. Vtel
    25 June 2014 14: 56
    They would send a bouquet of flowers there, well, there is Carnation or Acacia, to shred Karabun's shob.
  14. Leshka
    25 June 2014 15: 18
    I understand that they didn’t capture the storage base
  15. MSA
    25 June 2014 15: 21
    In any case, this is better than nothing.
  16. +2
    25 June 2014 15: 25
    The presence of tanks in the militia is able to identify hidden defects of the BTR-4 APU.
    1. +1
      25 June 2014 18: 48
      and how to ram?
      maybe I missed something so tanks without BC
      PS can correct it wrong.
  17. +2
    25 June 2014 15: 52
    But what about Gubarev’s message about the formation of a tank division?
  18. SIT
    25 June 2014 16: 03
    On the 2nd video it still looks like a tractor driver is behind the levers, but watch the video where the convoy enters Alchevsk. There are 4, not 2 tanks, and pay attention to what speed they go. Mekhvody is clearly not moved from the bulldozers to tanks. There are still trained personnel! Here they would need more, and we have so much iron left from the USSR that there is enough for everyone - only competently re-mothbalize.
    1. 0
      5 May 2017 14: 49
      The management of all the tanks of the USSR / RF, up to the T-90, is the same, it is assumed that any tractor driver from a citizen with virtually no special training can control them! These are tanks of mass armies.
  19. malikszh
    25 June 2014 16: 54
    Russia needs help to shoot long-range guns from the territory of Russia to the Nazis at the bases.
    1. +2
      25 June 2014 20: 00
      Long-range artillery fires at 30-40 km, how many Ukrainian bases are there at such a distance from our border? And have we already declared war on Kiev? In such a case, there are tactical missiles (not necessarily "Iskander").
  20. Roshchin
    25 June 2014 17: 49
    Lugansk tanks drive on roads in columns and without. Nice to look at. I would like to know and better see this technique in action. Not yet had to.
  21. +6
    25 June 2014 17: 55
    Quote: malikszh
    Russia needs help to shoot long-range guns from the territory of Russia to the Nazis at the bases.

    Before giving advice on what to do in Russia and how to finish at least high school wink
  22. +1
    25 June 2014 20: 31
    Cool spar caterpillars on the asphalt :)
    1. 0
      30 December 2015 19: 10
      Yes, they are on the pavement, like a cow on ice.
  23. +1
    25 June 2014 20: 38
    If there is time for the militia and specialists at the rembase from Artyomovsk, you can rivet a couple of dozen tanks from storage depots.
  24. +3
    25 June 2014 21: 10
    That’s for me so on the drum where the militia’s arms come from, if it’s from Russia, then so be it. We give help to the fraternal people, those who are oppressed, want to destroy. There’s no need to compare the fact that America and Europe are not shy about supplying everyone who is not lazy .
    1. Blinomordiques
      25 June 2014 23: 55
      Quote: petrT
      brotherly people

      Since when has Russia provided assistance to Poland?
  25. +1
    25 June 2014 21: 13
    Quote: Santor
    Jane Psaki is a highly educated smart woman with a sense of humor. The role of an idiot and a simple girl entrusted to her plays simply with chic

    Yes, and Bush, too, was only pretending to be an idiot. Psaki - TP, not only because of her mistakes about Ukraine, she and her accomplice Masha Harf are the favorite objects of trolling AMERICAN journalists, because of their lies, memory and incompetence that are extremely short on their lies. Even if the mountains are growth and fiction, there are enough documented mistakes to take a place in the museum of the idiocy of the American political establishment. I agree with one thing - they put such fools into plugging holes, because Kerry is a party functionary and any appearance before journalists is a blow to the Democratic Party. And with TP - the demand is small.
  26. +3
    28 June 2014 02: 14
    Quote: Sergei75
    the presence of shells, a shutter and the elimination of the consequences of demitalization does not yet make the car a full-fledged combat unit, we also need optics, with axes set up, and what is unknown with it.
    And so - two bast shoes back and forth, well, you can still use it as an armored car, or a moving firing point.

    And the psychological factor is also not unimportant
    1. 0
      1 July 2014 01: 28
      I was wrong!
      Militias attacked a checkpoint of Ukrainian security forces on a tank during World War II. According to representatives of self-defense, among the Ukrainian military there are those killed and wounded as a result of a checkpoint attack in the village of Ulyanovka, the Krasnoarmeysky district, using the IS-3 tank. There are no casualties from the militia, RIA Novosti reports with reference to representatives of self-defense.

      Reports that the militia managed to start the IS-3 tank mounted on a pedestal in the center of Konstantinovka appeared in early May. After that, the combat vehicle was modernized.

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