US fleet is preparing to fend off Russian caliber missiles

US Army specialists are not sure that American ships will be able to repel an attack of Russian Klub missiles.

The US Navy also ordered 7 supersonic GQM-163A Coyote SSST targets. Each target is worth 3,9 million dollars.

The Americans ordered these targets to check whether the US air defense systems have the ability to protect warships from Russian Klub supersonic missiles. In general, the US Navy ordered eighty-nine targets, the development of which was about 10 years. Targets GQM-163A Coyote are 10-th rocket 800 kg mass, which combines ramjet and solid propellant rocket engines. The Coyote's launch range is about 110 kilometers, and thanks to a co-current jet engine, it achieves a maximum speed above 2600 km / h.

Coyote was developed in connection with the proliferation of supersonic anti-ship missiles, such as the Russian 3M54 (also known as Klub, SS-N-27 or Sizzler), coming into service with the Algerian, Indian and Vietnamese Navy.

Target GQM-163A can realistically reproduce the attack Kluba on warships of the US Navy. Initially, the military planned to buy only the 39 Coyote, but the 1-I American rocket with a ramjet engine was so successful that it was decided to increase production and, probably, to apply Coyote technology in other American missiles.

The mass of the 3M54 Klub rocket is about 2000 kg, while the weight of the warhead is 200 kg. The anti-ship variant hits targets at a distance of 300 kilometers. The rocket’s flight speed reaches 3000 km / h during the last minute of the flight. There are also variants of the rocket, which are launched from a land platform and a ship. The rocket, designed to launch from a ground platform, does not have a supersonic "jerk", but the weight of its warhead is doubled.

The US military is afraid of 3M54 missiles due to the unique flight mode, which turns on 15 kilometers before the target. Until this time, Klub flies at ultra-low (up to 30 meters) height. In connection with this, the rocket is difficult to detect, and when it is detected by short-range air defenses, Klub begins powerful acceleration and the rocket covers 15 kilometers in less than twenty seconds. This greatly complicates the interception.

Using Coyote, the US military is hoping to test the capabilities of detection tools, setting up fire control systems and anti-missile weapons. According to the test results, they will conclude about the possibility of the American naval defense against Klub missiles.

Of particular concern to the US military is the hidden version of the Club-K missiles. These missiles can be mounted in ordinary rail, car containers or mounted on transport ships. The use of such weapons it will surely be sudden, and warships will have to rely only on their air defense.
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